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This Android Screen Recorder Requires No Root Access To Work

By | December 4th, 2016

Here’s a Android screen recorder app that requires no root access to work on compatible devices, best of all, it’s available for free. Here are the details.

Sure, Android as a platform is more liberated than Apple’s iOS, but in its stock state, Google’s mobile OS is still pretty limited when it comes to recording a device’s screen, especially when not rooted. Luckily, this status quo has been changed thanks to the arrival of a new app called AZ Screen Recorder, which also happens to be a powerful, and free screen recording app for Android devices.


AZ Screen Recorder has taken the Android world by storm by throwing in features that were unheard off before unless you had a rooted device, which let’s face it is not everybody’s cup of tea. So for those of you who were in dire need of a screencast app for personal or vlogging purposes, this nifty title now has you covered.

You will be able to record screen in HD or FHD, and if you’re thinking that being a free app there will be a time limit, or that you would have to deal with watermarks as is the case with most free apps of this nature; you can breathe easy since there’s none of that at play here.

AZ Screen Recorder also offers a feature which the developer says isn’t offered on any other app available on Google Play; the ability to pause and resume screen recordings, which makes sure you don’t have to continue recording moments that you will ultimately have to cut out later on using some video editor. Even more appealing is the ability to add you own voice recording into the video using the device’s mic. The developer clearly states that these features make it “very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game and gameplay or record video chat.”


Additionally, “the floating window always staying on top will let you snap at the exact moment on any screen. In the settings, you can enable screen touches so the people who are watching your videos will know exactly what you are doing.” Of course there are a ton of other settings to tweak as per your needs, and there are some in-app purchases on offer as well that can further enhance the experience.

AZ Screen Recorder is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and up, and can be downloaded for free right now from the Google Play Store.

(Download: AZ Screen Recorder for Android from Google Play)

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Redmond Pie

The Ascott Limited Is Building A Co-living Apartment For Millennials In Singapore

Living the lyf

lyf ping pong tennis table convertible door

As millennials, we work hard and play hard. Unfortunately, not all environments are conducive to that, and we often find ourselves being stifled. Just take a look at the increasingly popular open concept office – being confined in a cubicle is now, to put it bluntly, unattractive to us. And god forbid that we’d have to live in such restriction as well.

For those who are dying to live amongst like-minded individuals, The Ascott Limited brings lyf, a co-living concept that promotes interaction between guests.

With the pleasure of attending lyf’s launch event, we were treated to a special sneak peek of what the upcoming co-living space will bring.

A social lyf made easy

Outdoor chill area lyf
The outdoor chill area

Be prepared to feel like a kid in Disneyland for the first time as you step in – designed by millennials and managed by millennials, lyf will not fail to surprise with its quirkiness.

Wash and Hang laundromat entrance area lyf

You would probably expect the typical hotel lobby reception area upon entering. But at lyf, the first thing you’ll encounter is a unique entrance – in this case, the “Wash and Hang” laundromat cum gathering area – where fellow residents could be playing foosball while waiting for their clothes to spin.

lyf cafe

This is a prelude to the many social opportunities you’ll find. Next is the cafe, the first meeting point between you and a friendly lyf guard. More than just staff, lyf guards will be your guides and friends, helping you integrate into the resident community. Get the low-down from them if you’re looking for cool places to eat or hang!


Another key social space is “Bond”, a shared kitchen. Instead of cooking units against a wall, the social kitchen features kitchenettes in a centralised cluster, allowing better interaction while budding Masterchefs whip up a storm. Who says too many cooks spoil the broth?


Quirky and innovative design

lyf ping pong tennis table convertible doorlyf bathroom with rain shower

To break the monotony of the day-to-day grind, lyf adds spice to its interior with ingenious design elements – for example, living room doors that can be flipped over and converted into ping pong tables. Adding a touch of cuteness is an exercise corner with a hamster wheel-shaped treadmill!

lyf jamming studio room
Imagine having a jamming studio in your house!

Modelled after popular hobby spaces, the various thematic rooms are also great for chillin’ at. The bird’s-eye-view model above is built like a jamming studio, complete with a cork wall for sound absorption.

lyf social kitchen quirky decor
“You and Me, like Chicken Rice and Chilli”

With plans to launch 10,000 units globally by 2020, lyf is also looking at locations other than Singapore such as  Australia, Japan, Germany, and more. Expect a dash of local flavour distinct to each country incorporated into the deco – such as this cheeky Chicken Rice reference in the kitchens of Singapore’s units.

