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New iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks: Actif 2, Callisto Pro, Kairos 2, Creamy, And More

By | June 25th, 2017

Jailbreak tweaks are never the easiest things to come by, not because there aren’t many to choose from, but actually quite the opposite.

With so many jailbreak tweaks floating around Cydia, it can often be difficult or almost impossible to see the wood for the trees, and jailbreak tweak overload is no fun for anyone.

We know that as much as anyone here at RP, which is why each and every weekend, we gather the most noteworthy new and updated tweaks, and bring them to you right here. This week, we have nine tweaks that we think you are going to dig, and while some of them may be familiar to you, we also strongly suspect there will be enough new blood in here to keep even the most experienced jailbreaker happy. So without further ado, let’s just jump right in, shall we? All tweaks are available via the BigBoss repository, and the cost, if any, will be mentioned.

ClassicPlayer ($ 0.99, BigBoss)

Do you remember the very first iPod? We do, and while today’s technology is lightyears ahead of it, we do sometimes miss it. ClassicPlayer brings some of the clickwheel fun to iOS, and we think you are going to love it.

Kairos 2 ($ 2.99, BigBoss)

Being able to schedule when an iMessage or SMS is sent is something we still cannot believe iOS does not do as standard. With Kairos 2, you don’t need to worry about that fact.

Sinatra ($ 1.99, BigBoss)

The standard, stock Now Playing interface within iOS is cool and all, but couldn’t it be a little bit more interesting? Why yes it could. Enter Sinatra.

HomeCardIconLabel (Free, BigBoss)

A simple tweak, users of this can set an icon and a label for the Home page, making it more recognizable in the app switcher.

CamMode (Free, BigBoss)

The kind of tweak we love, CamMode does one thing and one thing only, but it does it well. With CamMode installed, you will receive a HUD telling you which camera mode you activated when switching between them in the stock Camera app.

Callisto Pro ($ 2.49, BigBoss)

With Calisto Pro installed, a whole host of added options and features are brought to the iOS Lock screen. These include the ability to be notified the last time a device was locked and even setting the current time as the device’s passcode.

Actif 2 (Free, BigBoss)

Are you a heavy user of Activator? Of course you are, and with Actif 2 installed, invoking an Activator action can trigger an if/or condition check. If a condition is met, X happens. If not, then something else does. This has the potential to be super, super powerful.

Torch on Focus (Free, BigBoss)

Turns the flashlight on while focusing the camera in low light situations.

Creamy (Free, BigBoss)

This package brings the iOS 11 passcode buttons to iOS 10 and 9. For more on the tweak, check out our detailed post here.

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Report: Advanced 3D Sensing Capabilities For AR Headed To iPhone 8

By | June 24th, 2017

We’ve heard a lot about Apple’s iPhone 8 over the last few months. In fact, we’ve probably been privy to enough rumor and speculation about the device that we could make a fairly accurate prediction about not only the visuals but also the internal specification of the hardware.

To append what we already know, a new research note by BlueFin Research Partners is now suggesting that a number of companies have been added to Apple’s component supplier list for the device, indicating a strong likelihood that the hardware will come equipped with 3D sensing capabilities for AR purposes.

Speculation about this type of feature being built into Apple’s iPhone 8 started growing last week when Largan Precision confirmed publicly that it would be shipping the necessary lenses for 3D sensing modules later on in this year. That particular company is a supplier to Apple, and while the announcement or confirmation didn’t explicitly mention Apple as a receiver of these lenses, there has been enough history to suggest that the company will be involved with Apple in this sense.

Apple has already announced significant augmented reality plans going forward, and technology like this baked into iPhone 8 would certainly assist with that:

In addition to Largan Precision, another Apple supplier, Lumentum, has also announced that it expects to see increased shipments of its vertical-cavity-surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) components during the latter parts of 2017. According to the research note, this really only points to Apple looking to introduce these capabilities into iPhone 8:

On last night’s earnings call, Finisar management did not mention Apple by name, but they highlighted they expect to see volume VCSEL orders in their second fiscal quarter, which is the October quarter end of this calendar year.

We also want to highlight Finisar acknowledged they are shipping VCSEL lasers to multiple customers, but one customer (aka Apple) is accounting for the majority of total demand.

The increased speculation simply adds to the excitement surrounding iPhone 8, but also likely adds to the ultimate cost that the user will have to pay. We’re expecting a significantly improved device in terms of design and capabilities, but that will likely be reflected in the purchase price.

