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iOS 11.4 Users Reporting Black Screen Issue In Camera App

By | June 22nd, 2018

Apple may be in the middle of testing iOS 12 with developers but iOS 11.4 is still very much alive and well.

It might, however, be about to go through a sticky patch after a number of people started reporting that they have encountered one particularly irritating bug.

According to multiple reports, users with iOS 11.4 installed are finding that when they launch the Camera app, they are unfortunately being presented with a black screen rather than a preview of whatever it was they wanted to shoot. The issue does not appear to be specific to certain iPhone models either, with at least one Twitter user reporting that their iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 were all experiencing the issue.

While iOS 11.4 brought with it a couple of new additions including AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud, none of that is any good if you can no longer use your iPhone to take photos, especially considering how many of us use those iPhones as our only way of taking photos these days.

While the black screen does appear to be the most prevalent issue, others are reporting that while they can see a preview of their subject, that preview is decidedly unstable. What makes all of this particularly odd is the fact that iOS 11.4 did not add any new features to the Camera app and, at least as far as we know, there were no tweaks made under the hood that could have led to such oddities occurring.

Of course, none of this will be of any comfort to those who are impacted and if you find yourself in that situation, we would suggest getting hold of Apple to try and work things out. Another option would be to make sure everything is backed up to either iCloud or iTunes on a computer and attempt a restore – who knows, maybe that will iron out whichever kinks are causing camera issues.

(Source: Twitter [1], [2])

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Majestic Restaurant: Chef Yong’s new Flagship Restaurant

Crispy mangalica pork, roast Irish duck

I just realized that this will be the third time I am writing about Chef Yong Bin Ngen!  The first was my review of the now defunct The Majestic, back in 2007.  The next story was about his new coffee crabs at Majestic Bay Seafood in 2013.   At the time I thought he might start a new food trend with coffee crabs, but I guess it never really caught on.

Chef has recently opened his latest flagship restaurant which is housed in a capsule perched on the 4th level of Marina One. The location is quite unique but more importantly, our makan kakis all agreed that the food was delicious!

The dim sum is very good, not exceptional, but it is what can be expected of a top end dim sum place. One of the more interesting item is his 藕断丝联 (ou duan si lian).  This is a play on the Chinese proverb about how when a lotus root is split, the sticky sap still connects both ends — a reference to how broken relationships can never be completely severed.  The flaky pastry is filled with mozzarella cheese, chicken and button mushrooms and shaped to resemble a lotus root.  When you bite into it,  the strands of melted mozzarella mimics the lotus sap.  The actual taste might not blow you away, but the contrasting textures make it a fun item to eat. 4/5

Double Boiled Kampung chicken soup with wild matsutake and conpoy $ 68

If you enjoy Cantonese double boiled soups, then Chef Yong’s double boiled kampung chicken soup with wild matsutake mushrooms is a must try.  The soup is full of tacky collagen-ous goodness and unlike a lot of other double boiled chicken soup, the chicken is still quite flavorful.  The soup starts off as a full bodied chicken soup made from kampung chicken.  After a long cooking process, the soup is strained, the carcass discarded and a fresh chicken is placed in the pot for another round of steaming!  The resulting soup is deep in flavour and full bodied and should cure any cold in an instant.  4.5/5

Wild Live Soon Hock with mustard, olives and black fungas

I enjoyed his crispy marinated mangalica pork as well as the roasted Ireland Silver duck. The duck is fatter than our local ducks and the meat is tender and flavourful.  4.25/5.   The mangalica pork has a flavour which reminds me of Hakka zhar yoke, but was extra juicy due to the intense marbling of the Hungarian pork!  4.5/5

Chef Yong brought me to the back of the restaurant and proudly showed me his tank of wild caught Soon Hock (marble goby).  Most Soon Hock that we eat nowadays are farmed, so I was surprised that he managed to procure fish that were wild caught!

