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Spago: 60 day whiskey dry aged wagyu steak!

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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to steak, I can actually plot the steak “milestones” of my life.  I had my first truly memorable steak was when I was 18 at the now defunct Cairnhill Steakhouse.  I can still remember the aroma of sizzling beef wafting out of the restaurant when the […]

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Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.1.2, Killing Downgrade Possibility For Upcoming Jailbreak

By | December 16th, 2017

Well that was fast. Shortly after we published a guide on how to prepare for upcoming iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, Apple stopped signing iOS 11.1.2 firmware.

What this means is that those of you who didn’t upgrade or downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 in time can now no longer do so as Apple is no longer signing that firmware for any compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

Why does that matter? Well, if you are a jailbreaker, then this might be a big deal for you given Google’s Ian Beer’s recent release of an exploit for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 firmwares which could potentially bring first iOS 11 and iPhone X jailbreak to public. We say potentially because even though the main exploit is here thanks to Ian Beer, someone will still have to pack it in an easy-to-use jailbreak tool for everyone to use.

Given the active talent we have these days in the form of Tihmstar, Abraham Masri, siguza and even Luca Todesco to some extent, chances are that we are going to see a jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 based on Ian Beer’s exploit sooner rather than later. The only problem is that those of you who didn’t upgrade or downgrade to pre-iOS 11.2 firmwares will now be out of luck.

Those of you who are running any firmware between iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2 and are interesting in jailbreaking, it goes without saying that stay on those firmware versions and avoid upgrading to iOS 11.2.x.

As always has been the case, we will keep you updated on all the latest from jailbreak world. Stay tuned to RP for more!

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Tsunezushi 常寿し, Hakodate Hokkaido: Good Reviews of Bib Gourmand Sushi Restaurant but…

Tsunezushi 常寿し at Hakodate Hokkaido is well-known among the locals and has amassed regulars and followers. (I know it’s empty in the photo but people were sitting on the second floor, and it was only 6pm when we were; the locals were still working.)

In 2017, the Michelin Guide has awarded it a Bib Gourmand, a category that means the restaurant serves excellent food for ¥5000 or less. And indeed the sushi is extremely affordable. There are sets starting from ¥2000. A 9-piece sushi set costs only ¥2200 and 11-piece for ¥3000. A la carte is also available and, according to Bib Gourmand, it is about ¥4000 to ¥8000.

Of course, in addition to being affordable, the restaurant gets its seafood supplies within Hakodate, the sea port city. When seafood travels less, you’d know that it’s fresher for the chef to work with, which in turn produces better results.

When we were there, the shop was manned only by the chef (owner?) who looks like a grandpa and two elderly ladies (perhaps one of them is his wife?). The restaurant exudes a cosy family-run feel but whether it is or not, I’m not sure.

Yandao went for a la carte and was seated furthest from me so I couldn’t take any photos. Chiobu ordered Chirashi don (¥2200, above). The bowl is jam-packed with ingredients; it even has expensive items like uni and ikura. Definitely value-for-money.

Mr Fitness ordered the 9-piece set (¥2200) while I had the 11-piece set (¥3000). It is better to get the more expensive set. For just ¥800 more, the ingredients get a lot better and more premium. The 9-piece set has several good stuff like snow crab and scallop sushi.

But the 11-piece set comprises of what 9-piece set has and with even better and more premium stuff like chutoro (medium fatty tuna), uni sea urchin, and ikura roe. These three are considered the expensive seafood.

But wait! There is something I have never eaten before. It’s long and yellow and grainy like a piece of golden sandpaper. It is… KAZUNOKO SUSHI (herring roe)! It is known to be a osechi ryori (Japanese New Year) dish because it is only available at the end of the year.  It’s fun to try it for one time, but like fugu puffer fish, it is more for novelty than taste. It’s crunchy and quite tasteless. Not a fan.

Everyone on tripadvisor gives good reviews; I’m talking about Japanese people who wrote reviews in Japanese giving positive reviews. Maybe we are spoilt but I cannot in good conscience say that it’s good. The seafood seems a tad too dry and not flavourful enough. The rice is not vinegary enough.

At good sushi-yas, the chefs will apply everything and all you have to do is pick the sushi up and pop it in the mouth. But here, the chef hasn’t put on any soy sauce so you have to dip it yourself.

If you take the set, I guess it’s pretty good value. But tastewise, it is just so-so. We paid ¥14450 for four people.

Tsunezushi 常寿し
10-16 Matsukazecho, Hakodate
tel: +81-138-26-4872

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Written by A. Nathanael Ho.


