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PUBG Mobile Mod For Android Now Available, Here’s What You Need To Know

By | March 22nd, 2018

You may or may not be aware but the smash-hit PUBG Mobile for Android is now available with built-in modifications, in an unofficial capacity, of course.

Like many other games or “++” defined apps on iOS, the modified versions of PUBG Mobile on Android are released into the wild by developers looking to enhance the game with their own features and functionality.

If you are an active PUBG Mobile player on Android, whether that be the Chinese or English version, it stands to reason that you might want to take a little peek into the world of game modification and see what’s actually available. Of course, the features and functionality offered really depends on the modified version that you download, but we’ve covered some of what you can expect below.

What does the modded version on Android actually do?

Like most modified versions of any game or title, the purpose behind it is to introduce additional functionality or capability which isn’t offered in the official version. Where modified versions of PUBG Mobile are concerned, the additions can be extremely plentiful, and include, but are not limited to, some of the features highlighted below:

  • Automatic aiming
  • The ability to aim and lock onto a target
  • Aim assist functionality
  • Rapid fire abilities
  • No recoil in place
  • Unlimited financial resources
  • License verification bypass
  • No fog within the game
  • No grass within the game
    and much, much more depending on the modified version that you install

How to get it?

First of all, you are going to need to download the necessary modified APK file as well as the accompanying OBB data file. We won’t be linking you directly to these for obvious reasons but a little search should sort you out.

Step 2: Once downloaded, extract the OBB file and all of its contents and move it to sdcard/android/obb

Step 3: Install the modified PUBG Mobile APK on your Android device. This is pretty much all that you need to do other than launch the game and enjoy the associated modifications.

Keep in mind that, like many other apps and modified titles, Tencent Mobile might actually start detecting users who are accessing the game from modified versions of the apps, meaning that do run the risk of having your account banned from its servers.

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Redmond Pie


Hakka Zhar Yoke (Deep Fried Pork) Recipe

This is one of the most deliciously addictive things you can do with pork belly!  Once it is ready, it would be hard to keep everyone from pinching a piece.  Sometimes it might not even make it to the dinner table!

The recipe is originally from Aunty Ruby, whose recipe has been published in Food Canon’s Recipe book: Mum’s Classics Revived.  I just modified it by frying the pork belly in slices as it makes for better presentation. I have had this style of Hakka pork belly at some zi char stalls and I feel it works well as I like to see the contrast between the crust and the meat.   If you are a stickler for tradition, you can cut the pork into cubes instead. In that case, the pork will be covered with the tasty crust on all four sides!

Pork belly 1 kg (Skin removed)

Red fermented bean curd (Nam Yee) 3 pieces
Five spice powder 1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Sesame Oil 1/2 Tbsp
Chopped garlic 2 Tbsp
Dark soy sauce 1/2 tsp
Egg 1
Chinese wine 2 Tbsp

Plain flour 4 Tbsp
Rice flour 2 Tbsp
Corn flour 2 Tbsp


1.  Remove the skin and slice pork belly into slices 1.2cm thick
2.  Process the marinade and add to pork belly.  Marinade overnight or at least 4 hours.
3.  Remove the pork belly and dust with flour.  Leave to rest for 30mins for the flour to absorb the marinade
4.  Fry at 180°C for 5 mins.  Remove and rest for 10mins before slicing.

Here are my notes:

1. The main ingredient in the marinade is red bean curd.   I have tried a few brands and the one in the middle is the most fragrant, although the cubes are a bit mushy. You should be able to find it at the wet market.  The one on the right is from NTUC.  It will work too if you can’t get your hands on my preferred one.

2. When you buy pork belly, try to get the section that is closer to the ribs ie nearer the head.  The lower part of the belly ie closer to the hind legs don’t hold together very well and the layers will sometimes just spread out.   Pork belly that is too lean will not taste right.  You do need a nice balance of fat and meat in order for it to have that irresistible bite and flavour!  I have tried many different types of pork belly in the market.  Fresh is of course better, but fresh Indonesian pork tends to be very lean nowadays.  You can still get ones with a nice balance of fat and meat but you need to look around the wet market. I got great results from chilled Australian pork belly which I bought from Giant.  The frozen pork belly that you can find at the supermarket shelves are cut too thin for this recipe.  You will need to remove the skin as it will be very chewy.

