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Employers: Getting Gen-X & Millennials to Work Together

In today’s business organizations, a boss is like an orchestra conductor. I borrowed this analogy because like a conductor who sets the tempo and ensures correct entries by each musician in the orchestra, a boss’ job is to know when and how to make different talents and skills of his employees work in the collective benefit of the organization.

Although, a great deal of responsibility also lies on each individual employee to adjust himself among the staff in the best possible way. However, these efforts are no match to the way a boss can cope with the differences among his workforce.

And one of these major differences is the generation gap — here’s an earlier post I wrote on the different ways Generation X and millennials behave in the workplace. Now let’s look at how we can turn this situation in your favor.

Steer Away from Stereotypes

Generalizing the members of a group for the sake of understanding is fine, but when we engrave these aspects in our minds, stereotypes develop. Generation X is annoyed by technology and avoid its usage while Millennials are gadget freaks, is one of the many common stereotypes associated with the two generations, and both of which are wrong.

IMAGE: Freepik

In my view, boss must first overcome any prior assumptions he has about the two generational groups in order to be a better manager. Instead of applying certain traits to an entire generation, you should try to get to know each person individually.

Once you clear you own mind of the prejudices and stereotypes, it will become easier for you to pass on the concept of generational neutrality to your staff as well. The task of the boss here is to encourage collaborated diversity and move his employees away from tags and labels.

Assign Mutually Interesting Tasks

There is a famous saying that, “you will only get to know someone once you live with them or work with them”.

Of course, you cannot expect your employees to do the former (that would be ridiculous and creepy), but what you can do is to make them work together.

Rather than running office memos and dry emails urging employees to work with each other, the better way is to assign them tasks that both generations might be interested in.

For instance, for a project that involves on-desk research as well as certain field work, you can allocate a team of Xers and Millennials on it. It is not a matter of stereotyping, but I am pretty sure Generation X would gladly take up its research part, and Millennials would appreciate some fresh air.

IMAGE: Freepik

Create Learning Opportunities

One of the biggest aspect of inter-generational harmony at the workplace is to create opportunities for the employees to learn from each other.

From my personal experience, when someone teaches me something, you automatically have a sense of respect for him or her. You might also feel indebted towards your mentor and often seek to return the favor.

Working on the same line, cross-generational mentoring can open so many doors of collaboration for the two generations.

IMAGE: Freepik

For tasks involving latest technology, you can suggest an employee of Generation X to seek help from a tech-savvy employee of Generation Y, and for a project assigned to Millennial that involves basic institutional knowledge, you can propose asking for help from an experienced Generation X employee.

Customized Management Style

As I mentioned in the previous article, Generation X and Y grew up experiencing significantly different events that have shaped their professional values and perception of work.

So if their values are different, and their professional DNAs don’t match with each other, then why should the management style used on them be the same?

For more productive workforce, a boss should tailor his management style according to the particular values and characteristics of each group, and subsequently to further narrow it down, to each individual employee.

For instance, Xers and Millennials like to communicate differently, so from face-to-face meetings, emails, telephone to even instant messaging, try to offer a variety of communication tools within the office. In the matter of working style you can even ask your employees to choose whatever method suits them, provided it does not affect their productivity.

Set a Personal Example

On top of using personalized management styles as the employer you will also need to set a personal example of yourself. This is important because the way you behave and conduct business around the workplace is reflected in your employees.

If you want your employees to be free from prejudice and work in smooth collaboration, you should overcome your own demons first.

In a place where people of different ages, qualifications and backgrounds work together, conflicts do arise. Be aware of these conflicts but don’t take them on too much by yourself. The market is a jungle that only allows the strongest to survive. Your team can only be as strong as you are.

Wrapping it Up

Diversity at workplace means you have a whole deck of cards to play with in the business game. However, workplace diversity also often means complexity and friction among the employees.

In the case of a workplace, the expression that “age is just a number” is actually true, because it is not about the difference in age, but the differences in the core values of each generation.

You will find people with poor work ethics in every generation, just the same as you’ll find both young and old employees as truly outstanding workers.

As the boss and leader of the organization, the key to successful collaboration between Gen-X and Millennials is in your hands. Every employee brings something to the table, even Gen-Z who are entering the market soon, if not already.

However, it is your task to make use of the goodies the right way and to motivate your employees to build functional workplace relationships for collective success of the organization.

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Tanuki Raw, Orchard Central: Newly Reopened, Genius Concept Carried Out Wonderfully 

tanuki-raw-orchard-central-reviewTanuki Raw at Orchard Central is reopened after an update of the decor. When I first stepped in on a weekday afternoon, I was taken aback by how beautiful it is. A long, dark corridor opens to an enclave of chic, modern clean lines and ceiling-to-floor windows bathing the restaurant with natural light. Huccalyly said, wah you suaku. You say suaku, I say childlike innocence. Hahaha.

The concept is simple and elegant. A westernized version of Japanese one-bowl meal at an affordable price. There is innovation in the East-meets-West dishes, and they appeal to the young, modern, global, trendy tastebuds. They use a lot of truffle oil, and salted egg yolk—favorites of young people.

