The iphone To Make Another Round Of Tech News Rumors

The tech news platforms are again heating up with news of a new iphone. This is not something new considering the time is ripe for another round of iphone launch. Remember this is the time when a new device or an upgraded model is introduced every year. Many boggers and tech sites have started their rounds of predicting the new device but their easy work is now spoilt by the news of another cheaper version of the smartphone. It is projected to capture the price sensitive markets of the developing countries and then there is the obvious new phone.

First we go through the cheaper model. What it is intending to do? Definitely catch up on other smartphone companies’ sales figures in the more price sensitive markets. Consider the Asian market. Apple has in recent times built a strong presence there but it is nowhere the super demand that HTC or Samsung has. Their revenue has grown by 250% in India alone but when compared it is still less. Why? Iphone is priced at $ 600 and above for a latest model. Samsung has been launching models in the range of $ 400 with minimal reduction in features. So when one is going through price comparison Apple is surely at a loss. What will be the new model?

With less sturdy build up and minus some trivial features the price can be matched and so that is what is expected there. Even these devices have a good business prospect in Africa, one of the fastest emerging markets for computers and internet uses. A good camera, some decent apps are all that is needed to catch up and that is easier to make. There are no new ideas involved, no new concept is used and the model is tested for success. You can get a real deal where sales figure is concerned. The possible loss?Reduction in famed Apple aura the world so reveres. This is the model to launch first but in selective regions only. You can expect that by September.

The next leap of technology in smartphone will not come near to this release. You can expect an early ’14 release for iphone 6. To pacify the followers there can be some cosmetic changes and iohone 5S can be launched with the cheaper iphone. The news given till now is collected from different supply chain resources and summed up.

In the new device expect a much bigger screen. Apple is much behind others where the screen dimensions are considered and they will put the dimensions strategically so that it can suit the image of the brand. Motion sensor can be another feature surely added. It can also be there in the modified version. More hardware strength with quad core processor and high storage is definitely coming. I do not think it will be much different than quad core. Higher up can be expected in the ipad. It is though emphasized here Apple will not blur the line with tablets. There will be distinctions. 

Expect more social media interaction facilities. You can even expect dedicated sections for it. There will be no tie ups but more twitter or facebook friendliness is coming. More on this in next issue. Keep reading.

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How is tablet ranges helping society- A developing socio tech news.


Tablets are expensive. That is the first information we register about this tech marvel. There are many more things that the sparkling introduction of Apple eliminated from our mind. Time that we go through some of them to understand the full impact of this. First we start with the basic question, why we liked tablets so much?The ease, the comfort?

May be not. Our idea of a computing device was something heavy, bulky. It was beyond the grasp of ordinary understanding. We did not know what was the difference between the CPU and the motherboard? Suddenly with the tablet the computer was domesticated. It became someone we could relate to, discuss their features. 1GB processor or 512 processor? Though we still were doubtful but we could pretend otherwise and slowly they taught us more about themselves. They opened a new world before us, it existed before but never gave us a glimpse.

The desire for easy accessibility of internet was one of the main results of tablet. Most of them were highly priced and when compared to full operation computers many people in the initial days considered it wastage. Once they understood the power of mobile computers through tablets everyone fell over to get one. This is the beginning of tablet effect. The other effects started shortly after that.

In the third world cheaper variations of tablets came promptly. They were not that efficient but at least could give people the ability to connect. Many more started for curtailed services maintaining the high quality of software and hardware. This is another reason it exploded but where did they contribute to education. Now is the time.

The tablets were introduced in schools. It served lot many purposes. First they taught even the students at remote corners uses of computers. This made their education jump forward. There were many students who were not even introduced to the basics of education and some even did not have basic literacy but instinctively they operated the machines and could by pictures and diagrams understand some of the more advanced nuances of education.

Since the cost was minimal the government could also spread these devices at far reaching places. So naturally at one go a huge portion of population came in the umbrella of education through these tablets. Next came the designs of things. This could be achieved by giving basic training to these students and so any country at one smart move had lot of semi-literate professionals who could serve the basic purposes of employment.

