Is Online Tech Support a Better Warranty For Your Computer?

Thought about buying an extended warranty on your laptop or notebook purchase? Think again. Not purely in terms of the cost (that’s something we can learn to live with) but what service is really being offered. Your computer warranty will cover software, at least on the preloaded ones, and probably hardware to some extent. The issue is that it’s not your mouse-pad you need to be worried when purchasing a laptop or PC; it’s all the data that you are going to store on your computer that you cannot afford to lose. This means that if the OS crashes or your Registry goes corrupt, taking your system down to a service station will be of little consolation. Seeing as you probably paid a fourth of the cost of your laptop on getting an extended year of warranty, you might want to think through it again!

There are some better alternatives to getting support on your PC or laptop. online technical support services are fast gaining popularity due to several factors – pricing, serviceability, ease of use, and end to end support. Besides, getting lifetime support from a tech support provider is likely to cost you less than extend warranty cover on the software, and you get 24 x 7 support with better services overall. There are certified IT professionals that offer support for PC and Mac, and other computer peripherals. Everything from installing printer device, configuring router, setting up custom wireless connections, and enabling shared hardware on multiple computers is remotely delivered on an internet connection. You can even get audio and video support for multi-adapters, drivers, plug-ins, and installation for add in audio cards and webcam.

Advanced queuing infrastructure enables these third-party vendors to serve customers on a shorter turnaround time, which means that your call is never on hold and the time between your call and delivery is essentially the time that it takes to fix the bug, download software, or configure your email client. The user gets to watch everything that the technician does on their screen itself alongside telecom support. This enables the user to look for custom options every step of the way while a virtual technician operates on the computer. You can ask them to optimize the speed of your internet connection, reduce start-up time, and learn how to look for registry corruption or figure out the best way to run a browser.

The worst part about getting a complete software suite, whether an antivirus/antispyware or MS Office, is that these programs run heavy on your processor, not to mention the time that it takes to download multi-GB antivirus programs or office tools. Since there are few alternatives to these in terms of the functionality they offer, most users take sluggish performance with a pinch of salt. What online technical support service essentially does, something that a vendor would probably not, is that in addition to resolving an incidence of error or malfunction, it also optimizes the performance of your computer. This means that they will free up space on your hard drive, delete junk files and internet cookies, and configure a behavioral detection engine which eases the effort of the antivirus and reduces the time it takes over each consecutive scan. The result – better performance all round and security too!

Tom Sally is a retired school teacher, who is now settled in San Francisco. He has recently been facing some computer related issues, and availed the services of a firm providing computer technical support services to sort out numerous hardware & software errors.

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Dedicated Tech Experts for Your Computing Needs

Keeping up with today’s technology is not as easy as it seems. For most businesses, having to deal with day-to-day transactions is one big challenge in itself. This does not yet include employee concerns which could include underperformance, absences, and tardiness that can consequently affect business performance. Hence, it is crucial to have efficient technological assistance which businesses can rely on.

Dealing with financial and logistical matters remains to be an enormous obstacle for some businesses in achieving their corporate goals. It sometimes starts with having little knowledge about useful technologies which can make their business transactions easier. There are now myriads of available IT services for companies to choose from. But with so many options, companies can always consult specialists who provide IT support Manchester locals can vouch for.

With the load of work done by the company, employees are sometimes left with meager resources to rely on. Some companies prefer to work on outdated computers or software thinking that it is the best since they have been using them for years. Hence, some levels of productivity are not tapped which can be otherwise done with efficient IT support systems.

This problem is further stressed when companies hesitate to take up measures to re-evaluate their computer systems, especially with the kind of software they use. They cannot be blamed for such hesitancy. With numerous IT services available in the market, it is challenging to choose which one will actually work for them. Companies with concerns about IT services such as the use of particular software can always consult professionals who specialize in IT support Portsmouth business firms can trust.

For concerns like computer security checks or simple programs for payroll, there are client-centered IT support services that can help companies make the right choice. The factor of convenience and user-friendliness are important. Companies would prefer to tap IT services that are secure and loaded with professional precision.

