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Google Earth Redesigned – Here’s What’s New

After teasing it for a week, Google has finally unveiled the new and improved Google Earth. Available now on both the web browser and on Android devices, with an iOS release coming soon, the new Google Earth brings with it a number of new features that make navigating the digital globe a joy.

Watch as the Earth changes over the years with Google Earth Timelapse

Watch as the Earth changes over the years with Google Earth Timelapse

Back in 2013, Google partnered with the US Geological Survey (USGS), NASA, and TIME to compile a history…Read more

Here are all the new features that comes with the redesigned Google Earth:

3D Maps

Navigate Google Earth in a new dimension

Upon your first launch of the new Google Earth, you’ll be greeted immediately by the new 3D map feature. Some cities around the world have been given a 3D map, allowing you to zoom in and tilt the camera around to get a better view of certain streets and/or structures.

From a distance, the 3D modelling looks pretty well done considering the amount of detail it has. However, zooming in up close to a specific building will reveal that the 3D models used in it are far from perfect.

3D modelling

Do keep in mind that not all cities have been given the 3D treatment. That being said, you can still navigate the 2D maps in 3D mode if you wish by clicking on the 2D/3D circle located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Just don’t expect any 3D models to pop up on a 2D map.


Explore the world from the comforts of your own home

Described by Google as a “digital interactive tour”, Voyager is a feature in Google Earth that functions like a slideshow that showcases various parts of the world depending on the theme of the “trip”.

Besides pointing out the locations that the trip contains, each location is also provided with a description and its history, giving users more insight into some of the locations.

interactive tour

All of the trips in Voyager are custom-made by scientists, documentarians, and experts, with Google Earth now housing over 50 different trips with more to come over the coming months.

voyager trips

Knowledge Graph integration

Learn about the locations directly from Google Earth

Getting more information about a certain location is made easier as Google has integrated Knowledge Graph into Google Earth. Now, whenever you click on a location, a Knowledge Card will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

This Knowledge Card would contain a small excerpt of information about the location, complete with a link to Wikipedia for those who want to learn more.

knowledge graphs

I’m Feeling Lucky

Go to a random location in the world with a click of a button

Rounding up the new features on Google Earth, we have a feature that many would be familiar with: “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Appearing as a dice icon on the left hand side of the screen, I’m Feeling Lucky will cause Google Earth to take you to a random location around the world.

im feeling lucky
How to zoom this close into Google Maps

How to zoom this close into Google Maps

Amazing! It turns out that certain parts in Google Maps can be zoomed in so much more. These…Read more

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Tech Deals: $39 Noice-Canceling Headphones, Apple Magic Keyboard, Mario Kart 8, $110 Phone, More

By | April 30th, 2017

We are back once again with our daily dose of wonderful technology deals. Make sure to browse the deals, soak up the discounts, and if anything appeals, act quickly before they are all gone. Ready?

Starting off, we are looking at a $ 100 pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth wireless headphones that have been reduced to a mere $ 39, making this deal a must checkout!

Next up is a collector’s edition set of Independence Day on Blu-ray, reduced to just $ 26 from $ 70. Got the new Nintendo Switch and looking for a game? The newly released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is up for grabs for just $ 48 for Prime members. Following in is an Apple Magic Keyboard, and last but not the least is the BLU R1 Android smartphone for just $ 110.

As always, all the deals listed here are time sensitive and subject to stock levels. Keep that credit card close by, and if you have your targets set on the product of your choice, make sure you act as quickly as possible before the offers expire. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the savings!

Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($ 39 with promo code, usually $ 99.99)

These Cowin E-7 headphones are definitive proof that you do not need to spend an absolute fortune to get a decent wireless headphone experience. The hardware comes with an extensive battery life, as well as a noise-canceling technology capable of blocking out the external environment.

You can grab the headphones for as little as $ 39 using the following promo code at checkout: AU2KA5OO.

Buy: Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Amazon: $ 39 | Original price: $ 100

Independence Day 20th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray ($ 25.36, usually $ 69.99)

Some movies will go down as classics, which need to be revisited over and over again. Will Smith may not have managed a blockbuster for a while, but Independence Day will definitely be one of the major successes on his CV. This Sci-Fi smash hit is definitely one of the better movies of that particular time, and now you can relive it with the twenty-year anniversary edition, complete with a stunning model figurine.

Buy: Independence Day 20th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray from Amazon: $ 25.36 | Original price: $ 70

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch ($ 48 for Prime Members, usually $ 59.88)

You own a Nintendo Switch, but haven’t yet taken the opportunity to introduce Mario Kart 8 Deluxe into your gaming life? Well, you need to rectify that problem. You can race your friends or battle them in a revised battle mode, or even play locally with 4-players in full 1080p. This title also re-introduces every track fro0m the Wii U version, plus additional downloadable content.

Prime members will get the title automatically reduced to $ 48 when adding the item to the cart.

Buy: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch from Amazon: $ 48 | Original price: $ 60

Apple Magic Keyboard – Refurb ($ 69.00, usually $ 99)

If you own a MacBook Pro/Air, or even one of Apple’s iMacs or Mac Pros, then you definitely need to have one of these wireless keyboards in your life. This is the second-generation version of that hardware. It comes with an improved scissor mechanism beneath each individual key, as well as an internal long-lasting battery that should offer a month of use before needing a charge.

This certified-refurbished unit costs just $ 69, compared to $ 99 price tag attached to the original retail price from Apple.

Buy: Apple Magic Keyboard from Amazon: $ 69 | Original price: $ 99

BLU R1 Plus, 4G LTE, Unlocked Android Smartphone ($ 109.99, usually $ 159.99)

Take a look at anyone using a smartphone out and about, and you will likely find that they are using one of Apple’s iPhones or a Samsung device of one kind or another. For those who want to move away from that trend, devices like this BLU R1 exist, offering a fully unlocked smartphone experience for use with any network. It offers 4G LTE, a stunning 5.5-inch HD display, and a fast 1.3GHz quad-core Mediatek 6737 processor. It also ships pre-installed with Android 6.0.

