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Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s Kirin 980 Falls Short Of iPhone XS A12 Bionic In Benchmark Results

By | October 18th, 2018

Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro is currently the talk of the town after its announcement during an event in London a couple of days ago, and it’s getting plenty of attention thanks to the new Kirin 980 chip that sits inside.

Huawei is making big claims about that chip, claiming it will give Apple’s A12 Bionic a run for its money – the chip that is used in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. With that in mind, Phone Arena wanted to put the phone through its paces to see just how capable that new chip is.

We’re not going to go through the whole suite of tests that Phone Arena went through and for that, we suggest checking the full post over there for the lowdown. However, the specifications that were gleaned during the testing confirmed that the new Kirin 980 is indeed a 7nm chip, making the Mate 20 Pro the first Android phone to make the jump from a 10nm architecture. Huawei has been working on this for years, and with two big A76 cores clocked at up to 2.6GHz, two middle A76 cores running at up to 1.92GHz, and a further four A55 cores clocked at 1.8GHz, the opportunity is certainly there for this to be one fast flagship smartphone.

The tests carried out by Phone Arena included GeekBench 4, AnTuTu, and GFXBench in order to try and get a rounder feeling for how overall performance stacks up, and while the Mate 20 Pro does indeed beat out all other Android phones in some tests, losing out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at times, it never quite manages to drag itself into the same bracket as the new iPhones.

It’s not far off, but it can’t quite hit the same heady heights. Still, it’s clear the Kirin 980 is a hell of a chip.

(Source: Phone Arena)

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9 Cheap Korean BBQ Buffets In Singapore Under $27/Person Even During Dinner Hours

Affordable KBBQ in Singapore

kbbq cover imageImage adapted from: @ssikekbbq

Riding the tides of the K-Pop wave that has awashed Singapore is the cuisine of Korea. And who among us can say no to Korean barbeque (KBBQ), where meat lovers get to savour the tender juiciness of marinated beef, pork, and chicken grilled on the spot. 

To top things off, there are also veg dishes served on the side, making sure you stay on track with your balanced diet while indulging in your love for meat.

And the best part? KBBQ is usually served buffet-style. This means that it’s usually pricey, but here are 10 affordable KBBQ restaurants in Singapore, promising to treat your tastebuds without nuking your wallet.

1. Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet – huge variety of meat (from $ 14.90)

daessiksin  bbqImage credit: @jack.tengtarto

If your meat cravings are not confined to any particular type of meat, then Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet is the place for you. With lunch prices beginning from just $ 14.90, Daessiksin serves up at least 10-12 varieties of meaty goodness, ranging from beef short ribs and pork collar to well-marinated spicy chicken and chicken bulgogi.

daessiksin meat selectionImage credit: @thevampireglenn

To further complement your meal, Daessiksin provides you with free flow soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite and lemonade. Other types of drinks are also sold separately, including Korean alcohol like chamisul soju and mak gulli rice wine.

daessiksin chamisulImage credit: @janetleow

Check out Daessiksin’s full list of outlets here.


  • Lunch: $ 14.90 (adult) | $ 8.90 (child)
  • Dinner: $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 18.90 (child)
  • Weekend and PH (all day): $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 18.90 (child)

Opening hours: 11:30AM-3:30PM (lunch) | 5:30PM-10:30PM (dinner)


2. Oppa BBQ – friendly rates for families with toddlers (from $ 14)

oppa bbqImage credit: @foodhuntparadise

Oppa BBQ offers the most extensive price range in this list, with rates beginning from just $ 5 for toddlers and going up to $ 14 for adults. 

To add on, Oppa BBQ also offers a wide range of meat options. Expect to find choice cuts of pork golbi and beef striploin, with their thick-cut pork belly and spicy chicken coming highly recommended.

oppa bbq side dishesImage credit: @essa11eff

And if you’re on the lookout for healthier options, you’ll be glad to know that Oppa BBQ has a salad bar that carries all the ingredients you’ll need to whip up a delicious ssambap (Korean lettuce wrap), including spring onions, green chilli, and sliced onions.


  • Lunch: $ 14 (adult) | $ 12 (youth) | $ 8 (child) | $ 5 (toddler)
  • Dinner: $ 24 (adult) | $ 20 (youth) |  $ 18 (child) | $ 10 (toddler)
  • Weekends and PH: $ 24 (adult) | $ 20 (youth) |  $ 9 (child) | $ 10 (toddler)

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube #03-10, S(609731)
Opening hours: 11:30AM-4:30PM (lunch) | 4:31PM-10:30PM (dinner)
Telephone: 6339 5851

3. Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet – quality ingredients (from $ 12)

ssikkek bbqImage credit: @ssikekbbq

At Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet, options are slightly limited as compared to your standard KBBQ, but from $ 12, it compensates for this by being stringent with the quality of its ingredients. 

ssikkek vegetable optionsImage credit: @goldenpistachio

Apart from the standard meat ensemble like seasoned soy sauce pork/chicken and pork belly, expect to find vegetables including bean sprouts, onions, and pickles. Grill these along with your meat, and you’ll give your meal that extra crunch and flavour.


