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Deliveroo – Exciting Food Trends for the New Year!

With 2017 coming to a close, we’ve seen so many food fads that have come and gone, as well as those that have stayed strong.

Some food trends in 2017 that took Singapore by storm were psychedelic rainbow bagels, cheese wheel pastas the infamous multicoloured Talad Neon drink.

As we round up the year, we are excited to identify the food trends that will endure, or are up and coming. Here are our selections, which can all be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, thanks to Deliveroo!


For the love of cheese, our insights tell us that cheese will reign supreme and continue being a hot trend in 2018. Apart from having cheese coming from a wheel, we’re looking at cheese being used in traditional ways.

Alt. Pizza - f_Truffled Mac & Cheese

We love the idea of coming home to a sinful gooey bowl of mac and cheese. Alt. Pizza does a Truffled Mac & Cheese ($ 12.84) that you can dive into on your sofa. Filled with white truffle oil, cheddar, and mushroom sauce, this delightful bowl will definitely satisfy.

Get it here:

Bella Pizza - burrata pizza

The Pizza Burrata ($ 29.96) by Bella Pizza is a cheese addict’s ultimate indulgence. The pizza is topped with soft and creamy Burrata cheese, and other ingredients such as sweet oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano.

Get it here:


Another up-and-coming trend that’s catching waves is the unsightly uni, or sea urchin. These porcupines of the sea are not just limited to Japanese cuisine – many fusion restaurants are crowning uni on their pasta dishes for its rich flavour and creaminess.

Mojo_Roasted Unagi & Uni

If you prefer your uni fresh and whole, MOJO has just what you’re seeking. The Roasted Unagi & Uni ($ 31.03) is one of the restaurant’s signature dinner bowls, and looks as decadent as it can get. Pairing savoury and smoky barbecued river eel with fresh and creamy uni is great, but MOJO has also thrown in ikura and ebiko for a greater indulgence. What’s best is that you can have all of this just by placing an order through your phone!

Get it here:

Senmi Sushi_Uni, Hamachi & Ebi Fry Bomb (1200x800)

Senmi Sushi incorporates this creamy luxury in the form of their Uni, Hamachi and Ebi Fry Bomb ($ 24.02). This psychedelic looking sushi roll is filled with prawn tempura, and topped with pieces of yellowtail and sea urchin, before being drizzled with a homemade mentai sauce.

Get it here:

Soshinsen Uni sushi

Soshinsen Hokkaido Warship 2

Uni purists will enjoy the Uni Gunkan ($ 10.49) at Soshinsen. Hokkaido Bafun Uni is perched on top of a bed of tangy sushi rice wrapped with seaweed. If you enjoy a variety of flavours and textures, the Hokkaido Warship ($ 9.15) which contains ikura, negitoro and uni might just be perfect for you. 

Get it here:


The new year will also shine the spotlight on our local cuisine. Modern Singaporean cuisine is all the rage now. More restaurants – and even hawkers – that specialise in mod-sin cuisine have been sprouting up all over our sunny island.

Meat Smith - Madras Pork Ribs

Burger joint, Meat Smith Little India, pays homage to our local ingredients with the delicious Coconut Chutney Pork Ribs ($ 25). The meat slides off the bone easily, and is coated with fresh coconut and spice-laden chutney – the same ones that helped our nation flourish as a trading hub– that reflect our colonial heritage.

Get it here:

NOM Bistro - Mr-Krabbs

NOM Bistro & Bakery’s Mr. Krabbs ($ 17.90) burger showcases a whole deep fried soft shell crab topped with slaw and salted egg yolk sauce. Anything with salted egg sauce is just delicious!

Get it here:


Last but not least, we think that the common and humble hot dog is making a comeback. These unassuming tasty street snacks are well loved by everyone for their flavour and the simple comfort that it gives from each bite.