Buy: BLU R1 Plus, 4G LTE, Unlocked Android Smartphone from Amazon: $ 110 | Original price: $ 160

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Redmond Pie


Soi Thai Soi Nice review – Royal Thai Hotpot @ Alexandra Central Mall

Soi Thai Soi Nice review – Royal Thai Hotpot @ Alexandra Central Mall

Soi Thai Soi Nice 13

Soi Thai Soi Nice positions high quality Thai cuisine with value for money strategy to differentiate themselves from many of the Thai restaurants around. Prepared by Head Chef Worawong Phairit (Olay) with years of professional Thai culinary experience, Soi Thai Soi Nice focuses on authentic Thai cuisines featuring signature Royal Thai Hot Pot.

Soi Thai Soi Nice 1

Soi Thai Soi Nice is located in the newly built Alexandra Central next to Ikea Alexandra.

Soi Thai Soi Nice 2

Royal Thai Hotpot – $ 38.80 (recommended for up to 2pax)

The Royal Thai Hotpot comes in regular pot $ 38.80 recommended for 2pax and bigger pot $ 68.80 recommended for 4pax. Featuring a range of fresh seafood and meats like crayfish, tiger prawns, chicken sausage, green mussel, hard-boiled egg, enoki mushrooms, noodle and salivating roasted pork in the pot, kind of similar to the Korean army stew style hotpot. The soup base is a classic home-made Tom Yam broth with a choice of different spicy level, from mild, spicy to super spicy.

Soi Thai Soi Nice 5

We opted the middle spicy level, the Tom Yam broth has a well-balanced of sweet, sour and spicy taste that was robust and flavourful. The freshness of the ingredients were guaranteed and a must-try dish here.

Hor Mok Ma Praw Talay (Coconut Seafood Otah) – $ 12.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 9

A steamed egg and otah stir fried with seafood, served in coconut shell, it was a medley of coconut fragrant with the fresh seafood to create an uniquely Thai cuisine, perfect dish to go with the rice.

Kho Moo Yang (Grilled Pork Neck) – $ 9.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 6

The neck or collar of the pig could produce juicy and tender texture if cooked correctly; Soi Thai Soi Nice grilled pork neck was one of our favorites of the visit, when dipped into the dipping sauce which paired perfectly well with the sliced meat.

Do take note Soi Thai Soi Nice does has a range of homemade sauces prepared with fresh ingredients and condiments imported from Thailand.

Kai Jiao Cha Om (Fried Omelette with Thai herb Cha Om) – $ 7.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 3

Fried omelette is a dish we never failed to order when we visit any Thai restaurant. At Soi Thai Soi Nice, the fried omelette was given a nice twist with the Thai herb Cha Om – a pungent aroma veggies prevalent in Thailand.  The dish was not at all overwhelming by the herb and we enjoyed every bite of the omelette.

Stir Fry Kai Lan with Pork (Ka Nar Moo Krob) – $ 8.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 4

Love the added roasted pork to the stir fried Kai Lan, well complemented the veggies.

Claypot Vermicelli with prawns (Kung Oap Woon Sen) – $ 13.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 8

The prawns may be slightly overcooked but the Vermicelli was succulent.   Each strain of noodle soaked up the aromatic of the seasoning to produce a pot of claypot Tang Hoon that was bursting with flavour.

Chuchee Pla Kra Pong (Curry Seabass Fillet) – $ 13.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 7

Deep-fried seabass fillet doused with curry sauce similar to the coconut seafood otah dish. The curry was not at all spicy and hence suitable for all ages.

Kao Niao Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice) – $ 5.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 12

Hard to give this Thai dessert amiss, the perfect firmness and sweetness of the Thai rainbow mango went perfectly well with the perfect texture of the glutinous rice and coconut milk. A dessert that is highly commendable.

Red Ruby (Thub Tim Grob) – $ 4.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 11

The red ruby was missing sweetness from the water chestnut and unfortunately that somehow spoiled the overall taste. What a pity! This was the only drawback of the day among all the food.

I-Team (Coconut Ice Cream) – $ 3.80

Soi Thai Soi Nice 10

Coconut ice cream dressed with brown sugar and corn flakes. The combination was surprisingly inspiring and we all loved it.

Our verdict on Soi Thai Soi Nice

Among many of the Thai restaurants we have visited, honestly speaking, Soi Thai Soi Nice is definitely one of the best for it good quality food and the reasonable price. A meal at Soi Thai Soi Nice is bound to revive the taste buds with flavourful authentic Thai dishes and most of the diners who had visited the place would probably agree with us.

In fact, we came back the second time a week later to try other dishes, isn’t that the best endorsement of our confidence with Soi Thai Soi Nice?


A: 321 Alexandra Road #02-01 Alexandra Central Mall Singapore 159971

T: +65 6250 4863

H: Weekdays 11.30am to 3.30pm, 6pm to 10pm / Weekends &PH 11.30am to 10pm


Note: Thanks Soi Thai Soi Nice for the invitation

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I Eat And Eat


Create Minified Tooltips in Pure CSS with Wenk

With such a strange name, you wouldn’t expect much from Wenk, a free CSS tooltip library. Yet it’s one of the smallest libraries you can get measuring under 1KB when gzipped.

Wenk uses pure CSS with data-* attributes to create live tooltips that you can restyle and position to your liking. Best of all, it’s a completely free library with source code available on GitHub.

wenk tooltips css

These lightweight tooltips are super simple to add to your website. You just need the Wenk.css file added to your page header, which you can download from the GitHub repo.