  • Lunch: $ 12 (adult) | $ 9 (child)
  • Dinner: $ 22 (adult) | $ 16 (child)
  • Weekend/PH: $ 24 (adult) | $ 18 (child)


Chinatown Outlet
Address: 291 New Bridge Road, #01-01, Oriental Plaza, S(088756)
Telephone: 6225 6964

Tanjong Pagar outlet
Address: 44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road, S(088467)
Telephone: 6227 6033

Opening hours: 

  • Weekdays: 11:30AM-2:30PM (lunch) | 5PM-10:30PM (dinner)
  • Weekends/PH: 11:30AM-10:30PM


4. I’m KIM Korean BBQ – volcano chicken and fried chicken wings (from $ 14.90)

i'm kim bbqImage credit: @anneamg

A well-known name in Singapore’s KBBQ scene, I’m KIM Korean BBQ has affordable rates beginning from $ 14.90 with lots of variety in its food options. Amongst its list of BBQ staples are its signature volcano chicken -so named for its intense spicy flavour-, spicy pork collar, and fried chicken wings which are not readily available elsewhere.

I’m KIM Korean BBQ doesn’t scrimp on its side dishes either, letting you take breaks in between your BBQ sessions with delectables like kimchi fried rice, japchae, and tteokbokki.

i'm kim bbq flat layImage credit: @nicolechin_

If you don’t know how to BBQ your food, feel free to approach the friendly staff on hand and they’ll teach you how to grill your food.


  • Lunch
    • Mon-Fri: $ 14.90 (adult) | $ 12.90 (student/senior)* | $ 9.90 (child)
    • Sat-Sun/PH: $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 22.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 (child)
  • Dinner
    • Mon-Thurs: $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 22.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 (child)
    • Fri-Sun/PH Eve/PH: $ 25.90 (adult) | $ 23.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 

*For students aged 26 & below and senior citizens aged 60 & above: To flash NRIC & valid student pass.

Address: School Of The Arts Singapore, 1 Zubir Said Drive, #01-04/07 S(227968)
Opening hours: 11:30AM-3:30PM (lunch) | 5:30PM-10:30PM (dinner)
Telephone: 6238 7218

5. K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet – free flow soft drinks and ice cream (from $ 16.90)

k.cook bbqImage credit: @admiral_ongyt

KBBQ is definitely the way to satisfy your meat cravings, but this comes at the cost of burning your mouth from being too eager with lifting the meat from the grill. K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet has a solution for this, providing free flow soft drinks and ice cream from $ 16.90.

Ice cream comes fully customisable, with a wide range of toppings to choose from – rainbow sparkles, cereal, and chocolate chip are among some choices.

k.cook ice creamImage credit: @kandycanecarinn

If soft drinks aren’t your kind of beverage, check out K.Cook’s selection of alcoholic drinks, with signature drinks including maehwasoo, a lovely blend of plum and apricot, and jinro het bokbunja, a berry wine.\

k.cook alcoholImage credit: @wwrj1314

K.Cook also offers both air-conditioned and open-air seating. If you’re able to withstand just a little more heat, find a place in the open-air section and you’ll be treated to K-Pop music video screenings as you dine.

k.cook kpop screeningImage credit: K.Cook on FB


  • Lunch
    • Mon-Fri: $ 16.90 (adult) | $ 14.90 (student/senior)* | $ 8.90 (child)
    • Sat-Sun/PH: $ 26.90 (adult) | $ 24.90 (student/senior)* | $ 14.90 (child)
  • Dinner
    • Mon-Thurs: $ 26.90 (adult) | $ 24.90 (student/senior)* | $ 14.90 (child)
    • Fri-Sun/PH Eve/PH: $ 28.90 (adult) | $ 26.90 (student/senior)* | $ 14.90 (child)

*10% discount offered for buffet food if meal is completed in 1 hour.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-01, Singapore 238896

Opening hours:

  • Lunch: 11:30AM-3PM (Mon-Fri) | 11:30AM-5PM (Sat-Sun/PH)
  • Dinner: 5:30PM-10PM (Mon-Thurs) | 5PM-10PM (Fri-Sun/PH Eve/PH)

Telephone: 6884 7282


6. Goki Day Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant – free-flow side dishes (from $ 22.90)

goki day bbqImage credit: @kiokoangel

Goki Day Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant wishes you a goki (good) day with its selection of meat, encompassing choice cuts of spicy pork belly, marinated beef ribs, and beef brisket. Although it’s pricier as compared to other KBBQs with prices from $ 22.90, you can expect the meat to be of a premium quality.