This was not the ultimate result. There are smaller and cheaper tablets coming up regularly with better configurations. So they had better devices and smarter way to learn things. If this is smooth sailing then we have not considered the possibilities of connectivity. That is the main roadblock. In most of the developing countries this is a tricky issue and governments are trying to overcome that. For high population countries this is not easy and for most of them allocation of fund is another ground they need to smoothen. 

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Weekly Focal Tech News: September 5 – 11, 2011

The IFA Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Yahoo fired Carol Bartz, latest news of iPhone 5, legal battle between Apple and Samsung and rumor of Windows 8 are the most impressive focal tech news we want to introduce you during the last seven days.

Last week was the final time of World’s leading business event for consumer electronics and home appliances, or shortly IFA 2011 which was organized by MESSE BERLIN GMBH GFU and held at Berlin International Exhibition Centre in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition was aimed to allow the greatest electronics manufacturers in the world present their latest products. IFA 2011 turned 51 and attracted 230,000 visitors from 90 different countries around the world. A very recent invention made by Toshiba is the 55 inch 3D TV for which you don’t need any specialized 3D glasses. Ultrabook made a deep impression with super-thin size, new generation of chips and the ability to start immediately. Moreover, AT200 from Toshiba which is voted world’s thinnest smartphone put the first place as a 10-inch tablet and Galaxy Note smartphone of Samsung is featured an ultra-high resolution and ” extra screen size.

The IFA Consumer Electronics Show which took place between 2nd and 7th September 2011 in Berlin, Germany ended with a great success

Yahoo’s chief executive Carol Bartz was officially fired by the internet company after two-and-a-half years in the top job and Tim Morse, Yahoo’s chief financial officer, will take over from Ms Bartz. Explaining the reason for this decision, Larry Magid, a technology analyst at C-net shared that the company which has been struggling to increase its market share as it faces increased competition from rivals such as Google and Facebook has not seen enough of a turnaround under Ms Bartz’s leadership.

Yahoo’s chief executive Carol Bartz was officially removed by the board of directors on Tuesday September 6

The information appearing with a thick density recent days have confirmed that the iPhone 5 is produced in large quantities every day. Specifically, the site from Taiwan DigiTimes says 150,000 iPhones are being produced every day by some partners such as Foxconn and Pegatron Technology.

Expectedly, the 5th generation of iPhone will be officially launched in September and available from 21 October

The information about the Microsoft intending to participate in the tablet market has appeared for a long time. However, recently some reports have confirmed that the tablet running Windows 8 will be released next week with the hardware support from Samsung at Microsoft’s BUILD conference.

Windows 8 is the long-awaited new operating system of Micosoft, capable of supporting both the sensors and peripheral equipment such аѕ cameras аnd storage devices

Legal battle between Apple and Samsung continue to escalate. Apple filed the complaint with the Tokyo District Court and asked the court to ban all promotions and business of Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab in Japan and asked Samsung to compensate $ 1.3 million for the damage they did to affect Apple’s market.

Previously, Apple had successfully filed the complaint with Germany court to ask Samsung to remove its new Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its IFA expo line-up


Weekly Impressive Focal Tech News: Yahoo fires Carol Bartz


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Jason Ford works as a web developer and an editor of a weekly technology magazine. With the passion in technology, he has published numerous articles to provide readers reliable information about technology products and hot technology events around the world.

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Shaw Capital Management Online Tech News: Facebook Scam Warnings

While the rest of the world is enamored with the arrival of Google+ and caught up in the churning activity room that is Facebook, we’d like to at least wave a red flag of reality through a weekly scam list we put up.

The week started in a rather gross manner with a scam named “OMG! A Spider under the skin!”. Anyone drunk enough to click on the link after seeing the unintelligible thumbnail accompanying the post is in for something more than a scare. Instead of seeing a more detailed backstory on the claim or some sort of explanation on the photo, the user will be redirected to another page. And guess what, as a sort of test or verification, they require you to fill up a survey form first.