Or, you could even add the CDN file which is hosted on GitHub’s CDN. Here’s the code for that:

Or, if you’re an npm/bower fan you can install this package from the terminal.

The default tooltip tags do not have much custom data. They let you select the position and the width, but you have to manually change the CSS if you want them styled differently.

For example, you might want a CSS arrow added to the tooltip which appears above the tooltip element. This is fairly simple to create but you’ll need to scour the Wenk stylesheet to find the exact CSS class to extend.

Here’s a sample of some default code for Wenk tooltips:

   Wenk to the right!

The main Wenk landing page includes live demos that you can test by hovering. These are the most basic tooltips you’ll get but they’re perfect for a library that weighs less than a kilobyte.

One major thing to consider is browser support. All versions of Chrome and Firefox should work fine. Same with Opera 12+ and Opera Mini v8+. But IE8 and IE10 seem to have trouble rendering these tooltips. Thankfully, their market share is dropping fast but it’s something to consider before using.

wenk tooltips animation

I’m still amazed how much you can do with so few KBs. The Wenk library is a testament to modern frontend development and it shows that a little can go a long way.

You can dig through the entire sourceon GitHub, along with live demos and code snippets to set up & create these tooltips for your own site.

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New and Fun Things To Do in May 2017: Free Comic Book Day, Star Wars Run, and Island Party

May’s The Time To Unwind

May starts off with a holiday so it’s only fitting that the rest of the month is nothing short of pure excitement. Some of us will be pushing through the last stretches of exams while others may be rejoicing a long-awaited end to a torturous school semester.

Even if you’re just surviving another work week, there are plenty of ways to celebrate life’s many accomplishments this May. From major #fitspo events to out-of-this-world conventions, this month’s list of activities is sure to keep your schedule fun-packed.

– Events –

1. Free Comic Book Day

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Free Comic Book Day FCBD


Giving away free comics is a concept that fits right in with Singaporeans’ unabashed love to kope all things free – Free Comic Book Day is a worldwide event that sees participating bookstores do exactly that in the spirit of celebrating geek culture.

Queues have been known to run long in past years so you’ll want to get in line early. Kinokuniya is kicking it up a notch this year, promising an appearance by fan-favourite Star Wars Troopers from the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison at their main store.

Where: All Kinokuniya bookstores nationwide | G&B Comics, Block 809 French Road Kitchener Complex #02-38 Singapore 200809
When: 6 May, Various timings (Kinokuniya bookstores) | 12PM – 7PM (G&B Comics)
Price: Free
Website | Website

2. Fitness Fest

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Fitness Fest


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who hits the gym 24/7 or just a curious cat looking to try something more physical – Fitness Fest has something anyone can try, with activities ranging from HIIT boot camps and parkour to pilates and yoga.

You can also meet #fitspo gurus Jasmine Chong of Yoga Lab and Cassey Ho of Blogilates up close – the individuals after whom many have modelled their body goals.

Where: Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018970
When: 20 & 21 May
1-Day Pass: 20 or 21 May: $ 69 per person (Individual registration), $ 62.10 per person (Team registration)
2-Day Pass: 20 & 21 May: $ 99 per person (Individual registration), $ 89.10 (Team registration)

3. Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You Festival

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Star Wars Day May 4th Be With You Festival


PSA for all Star Wars fans out there: May the 4th is fast approaching and Marina Bay will be commemorating it in a major way. The Star Wars Day event takes place over three days, each jam-packed with interstellar fun.

Take a walk around the Supertree Grove and enjoy a musical-visual display during the Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition, then cap off the entire festival with a free screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or sweat it out with your fellow jedis – or siths – at the Star Wars Run.

Where: Supertree Grove & The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
When: 4 May – 6 May
Price: Free (Some activities are priced)

4. Vacay Travel Photography Expo

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Vacay Travel Photography Expo


We’ve all been there – trying to step our photography game up with angled shots and Hypebeast-worthy edits to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed. At the Vacay Travel Photography Expo, you get to learn exactly that.

The first of its kind, this event brings together the best of travel photography in one convenient space. This event is your chance to up your ‘gram game – you can attend free talks about photography, walk around the photo expeditions and even buy some photography products.

Where: *SCAPE The TreeTop, Level 5, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
When: 13 May, 10AM – 8PM
Price: Free (Some workshops are priced)

5. Green Is The New Black x Spark

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Green Is The New Black Spark


Dubbed “The Conscious Festival”, Green Is the New Black isn’t your ordinary social-environmental festival – there’s legit fun to be had. This year, they’ve partnered up with Spark – a festival that touts love, passion and connection – so when you come visit, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Entry is free!

Shop at their marketplace that has over 100 different brands, sit in for talks discussing topics ranging from conscious living to relationships or simply grab a bite of healthy grub.

Where: Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa
When: 12 May (5PM – 10PM) & 13 May (11AM – 6PM)
Price: Free

6. Tulipmania Inspired

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Tulipmania Inspired
Source: @gardensbythebay

Flowers + art = Tulipmania Inspired. This year’s installment takes its cue from one of the most revered artists of all time, Vincent van Gogh. You’ll get to see the iconic “The Starry Night” and many others come to life – in floral form! The venue itself is a sight to behold with over 100 varieties of tulips and hyacinths on display.

Where: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
When: 1 April – 7 May, 9AM – 9PM
Price: $ 12 (Adult) | $ 8 (Child) | $ 8 {Senior Citizen)

7. Cosfest XVI: Hope

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Cosfest XVI Hope


Cosplay is the closest thing we’ll get to witnessing real-life anime. Already in its 16th year here, Cosfest is now recognized as one of the biggest cosplay conventions in Asia, even attracting fans from beyond the country.

But you don’t need to deck yourself out in a Pikachu onesie to enjoy the experience – non-cosplayers can head down anyway to appreciate the effort and workmanship of these costumed enthusiasts and even snap photos with them.

