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iOS 12 Features: New Report Details What Is Coming And What Is Not

By | January 31st, 2018

After it was revealed that Apple will move to delay some iOS 12 features in order to better focus on improving stability and performance, Bloomberg has now built on the Axios report and outlined exactly what it is that will be culled in order to make some development resources available.

According to the report, “flashier” features will now arrive in 2019.

Apple generally offers up some new, marquee features as part of its yearly iOS revision cycle but with iOS 12, Apple looks set to instead focus on making its mobile operating system an all round more stable, speedier affair than it currently is. With iOS 11 marking a new low for software quality, at least according to the vocal minority on social networks, Apple now looks to have taken the criticism on board. Unfortunately, in order to allow a focus on making things right, Apple needs to push some previously worked-on features out a whole year.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, those features include a redesigned Home screen – something that very much needs to happen – and a new way of sorting photos based on new and improved algorithms.

While core features like the combined apps platform are still on schedule to be introduced this year, some flashier changes like the redesigned home screen will likely be held back until the 2019 software update, a person familiar with the matter said. The company will also probably delay a revamped photo management application that used new algorithms to better automatically sort pictures, though some smaller upgrades to the Photos app will still appear this year.

This does not mean that all new features are being dropped, however. Gurman says that one in particular will allow parents to monitor their kids’ overall screen time, with FaceTime video calling also set to receive some enhancements this year.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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Redmond Pie

5 Unlikely but Yummy Finds at a Food Court!


Local meal options have vastly diversified over the last century to include foods from all over the world. I get that adrenaline rush just thinking about travelling abroad in search for Thai dessert or Japanese cuisine, but the fast-paced demands of our Singapore work culture makes it difficult for us to travel often. Now, prepare to be transported to different countries at Food Republic @ Westgate. They have 5 unique and “unlikely” dishes that might just curb your wanderlust.

Soup Guru


Soup guru collage

soup guru 2 collage

Soup Guru is definitely THE stall to patronise if you crave delicious and nutritious Chinese soups. One of their must-tries is the 客家姜酒鸡 Hakka Ginger Wine Chicken with White Rice ($ 7), which is not commonly found elsewhere. For those who are not aware, yellow wine is traditionally made by Hakkas at home and the fermentation process of the wine takes no less than 3 months. Soup Guru ferments its own Chinese wine for this nourishing dish. West-siders are in for a treat!


Following the traditional Hakka preparation method,黄酒 yellow wine is added to enhance the delicate aroma of the chicken soup. Every spoonful rewards you with a thick and flavourful chicken essence that will make you yearn for more. Not only is it delicious, the soup promises to nourish both the body and soul with an infusion of herbs, such as ginger and red dates. There’s also a subtle burn which will invigorate those who are tired after a long day of work. The soup pairs excellently with moist olive rice.


An unusual alternative is the Hakka Lei Cha Brown Rice (客家雷茶, $ 6.50), which sees an array of herbaceous greens lying on a bed of brown rice. A bowl of hearty basil tea rice is served separately too. Either mix the tea into the rice till you achieve your desired thickness or eat it separate – which is just the way we like it! Soup Guru is your go-to stall if you fancy a taste of tradition.

Address: #B1-28/293 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Tempura Fuji


Tempura collage

Nestled in the heart of Food Republic is Tempura Fuji, a joint dedicated to freshly prepared Tempura. Unique to Tempura Fuji is the self service kiosk where patrons can choose from numerous tempura options (prices ranging from $ 0.90 to $ 3.90).


Some of our favourite picks include Chicken Katsu ($ 3.90), Sweet Potato ($ 0.90) and Shrimp ($ 1.90), all of which are battered and deep fried to perfection. Enhance the flavour of the tempura by adding a splash of light dipping sauce! Best of all, you can avoid worrying about beating the lunch crowd for seats when patronizing Tempura Fuji because it features a mini restaurant that’s great for dining in!

Address: #B1-28/293 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Board and Basket


Western collage

Board And Basket whips up savoury and sweet Western dishes that are available at wallet-friendly prices! With the recent surge in the popularity of salted egg yolk dishes, Board And Basket has also jumped on the bandwagon with their East-meets-West Salted Egg Chicken with Pasta ($ 7.90).

western collage 2

The creamy and savoury sauce is made from scratch, before it is added to the pasta and fried chicken.


Imagine the sheer joy on the faces of the young and those with a sweet tooth when the Waffles with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream ($ 4.90) is served. I was delighted to learn that the chef was previously from Gelare, so diners can expect crisp and light waffles. Diners can also opt for other ice cream flavours to go with your waffles.

Address: #B1-28/293 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Thu Thu Baguette and Pho House


Food Republic houses a delicatessen, Thu Thu, which serves a variety of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. For a quick, convenient, yet delicious option, we suggest the Signature Pork Baguette ($ 6.50) or commonly known as Vietnamese Banh Mi.




Sandwiched between two halves of baguette are pieces of fatty pork belly that are grilled separately. A generous amount of lightly pickled radish and carrot shreds, as well as coriander sprigs, are then added. Remember to request for an extra dose of chilli sauce and mayonnaise from their friendly staff!

