Computer Data Storage Device

A computer would never be the same without its hard disk and thus many consider it to be one of the vital organs (components) of the same. It is true that almost all the components of the system are important and help it run better but there remain a few which are the basic requirements of the computer. This includes processor, mother board, RAM, hard disk and a few other things.

The hard disk (also referred to as HDD) has gone through numerous changes over the years, which have made it all the more in demand. The earliest of these were more of external drives as they were not part of the main system. They sat outside and were put into a seperate case. Another reason for not counting it as a HDD was its memory capacity which was as less as 5 MB!

Numerous changes took place between the release of the first computer and the debut of the modern day disk drives. You would get to know more of it by going through the latest technology news. It was this time that the disk drives started becoming a part of the system (as we know it today).

Since the year 1988, a massive revolution took place in the world of computers. This was the time when the USB interface was brought into effect for the first time. This technology allowed other devices to be hooked to the computer at ease. This in turn gave birth to the concept of flash drives (pen drives) and external hard disks, for transferring files and easy backup of valuable files respectively.

There was a time when the external disks were considered bulky and cumbersome, but now we see a different version of the same. They are sleeker and small! No one knows the future of the hard disk drives, but we can certainly understand that it is going to become a lot more compact than what it is now. More the computing devices shrink and become small, more the HDD would play a significant role in it.

Further innovations and tweaks would surely turn the modern day hard disks into powerful storage mediums and would perhaps assist us in a number of other ways. We can never imagine what is going to happen in the near future, but we can surely keep ourselves updated with the latest technology news.

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Reset Your Computer BIOS System

The term BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is an integral part of mother board and work to provide information during boot process. Many people use the term BIOS and CMOS interchangeably as BIOS load information from the CMOS or Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Now, on certain occasions you may need to access your BIOS set up to change or update some of your system features.

Unfortunate fact is that, no tech support expert can direct you to find a key way to get into BIOS settings as there are multiple BIOS chip vendors available. So the online technical support service suggest users to watch carefully when the computer is starting up, brief instructions appear there. Commonly you will need to press Delete, F1, Alt or Ctrl immediately seeing the instructions to get into the BIOS set up screen.

Most of the computer support professionals advise their customers to avoid frequent BIOS access as a little error can cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is rather wise to access BIOS in presence of a tech support expert. Still make sure you back up essential data before reconfiguring or accessing BIOS setup to be on the safe side. Besides reconfiguring several common features BIOS setup allows users to reset the password also. This step is even needed sometime, as explained by the tech support service providers, to maintain BIOS security preventing unauthorized access to your PC.

There are two passwords in BIOS system. One for initial log in while the other is to access BIOS settings. Tech support or computer support professionals provide specialized assistance to deal with such delicate system set up. Mind the fact that if you have forgotten the start up password, you can never open your computer system any further. The common way to reset start up password as directed by the online technical support experts is discharge mother board battery such as dell Latitude X300 battery, dell W0465 battery, dell Inspiron 2000 battery, dell Latitude LS batterydell Inspiron 1525 battery and dell Inspiron 1526 battery. Detaching the battery will stop power supply to the system and so the BIOS will loss all the information within. When you will allow power supply again BIOS will set back to its original state losing all the setting information including password.

In some machines it is quite difficult to remove battery from the mother board where your tech support will suggest another alternative. They will help you to find the jumper somewhere in your mother board that will work to clear BIOS password. However, computer support technicians have some other alternatives for the users having no room for these options.

Motherboard manufacturer has backdoor password within in order to help users get access to the BIOS settings. Such passwords work, no matter what the passwords you have set manually for your BIOS setup. System manufacturers change the backdoor password time to time and so you essentially need computer repair or tech support assistance to track the back door pass words. Not only password tracking and resetting but computer support professionals also help users to upgrade their BIOS setting to support added functionalities on the system.

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Network Support For Computer Motherboard

In any type of computer, motherboard is the main component, which holds many vital parts of the system and provides connections to other peripherals. It acts as a communication highway. Each part of the computer system communicates to each other through the motherboard. The objective of the motherboard is provide a communication channel to all other peripherals and parts of the computer system.