Where: D’Marquee, Downtown East
When: 13 & 14 May, 1PM – 7PM
Price: Free

8. Island Escape

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Island Escape Blackout After Dark


End off your month of fun with a party – that is, a two-day island party. A monster collaboration between party promoters Blackout and After Dark, Island Escape takes place over an entire weekend at St. John’s Island, with DJs, pop-up stages and even free workshops. While you’re there, it’ll also be a good opportunity to do some island exploration.

Where: St John’s Island
When: 27 & 28 May (12PM Saturday – Sunset Sunday)
Price: TBA

9. VOILAH! French Festival

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 VOILAH French Festival

Source: @menuparfait

Francophiles can experience everything French and fine at the VOILAH! French Festival. With 40 events taking place over a span of six weeks, the festival will transport you to France with art exhibitions,  film screenings, exquisite French cuisine and captivating performances.

This year’s theme is Imagination and Innovation so prepare to bear witness to some thought-provoking and avant garde creations.

Where: Various locations
8 April – 21 May, Various timings
Price: Varies

10. The Music Run

 New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 The Music Run


The Music Run is more than just a run – it’s a party on the move, with DJs, live bands, fireworks and giveaways for you to look forward to. There’s no need to bring your own music – the 5km route will be lined with over 120 speakers blasting songs that you get to vote for in the days leading up to the run.

There’ll be a little bit of everything for everyone – the course itself will be sectioned into 5 interactive themed zones – rock, pop, old school, hip-hop and dance will all be represented. 

Where: Sentosa
When: 6 May, 3.30PM – 9PM
Price: $ 65 per person (Standard pack)

– Things To Do –

1. Have an artsy day out at Imaginarium: To The Ends Of The Earth

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Imaginarium To The Ends Of The Earth

Source: @traveling.nomad

Art can bring families together and that’s what family-focused Imaginarium is all about. This year’s exhibition – its seventh installment – is themed To the Ends of the World. Bond with your family over intriguing art that examines how we experience today’s world.

Expect it to be an interactive and immersive experience – there will be live performances and hands-on workshops happening from time to time.

Where: Singapore Art Museum
When: 6 May – 27 August, 10AM – 7PM (Sun-Thur), 10AM – 9PM (Fri)
Price: Free entry on opening day (Entry charges may apply for other days)

2. Get a taste of Thailand at the Thai Festival

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Thai Festival


Here’s your chance at a mini-Artbox do-over – the Royal Thai Embassy will be organizing Thai Festival. With food, fashion and performances aplenty, you can expect a more authentic Thai experience when you come down for this 4-day festival. Think of it as less of a hipster experience and one that’s more cultural in nature – you’ll get to witness food demonstrations and some Muay Thai at play as well.

Where: Royal Thai Embassy
When: 4 – 7 May
Price: Free

3. Explore Singapore’s hidden nooks by foot

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Hidden And Undiscovered Walking Trails

Let out your inner intrepid explorer and venture to long-forgotten areas like Keppel Hill Reservoir and Seng Chew Quarry. And while Fort Siloso may be the more popular tourist attraction at Sentosa, the abandoned Fort Serapong is where the sights are really at. Find out how you can get yourself to these hard-to-reach places with our guide.

4. Take mom to the Mother’s Day Celebration @ Botanic Gardens

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Mother's Day At Botanic Gardens


Have a nature-themed Mother’s Day at the Botanic Gardens. On the first day, there will be DIY workshops happening from morning to noon if you want to give your mother something more personal. Return the next day and have a picnic before surprising your mother with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Mother’s Day Concert.

Where: Botany Centre (Workshops) & Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage (Concert), Botanic Gardens
When: 13 May (Workshops) & 14 May, 6PM – 7PM (Concert)
Because I Love You So workshop: $ 30 per child
Mummy, I Love You Beary Much! Workshop: $ 50 per adult
SSO’s Mother’s Day Concert: Free

5. Watch movies by the beach at Sunset Cinema

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Sunset Cinema

Source: @sunsetcinematanjongbeach

Get your hipster on and catch a movie under the stars – Sunset Cinema is where you’ll be able to have a no-frills date night or hangout session while enjoying award-winning films by the beach. May’s selection of films is an exciting mix which includes Captain Fantastic, Lion, Jackie and more. Unwind and bask in chill vibes with the surrounding DJ sets, bars and food stalls.

Where: Tanjong Beach
When: 5 – 14 May
Price: $ 29.80 per person

6. Hear Lilly Singh’s stories at her How to Be a Bawse Tour

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Lily Singh How To Be A Bawse Tour

Source: @iisuperwomanii

If you’ve ever wanted to meet YouTube personality Lilly Singh (a.k.a IISuperwomanII) beyond the computer screen, here’s your chance – she’s bringing her How to Be a Bawse Tour to Singaporean fans. And mind you, it’s BAWSE, meaning “a person who exudes confidence and reaches goals”.

Named after her uplifting debut book, you can expect plenty of LOLs and inspiration as she goes through her many struggles and successes, from obscure YouTuber to international star.

Where: Kallang Theatre
When: 24 May, 8PM
Price: $ 93, $ 113, $ 133, $ 163 Standard | $ 244 VIP

7. Cafe-hop via MRT

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Cafe-Hopping New Cafes

Source: @dwongdw

Skip the usual shopping mall eats – with this handy list of cafes near MRT stations, cafe-hopping will be more convenient than ever, requiring walks of just 10 minutes or less! Save on travel and spend on food – this should be your motto for May.

8. Be one with nature with Chek Jawa Wetlands Tours

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Chek Jawa Wetlands Tour

Source: @ricvares

With six different habitats, Chek Jawa undeniably has one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems. You can explore it unguided, but it’s much more fun when you do it with others – with the Chek Jawa Wetland Tours. The entire experience spans over two days during which you’ll journey through the Chek Jawa Visitor Centre, a 1.1km long boardwalk, Jejawi Viewing Tower and a sand bar.

