5 Trampoline Parks In Singapore To Bounce Your Calories Away From Just $6.25/hour

Trampoline parks in Singapore

Trampoline park -  ninja warior cover image

Image adapted from: Bounce

 We know we gotta exercise, but for many of us, working out feels like a much-dreaded chore. Here’s how you can push yourself to do what you gotta do: gather a bunch of friends for a fun day out at a trampoline park! Sounds like fun and games, but it actually works the muscles a fair bit – as you’ll discover the next morning.

Slip on your grip socks, put on some comfy shorts, and get ready to bounce your calories away at these trampoline parks in Singapore.

1. Zoom Park – from $ 10/hour

With more than 80 springy trampolines to bounce on, Zoom Park is Singapore’s largest trampoline park, which is home to 7 zones and can hold up to 110 jumpers. 

Trampoline park - zoom park somersault

Image credit: @zoomparkasia

One to look forward to is the Xtreme Dodgeball zone, where participants aim to swiftly throw balls at each other and dodge oncoming ones. If you’re worried this is too intense for your young uns’, there’s a separate, smaller court specially for kiddos to enjoy the game. 

Trampoline park - zoom foam landing pit rock wall group

Rock wall area with foam pit landing
Image credit: @edwinchigga

 You can also play a game of trampoline basketball here, and showcase your parkour skills with their Wall Run arena. 

 The big space makes it especially ideal for large parties, be it a birthday bash or corporate outing. 1 hour of entry costs $ 12 on from Mondays to Thursdays, and 2 hours would be $ 20. Entry on Fridays, weekends and public holidays costs $ 15/hour or $ 25 for 2 hours

Zoom Park
Address: 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-14 Singapore 609336
Opening hours: Monday: 3PM-9PM | Tues-Thurs: 10AM-9PM | Fri: 10AM-10PM | Sat: 9AM-10PM | Sun: 9AM-9PM 

2. Katapult – from $ 14/hour

ORTO is known for its prawning or fishing ponds, but the compound also includes Katapult, a trampoline park with an impressive Main Court of over 30 interconnected trampolines. 

Trampoline park - katapult overview

Image credit: Katapult Trampoline Park

There’s also a cushy inflatable air bag at the Bag Jump zone, where you can try doing somersaults and backflips. Daredevils above 18 can attempt the Free Fall, where you leap off an elevated platform and fall backwards onto an airbag.

Trampoline park - Katapult air bag jump plunge

Image credit: Katapult Trampoline Park

Besides that, they’ve got areas where you can do slam dunks, wall runs, and play dodgeball.

Trampoline park - katapult basket ball jump

Image credit: ORTO 

You can also incorporate trampoline jumping into your regular fitness routine with Katafit, Katapult’s fitness programme, where you can learn the basics and different styles of jumping. You’ll find yourself gaining more core strength, a better sense of balance, and more toned muscles! 

One hour of jumping costs $ 15 on weekdays and $ 19 on weekends. 2 hours will cost $ 28 and $ 35 respectively. 

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-11 Singapore 769198
Telephone: 6754 5188
Opening hours: Mon: 12PM-9PM | Tues-Fri & school holidays: 10AM-9PM | Weekends & PH: 9AM-9PM

3. Bounce – from $ 10/hour

A straightforward name – Bounce. But you’d better think again if you assume all you’ll be doing there are simple jumps. Besides the Free Jumping Arena, which has 28 trampolines, they’ve also got a zone called The Wall. There, you can have a feel of how it’s like to parkour as you rebound trampolines and run up walls.

Trampoline park - Bounce Rainbow jump group

Image credit: Bounce

More acrobatic stunts can be practised at the Big Bag, a giant inflatable bag to land on after leaping high into the air. If that’s not enough of an adrenaline rush for you, head to X-Park – Bounce’s very own indoor Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Swing on monkey bars, climb rock walls, and end off the course with a zipline to the finish line.

Check out our vlog Bounce’s X-Park below:

Bounce is also the only trampoline park in Singapore with the “Leap of Faith”. Test your courage by jumping off the elevated platform – kinda like how you’d bungee jump – and aim to catch a trapeze or grab bag instead of falling.  