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iOS 11.2.1 / 11.2 Untethered Jailbreak Has Been Successfully Achieved

By | December 15th, 2017

iOS 11.2.1 / 11.2 jailbreak fully untethered has been successfully achieved on iPhone X as claimed by the folks over at Alibaba Pandora Labs.

The jailbreak, which has been discussed by Song Yang of the company, successfully installs Cydia, and allows the device to be rebooted as you would expect with an untethered experience, but there’s a catch; the company has no plans to release it publicly.

As we have seen in the past where new jailbreaks are concerned, Alibaba Pandora Labs has issued a statement on the subject which doesn’t exactly clarify everything, but does confirm that the team has no intentions on actually releasing anything to the wider public:

Although iOS 11.2 fixes some security issues, we confirmed the new iOS will still be jailbroken on the first day it was released. Although we escaped iOS 11.2 quickly, we were limited to security research purposes, our team won’t provide any jailbreak tool.

There is a little ambiguity in the statement, meaning that once Apple has actually patched the vulnerabilities in future versions of iOS then it could be possible that Alibaba Pandora Labs will share the jailbreak with the world. As it stands, the current best hope of a public jailbreak sits with the use of the Ian Beer’s exploit which was recently released supporting iOS 11.1.2 and below.

Image shared by the team shows “Pandora” jailbreak app and Cydia running on iOS 11.2.x, iPhone X.

This development is still positive news for the jailbreak community which was sitting pretty vacant and stagnant just a couple of weeks ago until this recent hive of activity.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that we should all jump into the Software Update mechanism and start downloading iOS 11.2.x. As it stands, and like we have previously mentioned, the best hope of a public jailbreak of any kind currently sits with iOS 11.1.2, which is why device owners should act while they still can and downgrade to that firmware if necessary.

(Source: Alibaba)

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Kuvo's Oriental Christmas Buffet Has Champagne Pork Ribs & Har Cheong Gai To Hijack Your Western Fare Streak With

Kuvo’s festive buffet for 2017

turkey wanton soup kuvo

One thing I love most about my family is our devotion to celebrating every occasion with big meals. However, something that I find hard to appreciate is my parents’ loyalty to Chinese food. While I count myself a big fan of xiao long bao and stir-fried noodles, I like my pizzas and french fries a lot more. This clash often results in our pre-meal family debate which ends with my sister and I grudgingly giving in to our parents. 

With Christmas and New Year’s Day lined up in just two weeks, I imagine the exact same scene unfolding. Or maybe not. For those who often find yourself in the same predicament as me, we’ve found a place that gives the best of Western and Chinese food!

kuvo festive menu

Available only from 22 to 24 December and 29 to 31 December, Kuvo is offering their first oriental buffet with festive-themed dishes. In an all-you-can-eat style, the restaurant near Somerset MRT Station will be serving up more than 20 dishes, whereby most are Chinese dishes that come with a twist. 

The appetisers 

Though I am one of those “strategic buffet eaters” who often dive straight into the main dishes to get the most out of whatever I’m paying for, I couldn’t help but be drawn to some of their more interesting appetisers. Alongside entrees such as Jelly Fish Salad, Smoked Salmon Platter, and Shrimp & Fruit Cocktail, one which really caught my eye was – Orange Peel Daikon Roll

kuvo Orange Peel Daikon Roll

Dyed in a bright purplish-red colour, this was radish soaked in beetroot juice and topped with tiny bits of orange peel. Like those pickled radish served in Korean restaurants, the daikon roll was intensely sweet and sour, which I thought was a good appetite stimulator to kick-start a buffet. 

 Fried Egg in Crispy Cup kuvo

In a bid to ration my stomach space, the only other appetiser I tried was their Fried Egg in Crispy Cup. Truth be told, the only reason why I picked the dish was because I mistook it as kueh pie tee. 

 Fried Egg in Crispy Cup kuvo

Served in crispy pie tee cups, the snack was filled with fried scrambled egg, bean sprouts, and shrimp. Comprising such simple ingredients, this was a lightly flavoured dish but the combination of textures coming from the crispy cup, bean sprouts, and eggs was what stood out most to me. 

The Prawn Paste Stuffed Turkey Roulade at the carving station was one of the highlights of the buffet. While most turkey roulades are stuffed with bacon, pecans, or pistachios, this had the mainstream ingredients replaced with thick chunks of prawn paste. 

 Prawn Paste Stuffed Turkey Roulade kuvo

With a hint of lemongrass fragrance, the prawn paste reminded me of Thai prawn cakes which gave a different texture to the slightly tougher turkey meat. Having prawn paste and turkey together is a combination that I would never have thought of, but came together surprisingly well!

Live stations 

live stations kuvo

Another self-invented rule that I broke during my visit to Kuvo was one against eating any forms of carbs during a buffet. I knew I still had a long line of meats and seafood ahead of me but when I saw the Turkey Wanton Noodle Soup at the live station, I could not resist.

