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iTunes 12.7.1 Download For Windows And Mac Is Out, Here’s What Is New

By | November 1st, 2017

Apple has released iTunes 12.7.1 download for both Windows and Mac users. This release comes about a month and a half after the controversial iTunes 12.7 (more on why it was controversial later) release which dropped support for App Store.

It has been quite an eventful day for Apple. It started off with the company getting mostly positive reviews on its upcoming flagship iPhone X smartphone from critics.

This was then followed up by various software updates, starting from final versions of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1, tvOS 11.1 and macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra, all of which have brought 100+ new and redesigned emoji characters among other tweaks here and there, and more importantly a fix for KRACK WPA2 WiFi vulnerability.

This has all now followed on with the release of iTunes 12.7.1 on both Windows and Mac platforms. Apple says that is mainly a minor bug fix release which focuses on bringing app and performance improvements to the overall experience of using iTunes on Macs and PCs.

So yes, this won’t bring the App Store back which Apple removed in iTunes 12.7, much to the displeasure of many business users. If you want to use that particular feature, Apple has a special iTunes 12.6.3 version available for download now which should cater for those special needs in enterprise, business and education sectors.

The latest iTunes version 12.7.1 can be downloaded from Alternatively, if you already have iTunes installed, you can grab it by checking for the update in Mac App Store, or in Apple Software Update Utility if you are on Windows.

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Stir Fried Potatoes and Pork: Simple Homecooked Meals

Potatoes and pork go so well together!  If you have never tried this dish before, you should!  This is the kind of dish which I am sure many people have grown up eating because it is so tasty and easy to make!

Thinly sliced shabu shabu pork collar or pork belly 300g
Potatoes 4 medium sized (Brastagi or local potatoes work best)
Onion 1
Karlbi Sauce  2 Tbsp (to taste)

1. After peeling and slicing the potatoes, soak them in water for half and hour to remove excess starch.

2.  Pat dry the potatoes and shallow fry till light brown in colour

3.  Add sliced pork and stir fry for 2 mins

4.  Add Kalbi marinade and fry till nicely caramelized

5.  Add a teaspoon of dark soy sauce for colour.

6.  If it is too watery, thicken with 2 tsp of cornstarch which has been dissolved in water first.

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YouTube TV App Coming To Apple TV, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, More

By | October 31st, 2017

The way people watch TV is changing, and has been for some time now. While Google has had more than one try at helping that revolution on its way in the past, this time it is using YouTube as a way to make its mark in the streaming TV game.

YouTube TV was announced six months ago as an online streaming service that offered around 40 channels for $ 35 per month. Now it also has some apps that will make it easier for users to get that content onto their TVs.

YouTube TV already offers many of the features that we have come to expect from such services, including unlimited DVR capabilities thanks to the cloud and some original content thrown in as well. What it didn’t have was a suite of apps that made it possible to watch its content on a television, but as of today that is going to change. Rolling out today, YouTube TV is offering apps for living room devices that we already own such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, including Apple TV, and game consoles. Before now, getting content onto a TV required a Chromecast. Not anymore.

“When we launched the service, we positioned it as a mobile-first product. A lot of that was about breaking the association with the DVR and set-top box, this hardware in the living room you have to rent that gets outdated really quickly. We were trying to get people to grok that this is TV that lives on your phone, a cloud DVR, all of the above. What we saw in practice was that the majority of our watch time was in the living room, through Cast. And the number one request we get from consumers is more options, native options, for the living room.”

That realization has led to Google putting together a comprehensive collection of apps. Over the coming days YouTube TV apps will be available in the app store for Android TV and Xbox One devices. Wait a few weeks more and apps will also be available for the Apple TV, Roku, and smart TVs from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG. With coverage like that, the chances are you already have something that will be able to get YouTube TV onto the big screen.

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We Tried All Of 7-Eleven's Ready-To-Eat Items And Ranked The Top 10

The 10 best ready-to-eat 7-Eleven items

Ask any Singaporean about 7-Eleven and I’m sure they’ll regale you with stories of how its food has gotten them through times of crisis; from satisfying a late-night hunger pang to being the source of sustenance when they were a broke uni kid. 

From onigiris to desserts and packed meals, the chilled section of 7-Eleven is a mini food court that caters to a myriad of tastebuds. And just like how no one’s tried every single dish from a food court, no one’s tried every single 7-Eleven food in one sitting… until now. 

