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Download iPhone XS And Apple ‘Gather Round’ Event-Inspired Wallpapers From Here

By | August 31st, 2018

When Apple announced its upcoming iPhone announcement event and also invited the world’s press to attend, it sent out one of its now familiar press invitations and as a result, the thing that usually happens, happened.

With Apple tending to be very good at picking great artwork for its invitations, people like to use them as wallpapers for the iPhones, Macs and even Apple Watches. That meant that there was an instant clamor to get a wallpaper based on the 2018 iPhone invitation and, thankfully, here they are.

Not only that, we also have a wallpaper straight out of the upcoming iPhone XS leaked into the open! And yes, this means you can download it straight away.

Starting with the ‘Gather round’ event, the images created by Matt Birchler, are no fewer than seven different ones that have been put together based on the artwork used in Apple’s recent event. The golden circle, looking very much like Apple Park from above and thought to have a meaning relating to the upcoming Apple Watch series 4, can also be downloaded in a range of different colors including the now familiar Pride rainbow. You can get them from BirchTree here.

Apple invited press to their September event today, and as is tradition at this point, I’ve made some wallpapers to go with it. As always, there are numerous color options and these are all high res (3840×3840) so they should look good on basically any screen you throw them at.

With a nice, large and square resolution Birchler’s wallpapers should, as he says, look great no matter where you decide to put them. The biggest conundrum we have right now is which color to choose!

He’s not the only one creating some great wallpapers, either. Over on Twitter, the prolific AR7 has been hard at work, too. We have many wallpapers to download here, all including Apple’s circular logo as well as that gorgeous gold coloring. You can get them all from here.

Designed for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch, we’d suggest downloading all of them because, well, they’re amazing and nobody can ever have enough wallpapers to choose from!

Concluding this, we have the much awaited wallpaper from the iPhone XS based on the leak, courtesy of 9to5Mac, and it can be downloaded right from here.

Apple’s September 12th event is expected to be the launch pad for new iPhones at the very least, with a new Apple Watch also strongly rumored. Updates to the Mac and iPad Pro are more likely to arrive at an event at a later date, but the possibility exists that we could see those, too.

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Redmond Pie

Miss Tam Chiak

There is a mooncake for everyone — even the weight-watchers and the health-conscious. With consumers increasingly choosing healthier options, TungLok Group has launched a range of healthier mooncakes so that everyone can enjoy them in moderation.

Developed in line with the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Programme guidelines, TungLok’s lower-Sugar mooncakes contain 30% less sugar but still retains the great taste of a typical full-sugar mooncake.

TungLok’s lower-Sugar mooncakes has added Allulose, a naturally occurring novel sugar that is low in calories but still provides the full sensory experience. Allulose is a rare sugar that allows F&B manufacturers to create healthier products with similar taste, sweetness and texture that – until now – only sugar could provide.

3Z3A1605-1 EDITED

You can look forward to TungLok lower-sugar mooncakes in 9 flavours — Egg Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk Red Lotus, Double Yolk White Lotus, Double Yolk Red Lotus, Macadamia Nuts White Lotus, Melon Seeds with Red Lotus, Mini Mooncake Egg Yolk White Lotus, Mini Snowskin Egg Yolk White Lotus, and Mini Snowskin White Lotus with Nuts.

The Limited Edition TungLok Treasure Box is a very beautiful jewellery box that’s embellished with exquisite hand-crafted jewellery goldfishes and lotus flowers, which is the theme of TungLok’s new packaging this year. Encased within this gift box are four captivating Double Yolk White Lotus mooncakes baked to a perfect shade of golden brown; making this an ultra-stunning and impressive gift.

Tunglok 1

With tradition at the heart of its creations, TungLok’s signature golden brown baked mooncakes remain true to the occasion. These mooncakes are kept in their specially-designed boxes, executed on the basis of modern aesthetics.

Dressed in an elegant hue of royal blue, Tung Lok Perfect Duo ($ 66/ 4 pcs) collection contains the all-time favourite Double Yolk White Lotus and Double Yolk Red Lotus. The mooncakes are filled with delicate lotus seed paste that is so smooth and rich, without the cloying aftertaste.

Named after the forces of nature, Tung Lok Four Seasons Collection($ $ 62 / 4 pcs) features exquisite gems of four different flavours – Egg Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk Red Lotus, Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios and Mixed Nuts.


