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Saurik Talks About Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak, Cydia, Substrate And More In New Post

By | February 28th, 2018

The jailbreak community has never been a stranger to controversy and has always had its fair share of self-entitled individuals who want more, more, and then some more. With that said, it’s always managed to rub along nicely but you get the feeling the fabric of the community is starting to fray.

To add his opinion to the current landscape, Jay Freeman, also-known-as saurik, has taken to Reddit with yet another lengthy post, this time discussing Electra, Cydia, and compatibility issues.

As you might expect, saurik’s post stays true to his usual writing style by being seriously in-depth and full of knowledge-bombs which otherwise wouldn’t be public knowledge. As you might already know, Electra jailbreak is the only iOS 11 compatible jailbreak featuring Cydia; albeit a hacked-together and modified version. Saurik confirms that anyone using Electra is essentially using a forked version of his work, which likely won’t bode well for the future and for anything official released by Jay, which as you know has been promised for quite a while now:

FWIW, people using Electra are essentially using a fork of everything I’ve ever done that was put together by coolstar with no thought to how it would affect anything else I’m working on or will be releasing, either in the near future or in the distant future; so, if you have installed Electra, I would strongly recommend never installing any of the packages I push going forward: I have done no testing with Electra nor do I have any interest at all in spending time I don’t really have to try to figure out how to maintain compatibility with Electra.

So, you have it first hand, from the horse’s mouth so-to-speak. If you are, or have been, jailbroken with Electra, it’s probably wise to avoid installing any official tools or updates as and when they are released by saurik. With that said, history has already shown us that individuals will take no notice of the warning, go ahead and install anyway, and then expect and demand support when it all goes wrong.

Saurik has also confirmed that any future version of Cydia and Substrate won’t support LiberiOS, which is another iOS 11 jailbreak:

The new version of Cydia I’m going to be pushing will probably not work without the new version of Substrate, and I’m pretty sure the new version of Substrate I’m going to be pushing will not work on Electra (it definitely doesn’t work on LiberiOS, which is a “vaguely supported upgrade path”; it is possible it will sort of “half” work on Electra, and there’s one design option which might allow it to sort of work, but I’ve been leaning towards two other ways of doing it that I already have working, one of which simply could not ever function correctly on Electra and the other one which simply is assuming a bootstrap process that is based on the Cydia jailbreak instead of on Electra).

There’s no official estimated time of arrival for the official Cydia and Substrate upgrades from saurik but at least this post confirms they are coming at the same time as taking a swipe at Electra and LiberiOS. If you are still sitting on iOS 11.1.2, and haven’t yet jailbroken, it’s probably worthwhile taking this public service announcement into consideration and waiting to see what saurik releases.

You can check out the entire explanation by saurik below.

As for those of you who have already jailbroken using Electra, we think you’ll be just fine. CoolStar is very actively updating it to make it as stable as possible. So yes, either way, you’ll be fine with your jailbroken iOS 11 device.

(Source: Reddit)

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Japanese Film Festival Is Bringing 16 Movies To Singapore For A Limited Time At $13 Per Screening

Japanese Film Festival 2018

  Japanese Film Festival 2018

Image adapted from:  (C)Fuji Television, Toho, Dentsu, Altamira Pictures

Hitting play on a Japanese movie is a ticket to beautiful cinematography, emotional storylines, and subtle acting – stuff you rarely see in the blockbusters that fill local cineplexes. Whether you’re a Japanophile or someone looking for an alternative movie-going experience, head to the National Museum of Singapore from 2nd to 18th March 2018 for the Japanese Film Festival, and be culturally enriched by the 16 films featured – for just $ 13/film.

We’ve sussed out 5 films, each from a different genre, that you can catch at this fest.

1. Survival Family*

A family is forced to survive after the world’s electricity is gone

Summary: The Suzukis are an ordinary family of four living in Tokyo. One morning, they wake to find all their electrical devices are not working. In an attempt to escape the crisis, the family leaves Tokyo but their over-reliance on technology results in hilarious hijinks.

Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
Rating: PG
Runtime: 117 min
Showtime: Fri, 2nd Mar 2018 @ 8PM

*Survival Family ticket holders can attend the Japan Film Festival opening ceremony. The film’s director will be in attendance and there will be a post-screening Q&A.


