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Many designers are quickly jumping ship from Adobe Photoshop into the wonderful realm of Sketch. This digital design program for OS X provides better tools for UI design, icon design, and offers pixel+vector support in one program. This has lead to a surge in popularity for freebies released by Sketch designers.

30 Free Web & Mobile UI Kits For Your Collection

30 Free Web & Mobile UI Kits For Your Collection

Developing a new web design project from scratch is challenging, which is why designers like you and me…

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Anyone familiar with the freebie marketplace knows that UI kits are some of the most popular resources for interface design work. I’ve compiled this selection of free Sketch UI kits for websites and mobile apps. Every kit is free to download and should work with any version of Sketch. Feel free to grab anything that catches your eye and see if you can put these interface kits to good use.

Web UI Kits

Websites are still the lifeblood of UI design, and mockups are often a requirement before coding. These UI kits will give you the resources you need to create digital interfaces of beauty and purpose that can be quickly coded into real website layouts.

Dark UI Kit

This purely dark grey/blue UI kit was made specifically for Sketch 3+ and includes common elements like buttons, sliders, dropdowns and switches. Each element also features an on/off state so you can build interface elements with customized interactive states.

Dark & Light UI Kit

Here’s a unique kit that suits a wider audience with a dark and light background style. This kit focuses more on page widgets rather than simple elements, so you’ll find many more obscure items like loading bars and media players.

Summer UI Kit

This summer UI kit is full of buttons, forms, dropdowns, and other very common page elements for enhancing digital mockups. Plus it’s a fully layered Sketch document so you’ll have no trouble making alterations to content as needed.

Pearl UI Kit

The Pearl UI kit follows a very simple flat design with basic page elements. Buttons, input fields, accordions, and tabs are just a few of the options at your disposal. If you’re brand new to sketch then this kit might be useful to help you deconstruct how to design your own kit.

Landing Page Layouts

This rather obscure freebie works best during the wireframing stage. These layouts are not fully rendered in Sketch, instead offering low-fidelity layouts with static block elements. The colors, shapes, and positioning of these layouts should help every UI designer to better understand the wireframing process.

Web App UI Set

A very simple UI kit based around the theme of Tesla motor vehicles, this freebie is much more detailed than the rest. You do have access to simple buttons but also have more complex interface items like a detailed table list and a calendar widget.

Flexible UI Kit

This is undoubtedly one of the most extensive UI kits you will ever find for Sketch. The live demo page counts 25+ different types of elements from image sliders to checkout forms and user comments. Definitely one of the coolest and most useful Sketch freebie kits you’ll find on the web.

Bootsketch UI

UI designers are often left out of the loop when it comes to frontend frameworks which is why this freebie is a treat. This Bootsketch kit has vector elements for every Bootstrap element in existence. This makes it super easy to create Bootstrap-themed mockups in Sketch without even touching the browser.

Tiny Flat UI Kit

This neat UI kit moves away from flat design to embrace the aesthetic of gradients and depth in page elements. It’s a fun kit to use in any project and demonstrates that anything you can do in Photoshop is equally possible in Sketch.


If you’re looking for more alternatives take a peek at this small list of web UI kits below.

Mobile UI Kits

The love for native mobile apps has continued to increase as more people move into the mobile economy. Although app downloads are dropping there’s still a need for quality interfaces for native apps to supplement desktop apps. These free Sketch UI kits will help you design quality mobile apps for all devices while keeping up with differences between resolutions and retina screens.

iOS 9.3 UI Kit

Apple’s continuing push towards greater innovation pumps out a new mobile OS almost every year. The current trend is iOS 9 and this UI kit features everything you’ll need for native iOS applications.

Salesforce1 Wireframe Kit

Salesforce1 is a popular dashboard app for client & customer management. This Salesforce1 UI kit offers all the common elements of their iPhone app for tinkering and reusing their design aesthetic.

Mobile UX Template

Are you currently prototyping a mobile UX for an iPhone or Android application? Then this Sketch freebie will surely help you complete that wireframe with ease. It’s a free way to kickstart your wireframing/prototyping phase on a digital screen.

Social App iOS UI Kit

From Snapchat to Pinterest, dozens of social networks have ballooned in popularity over the past few years. This social UI kit could help launch the next major social app and scale quickly to a wide audience of iPhone users.