Huccalyly has been to Tanuki Raw several times before the renovations. She recommends coming during evening happy hours when you can order a cocktail that allows you to get discounted oysters.

tanuki-raw-bugis-menuThe foie gras truffle yakiniku ($ 23) consists a thick slab of foie gras; some pieces of US black Angus short rib speckled with truffle soy; an onsen egg; and black garlic brown butter over rice. “In my defense,” Huccalyly said, “it was more shiok in my memory. The beef slices were thicker and they were more charred on the surface.”

I understood what she meant, but this bowl is excellent. The foie gras is buttery, cooked perfectly. So are the beef slices, pinkish in the middle with a nice chewy bite. Very juicy.

With the pregnant Huccalyly, we couldn’t order the signature chirashi ($ 22.90). But she tried it previously and said it was good.

tanuki-raw-lunchBut we did order the golden kani maki ($ 18.90); a maki of deep-fried softshell crab, fresh snow crab, and crispy mozzarella, topped with salted egg hollandaise. Very smart combination. Although we couldn’t really taste the salted egg, it is very shiok to eat crispy things with carbs.

tanuki-raw-reviewBecause Huccalyly is pregnant and I am fat, we ordered the sweet potato fries with truffle aioli despite our full, round bellies. This dish exemplifies what I mean when I said Tanuki Raw uses trendy, East-meets-West ingredients. Sweet potato, not potato; truffle aioli, not mayo.

It’s supremely tasty. The sweet potato fries are ok on its own but what a genius to combine it with truffle aioli. The sweetness of the carb is mellowed by the aromatic truffle aioli—it’s sweet and salty. An addictive combination.

We were there at about 2.15pm and it was still packed. People really know what is good most of the times. Despite the crowd, the service was attentive and swift. But Huccalyly wasn’t pleased when we were waiting in the queue and the server ignored us and didn’t give an indication that she saw us. I knew what Huccalyly meant, it felt like we were snubbed. The server could have acknowledged us and told us to wait. But I didn’t mind it as much as Huccalyly. People have good and bad days, maybe the server was having a bad day.

We paid $ 64 for two persons. We will return. I now see what the big fuss is with Tanuki Raw. It understands the trend, it grabs a moment in time, it supplies what the hipsters, youngsters, and whatever-sters want. It’s a genius concept that is carried out wonderfully.

No reservations, and there will be a queue unless you arrive early or late.

Tanuki Raw Singapore
181 Orchard Road, #04-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
11am – 10.30pm

Service: 7/10
Ambience/decor: 8/10
Price/Value: 6.75/10
Food: 7/10
Overall rating: 3.594/5

Written by 

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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Dashboard Design: 50+ Brilliant Examples and Resources

We live in the world of big data and most people need to make sense of these numbers as a part of their workflow routine. Managing data is a challenging task and here is where the dashboard comes into play.

The Dashboard is an interface between a website and the administrator which helps to control a site, service or tool to track data. A well-designed smart dashboard can save a lot of time and help quickly identify information that matters in order to make proper reports. Dashboard designs must think of avoiding clutter, highlighting important info and prioritizing metrics.

In this post you will find many brilliant dashboard designs that will inspire you on your own design. If you aren’t into designing, then check out the second part of this post to get dashboard resources out there that can be downloaded for free.

Dashboard UI for Your Inspiration

25 Dashboards UI to Download

Here are some of the dashboards that are available for download. Click the dashboard images to download the PSD.

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: PSD [Download]

Format: Sketch [Download]

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Heavenly Snacks: Hipster Muah Chee!

Muah Chee 2

It is good to see hawkers thinking out of the box and making traditional foods like muah chee (glutinous rice cakes) more hip and attractive to the younger generations!  It is also heartening to know that our food culture is deeply embedded inside the belly of every true blue Singaporean.  I say this because the video of this muah chee man packing his muah chee in beautiful boxes really struck a chord with our facebook readers which resulted in it getting 1.7 million views!

I think the concept proved to be so popular because most people feel a sense of pride when they see that our traditional food being re-packaged so that it can be presented to the world!

Stall owner

Our mid-life hawker, Andy Tan understands the value of packaging all too well.  He had been in the business of “repackaging” cars in order to increase their perceived value.  He was the first to start a business which turns dull grey dashboards into luxury wood grained finish over a decade ago.  In those days, he used to employ over ninety workers and built it into a multi-million dollar business. Unfortunately, that cutting edge technology eventually became so accessible that most vehicle manufacturers adopted it for their new vehicles. Unwilling to make his workers redundant, the tried to diversify into other businesses but was unsuccessful and eventually lost his fortune.


Andy tells me that he was lost for some time after he went broke. One day, however, something inside of him prompted him to move into the area of making traditional snacks like muah chee. He saw that the Japanese and Taiwanese all have their mochi and wondered why no one had tried to make our own muah chee with a bit more finesse.  However, he didn’t want to just make type of muah chee that is often sold at the pasar malam.  It had to be something special.