A particularly nasty one is a video of a fan who died at a baseball game. That’s because the story really happened and referring to it in such a manner seems very unethical. It was about a fan who fell to his death trying to catch a baseball in a particular game. Scammers trying to take advantage of such a situation can only be regarded as dangerously single-minded.

And because these scammers are easy to catch on, with the soft launch of Google+ came the pretentious invites for a privileged access to the popular social networking site. People are practically clamoring for Google+ invites; and upon seeing the profitable market, scammers jumped in the scene. End result: personal information ending in the hands of the wrong guys.

Shaw Capital Management Online is also keen on issuing a scam warning on the very tempting “1000 free Facebook credits” scheme. A message making the rounds in the Facebook-verse (or simply self-propagating virus), entices users by promising a thousand credits. It just calls a URL to be manually pasted on the address bar, which effectively draws you out of the Facebook fence and into the den of the scammers where your details could be compromised.

Most of the scams in Facebook are actually common survey nuisances which the perpetrators propagate in hopes of collecting money or other perks when they hit a certain threshold. One such scam calls attention for the users to click it by putting a “Who had blocked you?” title. For the curious Facebook users, this could potentially spell data compromise as the scammer plays on the curiosity nerve of people.

Seeing it in your friend’s wall doesn’t mean you have to lower your guard. Actually, the reason most of the scams in social networking sites have such a great exposure is that once a user clicked the malicious link, his profile will automatically display a copy of the same scam (which is, in a way, like signalling to his friends it’s legit or something). Living in the Information Age, possessing the right information is something that can save you from dealing with lots of troubles.

Hopefully, we’ve warned and informed you enough to take action and click those Report Page as Scam links in Facebook instead of the interesting links.

Shaw Capital Management Online was born from a rather unfavorable school project addressing the “How do you make a website user-friendly?” issue. Apparently, we have an uncanny knack in making something unlikable into something, er, more likable. We never really knew it’d be this big, but hey, why not make it official? So we launched SCM Online where we can share, not just the most popular, but the most interesting pieces of news at any given time.

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Weekly Focal Tech News: July 18 ? 24, 2011

A fake Apple Store was discovered in Chinese city of Kunming, or Google+ reaching 20m users in less than three weeks after its launch, is among weekly focal tech news from July 18 to 24, 2011.


Fake Apple Store in Chinese City of Kunming

Located at a crowded, pedestrian-only shopping street in Chinese city of Kunming, an Apple Store was discovered to be fake by a 27-year-old American blogger working for one public health organization here though it was decorated like any Apple Store found all over the world.

After the fake Apple Store was revealed last Friday, many customers berated its staff and asked for refund. At present, there are only four genuine Apple Stores in China, situated in Beijing and Shanghai.

Inside the fake store, Apple posters are seen on the walls while iPads and Macbook computers are displayed on wooden tables

“The media is painting us to be a fake store but we don’t sell fakes, all our products are real, you can check it yourself.” an employee of the fake store said


Hugo Chávez Using Twitter to Run Venezuela from Hospital

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is using Twitter as an effective tool to remotely govern as undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba.

In more than 40 messages last week on his @chavezcandaga account, the powerful man had approved finance for a Caracas’s rubbish collection project, praised plans for a new park and supported the national football team.

Hugo Chávez has more than 1.8 million followers, and his messages are regularly broadcasted on state television in Venezuela

References to his treatment have been filled with optimistic slogans on Twitter


Google+ Reaching 20m Users in Less than Three Weeks after Its Launch

According to calculations, Google+, a new social networking site run by the world’s biggest search engine, is approaching 20 million users only three weeks after its launch. Besides, the Google+ app for iPhone, which was unveiled earlier last week, was the top free app on Apple’s iTunes Store.

The Google+ is a combination of the Facebook and Twitter models of social networking

The Google+ has been a strong rival to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook


Angry Birds Maker Rovio Sued by Lodsys

Small American company Lodsys based in Marshall, Texas, has sued the Angry Birds app’s maker Finland’s Rivio in a Texas court because it claims that it owns patents on the method to buy new levels inside the game. The company also started suing some of the biggest names in mobile gaming, including Electronic Arts, Atari, Square Enix and Take-Two Interactive.