Address: #B1-28/293 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

JJ Thai



You know you’re in for an authentic Thai experience when you hear the chefs conversing loudly in Thai and working with Asian aromatics such as fish sauce and coconut milk. If you frequent Thailand, you’ll be glad to know that you can find many familiar dishes including Pad Thai ($ 5) and Tom Yum Fried Rice ($ 5) here.

thai collage

Opt for a rich and creamy serving of Thai Red Ruby ($ 2.90) if you’ll like to end your meal with a sweet treat. Swimming in Pandan-scented coconut milk are huge, crunchy water chestnuts that are deliciously addictive. You just can’t quit after one spoonful. Get the Thai Red Ruby for only $ 1 when you purchase any of their mains!

Address: #B1-28/293 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.


The diversity of cuisine found in Food Republic @ Westgate is unparalleled. They offer the best of hawker cuisines and multi-cultural food to everyone in the vicinity.

5 lucky readers will walk away with a $ 20 Voucher from Food Republic. Check out our Facebook page to take part!

This post was brought to you by Food Republic.

Sean Ng

Battling perpetual food coma while indulging in a menu that fills both the stomach and soul.

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Miss Tam Chiak


$45 HomeKit Coffee Maker: Hey Siri, Make Me Some Coffee!

By | January 30th, 2018

About an year or so ago, Apple released a video showing off some of the things you could do with Siri and Home app in iOS 10. Recently, I came across the video again and noticed that it showed a “Breakfast Time” HomeKit scene in the Home app tapping which turns on a coffee maker. I wanted something similar for my HomeKit setup.

Now those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter would know that I consider myself a fairly early adopter of home automation stuff starting with SmartThings, Nest and Philips Hue way back in 2012.

After trying out various smart home automation platforms, I finally settled with Apple HomeKit ecosystem in 2013 because it just worked better for my needs. While HomeKit accessories and the ecosystem in general has grown and improved a lot from the early days in 2013, it still lacks support from many third-parties, especially in home appliances department mainly due to Apple’s strict control over partner accessories due to security and privacy requirements (although that is said to become easier with software authentication coming in iOS 11.3).

So when I came across Apple’s aforementioned video from last year, I tried figuring out how could I automate something as simple as making coffee in the morning through HomeKit? Turns out, it was much simpler and easier than I thought it would be. The coffee maker I previously had was programmable with no single on/off button or switch to operate. It required some sort of user input through programmable buttons before it could start making coffee for me.

All I needed to automate my coffee making routine through HomeKit was a non-programmable dumb coffee maker with an on/off physical button and put it through a HomeKit-compatible outlet, and that was it! So yes, I now have a very simple coffee maker with single on/off physical switch which is always set to the on position with actual power state being controlled through a HomeKit outlet either using Siri, the Home app, or the HomeKit automated scenes.

I went with Philips coffee maker. You could go with any similar option (Mr. Coffee one costs just $ 15 on Amazon!). For HomeKit outlet, I went with the $ 29 Koogeek Smart Plug over Elgato Eve Energy and others because I have found them to be very reliable as they work over WiFi as opposed to some of the Bluetooth options in the market. Again, you could go with any similar option you like (check the links below for various WiFi options I like).

Koogeek also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so while Siri is my preferred way of going about controlling my home, it doesn’t hurt that I can control my coffee maker even with Alexa and Google Home since I currently have both in my home. Apple HomePod will likely make them both useless for me but again I don’t mind having more choice.

Apple Home app in iOS.

So all in all, spending about $ 45 made my coffee making routine automated through Apple HomeKit. It’s now part of my “Good morning” and “Make Me Coffee” scenes, the former of which is fired up automatically every morning at my specified time.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

With HomePod finally set to ship next month, I expect HomeKit ecosystem to finally take off and also expect Apple to improve it more rapidly than they have been doing the past few years. I plan to write and share more from my HomeKit setup in the coming days and weeks. Let me know if you would like me to share any specific HomeKit accessory or routine that you are having hard time setting up yourself.

Buy: Koogeek Smart Plug WiFi for HomeKit from Amazon: $ 29.99
Buy: Mr. Coffee Non-Programmable Coffee Maker from Amazon: $ 15

(Alternative to Koogeek)
Buy: iHome Control Smart Plug iSP5, 2 Pack for HomeKit from Amazon: $ 84.90

Update: I forgot to mention that while Koogeek’s outlets are rated to work on 110v in the US, I imported them from Amazon US and they worked fine for me outside US on 220v voltage. So if anyone of you from UK or Asia is on the fence about these not working outside US, you probably shouldn’t need to worry much. Although I won’t take any responsibility or guarantees for it to work for you as well as they have been working for me. Proceed at your own risk.

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Redmond Pie


Guide to Chinese New Year Goodies 2018 (and an Angmoh Lo Hei)

One of the best things about Chinese New Year is the festive goodies. Although these days you can get them at any time of the year, it is a real treat to eat them during CNY. These are some recommendations for your consideration:

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6737 7411

GWP’s ingot-shaped pineapple tarts are the best I’ve eaten this year. They are not cheap at $ 38 nett for a box of 10, but the pastry is very thin and buttery, and pineapple jam is rich and gao; it’s really irresistible. I brought a box home at 10pm, and in less than 12 hours, they were all gone.

Besides their tarts, we also highly recommend two other snacks: salted egg yolk lotus roots ($ 36.80 nett) and their ma la 麻辣 yam chips (they call  it Salted Egg Yolk Yam Chips with Sichuan Spice 四川咸蛋芋头片, $ 36.80 nett). It’s super spicy and addictive.

They also offer a showstopping centerpiece, which is made with vanilla pound cake, called tree of blossoming treasures ($ 98 nett, 1kg). How not to huat after eating this?

