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14 New Or Updated Cydia Tweaks For iOS 10.2 Jailbreak: Sonus, TranslucentMessages, Unify, More

By | February 19th, 2017

It’s that time of week again, where we do our level best to keep you apprised of the new and updated tweaks that can be used in conjunction with the latest jailbreaks around, which right now happens to be the yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.0.x-10.2 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

As mentioned above, if you’re running a jailbroken version of iOS 10, all the way up to iOS 10.2, then you’re good to go when it comes to installing any of the 14 tweaks we’re going to share with you below.

That’s right, 14. Never let it be said that we don’t offer value for money here at RP. So without any further ado, and with a steely determination, let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

For your ease and comfort, we have clearly mentioned the repository each of these tweaks on Cydia live in, as well as the price for associated with them, if any, right beside the tweak’s name so that it helps you easily scan through this list of ours for your next tweak.

Sonus (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

If after all these years of iOS, you find yourself tired of the standard volume HUD, then now would be a wonderful time to install Sonus. It looks so, so much better.

Harbor (BigBoss, $ 0.99)

The iOS dock may get a redesign as part of iOS 11, but right now, jailbroken peeps can check out Harbor. What this thing does to the dock is amazing, including the ability to have icons bounce when a notification is received.

Unify (, Free)

Properly group your iOS 10 notifications on both the Lock screen and in Notification Center. Are you paying attention here, Apple?

HapticScroll (BigBoss, $ 1.49)

You know how awesome it is when the screen bounces after scroll limit is reached? Wouldn’t it be cool if your iPhone also vibrated at the same time? Install this tweak and find out for yourself.

3DLight (BigBoss, Free)

Give notifications and widgets a nice, white look. It’s about as clean as clean can be.

Low Power Modder (BigBoss, Free)

Configure at which battery percentage Low Power Mode automatically activates.

PassButtonStyle (BigBoss, Free)

Bored of the standard buttons used when entering your passcode? Alter them to make them look just how you like with this tweak.

Mitsuha (BigBoss, Free)

Give the Music app a Jell-O effect, which makes it look so smooth, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

MessageFilter (BigBoss, Free)

With MessageFilter, you can choose words that will get blocked in certain, specified conversations within the Messages app.

SendDelay (BigBoss, Free)

Want to send a message in the Messages app and not have it actually send immediately in case you make a mistake and want to cancel it? You can do exactly that with this tweak installed.

Camera Tools (BigBoss, Free)

This tweak alters the stock Camera app to give it a nicer user interface and add extra functionality such as the ability to hide certain camera modes.

TranslucentMessages (BigBoss, Free)

Give the stock Messages app a whole new, rather gorgeous translucent look.

NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz (BigBoss, Free)

It may have a name that is nothing short of horrific, but this tweak’s ability to automatically disconnect from WiFi when specific apps are launched makes up for that.

Apex 2 (BigBoss, Free)

Think of folders, but better – way better – so much better, we think Apple should do something similar, better.

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Redmond Pie

20 Gorgeous Space Themed Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Nothing comes even close to the fascinating beauty of space. All those planets, stars, satellites and rockets are the attributes of space that we love so much. Thanks to the technological advancements in the field, any space enthusiast can now explore the night sky by just sitting at their computer.

Space and Galaxy Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Space and Galaxy Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Whenever we stare up at the sky and into space, we will see… absolutely nothing. It’s a dark…Read more

Owing to its popularity, space inspired website designs have become a favorite among web designers. Such websites always. In this post, we have put together a collection of 20 fantastic space theme websites that look mysterious with a certain depth in their design. Let us take a look at these amazing websites brought to life by talented web designers and developers.


4por4 shows the space as a white background with an astronaut catching donut. The design is made in minimalistic and stylish details.


Minicool is a fun illustrated website where a flying saucer is floats when you scroll up. It’s a promotional website for a book for kids using illustrations and muted colors.