Work smart, live smart

lyf bedroom

Whether you’re part of a group or a lone traveller, a selection of rooms are available to fit your needs. Project teams can book “All Together” business suites, equipped with projector screens for video conferences and digital whiteboards to draw diagrams on. There’s also the option of “Two of a Kind” twin rooms consisting of two private rooms and a shared kitchen.

lyf interactive wall design
Interactive wall design with an inspiring quote on removable plates

lyf kitchen interactive design

Made for versatility, a lot of the furniture at lyf is customisable – for example, large dining tables can be easily pulled apart to become individual work desks.

Compact and space-saving rooms at lyf

While living spaces at lyf are compact, they are also created with comfort in mind. Each unit comes with a sizable bathroom, and space-saving storage systems to declutter your life with. Instead of wardrobes, rooms are fitted with metal racks for you to hang your clothing or other bits and bobs – such as a lamp, or perhaps even a hammock for a laid-back touch!

Compact and space-saving rooms at lyf
Under-the-bed storage to hide your junk.

lyf’s launch event – alive with activity

Singaporean band 53A at lyf's launch event

Other than the studio model tour, we were well-entertained at lyf’s launch event with good food and fun hands-on activities. Some highlights included a notebook customisation station, getting to do silkscreen printing on pouches, and a helluva wild show from local band 53A which got everyone on their feet.

lyf launch eventSilkscreen printing assisted by Litile Collective at lyf launch eventSilkscreen printing assisted by Litile Collective.

lyf launch event
The freshly-barbequed nosh we filled our tummies with.

Notebook customisation station by Bynd Artisan at lyf launch event
Notebook customisation station by Bynd Artisan.

If anything, this vivacious launch party and its arts-related highlights offered us a large glimpse of what lyf stands for: imagination, creativity, and a sense of community!

A fun co-living community with Lyf

lyf launch event

Whether you’re an exchange student, solo traveller, or part of a group sent abroad for a business trip, lyf provides serviced residence with a unique vibrancy. With ample opportunities for you to interact with fellow dwellers, you’ll get to exchange ideas and experiences with others from different backgrounds, and draw inspiration from each other.

Lyf launch event

Keep your eyes peeled for the first lyf units to be available for lodging! More than just accommodation, lyf is like a live-in hub for like-minded young people to congregate for work and play – we’d totally move in there in an instant!

Find out more about Lyf here!

This post was brought to you by The Ascott Limited.

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Meet Gooligan, malware that boost Google Play app rankings

If your device is still running on older version of Android, you should remain vigilant. Security researchers at Check Point has identified a malware namely Gooligan where it boost app rankings on the Google Play Store. Its estimated that over 1 million Google accounts have been compromised, with the malware infecting additional devices at a rate of roughly 13,000 daily.

10 Tips To Tighten Security On Your Android Device

10 Tips To Tighten Security On Your Android Device

Smartphones have come to define us by being the portal to our online identity and as such should…Read more

Associated with the Ghost Push-family malware, Gooligan penetrates into your smartphone when an infected app is downloaded. Gooligan will then rely on Linux kernel exploits to root the device.

After that, it would proceed to download additional payloads in its attempt to compromise the user’s email accounts and steal authentication tokens.

Next, codes will be injected into Google Play that allows it to install fraudulent apps in an attempt to boost said apps’ ranking. The malware will also install adware, generating additional revenue for the creators of said malware.

If your device is currently running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, worry not because Gooligan as Google has since patched the vulnerability. However, not so for Android such as 5.0 Lollipop, your device is still very much vulnerable to this malware.

Wary of Gooligan? Check Point has come up with tool that would allow you to check if your account has been compromised. Its best that you perform a factory reset of said Android device to purge Gooligan if the result is positive

Source: Hot Hardware

A Guide To Understanding Android App Permissions (& How To Manage Them)

A Guide To Understanding Android App Permissions (& How To Manage Them)

Apps dominate our usage of smartphones and while Apple’s App Store has stringent criteria for apps to get…Read more

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Singapore Flyer Has A $2,000++ Dining Experience That Takes Date Night To New Heights

Romantic dining experience in the skies

romantic sky dining on Singapore Flyer

So you’ve dated for some time now, and you’re now feeling the pressure to make those nights out more special than before. Depending on what stage of life you are currently in – whether if you’re focussing on your career, or even sending kids off to school – a date with your loved one is probably the last thing on your mind.

Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer

Besides, it’s the end of the year now. Whether you are celebrating the festive season or simply spicing up your date experiences, it’s the season of giving, and any excuse to indulge and toast to the year’s achievements is always welcome.

Enter the Singapore Flyer for the ultimate extravagance.

High time for a festive feast

Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer

This December, pamper yourself and your partner with a special date as you wine, dine and celebrate the year gone by. Usher in the season of joy from 165 metres high, with the exclusive Festive Sky Dining at Singapore Flyer.

Asia’s largest observation wheel will light up in festive colours and serve an exclusive feast – with Festive Sky Dining (from $ 339++ for 2 persons) from 24th December to 1st January. And if you’re feeling extra baller, you can book the whole cabin with a personal in-flight host for a night you won’t forget.

4-course fine dining meal, Singapore Flyer

Indulge in a 4-course fine dining meal, served by an in-flight host, paired with a glass of fine wine, while overlooking the iconic Marina Bay!

Festive Sky Dining is available from 24th December to 1st January at 7pm and 8.30pm, or you could opt for Festive Sky Dining Lunch on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 12pm and 1pm.

Festive Sky Dining, Singapore Flyer

Festive Sky Dining, Singapore Flyer

The dinner covers two full rotations, lasting an hour in total. The appetisers and soup will be served first, before the mains and desserts for your second round. And if you think you’ll need more drinks, feel free to order them at the Flyer Lounge located at Level 3 before entering the capsule.

You’ll have a choice between a classic Western menu and a Chinese fusion menu. For a more informed decision, here’s a quick review on both menus.

The Western Menu

Western Menu, Singapore Flyer sky dining

Appetiser: Prawn Cocktail Timbale Salad

Prawn Cocktail Timbale Salad, Singapore Flyer

The plating of this appetiser blew me away, exuding flair in what was effectively a simple combination of cocktail prawn salad atop avocado puree. While the flavours weren’t something I was used to, it was a refreshing start to the meal that got me intrigued.

Soup: Japanese Pumpkin Soup with Crabcake

Japanese Pumpkin Soup with Crabcake, Singapore Flyer

Japanese pumpkin, while sharing the same name as its Western counterpart, has more similarities with butternut squash. With a strong yet sweet flavour, it makes for a thick and buttery liquid when blended into a soup.

Main Course: Angus Ribeye OR Lobster Thermidor

Western sky dining experience, Singapore Flyer

Matching the exclusive sky dining experience, the quality of food served is also top-notch. Be treated with a choice of beef or lobster for your Western mains – you won’t regret either choice.

Rangers Valley Angus Ribeye with Paris Mash

Rangers Valley Angus Ribeye with Paris Mash

Rangers Valley truly beefed up our ride on the giant merry-go-round. As one of the world’s best premium marbled beef producers, their renowned Angus Ribeye with a marbling score of 3 is dished out at medium doneness. Not all grain fed Angus is created equal – this slab’s long fed for at least 270 days to create more marbling, flavour, and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness.

Lobster Thermidor, Singapore Flyer

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor is a posh dish, even for the French. This dish requires extensive preparation – the meat is removed from the claws to be seasoned and chopped before being placed back, then baked with a special sauce and lots of cheese! The result is fresh and juicy meat that peels off easily, so you can stay glam on date night.

The Chinese Menu

Appetiser: Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat

Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat, Singapore Flyer

Fresh Prawn Salad & Chilled Shredded Duck Meat

Generously covered in mayo, this appetiser is a stark contrast to its counterpart on the Western menu. With chilled shredded duck meat paired alongside jumbo prawns and fresh fruit, your tastebuds will be greeted with a balance between sweet and savoury.

Singapore Flyer dining

Soup: Fish Maw Thick Soup

Fish Maw Thick Soup, Singapore Flyer

Bet you didn’t know that fish maw is graded according to sex, and that male bladders are higher rated than female ones! The soup was filled with lavish amounts of fish maw, seaweed, and assorted mushrooms.

Main Course: Baked Green Wrasse Fillet OR Stewed Oxtail

Baked Green Wrasse Fillet in Cheese Sauce, Singapore Flyer

Baked Green Wrasse Fillet in Cheese Sauce

Wrasse is a type of fish you probably haven’t tried before – but no fear, as it’s a white, lean, and soft fish that goes easy on the stomach. While the dish is cheese-baked in western fashion, dig in and you’ll uncover the familiar e-fu noodles, served at every traditional Chinese wedding dinner reception. To our surprise, this fusion concoction went well together!