He steams the Soon Hock and tops it with mustard, olives and black fungas.  It was tasty, but I personally couldn’t really tell the difference between the farmed and the wild caught fish especially when it is masked with such strong flavours.  Might have been different if it was just steamed Hong Kong style.  4/5

Black Truffle Fried Rice with Crab Meat $ 20

The crab meat fried rice was very good and Chef does it the old school way by cooking the Sri Lankan Crabs, removing the meat and then using it to cook fry the rice.  Not mind-blowing, but as far as fried rice goes, it’s very good.  4.25/5


Excellent restaurant for a Chinese food.  Chef Yong has always been adventurous with his creations and there were a few dishes that really stood out. The restaurant feels quite isolated even though it is in a huge complex and it is not easy to locate.  If it is your first time there, walk to the centre of the open garden and look for the restaurant on the fourth floor.  Then walk towards the general direction and look for the lift near the periphery that will bring you to the fourth level.

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New Amazon Prime Wardrobe Service Lets You Try Clothes Before You Buy

By | June 21st, 2018

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, love buying clothes and happen to live in the United States, then you are in luck because as of today, Amazon‘s Prime Wardrobe is now available to all.

Prime Wardrobe was originally an invite-only beta and has been seeing its reach extend throughout the past year or so.

The theory behind Prime Wardrobe is one that will be immediately familiar to anyone who knows existing services such as Trunk Club or Stitch Fix. That is to say that Amazon Prime users will be able to fill boxes with between three and eight items at a time, with those items theirs to try on for a week once they have arrived. At that point, they have to decide what they want to keep, if anything, and everything else is returned.

There are no up-front costs, meaning customers will only pay for the items that they keep. Amazon’s service will also go so far as to suggest items that it feels will match or go towards a particular style.

While not all of the clothing items on Amazon’s website will be eligible for Prime Wardrobe, the company has confirmed that there will be a range of items that its customers can choose from. That means that both affordable and designer goods will be part of Prime Wardrobe, hopefully meaning that there is something for every style and for every budget.

To find out exactly what can be ordered as part of the new Prime Wardrobe service, subscribers can head on over to the Prime Wardrobe section of

If you’re like me and just hate shopping for clothes, then this might be well worth checking out.

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Taiwan Day 2: Lu Gang Xiao Zhen 鹿港小镇

Taiwan Day 2: Lu gang xiao zhen 鹿港小镇

Lu Gang is a township in Changhua 漳化, about an hour car’s trip from Taichung city. It is one of the oldest towns in Taiwan that can be backtracked to the Qing Dynasty as a major trading port in Taiwan.

Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村)

If you are on the way to Lu Gang, you may want to consider dropping by the Rainbow Village, the Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is a street art created by a talented 90′ plus year’s old former soldier, Huang Yung-Fu. The small village make up of a few single story houses and to save them from demolition for redevelopment, over the years, Mr Huang painted the place with colourful artwork, which includes birds, animals and people, the walls, doors, windows and even the floors are the showcase place with his creation. His efforts finally being acknowledged by the local government and able to preserve the art house for part of the tourism attractions.

A: 臺中市南屯區春安路56巷,408台湾台中市南屯區春安里

Lu Gang Xiao Zhen 鹿港小镇

Lu Gang is a town mainly visited by the local, foreign tourists are relatively a rare find here, which makes the place less vulnerable to commercial influence. we started our tour at the junction of LuCao Road 鹿草路 and Zhong Zheng Road 中正路 towards the TianHouGong天后宫 direction.

You can find plenty of eateries along the streets, mostly are local snacks eg. fried seafood, candy, pastries, zichar, bbq etc. With many the choices, we can only selectively pick some to try.

Deep fried seafood

Lu Gang is abundant with seafood,  deep fried seafood is prevalent in this area and quit a number of stalls selling similar type of seafood, we tried the baby prawn, fish and baby crabs but just too fishy to our liking.

Lu Kang BBQ Squid King

The stall has numerous accolades displayed,big fresh cuttlefish was grilled on the spot, a special sauce was brushed over it and grilled to perfection, a chewy texture and a tasty cuttlefish.