Together with my Eatbookhomies, Jia Hui and Asri, we gorged ourselves on over 20 different 7-Eleven Ready-to-Eat (RTE) meals. Here are our top 10:

#10 Nasi Lemak Onigiri

Chew onto the Nasi Lemak Onigiri ($ 2.50) and you’ll feel like you’re eating a mini nasi lemak with spicy sambal, egg, peanuts and anchovies with every bite.


Hazeeq: That sambal was legit spicy. Some might think it’s sacrilege but I recommend microwaving the onigiri for the full omph as the sweet and savoury flavours will flow better and the rice will be a tad softer.

Jia Hui: I like how the onigiri had the nasi lemak taste without the greasiness that usually comes with it. But having it with seaweed is a bit odd.

Average score:7.9/10 

#9 Black Pepper Chicken Leg

If you’re a gym rat looking for a post-workout meal, get the Black Pepper Chicken Leg ($ 3.60) for a burst of peppery goodness and some quick gainz.

Hazeeq: The peppery taste of this was insane! You could tell they didn’t skimp on the marinade and I looove how tender the meat is. It can totally pass off for deli chicken at supermarkets.

Jia Hui: I was initially taken aback by how strong the taste of the pepper was. But after that, I was impressed with the tenderness of the chicken leg, and how the flesh was sweet with a savoury pepper coat on top. 

Average score:8/10

#8 Club Sandwich


Perfect for light eaters, the Club Sandwich ($ 3.20) checks off the basic food groups with its generous servings of BBQ chicken, coated with mayo, and layered with a generous amount of lettuce and slices of egg.


Asri: BBQ sauce and mayo? A definite match made in heaven. It was sweet and savoury which I really liked and I was amazed at how the chicken meat was still firm and tender.  

Jia Hui: This was so good, oh my god! It didn’t really taste like Club Sandwich but a lighter version of BBQ chicken sandwich which I wouldn’t expect to find in a convenience store. 

Average score:8/10

#7 Japanese Curry Rice


If you can’t take the usual spiciness of curry, opt for the Japanese Curry Rice ($ 4.90) which comes with a bountiful helping of rice, fried chicken, and impressive curry that’s mild yet flavourful.


Hazeeq: The chicken and rice were satisfactory but the curry was extremely tasty! It had a rich, milky taste which made the chicken and rice taste better.

Asri: The Japanese curry was mild-tasting – not spicy and salty like how I would like it to be. But it’s quite good. Rice was meh and the fried chicken can be improved. Just a little bit of tweaking of the batter would do the trick.

Average score:8/10

#6 Chicken Bolognaise


For a hearty meal that’s naise and filling, get the Chicken Bolognaise ($ 3.90) as the pasta is made from high-quality durum wheat semolina, giving it a high protein count. Adding to the savoury goodness is the meaty tomato sauce that’s chock full of minced chicken.


Hazeeq: Consider me shooketh as it tasted exactly like home-cooked pasta! The sauce was tangy and the spaghetti was nicely cooked. You could taste the meat in every spool.

Asri: Looked pretty ordinary but I liked that they separated the bolognese from the spaghetti to prevent it from being soggy. Spaghetti was nicely cooked and the sauce was a little sweet. The minced chicken added a savoury flavour.

Average score:8.3/10

#5 Nasi Lemak

With its crispy anchovies, soft egg, and succulent chicken, the Nasi Lemak ($ 3.90) comes really close to replicating the taste of a freshly-made plate of rice.

Asri: After microwaving it, the aroma of the coconut rice was bursting through the packet. The rice wasn’t greasy and still moist. The chicken was seasoned well, making the meat flavourful. But omg, the ikan bilis was super crunchy and addictive! I found the sambal a bit underwhelming though.

Jia Hui: The rice wasn’t greasy so I really liked that. Although the fried chicken wasn’t crispy, the taste was just nice– salty and slightly spicy without being overwhelming. The sambal was a little lacking in taste and kick though.

Average score:8.5/10

#4 Kimchi Fried Rice


You’ll get a myriad of flavours with every bite of the Kimchi Fried Rice ($ 4.50). The saltiness of the kimchi, together with the slight spiciness of the rice, complements the meat well.


Hazeeq: Every component of this dish was delicious but the meat was simply outstanding. It was so tender that it cut like butter and was well-seasoned, so you could taste the umami in every bite.