Main Course, Singapore Flyer

Stewed Oxtail, Singapore Flyer

Stewed Oxtail

By far our favourite of the night, the stewed oxtail in traditional style hit all the right spots. Simple ingredients, but innovatively paired. The meat was tender and flavourful, lying amongst a bed of comforting stew, mixed vegetables, and a unique choice of pan-fried rice rolls – aka chee cheong fun.

Dessert: Strawberry Delights

Strawberry Mouse Cake, Singapore Flyer dining

Hope you like strawberries, for you’ll only have one choice for desserts, whether you pick the Western or Chinese menu. A handcrafted sponge cake layered with strawberry mousse, this artfully plated dish is light enough to gollop down even for those with full stomachs. It’s also just the right amount of sweetness, so you don’t step out burdened with guilt.

Feast with a view on Singapore Flyer

Feast with a view on Singapore Flyer

Few things can beat stellar food in a capsule 165 metres above ground. It’s a new experience that will go down in my list of top 10 dates that you’ll remember for a lifetime, especially for those who like to feel pampered once in awhile.

Singapore Flyer Festive Premium Sky Dining

Of course, feasting with a view on the Singapore Flyer isn’t only for couples. While the Festive Premium Sky Dining is priced from $ 339++ for two, you can also book up a private capsule and make it a party for 10. Available from 24th December 2016 till 1 January 2017, at 7pm and 8.30pm daily and exclusively on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 12pm and 1pm, be sure to chope a table early!

Besides Premium Sky Dining, you can also countdown to the 2017 with a champagne toast in the skies. View the festivities from 165 metres high, as you count down to the New Year with the finest champagne. New Year’s Eve Premium Champagne Flight is available on 31 Dec 2016 at 11.30pm and is priced at $ 99 nett per person.

Find out more about Singapore Flyer’s festive promos!

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803
Contact: 6333 3311 or email

This post was brought to you by the Singapore Flyer.

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Everything You Need to Know to Fix Your Slow WiFi

Slow WiFi speed can be really confusing, rather downright annoying, as there is no single answer to fix it. There are numerous reasons why your WiFi may be working on a speed slower than intended. It could be a problem with the WiFi router, or the Internet itself.

802.11ac Wi-Fi Explained – What Is It & Why It’s Cool

802.11ac Wi-Fi Explained – What Is It & Why It’s Cool

At Apple’s latest WWDC, we heard them announced the new OS X Mavericks and iOS 7, but what…Read more

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact issue and resolve it, however, fixing the speed of your WiFi isn’t impossible. In this guide we will get you through each step to identify and solve slow WiFi speed issue.

Identifying the Problem

Before getting into the fixing business, the first step is to identify where the problem lies. As mentioned before, it can either be your Internet connection or a faulty WiFi device.

In order to find the culprit you will need an ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is usually supplied with the router, so most probably you will already have one. If not, you can buy it (it’s just under $ 5 and there is no specification of type or size), or you can always borrow one from a friend.

The ethernet cable will allow you to directly connect the router to the PC without depending on the WiFi signals. If your connection starts working fine as soon as you begin using an ethernet cable, then the problem is with the WiFi. If it is still slow, then it could be the Internet (or both).

Fixing the Problem with WiFi Signals

In case your Internet works fine with an ethernet cable, you need to solve the problem with the WiFi. Below we have listed different things you can do to fix WiFi problems.

Positioning and Environment is Important

There can be a number of interruptions that could stop signals from reaching your device properly, like walls, objects and even other electronic devices. You should reduce these interruptions between the router and your device. Additionally, the router must be placed at a certain height to ensure proper distribution of the signals.

Make sure there are no electrical appliances near the router. Devices such as microwave, refrigerator, wireless speakers, wireless console controllers and electronic heating system are some of the most common WiFi signal interrupters.

These appliances usually operate at 2.4GHz band, and they interfere with the signals coming from the router that operates on the same frequency. Do keep in mind that reflective material (mirrors) and metal based finishing in walls also reflect/weaken signals.

Positioning is especially important when you don’t have a wired broadband connection and you depend on signals from your Internet provider. In such a case, you will have to adjust the router position to get the best signals from your ISP, usually represented by the number of lights.