Almond cookies


Don’t miss out the freshly made Almond cookies or Pumpkin seed cookies, crispy and fragrant cookies that is extremely additive, we have packed a few cans back just to satisfy the craving. We can’t locate the unit number but it is one of the roadside stalls along the Ming Sheng Road民生路.

Half way through Ming Sheng Road 民生路, we diverted to Putou Street 埔头街 which lead you to the Old street 古市街.

The main attraction of Lu Gang centred around the Old Street, ancient red-brick or wooden built houses have been restored and preserved, the whole stretch of old street are converted into shops offering different merchandises  ranging from local snacks, handicrafts, cafes and eateries.

The walking path in between the shops is laid with red bricks and out of bound for vehicles, provides a clean and safe place that allow you in a breeze to appreciate the historical site fully.

The array of local snacks available are quite extensive and only managed to sample some of them.


One of the popular brand from Lukang, a brand with century old of history selling various cookies, some recipes have been passed down since the Qing dynasty, we tried the assortments of green bean pastries and kind of likable with its not too sweet taste and fine texture.

A: 彰化縣鹿港鎮金門街70巷7號, 鄭玉珍. 一級古蹟龍山寺廣場旁

T: 04-7784237 7753532


Charcoal-grilled King oyster mushroom

Chopped King Oyster mushroom was seasoned and charcoal grilled, another popular snack  not to be missed.

LuKang is famous with their pau, we tried two of the brands Lao Cheng Zhen  老成珍and Qiao Wei Zhen 巧味珍, the meat pau and vegetable pau were acceptable, not to the level that make you dream about it.






電話:04 776 9448

Day 2: Cingjing Farm清境农场

We departed Taichung and headed straight  to Cingjing 清境农场 for the fresh and cool air. We had our lodging in a farm house near to the peak, we spent a night there and visited a few scenic places nearby, however, it is the Margarita’s Garden or Purple House that impressed us, the cafe which is less than a hundred metre away from the farm house consists of three level building located on the edge of the mountain.

Margarita’s Garden or Purple House

The huge cafe divided into different sections for the kids, causal and large room for big group dining.

Purple is the theme here, from the exterior to the interior, every side of the wall are painted with purple colour, purple may associate with the elements of soothing and calmness, a harmonious blend with the sea of mountainous green surrounded.

The cafe featured different themes at each level, ground level is kid’s zone, heightened by the lovely toys and bears all around the places, one level below is another dining area with clear glass windows for the magnificent mountainous view. The lowest level provides individual rooms for special events.

Margarita’s Garden or Purple House specialised in Yunnan Burmese cuisine.

All the dishes were surprisingly full of flavour and tasty, the fried beancurd, fresh and sweet cabbage, tender pork fried with leek and dried chili, deep fried chicken with apples and resin, none of it is disappointing, we may not be able to verify the authenticity of the dishes but the taste good enough for a thumb up.

After enjoying the local porridge breakfast provided by the farm, we headed to Taipei for our final destination in Taiwan.

End of Day 2.

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Adobe Scan Can Now Intelligently Scan Business Cards, Convert Them To Contacts

By | June 20th, 2018

If you’re the kind of person who still find themselves being given the odd business card or three, then you’re going to be pleased to learn that Adobe Scan, the company’s document scanning app, today received an update that adds the ability to capture business cards and then turn them into in-device contacts.

Adobe says that the new feature is made possible thanks to AI enhancements afforded by the company’s Sensei machine learning platform.

Thanks to Sensei, Adobe Scan can recognize a business card once it is placed in front of a phone’s camera, with a Save Contact button presented to allow the user to suck the card’s data right into their on-device contacts list for use later. This data includes the person’s name, company, email address, and phone number as well as any image that is found on the card.

That new Sensei machine learning also means that the app can take the business card’s scanned image and then work to correct any shadows or distortion that may be in place and it even goes so far as to remove any fingers that may have been captured when the image was taken.