Andy tells me that the problem with the muah chee at pasar malams is that they always tend to stick to your teeth and that the pieces are not cut uniformly so that there are always pieces that are too big and don’t get a nice coating of peanuts on them.   He also felt that the portions are not standardized, so sometimes you get more and sometimes less than what you pay for.

Muah Chee

He spent a few months experimenting with different recipes he finally settled on an unorthodox method which uses a blender to mix the dough.  To control portion size, he steams his muah chee in individual trays and he insists on cutting the pieces by hand so that they are all the same size.  These extra measures slow down the process of making each portion but that is exactly what making an artisanal product is all about!


Ever since the facebook video was published, he had been getting long queues of Singaporeans wanting to try his muah chee. Yet, he still sticks to making the same volume everyday.  He tells me he is making muah chee out of passion and his vision is to come out with a product that will one day be exported overseas.


This muah chee is definitely a better product then those sold at the pasar malam.  From the preparation to the packaging, Alan has managed to present muah chee in a way that would appeal to the new generation. The texture of the muah chee was indeed very soft and it doesn’t get stuck to the teeth.  However, I thought the texture could have a little more chew and felt that the ground peanuts could be a little more fragrant.  This is something that Alan already realises and has been working on improving. I am looking forward to the day when our muah chee can be presented as gifts to the world!  That would be something, wouldn’t it?    4/5

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Financial Advice: 3 Things You Should Know by 30

For many people, being in the ’20-something’ mindset is an excuse to make fun (sometimes poor) financial decisions. While turning 30 is not necessarily significant, socially speaking we are expected to ‘have our sh*t together’ by this age. A lot of people will equate that to reaching the next milestone in life, like getting married and starting a family.

These milestones can be reached easier when our finances are sorted out. On a solid foundation, your lives can be built more securely. Here are 7 financial things to sort out as you turn 30.

1. You Should Know Whether to Rent or Buy

Your choice of shelter is something every 30-year-old needs to sort out. Which is better, to rent or to buy a home? The answer to this question is as complex as you can imagine, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer – despite Uncle Bob’s insistence that “it’s always good to purchase property”.

Both renting and buying property can be a good economical decision, depending on your situation.

If you Choose to Buy

Some aspects to consider include the housing bubble situation (are property prices in your area hyper-inflated?) to your own long-term plan at the location itself (do you foresee yourself moving?). There are many other aspects to consider, which you can read about here.

If you choose to buy, make sure you can afford the extra costs involved in being a homeowner. These include insurance costs, repair costs, remodelling costs and property taxes.

Keep an emergency fund ready to take care of unexpected costs, such as a sudden pest infestation or the accidentally broken window.

If you Choose to Rent

If you choose to rent, make sure that your rent and the rate of rental increase will not exceed 30% of your take home salary, the general rule of thumb to maximum rental contribution.

While you can save money on a lot of homeowners’ costs, you will not end up with any asset in return.

So what should you do? If you would like to know which makes more economic sense in the long run, it is worthwhile to utilise a rent vs buy calculator.

2. Living paycheck to paycheck

You might live paycheck to paycheck, or know many people who do. Somehow, being broke by the end of the month has been portrayed by popular media as something normal to go through. You know which ones we’re talking about – Lena Dunham’s Girls, we are looking at you.

Lliving paycheck to paycheck is definitely not ideal as a 30-year-old. It is easy to get sucked into the sweet, temporary relief provided by credit cards and payday loans.

So what should you do?

  • If you don’t earn a lot to begin with, start with a comprehensive, honest look at where your money has gone and is going.
  • Be prepared to ruthlessly cut out things that are not necessary.
  • If you have already trimmed your budget and still have no disposable income by the end of the month, you need to look for a better-paying job, or get a side hustle (read further down this list).

3. Have an emergency fund

That brings us to the subject of emergency funds. Have you heard the phrase, the only constant thing in life is change? Life is unpredictable. Despite the best of preparation, something will go wrong – and it will always cost money to fix.

Your car might break down at the most inconvenient of times, you might suffer random allergies that mysteriously developed, or your dog might require an emergency trip to the vet because he ate your hidden chocolate stash (poor Fido).

So what should you do?

Err… start saving? And remember that having access to emergency funds in liquid form (ie cash) is a must for everyone. If you don’t have an emergency fund right now, start with a $ 1000 goal.

4. Tackle that debt

It’s not uncommon to have debt, especially student loan debt; 7 out of 10 carry debt after they graduate. It is also not uncommon to have credit card debt or be forced to take payday loans to make ends meet by the end of the month. Both of these have horrible interest rates.

According to, the average credit card interest is 15%. Payday loans, on the other hand, are on a whole other level. Idaho payday lenders charge a whopping 582% in annual interest rates.

Sadly, the financial mechanisms in place right now make it expensive for poor people to get out of debt.

So what should you do?

Popular finance guru Dave Ramsay advocates the debt snowball method where you plan and pay off the smallest debt amount first, then pay off the next smallest debt amount, and so on.