An unemployed 27-year old man gets the chance to redo his life as a 17-year old

Summary: 27-year-old Kaizaki Arata is unemployed after quitting his company job in just 5 months. One day, a mysterious man invites him to participate in a social reintegration program called ReLIFE that involves taking medicine that will make him look 10 years younger, and living as a high school student for a year. Based on the hit manga that’s sold over 1 million copies, with its own anime adaptation.

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Runtime: 120 mins
Showtimes: Sun, 4th Mar 2018 @ 2PM | Wed, 14th Mar 2018 @ 8PM

3. Memoirs of a Murderer

A man confesses to unsolved murders from 22 years ago, and becomes a celebrity

Summary: A man named Sonezaki Masato publicly confesses to 5 gruesome murders from 22 years ago. However, the police can’t arrest him due to a loophole in the law. Sonezaki then publishes a memoir about the murders he committed, charms the public, and becomes a celebrity. But this is just the beginning of his master plan.

Genre: Thriller
Rating: NC16
Runtime: 118 mins
Showtimes: Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 @ 8PM | Mon, 12th Mar 2018 @ 8PM

4. Rudolf the Black Cat

A lost cat befriends the neighborhood boss cat, and goes on a journey to find his way home

Summary: The animated film follows the adventures of a suburban “indoor kitten” named Rudolf, who’s always longed to roam the streets of his neighborhood. However, when his owner accidentally abandons him in an unfamiliar big city, Rudolf must team up with a street cat called Gottalot in order to find his way back home.

Genre: Animated, Adventure
Rating: PG
Runtime: 89 mins
Showtimes: Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 @ 2:30PM | Sun, 18th Mar 2018 @ 2:30PM

5. Her Love Boils Bathwater

A terminally-ill woman hopes to reunite with her estranged husband, and bond with her teenage daughter

Summary: When Futaba abruptly receives a diagnosis of a terminal illness, she aims to use the brief amount of time she has left to bring back her husband, restart the family’s shut-down bath-house business, and set her daughter on the path to independence. This critically-acclaimed film has won multiple awards and was selected as Japan’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards.

Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Runtime: 125 mins
Showtimes: Sun, 11th Mar 2018 @ 5PM | Fri, 16th Mar 2018 @ 8PM

Watch old and new Japanese movies at the Japanese Film Festival 2018

  Japanese Film Festival 2018 - Memoirs of a Murderer

Image credit: (C)2017 “Memoirs of a Murderer” Film Partners

Despite what Ghibli films might have you believing, the best Japanese films aren’t necessarily animated. Just head to the Japanese Film Festival and discover sugoi films worth the price of admission like the one with a celebrity murderer or the one where the world runs out of electricity.

The festival runs from 2nd to 18th March 2018 at the National Museum of Singapore, and will feature 16 films, all subbed in English. So if you’re down for a change-up from the standard weekend movie fare, be sure to head here!

Japanese Film Festival 2018

Date: 2nd – 18th March 2018 (Closed on 6th – 8th March & 15th March 2018)
Venue: Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897

Get your tickets to Japanese Film Festival 2018 here!

This post was brought to you by Japanese Film Festival.

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Apple Confirms Using Google Servers To Store Some iCloud Data But There’s No Need To Panic

By | February 28th, 2018

Apple has made amendments to its living iOS Security Guide document to confirm that it now uses Google servers to store user’s iCloud data.

Under the iCloud heading in the document, Apple now references Google Cloud Platform alongside Amazon S3 as one of its utilized third-party storage services.

Previous versions of the iOS Security Guide had confirmed that Apple used Amazon S3 and Microsoft’s Azure platform to securely hold iCloud data. It was suggested as far back as 2016 that Apple would make some changes to how that data is stored and that it would likely use Google’s mature and efficient Cloud Platform as part of those changes.

Over twelve months later, the iOS Security Guide has been revised to confirm that Google is now part of Apple’s iCloud solution.

As far as data is concerned, it’s possible that Apple is storing photos, contacts, calendar information, documents, and videos – basically, anything that can potentially be uploaded to iCloud through first or third-party apps – on Google’s servers, but the company is keen to stress in the Security Guide that the data is meaningless to Google and that the company cannot access anything meaningful or access a user’s private files – which for endusers mean there’s no need to panic:

Each file is broken into chunks and encrypted by iCloud using AES-128 and a key derived from each chunk’s contents that utilizes SHA-256. The keys and the file’s metadata are stored by Apple in the user’s iCloud account. The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as S3 and Google Cloud Platform.

