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Food review: I’m Kim Korean BBQ

I’m Kim Korean BBQ

I am kim 1
I’m Kim Korean BBQ restaurant is a down to earth no frill BBQ restaurant popular for its reasonable price tag (14.9++ to 24.9++) eat all you can buffet menu.

I am kim 3

When we stepped into the restaurant, the bbq smell was evident, similar to most of the BBQ restaurants, I’m Kim Korean BBQ restaurant do not fitted with exhaust system to eliminate the fume from the griller, however, they do provide the odor remover spray at the door and effectively get rid of most of the unpleasant smell. Good service indeed.

I am kim 6

I’m Kim Korean BBQ offers good choice of bbq meat, beef, chicken and pork. The meats were generally fresh. Some selection of seafood and veggies were available for more varieties, so there was a good range of bbq items can be placed on the hot plate for a good grilling.

I am kim 4

Besides the bbq items, there are cooked food to supplement the choices, fried Korean chicken is one of their signature dishes under the cooked food section, however, we think more work can be done to improve the overall taste.

I am kim 5

Spring rolls, kimchi, Sushi, noodles, various types of soup, rice and tropical fruits are good complement to the bbq items, however, do not expect premium quality for the price tags you paid. Most of it are run of the mills food, I’m Kim Korean BBQ can only assure the consistent refilling and topping up of the food, so that your stomach will not be letting down for running out of supply.

I am kim 7Our verdict:

If you don’t intend to dig deep into the wallet or not too critical about dining environment and food, I’m Kim Korean BBQ restaurant indeed a good choice to satisfy your palates and a great venue for communal gathering.

I’m KIM Korean BBQ

A: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of The Arts (SOTA) #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 227968

H: Mon to Fri: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10.30pm, Weekends & PH: 11.30am to 3.30pm, 5pm to 10.30pm

T: +65 6238 7218


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I Eat & Eat


5 Online Marketing Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate goal of website design is conversion. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a common practice followed by successful marketers aiming to convert visitors into paying customers.

Contrary to the common misconception that online marketing is costly and only high-profile entrepreneurs can afford it, CRO boosts conversion rates without implying unreasonable expenses.

5 Tips to Increase Newsletter Engagement Rate

5 Tips to Increase Newsletter Engagement Rate

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In this post, I’ll show you five well-researched online marketing tips that will help you increase your conversion rates, and boost your business.

1. Reduce Page Load Times

Back in 2009, Google conducted a research in which they analyzed users’ reaction to slower search result pages. They found that when Google’s search pages were slowed down by 100-400 milliseconds (less than half a second), the searches reduced by 0.2%-0.6%.

This might sound like a small number, but it amounts to a loss of 14,400 searches per minute.

Google assumed that other sites dealt with similar rates – and they warned website owners against ignoring low speed for a considerable time so as to not further detach users.

By 2016, the general intolerance towards slow websites has become even worse. With a plethora of options available to users, page loading time has turned into the most important KPI to measure conversion rates.

If your website fails to load within 3 seconds, 40% of your users abandon it.

Many other data sources prove the same. Amazon found that for every one second delay, conversions dropped by 7%, which amounts to a loss of $ 1.6 billion.

Walmart came to the similar conclusion – they measured 1% revenue increase for every 100ms of site speed improvement.

Walmart’s conversion rates with respect to page load time

Apart from the poor UX, low page load time also limits the crawling ability of Google bots.

Google’s John Mueller pointed out in his reply to a user question at Webmaster Central Help Forum, that a delay of over 2 seconds in fetching a single URL limited the ability of spiders to display the page in Google search results.

How to Make Your Pages Load Faster

Compress and optimize images especially on the home page, in slideshows and hero sections. Above-the-fold information must load as quickly as possible, but you can use lazy-load effects for other less important features such as carousel images.

Here Are 12 Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Here Are 12 Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Everyone loves a fast loading website (that includes you and your readers too), so of course, you already…Read more

Find the right place for your tracking script according to the needs and the type of the script. Use a single tracking script, as multiple scripts for different analytics tools can considerably slow down your loading time. Also don’t forget to optimize dependencies.

Use Gzip encoding for data compression, as it considerably compresses the size of webpage and its elements.

IMAGE: Radenko Zec’s blog

Consider loading background images using unconventional CSS methods. If you can avoid don’t use inline CSS and JavaScript. It can also significantly improve performance if you use CDNs, specialized fast network servers for static components such as Javascripts, CSS, forms and images.