Great for family and friends, the petite bite-sized gems are back this year to nestle in the hearts of the young and old alike. I am so in love with the Bite-Sized Mooncakes Collection ($ 60 / 16 pcs). These dainty gems boast a buttery crust, with a creamy and rich lotus paste encased within. Take your pick from seven delectable flavours such as Double Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk White Lotus, Macadamia Nuts White Lotus, Double Yolk Red Lotus, Egg Yolk Red Lotus, Melon Seeds with Red Lotus and Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios. If you love mooncakes with armed with a crunch, you will enjoy the Macadamia Nuts White Lotus.


For those who fancy snowskin mooncakes, get the best-loved Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes. This year, the skin of their White Lotus with Nuts Snowskin Mooncake ($ 58/ 8 pcs) is infused with Moringa leaf, which is jam-packed with added goodness such as vitamin A, C, E, calcium, potassium and more.

The beautiful Petals Mochi Snow Skin Mooncake ($ 60 / 8 pcs) are back this year to tease your taste-buds! Putting a Japanese twist on the Chinese classic, the mochi mooncakes are soft and chewy. Moulded after the sacred seven-petal flower, it features a brown sugar mochi filled with two different flavours – red bean and yam, or peanut and black sesame.

For MostValuedGuest, tunglokfirst and UOB Cardmembers

• Early Bird Promotion (now till 31 August 2018)
20% off from 2 to 10 boxes
25% off from 11 to 49 boes
30% off from 50 boxes and above

• Standard Promotion (1 to 24 September 2018)
15% off from 2 to 10 boxes
20% off from 11 to 49 boes
25% off from 50 boxes and above


TungLok Mooncakes are available at TungLok restaurants, Fairprice Xpress, Cheers at Esso Stations, and selected Cheers stores from now till 24 September 2018; as well as at Takashimaya Square B2 from 22 August to 24 September 2018. Please visit the TungLok website for more details:

The post Tunglok Launches Lower Sugar Mooncakes – Healthier and still as Tasty! appeared first on Miss Tam Chiak.


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Miss Tam Chiak


This Is Apple’s Next: iPhone XS And Apple Watch Series 4 Leaked In Full, Here’s What They Look Like

By | August 31st, 2018

Earlier today Apple invited the press to the much-awaited 2018 iPhone keynote event set to take place on September 12th, and while we have a pretty decent idea of what will be announced during that event, the folks over at 9to5Mac have been able to get their hands on new images that show three of the pieces of hardware we can expect.

The images appear to be press renders of the iPhone XS (pronounced iPhone 10 S) in both 5.8-inch and 6.5 -inch sizes as well as what we expect to be called the Apple Watch Series 4.

Starting off with the new iPhones, Apple’s new 2018 lineup looks set to consist of 6.1-inch LCD-equipped iPhone 9 (not pictured here) alongside two iPhone XS-branded OLED handsets.

Those two OLED iPhones can be seen in the image shared by 9to5Mac and highlight the size differences between them. It’s also looking increasingly likely that we will see a new gold color option, just as can be seen in the images here with black front, shiny stainless steel gold frame, and golden back.

Moving on to the Apple Watch, rumors of a new rounded watch face appear to have been wide of the mark if the leaked image is anything to go by. A new, larger but still square profile will be used this time around with the reduction in bezels allowing for a roughly 15% larger display.

The overall look of the watch appears very similar, however, although the Side button and Digital Crown do appear slightly redesigned. What is notable however is the new watch face that can be seen in the image, one which shows much more information on a single screen with complications galore likely due to more screen space thanks to the edge-to-edge display. This is the only watch face that has been leaked, but we would imagine that others have also received a facelift to accommodate the new, larger screen.

Apple’s big event kicks off in a couple of weeks and will answer any remaining questions we have, although at this rate we do wonder how many unknowns will remain come September 12th.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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Redmond Pie


Hai Nan Hometown Curry 海南家鄉咖哩飯 @ Ghim Moh Food Centre – curry with gentle flavour

Hai Nan Hometown Curry 海南家鄉咖哩飯 @ Ghim Moh Food Centre – Curry with gentle flavour

Hai Nan Hometown Curry offers a variety of curry dishes, from the usual meat and poultry curry, vegetable curry to the less common curry like Assam stingray curry, the spices and herbs combination gravy have become the attraction of the stall in the last few decades, luring customers for its bowls of delectable curry.

Curry Chicken ($ 4.50/$ 6.50)

Hai nan Hometown Curry is prudent on the use of spices, if you a looking a curry that will make you sweat or enjoy the feeling of tongue burning sensation, Hainan Hometown Curry may not able to please your palates. The curry is generally very mild in the spiciness, gravy is rich but the use of spices and herbs may have some rooms for improvement to bring the curry fragrance a level higher.