Sacha & Sons - Coney Dog

Inspired by Coney Island, the Coney Dog ($ 18.08) by Sacha & Sons is an upgraded version of the hot dogs that you get off the streets. This dish comes complete with crisp and fluffy straight cut fries as well as a side of refreshing salad. The main star of the dish is the dog itself, of course.

Get it here:

Three Buns The Dawgs

Three Buns by Potato Head Folk has an extensive list of hot dogs to choose from. Other than the D.O. Double G. dog mentioned earlier, the restaurant also has the Truffle Hound ($ 16.05), which sees Portobello mushrooms and beef frankfurter perfumed with truffle aioli, melted truffle cheese and truffle oil, as well as the Phife Dawg ($ 14.98), which is the spicier cousin to the two. This dog is filled with beef chilli, smoked applewood cheddar, watermelon relish and Big Poppa ‘hot sauce”.

Get it here:

I quote the famous phrase used in Project Runway : “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Other than the fashion industry, this quote applies to the food industry as well. Food trends come and go, but no matter what the current food trend is, Deliveroo is always here to deliver restaurant-quality meals right to our doorstep! There’s no need to get dressed, or get out of your cozy hideout, or wait in line for food. Ordering food is as simple as a few taps on the phone.

This post was brought to you by Deliveroo.


An avid fan of the local food scene in Singapore, Justyn loves to recreate hearty hawker meals during his free time at home.

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Miss Tam Chiak


You Can Get Apple’s $29 Battery Replacement For Your Aging iPhone Starting Today, Here Are The Details

By | December 31st, 2017

Following on from its confirmation that it will be offering replacement batteries for some iPhones at a reduced price, Apple has now announced that it is doing exactly that with immediate effect.

Previously, Apple had said that the move would take place in January, but the company has taken the step of kicking the offer off straight away.

As of right now, anyone who requests a replacement battery – assuming theirs is sufficiently aged – for an iPhone 6 or newer device, will get one for the reduced price of $ 29. Previously, all battery replacements cost a standard $ 79. Apple says that it was simply able to get the wheels in motion quicker than it anticipated, and that is why the offer has started sooner than expected – albeit only by a couple of days.

We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.

The $ 50 discount comes following something of a furore relating to Apple’s power management systems and their decision to down-clock older iPhones when their batteries are unable to provide the required power to keep them running optimally. This results in a slower iPhone and has fed into the years-long claim by some that Apple slows old iPhones down in order to make people upgrade more quickly.

That is, of course, not the case, but with many reporting that Apple is slowing iPhones down and not explaining why, this has left Apple in a situation where it will no doubt continue to suffer damage to its reputation no matter what it does. The $ 50 discount will allow older iPhones to receive new batteries, however, allowing them to again be used to their computational maximum.

Anyone looking to swap their battery out should contact Apple either via phone or by making a Genius Bar appointment.

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The 169th Outlet of KUSHIKATSU TANAKA Opens at Clarke Quay, 1st Outside of Japan

With 168 outlets in Japan, Kushikatsu Tanaka at Clarke Quay has an interesting story. Ms TANAKA Hiroe worked for Mr NUKI Keiji at his failing bar. They intended to shut down the business for good when Ms Tanaka chanced upon her late father’s secret recipe. They decided to give it one last try. Kushikatsu Tanaka was set up at Setagaya, Tokyo in 2008. And a mere 9 years later, they have 168 (Japan) + 1 (Singapore) outlets. They need to make this rags-to-riches story into a movie.

At any other restaurant, the weird floor plan of the restaurant would have felt awkward and uncomfortable but anyone who has been to Japan knows that Japanese restaurants are exactly like this. When we stepped in, the Japanese aesthetics of the space brought us back to Japan. The servers shouting now and then to welcome guests create a convivial and fun atmosphere. (By the way, the ventilation is awesome. We sat at the bar counter and couldn’t smell any fumes.)

The kushikatsu, or deep-fried skewers, are super delicious. They import their panko flour, batter, and sauce from Japan to ensure a consistency with the Japanese outlets. The skewers are deep-fried in a secret blend of oil, including beef fats.