New Eastern Kim Tee
22 Maju Avenue Singapore 556695
tel: +65 6283 2829 / +65 9138 6665

Local shop New East Kim Tee has been around for more than 40 years, since the 70s, and has expanded to four outlets including Toa Payoh Lorong 8, 51 Old Airport Road, and Potong Pasir Avenue 1. They still maintain the traditional way by using handmade bak kwa grilled over charcoal. The distinguishing aspect of their bak kwa is that it’s thinner and sweeter than other brands’, so it’s suitable for children and the elderly.

Old Seng Choong
Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Seng Street #01-48 Singapore 059817
11am-10pm daily

The award-wining Chef Daniel Tay who, in 1998, founded Baker’s Inn, now known as Bakerzin, has finally opened a brick-and-mortar shop for the e-business Old Seng Choong. For CNY, he offers five flavors of pineapple tarts: Spicy Nonya (hae bee hiam) Pineapple Tart, Orange Peel Pineapple Tart, Bakwa Pineapple Tart, Yuzu Pineapple Tart, and Original. Prices range from $ 24.80-$ 28.80 for 10 pieces.

Besides tarts, there are also red date cakecarrot cake (the Chinese savory kind), yam cake, and nian gao. They are approximately 500g and priced at $ 24.80 each.

Pine Garden
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2369 Singapore 560529
tel: +65 6459 5507 / +65 6456 3552
8.30am – 9.30pm daily

I’m a fan of the local bakery, best known for their lychee martini cake, whose continual and assiduous innovation in its cakes and pastries is so delightful that they were on our Best Desserts in 2016.

Besides their yearly and popular Chinese New Year items, kueh lapis ($ 26 M / $ 46 L) and their pineapple tarts (30 pcs, $ 28.60) with hand-grated pineapple jam, they also offer goodies with reduced sugar: Yuzu Pineapple roll (25 pcs, $ 30.50) which uses yuzu from Kochi prefecture in Japan and Orange Almond Chiffon Cake (7 inch diameter, $ 15.50).

Their cookies are really buttery, and, as a result, may crumble at the lightest touch. Recommended: salted egg cereal cookies (300g, $ 18.90), tom yum cookies (300g, $ 18.90), butter cookie swirls (300g, $ 18.90), and Togarashi seaweed cookies (350g, $ 18.90).

Multiple outlets including Gardens by the Bay, Maju Ave, United Square, 18 Tai Seng, Vivo City, and Punggol Safra

Bakerzin launches four different flavours of pineapple tarts: original ($ 23.80, 18pc), XO liquor ($ 32 18pcs), Chrysanthemum, and hae bee hiam. They also come as an assorted box ($ 23.80, 18pc, 6pc/flavour) without the XO flavour.

Their assorted cookies ($ 23.80/box) include long jing tea cookiecereal salted egg yolk cookieThai milk tea cookie, and 5 other flavours, rounding up to 8 flavours in a box as an auspicious sign.

Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972

The Carvery, the buffet restaurant of Park Hotel Alexandra, will be priced at $ 46++ onwards and $ 58++ onwards during 22 Jan to 2 March. But what is exciting is that this year, they offer pulled pork lohei ($ 38.80, 4-6 persons), available for dine-in and takeaway. The pork is marinated in thyme, rosemary, juniper berries, and bay leaves first before it is roasted for four hours. Other ingredients: fried fish skin, caramelised walnuts, granny smith apple strips, red cabbage, orange pearls, crisp tortilla crackers and fried pickled ginger; drizzled in olive oil, and white balsamic peach dressing.

There is something of everything here–bitter, savory, sweet, vinegar.

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Ideas for 2018 Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners & Other 旺旺🐶 Meals

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Tech Deals: $50 Off iPhone 8, iPhone X Wallet Case For $12, $26 Camera Drone, More

By | January 28th, 2018

The ability to save some money on some weekend spending is here. Yes, that’s right, our hand-picked technology deals give you the ability to welcome some wonderful new technology into your life without having to pay full price. Check out the deals for yourself and see if there is anything that immediately piques your interest.

Starting off, we are looking at a 64GB iPhone 8 coming in with a $ 50 discount.

Next up, is a 1TB SSD from SanDisk for under $ 250. There is also a leather wallet case for the iPhone X for just $ 12. Last but not the least is a $ 27 drone with a 2.0MP built-in camera. As always, the deals listed here are only available for a limited period of time, or till stocks last, whichever happens first. So if you have a product of choice narrowed in your sights, make sure you act quickly before the offers expire. Enjoy the savings!

RC Drone with 2.0MP Camera ($ 26.39 with promo code, usually $ 32.99)

If you are just after a small and lightweight flying vehicle which is portable, fun, and robust enough to enjoy it on a daily basis, then you really do not need to be paying hundreds of dollars from your bank account for a drone. This quadcopter comes with HD camera capabilities, has the ability to perform eye-pleasing flips at the press of a button, and should last about 7-minutes on a charge.

You can use the following promo code at checkout to grab the drone for a mere $ 26.39: TWXXPSIY.

Buy: RC Drone with 2.0MP Camera from Amazon: $ 26.39 | Original price: $ 33

SanDisk 1TB SSD – 2.5-inch ($ 249.99, usually $ 399.99)

It may not be a particularly exciting piece of kit but if you are looking to build your own machine, or just need to swap out your storage, then this is a fairly good-looking deal for a 1TB SanDisk SSD. If you need some blazing fast read-write speeds and want to speed up your PC, then this is one drive you should be looking at.