Jia Hui: It has the perfect balance of spiciness, saltiness, and a slightly sour taste. The meat reminded me of bulgogi and although it looked dry, it’s pretty juicy. The rice stuck well together and was moist, just the way I like it!

Average score:8.7/10

#3 Hanjuku Egg 


If you’re looking for something to zhng your instant noodles or a dish that’s baller on its own, get the Hanjuku Egg ($ 2.50) which comes with 2 soft-boiled eggs, soaked in shoyu sauce.


Hazeeq: I’m not a fan of yolk but these were an exception! They were runny and didn’t have the usual “egginess”. The shoyu had the right consistency and complemented the eggs well.

Asri: The eggs still had a springiness to them and were very easy to cut. The egg white was nicely cooked and thoroughly absorbed the sauce, giving it a salty taste. But, omg, the yolk though. It was slightly runny and it was damn legit. Two thumbs up.

Average score:9/10

#2 Chocolate Lava Cake

Despite its small size, the Chocolate Lava Cake ($ 2.80) packs a powerful punch as the cake is moist and will send shockwaves of sweetness in every bite.

Asri: The person who made this deserves a pay raise.The core was gooey and oozed out when cut open. The cake was very moist and decadent – you could just swirl on your palate and let it “dissolve” beautifully. I have a sweet-tooth so this was perfect for me. If I had three thumbs I would have given three thumbs up.

Jia Hui: This was sooo good. If someone gave it to me without telling me it’s from 7-Eleven, I would have thought that they da pao-ed it from some atas restaurant. Besides the fact that the insides of the cake actually flowed out, the chocolate cake wasn’t sweet to the point it’d make you jelak.

Average score:9/10

And the winner is…

#1 Butter Chicken Biryani


For those who love biryani but hate the heatiness that comes with it, get the Butter Chicken Biryani ($ 3.90) that’s light on oil and ghee. 


Hazeeq: I like how it feels healthier as the basmati rice doesn’t have the usual oiliness of briyani. The curry was creamy which went well with the butter chicken.

Asri: I liked that they used basmati rice which is essential to nasi briyani. I could taste the butter in the curry which made it really creamy. They were generous with the chicken meat which still had good texture – firm and fibrous. The curry was just right and a little more salt would have ruined the balance.  

Jia Hui: The sauce was not outstanding but the chicken alone was well-marinated and the buttery curry sauce complemented the meat well. The basmati rice was not spectacular either but overall it went well with the curry.

Average score:9.2/10

Ready-to-eat meals at 7-Eleven

And there you have it; a guide for your next quick and convenient meal from 7-Eleven. Since the 3 of us are avid eaters, we could tell that the dishes have improved as they are more flavourful and made with fresher ingredients. Just take a bite of their Kimchi Fried Rice to taste how succulent the meat is.

We liked how the food wasn’t frozen and items like the sandwiches could be eaten as they are without any compromise in taste.

But best of all, you get more bang for your buck! At under $ 5, we couldn’t believe how some of the dishes, like the Butter Chicken Biryani and Chocolate Lava Cake, came close to tasting like restaurant-quality meals.

Every single item we tried

For a greater reason to splash the cash, 7-Eleven is having their Crazy Meal Promotion from 30th October to 14th November 2017. One promo up for grabs is the Chicken Bolognaise (UP: $ 3.90) going for $ 2.90!

So the next time you’re feeling hungry, skip the same ol’ restaurants and get your fill at the store that’s more.

Find your nearest 7-Eleven here!

This post was brought to you by 7-Eleven.

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How To Track Your iPhone X Pre-Order Early Without Having To Wait For Apple To Give You Shipping Number

By | October 29th, 2017

The day that a new iPhone becomes available for pre-order is always a frantic one, but once you survive the big day all attention then turns to when your lovely new smartphone will arrive. Apple will have given you an estimate of when that will be but sometimes, only sometimes, things will happen more quickly than expected.

A number of iPhone X buyers have found that to be the case, with their orders having already been shipped from China via UPS but Apple’s system still shows them as “Preparing to Ship” or “Preparing for Shipment”.

Apple is not always the best at making sure everyone knows what is happening with a pre-order, so sometimes we have to do a little digging in order to get the full picture. If you recently pre-ordered a new iPhone X and want to check out whether an order has shipped or not – Apple’s systems will continue to say “Preparing for Shipment” until next week – then you can do exactly that by heading over to the UPS website and giving it your details to grab that tracking number early before Apple gives it to you. Here’s how.