Load times of different site components with and without CDN

Optimize caching and minimize cookie size for better loading speed on subsequent visits. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the content of your website and generate suggestions.

The Site Speed feature of Google Analytics (Google Analytics > Behaviour > Site Speed) allows you to measure real-world load times instead of the lab results.

2. Reduce Complexity of Your Design

Your website needs to be as simple as possible. When you try to stuff all the services of your trade onto a single page, it disastrously affects conversion rates – the most important KPI of your business.

GravityDept’s case study quantitatively explains the impact of a website redesign from a more complex to a simpler interface.



The changes were subtle but profound. Besides improvements on the backend, the new site got a responsive design, a multifaceted navigation with structured attributes such as color, fabric, and pattern, and high-quality images that helped achieve a cleaner look.

The performance also improved, the uncached initial page load time became 63% smaller. As a result, the conversion rate significantly increased, and the revenue sharply grew.

How to Simplify Your Site Design

Your home page should only contain the most important things such as the logo, the headlines, and CTAs. Make your services easily available with intuitive navigation using dropdown menus if necessary.

According to the Baymard Institute’s statistics 68.63% of online customers abandon their cart due to various complications, so if you have an online store make checkout as simple as possible to reduce the drop off, and also use the guest checkout option.

Don’t place ads on your home page. Websites embedded with ads look very unprofessional, and generate high bounce rates. Consider simplifying the registration and login processes by using social logins.

Make user feel better by making your forms smaller and simpler. Autofill forms based on past purchases and user history. Also ensure that error messages do not contain technical jargon as it deters many users.

3. Have a Single Focus

What is the use of being jack of all trades but master of none? The goal of your website must be clear and exclusive. It must serve a unique and single purpose in the user’s life.

Unrelated information on a single website makes it hard to trigger the interest of visitors. They get distracted from the original goal, hence your conversion rate suffers.

How to Keep Your Site Focused

You need to clearly establish the goal of your website. Don’t give users other actionable options apart from the single goal. It creates confusion and hesitation, and negatively affects your conversion rates.

Use social media buttons carefully. Sometimes they are distracting. Perform A/B testing to see if they increase CTR, or the other way around.

In case you have an e-Commerce store, display the availability of products with the help of SKUs in order to take leverage of the urgency factor.

Multiple CTAs can create confusion such as in the image below. The ensuing hesitation can result in lower conversions, so it’s better to use only a single CTA.

4. Get Rid of Dullness and Redundancy

The first impression is commonly also the last impression. The competition is fierce, as interesting information keeps flowing from all over the web. A study has proven that due to the wide usage of the internet, humans now have an attention span of 8 seconds.

Hence you need to grab users’ attention in a very short period of time. If you fail to make an impact within the given time period, they will simply walk away from your product without a second thought.

These days, a quirky headline is much more important than the content itself. To make a headline more appealing you can infuse it with the following features:

  • Surprise – The word BEWARE! does the trick effectively.
  • QuestionWhy Does My Website Suck – because you don’t have this title!
  • Numbers – Organize your content into lists, and use a number in the title just like I did in this post.
  • Curiosity – Leave your readers hanging in midst of a statement, such as I Used to be Afraid of Programming but Then I Started.
  • NegativesUnderstand How Electronic Waste is Destroying the Planet.
  • Direct referencesHEY YOU! Have You Already Designed the Perfect Website?

After an interesting title, give relevant and interesting subheadings like below:

How to Make Users Interested in Your Content

Use keywords in your titles, headings and subheadings. Keep keywords limited, simple and precise.

Make sure your CTA copy is strong with interesting text and visual appeal. Your content must sound and look friendly, not pushy. Write directly to your audience by using the word “you”.

Consider adding videos, audios, and other media to your page to explain your product and service. They tend to have higher engagement rates than other content forms.

IMAGE: How Video Content Improves Different KPIs

If you collect payment on your site, include the latest payment options, such as PayPal, AndroidPay, ApplePay. Ensure users can easily toggle among them.

You lose a customer if their preferred payment option is not listed. On the diagram below, you can see the payment options companies already use and plan to introduce.

IMAGE: Let’s Talk Payments

5. Gain Trust

Great design makes people trust you, while poor design creates mistrust and makes users bounce off. Trust is a big deal, whether we deal with offline or online customers. It extends way beyond the field of conversion rate optimization.