Create Heatmap for WiFi Signals

While finding the perfect spot for your router, a heatmap of the WiFi signals will definitely be helpful. You can use a third party app that will create a heatmap of your house to let you know how the signals are being distributed in the house. It will also tell you about the points where there are interruptions as well the places where you can get the best signals.

Ekahua HeatMapper is a good tool for this purpose. It does require registration but it will create a heatmap of your WiFi signals for free. If you have a digital map of your house, then it will create an exact heatmap of WiFi signals on that map. Otherwise it can create heatmap over grids that are good enough to understand how signals are distributed.

Switch WiFi Channel

WiFi signals are distributed over different channels in a specific area. All the routers in your neighbourhood are distributed over these channels. If a channel is crowded with connections, it could interrupt WiFi signal. You simply need to move to another channel that is less crowded to get better WiFi signals.

For this purpose, WifiInfoView by Nirsoft is a great little utility that will list down information about all the channels in your area, and how crowded they are. You can just choose a new channel that is least crowded.

WiFi On Low Power

Many routers have a built-in option to put themselves on low power consumption to save electricity. During this mode the router uses less power, however, it also decreases the power of the signals.

Unfortunately, some of the routers are by default configured to run in power saving mode and in such a case you have to disable it yourself. In your router settings, look for options similar to “Eco mode”, “Low Power Mode” or “Transmission Power” and turn it off or set it to 100%.

Low Power to PC Wireless Adaptor

Similar to the router, Windows operating system may also give less power to the wireless adaptor to save power (usually in power saving mode). This also leads to slower Internet speed over a WiFi connection.

To fix this, press Windows + R keys and type “powercfg.cpl” in the “Run” dialog. It will open up “Power Options” from where you click on “Change plan settings” next to your selected plan, and then click on “Change Advanced power settings”.

In the advanced power options, expand “Wireless Adaptor Settings” and make sure it is set to “Maximum Performance”. This should ensure your network card is getting the power it needs.

Restart The Router

Have you tried restarting the router? I know it’s silly but it could be a simple fix to this problem. A simple fresh start is usually the answer to many Internet related problems. Just completely turn off the router and the modem (if they are separate) and wait for 30 seconds before turning them on.

Reset the Router

If the restart didn’t help, then resetting the router to factory settings may solve the issue. There should be a reset button at the bottom or back of the router, usually it’s inside a hole. Use a paperclip (or similar object) to push this button and hold it for 15-30 seconds, or until the router reboots.

All your settings will be reset to factory settings and may fix slow WiFi problem if it was due to a wrongly configured setting.

Buy A New Router

That’s a cold option, but it is the best one if nothing worked for you so far. The older a router gets the less its power becomes. So getting a new router with more power will definitely help fix slow WiFi problem. You can even ask your Internet service provider to supply you a new router. While you are looking for a new router, try to go for a smart router that can solve all your WiFi related problems.

Fixing the Problem with the Internet

The aforementioned tips are helpful if there is a problem with the WiFi signal. However, if the issue is with the Internet, following things can be done to fix it:

Note: Restarting or Resetting the router is a reliable way to fix Internet problems. So even if you don’t have any WiFi problems, do try out these options to enhance your Internet’s speed.

Quit Bandwidth Using Applications

Many applications use Internet actively to provide their services in real time. You should monitor Internet usage by turning such apps off. Also, make sure Windows is not downloading any updates in the background as these updates also use a lot of bandwidth.

In Windows, the Task manager is the place to look for processes that may be using bandwidth. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager and move to the “Processes”tab. You should find all the application processes here. Simply click on the one you don’t need or are not using, and then click “End process” button below to close it.

Check Other Devices Using the WiFi

Multiple devices connected to the same WiFi may mean that the connection is being over used causing a reduction in overall Internet speed. The more heavy content a device loads the more bandwidth it will use. So you will definitely not get a good speed on your PC if your brother is watching YouTube videos on his smartphone.

The best way to ensure that bandwidth hogging is not the issue, disconnect all the devices from the network and only use a single device. And when we say “disconnect” we literally mean disconnect, as simply not using the device will still allow background processes to use bandwidth.

Now check on that single device if the connection is working fine. Additionally, make sure that your WiFi is protected with WPA2 encryption to ensure someone else isn’t stealing your bandwidth.

Update Network Driver

An outdated network driver can be one of the factors causing Internet to slow down. Press Windows + R keys and type “devmgmt.msc” in the “Run” dialog to open the “Device Manager“. Here right-click on your network driver and select “Update driver software” option.