Apple uses the iOS Security Guide to give additional insight into the steps and actions that it takes to ensure that iOS is as secure as it possibly can be. Having references to Google’s Cloud Platform within this document could immediately be a red flag for some users who knowingly choose to boycott any Google services or products through privacy concerns.

However, given how intricate a feature and service iCloud is, and given that Apple uses multiple third-party storage providers to make iCloud work, it’s likely that a user’s data is spread out across multiple services rather than having a single-point of failure. You can read more about iCloud and iOS security in general in the iOS Security Guide.

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Beauty in the Pot, One Km: Newest and Biggest Outlet in Pink

We were invited for the tasting at Beauty in a Pot at One KM but we rejected the invitation so that we could go on our own and write a fair and honest review. There is another outlet in the same mall on the second floor where you cannot make reservation; this new restaurant is on the third floor and you can make reservations. Imagine how popular the steamboat restaurant is, opening two outlets in one mall. (They have another one at The Centrepoint.)

The theme of this outlet is pastel pink, clearly meant to target women since the restaurant also recruited male models to give roses to female guests during this opening period. In their press release, they bold the sentence “A wonderland for the ladies!” It is all too heteronormative, get on with the times please. I saw openly gay Paralympic gold medalist Theresa Goh there and I don’t think male models giving her flowers would have any effect on her. But I’m sure the gay boy sitting at our next table would like to have a rose from them.

Besides the eyerolling heteronormativity, when we were there, most patrons came with families; so really, I’m not sure why they target female diners. For their opening promotion, I think most customers would prefer the restaurant take 10% off the bill rather than give roses.

My brother, who is a regular, mistook this outlet for the one on the second floor and said, “Did they renovate? Pink seems low class, compared to before.” Yikes.

The service is excellent but I felt extremely uncomfortable when they bowed 90 degrees to us every time after they served us. Come on, we are not Imperialists or Emperors or Japanese or dead; it seems so demeaning to the service staff. Seriously, we are a democracy and we are all equal. Service is just a job and there is no need for them to treat us like Kings and Queens or, in this pink decor, Princesses. Is it me or is this restaurant really backwards in its thinking? For example, they link collagen soup=ladies=pink=male models=roses and this bowing servitude? This restaurant brings us back to 1890.

Excellent as the service was, there were several teething problems. For example, there was an issue in receiving guests. People who made reservations and people who didn’t were dealt with in the same manner. Perhaps for such a busy restaurant, they require two receptionists, instead of one.

Secondly, we ordered the hotpot first and as an afterthought, we ordered the abalone yusheng ($ 39.80). We requested to serve the yusheng first because who eats yusheng after a meal, but the server said that they had already prepared the hotpot and ingredients and they were going to serve the hotpot first. Somehow, somebody–a manager?–intervened and told them to serve the hotpot first.

The new outlet serves six soup bases: shark’s cartilage soup, wild pine mushroom broth (vegetarian),  spicy mala pork bone brothtomato sweet corn broth, herbal drunken chicken broth, and coconut broth. Each broth costs about $ 7 to $ 9 and you can choose two or four. We chose four but my brother complained that the pot is too small and should have gone for two. But if we had chosen two soups–collagen (which is a must) and mala (because most of my family like spice)–my father and I cannot take spice and we can only have the collagen. First world problems.

The collagen shark’s cartilage is good, but I thought it isn’t as good as free-range chicken collagen at Tsukada Nojo; it is more watery and less sweet. The mala is more choking than spicy. The vegetarian mushroom broth is nice but no surprises. The drunken chicken broth is better.

You may also get the condiments and fruits for an extra $ 3.80. My parents and Chiobu got them, but my brother and I didn’t, and when we told them, the service trusted us, which is great. Also get the free-flow lou han guo ($ 3.80), which is very worth it.

The meat platter ($ 37.80), consisting of two beefs and two pork, is a good starter-kit for people like me who come to the restaurant in the first place.