 Trampoline park - Bounce leap of faith jump group

Image credit: Bounce

The general price for the first hour of jumping is $ 26, but on Fridays and Saturdays, they’ve got Friday Super Sessions or Saturday Night Jams which are as low as $ 30 for 3 hours, complete with party music.

Find their full list of rates here.

Note: General entry to Bounce excludes access to “Leap of Faith”. Ticket for “Leap of Faith” costs $ 5/jump or $ 10 for 3 jumps. 

Address: 8 Grange Road, #09-01, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695
Telephone: 6816 2879
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 10AM-10PM | Fri: 10AM-11PM | Sat: 9AM-11PM | Sun: 9AM-10PM | PH: 9AM-10PM 

4. Amped – from $ 12/hour

Trampoline park - Amped blue jump overview

Image credit: AMPED Trampoline Park Singapore

Being amped means to get all fired up, and that’s exactly what you’ll be at Amped, Singapore’s first trampoline park. Both their River Valley and Jurong East branches feature 35 interconnected trampolines and foam pits that’ll have you feel like an excited kid all over again. 

Trampoline park - Amped foam pits jump girls

Image credit: @kwannni

If you’re a fan of ball games, the Slam Dunk Zone at River Valley is where you can enjoy a mix of both of basketball and trampolines. The trampolines help give an extra push as you jump and aim to shoot your ball into the loop.

Trampoline park - amped ninja warior course

Image credit: @sichengorange

For a good challenge, try your hand at their Ninja Warrior Course at Jurong East, open to both adults and kids.

Prices start from $ 12/hour on weekdays and and $ 18/hour on weekends. Find their full list of prices here.


River Valley outlet
Address: 46 Kim Yam Road, #02-11, Singapore 239351
Telephone: 82285961

Jurong East outlet
Address: 200 Jurong East Ave 1, Level 2 Sports Hall, Yo:Ha, Singapore 609789 
Telephone: 81263801

Opening hours (both outlets): Mon: 10AM-3PM (all ages), 3PM-7PM (12 years and younger) | Tues-Fri: 10AM-10PM | Sat: 9AM-10PM | Sun: 9AM-9PM

5. GymKraft – from $ 6.25/hour

GymKraft isn’t a trampoline park per se – it’s more of a training centre with classes for gymnastics, parkour, and aerial fitness. But they do offer unsupervised open sessions for those aged 13 and over, at very reasonable prices of $ 20 for 2 hours, $ 25 for 4 hours, or $ 30 for the entire day.

Trampoline park - Gymkraft gym mat floor olympics

Image credit: Gymkraft

The Olympic trampoline and aerial structures are out of bounds to those who drop in for casual open sessions, but you’ll still be given access to their many super bouncy trampolines and spring floor mats.

Trampoline park - gymkraft cart wheel girl gym

Image credit: Gymkraft

Address: 100 Guillemard Road Singapore 399718 
Telephone: 6677 6988
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 3PM – 10PM | Sat-Sun: 9AM-8PM
Open sessions: Mon-Tue: 3PM-8PM | Wed and Fri: 3PM-6PM

Bonus: BBounce – trampoline fitness studio

If you’re looking to get a good cardio workout – minus a crowd full of kids – head to BBounce, Singapore’s first rebounding fitness studio. 

Trampoline park - BBounce rebounding  cardio work out gym

Image credit: @meilinyeo

Their trampoline workouts include the use of resistance bands, light weights, and some energetic dance moves. Rebounding is said to be 2X more effective than running for calorie-burning, so that’s one way you can shed them calories while having the time of your life. In addition to that, it creates less impact on your joints compared to running

Check out our experience at BBounce here:

176 Orchard Road, #06-09, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Telephone: 6262 2272

Singapore’s trampoline parks

Jumping on trampolines are fun and stress-free, so you won’t even realise you’re working out. If you’re looking for more ideas for an active day out, check out some of our guides below:

Guide to active and exhilarating activities in Singapore
Fun workouts 
Cool outdoor activities

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Peranakan Khek – Premium quality kueh with a premium price tag

Peranakan Khek – Premium quality kueh with a premium price tag

It is not easy to spot the Nyonya kueh kuek shop with it plain façade, we noted the shop through the stream of customers flowing in and out of the shop and yeah…that is the Peranakan Khek shop we are looking for.

