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Download: Extra_Recipe+YaluX Jailbreak For iOS 10.1.1 iPhone 7 Released, Here Are The Details

By | May 23rd, 2017

You can now download extra_recipe+yaluX iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak for iPhone 7 after the Italian developer Luca Todesco pushed out a successor to mach_portal+yalu based on xerub’s updated version of Ian Beer’s mach_portal exploit, containing internal changes needed to ensure a smooth and stable jailbreak experience on iPhone 7 hardware running iOS 10.1.1.

This long-overdue update to the mach_portal+yalu jailbreak has been something that iPhone 7 hardware owners have been screaming out for a while now, and most definitely something that whets the appetite when it became known that it was actually in the works.

As with previous releases of the tool, including all beta releases prior to it actually being defined as “stable”, the changelog which accompanies this beta release is sparse, but gives an insight into what’s being offered. The first part of that changelog references the fact that mach_portal+yalu in its latest incarnation extra_recipe+yaluX now offers a stable and comfortable experience for anyone running iOS 10.1.1. on an iPhone 7 device. As good as that information is, Todesco has still gone out to provide a little additional information about the release, including a slight warning about a potential issue.

First of all, he has advised that the release “should fix all iPhone 7 related issues,” that were there on iOS 10.1.1 with mach_portal+yalu releases but warned that the initial kernel exploit can still fail when the process is invoked. If that initial process executes flawlessly as intended, then “everything (including backboardd) works.”

Todesco has also advised that device owners shouldn’t run this latest update if the device is already jailbroken as “it’s not actually remounting / as rw and it doesn’t run Substrate.” It’s unlikely that the technical side of the information will mean a great deal to everyone who is interested in this type of jailbreak, but the warning itself should be enough to keep users away from doing something that they don’t fully understand or know how to troubleshoot when/if problems occur.

It’s also important to note that while extra_recipe+yaluX beta 1 is a much more stable jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1, it still does not include Cydia, Substrate and does not remount filesystem as read-write.

Aside from those slight niggles and concerns, it’s ultimately great to see some progress has been made when it comes to offering a stable and comfortable device liberation for iPhone 7 owners running iOS 10.1.1. It’s also exciting to serious progress made in the jailbreak community as a whole with recent talk and speculation about an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak from Pangu Team.

For those of you interested in giving extra_recipe+yaluX beta 1 a whirl on their as-yet unjailbroken iOS 10.1.1 powered iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you can grab the IPA file from here. Once you have the package, simply follow our guide on how to jailbreak your device on iOS 10 here.

As always, we will keep you informed with the latest jailbreak development as and when it happens.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Photo Leaks Online

By | May 23rd, 2017

Samsung always manages to set the smartphone industry alight when it introduces its annual Galaxy S smartphone. This year was no different with the introduction of Galaxy S8 and S8+, thought to be one of Samsung’s best creations to date.

With that hardware now out in the wild and delighting smartphone lovers globally, it’s nearly time to turn focus to the rugged version of that handset, the Galaxy S8 Active, of which we’ve been given a sneaky preview thanks to a leak from the Wireless Power Consortium.

Unfortunately for us, this particular leak isn’t exactly as in-depth as we would like, and it doesn’t show as much off as we have seen with historical leaks on other devices. Still, as they say, beggars can’t be choosers, and we have to be thankful for what we get, especially when it comes ahead of the official reveal date.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the recently released Galaxy S8 and S8+ was the stunning Infinity Display with the curved edges and edge display. Today’s leak clearly shows that the rugged version of the S8 will have to forego that curved edge experience in favor of a more practical display.

The name of the S8 Active kind of gives the game away as to who it is intended for. That particular range of devices is intended to try and bring some of the power and beauty of the Galaxy S series into the world of those who require something a little more durable, such as those who work in construction or hazardous environments. Or, those who simply are more than well aware that they have a habit of dropping and destroying devices. Curved edges, as beautiful as they may be, make the screen more susceptible to damage and cracking, and therefore haven’t made it onto the S8 Active version.