In addition to the grilling, Goki Day offers unlimited side dishes to complement your meal. Must-tries include their steamed egg and kimchi soup, which are also available buffet-style.


  • Lunch: $ 22.90 (adult) | $ 15.90 (child)
  • Dinner: $ 26.90 (adult) | $ 15.90 (child)

Address: 19 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545725
Telephone: 6289 4104
Opening hours: 12PM-3PM (lunch) | 5:30PM-10:30PM (dinner)

8. 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant – ala carte options available (from $ 22)

2dn1 bbqImage credit: @pillowbagzzz

2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant offers you the standard KBBQ fare from $ 22. Free side dishes accompany your KBBQ, including steamed egg, seafood and chives pancake, and ban chan.

But if you’re dining alone or aren’t too hungry, 2D1N Soju Bang also has ala carte dishes, including grilled Bulgogi beef, seafood & chive pancakes, and Yangponi Bibimbap.

2dn1 side dishes spreadGrilled Bulgogi beef, spicy grilled chicken, seafood & chives pancake, and Yangponi Bibimbap.
Image credit: @sabbywong

Prices: $ 22 (adult) | $ 16 (child)

Address: 44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01, S(088465)
Telephone: 6227 6033
Opening hours: 5:30PM-4AM (Mon-Sat) | 5:30PM-12AM (Sun)

8. Don Dae Bak Korean BBQ – charcoal grills for a smokey flavour (from $ 23.90)

don dae bak bbqImage credit: @meimei_0703

At Don Dae Bak Korean BBQ (from $ 23.90), charcoal is used instead of gasoline to grill your meat – you’ll find that it turns out more tender. On top of this, every grill comes outfitted with a groove on the outer ring: this is where beaten egg is poured into, so you’ll have some comforting warm steamed egg to enjoy with your meat.

don dae bak interiorImage credit: @the.random.lab

And as with every other KBBQ place, Don Dae Bak comes with a huge selection of meat options, covering the bases with marinated beef, pork belly, and chicken. 


  • Mon-Thurs: $ 23.90
  • Fri-Sat: $ 23.90 (lunch) | $ 25.90 (dinner)

*Promo: 15% discount for advance reservations

Address: 35 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089000
Opening hours: 11:30AM-2:30PM (lunch) | 5:30PM-10:30PM (dinner) | Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6226 1727

9. I’m KIM Junior – comes with army stew and DIY chicken galbi (from $ 14.90)

i'm kim junior bbqImage credit: @cassakating

You might think I’m KIM Junior is the mini version of I’m KIM Korean BBQ, but don’t be fooled: from $ 14.90, I’m KIM Junior is every bit as, if not more, outstanding as its parent. Here, it offers you 2 dishes absent in its parent: army stew and DIY chicken & seafood galbi.

i'm kim junior galbiImage credit: *SCAPE

The chicken & seafood galbi is entirely DIY, and you’re given a round hot plate where you can select your own ingredients like cheese, vermicelli, kimchi, and mushrooms to create your own dish. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, fret not, as the ingredients are well-marinated. So if you’re not good in the kitchen, all you need to do is stir.


  • Lunch
    • Mon-Fri: $ 14.90 (adult) | $ 12.90 (student/senior)* | $ 9.90 (child)
    • Sat-Sun/PH: $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 22.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 (child)
  • Dinner
    • Mon-Thurs: $ 24.90 (adult) | $ 22.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 (child)
    • Fri-Sun/PH Eve/PH: $ 25.90 (adult) | $ 23.90 (student/senior)* | $ 16.90 (child)

*For students aged 26 & below and senior citizens aged 60 & above: To flash NRIC & valid student pass

Address: *SCAPE, #03-01
Opening hours: 11:30AM-3:30PM (Lunch) | 5:30PM-10:30PM (Dinner)
Telephone: 6634 0420

Budget Korean barbeque in Singapore

KBBQ is definitely a must-try for any meat lover – whether you’re a diehard fan of K-Pop or not. But satisfying your meat cravings doesn’t mean you must spend excessively, and these restaurants will help you keep within your food budget.

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Download: Cydia Impactor 0.9.50 Released With IPA Unzip Fix For Windows

By | October 17th, 2018

Jay “Saurik” Freeman has today released another new version of his increasingly popular Cydia Impactor tool, this time bringing the version number up to 0.9.50 with a fix that will address an unzipping issue on the Windows platform.

We haven’t run into this particular issue ourselves, and the release notes simply say that the update is to “fix IPA unzipping on Windows.”

This would suggest that Windows-based Cydia Impactor users were experiencing issues unzipping iOS IPA files when using the app, although it’s unclear how widespread the issue itself was. Regardless, it’s great to see Freeman issuing timely updates to address issues, and that’s certainly what he has done here.