There are more than 30 types of kushikatsu, ranging from $ 1 to $ 2.50 a stick. We tried pork ($ 1.50), cookies and cream (which is basically deep-fried oreos, $ 1.50), beef ($ 2), shrimp ($ 2), oysters ($ 2.50), and asparagus ($ 2.50). Except for the oreo whose cream in the centre has all but melted away, everything is wonderful. There is not one drop of grease and they are crispy and fresh. The flavors are educed nicely. Especially tasty are the pork which is fatty but not heavy and oyster with juices spurting.

Besides kushikatsu, they also have some starters like oden moriawase (assorted Japanese yong tau foo $ 12) and buta kakuni (stewed pork $ 6). Salmon butsu ($ 10) are diced salmon sashimi with a smidgeon of grated wasabi, that is real wasabi, none of that artificial crap.

The DIY potato salad ($ 8) comes un-mashed; you need some elbow grease to mash it yourself. This is because the restaurant wants me to exercise and burn away the calories before I eat. Just kidding. It’s because different people have varying preference of how they want their potato salad to be; I like mine slightly chunky and not too smooth so that I can bite into the integrity of the potato.

If you need a main to fill you up, they have chiritori which is a hotpot (of sorts) with a mountain of tao gay (beansprouts for jiak kantang), wagyu beef big intestines (which are essentially lumps of fats), and a choice of slices of beef ($ 18/$ 34) or pork ($ 16/$ 30). Like any hotpot, you may also add additional toppings. All these come in a spicy miso soup. The hotpot is okay, but it does taste rather Korean.

Near finishing the nabe hotpot, you can add curry cheese risotto to soak up the goodness of the broth. But too bad we were bursting at the seams and could no longer eat; we skipped the risotto.

But for sure, we’ll return to try it. We love the casual vibe and delicious food of this restaurant. I said, “I prefer the kushikatsu here than Ginza Rokukakutei’s!”

Mr Fitness said, “No lah. Rokukakutei is better; it has Michelin star’s backing. I don’t trust your taste anymore.”

Hahaha. I don’t care. I like what I like. I won’t let a tyre company dictate my tastes.


Kushikatsu Tanaka
Clarke Quay Block A, 3A River Valley Road, #01-01B Singapore 179020
tel: +65 6258 3789
M-F 5pm-12am, Sat & Sun 11am-12am

Food: 7/10
Decor/ambience: 7/10
Price/value: 7.5/10
Service: NA

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Written by A. Nathanael Ho.


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Italian Brothers Win Court Case Against Apple To Name Their Jeans Company ‘Steve Jobs’

By | December 30th, 2017

Two Italian brothers who started a clothing and accessory company named after Steve Jobs have finally won a court case against Apple which allows them to keep using the name.

The news, which has been pushed into the public domain via Italian publication La Repubblica Napoli, confirms that an Italian judge has finally ruled in favor of the Italian brothers in a ruling which lets the company continue to trade as ‘Steve Jobs’ and continue to use a logo comprised of a large letter “J” with what appears to be a bite taken out of it, similar to Apple’s own logo.

You only need to look at the logo to see that it immediately resembles the official Apple logo which forms a huge part of the Steve Jobs legacy. It’s not difficult to understand why Apple would have an issue with the naming and visuals, hence pursuing the company legally. It seems that Apple as a company never owned a trademark on the Steve Jobs name or brand, which has allowed the company to name itself after the iconic Apple co-founder.

As part of the ruling in the company’s favor, the presiding judge ruled that the letter “J” isn’t edible like an apple and that the two brothers could indeed have their trademark and continue to trade under the same company name. That means the company can continue to design and release jeans, t-shirts, and other clothing items. It also has plans to eventually branch out into electronics in the future.