Step 1: Pop on over to the UPS website’s Track by Reference page:

Step 2: Feed in your phone number associated with the order on under “Shipment Reference” label, and zip/post code under “Destination ZIP/Postal Code” label. Make sure you don’t add any brackets or dashes/hyphens when entering phone number.

Step 3: See what the website comes back with. Fingers crossed, you see the package being picked up by UPS in China.

Not everyone who tries this will see an iPhone en-route, and if you don’t but were told yours will arrive on launch day, then we wouldn’t start worrying just yet. If your order is not expected to arrive until the week after November 3 though, this could be the bearer of good news the likes of which we do not often get to deliver. Good luck, folks, and happy tracking.

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Kopi More – Brewing Traditional Nanyang Kopi With An Espresso Machine

Since I first opened my eyes, and heart, to the world of coffee, I have been going around looking for a good cup of coffee. I am glad to have found my favourite – Kopi More at Golden Mile Food Centre.


Meet 43-year-old Lawrence, who used to be a petroleum broker. After leaving the industry, he decided to sell coffee in a hawker centre. “What’s so special about his coffee,” you may ask. Well, he makes traditional Nanyang coffee using an espresso machine!

No no, don’t expect Lawrence to make you a cup of latte or flat white. It’s still our kopi-o and kopi siew dai, but done using a modern brewing method. Working in the petroleum industry has definitely helped Lawrence as he has a strong knowledge of water pressure and density. This helped him to calibrate his espresso machine. It also took him months of research to finally find the right blend of Indonesia Robusta and Columbian Arabica beans for his Nanyang coffee.

Roasted with sugar and margarine to achieve maximum flavour, the beans are ground upon order and brewed using an espresso machine, instead of a coffee sock. The end result is a well-extracted coffee that is rich and satisfying. He has nailed it!


Each cup of hot coffee ($ 1.50) is full bodied, carries a nutty hint and possesses a mild acidity. Stir it well after the addition of milk and sugar, and you might find yourself falling in love with that smooth and creamy texture. Even though this is a little more pricey than the usual kopi, what you are getting is quality Nanyang coffee. There are even coffee fans who travel all the way here just for this. Thank you Lawrence for bringing good coffee to the heartlands!


Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, she started this website in 2007 to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share her love of travel and food with the world. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling.

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Miss Tam Chiak


Apple Fired The Engineer Whose Daughter Posted iPhone X Hands-On Video From Caffè Macs At Apple HQ

By | October 29th, 2017

Apple’s iPhone X pre-orders are now in fill swing and if you have not already placed your order then you are likely looking at a wait stretching into the months, rather than days or weeks.

Generating hype around a big iPhone launch is not something that Apple generally needs to worry about, but when a new video appears on YouTube during which an iPhone X was demonstrated at Apple’s own Cupertino campus, everyone immediately suggested Apple had leaked it itself, kicking the hype train into top gear.

Now, it would appear that the employee partly responsible for the leak has been fired by the company, just a few days after the video appeared online and went viral. The leak came courtesy of YouTube vlogger Brooke Peterson who apparently is, or was, in the enviable position having her father be an Apple employee with an iPhone X in his pocket.

What followed was a video filmed at Caffè Macs on Apple’s Cupertino HQ during which Peterson ran through the iPhone X’s capabilities on-camera, causing quite the stir online in the process. When the video went viral, the general belief amongst many was that this leak was seeded by Apple in order to generate some hype for the iPhone X, but now it would appear that Peterson’s father is no longer an Apple employee, presumably as a result of this video – the original video is no longer up on YouTube, predictably enough.

In a new video posted to YouTube, Brooke Peterson has confirmed that following her video going viral, her father has been “let go” by Apple. While many will wonder how someone, working at Apple and in possession of an iPhone X ahead of launch, was naive enough to let this happen. We do too, but this does at least put the theory that the whole thing was a controlled leak by Apple to bed for once and for all.

For those who missed the original video by Brooke which Apple took down after it went viral, here’s the mirror backup version of it:

While it’s unfortunate that someone had to lose a job because of one “innocent” YouTube video, it’s important to note that filming inside Apple’s HQ is prohibited. In one of the frames in the original video, you can even spot some of codenames for Apple products in the Notes app of that engineer’s iPhone X.