Users form opinions about your website in less than a second (50 ms). When you are dealing with an audience you haven’t even interacted with, it will be your website that will drive the trust of your customers into your business.

How to Build Trust Online

As shallow as it sounds, people will trust you if you look good, so don’t hesitate to show off. People do judge the book by their cover, and your business by your website design.

It’s also crucial to assure your users you’re easily available. It doesn’t mean to stay online 24×7 or replying to every email. It’s enough to make your address and phone number visible, and specify the time when your customers can call you.

It’s also a good idea to save the preferred settings of your customers, and make it default for them when they return to your site.

Testimonials using visuals, such as the logos of prestigious clients, also help build trust and credibility online. One of the best ways to build trust is to get help from the people who already trust you.

A very simple way to put this principle in use is to ask for authentic user reviews that will hopefully boost your ratings.

On the following infographic you can see the impact of reviews and testimonials on conversion rates.

Final Words

Conversion rate optimization is a complex field. You need to work hard to get the results you want. The online community constantly pursues exciting innovation you need to follow.

Apart from using the above CRO tips, you also need to constantly innovate and come up with unique ideas in order to secure your online success on the long run.

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Ye Lai Xiang Tasty Barbeque: Classic Hainanese Western Food!

Chicken CutletChicken Cutlet $ 8

You can find all sorts of authentic Italian, French and American cuisine in Singapore nowadays but back in the 70’s when I was growing up, western food meant Hainanese chicken and pork chop and steaks served on sizzling hot plates.  There are still some remnants of that glorious past found in restaurants such as Prince Coffee House,  The Ship and Shashlik which are still serving much the same old school dishes whereas Jack’s Place and Han’s have expanded and tried to modernise the cuisine.

Fish and ChipsFish N Chips

Those who couldn’t afford to eat at the restaurants in those days can find more affordable alternatives at hawker stalls like Ye Lai Xiang Tasty Barbeque which was started by the late Mr Leong in 1971.  He had been the head chef of the British Navy and when they pulled out of Singapore, he went on to open his western food stall in Tanglin Halt to give Singaporeans a taste of Western cuisine.

In 1976. they moved to Margaret Drive Food Centre and continued to wow generations of Singaporeans with their Hainanese Western food till 2011 when the venerable food centre was closed down.  Mr Leong passed away in 1998, but the recipes had already been passed down to third son, Vance, who continues to remain faithful to his original recipes!  They were shut for a while before re-opening again at Maxwell Road Food Centre after an unsuccessful stint at Newton Food Centre.

Mixed GrillLamb Chops

The Hainanese migrated to Singapore later then the Teochews and Hokkiens who had by that time establish control of trade and commerce.  So most of them entered the service industry with many becoming cookboys in British and Nonya households.  It is because of these cookboys that we have dishes which fuse British and Nonya cuisines together such as Hainanese curry rice where pork chop, curry and chap chye lie together harmoniously on a plate of rice!

Old school Hainanese Western food is instantly recognisable.  The usual suspects are a meat like pork or chicken chops which are accompanied by baked beans, crinkle cut fries, mixed vegetables and soft bun.  The marination of the meats and the sauces bring together British ingredients such as Worchestershire sauce with typical Chinese flavours.  It is a style that is distinctly Malayan and should be rightly recognised as our culinary heritage.


The key to Ye Lai Xiang’s dishes is the classic, sweet, savoury and tangy brown sauce which is still made the same way that the late Mr Leong used to do.  It starts with a stock made from bones and vegetables which has been simmering for 8 hours.  A roux is then made by frying butter and flour to which the stock is added. Then, HP sauce, Lea and Perrins Worchestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, red wine, vinegar and other secret spices and mixed in.  This is the one sauce to rule them all and it is used in everything except the fish and chips.  As the chinese saying goes, “lose-win is the sauce”!  4.25/5

Of the meats we tried, the lamb chops are probably the best.  I also love the way the chicken cutlet soaks up the sauce, so that would be my favourite dish.  The pork chops could have been a little more tender and juicy.  The Angus Sirloin beef steak is very competent and well worth a try if you are hankering after a beef steak!


Old school Hainanese Western food is still alive and well at Maxwell Food Centre.  Many of the newer Western food stalls have gone the way of serving more modern Western food which is why stalls like Ye Lai Xiang are a real gem that is keeping tradition alive!