The new version of Cydia Impactor – 0.9.50 – can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux now. If you already have the app installed, you should be prompted to download an update the next time you launch it. If not, you can select Impactor > Check for Updates… from the app’s menu to manually bring up the same dialog.

Cydia Impactor has become hugely popular as it is often used as the jumping off point for many jailbreaks, including the most recent efforts. The tool allows users to side-load apps onto iPhones and iPads without them first having to be jailbroken. This makes it especially useful for those who are using the method as a way to get a jailbreak payload onto a device ahead of the kicking off the jailbreaking process.

Be sure to download the update as soon as you can, even if you haven’t yet experienced issues. It never hurts to be on the latest release.

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Bowl Chap – Tasty Japanese Rice Bowls Below $6!

Bowl Chap IMG_0339

Looking for delicious Japanese rice bowls, but don’t want to spend too much? Bowl Chap, the new kid in Ayer Rajar Food Centre, is the place for you. When I asked Jin Rong, the owner, how he came up with the stall’s name, he said, “My mother always says I bo chap. Since I’m selling rice bowls, I thought ‘bowl chap’ would make a very Singaporean and catchy name.” Jin Rong and his girlfriend run this business together.

The menu is kept simple, with only five dishes. Choices might be limited, but the well-portioned and affordable rice bowls will satiate any cravings.

Bowl Chap IMG_0234
Bowl Chap IMG_0291
Bowl Chap IMG_0388

The Chicken Karaage with Tonkatsu Mayo Rice Bowl ($ 4.90) was a star. The well-seasoned and juicy chicken, together with the house-made tonkatsu mayo, was really palatable. The fragrant white and black sesame seeds added a light crunch to each bite. It is hard to resist the sinful combination of fried chicken and mayo, but the horenzo (AKA Chinese spinach) and cherry tomatoes will make you feel less guilty! I loved this dish, and I’m sure you will too.

Bowl Chap IMG_0243

I also tried the 5 Spice Apple Braised Pork Belly Rice Bowl ($ 5.80). The pork belly is braised in 5 spice powder and apple gravy overnight, so the flavours can fully permeate the meat. If you are worried that the flavour of the 5-spice powder might overpower everything, I’m here to assure you that it doesn’t. The tender pork belly was savoury and sweet, and pretty addictive. I loved the crunchy black fungus which complemented the meat and rice perfectly. Kudos to Jin Rong for coming up with such an interesting dish!

Bowl Chap IMG_0253
Bowl Chap IMG_0322

The Black Sweet Vinegar Pork Belly Rice Bowl ($ 5.80) brings Chinese and Japanese flavours together. The pork belly is braised in vinegar overnight to ensure that the flavours are completed locked into the meat.  The meaty pork belly, was indeed, suffused with tanginess and sweetness. If you like vinegar, or sour-savoury dishes in general, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Bowl Chap IMG_0382
Bowl Chap IMG_0272

Each dish comes with a bowl of house-made miso soup and an onsen egg, which we all love and can’t go without. A simple addition of fried popiah skin that’s seasoned with smoked paprika and seaweed turns each rice bowl into a work of art. It’s great that Bowl Chap delivers in the aesthetics department as well.

Bowl Chap IMG_0177

As you can see, Bowl Chap is certainly not stingy with the portion or ingredients. Their rice bowls did not disappoint, and I will definitely come back again.

Address: 503 West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajar Food Centre #01-80, Singapore 120503

Area: Clementi

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11am to 2.30pm, 4.30pm to 7.30pm, Sat: 11am to 3pm, Closed on Sun

Facebook: made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to Bowl Chap. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our official YouTube channel! You may also wish to check out our article on Sutāchi, a stall that serves affordable Beef Donburi With Foie Gras!

Join us on our Telegram channel!

Tze Yee Lee

Tze Yee is a sinful foodie who ventures into any food, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Eating is her forte and she shows great enthusiasm in the kitchen by creating and recreating recipes to cook and bake for her loved ones.

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Miss Tam Chiak


How To Jailbreak iOS 11.1 – iOS 11.4 Beta 3 Using Unc0ver [Tutorial]

By | October 16th, 2018

This past weekend saw the release of a new jailbreak in the shape of the Unc0ver tool. Built by Pwn20wned, a former member of the renowned Electra Jailbreak team, the new release is perfect for jailbreaking devices running iOS 11 through iOS 11.4 beta 3. That includes iPhones, iPads, and of course, iPod touch devices – who could forget those?