It’s very difficult to believe that the company would have been called Steve Jobs if the two founders hadn’t come to the conclusion and realization that Apple didn’t own a trademark on its late co-founders name. A statement from the brothers states that they would not call themselves “cunning in the negative sense of the term,” but it looks as though they have capitalized on a lapse on Apple’s part in order to create a company which instantly benefited from being named after Apple’s co-founder.

However, regardless of which side of the fence that you sit on about the use of the name, it seems that the brothers and the company have the legal backing of the Italian justice system to carry on trading as Steve Jobs.

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Unagidokoro Takahashi うなぎ処 髙はし, Hakodate Hokkaido: MichEELin Bib Gourmand Unagi Restaurant. Much fEELs.

Credit: Taken from their website (sorry, too excited, forgot to take photos of shop)

A 3-minute drive from the tourist attraction, star-shaped fort Goryokaku, Unagidokoro Takahashi うなぎ処 髙はし at Hakodate Hokkaido has recently received a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide for excellent food at ¥5000 or less. The shop used to serve seasonal tempura but when it was passed to the second generation, they changed the focus to unagi (eel). They still have tempura on their menu that is also popular.

Credit: Taken from their website

Japanese believe that unagi is “cooling,” and eat them during summer to fortify the body against the heat, although winter is a great time to eat it too. Here, the restaurant uses domestic eels, pairing it with their traditional sweet sauce of 60 years of history. The lunch and dinner sets are priced similarly from ¥3500-¥5500.

One amenity they provide is the free parking spaces in front of the shop.

However, their menu is entirely in Japanese; it is very authentic.

We had no choice but to point randomly at the menu, hoping to get a decent meal. And it turned out more than decent. We ordered the bamboo set and the one on the rice bowl. We couldn’t fathom the difference between them. But reading some online Japanese reviews using Google translate, it seems that the bamboo box version is more fragrant? I am guessing that after the eel is grilled, they put it on top of the rice and close the lid and steam it a little?

In any case, the food is excellent and ticks all the right boxes. The eel is fat and sweet, and the rice is fluffy and plump and sticky. One thing to note: you have to add the sweet sauce yourself. By itself, the eel is refreshing and light. But the sweet sauce, which is balanced, brings it to the next level.

When I asked my friends if this was better or Man Man in Singapore (which is also a unagi speciality restaurant with a Bib Gourmand accolade), there was a unanimous chorus: Man Man is better. I can see why we think Man Man is better: the eels at Man Man are grilled deeply and daringly to the point that they are almost charred so that the bitter burntends give a bold impression. But I have to say, Unagidokoro Takahashi has its strengths too. Man Man is more in-your-face but Unagidokoro Takahashi is more balanced, subtle, and moderate. As Singaporeans, we are culturally used to strong tasting food, but I can see how Japanese or Westerners would pick Unagidokoro Takahashi over Man Man.

We paid for our own meals.

Unagidokoro Takahashi うなぎ処 髙はし
24-7 Goryokakucho, Hakodate
北海道 函館市 五稜郭町 24-7
tel: +81-138-56-0810
11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm, closed Tue

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Tsunezushi 常寿し, Hakodate Hokkaido: Good Reviews of Bib Gourmand Sushi Restaurant but…

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.


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Kodi For Xbox One Download Available Now As 18.0-Alpha 1 Release

By | December 29th, 2017

The wait is over! Kodi for Xbox One download is now available as initial 18.0-Alpha 1 release. The release seems to have gone live as soon as Kodi team announced that 64-bit version of Kodi 18 Leia for Windows is now at feature parity with 32-bit version.

Kodi for Xbox One was announced originally in February of this year and has since then taken almost a year to actually land on the box since that announcement.

For those of you who were too young to remember, Kodi was originally called XBMC (XBOX Media Center) and was first released on the original Xbox way back in the year 2004, but then later found more popularity on other platforms when it was released on them. It was for this reason that the team saw it fit to rebrand it as Kodi from XBMC a few years back.