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How to Opt-out of WhatsApp Data Sharing

If you haven’t heard, WhatsApp has renewed its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and along with that update is the announcement that WhatsApp will be sharing some of your WhatsApp account data with Facebook. Here’s what you need to know about this move, and what you can do about it.

What won’t WhatsApp share with Facebook?

Facebook will be getting the phone number you verified with WhatsApp and track how often you use their services, and the last time you used WhatsApp.

WhatsApp insists that messages, photos and account information will not be made available to Facebook, falling back on their move making messages encrypted end-to-end (provided you update to the latest version).

Note that WhatsApp still insists that they “won’t post or share your WhatsApp number with others, including on Facebook” and “won’t sell, share or give phone numbers to advertisers”.

Why does Facebook want my WhatsApp data?

The reason given is because WhatsApp is a part of the Facebook family of companies and that this exercise will allow them to improve the services of both WhatsApp and Facebook. With the data they retrieve, they claim that they can more accurately count unique users, fight spam and abuse.

What’s in it for us? “Better suggestions” and “more relevant ads on Facebook” — as in you’d see an ad from a company you’ve already worked with than one you have not heard before.

Then again, this begs the question: isn’t advertising supposed to be to expose customers to services they have not heard or use before? Well, whatever the reason is, this has to do with Facebook ads.

What you can do:

There are two things you can do, right now: Opt out of this sharing alliance, or dump WhatsApp for an alternative messaging app.

1. How do I opt out of WhatsApp sharing my info to Facebook?

It depends on whether or not you have agreed to their updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you have not agreed to the new policy:

At the Policy Page, tap Read so that the rest of the policy expands. At the bottom of the screen, there is a box that is already ticked. If you don’t want to share your WhatsApp data with Facebook, untick the box.

If you have agreed to the new policy:

You still have 30 days to opt out of this sharing attempt. Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info, and again, untick the box.

2. Which app should I leave WhatsApp for?

It depends on if you really want to leave WhatsApp’s attempt to perfect mothership Facebook’s ad-targeting strategy. If you do, of all the options out there, Telegram is probably the safe haven you seek.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram:

  • Has a desktop app version
  • Lets you Mute Notifications in group chat
  • Lets you quote dialog and directly reply to that (this works even if a conversation is muted)
  • Lets you forward comments
  • Has the two check feature, in green, and an approximate last seen.

Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram

  • Group chats can support up to 5000 members. @mention and #hashtags are supported.
  • You can share files up to 1.5GB, which can be accessed on both mobile and desktop. The Files are also grouped together to make them easy to search.
  • You can use Secret Chats which are self-destructing messages
  • You can edit messages that you have already sent.
  • Your account will be deleted along with any other data inside your account if you do not use it for more than 6 months.

Telegram already has more than 100 million active users by early 2016. The only question left to ask is are your friends on Telegram as well?

Download Telegram

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How Social Media Evolves and Influences Us [Op-Ed]

From the way we communicate to the way we do business, there is a change catalyzed by social media at every corner. This is the very reason that social media is perhaps one of the most sought-after and well-researched themes of the last decade. Psychologists and sociologists, market researchers, in fact, people from every field have tried to dig out facts and statistics about different aspects and effects of social media.

15 Social Media Tools To Help You Publish At The Right Time

15 Social Media Tools To Help You Publish At The Right Time

Do a simple Google search and you will find an abundance of infographics and studies telling you the…Read more

Jumping on to the bandwagon, I resolved to perform my own dissection on social media, albeit by seeing things from a different angle, an angle so tilted that you get to see things which you don’t realize were there this whole time.

Consequently, following are some of the results of my observations regarding the animal called social media.

We carry an alter ego on social media

There have been many books and movies about MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) in which a person carries multiple personalities and can change into any of it at any time.

IMAGE: freepik

These personalities are totally different from one another as well as from the original personality of the carrier and are called his ‘alter ego’.

Similar to that, every one of us carries an alter ego on social media platforms. We post only the best photos of ourselves and usually maintain a profile that is quite contrary to our daily lives.

There is even a complete nerdy study on this phenomenon with respect to Facebook in particular, where the psychologists call it “Facebook self”.

Our social media alter ego has its own personality, requirements and group of friends (some of whom we might not have met in real life). There are people who go to such great lengths in nurturing their social media alter ego that it is almost uncanny.

For instance, I once told a friend that I really liked her dress. She immediately asked me to go and like her Instagram and Facebook pictures on of the same dress. Privacy, it seems, is not top of the list anymore.