The updated Adobe Scan app was announced alongside new PDF creation tools specifically for use with Microsoft Office 365. The new shortcuts allow users of Microsoft’s Office apps to convert documents to PDF and back right from the ribbon of whichever app they are using.

If you’re in the business of receiving business cards, then the Adobe Scan app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store right now and it is free, too.

Check out the new feature in action in the video below.

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Get 50% Off Your Second Main With Quandoo Coupons On DBS Lifestyle App From Now Till 25 June

Restaurants with 50% off your 2nd main

unagi nara

Image credit: @tigerkiller 

Singaporeans might be the biggest complain kings and queens in the world, but it doesn’t take that much to make us happy. Just like the word “sale”, there’s something about restaurant discounts that makes our behaviour borderline feral.

To brighten up the months of June and July and save us from a depleting bank account, here is a mix of 12 restaurants that are giving you 50% discount off your 2nd main from now till 25 July 2018 – thanks to the DBS Lifestyle App.

P.S.: Read on to find out how to score your dining coupons and make your booking.

1. Ricciotti

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @lkzx

Go beyond just pizzas and pasta at Upper Circular Road’s Ricciotti if you’re in the mood for an Italian treat. Their extensive menu includes antipasti (starters), primi pIatti (homemade artisanal pasta), and dolce (dessert) that will make you feel as though you’re dining on the cobblestone streets of Florence.

Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Opening hours: 11.30AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 6533 9060
Make your booking here.

2. Pasta Brava

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @zhiyantay

Pasta Brava is so well-loved by patrons, some have even deemed it one of the best restaurants for true Italian food in Singapore. In its 25 years of operation, the cosy trattoria has received first-class reviews on almost every aspect from value to ambience and service.

Zoom straight in for their signature Tagliata Di Manzo Stile Toscano ($ 34) – a dish featuring perfectly-grilled sirloin, expertly sliced, and plated alongside a lightly seasoned arugula salad – and their raved Tiramisu Al Mascarpone E Caffe ($ 12)

Pasta Brava
Address: 11 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 089671
Opening hours: 12-2.30PM, 6.30-10.30PM; Daily
Telephone: 6227 7550
Book here.

3. Madrinaa Italiano

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: Quandoo

Madrinaa Italiano is another Italian gem of a restaurant with outstanding nosh. From their Steak Florentine and Risotto Di Tartufo to their Quattro Formaggi and truffle fries – you’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one main.

Madrinaa Italiano
Address: #01-60 Chip Bee Gardens, Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278116 
Opening hours: 11.30AM-2.30PM, 5.30-10.30PM; Daily
Telephone: 6884 6884
Book here.

4. Atmastel

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @rachaelwong

If you’re in the mood for Italian but don’t want to settle for the same old classic dishes, then Atmastel’s modern take on your all-time favourites will have you wide-eyed with wonder. You can anticipate novel creations like their Calamari & Zucchini Fritters ($ 18), Beef Tenderloin Tartare with Pistachio Pesto ($ 24), and Sausage & Purple Potato Pizza ($ 29). Definitely not your everyday Italian food.

Address: South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road #B1-22, Singapore 189768 
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30AM-2.30PM, 6-10PM; Sat: 12.30-11PM; Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6581 0085
Book here.

5. Epiphyte

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit:

The experience of dining at Epiphyte will blow your mind. The cafe’s menu is all parts daring and otherworldly with additions such as their Pink Risotto ($ 22), and ethereal desserts like “Twilight($ 10), “Whisky Jewel($ 8), and “Terrarium($ 13).

dbs quandoo discounts

Their Terrarium dessert and Twilight cakes
Image credit:, @markerslee

Address: 47 Neil Road, Singapore 088827 
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, and Sat: 12PM-12AM; Fri: 12PM-12AM
Telephone: 9451 8873 
Book here.

6. Praelum Wine Bistro

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @jivizhang , Sihan Lee

The two most notable things about Praelum Wine Bistro are: its walk-in cellar with more than 1,000 vintage wines and ever-passionate sommeliers ready to enlighten you in the ways of perfect meal pairing. And though wine is the star at this bistro, the edibles like their Salmon-En-Croute ($ 35) and Tarts Flambee ($ 20-22) are just as outstanding.