Where: Open Lawn, Chek Jawa Visitor Centre
When: 1 & 2 May, 8AM – 10AM
Price: $ 60 per group (Maximum of 15 people per group)

9. Bond with mom at the Mother’s Day Special Concerts @ Espalande

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Mother's Day At The Esplanade


Give your mother the gift of nostalgia with Mother’s Day Special Concerts at the Esplanade. Two separate concerts will happen on the day – Khas Untukmu Ibu hosted by radio-personality Hafeez Glamour and Songs for Mothers with Love hosted by veteran getai host Lin Ruping. Both will feature classic pop divas performing evergreen hit songs.

Kick it old school with your mothers this year – they’ll definitely appreciate the familiar sounds of their childhood artists.

Where: Esplanade Concert Hall
When: 14 May, 3PM (Songs for Mothers with Love) & 5.30PM (Khas Untukmu Ibu)
Price: Free

10. Support local talents in Pangdemonium’s Tango

New Fun Things To Do Activities Events Singapore May 2017 Pangdemonium Tango


Enjoy a low-key night out and support local talent by catching Pangdemonium’s latest production Tango, which tells the story of a man whose return home to Singapore finds him pulled right into a family crisis. A play that touches on the often unspoken intricacies of Singaporean families, it’s bound to give you a case of the feels.

Where: Drama Centre Theatre
When: 19 May – 4 Jun
Preview (19 May): $ 30/$ 40/$ 50 Standard | $ 20 Restricted View
Fri & Sat Evening: $ 45/$ 55/$ 65 Standard | $ 30 Restricted View
Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat Matinee & Sun: $ 40/$ 50/$ 60 Standard | $ 25 Restricted View

There’s fun to be had all throughout May

Things to do in May 2017 calendar

You’re almost halfway through the year – that’s reason enough to reward yourself with a break. Whether it’s by participating in high-octane fitness activities or just lazing around by the beach with movies and your mates, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from this May.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Success Stories

Success stories have been a regular part of our culture and society since the time immemorial. Though the term is relatively new, still I would count everything from heroic tales of David and Goliath, and Hercules to successful war campaign stories of Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan and Napoleon in this context.

What’s More Important Than Intelligence for Success?

What’s More Important Than Intelligence for Success?

What’s more important than intelligence for success? Well, Science is saying… quite a few things. Instead of just…Read more

Coming back to the modern times, we grew up listening to and reading about success stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, JK Rowling… and the list goes on and on. On one hand, it is absolutely natural to feel encouraged and motivated by the stories of people who, despite failures and unfavorable circumstances, catapulted their careers into success.

On the other hand though, comparing these stories with your own situation with a mind-set of “if they can, so can I” may not work for you. Some of you may be wondering, “I don’t see the connection”. Well, to answer that, I have composed some of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t completely trust success stories. Let’s go through them one by one.

Circumstantial differences

Every single person on earth has different circumstances than the other person. I have often heard students, who flunk in a subject or two, claim that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were college drop-outs, and still made a fortune for themselves.

What they forget to mention is that they were dropped out of Harvard, one of the most prestigious institutes of the world, and that even to get in Harvard, you need to be a genius. Also, these people dropped college because they wanted to focus on their projects i.e. Microsoft and Facebook, respectively, and NOT because they lacked the ability to pursue a degree.


It’s not just these two guys, there are thousands of accomplished people who make the central character in a success story but they come from different educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, factors that have high influence on their achievements.

Take JK Rowling for instance. She had a bad start in life, a single mom living out on streets and ending up with suicidal thoughts. But then she tried her luck and became the creator of one of the most amazing and an all-time best seller children’s fantasy book. However, it doesn’t mean that if you are a single mom living shabbily and decide to write a book, you too will be successful, just because you have this one similar factor with the famous writer.

Of course, you can, and you MUST, take inspiration from her encouraging story. But to make it work, you need to work with your own circumstances. Rowling had several rejections from 12 different publishers until one finally decided to give her work a go. Who knows, maybe in your case your dad knows someone working in publishing house and your work gets picked up more quickly than that of Rowling’s.

The yardstick of success

Success is a relative term, meaning that if for one person establishing a company is success, for you, it may be about selling all your brownies within an hour. However, the effect famous success stories often have on the readers is that it alters their yardstick of success into something almost too unrealistic.


Another idea that success stories unconsciously plant in the reader’s mind is that being the pioneer or trailblazer is the best approach to do things. Words like, “the first”, “the foremost”, “the youngest” or “the fastest” imply nothing but an invisible pressure of not just doing things but to do them more quickly than others so you may also make it to such a list.

It is difficult to know when to call your effort a success because the danger lies in its many definitions. People who adopt a misleading definition are at risk of working very hard to win the wrong race.

The prequel and the sequel

There are many elements of a success story that a reader tends to overlook. Whether it is about a successful individual or an enterprise, there is always a background story and a follow up associated to it.

What I mean by sequel is quite aptly explained by Steven Johnson in the introductory video of his book Where Good Ideas Come From. He describes that successful ideas and endeavors don’t get created overnight, and that the product we see at the end is just the tip of a humongous iceberg of hunches, failed efforts and collaborations.


He gives the example of Tim Burners Lee, the father of World Wide Web, who worked on this project for ten whole years, without any vision of what he is going to create, scrapping a number of ideas along the way, and collaborating his initial ideas with that of his peers.

Similarly, there is also a prequel or follow up story to every account of success, things that would tell the reader what happened to people or companies AFTER they achieved a great goal. For instance, in the world of entrepreneurship, securing a hefty funding is considered to be a great success. However, a lot can happen to a company after it gets its first funding. Like if the founder and his team gets booted out by their VC, would this still be considered an entrepreneurial success story?