As always, there is a specific way in which the jailbreak needs to be applied and if you’re new to the world of jailbreaking, it can be a daunting prospect. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to make sure everything goes according to plan so, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

The first thing that needs to be noted is which devices are supported by the new jailbreak – the list is long, so you’re probably fine. Anything compatible with iOS 11 is good to go, which means:

Compatible Devices:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • 2nd-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 1st-gen 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air
  • 5th-gen iPad
  • iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 6G

So with that out of the way, exactly how do you do the deed?

Step 1: The first step, as ever, is to download the tools required. The jailbreak tool itself can be downloaded from GitHub, while Cydia Impactor can be downloaded from its own website at

Step 2: Now, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer of choice using a Lightning cable.

Step 3: Fire up Cydia Impactor on your computer. At this point, it should detect your iOS device. Drag the downloaded Unc0ver jailbreak IPA file into Cydia Impactor. Enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Developer account when the app asks for it and then wait for Cydia Impactor to do its thing.

Step 4: Once the Unc0ver jailbreak IPA has been copied across to your iOS device, open the Settings app before heading to General > Profile(s) & Device Management – in older versions of iOS this may just say Device Management.

Step 5: Tap on the entry that shows your Apple ID, select the Trust option, and tap Trust again on the dialog that follows.

Step 6: We would suggest enabling Airplane mode prior to using Unc0ver Jailbreak just to be safe. The same goes for disabling Siri – do that in the Settings app under the Siri and Search entry.

Step 7: Restart your device, making sure that Airplane mode is still enabled when the device is powered back on.

Step 8: Launch the Unc0ver Jailbreak app from your Home screen and tap the Jailbreak button in the middle of the screen.

Step 9: Sit back and try to relax. This should be the end of the process, with the jailbreak working its magic. Once the process completes, your iOS device will respring.

See, that didn’t hurt one bit, did it?

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Papi’s Tacos, Seah Street: Damn Happening and Authentic Mexican Joint

Papi’s Tacos at Seah Street is both a hole-in-the-wall and not. Not because any eateries along prime land Seah Street shouldn’t be considered a hole-in-the-wall; but it can be considered as one because it is small and unpretentious. Because it is so small, so narrow, allowing no more than 36 people, the taqueria fills up quickly. By 7pm on the Thursday we were there, it was full house with mostly expats and after-work executives. (Hey what happens to OT?) The joint was playing swing music and upbeat 60s songs; people were drinking; the atmosphere was–to use Singlish–damn happening.

Papi’s Tacos is opened by Chef Mauricio Espinoza who comes from Papalotla, the southern part of Mexico. He used to work at Employees Only in Singapore and in New York. Almost everything here is made by hand (except the flour tortillas). He also makes five different hot sauces (with varying level of spice from 1 to 5) for customers to add to their food themselves.

The esquites ($ 10, grilled corn which is a Mexican street food) here are already scraped off the cob, and mixed with smoked chipotle aioli, Mexican cheese, and lime. It’s not bad but compared to Super Loco’s version which comes as a whole corn, it pales. It is not as rich or smokey. Perhaps it is the fun of eating from the cob that is missing here.

Not sure if they deep-fried their tortilla chips freshly, but for the holy trinity ($ 11), it is the dips that shine. The guacamole isn’t smoothly blended; you can still see and eat the chunks, and this is how authentic guacamole is. It’s seasoned with pickled onions, fresh tomatoes, lime, and salt. It comes across as very refreshing and very fresh. I think there may be a pungent herb (coriander?) which

The pico de gallo (which is just a tomato-based salsa) adds a variety and is refreshing.

They have buritos and quesadilla but we came for the tacos, which comes in twos or threes. Good thing first: you can tell that they make their own corn tortillas from masa harina (a Mexican corn dough) by the irregular shape. It’s still mealy and has a nice rough texture.

Bad thing: they are tiny and really expensive at $ 11 for two.

We tried three: tacos al pastor (pork, $ 11 for 2 / $ 16 for 3), tacos de asada (beef, $ 13/$ 19), and tacos de pollo (chicken, $ 11/$ 15). They are all good. The best is the chicken with homemade guajilo salasa, red onion, coriander, and lime; best because every ingredient interacts well and provides a layering of flavours.

Usually, I don’t like beef tacos because it can be quite boring. But here, the seasoning accentuates the flavour of beef, making it “beefier.”

One last recommendation is their frozen margaritas. The strawberry margarita ($ 21) is really expensive but very easy to drink and super tasty. But be careful, it is loaded with alcohol. It was so tasty that I drank quickly and was heady and drank at half a glass.