Brief History Of Motherboard
In the earlier times when computer was first invented, the device used to be built in a frame or a case with parts connected through a backplane. The backplane comprised a set of slots interconnected through wires. After the arrival of printed circuit boards, the central processing unit, read only memory, random access memory, peripherals were mounted on the PCBs. As time passed by in the 1970s and 1980s, more and more numbers of components started getting housed on the motherboard due to economical reasons. In the 1990s, the motherboards became capable of performing video,audio,networking and graphics functions.

Overview Of Motherboard
Generally a computer motherboard has microprocessor, main memory and other vital components, mounted on it. Other parts like video and sound controllers, external storage and peripheral devices are connected to motherboards through plug-in cards. In the latest motherboards, all these components are mounted directly.

Motherboard Chipset
One of the most important component of motherboard is chipset. It controls the data flow through the data bus of the motherboard. Channelizing the data to the correct component is the primary objective of the chipset.

Motherboard Components
The motherboard contains connectors for all components. Expansion slots for PCI,ISA,AGP,DIMM and external connections for serial and parallel ports,USB ports,sound card,keyboard and mouse are mounted on it.

Keyboard & Mouse Connectors
All computers have keyboard ports connected to the motherboard. Two most commonly used connector types are DIN and AT. Nowadays mini DIN PS/2types of connectors are replacing ST types of connectors. PS/2 style sockets could be used with AT types by using a converter. USB connectors are also found in some PCs.

Parallel Port
Parallel ports are used by printers. On parallel port, multiple wires are used for carrying data signals. A 25 pin female DB connector is used in parallel port. Motherboards directly support parallel ports through direct connection or dongle.

Central Processing Unit
The component is also known as CPU. It controls all operations that are performed inside a computer. CPUs are basically large scale integrated circuits in rectangular small packages with multiple connecting pins. CPU consists of mainly two components,namely Arithmetic Logical Unit(ALU) and Control Unit(CU). ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations and CU fetches instructions from memory and execute them.

Universal Serial Bus
Universal Serial Bus or USB is an industry standard connection for PC. The speed of USB 3.0, the latest standard of USB, is 5 Gbits/second.

Basic Input Output System- Read Only Memory(BIOS ROM)
The BIOS ROM chip, which is a permanent memory,contains the software program which performs the basic operations when the computer is switched on. When the computer is powered up, the microprocessor searches for basic diagnostic information in BIOS ROM., such as, how much memory is available, whether all peripherals are working properly, if an external drive is connected,etc. When diagnostic information is found to  be OK, then only the computer starts its operation.

Random Access Memory(RAM)
RAM is a temporary memory. It is used to store data when computer is powered up.  Once the computer is switched off, this memory id erased.

Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory(EEPROM)
EEPROM is erasable programmable read only memory. It is possible to read from and write to this type of memory. Once the computer is switched off, data stored in EEPROM is retained.

Generally two types of slots are available on motherboard, namely AGP slots and PCI slots. AGP slots are used for graphics cards, while devices like modems, network cards and sound cards use PCI slots.

IDE Connector
This connector is used for connecting hard disks, CD and DVD.

Floppy Connector
The computer’s floppy drive is connected through this connector.

PC Support
Since motherboard contains so many components, any defective component could make the computer nonfunctional. Many online network support providers are rendering round the clock support for motherboards. In case the user faces any problem related to motherboard, immediately the help of PC support providers should be sought to mitigate the problem.

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PC Support For Computer Networks

It will not be an exaggeration  to say that information is one of the most important issues for any business. Dissemination of the data  to the concerned people is equally vital. Computer networking came into being to make the communication between the computers faster and easier. It not only provides faster communication, but also enabled the users to to access remote programs and remote databases of the same enterprise or other organizations.

Apart from this, there are other reasons also to employ computer networking. Through computer networking, cost could be reduced by sharing hardware and software resources and by downsizing to microcomputer-based networks instead of using mainframes. Gathering information from multiple resources has become easier, which ensures the reliability of the  data.

As per definition, computer networking is nothing but the process of connecting multiple computers for the communication purpose so that information as well as resources could be shared by all connected devices.

Categorization of computer networks could be done based on vast range of characteristics like medium used for communication, scale, networking topology used,communication protocol,etc.