Moon Wireframe Kit

This Moon wireframing kit is a great mixture of rendered interfaces with a slant towards wireframing. The kit includes 50 unique mobile app screens that can be adjusted & rearranged for any project. You can use the Moon UI kit for basic wireframing, or for complete UI mockups.

Travel App UI Kit

Here’s a dark yet beautiful UI kit based on a travel app for Sketch 3+ users. It is made for anyone who wants to toy around with a air flight or travel mobile app concept.

Instagram UI Kit

Photo sharing mobile apps are saturating the market and some apps even include photo sharing features supplementary to the app’s main purpose. So it’s great to have this free Instagram UI kit available for Sketch designers to replicate photo functionality in their own designs. It is a basic iOS photo app UI concept pack.


There are far too many GUI kits to write about in this post, but I can’t leave any good ones behind either. So if you need even more mobile Sketch UI resources take a peek at these alternatives.

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Candour Coffee – A Taste of Melbourne in Singapore

candour coffee sg

Located along Beach Road, Candour Coffee is a Melbourne-inspired specialty coffee shop that all coffee lovers have to check out. The minimalistic cafe directly imports their beans from Dukes Coffee Roasters and Market Lane Coffee. For those not the in the know, these two roasteries hail from Melbourne and are exceptionally popular for their high-quality blends.

Melburnian coffee aside, Candour Coffee’s menu also features a selection of MAN CHA teas, wholesome savouries, delectable sweet treats and alcoholic drinks! We dropped by one weekend and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their cuppas.

candour coffee

Start with an aromatic flat white (S$ 6++). Prices are considered pretty steep but that is only because what you are getting is a top-notch caffeinated espresso beverage prepared with blends that have been directly imported from the coffee capital of the world – aka Melbourne.

bacon candour burger

Their newly launch Bacon-wrapped Chicken Burger (S$ 11++) is sinful but absolutely delicious. A generous amount of bacon, chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato and homemade barbecue sauce is stuffed between two burger buns.

candour coffee desserts

For desserts, help yourselves to the petite Matcha Azuki Tart (S$ 6++) topped with fresh fruits, or opt for the Buttermilk Waffles with Seasonal Fruits (S$ 8.50++). You can also top it off with a scoop of ice-cream (S$ 3++) – choose from black sesame, chocolate, grape, matcha, vanilla and yuzu.

Candour Coffee
41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680
Tel: +65 9457 0070
Daily: 7.30am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Bugis

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39 Free Web Services & Tools To Monitor Website Downtime

An online portal of your business brings traffic and the last thing we want is for the site to go down for wahtever reason. Various factors could lead to downtime and one of the ways we can stay on top of such an occurrence is to monitor site uptime and downtime, and receive notifications if a site goes down.

In this post, we’re showcasing free online services to monitor website uptime as well as downtime. Some of them come with pricing plans for better and more features that may be helpful to you but the highlight focuses on.

PingMySite. Supports 1 site, checks the site every minute from 31 locations and sends performance reports via SMS, email and push notifications.

Monitoshi. Free tool that monitors unlimited website URLs, sends email whenever the site is down. Has simple API to create a status page or send a tweet when a site goes down.

WatchSumo. Free tool that sends instant reports via email or webhook, no limit on URLs to monitor. Generates a 24-hour mean response time for an overall look.

UptimeButler. Checks up to 5 sites, every minute. Alerts through email, web hooks or Slack.

Pingometer. Tracks your site’s status 24/7 (for one site from one location) along with smart alerts and detailed reports via SMS or email while maintaining 100% accuracy.

Uptimia. Performs check for up to 1 site every 5 minute (from 5 locations), and notifies immediately via email about downtime.

Insping. Monitors your 2 sites in 5-minute intervals and notifies via SMS or Slack as soon as a downtime is detected and does support socket, port and DNS monitoring.

DOMAlert. Monitors up to 5 sites per month and checks your site every 5 minutes, supports ports and servers too, and notifies via email when site stops responding to DOMAlert pings.

Happy Apps. Checks your 3 websites every 5minute with email notification alerts, displays the overall status for individual sites and also monitors databases and app servers.

AppBeat. Monitors for 5 sites with 5-minute interval and sends you email notifications during downtime. It also supports Slack and webhook integration and can schedule maintenance with status pages.

SynTraffic. Performs real-time monitoring of up to 2 websites (from 2 geographical locations) and sends smart alerts, sends last day reports and also allows creating public status pages.