But my siblings have been here countless times and Chiobu said, “Just order the most expensive beef! it’s delicious.” The US Wagyu beef ($ 49, pictured above) is indeed very good. Look at the marbling. It’s rich and clean and delicious.

The US Kurobuta pork ($ 20) is also good.

I don’t normally like fried beancurd skin ($ 9.80), but this one is really good. My siblings argued over the merit of eating it: one likes it still slightly crispy with texture, and the other likes it completely limp, soaking up the broth. Both ways are fantastic.

One last thing you must order is the Alaska crab stick ($ 13.80). It’s so fleshy and sweet. Everything we ordered here was essential. We paid $ 300 for five adults. It was a good meal.

Beauty in the Pot
11 Tanjong Katong Road #03-38/39 One Km Singapore 437157
tel: +65 6284 8810
11.30am – 3am daily (reservations accepted)

Food: 7/10
price/value: 6.5/10
service: 8/10
Decor/ambience: 5.5/10

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San Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant, Telok Blangah
Crystal Jade Steamboat Buffet, Holland Village
Seafood Paradise, Marina Bay Sands
136 Hong Kong St Fish Head Steamboat, Clementi

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone X Notch, Insists Galaxy S9 Didn’t Copy Apple’s Animoji

By | February 27th, 2018

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are now officially the most current flagship phones around, or at least they will be once they go on sale in a couple of weeks. The current incumbent, the iPhone X, is not going to go away any time soon though, and while Samsung should be focussing on its own accomplishments with the Galaxy S9 lineup, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Justin Denison couldn’t help but take a swipe at Apple during Mobile World Congress 2018, currently ongoing in Barcelona.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple has been a frosty one for years now, with the pair seemingly borrowing from one another when it comes to features and aesthetics – although admittedly, it’s normally Samsung borrowing from Apple.

Still, that was never going to stop Denison from poking Apple about the iPhone X and, in particular, that notch atop its display, as well as no fingerprint scanner on the device.

When we released the Infinity Display, most people had never seen anything like it. Its ground breaking design offered more screen in less space, and quickly set a new industry standard.

With the S9, we’ve built on this foundation, taking the same immersive end-to-end display, and refining it even further. We’ve created a design so sleek and unified, you can hardly tell where the screen ends.

And as always, you know, there’s no notch

But as can be seen in the video above, the crowd was completely silent and gave no reaction whatsoever to it. Count this into among one of the most cringeworthy moments in tech.

With that out of the way, Samsung also set about making sure that everyone was under no doubt that the new AR Emoji feature that it debuted alongside the Galaxy S9 is in any way copied from Apple’s very simlar Animoji. While both take a user’s facial expressions and turn them into on-screen actions, Samsung’s mobile chief D.J. Koh was quick to point out that Samsung didn’t borrow from Apple when interviewed by The Wall Street Journal about it.

He bristled at any notion Samsung was playing catch-up with Apple, as the human emojis took years of development, he added.

“Their approach and my approach is totally different,” said Mr. Koh, cautious not to mention Apple, a rival and components customer, by name. “I do work seriously based off my own roadmap.”

That’s unlikely to prevent the obvious comparisons given the fact that the only real difference between Animoji and AR Emoji is that Apple’s version uses pre-existing characters while the Samsung’s version creates a new 3D character, although as far as I can tell the only real similarity between Animoji and AR Emoji is that nobody will be using either by the end of 2018. Novelty just doesn’t last that long, especially if Samsung’s version is as bad as initial early reviews make it out to be.

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Ah Yee Soon Kueh: Tradition with a Twist

Fans of Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh would be happy to know that after a four year hiatus, they have reopened at 124 Tembeling Road in Joo Chiat.

Mdm Tay Lee Tiong, 65,  had wanted to retire for good when she closed her stall at the basement of Dunman Food Centre in 2012.  The housewife turned hawker had built a solid following for her delectable soon kuehs over the eight years when she was there.

The person responsible for her “重出江湖” (return to the scene) was her son Jeff, who had spent many years working in a bank.  His was a case of a mid career switch to something he feels passionate about and to preserve his mother’s legacy.  Jeff tells me that even after having closed for so many years, he still receives phone calls from customers inquiring about the soon kueh and  that was one of the great impetus for him re-start the business.