In the next window, click on “Search automatically for updated driver software” and Windows will automatically search and download the right driver.

If this doesn’t update the driver, you can use a free third-party application like IObit Driver Booster to update drivers automatically.

Understand Temporary Internet Slow Downs

If you face slow down at particular times or just started facing slow Internet right now, then it could be a problem at your Internet service Provider’s end. Some ISPs can’t provide optimum speed during rush hours, so you will just have to deal with slow speeds during that time. In most cases, it is temporary and should resolve in few hours.

Whether the problem is temporary or permanent, it is your ISP’s responsibility to ensure a stable Internet connection for its customers. If nothing is working for you, simply call your ISP and tell them the problem. They should be able to inform you what the problem is and may provide the solution.

8 Android Apps To Boost Internet Speed (& Help You Survive The Holidays)

8 Android Apps To Boost Internet Speed (& Help You Survive The Holidays)

The holidays are coming and you know what this means — everyone who came home is helping to…Read more

You can even ask your ISP to send an agent to your place to personally check and fix the Internet problem. Most ISPs will be be happy to provide this service. If your ISP resists, try threatening them to move to another Internet service. Perhaps then they should be able to help you.


This article contained comprehensive information on different issues that may cause your WiFi signals to slow down. All in all, I would say that by positioning the router correctly and fixing the problem with your router as well as your computer may solve a majority of issues.

However, like I said before, ultimately your ISP will help you solve any type of Internet related problem (or at least answer it). They would never like their customer to move to another Internet service, therefore they will do anything to fix your slow WiFi problem.

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Singapore Food Blogger of the Month: National Sprinter Lim Yao Peng’s “Lepak With Yaops”

Every month, we feature a Singapore food blog or instagram: (1) to cultivate goodwill and camaraderie among the online community; (2) to encourage more people to blog and instagram about food; and (3) to empower bloggers and instagrammers through an insight and understanding to their lives.

lim-yao-pengI stumbled upon Lepak with Yaops as I was researching for my best hawker food series. He has written on some popular but little-blogged-about hawker stalls, providing valuable information. Since I’ve been following him for some time, I thought it is time to say hi to him and get to know him better.

Besides blogging at Lepak with Yaops, he has a food instagram account at @lepakwithyaops and a personal one, documenting his training, at @_yaops_.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

My full name is Lim Yao Peng and I’m 27 this year. I’m a sprinter with the National squad and have a coaching business providing Speed and Strength services. I’m very much an active person since young, and a Christian, and I believe that sports is a microcosm of life. I like to roller blade and go for fishing trips during my free time. Food blogging is very much an interest that lies outside of the realm of sports.

Rise and shine!

A photo posted by Lim Yao Peng (@_yaops_) (@lepakwithyaops) on

You are a national sprinter who represented Singapore in the SEA Games in 2011. During your training, do you have restrictions on the food intake? Can you share what you eat in a day during training?

I do not have a fixed diet, but I am careful with my food. Using a point to illustrate, given one serving of minced to a fried chicken thigh, I will go for the chicken thigh as it has less preservatives. Having said that, I don’t usually go crazy with oily food or super sweet stuff too often. It’s not so much about body weight but more of performance level, especially when it comes to competition period.

From your personal instagram account, it seems that you’re into bodybuilding these days. Bodybuilders keep a strict low-fat, high-protein diet. How do you balance your cafe-hopping and your bodybuilding?

I’m never into bodybuilding and don’t have the interest for this activity, thus I can’t comment much about the diet for this sport. However, I strongly believe that “Energy In < Energy Out” is the first step to keep one’s weight in check. Next, it depends on the type of food that we put into our bodies. For example, there are many types of carbs, thus it is important to know what and how much to consume .

Your blog mainly reviews cafes and hawkers. Why is that?

I guess as a Singaporean, hawker food is in our blood! To me, food should be affordable and tasty. Fancy stuff and ambience are nice to have, but it isn’t my main consideration when it comes to eating. Having said that, the place has to be comfortable at least! Being comfortable is the origin of the blog name; “Lepak” is a local term which means giving off a chill vibe. In essence, I blog on what I eat and not where I want to eat, and will like to share with people about my food journey.

As for cafes, coffee is the main reason why I visit them and cafes are comfortable for chats!

What are your favorite eateries (a) in Singapore and (b) around the world?