Since no two businesses are alike, it is important to note that customized service is a prime concern. Such personalized service makes it viable for companies to be at ease with their service provider knowing that these IT professionals know their needs. Professionalism in IT knowledge is crucial. People who are skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work can always put professionalism in IT services. Consulting professionals who perform IT support Manchester companies believe in is crucial to make any company stay ahead of the corporate game.

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How Cloud Computing And Mobile Tech Is Changing Our Daily Lives

In today’s world our computers have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We take them with us everywhere we go in one form or another. This constant availability to technology has created an environment where we are always connected to the important data of our lives.

One of the major advantages of having technology at our finger-tips is that we always have access to our favorite movies, photos, music and more. When traveling, we never have to be without important documents, out of touch with friends and family members, or be without the latest news and current events. Of course, with all this connectivity we also need tools and services to keep everything straight and easy to use. One of the most important developments in that regard has been the “cloud”.

Cloud computing is a term that is used to refer to the storage of information on internet based servers rather than local storage devices. A person can access data from any connected device that has been given permission to do so and, if needed, has the right software installed. Some services and functions require you to install specialized programs, while others simply are used through portals accessible from your internet browser.

Some of the more popular cloud-based services are photo and music sharing sites. These services allow you to back up your photos and share them with others, with only a few clicks of the mouse. It is no longer necessary to “zip” photo files, use complicated compression formats, or wait for pictures to be printed out and mailed to loved ones. Uploading files and giving permissions to your friends and family is an easy task that will allow them to view your latest pictures from their systems.

Another very active component of cloud computing is the virtual office. Services such as Google apps, allow you to keep all of your office suite applications available anytime you need them, from any connected device. You can do just about anything with one of these services that you could do with desktop-based software, such as write documents, work with spreadsheets and even create slide show presentations.

These systems are also tied to social networking and the cyber-life trend that is becoming popular. These social networking services take advantage of the power of the cloud to make sharing, connecting and experiencing information much easier than ever before.

Adding a computing system that is specifically designed to be versatile and flexibility is the logical evolution of the hyper-connected, everywhere tech life that we have developed in our modern society. These are only the first stages of the ever expanding technological demands that are being addressed by developers and programmers. As new demands are placed on systems, they will continue to evolve to meet the needs of consumers.

For more information about Google Apps UK visit Ancoris who are are a authorised Google Apps Resellers.

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Latest IPad News Updates

Ever since its launch, the iPad news application has been of enormous benefit to those wishing to access the latest happenings everyday. If you are looking for the latest edition of The New York Times (NYT), you just have to access it through the iPad news application as the former has entered into an agreement with Apple to put its edition on the Net free of cost. Similarly, subscriptions for premium magazines like GQ and Vanity Fair too are available through iPads, as their publishers have agreed to the same.

For the latest financial news, you can view the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on iPad news application. Leading news houses like BBC and Reuters have also floated customized iPad news applications and are being logged on to by iPad users.

The iPad reviews, since the computer’s launch, have by and large been quite favorable. The WSJ has termed it a laptop killer while in its praise the NYT has found it ideal for both technology and non-technology-minded people. PC Magazine has called it a winner among tablets with TechCrunch also endorsing WSJ’s view that it is powerful enough to replace laptops. Its book storing capacities have also been praised by The Independent.

Additionally, among the many iPad reviews that Time magazine has published, the one that stands out the most is the magazine calling it one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010. Popular Science called it a top gizmo in its Best of What’s New list of 2010.

Because of its huge sales since its launch, iPad users have come together to form iPad forums which are essentially platforms for like minded people with the same interests to come together to exchange information. These are authentic sources for all iPad news, discussions and iPad reviews and can be relied upon safely. All you need to do is to register on them, free of cost of course, and information on the latest models and their respective prices are just a click away!

The Ipad News that is displayed on these forums is first verified and then floated so that there are no mistakes or wrong details to misguide you. Which dealers are offering discounts on purchases or giving purchase plus discounted maintenance packages are two of the most important questions on the minds of prospective users. A forum member will provide the answers as soon as you ask. Why not become a member and enjoy the experience?

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World’s Five Greatest Tech Titans

It is not deniable that technology has changed the way we live and work significantly because we cannot imagine a life without computers, Internet or phones. Here is a list of five greatest tech titans worldwide.