Angry Birds maker Rovio is being sued by US patents firm Lodsys


BlackBerry’s Maker RIM Cutting 2,000 Jobs

Canadian smartphone maker RIM announced that it would cut 10% of its global workforce, or equally 2,000 jobs, as the company struggles to maintain the profitability in the face of increasing competition from Apple’s iPhone and smartphones using Google’s Android operating system. Furthermore, RIM will also restructure its second-level management with the departure of chief operating officer Don Morrison, who went on medical leave in June 2011.

BlackBerry maker RIM plans to cut 10% of its global workforce


BlackBerry’s Maker RIM Cutting 2,000 Jobs


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Jason Ford works as a web developer and an editor of a weekly technology magazine. With the passion in technology, he has published numerous articles to provide readers reliable information about technology products and hot technology events around the world.

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Weekly Focal Tech News in Pictures: June 6 ? 12, 2011

Let’s take a look at the focal tech news from June 6 to 12, 2011 that were center of attention last week.


Big Things Unveiled at WWDC 2011

At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 taking place from June 6 to 10 in San Francisco, US, a series of big things were unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his fellow executives.

The first was Apple iCloud that allows users to store documents, calendars, contacts, photos and music online as well as distribute them to other devices including Macs, iPads, iPhones and Windows PCs.

In addition, the introductions about roaring new features of iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion strongly attract attention of not only experts but also consumers.

The iCloud is free and users can get 5 GB of storage for documents

The Mac OS X Lion will be available for download through the Mac App Store with $ 30


Angela Voelkert Uses Fake Teen Facebook Profile to Trick Ex

Angela Voelkert from India secretly tricked her soon-to-be ex-husband, David by creating a fake teen Facebook profile and using it as an effective way to make friend with him.

David confessed to his “girl” through Facebook that he planted a GPS tracking device on his wife’s van to pinpoint where she would go and asked her to find any gang-banger, “taking care of” his wife for $ 10,000.

The fake Facebook profile of 29-year-old Angela Voelkert


HTC Sensation Gets WiFi and Bluetooth Signal Loss

Several tests done by Nordic Hardware showed that the mostly metal unibody aluminum rear case cover for the HTC Sensation is behind the signal loss for WiFi and Bluetooth radios. This is a little bit same to the Apple iPhone 4’s case in 2010.

If the HTC Sensation is placed horizontally on a flat palm of a user’s hand, there is noticeable signal loss


Ninja Crashes Stolen Car into Apple Store

A thief wearing as a Ninja and driving a stolen Honda Accord crashed the vehicle into the plate-glass front of an Apple Store in Greensboro, North Carolina with the aim at stealing expensive devices from the store. However, he then felt scared and ran away without taking anything.

Fortunately, a security guard in the store was not hurt in the incident


A Woman Gets Tattoos of 152 Facebook Friends

A YouTube user Suzyj87 posted a video that captured the process she tattooed the photos of her 152 Facebook friends on her arm on YouTube. The video immediately attracted nearly two million viewers. Suzyj8 shared she got permission from her Facebook friends and loves the look so much. In early 2011, rapper T-Pain also tattooed Facebook signal’s “Like” on his arm.

Suzyj87 tattooed the photos of her 152 Facebook friends on her arm

The “Like” tattoo on rapper T-Pain’s arm


WWDC 2011: Focal Tech News in Pictures: June 6 – 12, 2011


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Jason Ford works as a web developer and an editor of a weekly technology magazine. With the passion in technology, he has published numerous articles to provide readers reliable information about technology products and hot technology events around the world.

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Derek Dooley No Longer be La. Tech?s Coach

On Friday January 15th, Louisiana released its news about coach Derek Dooley. Accordingly, Derek Dooley has accepted the offer of head coach position at Tennessee Volunteers. This means that he will no longer be athletics director and head football coach at La. Tech. Dooley will replace the position of Lake Kiffin who left for South California University earlier this week.