(Via: MacRumors, Source: Barron’s)

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Responsive Images Made Easy with ResponsifyJS

The modern web should be 100% responsive and newer libraries are making this increasingly possible.

With free plugins, such as ResponsifyJS, it’s even easier to get your websites working on all devices. This free jQuery plugin takes a container of images and dynamically rearranges them based on varying screen sizes.

How To Use HTML5 Element To Achieve Responsive Image

How To Use HTML5 Element To Achieve Responsive Image

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Since different containers hold images differently, they can resize in very strange ways. Sometimes, you’ll have photos of people and their faces can get cut off when resized on mobile.

The Responsify plugin was created to solve this exact problem. It can work automatically but the true magic lies in defining your own focus area on the picture.

It uses an internal system of decimal descriptions to find where the focus of the image should be. For example, you can define positions such as data-focus-top which “blocks in” a certain segment of the image.

This data needs to be passed in the form of decimals, for instance a .5 decimal targets 50% of the image (left/right or top/bottom). Naturally, this is pretty confusing to do by yourself. But, there’s a free Responsify app that lets you calculate the positions dynamically in your browser.

Just upload a picture, define the focus area, then copy/paste the image code into your website. The Responsify plugin will have all the data it needs to properly resize the image on smaller screens.

Responsify app

You can find quite a few live demo links in the GitHub repo, including code snippets to copy/paste into your site.

This plugin is not the perfect solution for every project. Sometimes, you’ll want images to resize without fixed focus areas. But, if you’re using masonry grids with jQuery it doesn’t hurt to add ResponsifyJS to your stack.

To learn more, visit the plugin homepage for a live demo, a download link, and a full setup guide.

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Performance Of Newly Seeded iOS 11 Beta 2 Compared Against Stable iOS 10 Release

By | June 23rd, 2017

Apple’s recently released iOS 11 beta 2 has now been in the hands of developers for around 24 hours, and that means that some initial thoughts on its stability and performance have begun to be formed by those who have taken the plunge and installed it.

While this is still a very early beta release of software that undertakes some considerable changes to the operating system, it had been hoped that we would see an improvement in this second version, at least in the performance stakes.

In order to try and ascertain whether that is the case or not, YouTube channel iAppleBytes has been able to install iOS 11 beta 2 on a handful of iPhones ranging from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s, with the same hardware also tested alongside iOS 10.3.2. The idea is simple – run the devices with both versions of iOS installed, and see how they behave.

With iOS 11 beta 1 really struggling in the performance stakes, all eyes were on beta 2 to see if things have improved, particularly ahead of a public beta release that is expected in the coming weeks.

Without spoiling the videos for you too much, we think anyone holding out installing iOS 11 until performance has drastically improved might want to keep on waiting. Things are better, sure, but not hugely so. Add into the mix the fact that new bugs have been uncovered and that iOS 11 remains very much in its early development stages as far as beta quality is concerned.

iOS 11 is expected to be released to the public this coming September, shortly before the new iPhones are also made available to the public. We don’t yet know how many beta releases there will be ahead of that public debut, but seven or eight are numbers that Apple has reached in the past.

iOS 11 Beta 2 vs iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 5s

iOS 11 Beta 2 vs iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 6

iOS 11 Beta 2 vs iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 6s

(Source: iAppleBytes [YouTube])

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Using OneDrive ‘Files on Demand’ in Windows 10 Insider

Back at Build 2017, Microsoft previewed a new OneDrive feature called Files on Demand. If you’re a participant of the Windows 10 Insider program, you can now get your hands on the feature as Microsoft has rolled out Files on Demand to those who are part of the Fast Ring of the Windows 10 Insider program.

5 Features in Windows 10 Insider’s Latest Build You Should Know

5 Features in Windows 10 Insider’s Latest Build You Should Know

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With Windows 10 Insider Build 16215 installed, users would be prompted by the OneDrive app to enable Files on Demand upon login. Once the feature is enabled, you can begin taking advantage of the feature.

enable files on demand

Using File on Demand

To begin using the feature, you’ll need to open your OneDrive folder. In the folder, you’ll see a new Status tab that comes with various icons that represent the state of the file in OneDrive.

Files that are available on both OneDrive and the device you’re on are given green check marks, files that are currently syncing between the device and OneDrive are given the Sync icon, while files that can only be found on OneDrive are given a Cloud icon.


How does it work

So how does Files on Demand work? Once the feature is active, OneDrive would stop downloading entire folders to your computer. If user requires a file that is currently unavailable on their computer, all they have to do is double-click on the file in question from their OneDrive folder, and OneDrive would immediately download and open the file.