Before and after resting

3.  I have attempted this recipe a few times with different ways of cutting the pork and dusting the flour.  What you want is a light and crispy crust which is full of the flavour of the marinade.   The key here is to allow the flour to rest after dusting.  Don’t be overly concerned about the even-ness of the batter as an irregular coating will give you nice crispy bits.  If you don’t allow the flour to rest, then you will have parts where the batter is white instead of pinkish brown.  I have tried using a wet batter where I add the flour into the marinade and just adding the pork directly into the oil without extra dusting.  It produces a thinner crust which is not as satisfying.

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2018 iPhone X Successor Will Cost Apple 10% Less To Manufacture

By | March 22nd, 2018

The 2018 lineup for Apple’s iPhone is one that has long been rumored to include no fewer than three new devices – a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a replacement for the current 5.8-inch iPhone X and a new, larger version dubbed the iPhone X Plus and weighing in with a OLED screen of 6.5-inches big.

According to a new DigiTimes report, that iPhone X replacement will be considerably cheaper to manufacturer than the device it is going to replace, potentially allowing for a reduction for its price at retail.

If the report is accurate, the 5.8-inch iPhone X replacement will cost around 10% less to manufacturer than the current model, with the implication being that we could see the $ 999 starting retail price reduced as a result. The current iPhone X costs around $ 400 to manufacture, at least as far as the parts required to build it are concerned, meaning a theoretical $ 40 cost reduction.

Apple has recently determined the direction for its next-generation iPhone lineup – which will consist of two OLED-based iPhones (5.85-inch and 6.45-inch) and a 6.1-inch LCD model. Thanks to the cost reduction, Apple may position the new 5.85-inch device as the cheapest model of all three next-generation iPhone models, Lin believes.

Of course, even if the new iPhone X does see a reduction in the cost of materials required to build it, that does not necessarily mean that the saving will be passed on to consumers. It’s also important to note that the cost of materials is not the only factor when considering how much it costs to build a smartphone, as is the fact that other factors are also considered when planning price points.

(Image: iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE2 concept)

This being DigiTimes we also have to consider the past history of the source, so be sure to take this with a decent pile of salt for now.

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Redmond Pie

6 Bizarre Fried Carrot Cake Flavours You’ve Never Tried

For those who clicked on this article because you were intrigued by the “bizarre” fried carrot cake flavours, you are not about to be disappointed. No Signboard Prawn Noodles (confusing name, will explain further later) serves some extremely unorthodox carrot cakes. Mala? Tom yum? CHOCOLATE? Cheese? Black pepper? Luncheon meat? All available at a standard price of $ 4 per plate.


Fried carrot cake (more popularly known as chye tow kuay among Singaporeans) has long been a cornerstone of Singapore’s local food scene. If you have never tried chye tow kuay at least once in your life, what have you been doing??? You are missing out on some eggy, fried, crispy-yet-soft goodness!

According to William Cowper, a famous English poet, “Variety is the very spice of life. That’s what gives it all its flavour”. This certainly is true about the food scene as well. Without further ado, let me share with you how the unique chye tow kuay flavours at No Signboard Prawn Noodles fared.


Black Pepper Fried Carrot Cake:
At first, I was under the impression that the black pepper sauce was to be infused into the carrot cake. Hence, I was slightly disappointed when the owners scooped a gloopy black pepper sauce with mushrooms onto the cooked carrot cake in the wok. The black pepper sauce was slightly sweet and spicy, and sadly still a little cold. As the strong peppery flavour of the sauce was a tad overpowering, the black pepper carrot cake did not make it to my Top 3 chye tow kuay flavours. Rating: 3/10.


Cheese Fried Carrot Cake:
This one actually works quite well, with the creamy cheese sauce and fried carrot cake sharing a harmonious relationship. The cheese added a salty creaminess to the fried carrot cake, while the carrot cake provided a soft and starchy base for the cheese sauce to cling to. While one would expect a strong nacho cheese taste judging by the colour of the sauce, this cheese sauce surprisingly does not overwhelm the dish. Instead, the light and soft creaminess of the savoury cheese provided a lovely contrast to the crispy, charred bits of egg. Rating: 6/10.



Chocolate Fried Carrot Cake:
In theory, this should not work, at all. If Gordon Ramsay were here, he would be aghast and screaming at the horribly mismatched pairing. But in Singapore, far away from the wrath of Ramsay, I dare say that this absurd combination works! In essence, this chocolate carrot cake tasted like a very eggy chocolate cake. Most of the time though, the Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce was so strong that that’s essentially all you can taste. Here’s a tip for those unsure if they want to try this combination: Just think of it as a dessert. Rating: 5/10.