Uptime Doctor. Constantly observes your 5 websites (every minute) and push alerts via email (up to 50/month), and also supports monitoring services like SSH, HTTPS, etc.

Site-Monitoring.NET. Sends SMS or email alerts during technical issues on the site, checks your site every 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, emails statistic reports and keeps up to 2 years detailed monitoring history.

FreeSiteStatus. Supports monitoring 1 website (every hour) from 31 worldwide locations, keeps a constant check on your website with simple email alerts, and provides uptime and performance reports with graphs and statistics.

Uptime Dog. Checks your site every 2 minutes from two geographical stations, sends notifications via email and requires no download but just placing their HTML link on the site.

DownNotifier. Sends downtime notifications via emails and checks the site every minute, supports 1 websites’ check per year and provides simple reports on your website’s downtime.

Monitive. Provides performance and uptime reports of your site, monitors your 1 site every 10 minutes, including HTTP, FTP and MySQL services, and sends instant alerts through email or Twitter.

Port Monitor. Performs a check of your site (max. 2 websites) and content every minute, and sends email and push notifications.

LiveWatch. Checks the site every 10 minutes from several locations and alerts via SMS or email, allows integration of LiveWatch data in webpages and also offers socket and DNS monitoring.

Anturis. Monitors up to 5 sites from multiple worldwide stations with full page load monitoring, checks every minute and offers unlimited email alerts for free.

Pingability. Notifies via SMS or email when your site (supports unlimited websites) is down, provides detailed reports and analysis of your site and checks/verifies uptime from multiple locations.

My Hosting Uptime. Checks your site at specific intervals from several locations, monitors 24 x 7 x 365 and gives downtime alerts via email or Twitter along with reports.

MonTools. Analyses site every 30 minute to 1 day and notifies through email, SMS or Twitter during downtime, also monitors HTTPS, FTP, MySQL and IMAP servers along with SSL certificate verification.

UptimeSpy. Checks your 1 site from global locations and sends email notifications when site goes offline, monitors at specific intervals in a day.

Host-Tracker. Monitors the site 24/7 and sends instant response alerts via SMS, email or Skype, database monitoring and sends detailed reports weekly/monthly/yearly per choice.

WebsitePulse. Offers 24/7 monitoring on every 30 minutes, alerts you via email alerts, and provides simple alerts and reports only.

Monitis. Checks for up to 5 sites, notifies instantly during site outages via SMS, Twitter or email, checks the site every 15 minutes, and provides real-time views and reports with monitoring history.

ServiceUptime. Monitors every 30 minutes and notifies via email or SMS on site’s outage, provides a historical data of your site on the web, and supports up to 10 monitors (or sites).

BinaryCanary. Maximizes your site uptime with every 15 minute monitoring, sends alerts via SMS or email, and shows detailed reports and statistics in the control panel.

GotSiteMonitor. Checks your site (up to 5 monitors) every 10 minute and sends instant SMS or email alerts, also checks the site’s SSL certificate, web page content and web servers.

Monitority. Checks every second, sends instant notifications via SMS on site outage with 24/7 tracking and allows you to monitor a new server within just 10 seconds.

Uptime Robot. Avails 50 monitors (every 5 minutes) and provides statistics reports on site’s response time, sends alerts via email, SMS or Twitter and more, and allows sharing site stats publicly.

SiteUptime. Monitors 1 site, sends alerts through email during site downtime, checks every 30/60 minutes, also monitors FTP and SMTP, and allows sharing reports in public status pages.

StatusCake. Allows unlimited monitoring with every 5-minute check rate, sends unlimited alerts via email, also supports monitoring from random locations worldwide.

InternetSeer. Checks any one website every 60 minutes with email alerts during outages, and sends weekly reports for details performance statistics.

Uptrends. With 30-day trial, Uptrends monitors every 1-60 minute and sends reports via email and SMS, capture error snapshots from the browser, allows exporting data and supports periodic maintenances.

Basic State. Checks your site every 15 minutes and sends alerts via email or SMS at site downtime, and provides regular uptime report with 14 days history.

Montastic. Delivers instant email alerts during site outage, monitors every 5 minutes, supports HTTP authentication and also verifies the presence of specific web page content.

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Hong Heng Fried Sotong Mee: Michelin Guide Hawkers!