While their turkey roulade is a Western dish with an Asian twist, this is a Chinese dish with a Western touch. Instead of the usual crunchy shrimp that is found in the dumpling, this one was stuffed with turkey meat. 

freshly shucked oysters

At the live station, another dish you can expect is Freshly Shucked Oysters. A unique feature was the house-made sauce that accompanies the oysters. Packed with bits of coriander, the sauce was intensely sour and tangy, which may not sit well with some but I thought gave the seafood a refreshing kick. 


Finally, on to the mains. While most buffet spreads feature a variety of cuisines, Kuvo’s oriental buffet focuses mainly on Chinese dishes such as Shrimp Paste Marinated Chicken Wing, Wok-fried Beef in Ginger, and Cured Meat Fried Rice.

kuvo champagne pork ribs

For something more out of the norm, their Champagne Pork Ribs is a must-have. Taste-wise, I could not quite figure out the champagne element in the dish but overall, it was still tasty and well-marinated. 

champagne pork ribs kuvo

The best part of the pork ribs would be its tenderness which made the meat come off the bone easily. 

snappper loin tossed in cranberry kuvo

Their Snapper Loin tossed in Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce will remind you of sweet and sour fish fillet from atas Chinese restaurants. With bits of dried cranberry, the fried fish fillet also comes with caramelised onions, bell peppers, and pineapple slices. 

wok fried prawn kuvo

The best dish to eat your money’s worth with would be their Wok-fried Prawn with Special Sauce. Coated with a thick layer of sweet and salty sauce, the dish tasted like stir-fried soy sauce prawns from Cantonese restaurants. For something found in a buffet, I wasn’t expecting to find prawns that big, so those who detest deshelling prawns can be assured that your efforts will not go unrewarded!


dessert kuvo cake

No Christmas meal is complete without log cakes and at Kuvo, they offer three different flavours – Crunchy Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, and Passion Mango. While I wouldn’t mind having all three in one sitting, they only serve one flavour a day and we got to try the Passion Mango one. This was a soft sponge cake layered with a tart cream and topped with berries.

mango sago kuvo

For something slightly sweeter, their Mango Sago was also a pleasant treat to end the meal with. Filled with crunchy bits of pomelo, sago, and diced mango, this dessert is something that both the young and old would not be able to find fault with. 

Festive dishes with oriental flair 

kuvo christmas dishes celebration

If you and your family have been going for the old-fashioned cold turkey and roast chicken every Christmas for the past decade, Kuvo is the place to switch things up while still retaining some of the all-time festive favourites. And if the spread of food still isn’t enticing enough, you can also top up an addition $ 30 per person for two hours of free-flow drinks that include sparkling wine, beers, and soft drinks! 

Reserve a table at Kuvo for their Festive menus now

Address: 321 Orchard Road, #02-01, Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238866

Tel: 9277 3315 / 6733 8272


Buffet dates: 22-24 December 2017, 29-31 December 2017 

Buffet hours: 6pm to 10pm 

Buffet prices: Adult $ 68++, Child $ 35++

This post was brought to you by Kuvo.

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Apple HomePod Firmware 11.2.5 Beta Update Released For Internal Testers

By | December 14th, 2017

Apple’s HomePod hardware may not yet be available for purchase or public consumption but that hasn’t stopped the Cupertino-based company from releasing an updated version of its firmware.

The new HomePod firmware has made it into the public domain alongside the recent release of the initial iOS 11.2.5 beta.

Unlike pre-release seeds of iOS, macOS, watchOS, or tvOS, Apple doesn’t seed the HomePod firmware into the testing community the same way that it does with the aforementioned platforms. Instead, this firmware is packaged up internally by Apple and made available to HomePod devices for those who are currently lucky enough to be in a position to test the company’s latest hardware prior to it being made available for sale in early 2018. The HomePod firmware is also being aggregated and listed as available for download on third-party sites who keep abreast of Apple’s software releases.

The iOS community went into overdrive earlier in the year when Apple released the initial HomePod firmware. On the face of things, that release would look extremely innocent but it actually contained a lot of information about Apple’s upcoming devices and services, including the iPhone X which hadn’t been announced at that time.

Developers who were able to dive into the codebase were able to learn a huge amount about the device, including the existence of the now famous “notch,” and the fact that it would ship with what we now know to be as Face ID. This was referenced in various places as “Pearl” in the initial HomePod firmware.