Soon Kueh and Yam kueh $ 1.30

Their soon kueh is, not surprisingly, very good.  What I really like about it is the texture of the skin which is stretchy and tender with just the right amount of chew.  You don’t even have to eat it to know that the skin is good, just have have look at it in the video below!

The filling is equally toothsome.  They don’t skimp on the dried prawns and Mdm Tay insists on using the more expensive grade which as a more pleasing aroma.   She also insists on putting bamboo shoots in it, so that there really is “笋”(soon – bamboo shoots) in the “笋粿” (soon kueh). 4.5/5

Surprisingly, Mdm Tay never considered her kuehs to be “traditional” as she has no qualms in changing the traditional recipe if she feels that it can be improved.  Take for example her png kueh.  You will notice that there are no whole peanuts inside, as you will expect to find in a traditional png kueh.  The peanuts are there, but they are first roasted and ground before being added to the glutinous rice filling.  She feels that frying the peanuts first will add a whole lot more flavour to the filling! The shape of the png kueh is also quite unique as Jeff traveled to China to specially custom make them for the shop! 4.25/5

If you like yam, I would highly recommend that you try their yam kueh.  It uses the same soon kueh skin, but is filled with shredded yam and pumpkin.  It is not a traditional kueh, but it’s very good!  4.5/5

The glutinous rice which is sold separately is not the same as the one used for the png kueh filling.  The glutinous rice is fried first before being steamed in order to improve the texture.  The mushrooms are really tasty as they have been marinated first before adding to the rice.  4.25/5

If you are looking for good homemade kaya, you can also give theirs a try.  It is made without artificial colouring or flavours and I was told that some of their pandan leaves are harvested from their own garden!  4.25/5


Good to see another new generation hawker taking on traditional kuehs and pursuing it with such passion!  Do go early for the soon kueh as they are usually the first to be sold out and don’t forget to try the yam kueh!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ Features, Specs, Price, Released Date Announced, Here Are The Details

By | February 26th, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ features, specs, price and release date is now official. Here are the details.

Samsung, as expected, has set the scene perfectly for this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to begin tomorrow by officially unveiling its Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones at a pre-arranged pre-event press conference. And also as expected, Android fans are set to receive one of the impressive smartphones for this year.

Features: Like most manufacturers in this modern world, executives at Samsung would have been dismayed to see multiple aspects of the devices leak ahead of the press conference. Most of those leaks turned out to be accurate, meaning that we already had a fairly decent idea of what to expect with the S9 and S9+. However, it’s the bits that we didn’t expect which to be the most interesting. As an example, from a design perspective, both devices – compared to last year – now features a glass design comprising of 20-percent thicker glass to improve durable and core strength. Samsung has also made the upgrade to Series 7000 aluminum and made savings on the dimensions by making both smartphones shorter and narrower than Galaxy S8/S8+.

United States consumers will get a set of smartphones powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip (outside US it will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos chip) with 2.8GHz and 1.7GHz quad-core processors. The larger Galaxy S9+, which can really be thought of as the flagship, features a stunning 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, and a 3,300mAh battery to keep it powered up. If a smaller device is on your agenda, then the S9 is stunning in its own right and comes with 4GB of RAM, a smaller 3,000mAh battery, and an equally beautiful Super AMOLED display at 5.8-inches. All other features of the device remain the same except for the inclusion of a dual-lens camera on the larger S9+ variant.

Both of the devices come with a highly capable 12-megapixel Super Speed Dual Pixel rear camera sensor with OIS and dual aperture, with one having f/2.4 aperture for shooting bright scenes, and the second one coming with a wider f/1.7 aperture for improved low-light photography.

Galaxy S9+ goes a little above and beyond by throwing in an additional 12-megapixel telephoto lens which offers optical zoom and blurring effects, similar to Apple’s Portrait mode introduced with iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung has also introduced a camera feature it is calling “AR Emoji,” which sounds and functions similar to Apple’s iPhone X Animoji feature as well as Snapchat’s Bitmoji. With AR Emoji, Galaxy S9 owners will be able to “create an emoji that looks, sounds and acts just like them” by using a “data-based machine learning algorithm” and then creates a 3D model.