NASA Space Apps : Greece

It is the website for the NASA Space Apps : Greece. The website is in 3D version meaning that you can move inside the three-dimensional space which looks almost like a real one.


12Wave is a company which specializes in creating websites with interesting effects and animations. The website is not an exception, so feel free to visit it and scroll down to see it in all its beauty.

Space Advisor

It is the interactive experience of the documentary movie “Beyond Earth”. It’s an exceptional website through which the user can explore space in a 3D experience.

Easy Rocket Studio

Easy Rocket Studio is a company which assists new sports brands in launching their websites. Each element of a site is designed in space theme with high-quality illustrations. Don’t miss out their creative loader which is a flying saucer pulling up cows.


Thanks to the color palette and cartoon characters, Mordillo has a retro design. It is a space-inspired portfolio website of an Argentinian illustration artist.

Send a Sceptic to Space

This website is about an Overview Effect – an effect when an astronaut goes to space and sees the Earth. People from 120 countries choose a person to change his perspective and send him to space.

Space and Sound

Space and Sound has clean, dynamic and interactive interface. Go to the website and scroll down to see it in action.

Alessio Santangelo

This is a portfolio of a talented web developer Alessio Santangelo. The futuristic image of space on the homepage drives attention from the very first view.

Send me to outer space

Send me to outer space is a website created by a regular boy who dreams of going to space. He wants the public to help him raise the money and actually go to outer space.


Vizua is a creative studio website with a hilarious alien who goes through his factory as you scroll down. Here you’ll see a creative combination of polygonal and fat illustration to create a fun cartoon look.


It is a beautiful modern website taken from a cosmic theme. It features semi-transparent gradient blocks, gorgeous line graphics, and delicate typography which follows you when you move from one section to another.


Alquimia is a small online portfolio including some awesome effects, clean typography, and elegantly executed cosmos theme. The rest of the design is based on clean light backdrops, lots of white space and particular attention to the copy.

Brandon Jhonson

A website about Brandon Jhonson (a planetary scientist) that leverages a super-cool photo background for his website. Here using of space theme looks like the most appropriate solution, because Brandon’s profession is truly connected to space.

First Light Fusion

First Light Fusion is a website about a new source of energy for our planet. As the website is all about saving the Earth, the blue planet sets the feel and tone. Neat typography and highly interactive effects create a spectacular impression.

Tomas Bata

It is a website about the Tomas Bata university. The homepage encourages users to dive deeper inside the project through several accents. Awesome geometric fonts and a space theme adds an element of mystery.

Paper Planes

Catch and throw Paper Planes using the app with one another around the world – a simple concept using the power of the web and smartphones to create an instant connection to one another.

In Space We Trust

The art project is a dedication to all space pioneers and researchers of space. They have tried to show the most important events in the history of space exploration. Just make sure to turn on the sound to hear the astronauts.

Space Ape

Space Ape is a parallax website with cosmos theme with motto ‘sky is not the limit’. Go through their sections to see the animations and effects in all their beauty.

These Photos Are Why Being An Astronaut Is Cool

These Photos Are Why Being An Astronaut Is Cool

When the word ‘selfie’ exploded in cyberspace back in 2013, astronaut Mike Hopkin’s outerspace selfie took off in…Read more

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After T-Mobile And Verizon, AT&T Launches New Unlimited Data Plan

By | February 17th, 2017

Coming after both T-Mobile and Verizon jumped back onto the unlimited data plan bandwagon, AT&T has now announced plans to do exactly the same thing. The carrier’s new unlimited data plan will debut on February 17, and will be available to everyone on existing postpaid plans.

While AT&T did already offer a plan that included unlimited data, that offer was only available to those who were also DirecTV or U-Verse customers. Today’s announcement removes that requirement, opening the doors for many, many more people to take advantage of the unlimited data on offer.

As outlined by AT&T today, the new plan will also include unlimited calls, text messages, and data on four lines for $ 180 (after $ 40 credit for 4th smartphone line) while those wanting a single line will cost $ 100.