Mala Fried Carrot Cake:

Considering how rare it is to find mala carrot cake, I had to order this. I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrant mala aroma — it was almost akin to eating straight out of the mala xiang guo. Evidently, this was a popular flavour at the table as it was completely polished off. Rating: 7/10.


Luncheon Meat Fried Carrot Cake:
This is reminiscent of the luncheon meat and egg bread my dad used to pack for me when I was attending primary school. Considering that luncheon meat and egg is a tried-and-tested classic combination, there really is nothing much to fault here. However, despite its ability to evoke nostalgia, it is not exceptionally outstanding. Rating: 5.5/10.


Tomyum Fried Carrot Cake:
I did a double-take when my food was served, wondering if I had mistakenly ordered chicken floss instead of tomyum. That is, till i actually sat down and tasted the carrot cake. I’ve heard of chicken, pork and fish floss, but never tomyum floss. The tomyum floss was very unique, with a powdery “floss” texture, and a spicy sourness that complemented the fried carrot cake well. This was quite delightful. Rating: 5.5/10.

My favourite would be the mala chai tow kuay, followed by cheese and, Chocolate. The chocolate chye tow kuay earns bonus points for its ability to masquerade as both a main dish and a dessert. Also, it does take courage to mix sweet Hershey’s sauce with bold savoury flavours, so kudos to No Signboard’s owners for that. 


For those wondering, yes, No Signboard Prawn Noodles actually does sell prawn noodles. 2 years ago, the friendly owners of No Signboard decided to experiment with fried carrot cake, and realised that their “special flavours” of carrot cake were growing in popularity. As such, they decided to expand their prawn noodle stall, and currently occupy 2 stalls at this coffeeshop. Today, the fried carrot cakes have become more popular than the prawn noodles!



Those interested in trying these interesting flavours can follow the address in the description box below. However, I must warn you that No Signboard Prawn Noodles is rather difficult to find. Look out for the stall name “Noodle House” at Ubi 301’s coffeeshop. Look for the inconspicuous Black and Yellow “No Signboard Prawn Noodles” sign positioned directly below the stall name. If you are not observant enough, you will probably end up searching through each and every coffeeshop. Believe me, knowing how the sign looks like will really save you precious time.


In conclusion, while I would not say that the fried carrot cake at No Signboard Prawn Noodles is of excellent standards, it certainly is at least decent. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Victoria Cheung

Victoria is a fun-loving 18 year old on the permanent hunt for mouth-watering, lip-smacking good food. She is also a travel enthusiast, sky aficionado, tea connoisseur and avid writer.

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Miss Tam Chiak


eBay Takes 15% Off Everything For Today: Get Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, iPad, Watch, Xbox, More At Discounted Prices

By | March 21st, 2018

There are deals, and then there are unbelievable deals. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as receiving a discount on a piece of hardware or a tech-based gadget that you were planning on buying anyway. However, for today only, eBay is taking deals to the next level by offering a whopping 15-percent off almost anything on the site. Interest piqued? We thought so!

For today only, eBay is attempting to break its own bank and annoy its own financial controllers by offering up a limited time discount code which instantly discounts 15% off the listed price of an item.

Using code PSPRINGTIME , a user can add items to his/her basket, apply the code at checkout, and watch as that sub-total drops to extremely satisfying amounts. But, of course, there are some caveats here. The minimum purchase amount needs to be $ 25.00, and a shopper can only receive a maximum discount of $ 50.00 using the code which can only be used once in the cart.

Still, as you will see from some of the deals below, there are savings to be had on great products:

If you have been in the market for some new gadgetry or tech, and some of the items above appeal to you both in terms of what they offer and their new price based on the discount code, then now is the perfect time to put your wallet where your desire is and make that purchase. As previously mentioned, the code is valid for a limited time and will expire at 19:00 PST (Pacific Time) on March 20th, and applies to the purchase price prior to shipping or taxes being added. It also excludes certain categories, such as Coins & Paper Money and Real Estate.

Of course, if the deals shown below aren’t good enough for you, you can get the same discount on any other product you like on eBay using the procedure mentioned above. You can check out the deals section of eBay here.

Act quickly before the deal expires and you are left having to either pay in full or wait for eBay to start giving money away again!

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Redmond Pie

8 New Clubs In Singapore To Keep Your Party Nights Lit In 2018

New Singapore clubs to party at in 2018


Image adapted from: WAN

The Singapore nightlife scene has recently said it’s farewell to clubs like Cherry, Kyo and Refuge. But don’t let that get you down because the partying isn’t gonna stop. In fact, long-time favourites like Zouk might now be seeing some serious competition!