IMAGE: Freepik

Our personal information, likes, dislikes and the trends we follow etc. were once exclusive to ourselves or certain market research questionnaires that we ever filled in.

However today, we share this information with social media platforms that we are a part of – and the most interesting thing is that we are quite ok with it as well.

Privacy versus Popularity

Initially, everyone had privacy concerns about social media. However, as soon as the circumference of their popularity increased, its active users reached the conclusion that privacy thing isn’t all that important; to them, it is more of a hype.

Somehow we have forgotten the importance of maintaining our privacy on social media networks and why it matters.

Facebook & Your Privacy: Why It Matters

Facebook & Your Privacy: Why It Matters

Knowledge is power. There’s no better way to put it in this information age of ours. In our…Read more

Our carelessness towards privacy makes sure that instead of social media being a product for us, we in turn are products for social media platforms.

The data we put in our social media profiles, the pictures we share, the check-ins we do and the hashtags we create, every single piece of information is precious to the marketers – to whom our information is sold!

Everyone is living in the same time zone

The Internet never sleeps. There was a time when if you live in Asia, you could watch American morning news only at night, or you had to wait for the daily newspaper to catch up with yesterday’s happenings.

But on social media platforms, there is no day or night – the whole world lives in the same time zone.

IMAGE” Freepik

Take for instance, news about the death of Muhammad Ali. That spread all over social media within minutes of the announcement. Similarly, when the attacks happened in Brussels, people from all over the planet contacted their friends in the affected area within hours of the event.

Social media has also changed the way we receive news. I can’t remember the last time in the past decade that I sat down and watched an entire news program on TV. I rather get all of my breaking news from Facebook or Twitter where I just have to skim through the headlines and intro to get updated with the latest.

Someone is always listening

People can say whatever they want on social media platforms, a thought, an opinion, or simply a statement that they find amusing. But what they may not realize is that these platforms are instantaneous, viral and more potent than traditional media.

Anything they say could easily backfire if said in the wrong context. There are hundreds of examples where people got themselves into trouble due to their social media posts.

IMAGE: Freepik

For instance, Mike Bacsik, a former professional baseball player posted a racist tweet: “Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio,” or Justine Sacco, a PR consultant who tweeted: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”. Both of them got fired from their positions.

It doesn’t matter if you post within friends circle or have only a bunch of followers, someone is always listening to what you are saying and the whole world will respond if your social media posting – good or bad – goes viral.

A concluding look

Social media is indeed one of the most powerful mediums in today’s world, and there are countless benefits of social media networks. Before it came into existence, governments, along with the traditional media, were the gatekeepers of information.

Today social media has given empowerment to an individual’s voice and there are no information elites anymore.

Civic participation and engagement has also been transformed with social media. Take the case of Arab Spring for instance, a campaign that started from social media and transformed a whole nation within days. All these prospects make social media from “interesting to have” to “must have”.

However, among all the rapidly changing scenarios we get carried away and tend to overlook certain aspects of social media. This article is not a call-to-action suggesting that the wave of social media is threatening and needs to be stopped.

Change is good. Change is rather inevitable. The point however, is to be aware of this change and its effects for better or for worse.

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Freebie: 10 High Quality Summer Letterings

Together with Freepik, we are releasing this Hongkiat-exclusive freebie offering of 10 Summer Letterings great for a design that is fit for the beach and perfect for paradise. The letterings are available in cursive, uppercase and lowercase and in numbers as well.

Check out these freebies and follow the instructions to get your hand on these files. All letterings are available in AI and EPS format.


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The “Sent From My iPhone” Signature Has Evolved Past Crass Bragging, According To Research

By | August 27th, 2016

As anyone who was around when Apple released the first iPhone almost ten years ago will remember, there was one thing that used to happen that made it clear you owned an iPhone while simultaneously making you come across as a bit, shall we say, crass. We are, of course, talking about the not-so-humble “Sent from my iPhone” signature that Apple’s Mail app appended to outgoing emails by default.

Over the years, many have used the signature as a way of making sure everyone knows they own an iPhone. Initially, that was something to brag about – iPhones were hugely expensive and rare, particularly outside the United States, so making sure everyone knew you were using one was a brag of considerable proportions. Like we say, it was crass.