Apart from all this, the Galaxy S9 series also features 8-megapixel front-facing camera, relocated fingerprint sensor on the back, uses both facial+iris scanning for unlocking at the same time, Android 8.0 Oreo with Desktop Experience features using the new DeX Pad, which lets users use S9 as trackpad, Super Slow-mo capture at 960fps, 4K@60fps video recording, and more.


Availability: Both Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available for pre-order on March 2nd, with actual launch pencilled in for March 16th. It will be available in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, and Coral Blue colors.

Pricing: As for pricing, it will vary depending on the carrier it’s purchased from. Unlocked Galaxy S9 will cost $ 719.99, or $ 30 per month for 24 month. The unlocked Galaxy S9+ will cost $ 839.99, or $ 35 per month for 24 months.

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10 Budget Hair Salons In Singapore That Charge Even Less Than $10 Express Shops

Hair salons in Singapore with haircuts under $ 10

Cheap haircuts singapore - wash and cut

When we think cheap haircuts, we think Snip Avenue – but there are other budget salons on our small island too. If you’re looking for more options to tidy up your tresses below the usual $ 10, we have collated 10 places where you can do so.

1. Kimage Hairdressing School

Cheap Hair Salons - Kimage Hairdressing School

Image credit: Kimage 

Trainee students at Kimage Hairdressing School can not only help to cut your hair but also shampoo it, all at just $ 6. Other usual hairdressing services such as perming and colouring are also charged at a much lower price. 

While your haircuts are carried out by their students training for their hairdressing diplomas, rest assured that it will turn out satisfactory with guidance from their supervisors.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-319/320 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Telephone: 6883 2700
Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: 10AM-9PM | Tue, Thu: 10AM-6PM (Closed on weekends)

2. H I Salon

Cheap Hair Salons - H I Salon

Image credit: H I Salon

Conveniently located at several West-side MRT stations is H I Salon – perfect for those who aren’t looking for anything too fancy as they offer non-layered haircuts for just $ 5.

As if that’s not low enough, signing up as a member will let you get haircuts for just $ 3.90. Membership costs $ 39 for 3 years, which works out to just slightly over $ 1 per month – almost too good to be true!

List of outlets and telephone numbers here*

*Outlets at Redhill and Lakeside are closed.

Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-9PM

3. EZEN Hair, Nail and Beauty

EZEN Hair, Nail and Beauty offers haircuts at just $ 8, but you can also apply for a membership card at only $ 25/year – that is, around $ 2/month – and enjoy your trims at half price ($ 4)

EZEN Hair, Nail and Beauty - Pink dyed hair

Image credit: EZEN Hair, Nail and Beauty

As their name suggests, they also offer nail and beauty services at some of their outlets, making it convenient for a one-stop grooming session. An express manicure costs $ 18, eyebrow trimming $ 8, and a facial appointment would be from $ 68.

If you’re looking to spice up your look with a vibrant pop of colour, try their dyeing services which range from $ 68 to $ 88.  

Find their list of addresses and telephone numbers here.

Opening hours: Daily,10AM-830PM

4. AM Salon

AM Salon offers haircuts for only $ 6, but that’s not the best part. Here, you get rewarded for your loyalty, because for every 5 haircuts, you get one free! That means 2 free haircuts a year – or savings of $ 12 – if you were to cut your hair once every month.

Address: 36 Beo Crescent #01-51 Singapore 160036
Telephone: 6274 0895
Opening hours: Daily, 930AM-8PM

5. Ecoin

Cheap hair salons singapore - ecoin

Econ’s Boon Keng outlet
Image credits:

Ecoin’s salons are peppered all around Singapore, so there’s bound to be one outlet near you no matter where you live. Their standard haircut services go for $ 5 on weekdays and $ 6 on weekends. But if you get haircuts often, it might be a good idea to sign up as a member – where you’ll enjoy the privilege of haircuts $ 3 on weekdays and $ 4 on weekends.

Their membership operates by a top-up system, kind of like with an EZ-Link card. You start off with a minimum of $ 40 in your membership card, and the cost of each appointment will automatically be deducted from the amount. 

Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-830PM

6. New Station Beauty and Hair

 Cheap hair salon - new station hair and beauty

Image credits: Closed-loop

Being under the same management as Ecoin, haircuts at New Station Beauty and Hair cost the same – $ 5 on weekdays and $ 6 on weekends for non-members, and $ 3 on weekdays and $ 4 on weekends for members. The same membership card can be used across both salons!