Buy: SanDisk 1TB 2.5-inch Solid State Drive from Amazon: $ 249.99 | Original price: $ 400

Apple iPhone 8 64GB GSM Unlocked – Refurb ($ 649.99, usually $ 700)

This may be a certified refurbished device but you don’t need to worry as it’s Apple who has refurbished that device. All that you really need to know is that this is one of Apple’s wonderful new iPhone 8 smartphones with wireless charging, a gorgeous new design, and 64GB of internal storage. This device also features Apple’s own A11 chip for great performance.

Buy: Apple iPhone 8 64GB GSM Unlocked from Amazon: $ 649.99 | Original price: $ 700

iPhone X Leather Wallet Case with Kickstand ($ 12.29, usually $ 18.99)

An elegant and well-designed smartphone deserves to be wrapped inside of an elegant and well-designed leather wallet case. And boy, is this one a beauty. This has been specifically designed with iPhone X in mind and is manufactured from premium leather to give it that wonderfully elegant feel. If you love iPhone X, then you really need to invest in this. It also lets you store a credit card, and has a kickstand as well for watching media.

Buy: iPhone X Case, Leather Wallet, from Amazon: $ 12.29 | Original price: $ 19

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Redmond Pie

Liese's Pop-Up Has Themed Rooms That'll Have You Spamming Your IG-story

The Liese Girl – Hair Color Supplement Launch Pop-up

liese - flamingo pool party

Maintaining beautiful bleached hair is no mean feat – getting it to your desired color already costs a bomb, and upkeeping it with treatments, special color-protecting shampoo and conditioner further drains our poor wallets.

If you’re looking to restore your hair without having to spend big bucks at the salon, Liese’s new Hair Color Supplement will be your saving grace. Here’s what you can expect at their pop-up at Capitol Piazza:

P.S. Read on to find out how you can stand a chance to win a Fujifilm instant camera worth $ 499!

The Liese Girl Pop-up Store

liese - neon lights

On the exterior of the pop-up store, you’ll find a wall full of neon lights and framed pictures – your first photo op. Inside, there are three super Instagrammable themed rooms that match each of Liese’s new hair color supplements – Cute Summer, Sweet Floral and Fun Shine.

Liese - cute summer

First up is Cute Summer, a Barbie-esque pink-tiled room that matches the Pink hair color supplement, which is designed to keep pink and red dyed hair looking vibrant and bright. Get creative with the props around the room – pose with the delicious looking ice-cream cone, or have a pretend pool party with the inflatable flamingo.

liese - sweet floral

For a change of pace, you can pose with the bike in the corner as well.

Try your hand at recreating the flower girl look in the next room, Sweet Floral, featuring a wall filled completely with flowers. It’s the counterpart to the ash color supplement, created to keep the cool tones of ash dyes in your hair.

liese - fun shine

Take your selfie skills to the next level with the last room, Fun Shine, which represents the brown hair supplement, made to revive tresses in any shade of brown. The room is plastered all over with emojis that also serve as mirrors, so choose the emoji that reflects your current mood best, and snap a picture!

How Liese’s Hair Color Supplement works

Dyeing your hair pretty shades of ash or blonde is satisfying at first, but you’ll quickly find that an unwanted warmer, yellowish color a.k.a brassy hair creeps in between the cool tones, which make for a less enticing hair color.

liese - pink supplement

Liese’s new Hair Color Supplement is a rinse-off treatment that takes just a couple of minutes to apply and wash off – a welcome replacement to sitting still at the salon for hours on end and waiting for the hairdresser to work wonders on your hair.

All you need to do is apply the product to towel-dried hair and rinse it off thoroughly until the water turns completely clear, and you’re done! Use it just once or twice a week to keep the vivid colors in your locks.

liese - ash supplement

Liese’s Hair Color Supplement in Ash

Instead of layering a fresh shade of color onto your hair, Liese’s Hair Color Supplement suppresses the existing brassy tones in your hair by adding complementary color blue in the treatment dye, bringing it back to your original salon or DIY dye hair color – good as new. 

Girls who’ve been through rounds and rounds of bleaching and dyeing will be relieved to note that this product won’t damage your hair, unlike permanent hair dye. It’s even infused with argan oil, so you’ll be putting back the nutrients that’s been stripped from your hair!

Maintain your hair color effortlessly with Liese

liese - all three supplements

Dull, bleached hair is not a good look, but we often put off trips to the salon because of how pricey it is. Besides, ain’t nobody got hours to spare zoning out on a salon seat. For those looking for a more affordable option, head down to Liese’s pop-up store for a hassle-free alternative to revive the color in your locks!

Find out more about The Liese Girl Pop-up here!

Note: The products are available online at

Take part in Liese’s IG contest and win a Fujifilm instant camera worth $ 499

liese - instagram giveaway

Put the tons of photo ops to good use: Liese’s doing an Instagram Giveaway, where you’ll be able to win a Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 instant camera worth $ 499.

All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself in all three rooms, then upload them in a single Instagram post. Include the hashtags #TheLieseGirl and #LieseHairColorSupplement, as well as your favourite room, be it #CuteSummer, #SweetFloral or #FunShine.

Plus, there’s free wifi in Capitol Piazza, so you can upload your pics straight away.

Note: Giveaway will end on 4th Feb 2018.