5. Diversify Your Income

If you are seeking to be proactive with your savings and getting out of debt plan, you should seriously consider having more than one form of income. Welcome to the world of side hustling, where the freelancer economy is not only alive, but also booming.

There are plenty of ways to make money on the side. In fact, there are so many that you’ll have to sit down and pick only one or two to focus on. Some people find success in freelance writing, while for others the gold is in freelance designing. People do everything from dog-walking to house-sitting to queue-standing.

So what should you do?

Look at lists of side hustles that are easy and cheap to start (here’s one list). Zero in on a few potentials, then start offering those services to everybody you know.

After a few months, do an analysis and drop the side hustles that are not making you enough money; focus on the one (or ones) that do. Do all you can to better yourself in this field then you can charge higher for your expertise.

6. cost analysis: making vs buying food

Food is one expense category you can’t ignore – everyone needs food to survive. While every other financial platform tends to advise individuals to prepare their own food, I believe that in some instances, it might be more cost-effective to buy food instead.

A cost analysis is needed to determine which is better for you. Here’s how to do it.

For example, if your hourly rate is greater than the amount of money saved in food preparation, then it makes more economic sense to outsource this chore and buy food instead. Say your side hustle is making you $ 100 an hour, and cooking a chicken takes 2 hours, it would probably make more sense to use that time to earn the $ 200 instead of trying to save the worth of one meal.

Note however, that for the majority of us, it makes more sense to prepare our own food. Economically speaking, most of us cannot afford to exclusively buy pre-prepared healthy foods 100% of the time.

On top of that, most pre-prepared cheap food have hidden medical “costs” that you should factor in as well – for example, a diet with too much sugar can lead to Type II diabetes. Too much processed meat takes you one step closer to a whole range of cardiovascular-related diseases.

So what should you do?

Learn frugal cooking strategies – slow cooking, meal prepping, and a mainly vegetarian diet does not have steep learning curves. BudgetBytes is a good resource to start.

Additionally, cooking in bulk saves a lot of time. If you can make 10 meals in 2 hours, then stow them in the fridge for the rest of the week, you will have plenty more hours in a week to dedicate to earning side incomes while not compromising your meal qualities.

7. Choosing a life partner

Can a life partner become a financial decision? Yes, definitely, no doubt about it. Money is a very common reason for fights between couples – according to a 2014 survey, 70% of couples fight about money more than any other issue.

We’re not saying you should dump The One if he/she came with high student loans and a bad credit score. However, it’s not something you should ignore. It will affect the rate you will be able to get financially stable enough to start a family, to buy a home, among many other life-altering decisions.

So what should you do?

If you have a partner, have a real, honest talk about money together, on topics such as:

  • What is their attitude to money management?
  • Does your spending pattern align?
  • Does he/she have an uncontrollable shopping habit you cannot afford to sustain?
  • How about health – will they require medical planning in the future? If yes, how soon?

Here are some tips on how to discuss finances with your significant other.

8. why you should pay taxes

Every contributing member of the society has an obligation to pay their taxes. Not only is tax avoidance a serious offence, but morally-speaking, lost revenue will directly impact the country’s development in the long run.

No one is truly happy to pay taxes, especially if they have an unfavorable view of the tax system. Regardless, everyone grew up benefiting from contributions made by the tax collected from the generations before us. Had a public school education? Benefited. Walked through public parks? Same. Drove through highways? Ditto.

So what should you do?

It’s only right for us to benefit the next generation by paying our dues in taxes, but if you need more convincing, here is a more in-depth response to why you should pay your taxes. Here are ways to make tax filing easy.


The sad fact of adulthood is this: if you don’t follow these financial tips and advice, no one else will do it for you. There are no penalties, no ‘you’re grounded’ threats to force you to make better financial decisions and habits.

It can be a hard journey for some people, especially if you stay in a less-than-supportive environment with little incentive to be financially successful. That is why self-improvement is called self-improvement.

We will end with this: Money is a tool. Some people convince themselves that they ‘aren’t ever going to be good at it’, so they give up on financial knowledge and money management. This is a lie, because humans are defined by our ability to use tools. You can learn it, and excel in handling it. Now get out there and show money who’s boss. Be masters of your finances.

Editor’s note: This is written for by Suraya Zainudin. Suraya specializes in personal finance, bitcoin, FinTech and nonprofits. She writes about how she spends, saves, earns and invests money in a personal blog. Follow her on Twitter.

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The Disgruntled Chef at The Club Launches Menu 2.0

Celebrating their sixth year anniversary, The Disgruntled Chef has expanded their new menu with brand new small and big plates in outstanding colours and flavours, specially curated by Founder & Executive Chef Daniel Sia. I was invited to the tasting at The Disgruntled Chef at The Club a few weeks ago to try their new menu. Here are some of my favourites.

Lightroom Edit1

Lightroom Edit1

Lightroom Edit

Lightroom Edit

The other time when I was here, we had the Truffle Brioche ($ 9) which was so good that I kept thinking about it. I was looking forward to it during my food tasting this time round but came a plate of Burnt Onion Charcoal Bread ($ 9). A little disappointed initially but the delicious black charcoal bread is not bad as well. Soft and fluffy, it is served with cream cheese foam and homemade fish floss which team up wonderfully with a subtle onion fragrance.