Hokkien Mee

The Michelin Guide has put Singapore’s hawker food on the world gastronomy map with the announcement of 2 One Michelin Star Hawkers this week, viz Hillstreet Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee and Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken.  Now we can boast that Singapore is the cheapest place in the world where you can eat at a Michelin Star establishment!  Two dollars!  Yes $ 2 is all you need to eat a Michelin Star meal!

When I published “The End of Char Kway Teow” in 2010, my intention was to “glamorise” hawker food so we Singaporeans might realise the uniqueness of our own cuisine and not take it for granted. Having spoken to so many hawkers, I realised back then, that most of our hawkers are due to retire with not enough young hawkers wanting to take over the wok.  Most young aspiring chefs want to cook French cuisine and eschew local food which is often seen as “low class”.  Thus, “The End of Char Kway Teow” was meant to sound the alarm that unless we do something soon, there might not be a Char Kway Teow worth eating in the future!

Now that our hawker food has officially been anointed by the Michelin inspectors are food worthy to be placed alongside the best cuisines in the world, I am hoping that it will motivate more young Singaporeans who are planning to go into the food trade to cook Singapore food rather than some foreign cuisine.

Young aspiring chefs now have a role model in Malcolm Lee of Candlenut who, at 32, has managed to earn himself a Michelin Star and put Peranakan cuisine on the world stage.  Like most young chefs, he had dreams of becoming a Western chef, but his passion for his own heritage,  inspired by his mother and grandmother, pushed him to discover his roots. To me, the message is very clear — if you are a Singaporean cooking Singapore food, you will stand a better chance of winning a Michelin Star then if you try to compete with all the other French Chefs of the world!

Interview with our two Michelin Star Hawkers right after the announcement of the awards.  Congrats to Mr Tang Chay Seng, 70 of Hillstreet Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee, and Mr Chan of Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken.

Earlier, the announcement of the “Bib Gourmand” awardees caught many by surprise, not least Manfred Lim, the man behind the wok at Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee.  The Bib Gourmand is usually regarded as those stalls which are just shy of winning a Michelin Star but are still providing really good food for less than $ 45.

The social media was abuzz with Singaporeans expressing their disagreement with some of the awardees.  This is not unexpected as we Singaporeans are really passionate about our food,  and when we know that there are stalls that are far better than what the inspectors picked, we just need to “let go” some steam!  After all, what do these foreign inspectors know about hawker food anyway?

I have quite a different take on this.  I don’t see the list of 2 Michelin Star and 17 Bib Gourmand hawkers as a comprehensive list of all the best hawker food in Singapore.  After all, I have been doing reviews for a decade already and I have yet to cover all the best hawkers myself!  Bear in mind that there are 6500 hawkers in the NEA run hawker centres and another 10,000 stalls in coffeeshops, cafeterias and food courts.  So 19 is just a mere 0.1% of all the hawkers and I am quite sure the inspectors don’t have the resources to try them all.

Of course, I don’t expect that the inspectors will know as much about local food as we do but what they have is the vast experience of eating from some of the best restaurants from all over the world.  So, when they assess our hawker dishes, they are grading it according to the best foods that they have eaten in Japan, Europe and the US.  That,  to me, is HUGE!  Because it says to me that our hawkers are able to cook up a dish that is comparable with the best in the world and if some of the ones they picked are what we regard as just average, then wait till they get round to the other gems!  We should be looking forward to more Michelin star hawkers in next year’s edition!

The inclusion of Hong Heng Fried Sotong Mee in the Bib Gourmand list came as quite a surprise to a lot of people.  Not least to myself who have written extensively about the dish.  I thought that I had every famous Hokkien Mee covered already, but instead of picking the really famous ones like Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee Nam Sing Hokkien Mee, or any of the five most famous hokkien mee stalls, they picked one that has escaped my foodie radar for the last ten years!

It turns out that Hong Heng has been around for as long as Tiong Bahru market and food centre has existed and has its fair share of fans.  Manfred is a third generation hawker who took over from his mum who in turned took over from another relative.  He is an unassuming man in his early forties who was himself surprised to have been won the award!