AT&T will also throw in unlimited calls from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico and unlimited texts to more than 120 countries around the world. Those on the unlimited plan will also be able to talk, text, and use data in Canada and Mexico without having to worry about roaming charges.

“We’re offering unlimited entertainment on the nation’s best data network where and when you want to enjoy more of what you love,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of the AT&T Entertainment Group.

With AT&T joining Verizon and T-Mobile in offering an unlimited data plan, all of the biggest players in the cellular business in the United States are now once again giving their customers the chance to download as much as they want for a flat fee, or at least as much data as their acceptable use policy allows, anyway.

The vast majority of people will not have to worry about such things though, and if all you want to do is not have to worry about how much YouTube you watch while out and about, then you’re going to be just fine.

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Create Your Own URL Shortener with Polr

Mainstream URL shorteners like are great but hard to customize. Their APIs can be limiting, and while they are perfect for most smaller projects, they do lack that certain flair of a unique URL shortener.

URL Shortening Services, The Ultimate List

URL Shortening Services, The Ultimate List

[March 9, 2016] Update: Due to the changing nature of this topic, this post has been updated with…Read more

Polr is a free open source URL shortener API that you can install and run locally on your own domain. It’s written in PHP and runs on Lumen, so it should be easy to deploy for any server. You can actually see a live demo here if you want to try it out.

Polr allows you to write your own custom URLs and to auto-generate a link if needed. You can install this on any domain to build custom URLs that point to any page anywhere online.

The framework is surprisingly simple to install and it comes with a full installable web app for your site.

Granted there is a semi-detailed installation guide which you can read here if you’re interested. This basically covers the requirements such as PHP/MySQL along with the installation steps for working with Laravel/Lumen.

I’ll say this is not the simplest solution out there. However it is secure, powerful, and one of the best tools for maintaining control over your own custom URL shortener.

If you check the demo page you can log in using the user/pass of demo-admin.

polr links table

Polr comes with a dashboard page displaying all the links ever created on your site. You can search by keywords or sort by settings such as creation date. It also lets you customize or delete certain links from the database if you want to clean up some URLs.

And it has a fully-fledged API which lets you (or others) apply for API keys and build links programmatically. This is huge for writing your own shareable links that get auto-posted to social networks like Twitter.

Think about huge blogs like Mashable or TechCrunch that run their own URL shorteners. Polr allows anyone to do this on a simple PHP server with an open source platform.

This is by far the best app for anyone looking to create a custom URL shortener. It may take some elbow grease to set up but once you get it going this URL shortener will prove invaluable to your marketing strategy.

How To Create URL Shortener With Your Domain

How To Create URL Shortener With Your Domain

We use shortening URL services like TinyURL,,, etc on daily basis. These services are great, but…Read more

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Apple Users Beware: This Malware Uses MS Word to Infect macOS

Macro-based attacks stemming from malicious Microsoft Word documents have existed for a while now as it is still considered one of the most effective ways to compromise a Windows machine. Now, it appears that this form of attack is making its way to the Mac as well.

10 Tools To Protect Computer From Infected USB Flash Drives

10 Tools To Protect Computer From Infected USB Flash Drives

We use it on regular basis; it conveniently helps us to transfer files from desktop to/from laptops or…Read more

Security researchers have managed to identify such an attack on a Mac device by way of a Word file titled “U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trump’s Victory – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace”. Hidden inside the file is an embedded macro that can be triggered if a user opens the document in a Word application that has been configured to allow macros.