The curved edges at each corner of the device remain in place but without the edge display it gives off a very LG G6-like look. It also seems that Samsung has made the bezels around the display slightly larger, whilst trying to keep it as true to the visuals of the Galaxy S8 as possible. The leaked photo also seems to suggest that Samsung has added a little more size and protection to the Active version in order to make it more capable of handling and absorbing shock if the device is dropped or knocked.

Previous devices have been exclusive to AT&T and announced around June, so not much longer to wait.

(Source: Wireless Power Consortium)

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Google I/O 2017: What Google is Planning for VR & AR

After focusing largely on the many features and services that will be coming to Google’s ecosystem in 2017, Google has held a second keynote at I/O 2017 that focuses solely on two subjects: virtual reality and augmented reality.

Google I/O 2017 – What to Expect

Google I/O 2017 – What to Expect

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For this I/O 2017 keynote, Google has expanded upon where both Daydream and Tango will be heading in the near future, and these changes are rather significant for the company’s VR/AR aspirations. Without further ado, here are the biggest reveals that Google has announced during the second keynote.

Daydream Euphrates

A year after the initial announcement of the Daydream VR platform, Google has started to tease an upcoming 2.0 update for Daydream. Codenamed Euphrates, this Android O-based platform is Google’s attempt to push Daydream as a proper functioning OS, which would go hand-in-hand with Google’s plan to release a standalone VR headset.

day dream euphrates
The Verge

With Euphrates, Google is looking to bring content sharing to the forefront. To do so, the company will introduce screenshots and a screen capture feature to Daydream.

Alongside them, Google has also implemented Google Cast into Euphrates. This addition would allow Daydream devices to cast their VR content to a Chromecast-enabled TV.

save to vr capture
The Verge

Taking a page out of Oculus and Samsung’s books, Google will also introduce a version of the Chrome browser that is built specifically for Daydream Euphrates. This would be particularly useful for those who plan to purchase Google’s standalone VR headset.

Also, as it is a Chrome browser, your bookmarks and personalizations can be synced across the desktop and the VR headset version. Daydream Euphrates will be coming to all Daydream-ready devices in Summer 2017.

YouTube VR

For YouTube VR, Google is looking to improve upon the social aspects of the video platform in order to dispel the notion that virtual reality is more of a solitary affair.

To do so, YouTube VR will be introducing something called Shared Rooms that will let people view 360-degree videos together. YouTube VR users will be represented by customizable human avatars while communications will be done via voice chat.

shared room

One feature that will not be making its way to YouTube VR is the comments section. Google has confirmed that comments will not be available on the platform as typing isn’t exactly intuitive when you have a headset strapped to your face.

Seurat will bring “desktop-level graphics” to mobile VR

When it comes to mobile VR, one of the biggest hurdles that the platform must clear is the lack of processing power. However, it appears that Google has came up with a solution to that issue, and that solution appears to be a tool called Seurat.

Named after the French painter Georges Seurat, Google claims that this tool is capable of rendering “high-fidelity scenes” on mobile VR headsets in real time.

The tool was demonstrated by visual effects outfit ILMxLAB by having it render a scene from Rogue One. The demonstration shows that Seurat is capable of reducing the scene’s texture size by a factor of 300, while its polygon count was reduced by a factor of a 1,000. What’s more, this is all done within 13 milliseconds.

rendered with seurat in real time

Needless to say, the mobile version of the scene isn’t quite as good as the one rendered by a desktop, but that should be a given considering what it is. Nevertheless, the scene itself is still quite good for what it is.

But perhaps the most important thing about Seurat is that it lowers the barrier of entry for creators to create VR content for mobile VR platforms.

Chromium gets an experimental AR API

Google’s Chrome browser has been playing nice with virtual reality as it fully embraces WebVR. Now that VR is a possibility on Chrome, Google is looking to add in augmented reality to the mix.