Brand new small plates include Roasted Heirloom Beets & Orange Salad dressed in raspberry vinaigrette and creamy labneh or strained yoghurt ($ 18). It us delightfully refreshing with bright flavours. The rustic Chicken & Duck Liver Parfait ($ 18) turned out to be quite light on the palate with shredded duck confit, sweet shallot marmalade and crispy bread chips.



Lightroom Edit2

Lightroom Edit2



The big plates are more impressive. Braised Iberico Pork Cheeks Crepinette ($ 38) is created for a lingering first impressions. A crépinette is a small, flattened sausage, sometimes referred to as a sausage parcel. When sliced open, it is a beautiful parcel of trotter and minced pork combined altogether to give a burst of flavours. Honestly, it is not the most photogenic dish on camera but it tastes so good with miso carrot puree, broccoli and braised daikon.

For a lighter main, the Crispy Golden Snapper ($ 32) is a good option. Served with puffed scales, zucchini caviar, clam and basil fondue, the meat retains its moisture. The puffed scales provides a textural contrast while the clam and basil broth gave a crustacean richness. Don’t forget to save some stomach space for the heavenly mac and cheese. Other sides include Salt Baked Onions, Baby Romaine Salad and Bordelaise Sauce.

If you are craving something healthier, the Wild Mushroom Tortellini ($ 26) wis a must-try. The homemade pasta is encased with earthy king oyster mushrooms and garnished with roasted celeriac and parmesan foam for contrasting textures. The hit was the sous vide egg that makes the dish so smooth and moist.





Women always have different stomachs when it comes to desserts. The beautiful Poached Strawberries ($ 16) first arrived on our table. The light and soft puff pastry was paired with plump and sweet strawberries with vanilla creme and Formage Blanc ice cream. A finale was memorable when I savour the Mango & Passonfruit Souffle ($ 16). Such soft and ggy curd with a tangy punch from the passionfruit. You get a spoonful of the seeds for the crunch as well. It is served with cheesecake ice cream and crumbles. The Disgruntled Chef makes all the ice-cream on our own with no additives.

The newly launched a la carte food menu starts from $ 9, and is available everyday except Saturday afternoon brunch and Sunday. For those seeking a quick gourmet lunch, The Disgruntled Chef at The Club has two-course and three-course
options at $ 33++ or $ 45++ per guest from Monday – Friday except eve of and on public holidays.

Address: 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708

Phone: +65 6808 2184


Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 12pm – 2:30pm; 6pm – 10:30pm. Closed on Sundays.


Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, she started this website in 2007 to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share her love of travel and food with the world. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling.

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Miss Tam Chiak


This Is What The Space Black iPhone 7 Could Look Like

By | June 28th, 2016

We’re now at the tail end of June of the year 2016 and September is historically the month in which Apple usually announces and also releases its new iPhones, and at this point there are few indications to suggest that 2016 will be the year to buck the trend.

With the iPhone 7 expected to feature few cosmetic changes from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that came before it, one key thing that will differentiate the new handset from those of yesteryear looks set to be the introduction of a new Space Black model in line with the Apple Watch’s color options. Rumors have suggested that the new color will bring a new, darker look to the iPhone, which has gotten lighter variations of Space Gray over the years.


While it’s easy to get a photo of a Space Black Apple Watch, imagining that color in an iPhone isn’t all that easy, so two new renders have been created, which aim to show just what a black iPhone could look like, and we have to say it looks lovely. We’ve always enjoyed Apple’s darker colors, particularly in the iPhone 5 days, so the idea of a stealth iPhone 7 certainly appeals to us.

The two new renders, created by one Twitter user and an Instagram user, both give us an inkling as to what a Space Black iPhone could look like, although there is obviously no guarantee that Apple will even release a black iPhone, let alone it looking anything like these renders. All that being said, anything close to these two will have us excited to get our hands on an iPhone 7 even if the rest of the industrial design does not.

Here’s first of the two:


If Apple does decide to release an iPhone 7 with the same chassis, or at least almost the same chassis as the previous two iterations, would a new, stealthy black color be enough to make you upgrade? Updated internals will also be present, of course, but we can’t help but think Apple has something else up its sleeve.


Perhaps a “one more thing”?

(Source: Shai Mizrachi [Twitter] | Apple iDesigner [Instagram])

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Redmond Pie


Here's Why the Singapore Food Festival 2016 is The Pop-Up Event Of The Year

Singapore Food Festival 2016 is here

There’s something about pop-up events that makes them so fun. Perhaps it’s the transient ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ nature of the event, or the expectation that it sets up of a special experience that is specially curated, brimming with imagination, and featuring the labour of craftsmen at their best.

And if the pop-up is centred around the #1 Singaporean fixation, FOOD, you’ll have a winner! From 15 – 31st July 2016, the Singapore Food Festival will roll round again, offering loads of pop-up stalls with great food, kind of like the pop-up lifestyle events we love. A bonus: there is a fixed calendar of pop-up events under the Singapore Food Festival, so you can plan, settle on a serious game plan and get your food fix hot off the pans.