Apple has released additional HomePod firmware since then. Today’s release, carrying version number 11.2.5 beta, is the latest in that line but isn’t exactly as intriguing saying as there isn’t a great deal left to know about that hardware, its capabilities, or any other secrets to be revealed about devices in the pipeline. However, what it does show is that the HomePod testers, which are predominantly trusted internal Apple employees, are getting an updated version of the firmware to interact with directly on the device. This should hopefully take the development of the hardware closer to an actual release for consumers.

Apple’s HomePod is a Siri-based home speaker with a 7-tweeter array and a unique Apple-designed 4-inch upward-facing woofer as part of the company’s plans to introduce high-quality sound into the home with immediate access to Siri.

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I Went On A Date With My Most Compatible Horoscope Match (Virgo Man/Cancer Woman) And This Is How It Went

A date with my perfect match based on horoscope

A date with my perfect match based on horoscope

When I was younger, I used to flip through issues of Teenage just to read up on what fortune and luck lay in store for my horoscope in the departments of homework, relationships, or friendships that month. This obsession then evolved into “devouring” The Straits Times every day purely for their daily horoscope readings.

The old me would tell you I’m a Virgo, but now that I’m a little older, I proudly declare my star sign to be a Triceratops. It’s make-believe – just like all other star signs, and I don’t believe in getting into a relationship with someone just because our signs are compatible.

But, when my colleagues set me up on a date (again!) with someone they found was the perfect match for a Virgo man, it was the perfect chance for me to see if the stars would really align for us. Here’s how it went:


I knew nothing about my date, except for her star sign – she’s a Cancer. And I could only assume her likes and dislikes from what I gathered from horoscope sites. 

Cancers: Musical, creative free spirits who love expressing themselves artistically, and relaxing outdoors especially close to natural bodies of water. They are also sensitive and guarded individuals with a huge capacity to love, but need to be romanced in a traditional manner.

Planning the date plan was hard, especially when I, for one, can’t draw to save my pet hamster’s life, and staying out of the Singapore sun is my idea of a good time. How could we possibly be compatible?!?

Two days into trying to make a compromise, reality hit me – the date wasn’t supposed to be about me, it was supposed to be about her. Thankfully, soon after, I had the perfect game plan:

Activity #1: A visit to The Cathay Gallery to appeal to her artsy side

Activity #2: A DIY Art-Jam & Picnic at Gardens by the Bay

Activity #3: Followed by a romantic walk through the Cloud Forest

Activity #4: And to finish things off, a simple dinner at The Connoisseur Concerto

Preparing for the date

getting art supplies to prepare for the date

There were so many things that I had to get for the date: a picnic basket, snacks for the afternoon, flowers, art supplies, and even a makeshift table to hold everything while we were art-jamming.

A quick Google search revealed that Cancer women have serious sweet tooths, so I went with the classics – Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Awfully Chocolate brownies, and some warm pastries from Delifrance.

a humble, yet classy bouquet of flowers

And not forgetting, a gentleman’s blind date essential – a humble, yet classy bouquet of flowers.

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around with notes and loose change when you’re carrying a mountain of things, so I was thankful all the merchants I visited on my date recce accepted NETSPay

scanning the receipt’s QR code

This meant that I didn’t even need to whip out my wallet since I could pay for everything just by scanning the receipt’s QR code on my phone. All you need to do is make sure your bank account is linked to your e-wallet beforehand!

picnic basket

After a demanding three-hour journey checking all the items off my list, I finally had a picnic basket to sweep her off her feet.

The Actual Date

The Actual Date

I waited for less than five minutes at the entrance of The Cathay before I received a text from my mystery date announcing her arrival.

No backing out now, Mandon”, I told myself as I made my way over to a girl waving excitedly at me. “Hello! I’m Ci Hui!” Her eagerness warmed things up instantly. We laughed at the concept of a date dictated by horoscope compatibility, but there was one burning question off my chest – Are horoscope stereotypes even accurate?

I’d planned the entire date itinerary without knowing anything about her or her actual interests, at this point, I was about to find out if I was a winner, or a complete loser. 

I read that Cancerians love art, are you good at it?”

Nope, I can’t paint! HAHA!” 

Even though we now had a date itinerary that was centered around art and artistic expression, her easygoing and cheerful demeanour made me heave a sigh of relief. We then made self-deprecating jokes about how if we were held at gunpoint with only painting something as a way out, we’d both die ten times over, but decided to commit to the date plan anyway, for all the effort I’d already put into it. 

When things don’t go your way…

We made our way up to The Cathay Gallery, and though she wasn’t the artsy film buff like I envisioned, she was intrigued to know that this little blast-to-the-past even existed! 

It was closed.