Bill Gates

Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft in 1975 after he left Harvard, is among tech-world’s leading titans. When his company launched Windows in 1985, this marked the beginning of a tech revolution that has continued to present. No home, office or business doesn’t use some kinds of Microsoft components in it. PC users now rely on Gates for the operating system their computer running on like Windows 7, XP and Vista. Besides, he is a great philanthropist donating billions of dollars for charity work.

Bill Gates is among the richest men in the world with a net worth of $ 53 billion

Gates was interested in computer programming since he was 13 years old

Windows 8, which is being developed by Microsoft, is believed to take the Microsoft’s stock to new heights


Steve Jobs

Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPod and iPad are modern tech products that come to mind when people think about Apple and CEO Steve Jobs. He left Reed College after one semester and began working on designing games. The giant then teamed up with Steve Wozniak to found Apple in 1976 and introduced consumers to the Apple I, II, Power Mac and Macintosh computer.

Jobs and Wozniak started working on the Apple at the age of 20

Apple Inc. now designs and markets users electronics, computer softwares and personal computers


Larry Ellison

In addition to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, it is not completed if we don’t mention the Oracle Corp CEO Larry Ellison, who runs the world’s second largest software company. He previously left the University of Illinois at the end of his second year and did several jobs for eight years. In 1977, Ellison and his Ampex colleagues, Robert Miner and Ed Oates, founded $ 2,000 Software Development Labs, which was later renamed Oracle Corporation.

Oracle CEO Ellison becomes a pioneer in the database systems with a net worth of $ 27 billion


Larry Page

Larry Page, who founded the world’s top most Internet search titan Google along with Sergey Brin in 1998, is also named one of the most influential geeks. His company now runs over one million servers in data centers around the world and processes over one billion search requests every day.

Google has seen an impressive growth in these 12 years with profit to the tune of $ 6.520 billion and total asset of $ 40.497 billion


Carlos Slim Helu

The last name mentioned in this list is Telecom czar Carlos Slim Helu, who runs the mobile company Telmex that owns 90 percent of the telephone lines in Mexico and operates 80 per cent of the country’s cell phones.

Telecom czar Carlos Slim Helu has been listed among “Forbes World’s Most Powerful People” with a net worth of $ 60.6 billion



I am a web developer. I love technology and have a passion of writing articles about technology news, especially new products.

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How to Put Music on PSP from Computer

Sony’s PlayStation Portable is a versatile entertainment center which offers more than just gaming. You can connect to the internet, watch videos and even listen to music. For all those of you who have recently become proud owners of your own PlayStation Portable, I share some tips on how to put music on PSP and convert it into your music player. Most tech savvy guys will have no problems in figuring out how to do it but for those who are not, this guide will be helpful.

With devices like the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod and PSP, a seamless integration of multimedia facilities has occurred. Your cell phone is more than just a phone, it is a smart phone now. Similarly, your gaming console is more than just a gaming device. It can be used to listen to your favorite music as well. Though the device memory is too low to store music, thanks to the extendable memory available in the form of a memory stick, you can have ample storage space for your music. In fact, the latest PSP Go has an internal flash memory of 16 GB, instead of a UMD disk with an additional facility to have 32 GB of extendable memory.

With that much of internal memory you can store loads of games, videos and music on it. The sound quality is guaranteed by Sony’s impeccable record in manufacturing music players. You can avail the various PSP downloads available at Sony online store. You might also want to know how to download PSP movies and how to download PSP games. Let me now explain how to put music on PSP and use it as a portable music player.

How to Put Music on PSP: Steps
If you are familiar with psp music download instructions, then all you need to know is how to put those downloaded files on PSP. The method of transferring music or videos to PSP is quite simple and straightforward. Before we proceed, let me list out the things that you’ll need. You will need a memory stick, USB cable, your PSP and a DVD or CD ripper along with an MP3 convertor. Last but not the least, you will need a computer with a USB port. Let us see how to put music on PSP using all the above mentioned things.

Step 1: Rip and Convert Music To MP3 Format
The PSP supports the MP3 format for playing songs. So in case the songs you plan to copy from DVD or CDs on to your PC are not in MP3 format, you will have to rip it and convert it into MP3 format. You will need a DVD ripping software, along with an MP3 converter. If you have iTunes program on your PC, then your job is simple as most of your music is already in MP3 format.