What do you guys think? Did Apple make the right call in firing the engineer? Or they were heartless and should have let it go because the device was announced already with many other YouTubers and press already having posted their hands-on videos during Apple’s September 12 event. Sounds off in the comments below.

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Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen @ East Coast Road 福林豆腐园 – Good but less healthy

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen @ East Coast Road 福林豆腐园

We visited Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen when it was occupied a small coffeeshop stall next to the Siglap Centre. Over the years, it has shifted a few door steps away and grow into establishing their own independent shop, business takes a further boost with several outlets across the island and city areas.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen growth over the years comes with reasons.

Close to 50 varieties of Yong Tau Foo items are on display, plenty of choice and all are relatively fresh.

By definition, Yong Tau Foo is supposing a healthy dish with the way how the items are presented, mainly fish, soybean and veggies, cooked in the broth and served dry or soupy. However, the best of Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen is much in contrary with its sinfully delicious deep-fried Yong Tau Foo.

Of course, deep fried alone will not take Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen too far, the quality of the Yong Tau Foo items are the stars to attract the streaming in of customers.

What is good here are their fish paste related items, from the fish cake, beancurd skin with fish paste to the stuff fish paste Tau Kwa and veggies. You can assure each piece is full of flavour with a pleasant texture.

Another must-try item is their house made wu xiang or five spices meat roll; the beancurd skin wrap encased the essence of a good wu xiang, not packed with flour but genuine well-seasoned content.

All the Yong Tau Foo gone through the deep-fried process and doused over with their house special mushroom gravy that mixed with chicken minced meat. The starchy thick gravy blended exceptionally well with the Yong Tau Foo to lift up the overall taste.

The same gravy is used as the topping sauce for the thick white noodle as well which blend very well and in combination, a sumptuous Yong Tau Foo meal that every one of us truly enjoyed.

Yong Tau Foo as an healthy choice definitely not in the case at Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen, of course, they do have the soupy version that you can go without deep frying the stuff, but honestly, we tried the healthy version as well and we will advise you not opt for it, you can get much better soupy version somewhere else.

Our verdict

At Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen, the fish cake and house speciality wu xiang are the must try items here. Do order the white bee hoon that topped with the mushroom and minced meat sauce. Price may be slightly at the high side but in return you are rewarded with a tantalizing meal.

$ 0.40 to $ 2 $ 1.60 for Noodle

Add GST 7%

721 East Coast Road, Singapore 459070 T: 6446 2363 H:9am-9pm daily

16 Raffles Quay Hong Leong Building, #B1-20 S 048581 T:62236732 H: 7am-5pm (Mon to Fri)

127 Telok Ayer St S 068596 T:64231911 H: 9am-5pm Mon to Fri 9am-3pm Sat

112 Katong Food Republic T:66363951 H:10am-10pm daily

Suntec City Food Republic T:63386529 H:10am-10pm daily

Parkway Parade Food Republic T:63489445 H:10am-10pm daily


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Apple Moves November 10 iPhone X Deliveries To November 3 Launch Day For Some Customers

By | October 28th, 2017

It appears that iPhone X delivery estimates have started improving for those who pre-ordered early, with some customers, including myself, seeing November 10 delivery estimate improve to November 3 launch day delivery.

As you may already know by now, According to the data collected by analysts, those who didn’t manage to get their pre-order in within first four minutes were out of luck for getting their order delivered in time for the launch day.

I personally managed to get my order in at 12:06 Pacific Time, which was around two minutes too late to get a launch day delivery, and saw the delivery estimate of November 10 to November 17 for a T-Mobile 256GB Space Gray iPhone X model from To my surprise (and delight!) though, when I randomly checked my order status a few hours back, I saw Apple automatically changed the delivery estimate of my order to November 3rd!

Multiple reports coming in from various social networks confirm the same as well. Apple is indeed improving delivery estimate of some of the early pre-orders, at least in the US they are!

While I haven’t seen any confirmation of it yet, there’s a chance that those who initially got a delivery estimate of 2-3 weeks or later will also see a delivery estimate improvement.

iPhone X pre-orders went live at mid-night on October 27 with unprecedented demand. Apple issued a statement earlier today saying that “customer demand is off the charts” for iPhone X, and that they are “working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible.”