All the other files in the same folder will not be downloaded until the user decides to open it. As for files that are too important to not have on your device, Microsoft has added an “Always keep on this device” option to OneDrive. Files or folders that are tagged with this option will always be downloaded to the device, making them available whenever you need.

music tools

Useful though the feature may be, do note that the early build nature of Files on Demands means that the experience is still rather rough around the edges.

If you’re thinking of jumping onto the Fast Ring just for this feature, my personal advice is to wait until it gets released into the Slow Ring.

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Are Ready-made Websites Killing Web Design?

More often than not, you would meet someone who is not as acquainted to the comings and goings of web design and tell you,”I can do the same thing you do, using Squarespace“.

To which you might respond with disgust or anger.

I mean, it’s not surprising. The advent of ready-made drag-and-drop website building platforms made creating websites so much easier, especially because there is little to no coding required. And as someone whose bread and butter is designing websites, you can’t help but feel sorry.

Web Design Hasn’t Changed Much, and We’re Already in 2017

Web Design Hasn’t Changed Much, and We’re Already in 2017

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Personally, you wouldn’t want your job to be replaced with an easier way to do stuff, much like how horses were replaced by cars back in the day.

Frameworks and CMS are becoming more and more popular too. You have WordPress, Blogger, Drupal. You have Foundation, Bootstrap, and Skeleton. You have SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly.

wordpress framework

There is so much competition, and all of these services usually target casual clients offering them to just subscribe instead of looking for web designers.

The points I’ve built so far would certainly make you think, “OMG! these ready-made websites surely kill web design. The end is nigh!

But what if it doesn’t? What if instead of killing web design, these ready-made websites are helping web design become more profitable? What if they are not cars replacing horses, but instead are the Ubers to our regular cabs?

Ready-made websites are friends, not foes

The point of these services, themes/templates, and frameworks is to make the task of creating websites easier. A beginner, who is not attuned to how good websites are supposed to look like, may find it easy to use an online website building service. And if that person finds it easy, what more could an experienced designer do?

Now if you ask me, are ready-made websites actually killing the web design?

My answer would be a firm no.

Contrary to the popular belief, I think that ready-made websites are actually doing just the opposite, and the write up that follows I’m going to discuss just how.

No need to reinvent the wheel

There is no substitute for creativity and originality, however, originality doesn’t always mean you create stuff from scratch each and every time. I think an intelligent designer can produce an original web design even if he uses a pre-made website template by cleverly customizing it to his client’s needs.

Faster turnaround time = More money

In the field of web designing, there come certain times when you suddenly catch the favor of the goddess of good fortune. You may get as many projects in a single day as you might get in months. And all of a sudden, time becomes a precious commodity as it translates directly into profits.

faster turnaround, more money

At this point, the biggest advantage you can get from a ready-made website is faster turnaround time. Instead of hiring a helping hand or rejecting a few projects just because you want to create everything on your own, you can use pre-made websites to your advantage to get projects done more quickly.

Won’t it effect the quality of work, you ask? Well, it may to some extent, but then again, if you’re an astute designer, you would twist and turn a boring template into a highly customized design.

A visualization aid for uninspired clients

Ready-made websites provide good overall value to your clients because of their intuitive nature. Let’s say that you have a client who wants a website made but is dumb as a dishwasher when it comes to visualization. You discuss and offer him some prototypes and he still can’t visualize the idea inside your head.

So what’s a good way to make him see what you see? Use templates.

By using templates, you can show how the design will most likely end up looking like. This means that you are saving yourself and your client a lot of time going through different lines of communication just to hit that right spot.

Does that mean anybody can do your job now?

Truly ready-made websites are very easy to use and literally anyone who has a computer can use them, does not mean anyone can be a web designer now?

The answer would be no.

Yeah, the actual work of putting elements and customizing them can be done by anyone, but there are still things that have strings attached to them – things that can only be handled by a professional web designer.

Limitations of ready-made websites & “kiddie” designers

In this case, I’m borrowing the word “kiddie” from the hacker terminologyscript kiddie” – a hacker who only uses scripts made by others in order to wreak havoc on the internet, so technically they are just unskilled individuals who don’t have the knowledge to actually make things work outside the boundaries of the tools they are using.

1. Color scheme can’t be learned in one day

In web design, it is utterly crucial to choose the right color scheme that would work for both user experience as well as aesthetics. It’s a skill that takes years of experience and a natural eye for colors that complement each other.

color schemes

This also includes colors that are hot and trending, and how they are used to make websites look appealing.