Likewise, when a company makes it to Inc. magazine‘s list of 5000 fastest growing companies, it inevitably becomes a success story. However, according to The Kauffman Foundation’s report, only about 63% of Inc. 5000 companies continue to be in business five or more years after making it onto the list.

You can see now that adding the missing pieces to a success story can make it sound not so successful, but rather more realistic and relatable for the reader.

So, should we not trust success stories at all?

Success stories have the ability to inspire us, but perhaps are less able to guide our everyday actions. However, this does not mean that we cover our ears every time there is a success story being told. You need to be more vigilant and wise about what kind of impact you take from a certain success story.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the first or the fastest in doing what you’re doing, what matters is that you do it the best way you can, and mark your own finish line on the path to success.

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Taiwan – Taipei Food Review

Taiwan – Taipei Food Review

We round up our Taiwan trip with our final destination at Taipei before heading back to Singapore. We decided to put up at a hotel near to Ximending (西門町) for a simple reason, plenty of eateries and shops that will keep you busy all the time.

We started our first food endeavour the moment we had settled down in the hotel.

Mala hotpot 598 NT per head + 100 NT cleaning 馬辣頂級麻辣鴛鴦火鍋

Taipei 2016 9

A popular hotpot dining place among the tourists and local, the place always full house and went there around 12 noon but slot only available at 4.30pm!

Taipei 2016 4

Mala Hotpot offers free flow of beef from USA to New Zealand, local pork, chicken. Haagen dazs and Mavericks ice cream, assortment of veggies and seafood. Limited desserts are provided but you can enjoy local beer for free.

Taipei 2016 7

We went for their signature base broth – mala and veggies, unfortunately Mala Hotpot failed our expectations quite miserably, both the broth are nothing to shout about, the dipping sauces are mediocre and seafood are mainly frozen than fresh.

Taipei 2016 3

Taipei 2016 8

So, if you are not particular about quality and a meat lover, Mala Hotpot should be able to meet your expectations with its good value offered.

Taipei 2016 5

Refer website for the branches and address:


Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線

Taipei 2016 1

A familiar name to many who even visited Taipei for the bowl of comfort mee sua, the same irresistible taste and lovely texture….can we pack some home?

Taipei 2016 51

A: No. 8~1 Emei St., Taipei 台北市峨嵋街8號之1 (Xi Men Ding)

T: (02) 02-2388-8808, 2388-8182

Lau Tian Lu Braised meat 老天祿滷味

Taipei 2016 2

More than 50 years of making braised meat, Lau Tian Lu Braised meat never ending queue seems to be a good testimonial to its quality.

The braised meat truly lives up to the standard with the seasoning well permeated deep into the meat, it leaves your tastebuds with traces of well-balanced herbal essence. Craving for local braised meat? Go for Lau Tian Lu, it wouldn’t disappoint you.

Taipei 2016 11

A: 台北市武昌街二段55号.

H: 930am -10pm daily


Keelung 基隆

Taipei 2016 12

At the Northern part of Taipei, the waterfront, street-food stalls at Miaokou Night Market offers traditional snacks and seafood. The night market actually started in the morning and that allows you to experience the food all day long. The stretch of Miaokou are filled with many food stalls selling the local staples food and we have to be selective in our choice.

Stall 5: Crab soup and glutinous rice 85NT

Taipei 2016 14

The crab soup resembles the shark fin soup except replacing the shark fin by the crab meat. The glutinous rice was mixed with mushroom and dried shrimp, taste was bland and you wouldn’t regret even you give it a miss.

Taipei 2016 13

Stall 31: 天一香肉

Taipei 2016 18

Cabbage 15NT Lu rice 20NT The natural sweetness and juiciness of the local cabbage is hard to find in Singapore, it is a must eat veggie when you visit Taiwan. It comes in a small portion and we treasure every bite of it.

Taipei 2016 17

The Lu fan or rice doused with braised meat sauce is a local specialty and Stall 31 will give you all the satisfaction. The most impressive stall we had patronized at Keelung.

Stall 16: Tien Ji Tempura 35NT王记天妇罗

Taipei 2016 15

Deep fried fish cake and edible but not fascinating.

Taipei 2016 16

Stall 25-1 Xing-Ji Ding Biao Cuo 刑记鼎边锉

Taipei 2016 23

Another Lu fan (rice doused with braised meat) but the not as good as Stall 31. Another signature dish – the flat noodle soup mixed with cabbage and some fish balls or more appropriately to be described as flour balls, its lack of flavour is another impediment for this local stable food. Soup flat kuek 60NT, Lu rou rice 20NT

Taipei 2016 22

Stall 37: Shen’s Frothy Ice 45NT 沈记泡泡冰

Taipei 2016 24

Passion fruit juice in shredded fine ice, refreshing and great cup of dessert in a hot weather (thought the weather in December may not that hot in Taipei).

Taipei 2016 25

Stall 25-3 fried eel and pork rib 100NT

Taipei 2016 19

It is the worst experience we have with the food during the trip.  Seriously you don’t want to waste the money and stomach for what seemingly nice food.

Stall 25-4 butter crab 200NT

Taipei 2016 20

The stall is recommended by the Keelung tourist promotion service centre in their marketing brochure, we tried it and regretted deeply about it. The so called butter crab was wrapped in an aluminum foil and steamed, named butter crab but we can’t taste any butter at all, it was just a small flower crab socked in plain water. We were completely misled by the brochure and another disastrous dish we tried in this trip.

Taipei 2016 21

Stall 58 Nutritious sandwich营养三明治

Taipei 2016 26

Deep-fried bread with interesting fillings, braised egg, cucumber, mayonnaise, tomatoes and sausage. It is an innovative product but seriously nothing too fanciful about it. May be nutritious but healthy with deep-fried bread?