The Liese Girl – Hair Color Supplement Launch Pop-up

Date: 26th Jan – 4th Feb 2018
Venue: Capitol Piazza B2

liese - directions

Image credit: Liese Singapore

This post was brought to you by Liese.

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How To Watch 60th Grammy Awards Live For “Free” On iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV

By | January 28th, 2018

On, January 28th in New York City – that’s the date and location where the 60th annual Grammy Awards will be taking place, with anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV able to sit back and watch the whole thing, complete with the lovable/loath-able James Corden. This is the second year in a row the Brit has been in charge of proceedings, and whether you are a fan or not, it’s fair to say it should be an interesting night for all concerned.

Starting at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT but with the all important red carpet coverage starting an hour before that, there should be plenty to enjoy throughout the full 3 hour 30 minute runtime. If you want to get in on the action, and have an Apple device handy, here’s what you need to do to get your Grammys on.

With CBS having exclusive rights to The Grammy Awards, your best and easiest way to stream the whole thing is via the CBS All Access app or website. It’s not free, but there’s a free week-long trial that should see you laughing without spending a penny. Beyond that, it’s $ 5.99 per month. Signing up can be done either via that CBS All Access app or via the website if you prefer, but just remember to cancel that free trial if all you are looking for is that Grammy goodness. The Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad all have apps available via their respective App Stores. If you’re on a Mac, you can use the CBS website.

This year should have plenty to enjoy, and with music from some of the biggest names in the industry, that free CBS All Access trial could be the best thing you did, well, this month. Maybe.

Expect to see:

  • Sting
  • Elton John and Miley Cyrus
  • U2
  • Bruno Mars
  • DJ Khaled
  • Lady Gaga
  • Pink
  • Childish Gambino
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Sam Smith
  • Cardi B

I’ve heard of at least some of those!

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Sushi Hashida, Mandarin Gallery: Probably One of the Best Sushi Restaurants in Singapore

Sushi Hashida at Mandarin Gallery has its roots in Tokyo, and its Tokyo restaurant was opened in 1966 by Master Sushi Chef, Tokio Hashida. Tokio in Tokyo. Heh. The Singapore outlet is run by his son, Kenjiro Hashida, affectionately known as Hatch, who started his apprenticeship at 14, and has more than 25 years of experience.

There is a dinner set at $ 280 or omakase from $ 350. So it’s more worth coming for lunch with sets that are priced $ 80, $ 120, $ 180, $ 250 (omakase). It’s best to get the $ 120 set or more expensive ones because the $ 80 set didn’t have their signature, ikura uni don.

I planned on getting the $ 120 but when I was there, my instincts said what the heck, let’s go for the $ 180. And I thanked my instincts; I was extremely pleased over my decision.

But before I talked about the food, which as you already know from the subject of this post that it is marvellous, I want to give due to Chef Yuji Sato who served me. His skills are consummate and the food that passes his hands is delightful. It’s a joy to watch him work. He paces the food nicely to give patrons some rest but not make us restless. But not only so, the pleasant and friendly personality of this Hokkaido native chef, who speaks good English, has brightened my visit immensely.

Ok, onto my $ 180 lunch set. I wasn’t quite impressed by the cooked appetisers. The beancurd skin with ikura and dashi jelly is delicate as a Japanese dish can be–good–but the chawanmushi with burdock root, cod fish, and lotus root mochi, seems to be overcrowded, overkill, overburdened.

When the beautifully plated sashimi arrived, I was so excited I forgot to take photo at first. The photo you see here is missing a piece of octopus. The items come in pairs: hirame, seared kinmedai, octopus in two ways (sucker and tentacle), and mackerel. Really delicious. They are delicate with a gorgeous clean, firm bite.

Next comes the 7 pieces of sushi (8 if you count the block of tamago that rounds the end of the course). The sushi course starts with Tai seabream which I’ve always felt is a filler. But not here. Here, it is full of the flavour of fat and umami; absolute bliss.

Yet the flavour of Tai is light enough so that the course proceeds from light to heavy flavours, as any thoughtful and circumspect sushi restaurant would have done. After the tai follow yellowtail buri, marinated bonito, and searedbarracuda (pictured below). This barracuda is aburi/seared to such an extent that there is no subtlety; the fire gives a heavy smokiness and educes the fats to ooze, giving it an intense flavour. I love the treatment of it, I love strong, bold, daring flavours, but I can also see how some people–perhaps the more traditional ones?–can argue that the sushi course wouldn’t be balanced.

After the intense sushi, one would think that having squid sushi to follow isn’t a good idea. But strangely, it is. The burnt of the barracuda enhances the sweetness of the squid. But unfortunately, this is my least favourite sushi because it is slightly crunchy. I know people who like it slightly crunchy so it’s my personal taste.

The penultimate sushi, Hokkaido crab, bonded the chef and me. I said, “I just returned from Hokkaido,” and he said, “I am from Hokkaido!” The crab is sweet with a tinge of sealike saltiness. Not bad but it is more of a novelty than for taste.

The signature, ikura uni don, is mind-blowing. They use my favourite variety of uni, the one that tastes like peanut butter from the ocean.

I thought it was the end of the course when the chef plonked the biggest slice of tessellated chutoro sushi on my slab. OMG 😱😱😱I say this without exaggeration but I ate it with so much bliss that I think customers sitting around me wanted to laugh. This is how inner peace and war peace and equality and all the nice things in the world would taste like if they could be distilled to a bite-sized morsel.