2. Fonts are what make websites subtly stand out

In addition, not everyone is adept at choosing the correct typography and fonts. I mean look at all those birthday invitations you received in Comic freaking Sans. Disaster!

font design

One does not simply use Times New Romans or Comic Sans on websites. A seasoned web designer knows the psychology behind each family of fonts, when to use serif or sans serif, how to make headings and subheadings pop, how to make each paragraph more distinct, and the like.

3. Only experts know that it’s not just about the surface

Web designers also work behind the scenes in order to make each website they design works properly from the development point-of-view.

There are some back-end optimizations to take into account such as meta tags and descriptions, how to make each website search engine and social media optimized, and overall responsiveness are things only a person with years of experience in the field can do.

To sum it up

In conclusion, ready-made websites aren’t killing web design, instead, they are helping web designers and developers by making their work easier, more profitable and more valuable to their clients.

As a web designer should not fret because you can’t be overtaken by ready-made websites yet. Yes, some businesses prefer easy to use and cheaper alternatives but nothing beats the flexibility, reliability, and originality of a website built by real professionals.

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20 Rising Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017

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iPhone 8 To Be Called “Decade Edition”?

By | June 20th, 2017

A new leak of a claimed iPhone 8 screen protector suggests that Apple’s anniversary-celebrating iPhone will be called the Decade Edition. The photo, which shows a screen protector, may have given our first real idea of what the new flagship will be called.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is undoubtedly the talk of the town right now, and that is even though we are a good three months or so away from when we expect Apple to finally take the wraps off its next flagship smartphone.

Leaks are everywhere right now, and while some of them will undoubtedly turn out to be complete trash, others will end up having been right on the money. We don’t know yet which side of the coin this latest leak will be, but we found it pretty interesting nonetheless.

With the iPhone 8 being Apple’s way of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone, it has been thought for some time that the company will do something special to commemorate the occasion. A newly leaked photo of a claimed iPhone 8 screen protector may have given us a hint as to what that celebration could entail, with the name Decade Edition now a possibility. That is the designation emblazoned on the screen protector in the photo leaked by Slashleaks recently, and while this is far from confirmation, it does give us food for thought.

It is, of course, true that this is the first time such a name has been bandied about, so we would certainly not want to suggest that this leak has any particular credence to it, but given some of the strange naming conventions Apple has used in the past, absolutely anything could happen.

Let’s not forget HomePod and Apple Watch Edition. It seems Apple keeps naming products when its branding people are out of town!

(Source: Slashleaks [Twitter])

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10.5-Inch iPad Pro Review [Video]

By | June 18th, 2017

Here’s our full Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro review video exploring its new features and comparing it with the previous-gen 9.7-inch variant.

At the yearly WWDC this year, Apple announced some new upgrades to their iPad Pro line. We now not only have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but also a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro replacing previous generation’s 9.7-inch model. Apple has managed to enlarge the display from 9.7-inches to 10.5-inches while keeping the same thinness, and barely increasing the physical length and width of the newly added iPad Pro, with the bezels having been reduced in size. Less bezels and more screen is always something I welcome on a device.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that the new line comes with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage tiers. Hopefully, we’ll see the same in the next generation iPhones due later this year. Internally, both 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are powered by Apple’s A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture. This new chip in the iPad Pros has six CPU cores, giving it a lot of power over the previous A9X chip. It is 40% faster while graphics wise, the new iPad Pro is 30% faster with its 12-core GPU – great for those who are video editors, render 3D images, or love to play games.

When it comes to the Retina display, this too, has gotten an upgrade. On the 10.5-inch model, because of the new size, it has a resolution of 2224 x 1668, keeping the same 264ppi density as the previous generation, though it is brighter than before with its 600 nits of brightness. Along with the new A10X processing chip, Apple has included a new technology called ProMotion, which delivers a display refresh rate of 120Hz for fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness, and smoother motion. This is quite the leap from the 60Hz refresh rate on previous generation iPad Pros.

You can definitely notice the difference when first using it whether you are jumping from app to app, scrolling through pages, watching videos, movies, or playing games. It is super smooth and I was quite impressed when comparing the two. The new ProMotion technology is also able to improve the display quality and reduce power consumption by automatically adjusting the display refresh rate to match the movement of the content. This is a plus as your battery would probably drain pretty quickly at a continuous refresh rate of 120Hz.