Fast forward to today, however, and the signature is once again making a comeback, but it’s fine this time around. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

Having been repurposed, sort of, at least, the “Sent from my iPhone” signature is now used as an apology for poor spelling, grammatical errors or simply a lack of content. By reminding people that an iPhone was used to construct an email, the composer is essentially making sure people know why there may be errors, or why their reply was a sentence or two long. It’s a disclaimer of sorts, and it makes plenty of sense.

This is also confirmed by researchers Caleb T Carr and Chad Stefaniak, who came to the same conclusion in their paper Sent From My iPhone: The Medium and Message as Cues of Sender Professionalism in Mobile Telephony. It’s a mouthful, but it’s spot in this regard.

Those who remember a time even before the iPhone will remember that BlackBerry devices offered a similar signature at the time. RIM, however, is now all but irrelevant. Who knew a simple email signature would outlive RIM with regards to relevance?

Not the company itself, that’s for sure.


(Source: ResearchGate)

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Redmond Pie


Food Review: Putien restaurant Kitchener Road – Michelin one star winner

Putien restaurant Kitchener Road – Michelin one star winner

What can be more rewarding being recognized and awarded the 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore one star? This is probably the best endorsement for Putien restaurant at Kitchener road to acknowledge for their culinary skills and exceptional service standards.

Putien restaurant don’t just serving good food, it serves hospitality with human touch. We were at the Kitchener road Putien restaurant for dinner, two tables of diners were celebrating someone birthday and the Putien staffs gathered around the tables formed the choir with the Putien’s own version of birthday theme, interesting?

PUTIEN cuisine carries the essence of Putien’s spirit – Tasty, Simple & Heart-Warming Comfort Food, nothing too fanciful but dishes served are unpretentious and invigorating.

Braised Pig Intestine 14.5

Putien restaurant kitchener road 1

Nine-fold Intestine hand folded manually loop after loop and braised with spices to give the right springy texture, completely no pork stench with every bite was simply lovely.

Baked Putien clams on Hot Plate 20.9 / 31.9

Putien restaurant kitchener road 3

The imported clams are harvested from the beach along the Putien area, select only the perfect right size of 6cm which are the most ideal size for its meaty, juicy and full of goodness texture. A dip on the bed of salt served with the baked clams makes a perfect enjoyment to the taste sensory.

Steamed Putien Clams with Wine 20.9 / 31.9

Putien restaurant kitchener road 5

The Putien clams can be experienced in different way, the chef recommended the steamed clams with wine, the clams were cooked with wine and blended well with the natural juices from the clam, the combination was a pot of beautifully brewed broth full of the sweet-savoury taste.

Deep Fried Pigs Trotters with Salt & Pepper 5.9 per pc and min 2 pcs

Putien restaurant kitchener road 4

Deep fried plus pig trotters with salt scare many health conscious people off with its name. Specifically using only 7-inch pig trotter from Australia, each trotter then goes through a 12-hour-long culinary method before being served, the crunchy skin and the tantalizing collagen rich content make this sinfully delicious dish irresistible. High cholesterol? Forget it! Let the guilt feel later.

Bamboo Herbal Prawn 5.9

Savour the sweetness of live prawns, with the light fragrance of nourishing chinese herbs such as angelica root and chinese wolfberries infused in chinese wine.

Sambal White Water Snowflake 12.9 / 18.9

Putien restaurant kitchener road 7

White water snowflake is a type of water-grown green vegetables not easily available and is imported from Taiwan, it has a crisp texture and stir fried with sambal created a veggie dish that was refreshing and salivating.

PUTIEN Lor Mee 9.5 / 18.5 / 27.5

Putien restaurant kitchener road 8

Silky Putian noodles with pork belly, prawn and clam braised in luscious gravy.

Hot Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts 4.9

Putien restaurant kitchener road 10

Smooth, delicate texture of yam paste with ginkgo nuts and just the right level of sweetness that leaves you yelling for more.

Our Verdict: Putien restaurant Kitchener Road

At Putien Kitchener road, the food may seem to be ordinary and down to earth type of ingredients, however, it is the simplicity that speak for the volume, we enjoyed every delicacy created by the chefs and the highly satisfaction of the gastronomical experience that it will always hold a place in our heart.

Putien restaurant Kitchener Road

A:127 Kitchener road, Singapore 208514

T:+65 6295 6358

Lunch:11.30am-3pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)
Dinner:5.30pm-10.30pm (Last Order:10pm)

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I Eat & Eat


Apple’s 2017 iPhone Once Again Rumored To Axe Physical Home Button

By | August 26th, 2016

A new report is focusing on Apple’s potential plans to introduce a dedicated iPhone for the Japanese market with support for the country’s FeliCa payment technology, but also briefly touches on the possibility of Apple entirely removing the iconic Home button from the device in the 2017 iPhone.