Mediums used by computer networks
For communication between two devices, a medium is must. There are several mediums, such as  electrical cable, optical fiber and radio waves which are used for networking. Electrical and optical fiber are used in wired technology while radio waves are employed in wireless technology.

Wired Networks
In the wired technology, twisted pair cable is the most commonly used medium for communication. Twisted pair wire is made of metal wire that are twisted into pairs. Computer networking wire contains 4 pairs of metal wires, which are used for data as well as voice transmission. The purpose of using twisted wires is to minimize noise which is caused by electromagnetic induction and crosstalk. There are two pairs of twisted wires,namely Unshielded Twisted Pair and Shielded Twisted Pair. The speed range of twisted pair cable is 2 million bits per second to 10 billion bits per second.

Another widely used medium in wired technology is coaxial cable. It is mostly used for local area networks, cable television systems,etc. It is made of metal wire, covered with insulating layer of a flexible material with a high dielectric constant, all of which are wrapped by a conductive layer. The purpose of using insulating layer is to minimize noise and signal distortion.
Optical fiber is the another communication medium, invented in the second half of twentieth century. Its components are filaments of glass fiber covered in protective layers that transmits data by means of pulses of light. It carries light signals over long distances. Electromagnetic interferences cannot affect the signals carried by it. Its maximum transmission speed  could touch trillions of bits per second.
For all types of cable malfunctioning, network support is provided by many service providers.

Wireless Networks
There are several widely used wireless technologies, such as Wireless LAN Technology,Communication Satellite Technology, Infrared Communication Technology,Terrestrial Microwave Technology,etc.

Wireless LAN Technology employs hi frequency technology, which is akin to digital cellular and low frequency radio technology. This  spread spectrum technology connects multiple devices in a limited area. Wireless LAN in an office or home could be easily set up with the help of numerous PC support providers.

Communication satellites  utilizes microwave radio signals as communication medium because  microwave radio signals are least affected by earth’s atmosphere. Data,voice and TV signals are transmitted and received using  microwave radio technology.

Infrared Communication Technology is used to transmit signals between devices within short distance. The maximum distance covered by this technology is typically 10 meters.

Terrestrial Microwave Technology employs low gigahertz signal range, that restricts transmissions to line of sight. The maximum distance between microwave signal relay stations is 48km.

Wireless computer network is the backbone of business and technological processes, which could be immensely damaged if the networking system breaks down. In that eventuality, online PC support should be used to set the networking system right.

Daniel Hughes is one of most heralded content writer of Pccarencure offers 24×7 PC Support, Network Support, Tech Support, IT Support, to millions of customers, via Remote Computer Support, from expert technicians

Worst tech support experience

This is the most frustrating technical support one can ever have that I have gone through a week back. I had the system for about three days and in that time I have been on phone with some inept tech support for more than ten hours. Calling this tech support provider, for which I’m not allowed to use the name, was a lovely experience almost like pulling my hair. Nice people who don’t know what they are talking about.

I had this issue with my laptop which was under warranty (I will not mention the brand name). This was the most frustrating product I’ve ever owned in more than 20 years. The software was horrible. There were little buttons here and there with no discernible function.

I made eight phone calls and spoke to six agents over the course of three days to resolve this issue of “blue screens and unplanned auto-boots”. None of them could resolve it. Of course, each continues calls took me longer enough to tell the so called technicians what had previously transpired.

It took me almost about 15 minutes every time to explain what had taken place till date. He put me on hold to get a supervisor. Then suddenly I was been disconnected. I called back again and waited on hold for about 50 minutes before I had to hang up. I called back again and waited for more minutes and nobody answered my phone. Multiple emails were also never answered. With much tech support industry working overseas and the seemingly infinite amount of things that could go wrong, it should really come as no surprise when things don’t run smooth.

This technical service provider had terrible website. I have gone through their website without getting some type of error message at least once. It is impossible to send an email unless you go through the difficulty of drilling down through their customer support pages on the website, and then it had limited space for your comments. Nowhere on the website could I find the email address for the customer service provider; has any communication had to be made through the website, with no email address shown, just “submit”.

My experience with them has been plagued with problems from day one. I have spent more than 12 to 15 hours with their phone support, chat support, customer support, email support waiting on hold, accepting phone calls during office hours etc. trying to get my situation solved. I am stuck with vicious cycle of idiocy incompetence. As soon as I explain my situation to one department I am sent to a different group. I get call backs to check on my status and when I report a problem they give me a different dept to call.