Chicken meat is tender but potatoes may be a tad too hard, worth to mention is the loft of bread which is soft fine and dense, perfect to go with the curry.

Mutton Curry ($ 6)

The Mutton curry is acceptable but fall into the same fate of the chicken curry, rich gravy but flavour could be more robust for a more intense taste. Unfortunately the mutton is not as tender as what we expect which is a big drawback to the dish.

Our verdict

Hai Nan Hometown Curry is mildly spicy and the flavours are quite subtle, suitable for those who can’t handle the ferocious hot chili. However, the hot and spicy lovers may find the curry is a little too tame to their liking, so, it is much subjected to the individual preference but one thing for sure, it will continue to thrive with the support of the customers for its old school taste.

Hai Nan Hometown Curry

A: Ghim Moh Food Centre, Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-49,
Singapore 270020

H: Daily: 11am – 9pm

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I Eat And Eat


Anker Car & Tech Deals: $89 Dash Cam, Dual-Port Wall Charger For $9, SmartCharge Bluetooth Receiver For $26, More

By | August 30th, 2018

Anker has kicked off a second set of deals this week that includes dash cams, Bluetooth car accessories, car chargers and even a mini wall adapter. Check them out here.

You know we love a good deal here. Nobody likes to pay over the odds for anything but we also love to be able to share a bargain, especially when it is on something that we think you guys can get some real value out of. Our friends over at Anker already offer some pretty great accessories at some equally great prices, so it’s a no-brainer that when we hear that they have some special deals on offer for a limited time, we should share the love with you guys.

Today we have no fewer than seven new deals that we want to share with you, ranging from car chargers for your smartphones to dash cams for your car. After all, it’s a jungle out there and you never know where some video evidence will come in handy! You shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune to be safe though, so let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Roav by Anker car accessories

Anker chargers

There we have it, folks, don’t miss out on some great offers on some great accessories, we think you’re going to love them. And oh, please do note that all of the above offers are available for a limited time only. Hurry up if you want to pick something for yourself or someone else.

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Redmond Pie


Forlino, Fullerton: No Big Names but an Easy, Excellent Fine-Dining Meal

A fine-dining Italian restaurant on the second floor of One Fullerton, overlooking the Merlion, Forlino now seems to be in a limbo after their famous Japanese chef has left. But when we visited that day, we found the restaurant excellent in all ways.

Forlino is managed by the DHM group which also manages L’entrecote, Sabio by the Sea, and &Made. The a la carte appetisers and mains cost about $ 40 a plate, so a 3-course dinner is about $ 100. They also have a set dinner from $ 128++. On weekends, there is a $ 68++ brunch. Their lunch set starts from $ 38++ and we were there for lunch.

For starters, the mortadella e stracciatella is ham wrapped around cheese on a bed of greens. The combination is simple but quite perfect. It’s packed with umami with all types of textures; slightly nutty, slightly bitter to balance the savoury. Superb.

The foie gras terrine (supplement $ 10) has a pool of marsala reduction and comes with a extremely buttery brioche and a side of apple confit. It’s good, an iron-y pureness from foie gras undercut by the sweetness, but it can get a little heavy.

For mains, we tried three. Guancette di maiale  is a slow-braised Iberico pork cheek which is tender and faultless. Branzino e finocchio is an immaculately pan-seared seabass with fennel, baby spinach, and blood orange. The fish is fresh and bright and succulent. And the whole dish is very summery and healthy.

The uni linguine (supplement $ 15) uses fresh Hokkaido sea urchin but comes across as a tad fishy. The pasta–slightly harder than al dente–is coated with Sardinian bottarga (or dried roe). To counter the fishiness of the dish, there is a tinge of citrus (lime?), lifting the dish. This is another dish that feels summer-y but I’m not sure if it is worth the supplement fee.

The tiramisu (supplement $ 8) is fantastic. The mascarpone foam is delightfully light. It also comes with dark chocolate cream, coffee gelato, marsala jelly, and Novara biscuits.

Although the 72% dark chocolate and vanilla layer cake is much too sweet, it isn’t heavy; on the contrary, it is quite addictive and if you have no diabetes in your family history, it’s easy to finish it on your own.

The mango mousse is balanced and light and goes very well with what is named as “pistacchio cream” on the menu. But it is not so much as cream as a great sponge-like texture which tastes amazing.