If the user decides to open the file despite the warning that flashes up when opening it, the embedded macro would proceed to check if the LittleSnitch security firewall is running. If it isn’t, the macro would then download an encrypted payload from Once the download is complete, the macro would then decrypt the payload using a hard-coded key, followed by the execution of the payload.

download free trial

According to security researchers, the Python-based code found in the macro is almost a direct copy of a known open-source exploit framework for Mac called EmPyre. While researchers are unable to get their hands on the payload that was serving, the EmPyre components means that the macro could potentially be used to monitor webcams, steal passwords and encryption keys stored in a keychain, and access browsing histories.

python post exploitation

This malicious Word file marks the first time someone has attempted to compromise a Mac via macro abuse. While the malware isn’t particularly advance, there is no denying that macros are still highly effective when it comes to compromising a machine. Mac users should probably be extra vigilant when it comes to Word files from now on.

Source: Ars Technica

10 Most Destructive Computer Viruses

10 Most Destructive Computer Viruses

Getting a computer virus has happened to many users in some fashion or another. To most, it is…Read more

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12 Cool Ideas to Recycle Your Old Android Devices


Any old Android device can be casted to your home TV using Google Chromecast. Combined with a Bluetooth controller, it becomes a perfect home-made retro gaming console. This console can be used with Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Atari and NES games, allowing you to play your favorite childhood retro games.

The process is both simple and pocket-friendly with no programming required. Just download one of the below-mentioned console apps on your Android device, connect it to the Bluetooth controller and cast its screen to your TV to enjoy gaming on a large screen.

PPSSPP - PSP Emulator from Play Store

Some of the top emulator apps to make a gaming console are:

2. Baby Monitor

An excellent use of an old Android device for new parents is to turn it into a baby monitor. Such a device will allow you to view and hear your baby remotely while you’re working in the office, dining out with family or partying with friends.

Most of such apps do more than just providing an audio-visual view of your baby, for example, they keep a track on his or her sleep pattern, play your voice to soothe the baby and even send you alerts via call or message when the baby is crying.

Baby Monitor - Lite from Play Store

Some of the top baby monitor apps for your Android device are:

3. Navigation Device

You can transform your Android device into a turn-by-turn navigation system for your car using the navigation apps given below. These apps give various navigation information, like real-time traffic, navigation and people updates etc. to assist you while driving. The added benefit of using a spare device for this purpose is that you can mount it in your car and use its Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities to access maps on the go.

Google Maps from Play Store

Some of the top navigation apps for your device are:

4. VR Headset

You can even use your old Android device as a virtual reality headset when combined with Google Cardboard or one of its various clones. Google Cardboard will act as a container for your phone and will display stereoscopic images projected from the inside device.

Google Cardboard Headset

This new headset can provide a virtual reality experience to you without the need of buying a costly one from the market. The below apps offer different interesting experiences for you to enjoy along with creating your own experiences using Cardboard Camera.

Some top VR apps for your device are:

5. Digital Radio

There is always something interesting to hear on one of the innumerable online stations or the conventional radio broadcasts. With your old Android device, you don’t need a radio to tune to a radio station – just install one of the following apps and convert your phone into a digital radio. Afterwards, set up your new radio in some corner of your house or mount it in your car and enjoy listening to your favorite radio channels.

TuneIn Radio from Play Store

Some of the top radio apps to convert your device into a digital radio are:

6. E-book Reader

Most people use some e-reader app on their smartphones or tablets to catch up on their reading. However, when you’re engrossed in reading on your mobile device, a call, a message alert or a notification may break your momentum.

eReader Prestigio from Play Store

This is where your old Android device may come in handy, as you can simply turn it into a dedicated e-book reader by installing one of the below-mentioned apps. Moreover, repurposing an old device will also save you some bucks if you’re planning to buy an e-book reader in near future.

Some top eReader apps for your device are:

7. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Most of the Android devices are capable of being used as Wi-Fi Hotspots and can be used to enable Internet on the wireless devices in the vicinity. There also exist few apps that allow having better control and safer sharing options on the hotspot.

If you have an Android device, then follow these steps to activate the hotspot:

Open Settings, click Wireless & Networks, go to More and toggle on the slider Tethering & Portable Hotspot to enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Do note that the steps may differ if your device’s manufacturer provides a customized version of Android, but you’ll find it somewhere under the “Settings” of your particular device.