It’s easier to answer by the type of food: Pizza, burgers, fries and satay!

You may also be interested in interviews with these bloggers and instagrammers:
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Feb 2016: Chef-Blogger Hairil Sukaime’s Eat Food, Live Food
Mar 2016: Ipoh Boy, Ridzuan Khaw @Mr.Duwe
Apr 2016: Criminal Lawyer, Sunil Sudheesan
May 2016: Universities’ Dining Clubs, NTU Deli Aprecio Club @NTUDAC and SMU Gourmet Club @SMUGC
Jun 2016: Actress-Singer Cheryl Wee
July 2016: Stock Photographer Cecilia Joven Ong’s All About Ceil
Aug 2016: Cancer Survivor Jennifer Yee @JellyLoveFats
Oct 2016: Art Director Kenneth Lim @klzw

Written by  and Lim Yao Peng. Photo credit: Lim Yao Peng.

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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow


Create Virtual Reality on the Web with JavaScript and WebVR

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other VR products have changed the future of technology. We may scoff at the idea of VR headsets but much like the Internet in the 1990s, VR is the way of the future.

YouTube VR is now available for Daydream-ready smartphones

YouTube VR is now available for Daydream-ready smartphones

With the Daydream View now available for purchase, Google has decided to release YouTube VR for anyone who…Read more

And thanks to WebVR we already have a way to merge the Internet with VR using a powerful JavaScript API. This library is completely free, open source, and supported by the W3C so it’s the perfect library to play with if you’re into virtual reality.

WebVR is still experimental and you can only test it with browsers on VR headsets. Because of this you can’t really see live demos in your browser although you certainly can try.

Most examples give a warning saying that your browser isn’t supported. But you can still see what the idea is behind VR and why WebVR can drastically change how web developers create virtual reality on the web.

The Moz VR site is another cool place to check out live projects. Again these work best with VR headsets but many of them have been built with WebVR.

The WebVR API is actually supported in the Firefox Nightly Build and upcoming versions of Chromium. It’s a very experimental library but it proves that developers are interested in virtual reality even on the web.

In case you’re wondering who’s managing the WebVR API, it’s actually hosted on GitHub by the W3C team. This would ideally become an official W3C spec and it even has an editor’s draft of how the spec can be implemented once the W3C pushes it through.

This WebVR API has the chance to radically transform web games and interactivity on the web. It may be well over a decade before consumers see any benefits, but WebVR is in place and it’ll only continue to grow.

If you wanna give it a try you can download the source directly from WebVR’s GitHub page with links to the different API specifications and dev resources to get started.

5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Rift

5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is not something new, but the Oculus Rift has renewed interest in it as we come…Read more

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The Coconut Club – S$12.80 Premium Gluten-free Nasi Lemak

Singapore The Coconut Club

Ann Siang Hill is a highly sought-after district amongst expatriates and we attribute its popularity to the enclave of bars and restaurants housed in colonial shop houses. The dining establishments in this neighbourhood are predominantly western, but a new tenant is shaking things up a little.

Lo and behold, The Coconut Club! Do not let its name fool you – this place is neither a Tiki-themed cocktail bar nor a nightclub. Instead, it is a speciality Nasi Lemak restaurant. The owners have spent two years sourcing for the best coconuts and refining their nasi lemak recipe before opening this eatery.


It’s easy to mistake The Coconut Club for yet another pretentious café opening. But the reality is far from it. The Coconut Club keeps things incredibly simple: They open till 3pm daily (closed on Mondays and Saturdays) and Nasi Lemak is the only main course sold here.


We know there is a lot to digest. Firstly, a Singaporean hawker food is now being served in a Melburnian-style café as the only main course. Next, the operation hours are totally Australian, but the food served is inherently Singaporean. Welcome to year 2016!

Each plate of Nasi Lemak costs S$ 12.80, hence making it one of the priciest Nasi Lemak we have ever come across.


However, judging from the crowd at The Coconut Club on a Saturday afternoon, it seems like many Singaporeans – even the elderly – are actually more than willing to fork that amount.

Nasi-Lemak The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club’s MSG-free Nasi Lemak entails a generous portion of fragrant coconut rice, cucumber slices, peanuts, dried anchovies, succulent chicken leg, a fried egg and sambal sauce. We have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it.

The entire dish—besides the sambal—is gluten-free. But if you would like, you could also request for gluten-free sambal chilli sauce.