Just like all the iPads I’ve used in the past, you won’t have an issue when it comes to battery. Being somebody who spends a lot of time on social media, watching videos, listening to music, checking email, and playing games on occasion, this iPad Pro gets me through a day easily and still has a lot of battery left for the next day. On average, I tend to need to charge my iPad maybe once a week and that hasn’t changed with this model.

If you are an Apple Pencil user, with the smoothness of the 120Hz refresh rate on the new iPad Pro, you’ll experience almost no lag while using the accessory. The lines feel as if they are coming right out of the pencil. Those who are graphic designers or digital artists will definitely appreciate the new iPad Pro’s refresh rate.

When using the iPad Pro, I don’t expect to use it as my camera. I don’t want to be that guy holding a large piece of aluminum trying to capture a moment, but I have to say the new iPad Pro definitely has some great cameras. Actually, it has the same cameras you’ll find on the iPhone 7 – 12MP rear-facing camera and a 7MP FaceTime HD camera. So, if there is ever a need for a good quality photo or 4K video, your iPad Pro can get the job done.

Another improvement with the iPad Pro is it now has Apple’s latest 2nd-gen Touch ID fingerprint sensor that you will also find on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It is twice as fast as its previous-generation part, which you’ll notice when you need to unlock your iPad, make purchases, or secure private data within apps.

Now, software-wise, the new iPad Pro comes with the current iOS 10 out of the box, but will be able to update to iOS 11 in the Fall. iOS 11 gives you several useful new features on the iPad, such as an all new dock, drag and drop, and more multitasking functionality. The release should pair very nicely with all the internal upgrades on the new iPad Pro.

Overall, do I think the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch is something to pick up or upgrade to? I would say it depends on what kind of user you are. If you currently own an iPad Pro 9.7-inch, I think you should ask yourself if the slightly larger display, better refresh rate, new camera, and more storage entices you. If not, I’d recommend sticking with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro because that is still a great tablet and you’ll still have the exact same features on both iPad Pros whether you are on iOS 10 or upgrade to iOS 11 when that drops later this year. If you are a graphic designer or digital artist and don’t have an iPad yet, this iPad Pro is a must-have. For those who occasionally consume video, movies or music, browse the web or social media, etc., I recommend going for the less expensive iPad. This new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed if you decided to buy one today.

Check out our full video review below.

RP Rating: 9.5/10

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HEVC And HEIF Device Compatibility In iOS 11, macOS High Sierra

By | June 18th, 2017

Here is HEVC and HEIF device compatibility for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra devices for the upcoming media formats which will be available for Apple devices this Fall.

Apple’s new iOS 11 platform may still be in the earliest beta form possible, but when it actually launches to the global public later this year, it will bring a whole host of changes and improvements. Unbeknownst to most standard users, improvements made within iOS 11 are as much about what’s going on under-the-hood as they are about any user-facing improvements and refinements, with the support of two new major file formats – HEIF and HEVC – being perfectly placed examples.

To most people, these new file formats are nothing more than technological mumbo jumbo, meaning that they don’t really have to know or understand what it means. They simply use their devices in exactly the same manner, but ultimately end up benefiting from the efficiencies that these technologies bring behind-the-scenes. However, to others who may be seriously invested in these types of changes, there’s an immediate confusion as to which Apple hardware will actually support the HEVC and HEIF formats when iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are actually released. If you are one of those people, then the minimum hardware configurations are listed below.

HEIF Encode Support

  • iOS devices with min. A10 Fusion chip and over [iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017)]

HEIF Capture Support

  • iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017) and over

HEIF Decode Support

  • Hardware decode: iOS devices on A9 chip and over | macOS devices on 6th Generation Intel Core and over
  • Software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs

HEVC Encode Support

  • 8-bit hardware encode: iOS devices with A10 Fusion chip and over | macOS devices with 6th Generation Intel Core and over
  • 10-bit software encode: All Macs running macOS

HEVC Capture Support

  • 8-bit hardware encode: iOS devices with A10 Fusion chip and over [iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)]

HEVC Decode Support

  • 8-bit hardware decode: iOS devices with A9 chip and over | macOS devices with 6th Generation Intel Core and over
  • 10-bit hardware decode: iOS devices with A9 chip and over | macOS devices with 7th Generation Intel Core
  • 8-bit software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs
  • 10-bit software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs

It won’t be long till iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are actually released to the public, but at least the above should give you a fairly good understanding of any compatibility restrictions relating to the new HEVC and HEIF media formats introduced by Apple and announced on-stage during the opening Keynote of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The compatibility restrictions may not mean a lot to most people, but they can rest assured that the changes have been made as part of a wider improvement that should make iOS 11 a lot better at managing storage and being efficient with how it stores captured media.