We didn’t expect to pay so much at a casual joint like this: $ 97 for two persons. But the food is complex and flavourful and the atmosphere was jumping. A really fun place. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Papi’s Tacos
39 Seah Street Singapore 188395
tel: +65 5258 0701
M-F 12pm-2.30pm, M-Sat 5pm-11.30pm, closed Sun

Food: 7/10
Price / value: 5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience / Decor: 8.5/10

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Chimichanga, Dunlop Street: Affordable Mexican Food at a Hipster Joint
Vatos Urban Tacos, South Beach Quarter: KoMex (Korean-Mexican) Food, Best Tacos in Singapore 

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Dodocool Deals: 7-In-1 Premium USB-C Hub For $24, Wall Mount Adapter For $13, Surge Protector With USB Ports For $15

By | October 15th, 2018

We have yet another wonderful opportunity for you to save some of your hard-earned money whilst purchasing some extremely worthwhile power-based products.

Our continuing relationship with Dodocool has once more exposed some wonderful deals that will allow you to welcome some needed hardware into your life whilst also saving money. Granted, power delivery hardware and accessories aren’t necessarily going to go down in the sands of time as the most exciting and rewarding products out there but they definitely are worthwhile and needed in the grand scheme of things. Check out the deals below and make sure you act quickly before they are gone.

Dodocool Multiport Adapter with USB Type-C Power Delivery Charging Port

This is definitely an extremely premium-looking piece of equipment. It not only looks wonderful from the outside but also offers great functionality all bundled into a product which has been designed for the 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro. There are no additional drivers or software required to make this work. Just plug it in, sit back, and make use of the multiple port types to ensure that you get the very best performance for your money.

Buy: Dodocool Multiport Adapter with USB Type-C Power Delivery Charging Port from Amazon: $ 24.99 with code APJ6CKMY | Original price: $ 49.99

Dodocool Wall Mount Adapter USB Charging Station

Plug this compact product into your power outlet and you are immediately going to get four additional AC outlets and four USB-A ports. So, if you have the right combination of equipment, you can give power to 8 devices at any given time. It is also space-saving and comes with a design that allows the plug element to fold away to make it easy to transport and use without taking up a load of space or making it too bulky.

Buy: Dodocool Wall Mount Adapter USB Charging Station from Amazon: $ 13.29 with code LGGSH97M | Original price: $ 18.99

Dodocool Surge Protector Long Cord Multiple Outlet Adapter USB Charging Station with 4 Outlets

Yet another power-related and money-saving product from Dodocool. This power strip is going to ensure that you have four socket outputs and four USB-A ports from your single input. You’re going to get a premium built power-delivery-based product with built-in protections and enough technology to ensure that your connected gadgets are safe and secure with minimal risk of damage. It’s difficult to make products of this nature “beautiful” to look at but this is isn’t going to make your eyes hurt.

Buy: Dodocool Surge Protector Long Cord Multiple Outlet Adapter from Amazon: $ 15.99 with code PJS3LLOJ | Original price: $ 19.99

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Redmond Pie


Kamoshita, Neil Road: Oden Izakaya, Better Than Japan’s Restaurants

There are not many oden restaurants in Singapore–the only other one I can think of is the now-defunct Ginza Yoshihiro at Marina Mandarin–so the bar is low if you want to open an oden restaurant. But subpar standard is not the Japanese way; and Kamoshita at Neil Road sets the bar so high it is better than many izakayas in Japan, and certainly better than the Bib Gourmand ones we had in Hokkaido.

Kamoshita is opened by chef-owners Koki Miyoshi and Naoki Kaiyama; the former worked at Mikoto at Robertson Quay prior to opening Kamoshita. They serve omakase at $ 60 / $ 80 / $ 100. Because they are an izakaya, it is expensive to order non-alcoholic drinks: we had green tea for $ 5 a cup (but we also ordered sake, $ 31 a carafe).


What is unique about the 20 types of oden here is that they don’t add soy or miso in the broth; they use a dashi stock of kombu, bonito, and mackerel, without any soy sauce or MSG. Traditionally, hot oden is taken with warm sake, but here, they have both hot and cold oden, usually served with mustard, which is popular with young Japanese.

The Pacific Saury sashimi ($ 18) is superb. It’s the type of fish that may be a little “fishy” but here, that “fishiness” is kept to a minimum, even desirable to give it an edge. It comes with grated ginger and sweet shredded onion. Very nice.

Curiosity kills the cat (get it? the cat paper in the photo?). Wanted to see what is so special about the deep-fried gingko for $ 12. It isn’t special. Skip this.

They make their own cheese and the assorted 4 types ($ 20) are so marvellous that Mr Fitness proclaimed it’s the best ever. The cream cheese soaked in miso has boosted its umami. Smoked radish stuffed with cream cheese is just ok. The other two come on a sweet cracker like 旺旺: one is soy sauce boiled konbu mixed with cream cheese and the other, crab butter, which is my favourite. You can truly taste the crab through the cheese. I also like that they use a sweet cracker because it plays off the saltiness of the cheese, but I know some people don’t like sweet food.  You can tell them that you want a mix of cold and hot oden for the omakase oden ($ 25). I won’t go into details for every item but they are amazing; they are one of the best oden I have eaten. Although they are soaked in one big (copper?) pot, they are fished out and cooked individually so that each broth for each item tastes differently.