I also want to talk about the shari. Usually I prefer a sticky, slightly soft rice, but here, their rice is almost al dente and, to my pleasant surprise, it works very well with the softness of the ingredients, giving a nice contrast.

The meal ended with fruits, which is the best way to end at a traditional sushi restaurant. Traditionally, Japanese didn’t really eat desserts. Of course, if the dessert is like Sushi Mitsuya’s, I wouldn’t mind. Barring that, I’d very much prefer fruits.

I paid $ 212 for the meal. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal. This, along with Ashino, is my favourite sushi-ya in Singapore. It’s a travesty that it didn’t get at least a Michelin star. It’s head and shoulders above Shinji.

Hashida Sushi
333A Orchard Road, #04-16 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Tue 12.30pm–3pm, 7pm–10pm, W-Sun 12pm–3pm, 7pm–10pm
Tel: +65 6733 2114

Food: 8.5/10
Decor/ambience: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10

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Southpaw Bar & Sushi, Jalan Besar: Cali-Styled Sushi Bar with Whiskey Pairing

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow


Jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.1.2 On iPhone X, 8, 7, iPad Using LiberiOS [Updated]

By | January 27th, 2018

You can now jailbreak iOS 11 / iOS 11.1.2 using LiberiOS on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, other 64-bit iPhones, iPad and iPod touches. Here’s how this jailbreak came into being.

It all started when Apple dropped initial iOS 11 beta to developers back in June this year. KeenLab was the first one, demoing a jailbreak at MOSEC 2017 for both iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11, but there was very limited information known at the time about the progress, and there was no real word on whether or not the China-based team would eventually package it together and release it for public consumption.

After that there was a big gap and no progress was heard or seen about an iOS 11 jailbreak. Apple released final version of iOS 11 in September. The initial version was so buggy that the company had to issue multiple minor point updates almost every week to fix issues here and there. By end of September, Luca Todesco claimed to have had root access on iOS 11 via a Safari exploit. After Apple released iOS 11.1 in late October, and then iOS 11.1.1 in November alongside iPhone X launch, KeenLab was at it again, successfully demoing first iPhone X jailbreak running on the latest iOS 11.1.1 firmware.

In late November, we learned that both ZodTTD/MacCiti and ModMyi repos were shut down due to lack of new public jailbreak releases.

As soon as Apple released iOS 11.2 (and subsequently 11.2.1) to public with many new features and security fixes, Google’s Ian Beer made it known that he will drop a tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 after he reported it to Apple previously, and Apple having already patched it in iOS 11.2. Staying true to his promise, Ian released the exploit to everyone. Apple in the meantime of course stopped signing all firmwares up to iOS 11.1.2. Once Ian’s exploit was out though, it was only a matter of time for a public jailbreak to drop as many developers took over Ian’s work in order to try and convert it into a workable jailbreak.

Abraham Masri was first to release a developer-only jailbreak in the form of to.panga. Jonathan Levin of course updated LiberTV to jailbreak both Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K on tvOS 11.0-11.1.

On Christmas Day 2017, Jonathan Levin finally released LiberiOS jailbreak for all 64-bit devices, including iPhone X, running iOS 11.0-11.1.2.

We already have a tutorial up on it, which you can follow here: Jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Using LiberiOS, Here’s How [Tutorial].

At the time of release, Cydia and Cydia Substrate are not working properly and that is mainly due to the fact that both haven’t been updated yet with full iOS 11 compatibility. Saurik has already confirmed that he is working on them both so it’s only a matter of time before Cydia is available and usable on LiberiOS iOS 11/11.1.2 jailbreak.

Update: In early January, Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 firmwares was released with Substitute support, the alternative to Cydia Substrate by Comex.

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You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.

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Redmond Pie

10 Festive Goodies To Bring Home this Chinese New Year

For those of us who prefer to hold our reunion dinners at home, planning and preparing can be quite a headache. Fret not, Team Tam Chiak has got you covered! Here’s a list of places which offer awesome dishes that you can take home to complement your steamboat or home-cooked fare. Dishes such as yu sheng can be hard to prepare, so why not save yourself the trouble, and order one instead? Don’t forget to grab some of the unique niangaos too! 

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn® Singapore Atrium’s Festive takeaways will spruce up any home gathering this Lunar New Year. Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has a collection of Treasure Pots (including the popular Xin’s Traditional Treasure Pot), available for dine-in and takeaway. These Treasure Pots come in small and large sizes, ranging from $ 168 to $ 688 and there’s even a Vegetarian Treasure Pot available.

A variety of yu shengs are available such as Xin’s Gold Leaf Salmon Yusheng which is a signature of Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant and if you’re looking for succulent roasts, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant is also known for their Roasted Items. Be sure to order Xin’s Roasted Suckling Pig with Signature Sauce ($ 328) or Xin’s Barbecued platter ($ 78 per platter) if you are looking at savouring a variety of different roast meats.

3Z3A1646-2 (1)

While you’re planning to take home Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s yu sheng or suckling pig, why not try some of their Lunar New Year goodies too? Must-tries include the highly recommended Xin’s Yam and Pumpkin cake ($ 48 per box) and their newest creation this year, D24 Durian Nian Gao ($ 58 per box) whichis made with real durian flesh.

P2010800-3 (1)

These Lunar New Year Takeaways are available from now till 2 March 2018. Shop now at and enjoy up to 25% off when you order online.