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20 Event Invitation Designs That’ll Impress Your Guests

From grill parties to weddings and birthdays, an invitation card is almost as essential as the event itself. Though you can simply create an event on Facebook, send personalized emails or call people on the phone. However, in our digitally cluttered world, it feels quite special to receive an old-school paper invitation by regular mail.

20 Most Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas Ever

20 Most Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas Ever

The season is here and you probably have received a wedding invite or two a couple of months…Read more

Unique and creative invitation cards can set the tone and atmosphere for your event in advance. In this showcase, I have put together 20 creative paper invitations for different occasions that will delight and impress your guests.

Memorial Day cookout invitation

This interesting invitation to a grill party features cool illustrations. When you fold it out you see different ingredients placed on the grill.

Boarding pass invitation

These golden wedding invitations are inspired by a fight boarding pass design. The additional tag saying ‘Love is in the air’ gives it a double meaning i.e. air travel and a romantic gesture.

London landmarks beer mat invitation

These nice Save the Date beer mats or coasters feature famous landmarks of London city. It would be a perfect invitation for a typical UK wedding.

NIKE — We Run London invite

An invite for the Nike We Run London race that’s made using laser cut design for London landmarks that appear as you open it, and applied golden foil for the text and highlighting architecture details.

Modern Origami wedding invitation

Your guests can experience the traditional art of Origami while opening this delicate wedding invitation. The inside is a simple yet elegant card design.

Vatican invitation cards

The black, unmarked envelope with the Vatican seal is not that simple as it may seem at the fist glance. As you unfold, you receive more and more detail, and finally, you see an invitation card.

Handkerchief Invite

This cute invitation is so much fun. The invitation acts as a coat sleeve or a handkerchief, and the handkerchief itself features a cute roadmap with directions to the wedding.

Live at The Distillery

These invites were created for The Distillery, a creative studio in Sydney. They created a ‘vinyl’ record in a colorful paper sleeve. The sleeves and records have a pleasant texture, playing off of the textural sound you hear when listening to records.

Invitation – For Your Eyes Only

These invitations are designed in the manner of a highly classified information. Multiple layers are wrapped up into a small folder. Every layer has its own function i.e. the outer cover, a map, and the event information.

Venture – the wooden invite

A usual invite you get by regular mail is made using paper, but not this one. Take a look at this highly crafted invitation in the form of a wooden book with a funny character inside.

Wedding stationery

The invitation is designed after a ferry ride ticket since the wedding is held on a boat. It uses blue, white, and red color scheme to keep the theme for the smallest details.

Pomegranate & Orange wedding invitation

The best wedding invitations have multiple layers to entice the receiver, just like this one. This wedding invitation has three layers which are the patterned front sleeve, the illustrated inside the sleeve, and the invitation card.

Color Me Badly wedding invitation

This wedding invitation is a whole package that comes in a tin box and with certain accessories. The illustrated card inside features the bride and groom on the back. They encourage you to color the shapes with colored pencils that come with the package.

Film roll invites

This easy DIY tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your own film roll invites. You can roll the paper over to see the text.

Mosaic 2014 Invitation Kit

These cool invitations were made for 2014 The Singapore Mosaic Music Festival and it uses the same invite design, but in different colors: blue, yellow, and white.

Rachael + Brian’s fabric wedding invitation

The designer (who’s also the bride) combined kraft paper, white ink screen printing, and fabric for her woodland wedding invitations.

No-Melt popsicle invitations

Ideal to go with a summer-themed party, these invitations look like an actual popsicle. You can write the details of the event on the space given at the back side.

Birthday invitation – Quinceanera

This amazing birthday invitation is made in the form of playing cards. You can actually play the cards, all the necessary information about the event is placed on the box.

Floral wedding stationery

This invitation is inspired by the South African Bushveld. While the illustration is detailed, the text within it is very simple. It’s completed with flower pattern and golden envelope.

Travel-Inspired wedding invitation

These wedding invites use travel-inspired items, such as tickets, passports, and maps with a red color accent. It is amazing to see how much attention the designer has paid to the details.

A Look Into: Evolution Of Greeting Card Designs

A Look Into: Evolution Of Greeting Card Designs

Greeting cards have been around for hundreds of years dating back to ancient China and Egypt. It’s how…Read more

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