This company is travesty and people needs to know how bad they are. My life with my computer has been a hell. I hope I never own this brand any more. If I would have known that small problems are the beginning of this mess, I would have returned the system on 30 days of purchase. They have tried everything, back-up my system, reformatting and reinstalling a clean copy of operating system and many other procedures that only worked for few minutes.

They asked me to perform many procedures of the above issue. The first time I have been asked to take the laptop apart and put it back together. Another time I was told to change the Bios date and then change it back to what it was, once we ran the diagnostic and finally I was to reformat the hard drive, and this I had to do over and over. When that didn’t work they told that their technician will call back within minutes.

Another so called technician called after 2 hours for rechecking my system. It wasn’t fair for me to pay twice for the same issue twice, and I was persistent about not paying. He transferred me back to the customer care and I pleaded my case again. After going back and forth a few times with tech care they finally got me connected to a technician.

When I called back there was no history of the tech support that has been provided to me till now. I had to start all over new with my case. This tech person again asked me to reformat my system once again, reformatting takes around 13 hours with back up reformatting and reinstalling the operating system and programs, updating programs online, reinstalling backup, and all the other items needed.

I didn’t want to do this. It had been a long day with them. With each call I begged to speak to someone who was in charge. But after many pleas to many technicians I realized many be it’s their policy to never ever let the customer know a manager exist or to give out the number. Finally I gave up.

Next day I reformatted the hard drive and the computer worked for few minutes as usual but again the same thing happened. This new tech genie decided to work new, some diagnostic. I mentioned the whole problem for that he said we should check the fans and that maybe the laptop was overheating. He said that the fan test failed.

After six days of callbacks (and no callbacks) I finally got a person who actually knew about the product and has all the records. Five others didn’t and totally wasted my time and money. When I finally caught hold of a technician, who answered my phone told me that she will be able to solve the problem directly or minimally isolate the problem and tell me what steps I needed to get it solved. I spent approximately an hour while the girl (technician) took control of my computer to work on the problem.

But of course, he was unable to solve or isolate the problem. Despite my payment for onsite support, this is clearly not onsite support so what did I pay for! I became upset and asked to speak to his senior or supervisor. The supervisor said that for solving this issue I need to give permission for “PC Restore”, so that the computer would be back to its original condition as when it was first sent to me. And that was completely unacceptable to me. He was also very unprofessional and rude in the way he spoke to me. I hung up on him, not knowing what to do.

Next I called iYogi technical service provider to have my system fixed at my own expense. Unfortunately I can’t afford to throw a $ 3300.00 computer in the trash. And guess what I called them once and the line got connected to the customer care from where they transferred my call to the required department. No holding, no disconnection of the call nothing.

I got to know about iYogi from my sister who is a loyal customer of their service. It was then I found my hero. This person/ technician took time to read my whole case and then discovered that this all occurring because of the hardware issue. Attribute these problems to fading power supplies or defective parts, including cooling fans. Keep the fan cleaned and make sure all cables and plugs are tightly connected.

The iYogi Certified tech expert finally fixed my problem in an hour by taking a remote session of my system. He charged me $ 169.99 for a whole year, which is very reasonable after going through that hassle.  He also said he will follow up on my case and that if I have any problems I can email him. God bless him! The technician of iYogi was not only supportive but amazing to talk to. He gave me time to explain my problem and my situation.

I don’t think I will ever suggest anybody to go for this brand. I had purchased two of these for my home. The first one I purchased in 1998 years back and it has never had any problems. The second one was nothing but problems. After researching on net about online customer problems I see this brand gone downhill in the last few years and my problem wasn’t unique. iYogi was a savior. They came as an angel and helped me with my situation.

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High-tech Features For Cycle Computers

A cycle computer is one of the top must-have cycling accessories for bike enthusiasts, particularly if you want to keep track of your progress or are following a fitness regime.

The range of cycle computers out there can vary from basic models to those using state-of-the-art technology such as GPS.

For the keenest of cyclists, or those who just love gadgets, here are four of the latest high-tech features to look out for in a quality cycle computer:

*Wireless technology
Buying a wireless cycle computer means there are no pesky wires to get tangled up with the rest of your bike. Although they can be slightly more expensive than wired computers, this extra convenience is worth it!