Lao Beijing – Tung Lok Group

laobeijing 2

Lao Beijing has just about everything you need for a cozy reunion dinner in the comfort of your own home. The Chinese New Year Take-Home Feast comprises the breathtaking TungLok Treasure Bowl Pen Cai盆菜 (Royal盆菜 – $ 388/6 pax or $ 498/10 pax, Heavenly盆菜 – $ 488/6 pax or $ 698/10 pax), Prosperity Yu Sheng, Superior Herbal Chicken, Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat, and TungLok Nian Gao. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has endorsed TungLok’s Yu Sheng Sauce for its lower sugar content, making it a perfect choice for a healthier celebration.

A vegetarian version of the take-home feast is also available ($ 268/6 pax or $ 368/10 pax). Enjoy a 15% early bird discount for MostValuedGuest, tunglokfirst members and UOB card members on takeaway orders for Yu Sheng, Pen Cai and the Take-Home Feast when you place an order before 31 January 2018.

Laobeijing 1

Our all-time favourite Pork Bak Kwa ($ 35/500g) returns this Chinese new year to the delight of those who have been missing and craving for it. Available in either honey-glazed or spicy flavour, the bak kwa makes a great gift (that is if you haven’t devoured them all). Making its debut this year is the Low-Sugar Nian Gao ($ 22 – $ 28/box), which comes in four flavours such as pandan, and red dates. It is also the first nian gao in Singapore to be recognized by the Health Promotion Board for its lower sugar, and high dietary fibre content.

MostValuedGuest, tunglokfirst members and UOB card members are entitled to a 15% discount on Festive Goodies: Bak Kwa and Nian Gao.

Available till 2 march 2018 (while stocks last) at all TungLok restaurants (except Tóng Lè Private Dining, Ruyi – Chinese Fast Food, Dancing Crab and Slappy Cakes).

Man Fu Yuan – InterContinental Singapore

Can’t get enough of the delectable gourmet offerings at Man Fu Yuan? You will be pleased to know that the restaurant offers their Chinese New Year delicacies as takeaways to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!

Feast on the Man Fu Yuan Abundance Treasure Pot ($ 398) filled with 18 premium ingredients braised in a wholesome superior stock, and the Signature Chinese Tea-smoked Duck with Dang Gui ($ 88). If you are looking for Chinese New Year goodies, you can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s home-made Prosperity Pineapple Tarts ($ 48/500g) or Honey-Glazed Walnuts ($ 48/500g) that are sure to delight guests.

Man Fu Yuan_Takeaways_Prosperity Yusheng with 'Fu' Design

Not to be missed is the Prosperity Yu Sheng ($ 168) in a limited edition “Fu” design that would make the perfect centerpiece for your reunion feast at home. Topped with luscious Hokkaido scallops and Norwegian salmon, the yusheng features Man Fu Yuan’s special creation for the Year of the Dog— Japanese-inspired sake goma sesame sauce that presents a delightfully nutty profile, imparting a refreshing flavor to the perennial dish. We guarantee that you’ll be going back for seconds!

Man Fu Yuan_Takeaways_Prosperity Hamper

Looking to present your loved ones and treasured friends with a gift of indulgence this season? Look no further than Man Fu Yuan’s Opulence Hamper ($ 398), packed with a myriad of treasures including premium bird’s nest, abalone, prosecco, and Man Fu Yuan’s in-house Chinese New Year goodies, such as almond cookies, pineapple tarts, honey-glazed walnuts and a traditional gula melaka nian gao!

Purchase your Chinese New Year goodies and takeaways before 1 February to enjoy 15% early bird savings, and 5% off in addition to the early bird discount when you purchase online at

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel - Festive Takeaway Goodies

This Chinese New Year, gift your loved ones an array of masterfully handcrafted takeaway goodies from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Auspicious goodies such as Eight Treasures Cake, Rainbow Kueh Lapis, Signature Pineapple Tarts, Signature Bak-kwah Cornflake Cookies, hampers, pralines and more will be available at Hotel’s Forecourt Stall (by the hotel entrance) from 24 January to 15 February 2018.

Wan Hao - Golden Nian Gao Tart with Cempedak

Nian Gao is a must-eat during Chinese New Year and guests can indulge in either the traditional nian gao, or the one-of-a-kind Golden Nian Gao Tarts with Cempedak or Yam that can be eaten either chilled or hot. These delectable nian gao tarts that are available at the Forecourt Stall are absolutely addictive.

If you would like to elevate your celebrations to greater heights, you can also deck your dining table with Wan Hao’s Oriental Takeaway Treasures. Look forward to crowd pleasers such as Wan Hao Imperial Pot of Prosperity; 6 types of Yu Sheng; Wan Hao Signature Ginseng Roast Duck; Koi Fish-shaped Osmanthus Water Chestnut Cake; Koi Fish-shaped Fresh Mango Pudding; and more

At least 3 days pre-order is required for all takeaway orders. Pre-orders can be placed online at, or email to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can pop by at the hotel’s Forecourt Stall, located at the entrance of the hotel, from 24 January to 15 February 2018 between 11am to 9pm daily, or Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant on Level 3 from 16 January to 2 March between 12pm to 3pm or 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily.

Park Hotel Alexandra


Yu sheng is always paired with slices of fresh fish but have you ever wondered how it would taste with meat? Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? This year, The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra has shaken things up a little with their Pulled Pork Lohei ($ 38.80+) which features premium pulled pork that has been marinated in thyme, rosemary, juniper berries and bay leaves, and slow roasted for 4 hours till it is incredibly tender, and juicy.