Some top Wi-Fi Hotspot apps for your device are:

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot from Play Store

8. Media Center

The old Android device can also be used as a compact and portable media center by simply installing a suitable media app. Such media apps allow you to browse and enjoy photos and videos, music, podcasts and more from local & online storages.

Kodi Software from Play Store

Additionally, few media center apps (like Plex) also allow you to stream media from its media server. Hence, if you set up a media center server, you can stream music and movies directly on your portable device without the need to store them on your phone.

Some of the top media center apps for your device are:

9. Kid-friendly gadget

Though you may have outgrown the Android device, it’s still a superior technology for a child. That’s why, turning it into a kid-friendly gadget is a great reuse, that can offer both fun and learning to your kids along with your complete control on the device.

All devices running Android 4.2 or above have the feature to create a restrictive profile. You can do so by following these steps:

ABC Kids from Play Store

Open Settings, choose Users go to Add user or profile and click Add restricted profile.

Using this restricted profile, you can control and restrict the apps and settings your child can access, and thus you can safely handover this device.

Some top kid-friendly apps for your device are:

10. Photo Frame

You can mount your old device onto a stand and repurpose it as a digital photo frame. Your new photo frame can show photos and videos from local as well as cloud storage locations. There are also apps that stream images directly from social media profiles (like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) straight to the device.

Dayframe for a Digital Photo Frame

Such apps also have an option to pull public images of your interest from various sources including Flickr, Pinterest, etc. You can place your new photo frame in your bedroom or some other corner of your house to showcase your beautiful moments all day long.

Some top photo streaming apps for your device are:

11. Media Remote

Your old Android device may come in handy if you need a replacement remote for your media center or a better remote for any machine at home. The old device can be configured to work as a media remote after you download and install any remote app given below.

This remote could serve as a wireless or touch-screen remote solution that replaces multiple remote controls around your house. Do understand, however, that your old Android device must have an integrated infrared blaster to work like your new remote at home.

Some of the top apps to convert your device into a media remote are:

Universal TV Remote Control from Play Store

12. Testing Ground

An Android device is any hacker’s dream tool because it’s easy to gain system (or root) access on these devices. You can use your old Android device to install any root-required app and can even flash a custom ROM with a fresh set of features.

Root Easy Installer from Play Store

Such devices also prove an excellent testing ground for self-developed apps. If you’re an Android developer then you can safely use your old Android device to test your own apps. It’s better not to risk bricking your new device for such experiments, after all, right?

Some top testing and rooting apps for your device are:

Did you get anything ideas?

Which is your favorite idea among above? Do you have more such ideas to repurpose your old Android device? Don’t hesitate to share with us using comments, please.

10 Apps To Connect Your Computer To Android Devices

10 Apps To Connect Your Computer To Android Devices

In an age of connectivity, we switch from smartphone to tablet to computer multiple times a day for…Read more

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Introduction to the CSS Grid Layout Module

It was once tables, then margins and floats, then flexbox and now grid: CSS always steered towards new and better ways to ease the age-old job of coding web layouts. The CSS Grid Layout Model can create and update the layout along two axes: horizontal and vertical, affecting both the width and height of elements.

Flexbox Patterns: The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Code Library

Flexbox Patterns: The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Code Library

The newest CSS flexbox property has radically changed the way developers create interfaces. No more floats and CSS…Read more

The grid layout doesn’t depend on the position of elements in the markup, hence, you can shuffle the placements of elements in markup without altering the layout. In the grid model, a grid container element is divided into grid columns and rows (collectively known as grid tracks) by grid lines. Now let’s see how to create a sample grid.