Taipei 2016 27

Shin yeh Cuisine 欣葉authentic Taiwanese restaurant

Shin Yeh is deeply rooted itself in Taiwanese cuisine and a good place to experience some authentic Taiwanese restaurant food. We tried the signature cai po omelette, fried spinach and the 3 cup abalone mushroom.

Taipei 2016 31

The food is not something that can make you dream about, the caipo omelette and spinach were ordinary with the exception of three cup abalone mushrooms which were surprisingly good even compared to the usual three cup chicken.

Taipei 2016 30

Do try the sweet potatoes porridge, the local sweet potatoes just tasted good with its fine and sweet texture. Price is reasonable for a Chinese restaurant; we spent 830NT on the total bill for the food.

W:Shinyeh-Restaurant Locations

Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街

A 400-year-old historical town which was a prosperous business establishment during the Qing dynasty. From the Old Street, the traditional can be found in those partially preserved old buildings and antique shops. Walking along the Tamsui old street, it gives you the feeling of commercial and history.

Yeh’s wonton restaurant 150NT 百葉溫州大餛飩

Taipei 2016 38

Jay Chou’s Favorite Wonton shop during his teen. The noodle served with Wanton egg slices, pickles, cucumber and pork sauce, not too bad with the ingredients mixed together. The sweetness of the soup base was equally delicious, a bowl of wanton that worth to try.

Taipei 2016 37

A: 177, Zhong Zheng Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan

T: 02-2621-7286

H: 10:00am-8:30pm


Keko fishballs

Taipei 2016 34
This is the most popular fishball stall along the Tamshu street. Fish balls are not round but made into a short tube wrapped with minced meat. Chewy fish balls and the filling complemented well the overall taste. Broth was sweet and tasty. Worth to try.

Taipei 2016 32

Taipei 2016 33

The bun is nothing special and you can save the stomach for something else.

fish ball soup (魚丸湯) NT30, meat bun (肉包) NT10

A: No 232 Zhongzheng Road

Ah Ge Tofu Fishcake 40NT 阿給

Taipei 2016 41

Ah Ge (阿給) is a local specialty Tofu Fishcake unique to Tamsui. You need some good stamina walk up two slopes to get to the shop from the Tamsui main road. The shop is a distance (few hundred metres) from the Tamshu street (Zhongzheng Road) and old folks may have some  challenges to walk there.

Taipei 2016 40

When you walked up the slope, there are two shops adjacent to each other, first one name Three sister Ah Ge and next to it is the Ah Ge shop which is the original shop. Just go for the original Ah Ge shop, a deep fried Bean curd shell filled with vermicelli or glass noodle and sealed with fish paste, doused with tau pan chili sauce and soaked in a special bowl of broth. Taste was a medley of sweet, spicy and savoury. Not too bad overall.

Original and Yuen Egg sponge cake 现烤蛋糕

Taipei 2016 35

There are two almost identical shop right opposite each other selling the same famous sponge cake. “Original” or”源味” has shifted to a shop right opposite after the lease expired and the old shop has taken over by the old master baker called “緣味” or “Yuen Wei” The two rivals have another two stalls a few metres apart along the wet market lane which is located at the small alley next to main Tamshu Street.

Taipei 2016 36

So which one better?

Both are equally good but if we have to make a choice “Original” or “源味” has slight better edge over “緣味” or “Yuen Wei” for the overall flavour.

Among the different flavours, it is hardly can go wrong with the original flavour and the cheese flavour.





台北市士林大南路士林 现烤蛋糕

A: 淡水区 中正路 (淡水老街) 228-2,

A: 228-2 Zhongzheng Road, Tamshui District, Taipei

Lian Siang Jhai Su Tsai- Jen Dow Vegetarian 蓮香齋

Taipei 2016 42

770NT dinner 660NT lunch

All-you-can-eat buffet, 200 varieties from oriental herbal to western mushroom soup, dim sum, noodle, local and international main course, fried corner, pizza/western snacks, local and international desserts, pastries, Menji and Hagar Dazs ice cream.

Taipei 2016 43

Some of the dishes do contain eggs. You have plenty of choices and filling up your stomach is not the question, the quality of the food may not the premium grade but reasonable based on the price we paid.

Taipei 2016 44

A: 188, Sec. 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District (at /in the basement)


H: Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, Mon-Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm.

T: 02-27612277

Yong Ho Dou Ziang 98NT 永和豆漿

Taipei 2016 48

豆漿 Soy bean is a classic Taiwanese breakfast and a must try when visiting Taiwan. When come to popularity, Yong He Dou Jiang永和豆漿 is a prevalent name in Taiwan and shops bearing the same name can be found everywhere in the Taipei city.

Taipei 2016 49

We went to the shop at Hankou road which is famous for its traditional local breakfast, a small shop with very limited seating capacity but packed with customers queuing for orders or waiting to be seated. We tried the you tiao, soybean and egg roll, food was ordinary and probably more for the local palates.

A: 台北市萬華區漢口街2段30號


H5.30am to 2pm daily

Taipei Food Review

Our palates have well-experienced the different flavour from local street food to the delicacies in the local restaurants, it is indeed an enjoyable trip with a happy tummies.

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I Eat And Eat


20+ Free Fresh Fonts for Designers

A good font can add a lot to the design in terms of depth and creativity. Therefore, designers are constantly looking for fresh fonts to add to their toolset. In this collection I have handpicked the best fresh and creative fonts from 2017 which you can download absolutely free and use them to make your designs more catchy.

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20 Free Fonts for Minimalistic Designs

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From sans-serif and script to the craziest display typefaces, these fonts will give you great flexibility to come up with awesome designs, and refill to your arsenal of design tools.