I felt that the fried Hokkien Mee was well fried and it has all the elements of a good Hokkien Mee, viz, the noodles have been given adequate frying time such that they are nicely charred before the stock is added and they still include some slices of pork belly to the dish.  However, I have to admit that like most Singaporeans, I felt that there are other Hokkien Mee stalls which are more worthy of the award.  That is not to say that they don’t deserve it.  I am very happy that Manfred’s dedication to his craft is finally gaining recognition.  All I am saying is that, if Hong Heng can get a Bib Gourmand Award, then we should be seeing more Hokkien Mee stalls in next year’s edition of the Michelin Guide! 4/5


Many people have been expressing their concerns about long queues, lowering of standards and increased prices of the award winners.  I too have these concerns.  However, do spare a thought for the hawkers who have laboured so long to provide cheap and good food for us.  Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture and ask not how the Michelin Guide will affect you,  but ask how it will benefit the hawkers, the chefs and Singapore as a whole. We have the ambition to become the culinary centre of Asia and this is a significant milestone along the path to that goal. Let’s consider how the Michelin Stars might play a part in preserving our hawker heritage in the long term rather than how it will affect our own pockets and conveniences in the short term.  This is our hawkers’ finest hour, let’s not rob them of their well deserved honour!

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Sega Launches $65 Mini And Handheld Mega Drive Consoles, Here Are The Details

By | July 26th, 2016

Nintendo may have had all of the attention last week with the announcement that a miniature $ 59 NES would be made available to buy including classic games from the era, but that was never going to stop Sega from having a go as well. Not content to be outdone, Sega’s Mega Drive is also getting a remake, with a standalone console being released that will ship with a massive 80 games to enjoy.

Consisting of a package including the aforementioned games and console hardware, two wireless game controllers are included for those who want to take on a friend, and the whole thing connects to a TV or screen via the evergreen HDMI port.


Everything is as small as it could be made without losing the Sega charm. This new device may not quite look like a real Mega Drive, or Genesis, but it still has the Sega flavor about it – even if we can’t quite put our finger on why. Built by At Games in China, the “Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console” is here to help everyone celebrate Sonic’s 25th birthday, which is siming to make something super-old relevant again.

Alongside the console, a new handheld is also being released, complete with rechargeable battery and 3.2-inch display on which gamers can get back into their Mortal Kombat rhythm, you know, from when the Mortal Kombat games were, well, good.

Here’s what the Sega handled looks like:


With 80 games included, all the classics are catered for, but if a user wanted to add a ROM or ten to the mix, then that would be perfectly possible via an SD card, though we won’t ask where those ROMs would come from in the first place.

The complete list of built-in games is as follows:

  1. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  2. Alien Storm
  3. Altered Beast
  4. Arrow Flash
  5. Bonanza Bros.
  6. Chakan: The Forever Man
  7. Columns
  8. Columns III
  9. ComixZone
  10. Crack Down
  11. DecapAttack
  12. Dr. Robotnik’sMean Bean Machine
  13. Ecco
  14. EccoJr
  15. ESWAT: City Under Seige
  16. Fatal Labyrinth
  17. Flicky
  18. Gain Ground
  19. Golden Axe
  20. Golden Axe 2
  21. Golden Axe 3
  22. Jewel Master
  23. Kid Chameleon
  24. Motal Kombat
  25. Mortal Kombat 2
  26. Mortal Kombat 3
  27. Ristar
  28. Shadow Dancer
  29. Shinobi 3
  30. Streets Of Rage 1
  31. Streets Of Rage 2
  32. Streets Of Rage 3
  33. Sonic & Knuckles
  34. Sonic Spinball
  35. Sonic the Hedgehog
  36. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  37. The Ooze
  38. Vectorman
  39. Vectorman 2
  40. Virtua Fighter 2
  41. Games List – bonus cartridge games
  42. Cross the road
  43. Jack’s Pea
  44. Jewel Magic
  45. Curling 2010
  46. Fish Story
  47. Mahjong Solitaire
  48. Warehouse Keeper
  49. Chess
  50. Memory
  51. Snake
  52. Air Hockey
  53. Spider
  54. Naval Power
  55. Mr. Balls
  56. Cannon
  57. Fight or Lose
  58. Bottle Taps Race
  59. Bomber
  60. Checker
  61. Hexagonos
  62. Reaction Match
  63. Whack-A-Wolf
  64. Mirror Mirror
  65. Memory Match
  66. Treasure Hunt
  67. Fire Fly Glow
  68. Panic Lift
  69. Black Sheep
  70. Space Hunter
  71. Flash Memory
  72. Table Magic
  73. Color Puzzle
  74. Brain Switch
  75. Mega Brain Switch
  76. Bulls and Cows
  77. Logic Dial
  78. Match Eleven
  79. Formula Challenge
  80. Sudoku Quiz
  81. Dominant Color


UK retailer FunstockRetro already has both Mega Drive variants available for pre-order at the price of $ 65 each, with an expected shipping window set for this October. Another UK store called Smyths Toys Store is also offering pre-orders for the Classic Game Console variant at the same price.