Praelum Wine Bistro
Address: 4 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089590
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 6PM-1AM; Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6238 5287
Book here.

7. Kanpai Izakaya

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: Quandoo

If Izakaya is the name, Yakitori is the game. At Kanpai Izakaya along Holland Village, you can get tasting portions of all your favourite Japanese bites from grilled meats to sashimi. And as every Izakaya should, Kanpai carries a comprehensive range of Japanese craft beer, whiskey and sake to spoil you as you chase that buzz.

Kanpai Izakaya
Address: 40 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277695
Opening hours: 11.30AM-2PM, 5PM-12AM; Daily
Telephone: 6314 2368
Book here.

8. Todamgol

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @konranting

When midnight rolls around and you’re suddenly hit by bouts of hunger, fuel up on some Seoul food at Todamgol. Their restaurant is everything you’d expect from a casual Korean diner – warm, relaxed atmosphere, lots of cheer, and hearty, steaming pots of dolsots filled with Budae Jjigae ($ 38). Special mention also goes to their massive seafood pancake ($ 30) as well.

Address: 31 Tanjong Pagar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088454
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 12-3PM, 6PM-3AM; Sat and Sun: 6PM-3AM
Telephone: 6224 7077
Book here.

9. Kko Kko Nara

dbs quandoo discounts

Their Tteokbokki comes in 2 sizes with an option to add cheese for just $ 5
Image credit: 꼬꼬나라 Kko Kko Na Ra

Just name a Korean dish – Kko Kko Nara probably has it on the menu. Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) ($ 20/30), check. Soon Dae (pork intestine stuffed sausage) ($ 25), check. Cheese Dak Galbi (stir-fried chicken with cheese) ($ 35), check. They’ve even got Silkworm Pupa Soup ($ 25), Spicy Freshwater Snails with Noodles ($ 35), and ji po (fish jerky) ($ 22) for the more adventurous diners out there.

Kko Kko Na Ra
Address: 68 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 088489
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11AM-3PM, 6PM-3AM; Sun: 6PM-1AM
Telephone: 6224 8186
Book here.

10. Unagi Nara

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: @tigerkiller

Unagi Nara is here to save you from hours of queueing for Man Man. The twist? It’s not Japanese, but Korean grilled eel with a similar price tag – and chunkier portions. The eels are also accompanied with your choice of sauce – sale, soy sauce, or chilli sauce – and come in 1KG servings should you and your kakis be up for the challenge.

Unagi Nara
Address: 70 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088491
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 12-10.30PM; Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6224 0667
Book here.

11. Uncle Leong Signatures

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: Thechoyalicious

When it comes to seafood, Uncle Leong Signatures in Punggol sure pulls out the big guns. Serving up only the :signatures’ from all their other outlets”, you’ll find more than 40 variations of seafood specials such as their Shimmering Sands Crab and Peanut Butter Sliced Fish.

Uncle Leong Signatures
Address: 83 Punggol Central, #B1-21 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
Opening hours: 11AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6385 9989
Book here.

12. The Peak Bistro

dbs quandoo discounts

Image credit: Quandoo

You can’t satisfy everyone, but you can give your makan buddies the best of both Western and Cantonese culinary worlds at The Peak Bistro on Mount Pleasant. Nothing like having a plate of sauteed XO scallops ($ 28) to go along with your grilled Australian sirloin steak ($ 28).

The Peak Bistro
Address: 153 Mount Pleasant Rd, Singapore 298341
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM-3PM, 6-10PM; Closed on Sat and Sun
Telephone: 6250 1717
Book here.

Dine and save with the DBS Lifestyle App

dbs quandoo discounts

Image adapted from: DBS

Whether it’s a date, a family treat, or just a casual meal with the crew, save more on your food expenses this month with Quandoo‘s exclusive dining coupons on the DBS Lifestyle App. From now till the 25th of June, claim a solid 50% off your 2nd main at any of the restaurants we’ve featured above. 