With this plan in mind, Google has released an experimental WebAR API for the Chromium browser. Available for download at GitHub, this API would allow developers to experiment with the potential of augmented reality being available on a web browser.

chromium ar

Considering the fact that the tech itself is still in its infancy, it’s probably safe to say that a WebAR-enabled version of Chrome is still quite a distance away. That being said, with developers now being able to toy with the WebAR API, it could mean that Google’s AR aspirations would finally bear fruit.

webar enabled
YouTube VR is now available for Daydream-ready smartphones

YouTube VR is now available for Daydream-ready smartphones

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iOS 10.3.1 Kernel Exploit Will Help In Downgrade To iOS 10.2

By | May 21st, 2017

Italian developer Luca – famed for his work in the jailbreak community, and more recently his security research and yalu jailbreak releases – has taken to his own Twitter feed to speak out about a iOS 10.3.1 kernel exploit which is soon-to-be-released into the public domain.

Adam Donenfield of Zimperium has promised that a 0day iOS exploit will be released at an upcoming security conference, with Todesco taking to Twitter to inform that one, or even multiple, exploits are not enough to create a functional jailbreak.

The story goes a little like this; Donenfield from Zimperium has publicly stated that he and his team have reported 8 kernel privilege escalation bugs that were sent across to them. It’s likely that those bugs have been fixed in the latest versions of iOS, but were available to exploit in previous versions on which a lot of iOS device owners are sitting. Furthermore, Donenfield and his team have also promised to release one of these exploits at the upcoming conference, leaving many of the jailbreak community to speculate that we could be about to see a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 being made available.

Those comments have since been clarified by the team to inform that it is actually an exploit which will be presented and released rather than an actual jailbreak solution built on top of those exploits, but of course that wouldn’t stop anyone from releasing a public jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 using those and additional exploits.

Todesco has felt it necessary to comment on the situation, whether that be because he has been receiving questions about it or just because it’s an area of specific interest and expertise for him. Basically, Todesco’s take on the situation is that one lone exploit is not enough to create a jailbreak, but it will be useful for downgrading to iOS 10.2 which will then allow users to jailbreak on iOS 10.2 firmware using yalu102 jailbreak:

A kernel exploit alone is not enough to do a jailbreak; however for those with 10.2 blobs saved it will be possible to downgrade.

The availability of the kernel privilege escalation will mean that developers can offer kernel code execution, and therefore offer the ability to downgrade to iOS 10.2. What it won’t allow is a fully functional jailbreak without all of the other necessary components being put in place by someone who has the technical expertise to be able to do so.

(Source: qwertyoruiop [Twitter])

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20 Cheapest Mobile Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Smartphones are expensive, but no matter how much you’ve spent on buying them, due to an extensive usage smartphones are quite prone to damage. Even though, many smartphone manufacturers are now using scratch-resistant tough glass for screens, however, there are still some materials that can cause even the toughest screen glass to scratch.

To save my smartphone screen from getting damaged (as I’m a clumsy user) I opt for mobile screen protector. It’s a great option to shield your smartphone against scratches without affecting your overall user experience. So, building upon my own research, in this post I am featuring 20 of the cheapest mobile screen protectors that you can buy online.

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5 Smartphone Cases to Survive (Almost) Any Drop

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The screen protectors in this list range from plastic to glass screen protectors, so you can choose the one that suits your phone best. So, before your smartphone damages any further, let us go through the following options to see what each screen protector features.

iPhone 7 6S 6 screen protector glass

This glass screen protector is specifically designed for iPhone 7, 6 and 6s. It has ultra-clear transparent definition and scratch resistant qualities.

Price: $ 7.99

iPhone 6/6S screen protector with lifetime replacement warranty

It seems like this screen protector is the cheapest option in this list because for only $ 5.95 you get lifetime screen protector replacement warranty. The pack includes 3 pieces of screen protector with a highly durable surface. If you have damaged your screen protector, the company will send you a replacement free of charge.