With special draws from free-flow alcohol to even aerial acrobatics, these new clubs in Singapore will keep your nights lit like strobe lights. So gather up your clubbing crew; it’s time spice up your nights!

1. AVRY – birdcage-shaped VIP booths


Image credit: @elliotjamesinterior

If you perk up at the mention of Ultra Singapore, this one’s for you. Among the founders the new hotspot AVRY are two people in charge of the annual EDM festival.

Inside, large LED screens and swooping coloured lights illuminate the birdcage-shaped VIP booths and dance floor in this mega club.  Your remixes will also be coming from a world-renowned sound system by VOID that’s bound to get you grooving.


Image credit: @elliotjamesinterior

Some people prefer not to remember their nights out, but if you do, then make sure to try out their touch-screen video booth where you can create GIFs with your crew and email them to yourself for a memento.


Image credit: @insaneileen

Here’s a bonus photo op: their neon-lined, mirrored entryway is also the perfect spot for a shot – the camera kind.

Music:  Hip-Hop, R&B, ’90s and early 2000s EDM remixes
Cover charge: $ 35, comes with one free drink
Ladies night: Wednesdays. Reserve a spot on their guestlist on the website.

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-02 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Opening hours: Wed: 10PM-3AM | Fri – Sat: 10PM–4AM
Telephone: 9111 2868

2. 36 – Korean clubbing experience 


Image credit: @charming5

Say annyeong to 36, a new Korean-themed club that brings the nightlife of Seoul to Bugis. 

Resembling clubs from South Korea’s youth district Hongdae, this boutique nightspot has a badass vibe with graffiti-filled walls and colourful neon lights.


Image credit: 36 

The space is also a cosy one that can fit 250 people – perfect if you want to avoid the masses.


Image credit: @aaron_teo 

For a true-blue Korean clubbing experience, 36 has a resident DJ from Korea, Queenzell, to rock the nights there with a good dose of BTS and G-dragon.

To complete the night, order some soju bombs – a shot of soju dropped into a glass of beer – at the bar. 

Music: Kpop, Electro and Hip-Hop
Cover charge: $ 30 for males, with 2 free drinks. Free for females.
Ladies night: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Address: 36 Beach Road ,#02-02, Singapore 039596
Opening Hours: Wed & Fri: 10PM-3AM | Sat: 10PM-4AM | eve of PH: 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 8186 4088

3. WAN –  free entry and alcoholic bubble tea


Image credit: WAN

Visit WAN for a Hong Kong-esque clubbing experience complete with gigantic red neon signs such as “吃喝玩樂 (eat, drink, play, happiness)” and dragon projections all around.

As promised by its name play on the Chinese homonyms 玩 (play), 晚 (night) and 碗 (bowl), WAN also offers everything you need for a great night out in one spot with an electric dance floor and outdoor gastrobar with creative eats.


Image credit: WAN

Here’s some good news: entry is free for everyone! But you would have to make a reservation first by dropping them a call. Ladies can also sign up for the guest list via the club’s Facebook events page for extra benefits such as free drinks.


Image credit: WAN

For dinner or pre-drinking, there is an alfresco gastrobar, WAN Bar + Kitchen, that opens from 5PM till late every Monday to Saturday, serving creative booze and grub like alcoholic bubble teas ($ 18) and Jajang Bomb Fries ($ 14) – an Asian take on poutine, with fries doused with mozzarella and sweet black bean sauce.

P.S.: Make sure you dress to impress, because the management is very strict about the dress code. Avoid wearing berms, sports shoes, or anything too casual.

Music: Hip-Hop and Classic Pop
Cover charge: None
Ladies night: N.A.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-434, Suntec City North Wing, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours:Wed & Fri: 10PM-3AM | Sat: 10PM-4AM
Telephone: 9171 2179

4. MAO – oriental-themed bar-club with booze at $ 8 nett 


Image credit: @charlottececile

Cherry Discotheque might be gone, but that team behind it didn’t leave us hanging with nothing. Enter MAO, an oriental bar and club near Telok Ayer. Complete with rows of dimly lit red lanterns and a scarlet colour scheme, this underground space gives off a sultry vibe.


Image credit: MAO

The music here is dynamic with different genres playing each day. Thursdays are for busting out your moves with R&B and Hip-Hop, Fridays with Basement Soul from international acts and Saturdays with Techno and House.