Here’s how you score your Quandoo dining coupons: 

  1. Download the DBS Lifestyle App on your iPhone or Android
  2. Search for “Quandoo coupon”
  3. Select 50% off 2nd Main Course coupon
  4. Click “Save Deal”

And you’re done! Retrieve your dining coupon anytime by accessing your Coupon Wallet on the app, and click redeem to review the coupon code. Now armed with your coupons*, click through to any one of the restaurant booking links above to make your reservations and secure your spot!

Find out more about DBS’ promotion for Quandoo here!

*Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other ongoing offers, promotions, discounts, privileges, coupons, rebates, loyalty programmes or in-house offers. Other terms and conditions apply.

This post was brought to you by DBS.

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How To Disable Or Block OTA Update On iOS 11.3.1 For Upcoming Electra Jailbreak

By | June 19th, 2018

When it comes to updating iOS, Apple knows that the vast majority of users will update to the latest and greatest release with little reason to complain, but sometimes there are users who really do not want to be updated to the latest Apple has to offer.

This is often the case with those who enjoy jailbreaking because, as we all know, it is not always possible to jailbreak Apple’s latest software.

Apple also tends to be pretty aggressive when it comes to stopping signing older versions of iOS, essentially rendering them in a state where they cannot be downgraded to. That’s the case right now with iOS 11.3.1 as well, because Apple stopped signing it a couple of weeks ago following iOS 11.4 final and 11.4.1 beta releases, and when iOS 12 also happened to start its beta release process.

As of right now, iOS 11.4 is the latest shipping version of iOS to be released, but iOS 11.3.1 is the last version that could be jailbroken and will soon get a public jailbreak tool in the form of Electra.

When Apple stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 it meant that users who were upgraded to iOS 11.4, whether on purpose or by accident, were stuck. That is not a great place to be if you’re a jailbreaker and while it’s too late for some, anyone who is currently running quite happily with an iOS 11.3.1 device will likely want to stay that way.

Thankfully, that’s certainly possible but you’re going to want to make sure iOS doesn’t get updated by mistake. If you’re one for tapping through dialog boxes without reading them, this is a real concern. Fortunately, there are ways and means to ensure that an accidental iOS update to 11.4/11.4.1 and beyond does not happen so if you’re wanting to make sure your iPhone or iPad stays on iOS 11.3.1, you’re in luck – we have just the guide for you!

If you’re a jailbreaker we heartily suggest following this guide here and getting all of your ducks in a row. If you update to iOS 11.4, all bets are off.

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Kueh Kosui Recipe: Super soft and wobbly version

This kueh kosui recipe is not only the easiest to do but will result in a super wobbly kueh kosui which is a textural delight.  The recipe was shared by Sharon of My Makan Place.  What makes it very different from the typical kueh kosui recipe is that you add the hot gula melaka syrup directly to the tapioca flour!  I initially had doubts that it would work, but it does!  It means you don’t have to add the extra step of cooking it over a bain marie which saves time and effort!  The only downside is that you may have a few lumps of uncooked flour which is easily rectified by straining it before steaming.


Group A
550 ml    Water
400 gm  Gula Melaka  (Original recipe by Sharon uses only 300g)
1/2 tsp salt
6 Pandan leaves knotted

Group B
250gm Tapioca flour starch
20gm.  Plain flour
2 Tbsp Alkaline water
550 ml  Water

Group C
Shredded coconut
1/2 tsp salt
Pandan leaves

8” square tin


1. Bring ingredients in group A to a boil and simmer for 10 mins
2. Meanwhile measure and sieve tapioca and plain flour
3. Add alkaline water to water
4. Add hot gula melaka syrup directly to the flour while stirring continuously.
5. Oil square pan
6. Pour the batter through a sieve onto the pan
7. Steam for 30mins.  I used a steam oven set at 90°C.  If you are using a wok, leave a gap in the lid so that steam can escape.  Steaming at high heat may cause bubbles to appear in the kueh.
8.  Steam the grated coconut with pandan leaves for 10mins and add 1/2 tsp salt to it.  This will help the coconut to keep longer.