Price: $ 5.95

OMOTON iPhone 7 plus screen protector

This amazing scratch resistant screen protector can save your iPhone 7 plus from unwanted scuffs and scratches from sharp things like keys or even a knife. Its Bubble-free Adhesive will help you to install the screen protector easy and fast.

Price: $ 7.95

Yootech iPhone 7 plus screen protector

This screen protector designed for iPhone 7, is smaller than an iPhone’s screen due to the phone’s rounded sides and curved edges. It’s ultra thin, being only 0.3mm thick. Yootech company also provides a lifetime warranty, so you can replace the protector anytime for free.

Price: $ 7.95

Yihailu iPhone 7 plus glass screen protector

This dark protector was designed not only save your screen from scratches, but also to hide your personal information from other people’s eyes. While the user would see everything on the screen, an onlooker will only see a dark screen.

Price: $ 5.19

Armorsuit Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

The pack of this screen protector includes MilitaryShield piece, installation solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and instructions. It’s super-thin with scratch-proof, clear surface. The protector has self-healing technologies which helps to close up tiny scratches by itself.

Price: $ 7.85

Armorsuit Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protector

This screen protector is crafted specifically for Samsung Galaxy S7 and will perfectly fit its edges. It also has a lifetime warranty which means you can ask the company to replace your screen protector when the old one is damaged.

Price: $ 7.85

iphone 7 Plus tempered glass privacy screen protector

Specifically designed for ful screen coverage of iPhone 7 plus, this screen protector gives you 99% original viewing quality. Its high definition bubble-free installation, maintains the original touch experience.

Price: $ 7.99

Spigen Galaxy S8 screen protector

This screen protector for Galaxy S8 provides rainbow-free clarity and durable scratch-proof protection. The surface stays finger-resistant for a long time. You need to install it wet.

Price: $ 8.99

LG G6 glass screen protector

This LG G6 screen protector for has industry’s highest 93.7% transparency rate. It’s not only crystal-clear but also resistant and flexible. Remember, the protector glass does not influence touch screen possibilities.

Price: $ 12.95

ONSON iPhone 6/6S/7 screen protector

The screen protector provides maximum protection from drops, scratches, scrapes, and bumps. It covers only the flat surface to reduce the risk of bubbles. You get three pieces for the price.

Price: $ 6.99

Tech Armor screen protector for iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE

Tech Armor screen protector has clear surface that compliments iPhone’s 5 Retina display. It will protect your iPhone from dust, scratches, drops, and daily wear issues. They also offer lifetime replacement warranty.

Price: $ 5.95

Yoyamo iPhone 6S screen protector

Yoyamo offers 0.26mm thickness tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 6s. It’s transparent and it will not affect the colors of your screen. The special technology makes it anti-fingerprint and oil rub-resistant.

Price: $ 6.99

yootech Galaxy S8 screen protector

With it you can get high-responsive touch and 95% of transparency. Along with the protector itself, you’ll get an easy installation guide.It has been designed to stay edge to edge on your screen.

Price: $ 8.95

AILUN iPhone 6 plus screen protector

The high-definition clear oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. You’ll get two pieces of protector for the price.

Price: $ 5.99

iVisor AG screen protector for iPhone 7

It is a matte, anti-glare screen protector providing edge-to-edge cover for your iPhone. iVisor AG surface has scratch protection, smudge resistance, and anti-glare properties while retaining maximum clarity.

Price: $ 24.95

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protector

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protectors are well known for a reason. They are durable and smooth, have self-healing qualities and come with a lifetime guarantee. These screen protectors are available for different mobile phones, ranging from iPhone to Samsung.

Price: $ 14.99

Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass

Once attached to your smartphone, this protector blends seamlessly with your screen. It has durable yet clear surface which perfectly responds to your touch. They’re available for different mobile phones, including iPhone, Samsung and even tablets.

Price: $ 5.99

Spigen Glas tR slim tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 5S

This iPhone 6 screen protector effectively protects your phone from cracking and scratching. Due to the rigid material of the screen protector it’s harder to apply, but once applied it’ll protect your phone from any drops or scratches.