Step 2: Connect Memory Stick With PSP
In case you have an older PSP, you may not have enough internal memory to store the music and you will need to connect the memory stick after switching on the gaming console. Go to the settings through the home button of the PSP. Search for USB connection and follow it up by pressing the ‘X’ button. Access the ‘PSP’ folder on the memory stick or create one in case there is none. Further create a ‘Music’ folder within the PSP folder. Then the actions shift to your PC.

Step 3: Connect Computer With PSP Using USB Cable
Connect the PSP with the computer using the USB cable. Locate the removable disk icon through ‘My Computer’ and open the music folder you created before.

Step 4: Transfer Music Files
Now we arrive at the last step of the whole procedure. Copy and paste all your MP3 music files into this folder and your job is done. Play the music directly through your PSP!

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The Internet Never Closes on Your Computer

Without a doubt, the biggest appeal of the Internet is that it is always there, always beckoning to users from around the world to check out the latest news, the latest information, or the latest products. The Internet is the ultimate worldwide storefront where you can order anything from a pizza to ancient artifacts at 3:00 in the morning.  Above all, the Internet is a phenomenal invention for people who don’t work the traditional 9-5 shift and need to be able to do banking, shopping, and entertaining at hours most of us would be asleep. Here are just a few of the functions that the Internet offers at all hours of the day and night.

Online Shopping

Every year, a bigger and bigger percentage of holiday shopping is done online. With the exception of email, no other single aspect of the Internet has changed the way people live their lives like online shopping. Not only can you buy a pair of shoes at 3:00 in the morning; you can buy items from the other side of the world that you would have no chance of owning otherwise. Online stores never, ever close for the day, so you can order what you need rush-delivered any time of day or night.

Online Entertainment

From YouTube to the incredible new site Hulu, online entertainment never closes its doors. Online gaming sites like World of Warcraft are global, which means that when it is 3:00 a.m. on the West Coast, players throughout Europe have logged on so there is never a lull. Streaming video technology has been refined to the point that even if you have a slower Internet connection, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of entertainment, and there is no shortage of adult entertainment on the web, as well.


The technology that suddenly made owning a computer and having an Internet connection a good idea, email is still the primary form of communication in this digital age. Even today’s cell phone owners now choose the phone they are going to use based on its ability to send and receive email promptly. Best of all, the technology behind email is constantly being improved and upgraded so that more and more of our emails are sent instantly over faster connections, and as always, you can send an email just as effectively at 3:00 in the morning as you can at 3:00 in the afternoon.

News/Current Events/Blogs

One of the greatest success stories of the Internet is its ability to inform. Not only does every major news outlet from around the world have a website, anyone can start a blog and attempt to collect news and voice opinions, as well. Some have derided this technological leap forward for creating a sea of voices with suspect motives, but the heart of democracy is rooted in everyone having a voice, so this can really only be seen as a good thing. No matter what time it is, the newsstands of the Internet are open for business.

Stephen Weston is a freelance writer for, who are providers of computer processor cpu’s and end of life computer parts.

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Most Confusing Tech Predictions Ever

All of the following people are well-known inventors, intelligent technology experts, successful businessmen. They are good at forecasting, however, sometimes their predictions are considered to go bust. Have you ever imagined that Christmas in 2006 was celebrated without iPod, no more in-house computer in 1977, or messenger boy could replace all telephones in the world? Ten claims below are made public at different time, but they all make us confused and raises highly disputes. What is the true meaning imbedded in those messages or are they totally just irrational predictions in technology history?

Ken Olsen, the founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977, ever said: “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home”. Did he mean public computer would be preferred?

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, was decisive that Apple would be dead in 1997.

“Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.”, declared Daryl Zanuck, co-founder of Twentieth Century Pictures in 1946.

“No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer—640K ought to be enough for anybody,” Bill Gates’s confusing statement in 1981. It’s claimed to be out of context and may be true at that time.

“Almost all of the many predictions now being made about 1996 hinge on the Internet’s continuing exponential growth. But I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse.” Prediction in late 1995 from Robert Metcalfe, an electrical engineer from the United States who co-invented Ethernet and founded 3Com.

“The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.” said a Welsh electrical engineer and inventor, William Preece in 1878.

“Next Christmas, the iPod will be dead, finished, gone, kaput.” said British entrepreneur Alan Sugar in 2005.