When Plan A doesn’t work out, keep your cool and move straight onto Plan B… While I’d planned every element to a T, I hadn’t really considered logistics. I realised that I couldn’t manage carrying everything from the picnic basket to the foldable table to Gardens By The Bay on my own. Ci Hui reached out for the picnic basket, smiled and said, “I’ve got this.” 

cloud forest

Even though I wanted to act as though I’d everything under control, I was secretly delighted when she offered. Maybe this girl was a keeper after all.

A happy Ci Hui with her surprise

A happy Ci Hui with her surprise

Always be spontaneous

Art jamming - Ci Hui

So there we were, beautiful backdrop, no artistic bone in both our bodies, trying to draw inspiration from the greenery around us. I was surprised to find our lack of skill created the perfect opportunity for us to bond and get to know each other on a deeper level. Laughing at our stained hands and masterpieces helped too.

Ci Hui

Art jamming - Mandon

Sitting down in one spot didn’t really help, so we decided to stand by the river like serious artists, canvas in one hand and paintbrush in another.

impromptu photoshoot around the Cloud Forest

We even managed to fit in an impromptu photoshoot around the Cloud Forest just for kicks

Unlike the reserved Cancers I read about online, Ci Hui was not the least bit reserved, her bubbly personality completely evident, peppering our date with her thoughts and feelings.  

This photo was taken in front of an audience watching a short film

This photo was taken in front of an audience watching a short film!

Ending our date with full stomachs and hearts

Ci Hui with her Baby Crayfish Spaghetti

Ci Hui with her Baby Crayfish Spaghetti

After a long day of laughs, we finally left Gardens by the Bay for our first proper meal at the dinner spot I’d chosen – The Connoisseur Concerto at Bugis Junction

The Ci Hui I’d come to know over the last couple hours had a zest for life that was refreshing, but during dinner, I noticed a quieter, more emotional and reflective side of her emerge as we discussed our childhood ambitions and future dreams.

Egg-Drop Spaghetti Sauce Bolognese from TCC

My Egg-Drop Spaghetti Bolognese

I could not help but think about how wrong I was in trusting a horoscope website with my potential life partner. By birthdate, Ci Hui was a Cancer woman, but in real life, she was nothing like her reserved, artistic horoscope. She was much, much more.

There are just too many facets to a person for them to be boxed into a stereotype by birth date alone. So there, I got the answer to my burning question, horoscopes aren’t accurate. Or at least, not for me. And while I didn’t find my perfect soul mate like the horoscope sites predicted I would, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the date. 

Tap your way through date night and scan with NETSPay

Tap your way through date night and scan with NETSPay

Image credit: NETS

If there’s another thing I learnt on my date, it’s how fuss free and convenient NETSPay makes the process of purchasing anything. I used it as my one tap payment method for everything on this date from getting supplies at Art Friend and food from the different merchants for the picnic basket, to paying for our entry tickets to Gardens By The Bay and dinner at TCC.

As someone who avoids carrying too much cash in my wallet for fear of losing or spending it all, I was glad to just evade keying my PIN in the NETS machine every single time I had to make a purchase. You’ll even be completely covered if you ever forget to bring your wallet with you out of the house since the only thing you’ll need is your mobile phone!

NETSPay stores your ATM bankcard information securely in your mobile app

Think of it as a virtual wallet – NETSPay stores your ATM bankcard information securely in your mobile application, letting you make zippy, secure cashless payments anywhere you go! If you’re holding onto to an android phone, simply activate the NFC mode on your phone to tap and pay at any NETSPay merchant. 

For all other phone models, NETSPay works just by scanning the QR code into the mobile app!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! Download the NETSPay app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, register & enter your bank card details, and you’re ready to tap or scan your way through any date! To know if your favourite haunts accept NETSPay, you can just look out for the acceptance decals that are attached on NETS Terminals or, you can ask the trained staff for help! 

Just look out for the “Scan to Pay” NETSPay merchant sign above!

Just look out for the “Scan to Pay” NETSPay merchant sign above!

With over 30,000 touchpoints from retail and F&B outlets to cinemas like Cathay and even hawker centres like Yishun Park Hawker Centre and Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Centre scattered across the island, you’ll never have to fumble for loose change or struggle with having no hands in any situation.

Find out more about NETSPay now!

This post was brought to you by NETS.

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iOS 11.2.1 Release Notes / Changelog: Here Are All New Changes

By | December 14th, 2017

Apple has now officially released iOS 11.2.1 to the general public, which, in all honesty, may have come as a surprise to some given how quickly it has arrived after the release of iOS 11.2.

The immediate availability of iOS 11.2.1 not only means that all compatible device owners have yet another version of iOS 11 to download, but also that they can get to grips with the official changelog provided by Apple to see exactly what has changed.