  1. The shiokness of your kueh kosui is directly dependent on the quality of gula melaka you use.  Try to get pure “gula jawa” from the market if you can.  The ones sold in the supermarkets often have sugar added to it.  You can tell by reading the ingredients list as well as the crystalline texture when you press it between your fingers. A good gula melaka should be soft and toffee like with a nice caramel fragrance.
  2. The tapioca flour (flying man) sold at the supermarket works well.
  3. For the grated coconut, you really do need to buy it from the wet market.  The ones sold at the supermarkets aren’t very good.
  4. Many recipes on the internet show that you need to slowly cook the slurry over a double boiler.  I have tried both methods and am happy with just pouring hot syrup into dry flour.  Just make sure you add all the syrup at once and stir quickly.  It should thicken up a little.  It is a little lumpy at first, but it will eventually dissolve. Once all the flour is mixed with water, add the rest of the water.   I have tried dissolving the flour in some cold water first, but it doesn’t work as there is not enough heat in the syrup to gelatinize the flour.  I also tried adding the gula melaka a little at a time but it also doesn’t work!  Just add all the gula melaka syrup at once and stir quickly!  (Trust me.  I tried)
  5. The recipe may not work if you half the ingredients.  Sharon has tweaked it such that the amt of gula melaka syrup is just right to cook the tapioca flour.  You can try, but if the batter is still watery, you may still need to cook it over a water bath to thicken it.
  6. You will find the surface of the kueh to be a little wet and sticky.  Just leave it on the kitchen top overnight and it will firm up nicely.

7. You can buy alkaline water from Phoon Huat where it is in liquid form or from the market as little rocks which you dissolve in water.  Ask for “kee”, for making kee chang. You only really need a grape sized piece to dissolve in water.

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iOS 12 Beta Has Been Jailbroken On iPhone X [Video Demo]

By | June 18th, 2018

Given the fact that the jailbreak community appears to have the momentum of a freight train at the moment, this news was always on the horizon. However, it’s now been confirmed that iOS 12 beta 1 has been successfully jailbroken thanks to the wonderfully talented Liang Chen of the Tencent Keen Lab.

It’s worth putting it out there from the offset that we do not expect that this work will ever see the light of day, meaning that Chen will likely never release this jailbreak into the community.

The jailbreak itself has been achieved on the very first beta of Apple’s iOS 12 platform, which currently has at least three months left to run in a pre-release state before it goes to the public. With that in mind, no-one with the intention of releasing a jailbreak would burn their methods on an early pre-release seed. It’s also highly likely that this work has been undertaken to show capability and that it’s actually possible to liberate iOS 12.

To showcase the jailbreak, Liang Chen took to Twitter to confirm that he had been successful in liberating Apple’s iOS 12 platform. Rather than provide any additional information in the tweet, Chen simply linked interested parties to a video of the jailbreak in progress, running on Apple’s iPhone X hardware and hosted on video-sharing website YouTube.

As you would expect, then the tweet is peppered with replies by the often abrasive community claiming that it’s a “fake” and that it can’t possibly be real as it requires a Cydia update from Jay Freeman.

Anyone who understands the pedigree of Liang Chen, Marco Grassi, and the Tencent Keen Lab team, on the whole, will immediately understand that this jailbreak is indeed real. However, “real” doesn’t mean that it will be released into the public domain, as this jailbreak will never see the light of day. It’s likely that the team will be analyzing iOS 12, collecting vulnerabilities, and then potentially profiting from those discoveries by reporting them to Apple.

The team will also likely use the discovery work to prepare presentations and talks to present at security conferences around the world.

So, iOS 12 can be jailbroken, but this particular one will not be released to public.

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Redmond Pie

吃 Western – Beautiful ‘Fine-Dining’ Western Food at a Hawker Stall!