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I am a web developer. I love technology and have a passion of writing articles about technology news, especially new products.

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How to Get Best Online Computer Support

Our world is developing day by day and for that work is also increased in these days and we cannot write all the things on a paper and also we cannot record all the things so that computer is fulfill our requirement and give us all the availability to record and also store our data . I think that no one in the world do their work without the computer. And computer is very easily understandable by everyone and in the offices they have very needful because they do both write and save their data also record all the data in the queue. For that all the data is important for everyone especially in the offices but after some time computer is slow and also crash some time and we know in that case we just gone to any shop and tell him to fix it and for that he just offer you 500 and 1000 rupees.

 When you have some critical issue on your computer and unable to sort-out the issue.  Computer systems getting a stable internet connection let you be connected to other individuals all through the world by means of e-mail and also social media networking. You may also use your personal computer to promote your business on the web. Increasing numbers of people around the world are using personal computers for a number of factors.

This post provides you the knowledge regarding the computer support, technical support, software support, IT support, PC support and many more. Yet, in spite of how beneficial computers happen to be, they are not safe from problems and damage. Improper use as well as ignore can cause your computer system to decline and get damaged. Thankfully there are many firms and also agencies that provide computer support services nowadays. These types of companies have taken into concern the various problems that computer users experience with their personal computers.

Your computer’s speed as well as performance would be highly affected, when your computer or laptop infected with dangerous viruses and also other type of critical spam or worms. If you do not want this to happen, you’ll require the support of a expert or even a company providing Computer Products and services. The initial and essential advantage of online computer support is the simplicity and comfort that you appreciate with it. You are not needed to bring your PC to a service center or wait around for a technician to come at your home it you are searching for an online tech support. To create your comfort a top priority computer support provides you to resolve your system at your position itself by means of a remote session permitted via Internet.  Through this way you can save a lot of time and money and also get instant resolution of issues.

Online computer support service providers offer various plans to both home and professional users that further make the service economical and keep it always ready to serve you. You can also subscribe for the annual service plan and remain hassle-free for the entire year regarding the health of your PC. 




Techicode is a skilled professional in Technical Support provider. The company is online PC support, and computer repair service leading provider of all technical solutions and virus protection in your PC and Laptop. Company helps millions of busy customers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore.



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Helpful Information on Computer Virus Removal

Computers are subject to viruses at all times, regardless of the care you take when online and using your email. If you don’t detect and remove them properly, they can use restricted damage to your computer such as slowing down your pc or severe damage such as destroying your hard drive. Read this article to learn the symptoms of computer viruses and how to remove them.

What a computer virus exactly is?

Virus is a software application that hinders the normal operation of a computer. It spreads from one computer to another to corrupt and destroy the files on it. Computer viruses are usually spread through email and instant messages. Hence, you don’t open email and instant messages from unknown people. They are also spread through malicious websites.

How to recognize the symptoms of computer viruses?

If your computer is affected from the virus, it may run slowly than usual, stop responding or shut down often. You computer can crash and restart again and again. A computer virus is also capable to deactivate your anti-virus software. You will see some new icons suddenly appeared on your desktop. You can also hear strange sounds and music play infrequently. You can also find some important software missing from your computer even when you haven’t removed it.

Computer Virus Removal Tips

If you find any of above-mentioned symptoms on your computer, run a scan with antivirus software. If you haven’t installed an antivirus on your computer, do it immediately. Avast and Kaspersky are two of the best antivirus software on the internet.

Remember to down the latest Microsoft updates as well your antivirus program. Disconnect the computer from the internet and from the LAN, if applicable. If your computer is showing a start-up error, you are recommended to start it in a safe mode and run a scan. This will take a couple of hours depending on the number of files on your computer. Once, the computer has been scanned, the results will be displayed on your screen highlighting the type and number of viruses, if found any. If you can either remove or quarantine the viruses, you must do.

If your computer has affected from a severe virus attack and you are not able to detect or remove the viruses, hire remote virus removal services of to get rid of harmful viruses from your computer and have your data recovered.

Virus removal & computer repair support for any computer issues. Make your computer clean by removing viruses & spyware. Certified American Technician offers virus removal services to resolve onsite issues at comparatively low price.

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