We were quite impressed by Forlino with the amazing ambience, the polite and attentive service, and the delicious food. The food is clearly inspired by the season of summer: light, delicate, and breezy. It’s true the food plays safe and doesn’t take crazy risk to be different but it is delicious. This is one safe bet that we will return. We paid $ 65 each for lunch.


One Fullerton #02-06, Fullerton Road Singapore 049213
Tel: +65 6690 7564
12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-11pm

Food: 7/10
Price/value: 6.5/10
Decor/ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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Caffe B, Club Street: New Location, New Chef, Itameshi Better Than Before
Amo Restaurant, Hong Kong Street: Excellent Pizzas and Sharing Plates, Best for After-Work and Adult Gatherings
Braci, Boat Quay: Brilliant Modern Italian Restaurant, a Deserving One Michelin Star

Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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Huawei Size-Shames iPhone X Notch With Side-By-Side Comparison With Its P20

By | August 29th, 2018

Huawei may have successfully bypassed Apple in the quest to become the world’s biggest smartphone maker, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking a swipe at the Cupertino giant for, you guessed it, the notch.

During a media blitz in the UK, Huawei has been using banners on which two photographs of smartphones can be seen. One of those is the Huawei P20, a solid smartphone by any measure, and the other is Apple’s iPhone X. While both devices have notches, and of course, Apple’s was the first of the pair to be released, Huawei saw fit to take a swipe at Apple’s own notch by claiming that it was simply too large.

According to Huawei, the smaller notch on its P20 allows the phone to display more notifications, something that is apparently a good thing. I’d argue that more notifications is quite the opposite, but the point that the P20 has a smaller notch is indeed a valid one. It just didn’t need to be put across to potential buyers in this way and, importantly, it fails to mention that Apple’s offering features the most secure facial recognition hardware (Face ID) on the market.

When will smartphone makers stop comparing their devices to Apple’s and instead market them on their own features and benefits? Clearly, someone in Huawei’s marketing department has been speaking to someone in Samsung’s!

Huawei fails to mention the chin bezel at the bottom of P20, something which iPhone X doesn’t have.

At a time where Apple has recently become the first company to reach a $ 1 trillion market value, it’s clear the size of the iPhone’s notch is not an issue for buyers, and we’d suggest that Huawei might be better focusing on its own phones rather than Apple’s. The P20 is a great phone, why not just tell people about that instead?

(Top image source: The Verge)

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Redmond Pie


Q-WA Izakaya, Bugis: Casual Izakaya Opens Second Outlet with Japanese Spirits Going For $5

Q-WA Izakaya at Beach Road Bugis is a new Japanese restaurant that specialises in yakimono (Japanese grilled skewers). It prides itself on serving quality yakimono with ingredients imported from Japan and using sawdust bincho-tan–which is dense coal made from oak–to grill the food. After their first outlet at East Coast, they recently open their second which emulates the hole-in-the-wall experience that one may get at izakayas in Japan.

To start with: something different from the usual soft shell crab, the crispy Japanese freshwater baby crab ($ 7.90), is well-seasoned and a hint of spiciness can be detected. Even though small in size, the sweetness of the crab meat comes through. This pairs very well with a cold Asahi in hand; perfect pub grub to share among friends.

From L to R: Tomato maki, cherry tomato bacon with cheese ($ 3.20); Uzura Maki, quail egg bacon ($ 3.30); Shiitake Maki, mushroom cheese bacon ($ 3.30); Enoki Maki, golden mushroom bacon ($ 3.30); Asupara Maki, asparagus bacon ($ 3.60); Tsukune, chicken meatball ($ 3.60)

The skewers are ok but nothing to shout about. They are marinated with an in-house garlic spice powder and moshio or seaweed salt. Unfortunately, they are too heavy-handed with their seasoning as most of the skewers come out as sodium bombs and I can feel my kidneys crying. Considering that the skewers are grilled over bincho-tan, it is disappointing to note that most skewers lack smokiness, an essential element of good yakimono.

From L to R:  Butabara, pork belly shio ($ 2.90); Butabara Miso, pork belly miso ($ 3.20); Tebasaki, chicken wing ($ 3.50)

The chicken meatballs ($ 3.60) are tasty and have a nice texture but they remind me of Tori-Q. Other interesting items are the fatty ox tongue ($ 6.80) and ox tongue special ($ 12.90), with the former being tender and the latter chewy but both don’t fare well in the taste department (my taste buds possibly may have already been…desensitized by all the salt).