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Redmond Pie

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Beni: French Cuisine, Japanese Style. One Michelin Star Restaurant

Beni: French Cuisine, Japanese Style. One Michelin Star Restaurant

Congrats to Beni for winning 1 Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide, Singapore 2016!


The Japanese have a knack for mastering foreign cuisine — French, Spanish, Italian and even Sichuan cuisine as shown by Chef Kentaro  who also won a Michelin star for Shisen Hanten.  That is not to say that our local boys aren’t up to it has well.  We have to congratulate  Chef Jason Tan of Corner House also earned himself a Michelin star for French cuisine.  But what the Japanese have been able to do is to add that unmistakable Japanese touch to any dish which is instantly recognisable.

Interview with Chef Kenji, Michelin Awards presentation 21 Jul 2016

That “Japaneseness” is evident not only in the superb Japanese produce that used in the dishes but also with subtle marrying of Japanese and French cooking techniques, although Chef Kenji Yamanaka always insists that his style of cooking is classically French.

One of the most noticeable thing about the dishes is that they are not has heavy as those found in a classic French restaurant.  Chef has steered away from the use of butter and cream, substituting the heavy sauces with vegetable purees and vegetable pastes and foams instead.  Even dessert is a mild white bean mousse with light sherbet and sweeten black beans.  Everything is given a very light touch.

Beni PageClockwise: Amadai Matsukasayaki: Pan fried tilefish with scales, Shellfish with saffron sauce jelly, White bean mousse, Roasted Ozaki Wagyu with Madeira wine sauce

For starters we were presented with a medley of four shellfish commonly found at the sushi bar with a vinegar-ed jelly and a touch of caviar.  The main course of tilefish done “Matsukasayaki” style with crispy scales resembling pine cones is another example of how Chef Kenji’s French dishes are have taken on that Japanese character.  I have been a fan of Ozaki Wagyu since my visit to Osaki-san’s farm in 2012 and was glad to be able to have it presented as roast beef.  My only complaint was the lack of contrast between the slice of rosy pink beef on a plate that is also streaked with pink.  It was aesthetically jarring and does no justice to the beautiful slice of meat.  4.5/5

Video taken at previous location


Excellent Japanese ingredients cooked French style with that undeniable Japanese touch.  But does it deserve One Michelin Star? The Michelin inspectors certainly think so and now you have a chance to decide for yourself!

Thanks to Beni for hosting this media review

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How to Customize Firefox Reader View for Better Readability

Reader View is a popular feature of the Firefox browser, that changes the appearance of a web page, and makes it more readable by removing visual clutter such as images, ads, headers, and sidebars. Reader View is, however not available, for all home pages.

If the feature is available for a certain page, you will find the icon to enable it in the shape of a small book icon displayed to the right of the address bar.

IMAGE: Mozilla.org

There are a few built-in options that allow readers to customize the look of the Reader View. We’ll be looking at those options before showing you what you can do to further personalize the look of the Reader View. For demo purposes, I will be using an article by National Geographic article.

Pre-Built Options

Firefox Reader View comes with a few pre-built customization options such as dark, light and sepia backgrounds, adjustable font sizes, and serif and sans-serif typefaces. You can customize the theme by overriding the CSS rules of these pre-existing options.

Default Reader View Options

I use a dark skin with serif fonts, and this means that I will need to override the belonging CSS classes, in my case .dark and .serif.

If you want to customize another theme variant (skin + font), you will need to use the appropriate CSS selectors. You can check these out with the help of the Firefox Developer Tools by hitting F12.

Create the Custom CSS File

You need to create a file called userContent.css inside the chrome folder of your Firefox profile folder for your Reader View customizations. To find your Firefox profile folder, type about:support into the URL bar and press Enter.