For example, each broth has something different added to it. The radish has a mustard (or wasabi, they taste alike), so the broth is exciting. I think the onsen egg has a hint of green tea? (I may be wrong) which is rather interesting and delicious. The fish cake is AMAZING, out of the world; it’s so smooth that it’s more cake than fish. The chicken dumpling (pictured below), which is like 狮子头,  has a fantastic texture; there is cartilage (I think) so it’s crunchy.

The grilled radish with sea urchin (above right, $ 15) comes a la carte. It’s nice; there are layers of flavours. First you taste the radish which mellows into a funky seafood uni sweetness. But since other “ordinary” oden items are so unique and delicious, this uni radish although delicious does not seem worth it.

 The piece de resistance, claypot ($ 29), can feed 3 to 4 people. It is a speciality from Ehime Prefecture, and takes 40-45 minutes to cook. (So make sure you order it right from the start.) It is steamed with sea bream. Although it looks pale and unappetising, it is bursting with flavours. So sweet and complex. It also comes with a sauce which tastes like the Chinese fermented black beans. It’s nice with the sauce, but the sauce may overpower it; on its own, it is already fantastic. MUST ORDER this.

It seems like the items are value-for-money, but they really add up and the bill came up to $ 160 for two persons. Still, you can really tell the effort that goes into the creation of the food. It’s the type of food that you know the chefs have substance and can do traditional Japanese cuisine but they choose to innovate and create new things; they choose not to be contented with the old; they choose to seek a newer world; they are strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. That’s why Kamoshita is a cut above many restaurants.


5 Neil Road Singapore 088806
tel: +65 6221 3950

Price: 5/10
Ambience/ Decor: 6/10
Service: 6.5/10
Food: 8.5/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Cops In US Instructed Not To Look At iPhones To Avoid Wasting Face ID Attempts

By | October 14th, 2018

We heard earlier this month that the first known case of United States law enforcement gaining access to an iPhone via Face ID had taken place, and now we are also hearing that police around the country are being told to be careful when handling a suspect’s iPhone so as to avoid triggering the device’s security features and thus disabling Face ID altogether.

In its current form, Face ID will disable itself after five unsuccessful unlock attempts, reverting to requiring passphrase entry in order to unlock. Law enforcement doesn’t want this to happen, because while it is able to compel people to unlock a device via Face ID, it does not have the same powers when it comes to forcing people to enter a passphrase.

According to a report by Motherboard, a forensics company called Elcomsoft is teaching police officials how to avoid triggering Face ID, warning them “don’t look at the screen, or else the same thing will occur as happened [at] Apple’s event.”

That’s in reference to when Apple’s Craig Federighi encountered a troublesome iPhone X during its announcement event. Because that handset had been handled by multiple people before the event took place, it had disabled Face ID. Of course, Federighi didn’t know that so when he tried to demo the new headline feature, it failed because the iPhone X rightly demanded a passphrase. Police want to avoid the same outcome.

Elcomsoft’s CEO, Vladmir Katalov, explained to Motherboard.

“This is quite simple. Passcode is required after five unsuccessful attempts to match a face,” Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, told Motherboard in an online chat, pointing to Apple’s own documentation on Face ID. “So by looking into suspect’s phone, [the] investigator immediately lose one of [the] attempts.”

If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to easily disable Face ID, whether for reasons relating to law enforcement or not, you can press and hold the side button and either volume button until the power-off screen appears. This disables Face ID until a passphrase has been entered.

(Source: Motherboard)

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Redmond Pie

Singapore’s Top Ten Zi Char Dishes: The Ultimate Zi Char Trail

Moonlight Hor Fun $  8
Moonlight Hor Fun $ 8

Previously I took you on a Food Trail for ten iconic hawker dishes, this time we are going to visit 10 zi char stalls for 10 signature dishes!  These are some of the most memorable dishes that I have eaten over the last 12 years while writing this blog.  This post is ideal for those of you looking for a one day whirlwind tour of the Singapore zi char scene!  Just make sure you are hungry!

Our first stop is at Alexandra Village where we visit Chef Wayne for his Moonlight Hor Fun is 月光河.  If there is ever a dish to order to gauge the chef’s wok skill, it’s got to be hor fun.  This very simple dish of rice noodles fried with lard, dark sauce and topped with an egg is simply irresistible when the chef has managed to capture the breath of the wok! (wok hei). While there, you can also check out Poh Cheu for their ang gu kueh and Lina’s confectionery for the steam kueh lapis.

Keng Eng Kee
Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-136, Singapore 150124

Zai Shun is the best place in Singapore for steamed fish.  Not only is the fish fresh, the prices are also very reasonable, they also have fish like Empurau and humpback grouper which is not so easily found elsewhere!  Make sure you order the salted egg bittergourd omelette while you are there!