From L to R: Negima, chicken with leek ($ 2.90); Negima Cheese, chicken with cheese ($ 3.30);  Enoki Gyu, golden mushroom beef ($ 4.80);  Asupara Gyu, asparagus beef ($ 4.90)

The chicken tail ($ 2.80, pictured below) is, however, the highlight of our meal. Funny how inexpensive cut of the chicken ends up being the prized skewer. The chicken tail, or some term it euphemistically as “Parson’s nose”, is nicely charred and the fat-like texture of the rump is flavourful and packs an umami punch.

Fatty ox tongue ($ 6.80) and ox tongue special ($ 12.90)

Thankfully, the teriyaki glaze on the Japanese squid ($ 15.80) is not excessively sweet and that helps to lift the otherwise bland squid.

Another recommended item on their menu is the seared mackerel marinated with vinegar ($ 18.80). Having the fish on its own is okay but after squeezing lemon over it, the touch of lemon juice instantly jazzes up the dish; the acidity of the lemon cuts through the richness of the mackerel. However, the skin of the mackerel could have been crispier.

Overall, the food here is satisfactory but they could go easy on the salt.


Q-WA Izakaya
103 Beach Road, #01-02, Singapore 189704
Tel: +65 8336 7728
Daily 11.30am–2.30pm, 5pm–11pm, Closed on PH

Food: 5.5/10
Decor/ambience: 6/10
Price/value: 6/10

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Grand Jeté Cafe, Ngee Ann City: Japanese-Western Cafe, an Oasis Away from the Crowd
SENS Sushi & Grill, Holland Village: When I Maki in the Summer
Hokkaido-Ya, Vivocity: A New “Smart” Japanese Casual Eatery by Sushi Tei Serving One-Bowl Meals

Written by Vanessa Khong. Vanessa is someone who enjoys checking out the local food scene. She believes the way to her heart is through her stomach.


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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow


Kodi 18 Leia Beta 1 Now Available To Download

By | August 28th, 2018

Kodi remains one of the most loved media center apps around and that’s in part thanks to its continuing development. Kodi v18 Leia has been working its way through the alpha channels for some time now and the team behind the app has now confirmed that the first beta build is ready for prime time.

According to the announcement blog post, the beta stage will allow the developers to focus on “on solving bugs and possible usability problems” although it is also noted that so far “it has been proven to be quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out.”

That should give those willing to try the beta out a little added confidence that no show-stopping bugs will crop up, but as always, it’s worth remembering that this is indeed a beta for a reason.

In general the whole stability has been improved quite a lot. The times you still get glitches or occasional crashes have been reduced due to just ripping out not so well coded parts and replaced with a more structured design and standard. Not that the old code was bad however over time new insights were gained and having newer code standards just make it better. Untangling all parts or components and make them behave better next to each other has been one of the biggest efforts done so far.

As if the news of a new beta release wasn’t great enough, we now also have a new v18 Leia T-shirt to order with four different designs available for those who want to support the project and get something that we suspect most people won’t own.

Beyond the current beta, there were no definitive timescales offered as to when we can expect Kodi v18 Leia to go into full release, although it all likely depends on the outcome of this initial beta release once more and more users start using it. Remember, if you do encounter any issues, be sure to report them so that any and all bugs can be ironed out before the big launch.

Kodi v18 Leia beta 1 for Android (APK), Windows, iOS (IPA), Linux and more platforms can be downloaded from

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Redmond Pie

5 Free Upcoming Movie Screenings In Singapore With Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Food Trucks

Free films at B.Y.O Cinema

Local movies 881 and Ramen Teh

Like butter is to bread is the cinema to a night out: they just go oh-so-well together. Y’all know what I’m talking about – camping for the ‘golden seats’ to get the best views, racking your brains over what snack combo to get, sitting through 19742 minutes of ads…

But hey, if movie nights are your go-to, ditch the cinema and switch things up for a change. The Singapore Film Commission is bringing us B.Y.O. Cinema – that’s 5 free movie screenings every month till November, featuring Singaporean films that’ll be covering 5 main themes; from comedies and musicals to horror and nostalgia. 

So pack your picnic mats and get ready for the snacks – here’s what you can look forward to watching: 

1. LAUGH SG: 881

Watch if: You just want a good laugh

Get ready to belt out some tunes while watching 881, which revolves around the flashy Papaya Sisters and their journey to taking over Singapore’s getai scene. However, their plan is soon on the line as the rival Durian Sisters make an appearance, determined to fight for the top spot – no matter what it takes. 