Live up to your national identity a.k.a foodie with the most anticipated pop-up event of the year! Get ready to paint the town red.

1. Eat along the CBD streets at SFF’s signature event STREAT 


We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy our food. Recently, local joints have brought to life our food fantasies, from chendol waffles to a jaw-dropping kaya cocktail in a jar, showing that all it takes is a little imagination to make our iconic food pop. At SFF’s signature event STREAT, unique food reimaginations will be unveiled, alongside throwbacks to traditional foods full of heritage we all love. 

As an added incentive to visit STREAT, celebrity chef Susur Lee, Restaurant Labyrinth’s Han Liguang and Tunglok Heen’s Ken Ling are collaborating to serve an exclusive 5-course dinner menu that’ll redefine expectations of favorite local delights. This pop-up restaurant is a one-time-only treat for foodies, so don’t miss out on it!

15 – 16 July 2016 | 5 – 10.30 PM
Where: Clifford Square, 1 Fullerton Rd, S(049213)
Entry: Free
Find out more here.

2. Revisit Chinatown Food Street’s heyday as a street food haven 


Pop by the new and improved Chinatown Food Street for food festivities rain or shine, because all the food is under one spanking new roof. We promise live music, buskers and entertainers clad in traditional Chinese outfits. 


Get the regular Smith Street fare and the festival specials, or reminisce the days before plastic dessert bowls, with rainbow ice kachang sculpted into balls. Watch out for rickshaw noodles or kan chia mee and experience for yourself how people in the past took pleasure in the small things. 


And when you hear the “kok-kok” sound, you know you’re steps away from kok kok mee. Tasting portions of KKM and other old-time favs will be going from $ 0.50 – $ 2.50. A small price to pay to jolt some memories. You deserve a “kok” on your head if you miss out on this!

The 50 Cents Fest!
  30 July 2016 | 5 – 11 PM
            31 July 2016 | 11 AM – 11 PM
Where: Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street  
Find out more here.

3. Play Neon Beer Pong at Timbre+’s first Outdoor Barbecue

Timbre+ is where mainstream food fascination goes fringe, with craft beers, live music and, of course, great grub. With the Singapore Food Festival rolling into town, Gastropark Timbre+ is bringing an extra oomph to food and fun. 


At this container park, you’ll find neon beer pong, outdoor barbecues blowouts and your favorite outdoor games, super-sized. The fun will be uncontainable, not to mention the amount of food. Work up your appetites with activities like Run the Dish/Beer Mile — you’re going to need the stomach space. 

Local artistes will be your jukebox jam every night. This SFF, head down with song dedications and bold declarations of love to food… I mean your loved ones. Our suggestions are Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. 

Timbre+’s resident chefs will be pairing up with guest chefs, debuting their own “Love Stories” with new food combinations. Prata Taco with Barbecued Pork Collar/Stewed Tripe or Cebu Bellychon? Yes please. Six epic new food affairs will form this during this exciting event. So baby, just say “Yes” to Singapore Food Festival’s initiative to match two chefs and see what hatches.

Open Stoves by Timbre+
When: 23 – 24 July 2016 | 12 PM till late
Where: Timbre+, One-North
Find out more here.

5.  Get your hands on Chicken Rice Makis or Chicken Rice with Tea

Each of us swears by our favorite chicken rice store, but few of us have tried chicken rice infused with tea or rolled into a maki.  

As part of Chatterbox’s 45th Anniversary, they’ve hatched a plan to infiltrate the CBD, with a food-truck serving up Chicken Rice Makis ($ 8). Keep your eyes peeled, their truck might just pull up right by your office space. You can get their Chicken Rice ($ 12) or Seafood Laksa ($ 8). That’s the same great food minus the service and delivery charges.

A much better way to beat the lunch crowd than waiting for your food delivery!

Chatterbox Food Truck (Chicken rice maki)
When: 15 – 31 July 2016 | 12 – 2PM
Where: The Chatterbox food truck will be going around the CBD. Get the latest updates by following Mandarin Orchard Singapore on Instagram or on their Facebook page.

Not to be outdone, TWG’s got tea-infused chicken rice on the menu this Singapore Food Festival! Going where no chicken rice store has gone before, TWG’s pushing the limits of tea compatibility. Their salons will be serving Indian curry made with tea – what a plot tea-wist

Tea Infused Heritage Journey (Tea-Infused Chicken Rice) 
When: 15 – 24 July 2016
Where: Selected TWG Tea Salons

6. Picnique: the classy way to picnic with chic at ION Orchard’s basement  


Take your picnic game to a new level of chic – you’ll never run out of style picnicking at ION. This July, the usual holding pen for BAKE Cheese Tarts queuers will be overrun by a band of picnickers. ION Orchard’s B4 station will transform into a literal cool-de-sac, a très cool picnic nook that’s air-conditioned to boot. 