You’ll find yourself on a page that contains the technical data related to your Firefox install. Click the Show Folder button, and it will open your Profile folder.

the Profile Folder button

Create a folder called chrome inside your Profile Folder (if you don’t have it yet), and a file called userContent.css inside the chrome folder. The file path looks like this:

Add the Custom CSS Rules

Once you’ve created and opened userContent.css in a code editor, it’s time to add your CSS rules. In order to customize the design of the Reader View, you need to target the <body> tag with the appropriate selectors.

You can use the following selectors for the different default options:

 /* When dark background is selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark  { } /* When light background is selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.light  { } /* When sepia background is selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.sepia  { } /* When serif font is selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.serif { } /* When sans-serif font is selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.sans-serif { } 

You can also combine the classes, to target a specific combination of settings.

 /* When dark background and serif font are selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif  { } /* When sepia background and sans-serif font are selected */ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.sans-serif.sepia  { } 

Do not use the common selector :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body to target all the settings at once. It will work, but it will also affect other browser pages, such as about:newtab, as their root elements also carry the hasbrowserhandlers attribute (which is used to mark the event handlers of internal Firefox pages, such as about: pages).

Here’s the code I added to my

userContent.css. I changed the font family, font style, colors, and widened the text container. You can use any other style rules according to your own taste.

 /** userContent.css ***************************/ :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif, :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif #reader-domain { font-family: "courier new" !important; } :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif { background-color: #13131F !important; color: #BAE3DB !important; } :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif #reader-domain { font-style: italic !important; } :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif h1, :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif h2, :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif h3, :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif h4, :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif h5 { color: #06FEB0 !important; } :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif a:link { color: #83E7FF !important; } :root[hasbrowserhandlers="true"] body.dark.serif #container { max-width: 50em !important; } 

Note that it’s necessary to use the !important keyword in userContent.css for all CSS rules. The browser adds user-specified property values before the values specified by the author (the developer of the given web page, here the Reader View).
Hence, any user-specified property value without the !important keyword won’t work if an author-specified stylesheet also targets the same property, as it will be overridden.

Final Result

You can see the changes of my Reader View theme below. Use your own CSS rules to customize the design of your own personalized Firefox Reader View.


default Firefox Reader View


customized Firefox Reader View

If you want to dive deeper in the theme customization of Firefox tools, check out my previous tutorial on the customization of the Firefox Developer Tools theme.

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Noshery – A Quaint Cafe Tucked at Rochester Park



Set in a cozy corner of Rochester Park, Noshery is the sister cafe of Nosh, which is located just above the hill. The quaint cafe provides indoors and outdoors seatings. If the weather is not too warm, you could always dine out in the open air, enjoying the serenity of the lush greeneries that surrounds it. 

As much as we would love to enjoy this breath-taking environment, our hungry tummies reminded us of our purpose. We settled with some of their recommendations such as Spicy Cold Roe Pasta ($ 16), Nosh Burger ($ 26), and Eton Mess ($ 8).





Spicy Cold Roe Pasta ($ 16) was served looking a little plain, so we didn’t have much expectations for it. Nonetheless, the pasta caught our tastebuds by surprise. Unlike the usual cream or tomato based pasta, the savory cold pasta was slightly creamy with a hint of spiciness. The shrimps and roe gives it a touch of seafood sweetness. Every mouth felt refreshing and we really loved it.





Sandwiched between pillow soft buns, the patty served in Nosh Burger ($ 26) were succulent and tender. The patty grilled just right leaving it slightly pinkish on the inside. The sambal béarnaise was a unique touch to the burger. The mild tingling sensation enhances the flavors of the burger. However, we didn’t quite like the dill pickles used as the sourness felt too sharp and quite off. We felt that for such a small portion, the price tagged was too high.





We concluded our meal with the recommended dessert, Eton Mess ($ 8). Served in a jar, it looked almost too pretty to be eaten. It was filled with sweetened whipped cream, strawberry sauce and meringue. Taste wise? Too sweet for us to handle.

Address: 9 Rochester Park, Singapore 139220

Website: www.noshery.com.sg

Email Address: hello@noshery.com.sg

Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 11.30am to 10.30pm. Sat – Sun 10.30am to 10.30pm. Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm. Light Bites: 3.00pm to 10.30pm (Baked Goods & Bar Snacks). Weekend Brunch: 10.30am to 3.00pm.