Dooley, 41, has been the head coach at Louisiana Tech for three years, compiling a 17-20 record in the Western Athletic Conference. In his third season at La. Tech, Dooley was also in charge of athletic director for the school. He played football at Virginia and has a law degree from Georgia. He was a recruiting coordinator and an assistant coach on Nick Saban’s staff at LSU.

Reports say that Derek Dooley was the fifth to be offered the coach position. However, unlike other coaches who had refused the position, he was the first one to accept it. This made fans and the La. Tech surprised.


Derek Dooley is son of the legendary University of Georgia head football coach and athletic director Vince Dooley. Father Dooley was also surprised when he heard from reports that his son will be the leading candidate at Tennessee.

Dooley was hired as the new head coach at Louisiana Tech University on December 17, 2006. Before that, he had worked as an assistant at the University of Georgia in 1996. He later spent the 1997-1999 seasons as wide receivers coach at Southern Methodist University. He also worked as the head coach of the Miami Dophins in 2005.

In this season, Louisiana Tech had one winning game and 5 losing game. But all five of those losses were by 10 or fewer points. It lost to Boise State by an average of 19.6 points, though it lost 45-35 this year, and lost to Nevada by an average of 22 points. The Bulldogs were 2-4 against Hawaii and Fresno State.


With Dooley’s leaving, Louisiana will have to face some difficulties as it will have to find both a head coach and an athletic director. Dooley was the only one to be in charge of holding both positions at the Bulldogs.


Offensive coordinator Frank Scelfo and Bruce Van De Velve will be holding the position of temporary head coach and athletic director respectively before the school can find new successors.


Robert Taylor is a sport journalist in the United States. He often writes articles and seeks for news about sports.

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Overview of Dell Tech Support and HP Tech Support

Computers have become a necessity of life for almost everyone. Among the top providers of computers and other products, Dell and HP stand out. This fact can be attributed to many factors including the high quality of products, effective advertising and last but by no means the least, comprehensive customer service.

Two Aspects of Customer Support

Pre sales customer service refers to helping potential customers by giving them information related to a particular product or technology. After sales services refers to helping customers with the bought product and fixing any complaints that might arise with the product. Pre sales customer service and after sales customer service, the two aspects of customer support, are two vital factors of every business model. In fact, most people while buying a product will but the one from a company which has an established customer service system. This fact is realized by almost all companies but proper execution has been carried out by both Dell and HP to record ever increasing sales.

Dell Support and HP Support – Know More

Dell support and HP Support are branched out in numerous sub branches Including Dell tech support and HP tech support. HP tech support is where you call if you have a problem with your computer or related peripheral devices. The professionals at HP tech support as well as Dell tech support will first diagnose your problem and then go on to solve it. Separate numbers are provided for directly reaching Dell technical support as well as HP technical support. Almost all software related problems will be fixed online in minimal time. However, in case of hardware problems, you will have to ship back the faulty part at the address that the technician will give you and then a new part would be shipped back to you soon. All in all, whatever the kind of your technical problem, you can completely rely on Dell support and HP support to help you with it.

James Langer is a HP Support associate at PCCare247. The extensive service spectrum of PCCare247 HP Support, Dell Support,Acer Support, Microsoft Support and other Leading Brands

We can help fix your HP and Dell Problems. Call PCCare247 today at (+1-888-820-3828 Toll Free for US)

The Latest offering from PCCare247 includes Dell Support. PCCare247 is a technical support service provider, which offers its tailor made services all across the globe. The company majorly serves individual consumers as well small business in USA, Canada, and UK.

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Anti Virus on the Home Computer

In this day and age having a computer with out Anti Virus is just crazy, even if you don’t go on the Internet. There are billions of viruses out there and millions being released every day; you hear about the ones on the news and think it does not happen very often but it’s happening every second of every day.