As is generally the case with Apple, when a version of iOS is in a pre-release state it’s very difficult to get information from the company about any changes. When that version moves to a public release, an official set of release notes are published alongside the update to let device owners know exactly what they are getting. iOS 11.2.1 is a slight anomaly in that process as there was no actual pre-release in place due to the nature of the fixes it contains. Where iOS 11.2 was a fairly big release with a number of new and important improvements and feature additions, iOS 11.2.1 is simply a bug fix which contains a very important patch for a 0-day vulnerability found which affects HomeKit and connected devices.

As previously reported, this issue would allow malicious individuals to take control of HomeKit-enabled devices, including smart locks protecting a property, when iOS 11.2 was installed on a device. Given the seriousness of that issue, Apple immediately introduced a temporary server-side fix to prevent the problem from happening and has now issued a proper fix for it in iOS 11.2.1 update, as reflected in the changelog below:

iOS 11.2.1 fixes bugs including an issue that could disable remote access to shared users of the Home app.

It seems that Apple is going through a slightly tumultuous time at the moment where software and the discovery of bugs are concerned. Rather than having the time to focus on making the right improvements in the right place, and ensuring that each release is error-free and fit-for-purpose, it seems that the company is firefighting and having to bring releases forward to patch bugs which keep popping up.

We’ve recently seen this with an urgent release of macOS 10.13.2 to properly fix the root login bypass bug, the early release of iOS 11.2 to fix a boot loop issue for date bug, and now the release of iOS 11.2.1 to fix a 0-day found in HomeKit.

Update x1: Apple has now also posted security content details on iOS 11.2.1:


Available for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation

Impact: A remote attacker may be able to unexpectedly alter application state

Description: A message handling issue was addressed with improved input validation.

CVE-2017-13903: Tian Zhang

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10 New Boutique Staycations Under $180/night In Singapore For People With No More Leave Left To Clear

Affordable Boutique Staycations

We’re down to the last month of the year. 

Also known as the time when we pause for reflection, get dressy for parties, and scramble to book last-minute flights for the holiday season. But wait a minute – your HR person is wagging a finger at you. What’s that, no leave balance?!

All’s not lost, though. Even if you can’t escape these shores, you can still treat yourself to a staycay in these boutique hotels that’ll cost you less than $ 180 per night. From minimalist to retro, these weekend getaways will tide you over till you’re safely back in “14-day leave zone” – aka next year. Phew.

1. Hotel Mono

hotel mono

Image credit: Hotel Mono

Tell your friend who’s always in black you’ve found a place that’ll match their vibe. Yep, this hotel knows how to do monotone right – it’s black and white both inside and out, evoking a clean look worthy of Kinfolk. 

hotel mono room

Image credit: Hotel Mono

Set in six historic shophouses, Hotel Mono boasts 46 rooms with unique designs. Think loft-style rooms with black frames for staircases, or sleek white beds juxtaposed against industrial flooring.

hotel mono  room

Image credit: Hotel Mono

But lest you think the minimalist ethos applies to function, you couldn’t be more off the mark. Flat-screen TVs and micro-gel fibre pillows are among the details that’ll make your stay feel oh-so-luxurious, so you can convince even your most practical friend it’s not all about the looks. 

Accommodation: From $ 136/per night for a double room

Where: 18 Mosque Street, Singapore 059498


2. Hilton Garden Inn

hilton garden inn room

Image credit: @tippytoess 

Say “Hilton” and you’ll think quality, but with a hefty price tag. But this gem with the brand name opened quietly in June this year and starts from an affordable $ 125 per night.

The Hilton Garden Inn has 328 modern rooms, and we mean modern – it’s all designer Serta beds, ergonomic chairs and there’s even a digital check-in and key. Meaning you can unlock your room while walking towards it – useful if you need to head to the loo urgently.

But the views are the true show-stealers. Peer out of the balcony or window for this beauty:

hilton garden inn view

Image credit: @hiltongardeninnsingapore

You might spot nearby cafes such as Jewel Cafe and Bar and Cafe Salivation, which will be your go-tos for that staycay brunch. But if cosying up in the hotel’s more your thing, pop by in-house restaurant The Garden Grille for a generous continental spread.

hilton garden inn  garden grille

Image credit: @hiltongardeninnsingapore

hilton garden inn brunch

The Garden Grille. Image credit: @tippytoess 

hilton garden inn pool

The restaurant also overlooks over the pool. Image credit: @hiltongardeninnsingapore

Tip: For the late-night munchies, head to The Pavilion Pantry – it’s open 24/7 hours for snacks and ready-to-cook meals.

Accommodation: From $ 147 per night, room with balcony from $ 205

Where: 3 Belilios Road, Singapore 219924


3. Yotel 

yotel lobby

Image credit: @yotel_singapore

Let me resist the urge to make a “Yo” pun, because this futuristic hotel has none of that cheese. In fact, the Yotel brand is a well-known establishment, with branches in Boston, New York, London – and it has finally landed firmly on our shores along the buzzing Orchard Road stretch.