List of Ecoin/New Station’s addresses and telephone numbers here.

Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-830PM

7. KIMarie Hair and Beauty Training Centre

cheap hair salons - kimmarie hair and beauty training centre

Image credit: Kimmarie 

Another training school where graduating students can give your hair a makeover at a low cost is KIMarie Hair and Beauty Training Centre. At a mere $ 7, you get to cut and wash your locks at this well-established salon that has been around since 1979.

Address:10 Sinaran Drive #B1-134 Square 2
Telephone: 6222 4446
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM-930PM

8. Kizuna Image

Cheap hair salons - kizuna image

Image credit: Foursquare

For those residing in the North-East region, Kizuna Image could be your next go-to budget haircut shop. Pricing is based on the length of your hair – at $ 6 for short hair, $ 9 for mid-length hair, and just $ 11 even for long hair. 

Address: Blk 806 Hougang Central #01-148 Singapore 530806
Telephone: 64898650
Opening hours: Daily, 930AM-8PM

9. Peter and E Hair Studio

Cheap hair salons - peter and e hairs studio

Image credit: Limjeremy 

Peter and E Hair Studio charges at an attractive $ 7 for each haircut, and with it situated conveniently near Khatib MRT, the budget-conscious living in the North don’t have to venture far to get their tresses fixed. 

Address: Blk 807 Yishun Ring Road #01-4195 Singapore 760807
Telephone: 6257 1831
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-8PM

10. Fusion Plus

Conveniently located at the neighbourhood Rivervale Mall is Fusion Plus where you can get your haircuts done at $ 9 on weekdays and $ 10 on weekends, which is still decently affordable for the thrifty. 

Address: 11 Rivervale Crescent #02-01C Singapore 545082
Telephone: 6388 8279
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-5PM

Cheap hair salons in Singapore

Our wallets run a little thin sometimes, but that doesn’t mean our personal grooming has to be compromised. With these hair salons offering haircuts at such low costs, you no longer have to feel a pinch when you sit in that salon chair to get your hair on fleek.

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Apple Recommended WiFi Mesh System Available Now For $219, Down From $350 [Limited Time Only]

By | February 25th, 2018

With so many devices in the home now needing internet access, and with smart devices spanning all four corners of the house whether they are light bulbs or security cameras, having a solid WiFi network has never been more important.

Blanketing a house in high speed WiFi used to be a real pain, but with mesh networks now available in many different guises and offered by a number of different manufacturers, having WiFi dead spots can be a thing of the past for many of us.

The only problem is they are rarely inexpensive, but if you had your eye on the Linksys Velop Tri-band WiFi Mesh System, especially given that Apple now recommends them over their AirPort routers and sells them in Apple Stores, then you’re in luck, because it’s currently available for a steal at one retailer.

Normally on sale for anything up to $ 350 for 2-pack version, the Linksys Velop system in 2-pack can now be had for just $ 219 if you order right now. 3-pack version by comparison costs $ 289 now down from $ 480 Apple and other retailers sell it for.

Available from Amazon, a retailer you likely already order plenty from, this mesh system in particular is well reviewed, sporting 4.5 stars out of a maximum of 5. With thousands of reviews in place, that’s not a bad score at all!

Yes, the deals might be on certified refurbished units, but they are certified by the manufacturer, meaning they are brought back to original-like state by the manufacturer itself!

So then, if you have a home to cover in WiFi and have had trouble doing exactly that in the past, now would be an excellent time to get that credit card out and end all your WiFi woes forever.

Buy: Linksys Velop Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh System, 2-Pack Refurb from Amazon: $ 219 | Original price: $ 350

Buy: Linksys Velop Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh System, 3-Pack Refurb from Amazon: $ 289 | Original price: $ 480

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Redmond Pie

The Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum Lets You Explore 14th-Century Sea Life From Just $9

Maritime Experiential Museum

Many of us would remember those times where we would play “pretend” as a kid – relive your childhood days as an explorer “discovering new islands” at the newly revamped Maritime Experiential Museum

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum entrance

From braving pirate encounters to finding out how exactly do you trade with ancient coins, you’ll feel as if you’ve really travelled back in time for an expedition along the famous Maritime Silk Road. Here’s what’s on board! 