Apart from pulled pork, other intriguing ingredients found in the yu sheng include caramelised walnuts, Granny Smith apple strips, fried pickled ginger, crisp tortilla chips and orange pearls (they pop in your mouth!). The eclectic mix of ingredients are then bound together with a sweet and tart white balsamic peach dressing and olive oil. While you’re tossing to a prosperous new year ahead, remember to discreetly push the pulled pork to one side so you can have more! When it comes to pulled pork this good, we can get a little selfish.

Note that an advance order of three working days is required with pre-payment in full upon confirmation for the Pulled Pork Lohei.


 Ramada Hotel’s Flavours At Zhongshan Park



Yu Sheng or lo-hei is a must-have at every reunion table as it symbolises well-wishes, blessings, and starting off the New Year on an auspicious note. This Lunar New Year, toss your way to better fortune, and great health, with Ramada Singapore’s Yu Sheng Platter.

Topped with slices of fresh salmon, the yu sheng comes with either a traditional plum sauce or a spicy lemongrass sauce. The former caters to all taste buds while the latter is a refreshing twist on a flavour that’s close to our hearts. We absolutely loved the spicy lemongrass sauce as it lent just the right amount of zest to this classy ensemble. Last but not least, the platter is sprinkled generously with everyone’s favourite golden crackers. Nothing too over the top, nothing too fanciful. Ramada Singapore is keeping things simple, and plain delicious.

The Prosperity Yu Sheng is available for dine-in or takeaway at $ 38++ (4-6 pax) and $ 48++ (8-10pax) from 2 February 2018 to 2 March 2018.

Swatow Seafood

Prosperous Abalone Fortune Pot

Too caught up with Chinese New Year errands to whip up a feast? Fret not, as Swatow has you covered. Swatow Seafood’s Teochew Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot ($ 398+) is filled with a variety of premium ‘treasures’, such as whole abalone, dried scallops, mushrooms and “fa cai”. The luxurious pen cai is painstakingly simmered for hours, and the long preparation ensures that the ingredients are tender and flavourful. Your guests definitely won’t be disappointed!


What’s more, the restaurant is sweetening the deal by throwing in 4 dishes on the house with every purchase of the Teochew Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot! Simply place an order for the treasure pot by 31 January 2018, and Swatow will gift you their Teochew Prosperity Yusheng, Teochew Fragrant Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Teochew Braised Sliced Duck Meat with Beancurd and Teochew Koi Fish “Nian Gao” for free! Unbelievable!

We all know that the early bird catches the worm, so don’t miss out on this incredible offer, and place an order before January ends!

Visit any of Swatow Seafood outlets now:
Swatow Toa Payoh
181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #02-602
Singapore 310181
Tel: 6363 1717
Swatow Garden
22 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557271
Tel: 6343 1717
Swatow City
Level 2, Singapore Recreation Club
B Connaught Drive
Singapore 179682
Tel: 6338 9595



For those who prefer celebrating CNY in the comfort of your home, a takeaway yu sheng might sound just about perfect. This Chinese New Year, VLV’s renowned Executive Head Chef, Martin Foo (previously Senior Executive Chef at Tung Lok), will be making his Signature Yusheng available for takeaway. The yu sheng is available in various sizes, and starts from $ 48(for 3-4 pax).

Chef Foo’s yu sheng comes with a myriad of fresh, crunchy, and colourful vegetables. 2 types of raw fish accompany VLV’s yu sheng — salmon and yellow tail.


The highlight of VLV’s yu sheng is Chef Foo’s signature Passionfruit sauce. Don’t get me wrong, the plum sauce used in most yu shengs is tasty, but VLV’s specially concocted Passionfruit sauce really stands out from the crowd as it has the perfect amount of zest and sweetness.

Why not treat your family and friends to this bright and cheery yu sheng this year?


Ring in the Year of the Dog with a lavish selection of festive delights from Yàn. Indulge in decadent gourmet takeaway goodies are perfect for home celebrations and festive gifts.

Looking for a centrepiece dish for your Lunar New Year feast? Yàn’s popular Harvest Pen Cai ($ 250 nett/5 persons, $ 500 nett/10 persons) is a 20-ingredient treasure pot showcases an array of fresh seafood, hearty meats and braised vegetables. Think abalone, sea cucumber, scallop, roast pork, soya chicken, Bai Ling mushrooms, gingko nut, and sea moss among other premium ingredients that are layered and braised for over 5 hours.


Yàn’s auspicious roasts, including its Signature Roast Suckling Pig ($ 288+, 1 day advance order required), and juicy Roast Duck ($ 70+) will certainly delight the palates of your guests.


Sweet treats from Yàn deserve a spot in the Chinese New Year goodies line-up. Take home the classic housemade steamed nian gao ($ 18.80 nett) which symbolises prosperity in the coming year, or snack on irresistible salted egg yolk cookies and pineapple tarts ($ 28.80 nett per jar) that will leave you wanting more.
Yàn’s Chinese New Year takeaways are available from now till 2 March 2018.
Enjoy 10% off takeaway delights when you quote ‘Miss Tam Chiak’ upon reservation, valid till 2 March 2018. Terms & Conditions apply. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Are you drooling yet? Well, Chinese New Year happens just once a year, so pamper your loved ones with the yummiest yu sheng and delish festive treats! Remember to call a few days prior to pick-up, as some items require reservations!

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Miss Tam Chiak