Viruses are not the only problem out there; there are bigger problems, Malware and Botnets. Malware is software that installs on your computer, with out your knowledge and can do a number of things but mostly takes note of what you are doing. Some can be completely harmless but some forms of Malware can take note of user names and passwords and send back to its makers for them to do with what they want. Image what they could do with all your banking information, scary isn’t it and believe me they are out there.

Botnets is another problem roaming round the internet at the moment, Botnets again it’s another program that gets installed on your computer with out your knowledge, normally from some dodgy website you looked at by accident where it’s down loads in the back ground. What Botnets do once on your pc, is sit there waiting for a certain day/time or order from the Botnets master to then do what ever they want to do, they now have full control of your computer. They can silently send email to millions on behalf of your email account without your knowledge. Make you out to be a spammer. They can join forces with other infected computers and work as a team to bring down web servers, company systems, what ever the Botnets master tells them to do. Scary is the word.

The good news is most antivirus will combat these, BUT you must keep them up to date and I would recommend doing that daily. The software will do this for you automatically if told to. Having anti virus software installed but not up dating is as useful as not having any installed.

Now let’s say you have a computer that is not on the internet (this is very rare these days) and you have to move some files onto it. You can do this one of 2 ways copy them onto a portable device (portable hard drive, DVD, CD, USB memory stick) and transfer them that way or a cable between the both. The problem with both these ways is you have just opened up for virus to get in. They could be on your portable device or on the computer you are connecting to and as soon as they see a network connection come up they hop on over, happens all the time. Bulk of virus are made to look for active network connections so as they can infect (spread) to as many as possible.

So again having anti virus software (and there are great free versions out there) that update every day is a must in this day and age I cannot stress this enough, whether you are on the internet or not.

For more information on how you can learn to backup, rebuild Windows XP and restore backed up data to your computer go to

Find More Computer Tech News Articles

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Laptop or Desktop Computer for 2011

There is no doubt that laptops have replaced the desktop computers to quite an extent. Now people prefer to have a small yet portable laptop instead of having a huge sized computer system which by no means fits in a place.

The desktop computers are known for occupying a lot of space. How can you manage to set aside a big part of your average sized room to set up a computer that covers the maximum fraction?  The desktops not only have additional components such as keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), mouse, speakers etc but it also requires a table to be placed on.

In addition to the mentioned components a typical working person or even a student needs to have a printer and scanner as well. Though laptops do not have in built printer or scanner and you have to have these additionally but laptop itself is comparatively small in size. Unlike desktop, a laptop has inbuilt keyboard and mouse that cut down the call for added components.

Whenever we think of having a desktop computer the first thing that hit the minds is the bundle of wires lying here and there.  It necessitates a number of wires which cannot be put aside and the risk of falling over also increases.

On the other hand there are only few wires that we can attach to a laptop and not every wire requires an extra switch. Moreover the cables are not very long to get clipped on the wall sides. Nonetheless if you want you can plug your laptop to a big screen, separate mouse and keyboard.

A laptop will always serve as a normal desktop computer and you can take it to any place you want. This is the best ever thing that cannot be done with a desktop as it cannot be carried along. Your laptop can travel with you and is capable to be used anytime anywhere. Now the office worker can work in their way to office or a student can complete his assignment while sitting in a college cafe.

A lot of energy can be saved with the use of a laptop because it can be used for 4 to 5 hours easily once fully charged but the desktop computer needs constant electrical supply to function.  The laptop also comes with rechargeable batteries so that you do not have to change the battery each time it becomes low.  Simply plug them in a switch board and let it charge for some time after which you can unplug and start working.

Numerous laptops have Wi-Fi or wireless internet connections in them that reduce the use of LAN or Local Area Network.  With the WIFI in a laptop, internet websites can be browsed when you are travelling and hence can communicate with friend and co workers without getting tensed about the wires or losing connection. Considering the entire facts one can say that laptop is indeed a best investment in 2011 for both work and enjoyment.

Check out for a wide range of aluminum carrying cases, including aluminum laptop briefcases and aluminum laptop cases. Rely on Mezzi for serious protection and style.

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