Browser support

As of writing this article, the CSS Grid Module is only supported by the latest IE browser and Edge . The CSS Grid is in experimental stage in the other major browsers in which you have to enable the support manually:

  • Firefox: Press Shift + F2, enter the following command into the GCLI input bar that appeared at the bottom of the browser: pref set layout.css.grid.enabled true.
  • Chrome: Browse the chrome://flags URL and enable Experimental Web Platform features.

All major browser support is likely to come by early/mid-2017.

A sample grid

To turn an element into a grid container you can use one of these three display properties:

  1. display: grid; – the element is converted to a block grid container
  2. display: inline-grid; – the element is converted to an inline grid container
  3. display: subgrid; – if the element is a grid item it is converted to a subgrid that ignores the grid template and grid gap properties

Just as a table is comprised of multiple table cells, a grid is comprised of multiple grid cells. A grid item is assigned to a set of grid cells that is collectively known as the grid area.

We’re going to create a grid with five sections (grid areas): top, bottom, left, right and centre. The HTML consists of five divs inside a container div.






In the CSS, the grid-template-areas property defines a grid with different grid areas. In its value, a string represents a grid row and every valid name within a string represents a column. To create an empty grid cell you need to use the dot (.) character within a row string.

The grid area names are to be referenced by the grid-area property of the individual grid items.

.grid-container {
   width: 500px;
   height: 500px;
   display: grid;
   grid-template-areas:  "top    top    top"
                         "left   centre right"
                         "bottom bottom bottom";
 .grid-top {
   grid-area: top;
 .grid-bottom {
   grid-area: bottom;
 .grid-left {
   grid-area: left;
 .grid-right {
   grid-area: right;
   grid-area: centre;

So this code creates a grid with three rows and columns. The top item occupies an area that spans over three columns in the first row and the bottom item spans over three columns in the last row. Each of the left, centre and right items takes one column in the middle row.

Now we need to assign dimensions to these rows and columns. The grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows properties define the size of the grid track (row or column).

.grid-container {
   width: 500px;
   height: 500px;
   display: grid;
   grid-template-areas: "top    top    top"
                        "left   centre right"
                        "bottom bottom bottom";
   grid-template-columns: 100px auto 100px;
   grid-template-rows: 50px  auto 150px;

This is how our CSS grid looks now (with some additional styles):

CSS Grid
IMAGE: The Grid

Space between grid items

You can add blank space between columns and rows using grid-column-gap and grid-row-gap, or their longhand property grid-gap.

.grid-container {
   width: 500px;
   height: 500px;
   display: grid;
   grid-template-areas: "top    top    top"
                        "left   centre right"
                        "bottom bottom bottom";
   grid-template-columns: 100px auto 100px;
   grid-template-rows: 50px  auto 150px;
   grid-gap: 5px 5px;

Below you can see that the grid-gap property added gaps between the grid items indeed.

Grid with space
Image: Grid with space between tracks

Align grid content and items

The justify-content property of the grid container (.grid-container) aligns the content of the grid along the inline axis (horizontal axis) and the property align-content, aligns a grid’s content along the block axis (vertical axis). Both properties can have one of these values: start, end, center, space-between, space-around and space-evenly.

Where applicable, the track (row or column) size shrinks to fit the content when aligned. Take a look at the screenshots of grid contents aligned with different values below.

justify-content: start;
Grid with justify-content:start
justify-content: end;
Grid with justify-content: end
justify-content: center;
Grid with justify-content: center
justify-content: space-between;
Grid with justify-content: space-between
justify-content: space-around;
Grid with justify-content: space-around
justify-content: space-evenly;
Grid with justify-content: space-evenly
align-content: start;
Grid with align-content: start
align-content: end;
Grid with align-content: end
align-content: center;
Grid with align-content: center
align-content: space-between;
Grid with align-content: space-between
align-content: space-around;
Grid with align-content: space-around
align-content: space-evenly;
Grid with align-content: space-evenly

Both the justify-content and align-content properties align the entire content within a grid.