Aileen Lim

It all began with Aileen’s passion for food, from cooking for her family, to eating out with her friends. Then came Instagram, which became part of her life that helped to document all that she eats in photographs. Being a food lover born in a food paradise (Singapore) where food is everywhere, she was in heaven. To her, good food not only comes from top-notch restaurants, but also from hawker food and even Pasar Malam! She also finds joy in sharing the good food she comes across with the rest of the world.

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Miss Tam Chiak

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How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 On iPhone 6s, 6, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5s, iPad, More [Tutorial]

By | July 24th, 2016

As you are probably more than aware by now, a working jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 to 9.2 firmwares is finally here. China-based Pangu Team literally made the announcement and released the tool out of nowhere, much to the delight of those 64-bit device owners looking to liberate their hardware from Apple’s walled garden to install Cydia and jailbreak tweaks on it. The tool is currently only available for Windows machines, compatible with 64-bit iOS devices, and is of semi-untethered/tethered variety (more on that is detailed below), and here we’re going to take a step-by-step approach to showing you exactly how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using it. Ready? Here we go.


Compatible iOS devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (both models)
  • iPod touch 6

Compatible firmware versions:

  • iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1
  • iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.3



Before we begin, it’s important to note that the instructions below are for Chinese version of the jailbreak as the English version of the tool is not out yet but is expected to drop very soon. We will update the post once the English version is out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.15.58 PM

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the jailbreak tool from the link given above, launch it on Windows.

Step 3: Now click the big green button with some Chinese text on it to begin the jailbreak process.

Step 4: After a short while, you will get a captcha screen on the tool. Enter the catcha letters and wait for at least a couple of minutes as the tool will now start installing a profile on your device.

Step 5: Now on your device, head to Settings > General > Device Management (on iOS 9.3.3) or Settings > General > Profile (on iOS 9.3.2 and below) and then trust the developer. Once you do this, a app called PP will start installing on your device.

Step 6: Once done, open this PP app and accept the prompt for push notifications.

Step 7: Now tap on the circle, and wait for PP app to install Cydia. You will get a notification when Cydia starts installing on the device. Once Cydia is successfully installed, the device will reboot automatically and you should have Cydia installed on your now jailbroken device.

Pangu iOS 9.3.3 Cydia

As mentioned earlier, this is a semi-untethered/tethered jailbreak which means every time the device reboots, you will have to re-jailbreak of sorts to get the device back into jailbroken state. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to go through the whole process through your computer again. You don’t have to reinstall the jailbreak tweaks, settings or Cydia either. All you need to do after every reboot is to run the PP app on your device and you will get back into jailbroken state again within no time.

And there you have it. Out of the blue, literally form nowhere, a working and very simple way to jailbreak compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 9.2.

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Redmond Pie

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Ivy’s Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup Moved to Pasir Panjang







In Hainan island, goats are slaughtered during special occasion and mutton soup is prepared. In Singapore, mutton soup is not as popular but there are some really good ones. One of them is Ivy’s Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup. Previously located at Kim Keat Palm Market and Food Centre, Ivy’s Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup has moved to Pasir Panjang Food Centre!

My foodie friends were raving about its Hainanese herbal mutton soup for a long time but I have never get a chance to try it till today. Thinking that I would meet Ivy (since the stall name says so), I actually met Max Ng who is the owner of the stall. Max is a Hainanese (fellow suki) and Ivy is the name of Max wife. The story goes, Max was trying to woo Ivy then and he cooked mutton soup to win her heart. Of course he succeeded because they got married and Max opened Ivy’s Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup. Such a beautiful love story behind the mutton soup.







How unique is Max’s mutton soup? Every morning, Max would marinate the lamb ribs with fermented red yeast and seared in oil to get rid of the gamey taste. Then, the meat is cooked with more than 10 different herbs for hours. The end result? Each spoonful of soup is flavourful with deep herbal flavours but not overpowering. Served with some tau pok, black fungus and wolfberries, the lamb ribs are tender.

With a mild gamey taste, dip the ribs into his super shiok homemade tangy chilli paste and serve it with rice. To be enjoyed any time of the day, and best savoured on a cool rainy day. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of mutton soup but Max’s herbal mutton soup has boosted the flavours in the broth well enough for us to enjoy it, especially during rainy days. Plus, he is using claypot now instead of just serving it in bowls, so it helps to keep the temperature warm till the very last drop. Each claypot mutton soups starts from $ 9.


Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, she started this website in 2007 to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share her love of travel and food with the world. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling.

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Miss Tam Chiak

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