Apple’s 2016 iPhone range – likely to be named the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – will be unveiled to the world next month at a dedicated event, but rumors are already beginning to circulate about the ongoing future of the range.


This is by no means the first time that it’s been suggested that Apple holds internal plans to remove the mechanical Home button from the iPhone. The existing Home button has been one of the ever presents on Apple’s iPhone range after being introduced on the company’s first smartphone back in 2007, and has been a regular feature on every model since. With that said, there is growing speculation that Apple will look to move across to OLED display technology from 2017 onwards, which in turn will bring a new focus allowing the user to control and interact with the device entirely through the new display.

As part of that focus, the Wall Street Journal had initially floated the idea of Apple removing the Home button in favor of a touch-sensitive option that would potentially be integrated into a full device touch panel on the front of the future iPhone. To back that claim up, and to corroborate this latest report, KGI Securities has also reported on its belief that Apple will ship an all-glass design in the very near future.

They often say that there’s no fuel without fire, and given the fact that this rumor continues to surface, it’s very likely that there’s some substance to it. The challenge for Apple will actually be producing a beautiful design that manages to integrate the same functionality that the current Home button provides, but without the inclusion of a physical button.


The 2016 iPhone, which is due for launch next month, will be the first iPhone to ship to market without the inclusion of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which in itself proves that the company is more than willing to make radical design changes for the greater good. How would you feel about an all-glass iPhone without the Home button?

(Source: Bloomberg | Top image: iPhone 7 concept render by Martin Hajek)

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How to Use AMP with WordPress

AMP is a communal efforts that promises a better page load performance for websites in the mobile environment. But, as you can find from our previous tutorial, you will have to sacrifice fancy stuff from your website, and strictly follow the rules, comply with guidelines, and get pages validated. It sounds like a lot to do, doesn’t it?

10 Important Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Components You Should Know

10 Important Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Components You Should Know

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is Google’s initiative to make the mobile web faster. To achieve this goal,…Read more

Fortunately, if you’ve built your website with WordPress, you can apply AMP to your website in a snap using a plugin named AMP-WP. It is shipped with more features than what meets the eye. So, let’s see how it works.


To begin with, login to your website, go to Plugins > Add New screen. Search for “AMP; install and activate the one from Automattic.

Once activated, you can view the AMP-converted post by adding the /amp/ trail at the end of the post URL (e.g., or with ?amp=1 (e.g. if you are not using the Pretty Permalinks feature on your website.

And as you can see above, the post has been given basic stylings, which you can further customize.

To note

There are a few things you should know about the state of the plugin at the moment:

  • Archives — Category, Tag and Custom Taxonomy — are currently not supported. They will not be converted into AMP-compliant format. However, Custom Post Types can be initiated into AMP through a Filter.
  • It does not add in a new setting screen in the Dashboard. Customization is done at the code level with Actions, Filters, Class.
  • The plugin does not currently encompass every AMP custom elements such as amp-analytics and amp-ad out of the box. If you need these element you will have to include it by hooking into the Actions or Filters of the plugin.
How to Use WordPress Action Hooks in Theme Customization

How to Use WordPress Action Hooks in Theme Customization

WordPress child themes give a relatively easy way to customize the look and feel of a theme. If…Read more


The plugin provides numerous Actions and Filters that provides flexibility over customizing the styles, the page content, and even the HTML markup of the AMP page as a whole.


I’m sure this is one thing that you want to change immediately after activating the plugin, such as changing the header background color, the font family, and the font size to better match your website brand and personality.

To do so, we can employ the amp_post_template_css Action in the functions.php file of our theme.

 function theme_amp_custom_styles() { ?>         nav.amp-wp-title-bar {                 background-color: orange;         } <?php } add_action( 'amp_post_template_css', 'theme_amp_custom_styles' ); 

If we look through the Chrome DevTools, these styles are appended within the <style amp-custom> element, and overrides the preceding style rules. Hence the orange background color is now applied to the header.

You can proceed writing the style rules as you normally do. But, bear in mind a few restrictions, and keep the style sizes to below 50Kb. If ever in doubt, please refer to our previous article on how to get your AMP pages validated.