To align individual items within their grid areas, use the other pair of alignment properties: justify-items and align-items. Both can have one of these value: start, end, center, baseline (align items along the base grid line of the area) and stretch (items fill their entire area).

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12 New And Updated iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: FingerTouch, CleanNotifications10, SmartVPN, More

By | February 12th, 2017

It’s the weekend again, which means it’s the time when we set about bringing you the hottest jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 to iOS 10.2. Whether they are updates to existing tweaks or completely new ones, the below twelve offerings should be plenty for you to pour over.

The really good news? They are all compatible up to the latest jailbreakable firmware which happens to be iOS 10.2, so there’s no need to worry in that regard.

As is always the case with these things, we’re going to give you the name of the tweak, the cost and the repository that offers it for download as well as a brief description of what the jailbreak tweak itself does.

Some of these repositories might need to be added to Cydia if they haven’t already been, so keep that in mind if you’re searching and not finding the tweak you’re looking for in Cydia. So with that out of the way, let’s kick on shall we?

Volume Amplifier (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

Have you ever been trying to listen to music or a podcast on your iPhone or iPad and thought that the speaker could benefit from being a little louder? With Volume Amplifier, that’s all taken care of. In fact, the maximum volume can be increased by up to 200%!

DisplayWeather 10 (BigBoss, Free)

Get a handy, lovely-looking weather forecast right on the iOS Lock screen and Notification Center on an iPhone. This is available on iPads running iOS 10 but Apple for whatever reason has disabled it on iPhone. With this jailbreak tweak though, you can get it even on your iPhone.

CleanNotifications10 (BigBoss, Free)

Take iOS 10’s notifications and spruce them up a bit with this tweak. By “unifying the content blur across each notification,” CleanNotifications10 makes iOS notifications look more, well, clean.

HapticKeyboard (BigBoss, Free)

Keyboard clicks are the work of the devil himself, but having your iPhone vibrate subtly when you tap a key? That’s the kind of thing dreams are made of. Haptic Keyboard makes dreams come true.

CertTimeRemaining (BigBoss, Free)

This will only be of use to you if you know you need it. If not, then move along. If it’s the former, then this tweak can check when your Yalu, Mach_Portal+Yalu or Home Depot jailbreak certificate will expire.

AquaBoard (BigBoss, $ 2.99)

With AquaBoard installed, you can pretend that your iPhone’s SpringBoard is under water. Tap the screen to create a ripple effect – you know you want to. This tweak has recently been updated with iOS 10 support.

RunMario (BigBoss, Free)

This tweak will make it possible to play Nintendo’s Super Mario Run even if your iOS device is jailbroken, despite Nintendo’s checks.

SmartVPN (BigBoss, Free)

Configure iOS to automatically connect to a VPN when specific apps are launched. Perfect if you need Netflix or Hulu to think you’re somewhere you aren’t.

FingerTouch (BigBoss, Free)

Touching your iOS device’s screen is so 2016. In 2017, we’re all about using the Home button as a source of gestures for controlling iOS. With FingerTouch, that’s eminently possible.

Iconizer (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

Customization is not one of iOS’s strong points, but with tweaks like Iconizer, that need not be the case. With this tweak installed, users have control over just about every aspect of their SpringBoard icons. You’ll lose hours to playing with this!

OpenNotifier10 (, Free)

It’s something Android users have enjoyed for years, but with OpenNotifier10, iOS users can also enjoy notification icons in the Status Bar.

Noti++ (, Free)

Following the theme of customization, Noti++ allows iOS users to alter almost every aspect of how notifications are handled within the operating system. You can tweak everything to be just the way you like. Score one for jailbreaking!

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Lory Carousel Slider Features CSS Animation & Touch Support

Out of all the carousel plugins online I have to tip my hat to Lory. It’s such a simple concept but it’s easily one of the most powerful sliders on the web.

The minified version totals about 7KB which isn’t small but certainly isn’t bad for a touch-enabled carousel slider.