Price: $ 7.99

UltraTough clear screenGuardz for Apple iPhone 6s

Once you apply this protector on your phone, the screen remains very smooth and responsive. This iPhone screen protector also comes with a couple Home button stickers that enable it to be closer to the same level as the rest of the screen.

Price: $ 19.95

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You Can Now Decrypt Or Patch WannaCry Ransomeware Attack On Windows, Sort Of

By | May 19th, 2017

Ransomeware is bad – very bad, and that is very much the case with the WannaCry ransomware that has taken the world by storm over the past week, with huge companies and health organizations suffering at the hands of the ransomeware that demands $ 300 per machine to decrypt its data.

However, one security researcher may have found a way to strike back, at least in part, while retrieving data and avoiding that $ 300 fee.

Now, before we get anyone’s hopes up, this workaround as such will only apply to a very limited number of scenarios. For starters, it only works on computers that are using Windows XP as their operating system, and even then, only when they have not been restarted since the infection took hold.

Even if those criteria are met, you may still be out of luck. That’s because the tool released by the researcher, called Wannakey, takes the encryption key right out of the memory of an affected system, meaning this is only going to work in a very specific, very small number of cases. If you fit into that category though, you won’t care about that one jot!

Wannakey has been developed by Adrien Guinet, a researcher for French outfit Quarkslab, and posted on GitHub for free to allow as many people to take advantage of it as possible. From the “README” file on the Wannakey GitHub page:

This software has only been tested and known to work under Windows XP. In order to work, your computer must not have been rebooted after being infected.

Please also note that you need some luck for this to work (see below), and so it might not work in every cases!

While the chances of this helping you if you are infected with WCry are small, even if it helps one person, it is well worth the time and effort to distribute. Good luck, folks! It’s a dangerous world out there.

(Source: aguinet [GitHub], Bottom image: Adrien Guinet‏ [Twitter])

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Visualize Any CSS Stylesheet with CSS Stats

Ever wondered how many CSS rules are in a stylesheet? Or have you ever wanted to see a visual representation of all the colors used in one CSS file? With CSS Stats, you can plug in any website and pull a bunch of raw CSS data to satisfy your curiosity.

And this web app goes so much deeper than just showing all the colors for a stylesheet. You can visualize all z-index values, all font sizes, all media queries and even see a visual specificity graph.

hongkiat css stats

This app covers so much that it’s practically impossible to consume everything in one sitting. It will give you a tremendous overview of any website just by showcasing what’s in their stylesheet.

To get started, visit the CSS Stats website and plug in any URL you wish. You could also pick from a number of suggested sites such as Facebook, Apple, and Pinterest (among others).

On the results page, you’ll see the total CSS file size in kilobytes, along with a list of the most commonly used properties & declarations. This all appears as one long list of numbers so it can be confusing to read at first.

But the more you use this app the more fun it gets! Here’s a list of everything you’ll find on the stats page:

  • Total # of properties, selectors, and rules
  • All font colors with examples & hex codes
  • All background colors with examples & hex codes
  • All font sizes with examples
  • List of font families
  • List of all z-index values
  • A bar chart of total/unique CSS declarations
  • Specificity graph
  • Total ruleset size
  • All media queries
  • The raw CSS code along with URL links to the individual CSS files

CSS Stats is smart enough to pull all CSS files and merge that data together. The developers put a lot of effort into this thing to get it working just right.

And, the extra awesome part is the full GitHub repo with source code for the entire project. So, you can download this and re-host it on your own server (locally or otherwise) to play around if you wanna dig into the code.

mozilla specificity css graphs

You have the option of pulling any individual CSS file or parsing all the stylesheets on a single domain. There’s so much you can learn from studying this tool and it offers deeper insight for developers who get down into the nitty-gritty details.

To test for yourself, just visit CSS Stats and plug in a website. You’ll be amazed how much data is available and how much you can learn from such a simplistic tool.