Those who missed out on pre-ordering early may still have chance of scoring one on launch day, with Apple confirming that they will have limited number of units for sale for walk-in customers come November 3.

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11 Finger-Licking-Good Biryanis That You Will Love

In Indian culture, eating with your hands is a mark of respect to the host as it shows that you are enjoying a tasty Indian meal. Besides the added health benefits, some people also believe that eating with your hands enhances the flavor of the food. While I’m not sure if eating with your hands will enhance your gastronomical experience, I do know that eating biryani with utensils still makes for a hearty and satisfying meal. Besides the famous Zam Zam Restaurant at North Bridge Road, here are 11 more biryani eateries that you might like to visit. 

Bismallah Biryani


Bismallah Biryani has been around for about 17 years, and for good reason. If you like authentic spicy Indian food, then this is one place that you have to check out. They cook the curry together with the rice, hence, the rice is significantly more flavorful. I tried their Kid Goat Biryani ($ 15) and was impressed. I liked the generous serving of rice, and robust flavors. They served the mutton in small chunks, making it easy to enjoy your biryani. The mutton was rather tender and the gamey taste was not prevalent. You can also opt for other biryani dishes like the Chicken Biryani ($ 8.50) or Fish Biryani ($ 12), if you’re not into mutton. Oh, and Bismallah Biryani was featured in the 2016 AND 2017 Michelin Guide.

Address: 50 Dunloop Street, Singapore 209379


Islamic Restaurant


Founded by Mr. M. Abdul Rahiman, Islamic Restaurant is dedicated to serving great and authentic Indian cuisine. Besides biryani dishes, they also serve a plethora of curries, kebabs, Naan, Nasi Goreng and even seafood dishes. Somehow, the menu resembles that of a typical Chinese tze char stall so you’ll never run out of things to try. Despite the gloomy ambience, the biryani did not disappoint. The rice was soft and well cooked, but lacked the fragrance from the absence of spices. The dish tasted better once you add in the curry. The chicken was a tad dry but well-seasoned. Once again, it gets better when you add in the curry. Although a little greasy, the curry wasn’t spicy and even had a large chunk of potato in it! Eaten altogether, the biryani appealed to me because it wasn’t overly spicy. 

Address: 745 North Bridge Road, Kampong Glam Heritage Area, Singapore 198713

Phone: 6298 7563

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily.

Allauddin’s Biryani


If you’re looking for more affordable options, the biryani served at Tekka Centre is a great one. Having been in the business for about 50 years, Allauddin’s Biryani Pte Ltd offers great value. To make it simple, all their biryani dishes are priced affordably at 5 bucks. Since mutton biryanis are generally more expensive than the rest, I went for the mutton version. Even though the rice was slightly mushy and not as dry as I would have liked it to be, the mutton and the curry certainly made up for it. The mutton was rather chewy but I liked that it did not have the gamey taste. The curry was only slightly spicy with a dominating masala flavor. While it cannot compare to those from restaurants,  it is a bang for the buck. 

Address: 665 Buffalo Road, Tekka Centre, #01-229, Singapore 210665

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm daily.

Mami Midah Biryani


Eating biryani isn’t very good for health but we still love a hearty plate of biryani. Fortunately, Mami Midah Biryani has tweaked the traditional biryani recipe to bring to you a tasty, yet healthy (relatively), plate of biryani. Instead of coconut milk and ghee, Mami Midah Biryani uses evaporated milk and vegetable oil. For $ 5.50, there really isn’t anything to not like about the biryani. I’m particular about the rice but I was delighted to find that the rice was well cooked. Although watered down, the curry was pleasantly sweet and mellow. The chicken was considerably juicy and very generous for the price. On a whole, I think this biryani isn’t as heavy as one would expect because it is less greasy due to the healthier ingredients used.

Opening Hours: 10am to 5pm daily. Closed on Mondays.

Leeds Restaurant


Once known as Blue Diamond Restaurant, this popular restaurant was renamed 2 years ago to Leeds restaurant. Similar to other restaurants, they offer a huge variety of dishes such as naan, prata, fried rice, fried noodles and other Northern and Southern Indian dishes that you might be craving for. Their biryani stood out, for me, because it comes with dessert and crispy papadum. For $ 12, you’re getting an entire set meal to accompany your biryani. Served on a banana leaf, the rice is fluffy and fragrant and went really well with the curry. The one thing that they serve that NONE of the other biryanis listed here serve is payasam, a south Indian desert that consists of vermicelli boiled in milk, with cardamom and other nuts. I have to admit that it is not my kind of dessert but it certainly added a nice touch to the meal.