Image credit: MAO

But the best thing about this club has got to be their alcohol offers. From an affordable $ 8 nett, you can get Asahi Draft Beer and house pours at MAO’s Kitchen from 5PM to 12AM, from Mondays to Fridays.

Thursdays are the best time for ladies to hit this club because you’ll get free entry and complimentary free-flow drinks.

Music: Disco, Funk and Hip-Hop
Cover charge: $ 20 (females) / $ 25 (males), comes with one free drink. Free entry before 12MN.
Ladies night: Thursday. Comes with complimentary free-flow drinks from 10PM to 1AM

Address: 133 Cecil Street, #B1-02 Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535
Opening hours:Daily: 5PM-12AM (Bar) | Thu – Sat: 10PM-4AM (Club)
Telephone: 9740 7470

5. D’underground – Orchard Road club with old-school games 


For the best of dancing, drinking, and fun party games, head to D’underground. This all-in-one entertainment space is just a few minutes’ walk from Orchard MRT. 

D'underground games

On top of beer pong, there are games like air hockey and Pirate Roulette to add more excitement to your drinking sesh. 

To fuel yourself up to play, pop by from Tuesday to Saturday from 6PM-9PM for free flow drinks from $ 15!

D'underground snacks

Ladies, plan your Girl’s Night Out around this club on Wednesdays because you’ll get free entry and unlimited drinks.

Read out about our experience at D’underground here.

Music: Trance, Techno, Jazz
Cover charge: from $ 20
Ladies night: Wednesday, before 12.30AM, comes with free flow drinks

Address: 360 Orchard Road, #B1-00 International Building, Singapore 238869
Opening Hours:Tue – Thu: 6PM-3AM | Fri – Sat: 6PM-6AM | Sun: 4PM-2AM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 6737 6269

6. Bar Rogue – 2-storey club with acrobatic performances

Bar Rogue 2-storey dancing cages

Image credit: @barrougesingapore

Originating from Shanghai, Bar Rouge raises the bar – pun intended – for nightlife in Singapore. Perched on the 71st storey of Swissôtel The Stamford and topped with performances throughout its 2-storey-high space, this is definitely one for the extravagance.

Bar Rogue aerial acrobatics

Aerial acrobatics.
Image credit: Bar Rouge

If you haven’t had enough of the acrobatic stunts from The Greatest Showman, make sure you hit up Bar Rogue because unlike the usual club, this one has aerial acrobatic acts above you!


Club washrooms generally do not have a very good rep. But hey, the ones here certainly are amusing with these Singlish neon signs.
Image credit: @michael_gurunathan

Ladies night here is set on Thursday, with free entry and free-flow drinks for ladies from 10PM till 1AM.

Music: Open Format
Cover charge: $ 25 with one free drink
Ladies night: Thursday

Address: 2 Stamford Road, Floor 71 Singapore
Opening Hours: Tue & Wed: 6.30PM-2AM | Thu: 6.30PM-4AM | Fri & Sat 6.30PM-5AM
Telephone: 9177 7307

7. Baliza – opens late till 6AM

Baliza dance floor

Image credit: Baliza 

If you love Attica at Clarke Quay, check out Baliza, which is brought to you by the same founders. With the doors closing at 6AM, you will be able to dance the whole night away here – and catch the first MRT train home.

Featuring 2 large dance floors – the Main Room and VIP Suite – this is the place for those who love to get hyped up with a crowd.


Image credit: @balizasg 

From Thursday through Saturday, click “going” on their Facebook page to get free entry before 12AM. Ladies night is on Wednesday as usual, but here’s a lil’ upgrade: Instead of the usual house pours, you’d get free flow champagne and unlimited chocolate fondue – great for fuelling any hunger pangs that ring throughout the night.

Music: EDM and Hip-Hop
Cover charge: from $ 28, comes with one house pour
Ladies night:Wednesday, with free flow rose champagne

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-04, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Wed – Sat: 10PM-6AM
Telephone: 6883 1155

8. Peaches – LGBT-friendly club with alcohol buffets 


Image credit: @Peaches

LGBT-friendly club Peaches is a new hangout that has taken over Cherry’s space with it’s neon lights, raw unpainted walls, and remixes on 90’s pop music perfect for singing – or yelling along – to.


Image credit: @yourstrulyvandamissjoaquim 

If that ain’t enough, there are also occasional drag queen performances and competitions to spice up your night. Check out the schedules on their website.