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20 Websites To Sell Your EBook

“If you are good at something, never do it for free” is the most famous dialogue from movie The Dark Knight – and something I completely believe in. If you’re an expert in a certain area, then there is no harm in sharing your knowledge to earn money. And in today’s internet-prone world, one great way to do so is to write and sell an ebook.

20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks

20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks

We understand that reading is the simplest way for human to derive and constructing meaning in order to…Read more

All you need is to make sure you produce quality stuff and then think of a reasonable selling price for it. The former part is completely up to you, however, for the latter part, there are many online services that can assist you well.

In this article, I’ve pulled a list of 20 websites that can help you host and sell your ebook, along with handling the troublesome transaction process. Some even let you keep 90-100% of the sales price. So, let’s take a look.


Payhip is an e-commerce website that offers you to sell any type of downloadable digital material, including ebooks. You create a customizable sales page on Payhip for free and it gives you the tools to sell your product, such as discount coupons, share buttons, affiliate program and flexible pricing options. Payhip will simply keep 5% of all the sales you make – simple right?

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing


Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

You can easily publish your ebooks on the biggest online store Amazon for free. Of course, you will get a huge exposure on Amazon and you get to keep up to 70% of the total sales price.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing

amazon kindle direct publish


Blurb gives you reliable tools to create that perfect ebook. You can create reflowable ebooks or fixed layout ebooks and blurb will automatically format the book for you in your choice format. You can sell the books to different markets, including Blurb, Amazon, and Apple iBooks Store.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Lulu offers a complete guide on creating perfectly formatted ebooks and then convert them into EPUB or PDF format. If you can’t do it yourself, then Lulu also offers personal service of doing it for you for a tiny fee. Your ebooks can be sold on different publishers with each offering their own royalty.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Tradebit is very similar to Payhip as it lets you create a sales page and then helps you sell your ebooks (or any other downloadable material). You can use an affiliate program, set custom price, take advantage of social media integration and sell ebooks on popular markets such as eBay.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing


NOOK Press

Barnes & Noble offers this self-publishing tool to write and publish your ebook. NOOK Press offers all the tools for free to create and publish your ebooks. The created ebook will be published to millions of NOOK and Barnes & Noble readers. You can check NOOK Press FAQ page for all the details.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing

nook press

Kobo Writing Life

A really easy to use self-publishing platform, Kobo lets you publish your ebook in 5 simple steps. Your books will be published on Kobo website for millions of readers. Kobo charges no fee for creating and publishing ebooks, but it does keep a commission on the sales.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Smashwords gives you huge visibility by publishing your work over multiple distributors, including Kobo Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, and Smashwords. There is no fee in the publishing process and you get free tools to protect and format your ebooks. You will get 80% royalty on sales from Smashwords and 60% on other distributors.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Scribd is a paid reading service that hosts ebooks and other similar content that members can read with a subscription. When the readers will read your ebook, you will be paid as it was sold to them. However, you can only sign up for Scribd using its affiliate companies, including Smashwords, BookBaby, and Draft2Digital, etc.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Payspree hosts your digital downloadable content and gives you multiple ways to attract customers. You can take advantage of affiliates, social media and dime sales to empower sales. Payspree lets you list only one item for free. You will have to pay $ 1-2 per product or a lifetime membership fee of $ 29.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



PayLoads also offers great tools to host your ebooks and sell them online. You will get encrypted download page, shareable buttons, ebooks listed in eBay auctions and affiliate program. PayLoads costs $ 19.95/month with a 2.9% to 4.9% fee on each sale.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Another comprehensive service to host your ebooks and it does all the hard work of selling them for you. You can create a sales page for your ebooks and use power tools like multiple payments support, affiliate programs, protected storage, discount offers, manage inventory, create packages, Google Analytics and more. E-Junkie charges fixed monthly payment based on your needs.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing

e junkie


GoSpaces lets you create a space for free to sell anything you want, including ebooks. It charges only 3% fee on transactions, but you can upgrade to paid version to get a personal domain and decrease fee to 2.5% per transaction. It also offers 15 free tools to manage and customize your space, including slogan generator, logo maker, wallpapers and banner maker, etc.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Feiyr is a paid promotion service for ebooks and music. You can upload your ebook to Feiyr and it will be made available to be sold on over 165 different online stores. Just pay a one-time fee of € 9.90 and start publishing, and you will get to keep 90% of the sales price.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Selz offers highly customizable packages to create your own sales store and sell products. With the free account, you can list 5 items and access tools like widgets, fraud protection, and analytics tools, etc. Paid membership starting from $ 12.99 gives the ability to list unlimited items and customize the page according to your liking.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



A very flexible platform to setup your online shop, Gumroad lets you personalize your store to your liking and gives you amazing selling opportunities. You can create subscriptions, memberships, direct sales, provide extra benefits, give discounts on actions, customizable DRM and more. And all of this comes with a $ 10 monthly fee and just 3.5% fee on each sale.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Booktango is a free service that won’t even charge a fee on transactions. You can upload and sell ebooks and keep 100% of the earnings. Although if you use their custom covers, you’ll have to pay a certain price. Booktango sells the ebooks on its store and other retailers.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



Clickbank has a really strong affiliate network of 500,000 marketers that will surely boost your sales. It is also a product selling website like others and gives you the ability to create custom forms, subscriptions, fraud protection and much more. You can either keep 50% as royalty or pay $ 49.95 as a one-time fee for your store and pay 7.5% fee on transactions.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



BookBaby is quite an expensive service in this list, however, it offers amazing quality and lets you keep 100% of the sales. From writing, formatting, and designing to distributing and completing sales, everything will be handled by BookBaby for a price of $ 149/ebook. Their experts will work side by side to create your perfect ebook using advanced tools and then distribute it to different retailers including BookBaby itself.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing



For $ 29/month you can access all of Shopify tools to create a fully functional online store. You don’t need any coding skills, it is really easy to use and gives you templates and themes to quickly create a perfect online store. If you do have coding skills, then Shopify gives complete freedom to control HTML and CSS. It also offers multiple opportunities to promote your ebooks, including distributing them over different stores.

Sign Up | Selling & Pricing


Time to monetize your ebooks

I will recommend you to start with Payhip if you are new to selling ebooks. It charges less fee on a transaction and doesn’t come with any risks. Although, if you are a professional ebook seller, then BookBaby can really up your game.

I should also mention that all these ebook selling website offer DRM protection for your books and some can even add customer name/information on each page of the ebook.

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Google Is Bringing Full Android To Cars

By | May 16th, 2017

Getting decent media playback systems into cars is something that manufacturers seem to really struggle with. Whether you are buying a bottom-of the line Honda or a high-end Mercedes, there is a very good chance that the in-car entertainment system is poor – different degrees of poor, admittedly, but both poor nonetheless.

Solutions like Android Auto go some way to helping that plight by allowing Android devices to effectively cast their apps to the dashboard, but it’s more of a workaround than a fix for something that has frankly needed fixing for years. Now Google is trying to do just that.

Taking Android Auto to the next level is something Google announced at last year’s Google I/O, and while this year’s event is just days away, the company has been talking again. Following a Chrysler concept back at CES, we now know that both Audi and Volvo will be making use of the new systems in some of their vehicles in the future.

Today, Audi and Volvo announced they will build Android into their next generation of cars. That means your car’s built-in infotainment system could allow you to control your air conditioning, sunroof, and windows, find the nearest restaurant with Google Maps, listen to Spotify or NPR, or just ask your Google Assistant for help—even when you leave your phone behind.

The idea here is that full Android will run in-car rather than on a connected smartphone, meaning everything should be, well, better. Google shared more information via a blog post on Monday and used both Audi and Volvo in photos that showed both car makers’ work. The interfaces for both differ in such a way to make us think that car companies will be given plenty of room to work without Google’s design language or restrictions getting in the way.

That may be good, or it may be bad – time will tell on that front.

(source: Google)

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