Ladies, keep those manicured hands on fleek and carry on primping, because ION’s got you covered with the food prepping. Spend a minimum of $ 50 at ION’s F&B outlets and redeem a free picnic basket worth more than $ 100! Picnicking is the perfect way to rest your feet after combing the streets for GSS steals.

The best part, you’ll only be two steps away from a minimalist mat from MUJI or Jason’s Marketplace for your other picnic needs. 

ION Orchard Culinary Creations 2016: Picnic in Style!
When: 15 – 17 July 2016 | 10 AM – 10 PM*
Where: ION Orchard B4 Station
Find out more here.
*Picnic Basket Redemption: 15 – 17 July | 11 AM – 1 PM & 6 – 8 PM

7. Get a five-course hawker meal, paired with Sing-spired cocktails 

If you missed Singapore Cocktail Week in March, you have a second chance at cocktail redemption. Never before have Newton’s Oyster Omelette, Katong Laksa and Maxwell Chicken Rice been paired with their own customized cocktails. Cheeky Uncle, Ginger Yuzu Buck and Chilli Rose Sours are part of this mixology medley. 

At Tippling Club this Singapore Food Festival, you’ll be in for amusing surprises. We’re definitely curious about their Cheeky Uncle concoction and could their Chilli Rose Sours be homage to our favorite Bandung?

Singapore hawker favorites are reimagined with the curious creations of Tippling Club. Every plate’s a canvas and flowers are never too outlandish to use as garnish. Who knows what to expect when founder Ryan Clift unleashes his creative genius with Singaporean favorites with his 5-course hawker sequence? 

You’re guaranteed that Tippling’s artistic and quirky interpretation of Singaporean cuisine will be Uniquely Singaporean

Street Hawkers Inspired 5-course Pairing
When: 18 – 23 July 2016 | 7 PM – Closing
Where: Bin 38, Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Road
Price: $ 220/pax
Find out more here.

8. Discover bibik masak hacks, make ayam pongteh and savour real traditional food 

Miss the immense joys of cutting class to go on those “learning journeys” through the Kampong Glam and Little India alleys? Relive those memories with CRAVE! Singapore’s Spice Trail, Malay Heritage Experience and Little Nyonya Kitchen tours. These are excursions I’ll gladly sign myself up for.  


The best way to brush up your cultural awareness is when food enters the equation. Try your hand at making ketupat or Nyonya delights and you’ll see Little India and Kampong Glam in different light. They’ll show you where to get cinnamon, spice and all things nice. 

Alternatively, choose between traditional Peranakan makan from the Little Nyonya Kitchen tour or satisfy those kueh cravings with at the Heritage Town Trail with Kim Choo’s kueh appreciation sessions! 


Looks like there’ll be leftovers, but if you prefer a more permanent takeaway, learn to masak masak from old-time pros. Won’t be long till you’re whipping up the ultimate ayam pong teh or tasty Nyonya kueh.

Crave! Singapore food trails
Spice Trail @ Little India | Little Nyonya Kitchen | Malay Heritage Experience
When: 1 – 31 July, timings differ by tour

Spice Trail @ Little India 
Price: $ 88/person
Little Nyonya Kitchen
Price: $ 98/person
Malay Heritage Experience
Price: $ 98/person
Find more tour details here.

Heritage Town Trail
16, 23, 30 July: 2pm onwards
109 East Coast Road, Singapore 428800
Price: $ 40 nett/person
Find out more here.

About Singapore Food Festival 2016!

The festivities don’t end here. We’re real life pacmans — every street gives us a new reason to eat. Check out Dining in the Garden City and One Farrer’s Food Street and build your game plan now, so you’re at the front of all the long lines.

Alternatively, if you’d like to keep our food culture alive by learning to make traditional food yourself, look out for Insider’s Kitchen Tour and learn to make your own confectionary, or Kid’s Nyonya Kueh Workshop, where your kids will take pride in making their own nyonya kueh

Mark the dates and take the chance to rediscover your favourites and unearth new gems at Singapore Food Festival 2016!

Find out more about Singapore Food Festival 2016 here

Singapore Food Festival 2016
Where: All over Singapore
When: 15-31 July 2016

This post was brought to you by Singapore Food Festival 2016.

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How To Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 For Free Without Cable Subscription

By | June 26th, 2016

Hardcore fans of the popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones have been waiting patiently for the next installment of the series since last year, with HBO fueling that excitement by the constant drip-feeding of promotional content since earlier this year that has teased footage of content from season 6. Thankfully, the wait is now over.

With Game of Thrones season 6 finally started airing, the next question undoubtedly is how you can go about watching it online, without cable subscription, and that too for free, legally.


Before you go into that, you may want to note that while every new episode of Game of Thrones season 6 starts airing every Sunday, 9pm Eastern or 6pm Pacific time, but with the method explained below, you don’t necessarily have to be up watching it at that time, with on-demand option also available to playback the last aired episode, or any episode for that matter, anytime you like. Here’s how to go about it.

The trick basically involves subscribing to HBO NOW, which is a “watch anywhere, anytime”-style service that lets you consume HBO shows and programming through an app or channel on almost any smartphone, computer, tablet, Android TV device, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and more.