Image credit: @booboorian 

Alcohol lovers, heads up: Peaches occasionally holds an alcohol buffet party ($ 35) from 10PM-11.30PM on Fridays, available only to the first 100 people per night.

Psst. if you are an NSF or a student, there’s free entry before 11PM.

Music: EDM, Old School Pop and R&B 
Cover charge: $ 20 (student and NSF) / $ 28 (regular), comes with free drink. 
Ladies night: N.A.

Address: 21 Mount Elizabeth, York Hotel, Singapore 228516 
Opening hours: Wed, Fri & Sat: 10PM-3AM
Telephone: N.A.


Bang Bang (revamped) – free entry and CO2 smoke guns

Bang bang dance floor and CO2 gun

Image credit: @bangbang_sg

After going through a revamping process, Bang Bang is back at it again, this time with the elimination of cover charge for everyone. Yes clubbers, your dreams are coming true; it’s the first club in Singapore to offer free entry for both ladies and gents.

This new version is heavy on the glitz and glamour with giant diamond-shaped cages framing the podiums and mirrored ceilings. Bang Bang takes their name seriously, so there are even tables equipped with CO2 guns for you to shoot out some smoke like a baller.


Image credit: @bangbang_sg


Image credit: @bangbang_sg

On top of the F.O.C entry, ladies can also sign up for the guest list for express entry and a complimentary drink before 12.30AM.

Music: EDM, Hip-Hop
Cover charge: None
Ladies night: N.A.

Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595
Opening hours: Wed: 10PM-5Am | Fri & Sat: 10PM-6AM
Telephone: 8127 2808

Tuff Club (opening in April 2018) – pop up club in a Chinese restaurant

Organised by a group called The Council, known for hosting wild pop-up parties everywhere from rooftops industrial warehouses, Tuff Club will be open for partying in April and will only be around for 3 short months.

Tuff club

Image credit: Tuff Club

Inspired by Trim and Fit (TAF) Club from the old primary school days, Tuff Club’s slogan is “It’s leg day everyday at Tuff Club, so why run when you can dance?” Here, everything is carefree – even the dresscodes, where comfy sneakers are the recommended kicks to don.

Its exact location and opening date is still a secret at the moment – the only hint given was “a Chinese restaurant in the CBD” –  but you can sign up for first dibs on their webpage to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.


New clubs in Singapore for a wild night out

If all the classic clubs are ”been there, done that” for you, make sure you check out these fresh hot clubs for a great night out. These new kids on the block are certainly worth a visit with their intriguing concepts and great music scene.

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Google Play Store Instant Apps Feature Now Lets You Try Android Games Without Downloading Them

By | March 20th, 2018

Last year Google announced its Instant Apps feature, which was a way for developers whose apps are in the Play Store to allow users to try their apps without having to actually download them.

Selecting one of the supported apps would simply launch it instantly, doing away with the need to download it before being able to try it out.

Now, Google has rolled the same capability out to games as well, meaning anyone wanting to jump straight into one of the supported titles can do so, again without having to download anything first. Usage is simple, with gamers simply searching for the game they want to play and then tapping the Try Now button. The game then instantly launches, as if by magic.

According to Google Play product managers Jonathan Karmel and Benjamin Frenkel, the size of instant games has been increased to 10MB compared to the relatively small 2MB that is allowed for apps. This should not really come as a surprise given the extra assets that need to be downloaded in order to allow a game to function, even in the early stages.

The increased size is a balancing act that allows the games to launch as quickly as possible without also limiting them too much by requiring such a small initial download.

As you might imagine, Google is testing this feature with a limited number of developers right now, although it does plan to bring others on board in due course. The idea is to drive app and game discovery, something with which the Play Store and indeed all app stores struggle.

If you want to test Instant Games out right now, you can do so with titles such as Clash Royale and Panda Pop.

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Ramen Teh: A Singaporean/Japanese Foodie Film

I have been writing this blog for 12 years now and it has been such a blessing for me.  Through it, I got featured in various newspapers and magazines, published a few books, went on overseas speaking tours and even hosted a TV series!  I said to my wife a few years back that the last item on my bucket list would probably be to work on a Singaporean foodie film!

Soon after that, I got the call from film director, Eric Khoo, to meet up for lunch.

Being lovers of hawker food, we met at Sixties Teochew Traditional Minced Meat noodles in Tiong Bahru where he shared with me his idea of making a Japanese/Singapore film that will showcase our culinary heritage.  The Japanese connection came through a collaboration with Yutaka Tachibana, a Japanese film producer whom he met a few years earlier.  The idea was to produce a film to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic ties between Japan and Singapore.