If you seem to have to change a lot beyond just the styling, you migh twant to look into customizing the entire Template. The plugin, amp-wp, provides a number of built-in templates, namely:

  • header-bar.php
  • meta-author.php
  • meta-taxonomy.php
  • meta-time.php
  • single.php
  • style.php

These templates are much like the regular WordPress template hierarchy.

Each of these templates can be taken over by providing file of the same name under the /amp/ folder in the theme. Once these files are in place, the plugin will pick them up instead of the default files, and allow us to change the output of these templates entirely.

 twentytwelve ├── 404.php ├── amp │   ├── meta-author.php │   ├── meta-taxonomy.php │   ├── single.php │   └── style.php 

You can rewrite the entire styles through the style.php file, or modify the entire AMP page structure to your need with the single.php. Still, you will have to keep the change to comply with AMP regulations.

List of Hooks and Filters

As mentioned earlier, this plugin is shipped with a number of Actions and Filters. It’s not possible to cover each in this article. But we can go with a cheatsheet, the summary, as well as the snippets you need:


The amp_init; action is useful for plugins that rely on AMP for their plugin to work; it runs when the plugin is already initiated.

 function amp_customizer_support_init() {         require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/amp-customizer-class.php'; } add_action( 'amp_init', 'amp_customizer_support_init' ); 

Similar to wp_head action, we can use amp_post_template_head to include additional elements within the head tag in AMP pages like meta, style, or script.

 function theme_amp_google_fonts() { ?>         <link rel="stylesheet" href=",400italic,700,700italic%7CRoboto+Slab:400,700&subset=latin,latin"> <?php } add_action( 'amp_post_template_head', 'theme_amp_google_fonts' ); 

amp_post_template_footer this Action is similar to the wp_footer.

 function theme_amp_end_credit() { ?>         <footer class="amp-footer">                 <p>&copy; 2016</p>         </footer> <?php } add_action( 'amp_post_template_footer', 'theme_amp_end_credit' ); 

amp_content_max_width is used to set the maximum width of the AMP page. The width will also be used to set the width of embedded elements like a Youtube video.

 function theme_amp_content_width() {         return 700; } add_filter( 'amp_content_max_width', 'theme_amp_content_width' ); 

amp_site_icon_url is used to set the icon — favicon and Apple icon — URL. The default falls to the image uploaded via the Site Icon interface, which was introduced in version 4.3.

 function theme_amp_site_icon_url( ) {     return get_template_directory_uri() . '/images/site-icon.png'; } add_filter( 'amp_site_icon_url', 'theme_amp_site_icon_url' ); 

amp_post_template_meta_parts is for when you need to customize the meta data output of the post, such as the author name, the category, and the timestamp. Through this filter you can shuffle the default order, or remove one of the meta out of the AMP page.

 function theme_amp_meta( $ meta ) {          foreach ( array_keys( $ meta, 'meta-time', true ) as $ key ) {                 unset( $ meta[ $ key ] );         }          return $ meta; }; add_filter( 'amp_post_template_meta_parts', 'theme_amp_meta' ); 

amp_post_template_metadata is for customizing the data structure in AMP pages. The following example shows how we provide the site logo that will be shown in the AMP carousel in the Google search result, and remove the page modified timestamp.

 function amp_schema_json( $ metadata ) {          unset( $ metadata[ 'dateModified' ] );          $ metadata[ 'publisher' ][ 'logo' ] = array(                 '@type' => 'ImageObject',                 'url' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/images/logo.png',                 'height' => 60,                 'width' => 325,         );         return $ metadata; } add_filter( 'amp_post_template_metadata', 'amp_schema_json', 30, 2 ); 

amp_post_template_file this is an alternative way to override template files. It is useful if you prefer to host your custom AMP template files in another directory other than /amp/.

 function theme_custom_template( $ file, $ type, $ post ) {     if ( 'meta-author' === $ type ) {         $ file = get_template_directory_uri() . '/partial/amp-meta-author.php';     }     return $ file; } add_filter( 'amp_post_template_file', 'theme_custom_template', 10, 3 ); 

amp_query_var is used to change the AMP page endpoint when the URL Permalink is enabled. By default it is set to /amp/. Given the following, the AMP page is now accessible by adding /m/ on the URL (e.g.

 function custom_amp_endpoint( $ amp ) {     return 'm'; } add_filter( 'amp_query_var' , 'custom_amp_endpoint' ); 

Let’s block ads! (Why?)