Complete list of HBO NOW supported devices are as follows.


All that is required is to download the app or add the channel to your device (whichever is applicable from the options given above) and start a new registration for free 30 days trial and get up and running. Of course, we wouldn’t leave you high and dry, and have previously prepared a guide on how to get signed up here.

What’s the catch here? Well, after the 30-day free trial has ended, you will have to pay for the service, which is $ 14.99 a month. But if you still want to continue the free trial, you can always sign up for a new HBO NOW account and start another 30-day free trial. You can continue and repeat the process until the ongoing season 6 is over.

You may also like to check out:

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Redmond Pie


If You Own a UOB Card, Here Are 5 Solid GSS Deals That Are Exclusive to YOU

Swipe and Save

The perks of a credit card are endless. Whether it’s the exclusive promotions perpetually on offer, or the ease of cashless paying – credit cards are all a shopaholic/dine-aholic/tai-tai needs to live life to the fullest.

A tip to keep in mind: swear your loyalty to the right bank, and you’ll have all the best promotions at the tips of your fingers. This GSS, UOB Cards is doling out lots of discounts and rewards to their loyal customers. Here are 5 of the best deals to look out for!

1. Get 25% off all your foodpanda Meals

If you’ve never given foodpanda a try, you’re missing out. This food delivery service is a godsend in Singapore’s blazing weather. It saves you from all the walking you’ll have to otherwise do in order to track down that new ulu cafe, and allows you to skip the walk-in seating wait list as you lounge at home, waiting for your food to come to you.


Using foodpanda is simple – just key your postal code into, and choose from the selection of cafes, restaurants, and fast food joints available. Delivery time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, but it usually never takes an hour to arrive. You’ll be getting your food in tip-top condition with foodpanda’s high delivery standards – and all at just a flat rate of $ 3!  

With UOB Cards, get a whopping 25% off your total bill – valid every day till 14 August 2016 with a minimum spend of $ 25. We’ve done the math – 25% off $ 25= $ 6.25 –  this means that you’ll be scoring yourself free delivery and saving at least $ 3.25 on every order you make!

2. Get 20% off your monthly ZALORA haul


Everyone loves discounts, especially when it comes to clothes. Mass-adding the season’s hottest picks to your cart can get extremely addictive – not to mention dangerous – and 20% off a $ 120 bill matters a great deal – especially when it makes your bill fall under the $ 100 limit.

Pay with your UOB card when you shop with ZALORA, and get 20% off your entire bill as long as it’s over $ 120. And hear this, this discount works on top of sale prices. Trust me, it’s easy to bust the hundreds mark when you’re scrolling through ZALORA’s high-fashion house brand, so any kind of discount is welcome!

3. Get 8-10% off when you book your next staycation

New Majestic Hotel Source

This period may be called the June “holidays”, but in the working world, life goes on. If you can’t leave your desk long enough to fly overseas for a holiday, skip the plane and hassle of packing and treat yourself to a staycation in your homeground.

Hotel Jen 

With UOB Cards’ generous 10% discounts on Expedia bookings and 8% off Agoda bookings, you’ll get a sizable chunk shaved off the hundreds-per-night bill. Who knows, your savings may even be able to bump you up to the next room grade. Go big and get rewarded!

4. Treat yourself and save big at Wheelock


Heading to town on an errand run can be a tempestuous thing. With rows of attractive deal on display, it’s not too difficult to find your hands full of shopping bags and your pockets empty by the end of the night.

Fret not, UOB Cardmembers are entitled to 15% off a range of fashion and lifestyle brands at Revolte x SheShops. You can also pamper yourself in the beauty department with savings of up to 30% on regular treatments at Bellezza Aesthetics and Vedure Face, Body & Nail Medispa, and 40% off treatments and packages at SkinLab The Medical Spa.

From now till the 17th of July, every S$ 200 you spend entitles you to S$ 20 worth of shopping vouchers to offset your next shopping escapade – there are only 40 vouchers awarded to shoppers each day so fastest fingers first!

Check out all their non-stop deals here!

5. Get 10% off your Korean feasts


People crowding around a smoking grill, with every inch of the table covered with fresh meat and korean BBQ must-haves… These memories are what make Korean Barbecues so addictive. If you’re someone who can’t go a week without a KBBQ night complete with a watermelon soju by the grill, thank your lucky stars, for UOB’s giving their K-foodies 10% off participating Korean restaurants. 

Order up the kimchi!


Be it the staple fried chicken at Oppa Chicken or the all-out feast 8 Korean BBQ, 10% off your total bill means you can afford to go for round 2.

Fuss-free Shopping, Major Savings


Shop smart. From 3rd June to 14th August 2016, UOB Cards will be showering exclusive GSS  perks on their lucky card members. Expect up to a whopping 70% off on over 150 retailers spanning across fashion, beauty, sports, grocery, online, travel and dining, which covers all a shopaholic can want in life. The grass is definitely greener on this side. 

Shop and swipe with UOB Cards today!

This post was brought to you by UOB Cards.

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