Eric floated the idea of a dish which would bring together Ramen and Bak Kut Teh, which he originally called “Ramen Bak Kut Teh”,  and asked if I thought it would work? I was initially a little skeptical, but there really was only one way to find out!

We headed to The Eureka Cooking Lab where my friend Jason made us the prototype Ramen Bak Kut Teh.  Jason teaches professional Ramen classes and also distributes Japanese noodle machines in Singapore and was the perfect person for the job. He combined freshly made ramen noodles in a peppery bak kut teh broth and it was quite clear to everyone that the idea would work quite well!  (In case you want to have a taste of it, Chef Keisuke Takeda’s version of Ramen Teh is now available from Keisuke Tokyo, Suntec City till end Apr 2018)

The original story line was based loosely on the real life story of Ah Hoe Mee Pok, and tells the story of a middle aged Japanese man who entered the hawker trade in order to continue living in Singapore after the company that employed him planned to send him back to Japan!  From there, the script evolved and, after many re-writes, came to be the story of a young Japanese Ramen cook who travels Singapore to seek out his roots!

My role was to contribute to the history of various hawker dishes as well as highlight aspects of our culinary heritage.  I am glad that there will be a scene from the movie that will showcase the tradition of having  Kong Fu Teawith the bak kut teh.  Sadly this is something that younger Singaporeans don’t even know about, so I hope that it will make it hip again among a new generation of Singaporeans!

My other contribution was to get grandma written into the script!  Some of the most memorable food moments for me were scenes from the the TV series “The Little Nonya” where the Zhor Zhor (played by Li Yinzhu ) was frequently stoked into to gastronomic ecstacy by dishes cooked by Yueniang and I really pushed Eric to include a grandma into the script.   I was also cognizant about the generation of Singaporeans who still remember the Japanese for their wartime atrocities and felt that these sentiments were best fleshed out in the film instead of being swept under the carpet.

It’s been a great honor to be part of the film and I want to thank Eric Khoo for the wonderful opportunity to work on it. I  can’t wait to watch it!  The film opens in Singapore on 29th March.  Make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach!

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Tech Deals: 50% Off PS VR Bundle, $40 Off Apple TV 4, 65-Inch 4K TV For $799, iPhone X Silicone Case, More

By | March 18th, 2018

The weekend is here, which means that we have yet another installment of our daily technology deals for you to peruse and take advantage of. Browse through the deals, find something that you like, and make sure that you get it into your basket quickly before it’s all sold out or the price rises.

Starting off, we are looking at a charging case for the Apple Watch from Twelve South, coming in for only $ 33.

How about the Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Bundle for as little as $ 220 down from $ 450? We have got you covered there as well! There’s also the Apple TV 4 thrown into the mix, as well as an iPhone X Silicone Case from Apple for discounted price. How about a 65-inch 4K TV? We have got one for almost 50% off the original price. There’s more where that came from, just make sure to act quickly before the deal expires, or stock runs out. Enjoy the savings!

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch ($ 32.50 when the on-page coupon is used, usually $ 49.99)

Twelve South is known around the world for producing quality hardware for Apple devices. And this TimePorter offering for Apple Watch is definitely not different. It functions as a compact travel case for Apple Watch as well as holding a magnetic charging disk and offering full compatibility with all Watch models.

To get it for discounted price of $ 32.50, make sure you select the on-page “Coupon” on the product listing page to get the discount applied at checkout.

Buy: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch from Amazon: $ 32.50 | Original price: $ 50

Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle ($ 219.99, usually $ 449.99)

There is gaming, and then there is virtual reality-based gaming brought to you by Sony and its PS VR system. This deal will get you the wired virtual reality headset, the necessary camera system, and the excellent adrenaline-fueled Gran Turismo game for the platform, all for the discounted price.

Buy: Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle from eBay: $ 219.99 | Original price: $ 450

Apple TV 4 64GB ($ 139.99, usually $ 179.99)

We may now have Apple TV 4K – or Apple TV fifth-generation if you prefer to talk in terms of generational releases – but this is an opportunity to get the wonderful Apple TV 4 (fourth-generation) for a reduced price. It offers access to the tvOS App Store as well as the wonderful and easy-to-use Siri-powered remote, along with onboard 64GB of storage.