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head
Blk 253, Jurong East St 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

Yong Tau Foo
Yong Tau Foo

Kok Sen is one of those venerable zi chars that which has served 3 generations of Singapore.  They have a couple of signature dishes, but if I were to just order one, it would have to be their yong tau foo.  They make their own stuffing from squid and prawns and the items are braised in a wonderfully mooreish sauce that is so good that you would break your low carb diet and order a bowl of rice!  After the meal, hop over to Tong Ah for a cup of kopi and a slice of their crispy kaya toast!  If you still have the stomach you can head further down the same street for some excellent sio bak and char siu at Foong Kee!

Kok Sen
30-32 Keong Saik Road

Wong Po Lou Meen: Prawn Omelette noodles $ 20

A French cook might be whacked over the knuckles if the surface of the omelette turns brown but the Chinese won’t have any of that.  The best way to cook an omelette is with lots of lard and high heat so that the eggs become really puffy and develops that nice crust on the outside.  Then all you need is a bit of fish sauce and suddenly you realize how tasty eggs can be! It’s even better when its served atop a mound of eggy noodles! This old school dish is not easily found anywhere else and is well worth the trip.  Their har cheong gai is also very good.  While you are at the stall, order a cup of Teh Tarik from Syed Mohd drinks stall right opposite them.  There are also lots of other good stuff at Amoy St Food Centre which will easily derail you from the Ultimate Zi Char trail.  Resist temptation and focus on the trail!

Quan Ji
Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Rd, , Singapore 069111

Fish Head Curry (Ang Sai) $  40
Fish Head Curry (Ang Sai) $ 40

Fish Head curry was invented by an Indian man who wanted to attract a Chinese crowd to his curry stall.   I am not kidding!  It’s true!  I did some research into the origins of Fish Head Curry some years back when we had a little tiff with our neighbours up north on who really invented curry fish head.  Anyway,  there are many places where you can enjoy curry fish head but the one that stands out from the rest is Ocean Curry Fish Head.  The gravy is very nicely balanced and you can get really good quality wild caught fish there if you request for it.  While you are there Kim Keat Hokkien Mee does a very nice claypot Hokkien Mee with roasted pork that you can also try.

Ocean Curry Fish Head
Blk 92, Toa Payoh Lor 4 #01-264, Singapore 310092

When I first wrote about You Huak Seafood white bee hoon in 2011, they were just about the only ones which was famous for the dish. Since then, seafood white beehoon stalls have opened up all across Singapore. Still I think You Huak still does the best version of the dish. While you are there, if it is durian season, you can visit Durian Seng, and if you are really in luck, he might just be giving out free durians if it happens to be his birthday that day!

You Huak Seafood White Noodles
22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre) Singapore 758966,

Steamboat $  50

It’s a shame that Fish Head Steamboat isn’t usually mentioned in the same sentence as Chicken Rice or Chilli Crabs. Most of the time it is relegated to the B list of foods to try in Singapore. But this dish is well loved by the locals and the one which I find myself going back to the most is Whampoa Keng. The soup is very tasty and I also like the san lor hor fun which has got that wok hei.

Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat
116/118 Rangoon Road Singapore 218394

Tofu Prawns
Tofu Prawn (large) $ 25

I have been enjoying Desmond’s wok skills ever since he was still cooking at his father’s restaurant,  Sik Wai Sin, which has been around for almost 5 decades.  Desmond and his brother have gone on to open their own eateries.  Desmond, just down the road at Sik Bao Sin, while his brother opened Eat First,  in Siglap.  My must order dish there is the tofu prawns which is one of those dishes that is really bad when you are on a low carb diet because the sauce is really begging for a big bowl of rice!

Sik Bao Sin
592 Geylang Road (Between Lor 34 and 36).

Lobster Hokkien Mee $ 38.80

Also in Geylang is Eastern House of Seafood which had recently re-located from Chai Chee. With the relocation, they have introduced the lobster Hokkien Mee which is like our usual hawker version, only better as it comes adorned with the crimson shell of a live (cooked by then) Boston Lobster!  Their smoked chicken is also very unique and worth a try!

Eastern House of Seafood
46 Geylang, Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388375

Just down the road is a Zi Char that is opened till the wee hours of the morning, so this is the perfect place for the last stop of our food trail.  It is the haunt for many chefs who come here for supper after closing their own restaurants!  The white pepper crabs here are really tasty and so is their san lor bee hoon!  This is the red light district, so try not to wonder down the even numbered Lorongs (small street) on the left side of the main road!

JB Ah Meng
534 Geylang Road, 389490

Here are all the places on the map! Enjoy your food trail and please remember to share this with your friends!

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