Address: 24, 26 Buffalo Road Singapore 219792

Phone: 6291 1629

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.



Situated just 5 minutes away from Chinatown MRT, Taj offers other kinds of Indian food such as tandoori chicken and samosas. The rice of the chicken biryani was very fragrant due to the numerous spices present. I felt that the curry was a little diluted and would have preferred to be thicker, and maybe a tad spicier. However, the chicken was well marinated and rather tender.  While this didn’t really stand out from the rest, it will satisfy your biryani fix if you have one.

Address: 214 South Bridge Road (Corner of Mosque Street), Singapore 058763

Phone: 6226 6020

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm daily.

Saffron’s cafeteria


Most of the restaurants listed here are situated rather far away, so if you’re lazy like me, you’ll probably love to find places situated within your neighborhood. Saffron’s cafeteria, located at Block 201 in Tampines, is a popular destination because of its 24-hour operating hours. Unlike some other biryani dishes, the rice wasn’t too heavily-spiced. The curry was watery but retained its rich flavor and fragrance. I liked that they were generous with the curry so you that the dish wouldn’t be too dry. 

Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21, #01-1163, Singapore 529393

Phone: 6787 6010

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Al-Alzhar Restaurant


Just a stone’s throw away from Saffron’s is Al-Azhar restaurant, also a 24-hour eatery. We ordered the Fish Dum Biryani ($ 8) which is served with a yellow rice instead of the multi-colored rice that we usually get. Other than a hard-boiled egg, the rice also comes with 8 pieces of fried fish topped with raisins and cashew nuts. I liked the robust flavors and lavish serving, and will definitely be back.

Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21, #01-1105, Singapore 524201

Phone: 6787 6010

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Victory Restaurant


Situated beside the ever-popular biryani restaurant Singapore Zam Zam, is Victory Restaurant. The service is fast and the food is well worth the money. We got the Chicken Biryani ($ 6.50) which comes with a large serving of chicken. The chicken was a litte dry but the large portion made up for it. They also interestingly garnish their rice with shallots which is not common in biryani dishes. The curry stood out because it was notably spicier than the others, but not overwhelmingly. I thought the flavors were rather well balanced.

Address: 701 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198677

Phone: 6298 6955

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm daily.

Yakader Muslim Food


Residing within Tekka Centre, Yakader Muslim Food is yet another affordable alternative to Alluaddin’s. You have the option to enjoy your biryani with or without the dum. We ordered the Chicken Biryani ($ 5) but they also serve a Mutton Biryani ($ 5.50). I thought that the biryani was worth every penny. The curry is mild, but still rich. The chilli is separated so you can decide how spicy you like your biryani. The chicken was succulent and I liked how it peeled off easily. The pineapple used in the acar helps to balance out the heaviness of the biryani and it isn’t quite as sour as some others. For $ 5, Yakader Muslim Food really gives the other restaurants a good run for their money.

Address: 664 Buffalo Road, Tekka Centre

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm daily. Closed on alternate Tuesdays

99 Bistro & Kitchen


Topping this list as the most expensive biryani, 99 Bistro & Kitchen’s 2-person biryani goes for $ 24! The only catch is that if you want the bamboo biryani, there’s only the lamb shank version available. They, however, do serve regular biryanis with chicken, fish and mutton. I got the bamboo biryani and loved it wholeheartedly. They cook the lamb shank together with the rice in an imported Indian bamboo trunk which locks the flavors in. I was also told that they choose to use Pakistani spices because they’re mellower in contrast to the fierier Indian spices, to cater to the local palate. The Australian lamb shank is cooked for 2.5 hours. Like the biryani served at Bismallah Biryani, this biryani doesn’t come with curry because they cook everything together in the bamboo to infuse the flavors evenly. You’ll also get a quick explanation of how they prepare the dish before they plate the biryani from the bamboo, right in front of your eyes! If you haven’t tried, you really, really should!

Address: LifeLong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, #01-02, Singapore 408601

Phone: 6745 9958

Opening Hours: 12pm to 330pm, 530 to 8pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

We hope that our list will be helpful to those in search of yummy biryanis! If you have other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email!

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