Though it takes a light-hearted approach with all the theatrical antics that ensue, the film doesn’t shy away from heavier topics like broken homes, death, and faith, making this musical comedy worthy of being on your must-watch list. 

Rating: PG
Runtime: 162 mins
Showtime: 1 September 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Singapore Flyer (Greek Theatre)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy

2. DREAM SG: Homerun

Watch if: You love stories with the kampong spirit

A remake of the Iranian film Children of Heaven, Jack Neo’s Homerun revolves around two siblings who find themselves on a misadventure when one’s shoes go missing. Coming from a less fortunate family, they struggle to make the best of their situation – until a golden opportunity presents itself to Kiat Kun in the form of a running competition.

Set in 1965, the film deals with themes like friendship and kinship. It also covers the political climate of Singapore and Malaysia, and the turbulent socio-economic relationship between the rich and poor of our nation in the past. 

Rating: PG 
Runtime: 93 mins
Showtime: 22 September 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Dhoby Ghaut Green (Lawn)
What to expect: Free popcorn, cotton candy, and kacang putih

3. SCREAM SG: 23:59

Watch if: You’re garang and thrive on thrills

Hollywood’s horror movies? No kick one lah.

If you really want a scarefest, Asian horror movies are the way to go. Get your spook on with 23:59, a Malaysian-Singaporean film that’s got the classic Singaporean horror formula down pat: Creepy army bunkers + vengeful female ghost = Sleeping with the lights on for a few days, confirm.

Watch as protagonist Jeremy attempts to get to the bottom of his bunkmate’s strange death…all while fighting off a deranged spirit in the process. NS fellows, extra points for you if you catch this before booking in.

Hey, and you’ll be able to action sikit if your date gets scared. 😉 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 78 mins
Showtime: 13 October 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Fort Canning Park (Fort Canning Green)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy 

4. HEART SG: Ilo Ilo

Watch if: You’re up for some feels

For a pull o’ the heartstrings, stay put for Ilo Ilo. Set in the 90s, the film tells the story of Teresa, a Filipino helper who struggles to adapt with her new family – one that’s on the cusp of falling apart. But through the fights, tension, and lots of tears, Teresa forms a bond with Jia Le, the family’s young, troublesome son who teaches her a thing or two about what it truly means to be family.   

Fun fact: Ilo Ilo bagged the distinguished Camera d’Or in 2013 for the best first feature film, making this the first Singaporean film to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival! 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 99 mins
Showtime: 20 October 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Open-Air Carpark (stay tuned on the FB link below for further updates on the exact location!)
What to expect: Free popcorn, cotton candy, and kacang putih 

5. MAKAN SG: Ramen Teh

Watch if: You’re a sucker for nostalgia. And food. 

Just as its title suggests, Ramen Teh merges two worlds together in this touching tale of Masato, a half-Singaporean ramen chef from Japan. After the death of his father, he finds a suitcase full of tidbits of his late Singaporean mother’s life. 

In efforts to piece together his identity and the true story of his parents, Masato sets off on a journey to Singapore with his mother’s notebook, where he meets the family he never knew he needed: his uncle, bak kut teh seller Ah Wee (played by Mark Lee), and his grandmother Madam Lee, who holds the key to his past. 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 90 mins
Showtime: 10 November 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Singapore Botanic Gardens (Eco Lake Lawn)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy – there’ll be food trucks too!

Celebrating homegrown stories with B.Y.O. Cinema

Sure, we’ve got Hollywood flicks coming out ever so often, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a treasure trove of filmmakers right here in our little red dot. 

In conjunction with the Singapore Film Commission’s 20th Anniversary, SFC is bringing us screenings of 5 local films. Covering the themes Makan, Heart, Scream, Laugh, and Dream, these films celebrate Singaporean stories that’ll hit close to home for sure. 

Plus, all screenings are free to the general public! And because no movie-watching experience is complete without the munchies, you’ll be able to get your hands on popcorn, cotton candy, and other local snacks – all gratis. We hear that some locations might even have food trucks present, so be sure to have your tummies ready. And in the B.Y.O spirit, be sure to pack your outdoor cinema essentials like mats and pillows to get comfy! 

Just mark your calendars and jio your buddies or fam for a chill night out with good food and even greater Singaporean stories. 

Find out more about B.Y.O. Cinema here!

This post was brought to you by the Singapore Film Commission, part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority.

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