Inspired by luxury airline travel, the over 610 rooms are known as “cabins”, and are pristine white affairs lit with pops of Ultra-Violet purple – Pantone 2018’s colour of the year, mind you.

yotel hotel room

It’s also a step into the future. Be awed by self-check-in counters where you can create your own room key, housekeeping robots and refillable shampoos, conditioner and soaps. (Eco-warriors, yay, cheapos who dabao toiletries, nay).

yotel housekeeping robots

Leading us into infinity and beyond…housekeeping robots!

yotel swimming pool

There are also rain-showers, 24/7 gyms, pool decks and terrace for that all-round pampering experience. And if you get hungry, whisk yourself up to the 10th level to Grains & Hops, a restaurant-bar that serves up rice bowls with skewers.

yotal kurobuta

Not exactly a poke bowl, but the generous slab of Kurobuta pork sure makes up for it.

They have a happy hours promo where you get a discount based on a dice you roll – 50% off, please!

Accommodation: From $ 152 per night 

Where: 366 Orchard Road, Singapore 238904


4. The Sultan

We have a weakness for white-walled hotels that act as a blank canvas for OOTDs. And consider us utterly helpless if said hotel is a refurbished building set in a cool neighbourhood.

the sultan

Image credit: @thesultansg

the sultan

Image credit: @thesultansg

Yes, The Sultan is on-point – it was faithfully preserved from traditional shop houses, with colonial-style shutters and old-school prints that evoke a charming, rustic feel. It’s also set in the Kampong Glam area, home to the ethnic Malays and Arabs in the 1800s. 

the sultan

Image credit: @thesultansg

the sultan

Image credit: @thesultansg

You’ll never be bored in the area, either. Pop by the Malay Heritage Centre to learn more about the enclave’s rich history, or coo over quirky knick-knacks at the Children Little Museum. When night falls, hit Blu Jaz Cafe or Piedra Negra for drinks. See, your itinerary is all set. 

Accommodation: From $ 151 per night

Where: 101 Jalan Sultan #01-01, Singapore 199002


5. Hotel G 

The over 308 rooms in Hotel G are categorised according to Good, Great and Greater, but if I had to pick my own 3 “G”s, it’d be: Great Value, Gym and Ginett.

Considering its super central location between Bugis and Dhoby hotel, the place is a steal at $ 128 – very affordable by Singaporean staycay standards. And the rooms are artistically designed, too! 

hotel g singapore room

Check out the stylish vintage decor, complete with dreamcatchers. 

Image credit: @hotelgsingapore

And did we mention the gym? The grey brick walls and B&W portraits – of people working out – lend it a chic industrial air, so you can work out in style among the punching bags, treadmills and cycling machines.

hotel g gym

Even the gym got the retro memo. Image credit: @hotelgsingapore

hotel g singapore ginett

Image credit: @ginettsingapore

Burning calories is hard work, so reward yourself at Ginett, which serves up affordable French wines (from $ 6!) and mains such as rotisserie chicken and gratin. P.S. It’ll also be the spot that serves you that all-important hotel breakfast: think fluffy hot croissants and other pastries.  

25 burger

Image credit: @hotelgsingapore

But if your hunger pangs hit way after the midnight mark, 25 Degrees Burger will be your saviour – it opens till 3am and serves up burgers, milkshakes and snacks!

Accommodation: From $ 127/per night

Where: 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980


6. Hotel Mi

Tell your friends you scored a staycay for around $ 100 a night, and you’d be met with awed stares and slow claps. It is possible though, at Hotel Mi, a super-new hotel opened in the Bencoolen area. 

hotel mi room

Image credit: Hotel Mi

Just like a similarly named phone that’s known for its quality and affordability, a stay here is value-for-money: it has the usual pool and gym options, and rooms are airy with a tasteful, modern look. 

hotel mi pool

Image credit:

But the real show-stopper is the hotel’s superb location. It’s just 1 minute away from the Downtown Line and is surrounded by a whole slew of marts and stores, so you can rummage for cheap food in the middle of the night if you’re inclined. 

the masses cafe brunch

Image credit: @themassessg

If you wish for your staycation diet to consist of more than just potato chips and maggi mee, take a short walk to cafes such as The Masses or Artichoke. You can see why the former draws in the mass…I mean, crowds, with pastas, Jap food and drinks all mostly under $ 20. 