1. Learn how to navigate the seas with skills like knot tying and reading nautical charts

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Holographic Gallery

Start your momentous journey by getting briefed on your mission by 4 of the most legendary explorers of all time in this holographic gallery. If you’ve played “Marco Polo” or sang the “Sang Nila Utama song” as a kid, I’m sure you’ll know who they are. 

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - butterfly knotLearning to tie the butterfly knot.

Before setting sail, you gotta know some sailing basics. Test out your knot tying skills at this zone – well, at least now you know those knots you tied during OBS go back as far as 1691!

You’d also need to know where to go on the seas. So, learn how to navigate a ship – nope, not with some intuitive dashboard but with some cool looking old-school tools.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - SextantThe sextant was used by sailors in the 1800s to determine latitude and longitude. 

As an explorer, you gotta look the part. So try on some outfits in the virtual dressing room – we dig the Zheng He get-up – and put on your most awe-inspiring captain pose.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Virtual Dressing RoomI am Zheng He, great commander of the seas! 

For those in the “pics or it didn’t happen” camp, you’ll be glad to know you can send it to yourself as a keepsake. 

2. Experience what’s it like to be attacked by pirates

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Pirate Ship bridge

Ahoy matey, pirates have taken over your ship and set it ablaze! Yep, this thrilling experience will have you crossing a bridge – no, walking into a burning ship – and praying you’ll escape unscathed. 

With swords clanging in the background and projections of pirates threatening you and your crew, you’ll feel as if you’re under siege on the seven seas.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Pirate Ship projections

Best to get on yer’ way, landlubber!

3. Learn how explorers traded without money

Money makes the world go round, but it didn’t always look like today’s coins and notes.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Maritime Coin History GalleryThese ancient coins sure look different from the ones in my wallet.

At the Maritime Coin History Gallery, you’d get to find out how coins were made by the Europeans and Chinese in that era and how it became the basis for exchanges even today.

4. Travel to beautiful ports around the world like Quanzhou and Malacca

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - 14th Century exhibit

Explore the region’s various ports of calls in the 14th century through these colourful exhibits that provide a perfect opportunity for you to take some shots for the ‘gram – and maybe, trick your friends into thinking you’re overseas.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Christ Church Malacca

Take a shot outside the iconic Christ Church in Malacca – the red backdrop will set off your OOTD perfectly.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Quanzhou teahouse

You can also take a breather and soak in the oriental vibes of an old-school teahouse in Quanzhou.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Oman and Calicut ports

Finally, make a stop at other ports such as Oman and Calicut. You might even spot spices such as nutmeg and pepper that you commonly find in your kitchen today.

Fun fact: These were valuable to Egyptian labourers building the great pyramids from around 2600 BCE as they believed these Asian spices gave them strength!

5. End your journey back on familiar shores

After all that travelling, you might find yourself with a renewed appreciation of home. What’s a better way to understand Singapore than to learn about her journey through time as a global Port of Call?

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - Digital story

Hear a first-hand story of someone who started a new life in Singapore so that the phrase – “from a fishing village to a thriving metropolis” – truly comes alive.

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum - gift shop

Bonus: For those who’d like a keepsake, pop by the gift shop located at the exit. Don’t forget to pick up some nautical-themed souvenirs to remember your expedition!

Embark on a voyage like no other

Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum -  exterior

You don’t need to be an actual explorer to go exploring the world. With 15 galleries offering everything from holographic projects to hands-on exhibits, the revamped Maritime Experiential Museum will definitely give you taste of what it’s like.

Plus it’s super affordable! Tickets are going at a special opening price for a limited time. It’s the perfect activity for a day out when you’re running out of things to do in Singapore. After all, it’s not everyday you can explore the seven seas.

Singapore resident exclusive:
$ 9 (U.P. $ 12)
Children: $ 6 (U.P. $ 8)
Senior citizens: $ 5 

Maritime Experiential Museum
Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa,  Singapore 098269
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10AM – 7PM
Telephone: 6577 8888

Find Out More About The New Maritime Experiential Museum!

This post was brought to you by Maritime Experiential Museum, Resorts World Sentosa.

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