It’s now the go-to platform for cord-cutters and media enthusiasts with a growing community, huge array of both first party and third-party add-ons, and much more.

Coming back to Kodi for Xbox One, as of this writing, Kodi is being rolled out on Xbox One region-wise, and is available as initial v18 Alpha release. If you search for “Kodi” on Microsoft Store on the Xbox, you should be able to find and download/install it right now, provided you are in the region which is part of this initial launch-wave.

Kodi for Xbox One is a UWP app, which means it should support most, if not all, features of Windows 10 for PC desktops and notebooks.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more about this release of Kodi for Xbox One. Stay tuned for more.

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JARGO Hair Salon – Korean Perm Made For Super-Bleached & Damaged Hair To KIV For CNY Makeovers

Hair Makeover at JARGO

If you’re a hair colour addict like me, you’d know you are helpless against the charms of freshly tinted lilac, ash or even unicorn hair. But, Tumblr-worthy gorgeousness comes at a cost – spoiled, damaged locks after multiple rounds of bleaching. And having had mine gone through the wringer at least 4 times, it was now a dry and tangled mess. A perm was out of the question. 

No sane stylist dared to come near my parched locks with the promise of bouncy curls. But the folks at Korean concept salon JARGO were willing to take up the near-impossible challenge,  armed with a curling technique that promised little to no hair damage.

Here’s how it went! 

P.S. Read to the end for discounts of up to 50% for hair and skin care services! 

The ambience

Tucked away in a hidden wing just off Raffles City Level 3, JARGO wasn’t easy to find. But once I stepped in, I was struck by just how spacious the salon was. It was like a hall of mirrors, and oozed luxury with gold frames and marble textures all ‘round.

JARGO hair salon interiors

Even the details were paid attention to – plugs right beside the salon seat to charge your phone as you get your hair done, and a cushy Yume leather chair that made sitting for hours a much more palatable option.

The posh interiors are complemented with legit credentials, too, so you don’t have to live in fear of getting a disastrous do. The top hair stylist here has worked in top salons such as New York and Taiwan, and the whole team is solid with stylists hailing from Japan, Korea and Singapore. 

The process

Step 1: Washing and blow-drying

JARGO hair salon washing

The wash-and-blow was heavenly: a gentle head massage at a leisurely pace paired with fragrant shampoos. I thought I was in a Bali villa with a personal masseuse at one point.

Step 2: Perm lotion and pre-treatment application 

Two things that make or break a perm: softening and heat control. My hair was given the VVIP treatment, with the high-end Paimore GRATS perm lotion being liberally slathered on hair ends to soften it. I could almost hear my damaged hair sighing in relief. 

JARGO hair salon paimore grats perm lotion

Award for the most nourishing pre-treatment lotion goes to…..

A bit of hair science: Usually perm lotions open up hair cuticles so all that goodness can be absorbed in to break hair bonds, transforming your locks from straight to va-va-voom. 

The downside, though, is that some moisture might escape from open cuticles, leaving your hair as dry as a pile of grass. 

JARGO hair salon paimore smooth hair

But, because Paimore GRATS is a ninja and can transcend the cuticle without opening it, there’s little damage done. Even heavily bleached hair can go for the treatment!   

jargo hair studio hair smooth

“Ooh, my hair is so soft!” Cues obsessive touching

Step 3: Haircut

jargo hair studio hair cut

The snipping was done expertly, with a first cut for achieving even lengths and then some texturising to give the hair a more airy look. 

Step 4: The C-Curl Perm

After all that prep, it was time for a perm-anent transformation. The aim here was subtle curls that frame the face for a slimming effect, otherwise known as C-curls. It’s a look rocked by K-pop starlets like Song Hye Kyo and Yoona.

jargo hair studio hair perm paimore machine

Temperatures are capped at 85 degrees, so the machine won’t get overheated.