Accommodation: From $ 108/per night

Where: 41 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189623


7. Park Hotel Farrer Park

Loft-style staycations are here to stay. The high ceilings make the room feel extra posh and spacious, and climbing up the staircase adds to the fun of it – not to mention, tons of photo opportunities. 

park hotel farrer park

Image credit: @parkhotelfarrerpark

Get your snaps on the stairs at the new Park Hotel Farrer Park, which opened in May this year and impresses with over 300 artistically furnished rooms. 

park hotel farrer park

High ceilings of the duplex sky and premier lofts with the bed on the second level. Image credit: @parkhotelfarrerpark

Whether it’s the smaller guest rooms, all the way to the Sky Loft and Premier Loft rooms, the entire hotel screams luxe without going into flashy territory. 

park hotel farrer park

Image credit: @parkhotelfarrerpark

It’s also right above the Farrer Park MRT station, and a stone’s throw away from City Square and Mustafa – hello, 3am grocery shopping. 

Accommodation: From $ 180 per night, premier loft at $ 270

Where: 101 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217564


8. Arcadia Hotel 

Along an unassuming lane in Lavender, you’ll spot this charming green-and-white building that’ll look right at home in a Wes Anderson movie. 

arcadia hotel

This shall be the next “It” spot for symmetrical couple photos. Image credit: @dvrylc

Welcome to the Arcadia. A land of Posturepedic mattresses, L’Occitane bath amenities and 42-inch flat screen TVs for all rooms. Did we mention rainshower? 

arcadia hotel room

Some rooms also have a balcony which looks out to the hip Jalan Besar streets. Image credit: Arcadia Hotel

arcadia hotel jacuzzi pool

Image credit: Hotelscombined

Other than supremely comfy rooms, there’s also a rooftop jacuzzi for you to sit in and muse upon life, and in-house Trellis Cafe to fill your stomach with brunch fare, salads, sandwiches and the like. 

Accommodation: From $ 130 per night

Where: 32 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209201 


9. The Forest by Wangz

This is not the grimy sort of forest you’d find in Tekong. 

Instead, The Forest by Wangz is a boutique service apartment that will whisk you away from the city’s hustle into an oasis of calm.

forest by wangz

Image credit: Forest by Wangz

Greens and wood accents dominate the rooms, and it’s all pretty open-air, so you can try and feel at one with nature. You don’t have to give up your creature comforts, either: there are even rain showers and a full-fledged home theatre system. 

forest by wangz kitchen

The bigger rooms also come with a fully-equipped kitchenette. Image credit: Forest by Wangz 

forest by wangz pool

Image credit: Forest by Wangz

To get your zen mode on, we’d recommend a dip in the infinity pool. There’s also a shallow lounging area that goes up only to your ankles – perfect for non-swimmers and those who just want to lounge around and not work out. Hey, no judging. 

forest by wangz pool

Image credit: Forest by Wangz

Accommodation: From $ 175/per night

Where: 145A Moulmein Road, Singapore 308108


10. XY Hotel Bugis Singapore

3 words: Tiger. Beer. Room.

xy hotel bugis singapore tiger beer room

Image credit: XY Hotel Bugis Singapore 

Even if you belong firmly in the Heineken camp or are an apple cider kinda person, XY Hotel Bugis will still have you drinking in its quirkily-decorated, hipster-approved rooms. 

xy hotel bugis singapore toilet

Even the toilets are artsy. Image credit: XY Hotel Bugis Singapore

These aren’t run-of-the-mill graffiti; the murals are actually done up by professional artists that include names such as Deborah Loh and Tomoko Tsuruta. And if you don’t get the art – aka most of us – little information boards that accompany the artwork will enlighten you.

xy hotel bugis singapore room

In case you didn’t spot it, this room has a FULL-SIZED bathtub. Image credit: XY Hotel Bugis Singapore

xy hotel bugis singapore

Orange is the new black. Image credit: XY Hotel Bugis Singapore

Each of the 15 rooms is uniquely designed, and our top picks are the junior suite with the “mountains on a donut” artwork, and room with orange accents – the latter even has an old-school “swan ride”. 

xy hotel bugis singapore pool

Image credit: XY Hotel Bugis Singapore

After you’ve admired the rooms, head down to the sleek pool for a poolside party. Last we checked, XY was offering a package that includes 3 poolside rooms and exclusive use of the pool for 4 hours. 

You can even throw in a dessert bar and DIY mocktail bar to the mix to really live it up!

Accommodation: From $ 138 for a superior room

Where: 11-13 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199325


Boutique Staycations For The Year-end Break

Even if your leave is zero, this list of affordable hotels will ensure your bank balance won’t be – just pick out a getaway that fits your aesthetic and budget! 

Besides, here’re even more options if you like opening multiple tabs on your computer screen: secret staycation spots, affordable lofts and penthouses and even non-hotel staycations.

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