Buy: Apple TV 4 – 64GB from eBay: $ 139.99 | Original price: $ 150

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case ($ 34, usually $ 39)

iPhone X is a stunning device. In fact, some people actually feel that it should be a crime to cover the hardware with a case at all. However, if you are going to, it makes sense to purchase and use Apple’s official silicone case which has been designed to be a perfect fit for this hardware.

Buy: Apple iPhone X Silicone Case from Amazon: $ 34 | Original price: $ 39

LG 65-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV ($ 799.99, usually $ 1,399.99)

There are TV sets, and then there are glorious 65-inch TV sets complete with 4K+HDR resolution and underlying smart functionality. And this one definitely falls into the latter of those categories. If you need a new entertainment device in your life then you should definitely be considering investing in this set, especially given its discounted price.

Buy: LG 65-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV from eBay: $ 799.99 | Original price: $ 1,400

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount ($ 42 with promo code, usually $ 49.95)

We now live in that wireless world where literally everyone wants to get their device charged up without having to tether it to cables. Well, that’s exactly what this in-car mount and charger does. Put it in place, mount your device, and get power without needing to connect the device with a cable.

Simply use the following promo code at checkout to grab the charging car mount for only $ 42: S9SAVE15.

Buy: iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount from Amazon: $ 42 | Original price: $ 50

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Redmond Pie

You Can Get PUMA's New Suede Bow At This Pop-Up Truck 1 Month Before Its Launch

The New PUMA Suede Bow

PUMA - shell pink suede bows

You’ve seen the PUMA’s classic Suede shoes at its cutest with last month’s Hello Kitty collection. Now, PUMA is rolling out the all new Suede Bow in two new colours, chic black and vibrant shell pink, for all the girls to rock. 

And for all you fashionistas who want to be ahead of the style curve, listen up. Though they’re officially dropping the collection only in late April, you can get these new kicks a whole month before everyone else at a special pop-up store at Orchard. 

But first, here’s a glimpse of these sweet sneaks: 

PUMA Suede Bow in Shell Pink

PUMA - shell pink formstrip

Flaunt the eye-catching Suede Bow in Shell Pink. Yes, this pair in bright coral pink will definitely brighten up any closet. And if you’re looking for statement shoes, the glimmering pink satin bows and formstrips on these kicks will steal the spotlight with their bold, playful style. 

PUMA Suede Bow in Black

PUMA - black suede bow

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that’d pair well with all your outfits, the Suede Bow in Black is a great option. The classic colour compliments the slim design of the shoe, so you’ll look chic strolling down any street, and the gold lettering on the tongue and side of the shoe stands out effortlessly on the black base. 

PUMA - black satin bow

These satin bows will add a touch of fancy to usually casual sneakers! 

Get your pair of Suede Bows at the PUMA Pop-Up Store

PUMA - suede bow on display

If you’d like to own a pair of these pretty shoes, swing by the PUMA pop-up store, in the form of a black truck parked along Orchard Road with PUMA Suede 50’s gold logo displayed prominently. 

Get your PUMA merchandise at the nearby Robinsons, and with a minimum purchase of $ 50, you’ll be able to receive a free PUMA drawstring bag. Buying any pair of Suedes from the store will also snag you a free suede cleaner!

PUMA - customisation contest

Aspiring designers and hipsters, here’s your chance to get a unique pair of shoes that’ll set you apart from any store-bought kicks. Simply participate in the Suede customisation contest, where you’ll be able to create your dream designs on an iPad – the best design will win a pair of PUMA Suede shoes with their own design on it, so let your creative juices flow!

PUMA - Charlie Lim

Look out for a total of 38 collaborations with global brands, including the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, MCM and Michael Lau, that will be showcased in the truck. Apart from these international stars, PUMA’s 11 collaborations with some of our very own local artists, including talented singer-songwriter Charlie Lim and celebrity hairstylist David Gan, will also be on display at the pop-up truck. 

PUMA - #foralltime

There will also be an insta-worthy #FORALLTIME lightbox for you to take pictures with after viewing the celeb-designed Suede shoes on display.

Join in the celebrations for PUMA Suede’s 50th anniversary

PUMA - pop-up truck

Get your new kicks at the pop-up event before they’re all sold out – this is the time to show them off, while everyone is still wearing their overworn plain white sneakers.

PUMA is collaborating with established artists across Southeast Asia, including those from Singapore.

Date:17th – 18th March 2018

Location:260 Orchard Road, The Heeren, Outdoor Atrium

This post is brought to you by PUMA.

Also watch us on TheSmartLocalTV!

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