When I told my colleague that we were going to try 吃 (eat) Western, I was met with a confused expression. “Where?” he asked. Well, that’s the thing — the stall is actually called 吃 Western! Located in Toa Payoh North, 吃 Western is a hawker stall that opened three years ago. As their name implies, the stall serves up local-style Western classics, but with an Asian twist.

吃 Western Steak in Hand

吃 Western Steak FIRE

When I first looked at their menu, I was impressed by the vast array of dishes that they had to offer. Whether you’re craving for pasta, steak or even burgers, 吃 Western has got you covered. Since I am a massive fan of steaks, 吃 Western’s Steak Frites caught my eye immediately. For $ 14, you get a 180g New Zealand Ribeye, which is good value for money if you ask me! The steak is paired with a house-made red wine black pepper sauce. 吃 Western really nailed the plating and presentation. The dark and hearty steak was contrasted by the bright red tomatoes and the fresh green herbs garnished on top. How gorgeous!

吃 Western Steak on Table

吃 Western Sauce on Steak

The cook on the ribeye was spot on. The steak was a perfect rosy pink all the way through. Don’t order this dish expecting a melt-in-your-mouth experience though! While the steak wasn’t dry, I found that my jaw was getting quite a workout from chewing on it. For me, the black pepper sauce was the highlight of the dish. It had a great depth of flavour due to the addition of red wine. The freshness and spiciness of the black pepper really tantalised my taste buds and complemented the steak brilliantly! The tangy and acidic purple coleslaw was oh-so-delicious, and the fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

吃 Western Chicken Chop

吃 Western Cooking Chicken Chop

吃 Western Pouring Sauce on Chicken Chop

Even though 吃 Western offers many exciting dishes, I still had to try one of their classics — the Pan Grilled Chicken Chop with Mashed Potato ($ 6.00). Chef Andrew, one of the chef-owners of the stall, explained that the chicken is marinated overnight in a brining solution containing star anise, cinnamon and a variety of other spices.

吃 Western Piece of Chicken

All too often, I’ve eaten chicken chops that are charred on the outside but end up dry and tough on the inside. This was not the case at 吃 Western! The overnight marination had a huge impact on the texture of the meat. I was amazed at how succulent and tender the chicken was. Not only was it juicy and cooked through, the chef managed to achieve a bit of a char on the surface of the chicken. The brown sauce, though not in-house made, is fortified with the flavours of onions and garlic. I’ll definitely order 吃 Western’s Chicken Chop again!

吃 Western Seafood Tom Yum Pasta (Top View)

吃 Western Flame Pasta

We couldn’t leave 吃 Western without trying one of their Western-Asian fusion dishes. The Seafood Tom Yam Cream Pasta ($ 9.90) was a special item that was highly recommended. This pasta features a good selection of seafood which includes clams, prawns, squid and fish fillets. The cream-based sauce is infused with 吃 Western’s very own tom yam paste!

吃 Western Seafood Tom Yum Pasta

吃 Western Pasta on Fork

I expected the cream sauce to be overly rich and indulgent. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it was quite light and refreshing! The sauce had just the right consistency and had a subtle tinge of sweetness and sourness. I did find myself craving for bolder tom yam flavours though. The seafood was cooked really well too! The clams were firm and carried a mild sweetness, while the prawns and squid retained their springy texture.

吃 Western might appear to be a humble hawker stall, but its well-executed and beautifully presented dishes will definitely exceed your expectations!

吃 Western Storefront

Address: Blk 206 Toa Payoh North, #01-1197, Singapore 310206

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 11:30am to 8:30pm, Weekends & Public Holidays: 12pm to 8:30pm.

Cuisine: Western

Facebook: made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to 吃 Western. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our official YouTube channel! You may also want to check out our articles on Meet 4 Meat, a Western hawker that serves up Beef Wellington, and Raimah Eating House, a stall that serves Halal Western food!

Howard Wong

An avid home cook who wishes to inspire others with the sheer amount of food that he can eat.

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Miss Tam Chiak