40 Free Fonts for Flat Design

40 Free Fonts for Flat Design

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10 Express Hacks For Every Singaporean OL To Stay Fresh From 9-6

Quick hacks for the Singaporean OL

After an entire day of bathing under harsh fluorescent lights, it’s easy to look washed out by the EOD. Factor in coffee runs under Singapore’s weather and getting through meetings in one piece… looking good as an OL ain’t easy. 

To look as good as or even better than when you first stepped into the office at 9am, here’s a list of hacks you can perform right at your seat as you hustle through your 9-6. 

1. Curl your hair at your office seat

office lady hacks_listerine

Rather than spending half an hour blow-drying and curling your hair at home, there’s an easier way to get Kardashian-worthy curls that’ll last. After getting out of the shower, run a dab of mousse through your tresses and style them up in a high bun for half a day.

office lady hacks_listerine

Let the bun down when you’re done with lunch and you’ll get the same effect as a major blowout.

2. Turn your lipstick into a blusher 

office lady hacks_listerine

Having your blush in a similar shade as your lippie is a staple in the makeup world. The trouble is that finding a blusher that suits your skin type, tone and colour is harder than snatching a Kat von D lipstick during Sephora’s Black Friday Sale.

The answer to this struggle is right in your makeup pouch. A stick of lipstick is way easier to find and carry around than a blusher. Dab a little lippie on the apples of your cheek and blend, blend, blend till you achieve that ruddy-cheeked look that even Cupid would be jealous of.

3. Brush your hair with perfume

office lady hacks_listerine

Going out for lunch means you’ll have to deal with two major irks – the crowd and the dreaded kopitiam smog that stinks up your freshly shampooed hair.

But don’t let that dampen your good vibes – simply spritz your favourite scent on a hairbrush and run it through your locks. There are also moisturising hair fragrances out there that can both hydrate and freshen your hair.

4. Blot with powdered tissue paper

office lady hacks_listerine

“Sebum” is not the latest shade from BECCA’s highlighter collection.

If you are out of blotting sheets and need an immediate substitute to tone down the shine, grab a piece of tissue paper and dust a little translucent powder on it before patting down on your T-zone and cheeks. The powder can help mattify your skin while the tissue absorbs excess oil.

5. Volumise your second-day hair

office lady hacks_listerine

For second- or even third-day hair, the cheat to looking like you’re fresh from the salon is a smart use of dry shampoo or baby powder. 

You just have to section your hair, apply the product generously to your roots, give it a good brush and voila, voluminous bombshell tresses.

6. Use wet wipes as a quick shower dupe 

office lady hacks_listerine

Wet wipes are not only useful for removing makeup.

You can still get that “fresh out of the shower” feeling even after you’ve braved through Singapore’s humidity the entire day! Get that pack of wet wipes out of your bag for a quick wipedown to get that icky feeling off you. 

Tip: Use menthol wipes for an instant cooling effect on your skin as your stride back into the office.

7. Use lip balm to reduce the friction from your heels

office lady hacks_listerine

Heels are like our best frenemy. We literally rise above the rest in them, but they cause us to suffer annoying cuts at the back of our heels. Halfway through the day and any superiority complex your heels would have given you will be gone. 

Here’s a quick fix: glide a stick of lip balm at the back of your feet and inside of your heels to protect your skin from chaffing. Soon you’ll be walking down the corridors ready to own any meeting.

8. Revive tired skin with vitamin sprays

office lady hacks_listerine

The air-conditioned office you spend 7 hours a day in can dull your complexion and sap the glow you try so hard to maintain. Having a bottle of vitamin spray by your desk can perk your dry skin up and give it a quick moisture boost while energising your face with antioxidants!

9. Steam your eyelash curler before curling

office lady hacks_listerine

Instead of leaving office at 6PM with droopy mascara-ed eyelashes, heat a pair of lash curlers over the steam from your coffee mug or your breath and get those curls back right back up.

The effect is the same as a curling iron – the heat ensures that your curls last longer. For maximum full-lashed effect, dust a little translucent powder on your eyelashes with an eyeshadow brush right after a coat of mascara. 

10. Use mouthwash that whitens your teeth

office lady hacks_listerine

Nothing is more paiseh than going about your day with bits of veg stuck to your teeth and not knowing about it – until after that important meeting with your bosses. To save yourself from such awkward situations, keep a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash on your table for post-meal rinses. Plus, you’ll be doing your colleagues a favour by ridding yourself of garlic chilli breath.

Freshen up with LISTERINE® Healthy White

office lady hacks_listerine

A strand of kang kong stuck between your teeth will be the least of your worries if your teeth are stained by the espressos you have been drinking every morning. A set of glowing pearlies plays a huge role in your overall image as you stride through the office.

office lady hacks_listerine

With LISTERINE® Healthy White, you can potentially whiten your teeth in just 2 weeks. Their latest product levels up your dental care regime by removing stains and prevents them from forming again through its Polyphosphate Technology. That means by the time your bosses get back from their 2-week holiday, you can have a new smile to impress them with.

office lady hacks_listerine

It also includes 3 kinds of essential oils that reduce plaque, keep your gums healthy, and kill bacteria that causes bad breath. By incorporating LISTERINE® Healthy White into your dental care routine twice a day, you won’t have to fear your friend knowing what you had for lunch and tea when you guys share the latest gossip in close proximity. 

office lady hacks_listerine

As much as brushing regularly may help to improve discolouration, its results can be enhanced further with as a swish of mouthwash — brushing only removes bacteria from about 25% of your mouth! A 30-second deep-cleanse is all you need to complete your oral care regime with a cleaner and fresher feeling in your mouth.

office lady hacks_listerine

With the official LISTERINE store up on Lazada, you can essentially deliver cleaner and whiter teeth right to your doorstep! Check it out here.

If you prefer the standard brick & mortar retailers, check out the list of shops here too!

Find out more about LISTERINE® Healthy White here!

This post was brought to you by Listerine.

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