I initially expected the usual perm machines with UFO-like heaters hovering over your head, but instead, a Minion-yellow machine was wheeled in. Look beneath the cutesy exterior – these PERM Paimore machines are imported all the way from Japan and are designed to sure your hair doesn’t get fried. 

jargo hair studio hair perm

Hello there, luscious curls!

jargo hair studio hair perm foam gun

To top it off, a foam gun was used to coat my newly wavy locks in heaps of moisture. 

Step 5: Colour Treatment

jargo hair studio colour treatment hair manicure

As a recovering colour addict, I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to zhng up my hair in shades not found in nature. So, in addition to the perm, I went for the Hair Manicure Treatment (starts from $ 179) to give my hair an extra shot of bright colour. 

jargo hair studio hair colour manicure

This fashion dye will last for about 2-3 weeks

It didn’t take hours, either – the colour was done through a quick conditioning treatment, which has the added bonus of further moisturising my locks. Bright pink hair without the guilt of damaging bleach, that’s the dream.

The verdict


jargo hair studio makeover before


jargo hair studio makeover after

Results: 8/10

As my hair is naturally fine and very resistant to curls – gone after 20 minutes with a curling iron – I was pleasantly surprised with the visible C-curls achieved. It was a relaxed everyday look and thankfully, a far cry from poofy auntie curls. 

Care-for-hair score:8.5/10

It’s one of the first salons locally to use Paimore GRATS, a gentle perming lotion that can perm or rebond previously bleached hair. Heck, my hair felt even smoother after the perm.

Service: 9.5/10

Senior hair designer Morgan was extremely patient and affable, so much so it kinda reminded me of cooing Taiwanese salespeople and polite Japanese manners.

He patiently explained each step, checked constantly if I needed a blanket, pillow or drinks, and even thoughtfully slotted a break for lunchtime so my stomach wouldn’t growl mid-treatment. 

Bonus: Facials and other beauty services

JARGO is part of the 3-in-1 The Urban Aesthetics beauty emporium, which means you can get your hair and even facials done in a single place. Attain luminous skin at The Urban Clinic (Medical Aesthetics) or treat yo’self to a therapeutic facial at Skin Illustrated (Facial & Spa). 

skin illustrated korean araclar facial

Highlights of the treatment: the use of TUC volcanic mud and an ultrasonic cleanser

For dehydrated and sensitive skin like mine, beauty therapist Eve customised the 5-step Korean Araclar Facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, clay masks and serums.

Get an all-in-one makeover at JARGO 

the urban aesthetics exterior

Image credit: The Urban Aesthetics

Despite the super posh interiors, prices at JARGO are relatively affordable! Though it is a high-end Korean salon, you can get a cut from $ 69 and their signature perm for around $ 200. 

Bonus for TSL readers: Just flash this article at the counter and enjoy these discounts: 

30% off + 10% credit* for ALL JARGO hair services 

50% off + 10% credit* for all Skin Illustrated and The Urban Clinic facials 

These credits are part of the loyalty programme, where they can be used at all 3 brands in the beauty emporium. Tip: Enjoy 10-30% more credits upon purchase!

*Applicable for first-time customers only. Offer is valid until 31st Jan 2018.

With so many beauty services available in one stop, plus top-notch service and results, this is just the place to head to if you’re looking for a stunning new look in 2018!

Get 30% off all JARGO hair services!

JARGO at The Urban Aesthetics

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping, #03-27A 

Opening Hours: 10.30AM-8PM, Daily 

Telephone: 6264 9962 / 9338 3356 (for appointments through Whatsapp) 

This post was brought to you by The Urban Aesthetics.

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Rumor: iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus Prices Might Be Reduced In Early 2018

By | December 28th, 2017

If there is one thing we can say about DigiTimes, it’s that it can be notoriously hit and miss when it comes to reliability. That’s why we always have to take reports via the outlet with a pinch of salt, but that does not mean that they should be discounted.

The latest surrounds the iPhone X, suggesting that demand for Apple’s high-end smartphone is lower than had been expected.