The Coconut Club SG

Frankly speaking, S$ 12.80 for a Nasi Lemak isn’t too far-fetched. After all, we are sure you are willing to splurge at least S$ 20 on a plate of eggs benedict. It’s all a matter of perspective.

The Coconut Club
6 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069787
Tel: +65 6635 2999
Closed on Mondays and Sundays
Tue to Sat: 11am – 3pm
Nearest Station: Telok Ayer

About the writer:
Hui Jun Ng is a staff writer for ladyironchef. She previously worked in the food and marketing industry. She loves traveling and enjoys exploring underrated destinations. In her free time, you will find her indulging in coffee and her all time favourite local dish – bak chor mee.

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Apple Pay In Spain Launches With Santander And American Express

By | December 1st, 2016

Apple has officially rolled Apple Pay out in 13th country, affording consumers in Spain with the luxury of paying for goods and services via the contactless payment platform.

We’ve known for quite some time that Apple has been looking to continually expand the countries that Apple Pay is offered in, with today’s official announcement and availability following hot on the heels of a report yesterday which all but confirmed that the mobile wallet would launch in the country today, December 1st.


As we have witnessed in the past with rollouts of Apple Pay in other countries, availability in Spain isn’t instantly supported by all financial institutions and card issuers.

The rollout of the platform is supported in the first instance by Banco de Santander and American Express, with credit and debit cards issues to consumers by Carrefour and Ticket Restaurant also accepted in the country with Apple’s system. Rami Aboukhair, head of Santander Spain, is understandably excited about the launch on behalf of the bank’s customers:

Apple Pay shows we are committed to collaborate and to bring innovation and new technology to our customers to make their payments easier, faster and more secure. We are convinced our customers will love it.

Consumers in Spain will be able to use a compatible card to register for Apple Pay via the native iOS Wallet app. When registered, that card will allow consumers to make simple and secure one-touch payments in physical retail outlets such as LIDL, OYSHO, Carrefour, Apple Store, Bershka, C&A, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Zara, Repsol, and many, many more.


In addition to actually transacting in physical stores, Apple Pay will also be supported in a number of mobile apps accessible via the App Store, as well as through certain supporting websites via iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

The launch of Apple Pay in Spain means that Apple’s payment platform is now offered worldwide in 13 different countries, supported by a growing number of financial and banking institutions. Availability in Spain sits alongside Apple Pay in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan via FeliCa, New Zealand, China, Canada, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, and Singapore.

Consumers are able to use a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch to wirelessly make payments with minimal fuss.

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Redmond Pie


Redhill Curry Rice 红山咖哩饭

Redhill Curry Rice 红山咖哩饭


Redhill Food Centre is a hot spot for curry, three famous curry rice stalls and a claypot curry rice fighting fervently for the same pool of customers. Curry rice lovers? At Redhill Food Centre, you have all the best choices.

We have evaluated the China Street Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice, Hong Seng Curry Rice and now the Redhill Curry Rice, how is Redhill Curry Rice fair against the others?

Redhill Curry Rice 12.50


Good curry rice make up of two key elements, the quality of the dishes and the curry that doused over the rice. At Redhill Curry Rice, the Pork chop, egg plant and omelette we ordered are well executed but the curry fish, cabbage and tau pok could be done with more to perk up the flavour.

redhill-curry-rice-8Tau Pok – should consider using better quality Tau Pok redhill-curry-rice-5Pork Chop – could be done better for better texture and fragrance

The curry drenched the rice was a monotonous and uninspiring, only one type of curry was used and unfortunately the curry was diluted and could not dignify the beauty of a good curry. Good Hainanese curry should be gooey in texture and usually more than one types of curry are slathered over the rice to add a full body to the taste.

redhill-curry-rice-3Omelette – nothing extraordinary in taste redhill-curry-rice-6Egg Plant – perhaps the best among all the dishes redhill-curry-rice-7Curry rice – Not the good choice redhill-curry-rice-4Cabbage – pretty sure it can be tastier

Our verdict on Redhill Curry Rice

Amongst the three curry rice stalls within the Redhill food centre, Redhill Curry Rice seems to tail the race, the curry and the dishes are run of the mill taste and it does not give you the satisfaction after the meal. Value for money dishes probably the plus point here.

Redhill Curry Rice

A: 85 Redhill Lane, #01-95, Redhill Central, Singapore 150085

H: Mon – Sat: 10:30 – 21:30, Closed on Sunday

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