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We Provide a Complete range of service with computer products such as computer repair, laptop repair.[or other computer or parts goods. In general, Computer support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product—rather than providing training, customization, or other support services.

Most computer offer technical support for the products .Computer support may be delivered over the Web site. Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer related problem. The internet is also a good source for freely available tech support, where experienced users may provide advice and assistance with problems. Data Recovery

Data recovery

Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media formats such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system. Although there is some confusion as to the term, data recovery can also be the process of retrieving and securing deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes or spying.

Recovery techniques

Recovering data from physically damaged hardware can involve multiple techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing parts in the hard disk. This alone may make the disk usable, but there may still be logical damage. A specialized disk imaging procedure is used to recover every readable bit from the surface. Once this image is acquired, the image can be analyzed for logical damage and will possibly allow for much of the original file system to be reconstructed.

Recovering data after logical damage

The physical damage is logical damage to a file system. Logical damage is primarily caused by power outages that prevent file system structures from being completely written to the storage medium, but problems with hardware (especially RAID controllers) and drivers, as well as system crashes, can have the same effect. The result is that the file system is left in an inconsistent state. This can cause a variety of problems, such as strange behavior (e.g., infinitely recursing directories, drives reporting negative amounts of free space), system crashes, or an actual loss of data. For instance, when a hard drive’s read/write head begins to click, most end-users will associate this with internal physical damage.


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Locklin students' skills shine

Locklin students' skills shine
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Former Wall Street Computer Tech Convicted In 2011, Bronx Drug Murder
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Garikapati Narasimha Rao speaks about Computer technology – Nava Jeevana Vedam (13 -10- 2014)

Garikapati Narasimha Rao speaks about Computer technology - Nava Jeevana Vedam (13 -10- 2014)

Watch Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao, the noted Telugu Avadhani, speak about leadership, management and personality development issues in the program- Nava Jeevana Vedam. The literary performer explains the importance of Computer technology.

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China removes top US tech firms from government purchasing list

China removes top US tech firms from government purchasing list
This week, Chinese computer maker Lenovo said its Web site had been hacked, days after the U.S. government warned consumers to remove preinstalled software called Superfish from the company's laptops on grounds that it made users vulnerable to …
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Security and the Cool Factor
Effective marketing by tech companies has given their products an unmistakable aura of cool. Knowing the exact name, model and specs of a computer was once the domain of geeks; nowadays it's not unusual to hear your coolest friends talking tech.
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This Leading Tech Stock Will Double by 2018
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Jesse Jackson and Anil Dash Call Out Tech to Embrace More Diversity
Other organizations are taking similar action, including a church in Detroit that offers computer training within its walls. Wanting to put employment demographics in the spotlight, Jackson said his organization requested EEO-1 reports from tech companies.
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Computer Support

Computers have now become an integrated part of our daily life. Offices, Schools, Shopping centers, all the world around us has become a slave to computers. We can’t even imagine our lives without computers. Now, how frustrating it becomes when you come across any problem with your computers. Be it, some software or hardware related issue, peripheral functioning issue or some issue with the network, it makes you feel handicapped. If you are unable to solve the problem yourself or with the help of internet, it annoys you the most. For this very reason, came the existence of Computer Support system.                                                      

Computer support, also known as technic al support is a service provided by various IT support companies to solve all kinds of problems regarding computers. These companies have expert and trained technicians, who are specialized in troubleshooting and fixing all kinds of computer related issues, hardware and network connectivity problems and computer operations like system administration, data recovery and information systems. Though, now a days, these problems can be solved with the help of internet, but a tech support is a more convenient option as you don’t have to take stress on solving the problem and can get the solution within no time.

The computer support companies offer a wide spectrum of services, which includes the sales and installation support for computers, Laptops, etc., installing and updating software, configuring new hardware, creating and maintaining computer networks, etc. Apart from this, some of the computer support companies also help in troubleshooting and repairing any issues with network connectivity, security and peripheral devices like Printers, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras etc.

At iGennie, we offer you the best IT solutions for your PCs and peripherals that are customized to meet your specifications. You can also get the latest releases and updates in computers, hardware and peripherals that occur with the advancement in technology.

Therefore, with our computer repair and support, you can get relieved from any issues related to the set up and maintenance of your computers. We provide you the customized solutions for your problems as per your convenience. Hence, you can avail our customer support whether in the form of on-site visit or in the form of remote assistance through online chat, e-mail, telephone or remote desktop control.

For a decade, we have been providing the best customer support in the developed countries like USA, UK and Canada. Widely appreciated for our instant response and quality service, we have become the preferred choice of customers from USA for computer help and support.


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Latest Computing Products: Well Favored by Tech Savvy People

The high tech electronics industry is always going through research and development to come out with latest and improved electrical products. Latest computing products that we see in the electronics market like tablet PC’s, laptops and notebooks are due to the paroxysms of excitement over an existing idea. Several high tech electronics companies are queuing up to offer latest computing products that capture the major portion of the market. These high tech products have a big fan following, who use these latest version of the products to meet their work or business requirements without any hindrance and difficulties. The latest computing products are not just ideal due to the use of latest technology in the manufacturing process but the compact size and portability is the major reasons behind people hanging over these products.

Latest computing products are welcome technological revolution that now comes with simple and easy operation and functionality. It is due to these features that several large companies prefer these products for their managers and executives as these products have all the latest features and capabilities to meet the high-end demand of business. In another few years even children will be required to carry these products to school so that it will be easier for the parents to observe movements of their children. This can be made possible with the outstanding development in mobile communication.

Storage power of latest computing products was often a cause for concern but with the development of Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI), the computational and storage power of these devices can well compete with that of desktops. VLSI is miniaturization of the current computer microchip in which hundreds of thousands of transistors are arranged in a single chip. People using computing products like tablet have the advantage of integrating with 3G that provides the cell phone flexibility and doesn’t required the need of network cables, data cards or WiFi connections for Internet connectivity.

Basically the use of latest computing products exactly depends upon the nature of jobs as high end jobs where work requires the use of sophisticated graphics or high speed calculations, the employees will still prefer high end PCs. These products have gained massive popularity among both adults and children who use these products for their work, study and play. Nevertheless this new line of latest computing products has gripped the imagination of tech savvy people, executives, bloggers and gadgets hunters, who are using these products to materialize their dreams. People looking to buy these products can take the help of online reviews and news published on different websites that give fair idea about these products.

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