While this would be counter to what some analysts have claimed, what really makes the report of note is the claim that Apple will counter lower demand by reducing the price of its most recently released devices. That means that anyone looking to pick an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus could potentially do so at a reduced price soon enough.

According to the report, Apple plans to reduce the price of its newest iPhones in order to try and kickstart demand. This comes after supposedly sluggish sales in some key markets, including Taiwan, the U.S., and Singapore. While it is not unheard of for Apple to reduce the price of older generation iPhones in September, when a new release comes, the report suggests that we could see the current crop of iPhones receive a price reduction sooner than that – early in 2018.

With three new iPhones again expected to be announced towards the back end of 2018, we could potentially see a rejig of the iPhone lineup once more. If Apple is indeed keen to increase sales of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus by reducing their pricing then it would be interesting to see whether a further reduction would take place in September as normal. We would also be curious whether the new 2018 iPhones would launch at the same price point of their 2017 counterparts, too.

Time will tell, but for now, we would warn against taking the report as gospel. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone right now, we certainly wouldn’t hold off on a purchase in case of a reduction in price.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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I'm A Heavy Smoker & This Is How I Went From 15 To 5 Cigarettes A Day In Less Than A Week

Quit smoking before 2018

nicorette invisi transdermal patch

Ask any smoker why they picked up the habit and be prepared for a barrage of reasons – stress, peer-pressure, curiosity, well, you get the point. If you think those reasons are as smoky as the habit itself, don’t get me started on the reasons I give when people ask me why I don’t just quit.

But my excuses were depleting – and so was my bank account. As a heavy smoker for the last 5 years, averaging about a pack a day, my finances were taking a severe hit. I also realised what a negative influence I’d be if I start a family in future.

So, given that a new year was beckoning, and with the “new year, new me” mantra ringing in my ears, I decided to embark on a quest to be smoke-free before 2018. Here is my 5-day journey:

1. Get into the right state of mind with tangible steps

Becoming smoke-free is difficult, no two ways about it.

Knowing that I give in to temptation easily, I took a few measures to minimise the chances of lighting up.

The first thing I did was to gather all my smoking products: cigarettes, cigars, lighters, ashtray and light up one final stick. Stop it, I can feel your judgement. I mean if I’m going to quit forever, let me at least spend one last moment with my darling Marlboro.

nicorette invisi transdermal patch

Once I was done with my last private rendezvous, I chucked all my smoking products down the rubbish chute, feeling a titanic sense of loss that that Rose must have felt as she watched Jack sink to the bottom of the ocean.

2. Hang out with your friends in other ways

Ever seen a group of smokers huffing and puffing at the ground floor of your office or at the void decks? Well, smoking is kind of a social lubricant and it can make the group feel exclusive

nicorette invisi transdermal patch

Lighting up with my friends at the smoking corner always came with discussions about everything under the sun – whether it was the hot girl that we saw in the club or even sensitive topics such as break-ups and family problems.

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It’s also a good way to break the ice with new people – or pick up attractive members of the opposite sex. Utter the words “Hi, may I borrow a lighter?” and voila, you’ve managed to start a conversation without looking like a total despo.

Given that smoking is such a social habit, quitting smoking means losing your friends right?


If your friends are truly your friends, they will understand your motivations. Besides the smoking corner, I decided to expand my horizons to chatting over dinner or lounging around together in the office play area.

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From one addiction to another…video games.

3. Get some encouragement in the form of positive messages

If you’ve ever seen the Health Promotion Board’s I Quit 28-Day program, you’ll know that a positive message is sent to you every day to encourage your smoke-free quest.

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So, I decided to bathe in the positive reinforcements of a self-help book: Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. I know what you are thinking. A book? You gotta be kidding me right? The only thing the pages are good for is to roll up an ‘ang hoon’ and smoke.

But, reading Allen Carr’s book was akin to finding a kindred spirit as he shared his own experience of quitting smoking. It gave me strength to keep calm and Carr-y on.