*Sat nav and GPS
Some bike computers include GPS technology that works in a similar way to car sat navs, to help you find your way to your destination using turn-by-turn directions.

*Ergonomic Buttons
These are specially designed buttons that are easier to use when on the move or wearing cycle gloves – very handy indeed for navigating the on-screen menu.

*Cadence sensors
Some cycle computers have cadence sensors that measure your pedal rate, usually in revolutions per minute. This gives you a better idea of how hard your body is working, rather than simply measuring speed.

Get advice on the best cycling accessories

The best retailers will offer cycle computers with these added features and will be able to advise you of the best type for your needs. This will depend on the amount of cycling you do and how far you want to monitor your activity.

Of course, a cycle computer covering the basics of current speed, average speed and distance travelled will be perfectly fine for most people. However if you take pride in having the most up-to-date cycling accessories, look out for a bike computer with some of the features above and you won’t go far wrong.

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Overview on computer repair service

There are different types of operating system for computer such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux etc. Hardware part of computer is the commanding part. tech support Hardware part is the CPU or the central processing unit. CPU composes of hard disk, motherboard, ram, power supply optical drives such as DVD or CD rum, USB port etc. CPU has some extra part like fan. They help decrease the temperature of CPU. Computer has some extra parts too such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Monitor’s work has similarity to televisions work. Monitor shows the work of the computer. Keyboard and mouse is mainly the commanding tool.  The computer can’t work all time good. So the computer repair service is needed anytime.

Computer repair is needed when there is problem regarding it. Every electronic device faces different types of problems. These problems shortens their longevity, decreases their working speed etc. As a electronic device computer also faces different problems. Computer has two types of problem. One type is hardware problem and the other is software problem. Hardware problem is basically the problem of the hardware parts. Different hard ware parts have different problems. Hard disk can face the major problem of crushing and losing of the data stored in it. Due to this problem the hard disk is totally damaged. Ram and motherboard also face this kind of problem.

They get damaged due electrical problem which is caused by the dissimilarity of power distribution. Optical drives also affects because of this problem. Due to high voltage the power supply is seem to be get burned. Computers monitor is mainly affected because of the problem of the picture tube, mouse and keyboard also face problems due to electronic problem in their circuit. Software problem is prominently the problem of operating system. Installation of corrupted operating files creates this problem. Virtual memory loss can also create problems. Nowadays virus problem is so much severe. Virus is one kind of automatic programmed which can hamper e computer’s software so easily. It can be spread from computer to computer and through internet. Virus attacks the computer’s interface and commanding scripts badly. These problems led a computer to the road of ruin.

Almost every electronic devices problems and become damaged and needs proper repair. Repair is the process by which a damaged device’s condition is improved through different process. Damaged computer also needs proper repair. The person who involves in computer repair in a technical way is called a computer technician. He has technical knowledge about the problems of computer and its solution. There are different companies, IT shops who provides proper technician and parts change to repair computers. These shops and companies can be divided into two divisions. One is international and the other is local. International companies have branches and sub branches in different countries. Local computer repair shops and companies provide technician for home service. Branded computers get support from the computer company too.

Computer repair service is very important and essential part in our life in now a day. We have to consult with the service company and the technicians as well as in any emergency.  We should concern about the expert and experienced technicians. Without experience and skill there is a chance of damaging the part and other harm. So we have to take a look on it.

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Computer repair in a word

The computer hardware composes of motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, RAM etc. all the things are interring connected in the motherboard and performed by power supply. This is the main hardware of the central processing unit. Computer repair The other part of the computer is monitor. The next option is the software management system. The operating system is the main thing of the computer. An adequate and exact installation of the operating system can make the absolute and satisfactory performance. There are many types of operating system in now a day. The operating system is used on the basis of the hardware and users choice. The most used and popular operating system is windows XP. All these things are basic objects of operating the computer.