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You can add this plugin to any website since it runs on jQuery or plain vanilla JS. It can run with no dependencies which is great for compatibility.

Lory is also one of the few plugins that doesn’t degrade in older browsers. It’s fully supported in IE10+, and older versions can still run the slider, just without animations and little extras.

You’ll have to do all the programmatic coding yourself if you want to add content but it’s surprisingly simple. You can define how large to make each panel, how long to animate, and how to handle responsive browsers.

Check out the Lory homepage for source code and details about setup.

carousel lory preview

carousel lory preview

Start by adding the Lory JS library to your site’s head section, either as a jQuery plugin or a vanilla library. All versions are currently hosted on the Cloudflare CDN, so it’s super easy to include a copy without any downloads.

With the JavaScript file installed you’ll want to create an HTML unordered list with the slide contents, but Lory comes with a few predefined classes so it’s good to stick with their model.

Here’s some sample code taken from the main Lory GitHub repo:

 <div class="slider js_slider">     <div class="frame js_frame">         <ul class="slides js_slides">             <li class="js_slide">1</li>             <li class="js_slide">2</li>             <li class="js_slide">3</li>             <li class="js_slide">4</li>             <li class="js_slide">5</li>             <li class="js_slide">6</li>         </ul>     </div> </div> 

Now in jQuery (or plain JS), you can set up a function call. It should look something like this:

 $ ('.js_slider').lory({   infinite: 1 }); 

Note the infinite option is just one of many features you can customize. And you can always change the .js_slider class to suit your needs.

While developing with this plugin you’re liable to have tons of customization questions. I would highly recommend browsing the documentation which is at the very bottom of the GitHub page.

Probably not the best location for docs but thankfully they’re pretty small. You only have about 10 options to customize and maybe 10-12 different events you can tinker with. This info can also be found at the bottom of the Lory website but it’s much easier to read on GitHub.

Updates aren’t as frequent but you can always pen an issue request on GitHub if you run into problems. If you really do have issues with the code you’ll probably have an easier time solving them on Stack Overflow.

Either way, you can get started pretty quickly using the Cloudflare CDN and the GitHub docs. And if you’re looking for a live demo with code check out this CodePen entry.

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How To Get Slide To Unlock Back On iOS 10

By | February 11th, 2017

Want to bring back and enable Apple&#8217;s iconic Slide to Unlock on your iPhone running iOS 10? Here we will show you how to do just that.

If you are anything like me, then you are still struggling to come to terms with Apple&#8217;s decision to do away with the Slide to Unlock gesture on iOS devices, instead preferring to make people press the device&#8217;s Home button in order to initiate the unlocking process on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

I just can&#8217;t quite get used to that change myself, to be honest, even though it has now been months since it came into effect when iOS 10 launched. I&#8217;m sure I&#8217;m not the only one either, which is why the new jailbreak tweak SlideToUnlock10 is so awesome. Free to download via Cydia from the repository, SlideToUnlock10 does exactly what you might expect it to.

We&#8217;ll let the tweak&#8217;s official description explain its purpose: &#8220;This tweak brings up the passcode view when you slide to the right (normally to show Today view), or unlocks your device if you have no passcode set.&#8221;

And with that, that&#8217;s all there is to it. Being able to once again swipe over to the right in order to begin unlocking an iPhone is the kind of thing that we have become accustomed to over the last ten years, and it&#8217;s something many smartphone owners have grown up with. Apple&#8217;s decision to nix it came about because it wanted to make room for widgets to be accessible from the iOS Lock screen, which is fine, but I will never understand why a ten year-old gesture needed to be removed in the process.

As is often the case though, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue and we can once again Slide to Unlock, just like the way nature intended us to. You will, of course, need to be jailbroken to use this tweak, but we have you covered in that area with our step-by-step jailbreak guide here.

With iOS 11 already in development and a beta expected during WWDC, we can only hope that Apple comes to its senses and reverses its decision!

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