4. Try exercising to reduce cravings

Given that I was trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by quitting cigarettes, I figured why not take it one step further by going for evening jogs.

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Quitting smoking does not mean no more huffing and puffing

Besides keeping my mind preoccupied from wanting to smoke, I’ve read that sweating helps release the nicotine in your body.

After completing my run, I felt that my craving for a stick was not as strong as before. This may be a result of the endorphins released by the body when you exercise but it definitely helped curb the urge a little.

5. Use external aids to help with the process

I’ll ‘fess up – this is not my first attempt at quitting. I’ve tried to quit on at least two occasions in the past by gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes I smoke in a day.

Those attempts failed because I couldn’t tahan the withdrawal effects from smoking and I caved in eventually. Hey, if I don’t get my daily doses of cigs, the Incredible Hulk would pale in comparison to the angsty and foul mood that I’d be in.

This time, I decided I was going to need some external help – in the form of Nicorette’s Icy Mint Gum and the Invisi Transdermal Patch.

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As both Nicorette’s chewing gum and nicotine patch are medical products, I made a trip to the pharmacist and informed them about the number of sticks I smoked in a day – a considerable 15 sticks. She recommended the Nicorette’s Icy Mint Gum with 2mg of nicotine.

For those of you who don’t know, the chewing gum releases the nicotine your body needs minus the other chemicals a cigarette has, like carbon monoxide, tar and other irritants. So, you won’t feel the cravings as badly, and with gradually lessened dosage, might get off ciggies entirely!

The verdict

If your mouth feels weird at the sudden inactivity after foregoing cigarettes, then the gum is for you. It also gives you faster relief from cravings as the nicotine gets absorbed faster.

My fave, though, was Nicorette’s Invisi Transdermal Patch. The patch releases the nicotine slowly into your system over a 16-hour period. It’s also semi-transparent so it’s super discreet too, in case you want to keep your quitting journey under wraps.

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The best part is: the patch helped to curb my cravings without compromising my ability to work!

I significantly decreased the number of cigarettes I smoked in a day from about 15 sticks to around 5 sticks by the end of the 5 days – that’s a very respectable 75%.

So no cigs by end of the year? No biggie.  

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And in case you always wanted to quit smoking but just needed that extra help, there’s no better time than now. Click herefor $ 10 off any Nicorette product at any Guardian or Watsons outlets* and you’ll find your smoke-free journey getting a whole lot smoother!

*As Nicorette is a medical product, do remember to consult your pharmacist.

Find out more about Nicorette here!

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App Rankings Suggest Amazon Echo, Google Home Were Popular Gifts This Christmas

By | December 27th, 2017

The Amazon Echo and Google Home line of smart speakers seem to have been popular choices for gifts this Christmas, at least in the US, as indicated by the sudden boost in ranking their companion apps received on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

As of this writing, the Amazon Alexa app ranks in at first place among the top free apps on both the US App Store and Play Store while the Google Home companion app also sits quite high on the charts, taking seventh place on Apple’s App Store and second on its home turf.

Smart home products have, by and large, been both advertised and perceived as having a niche market, though that perception now seems to be changing. This may, in part, be because certain product lines, like the aforementioned, are changing to become more appealing to the average consumer by way of affordability.

Leading up to this holiday season, both Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home line saw smaller, cheaper additions to their ranks in the form of the Echo Dot and Home Mini. Although less capable then their larger siblings, these $ 50 devices serve as excellent gateways into the world of smart speakers and home automation, and with their prices reduced to a meager $ 29 for Christmas, the tiny speakers might have made their way to many a stocking yesterday.

While both Amazon and Google continue to make headway in the connected speaker market, Apple has yet to take off, with the release of its relatively expensive HomePod delayed to early 2018. The Cupertino company may not be looking to directly compete with the current spearheads of said market, however, as its $ 349 HomePod has been advertised as more of a music device than one excelling at home and task automation.

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