Computer doesn’t perform same to same all time. There may be some problems that can arise anytime. It varies from user to user and also the conditions. The problems regarding computer can be divided in to two major parts. One is hardware related problem and another is software related problem. Hardware related problem can be raised by either inappropriate power supply or damage or setting error of any hardware like RAM, any optical drive, AGP etc. the software problem arise from the operating system. The other problem regarding software arises from virus. It’s a major problem which causes damage of computer hard drive. It comes through the USB or from the internet. It’s a common problem in now a day. Computer repair include all the things include of hardware and software.

There are so many companies in the world that are related with computer repair and also support. In every country and also in every city they are found. There are not any specifications of the service. An experienced and expert computer user can do the repair. There may be some official technicians whom are introduced to the computer repair service. Some companies are listed in the internet and they can be found by searching in Google. They also provide the home service. In modern countries they are introduced in the public for better service. Not only the repair problem but also the replacements of the damaged things are issued by them. So the customer has no worry to about the service. They just have to put the computer on their hand. With a certain bill they do their job and full reinstall the function if the computer.

Now a day computer has become a most common household or personal usage of the individuals. There are many problems that can be raised from this. It’s not possible for individuals to resolve all the problems at a once. So they have to consult with the computer repair service for better management and resume of the computer service.

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Fix Slow Computer – 3 Easy Steps To Fix Your Slow Computer


Are you angry that your computer is running slower and slower as a snail? Do you eager to stimulate your computer as a rocket? When your computer seems to run slower over time there could be many reasons for this. I would like to share my 3 easy steps slow PC problems.

Step 1 to slow computer Fix: Clean Junk Files.

How can you expext an athlete to run fast with a heavy millstone? Your PC is like this! If your PC runs for a period of time, there are many junk files created in your system. Usually these unwanted files, Windows temporary files, invalid start menu, obsolete files in Program Files, invalid shortcuts, invalid MSI files, empty files and folders, and much more … These files will take your valuable disk space, and potentially slow down your PC’s performance. To fix your slow computer you first need to clean these junk files!

Step 2 for the slow computer Fix: Lessons unnecessary startup programs.

Are you mad waiting for your computer to launch a long time and it runs like a snail? Startup takes too much time to load because many applications such as MSN (or MSN), anti-virus programs, etc. Even some downloaded software applications will run in the background, consuming your PC memory and bandwidth. To fix your slow computer just turn off unnecessary startup programs to prevent long load times.

Step 3 to slow computer Fix: Clean your registry errors.

When you download or delete any programs or hardware, your registry and keep a track that is excess.Too many empty registry keys, the resources of your PC. Seriously the broken registry keys will cause some errors which demag or crash your PC. So a necessary step to clean registry is very important to slow computer problems.

Following the above 3 simple steps? Your PC will run much faster. By regularly cleaning your PC will be maintained in good performance. Especially if you have a good registry cleaner to perform the work on schedule, it will save you time. I use the Genius Registry Repair Toolkit now and I feel like I’m a wonderful butler for my PC.


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Fix a slow computer – Fix Slow Computer Problems the best solution


Have you ever wondered how a slow computer, you are crazy to fix it? Take it easy, you’re not the only one who suffers from this problem. Millions of computer users around the world have this problem, many of them turn to a PC to save and spend money in the hope the expert can fix it, some people even consider buying a new one. In fact, you do not spend the money unnecessarily to repair your computer.

First, let you know about what is the main cause for this problem. It is the registry of your computer that many people have no idea what this thing. Registry is like a computer database containing all information from your computer components records, if the entries in the registry was corrupt or there are too many entries jam in computer will be delayed for sure. If you want to repair slow computer, registry is the thing you need to pay attention.

Normally the corrupted entries come from programs that you want to delete every time you think you successfully to remove a program from your computer, then multiple entries are stored in the registry. Entries will also went corrupt when the computer was regularly turned off or starts irrelevant.

Another factor is the spyware. Registry is where the spyware to hide in. If the entries was infected by spyware, the relative programs do not work correctly.

Fix slow computer problem is simple. Your need to run a free scan with a reliable registry cleaner, it will tell you what kind of problems with your computer and traces of spyware or adware lurking on your computer registry. Without speeding money unnecessarily, you can use the invalid, obsolete items and spyware by clicking a few buttons. No computer required technical knowledge at all.

Do not get frustrated if your computer is running slow. CLICK HERE to provide the best solution to fix slow computer access. You can learn more about PC maintenance also read on this website


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