The quality of the kueh has earned Peranakan Khek lots of the accolades from the public. Most of the kuek kuek shops are inconsistent in the quality with the kueh offered, if you are lucky enough, may be you can appreciate one or two out of the array of kuek on display, but finding one that can please the palates consistently with almost all the kueh offered is exceptionally rare, and we are glad to say that Peranakan Khek at Caven Road is able to make it to be one of the top lists, it is definitely one of the gems around with its curated Nyonya kuek that made of quality ingredients, fine bakery skills and superior flavour.

Quality comes with the price, each piece of the kueh has a retail price tag of not less than $ 2 a piece, definitely a premium price above the mass market for the similar products. However, it has not deterred those that willing to pay for the quality and taste judging from the stream of customers flowing in and out of the shop.

Peranakan Khek knows the art of the authentic good Nyonya kueh, each assortment of the kueh has given the full attention and precision to showcase the professional bakery skills.

Kueh Salat $ 2 per piece

The classic Nyonya kueh will put a real test to the mastery of the Peranakan kueh, we have to agree the pandan egg custard has the right firmness and fragrance to bring up the best of the custard, not too sweet and not cloying, it went very well with the bottom part of the Glutinous rice, not mushy or hard, nice texture with hints of coconut fragrance that make you carving for more.

Ang Ku Kueh $ 2.2

Good Ang Ku Kueh must have thin but chewy skin with fine and fragrant mung bean, Peranakan Khek has fulfilled both the requirements.

Kueh Bingka Ubi $ 2

You will be able to appreciate the fragrant of the tapioca

Kueh Putugal $ 2

Bananas are wrapped in a layer of steamed tapioca, coated with grated coconut, the subtle sweetness and fragrance of the tapioca made a wonder pair with the banana.

Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake $ 15 for a 9″ cake

Fine texture and not too sweet Gula Melaka chiffon cake, fragrant and nice, we ordered one slice but ended up with one full cake for our next day breakfast.

Kueh Dadar $ 2 per piece

The pandan-flavoured crepes encasing the Gula Melaka infused grated coconut, not too bad but compared to the signature Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry Kueh Dadar, Peranakan khek is obviously has some gaps to close especially the coconut filling that is less fragrant with the taste.

Kueh Kosui

The steamed rice kueh has a fudge-like texture and is characterised and made distinct by the aroma of the Gula Melaka, the wobbling pillowy kueh undoubtedly is one of the highlight here.

Our verdicts

Peranakan Khek may be seem as a small and not noticeable pastry shop along the Caven road, however, the quality and flavour of the kueh and cakes are good enough to make them a big name for one of the best Nyonya Kueh around.

Price may be at the high end but if you are looking for real good Nyonya Kueh, Peranakan Khek is certainly a clear choice.

Note: best to pre-order online to avoid disappointment as only limited supply available daily for retail.

Peranakan Khek

A: 11 Cavan Road, #01-03 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848

H: Wed to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 5pm, closed Mon & Tue

T: 65 64431213

Peranakan Khek

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I Eat And Eat

Tsui Wah Singapore: Authentic Hong Kong Cafe

Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk ($ 4++)

Review by: SheEats

Hong Kong’s iconic cafe chain, Tsui Wah has finally made its debut in Singapore!   Located at Clarke Quay, this first Tsui Wah outlet in South East Asia is a collaboration between Jumbo Group Ltd and Tsui Wah Hong Kong and coincides with their 50th anniversary.

Their Head Chef, Chef Ren has been stationed here since last year to recreate the dishes which made Tsui Wah a household name in Hong Kong since the 1960s.   Many of the ingredients, like their tea leaves and curry spice mix had to be imported directly from Hong Kong while local ingredients have been meticulously sourced to ensure authentic flavours are kept intact.

What To Eat

The Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk ($ 4++) is the must-try dish.  Chef had to work with a local bakery for 8 months to get the bun just right. The bun is lightly toasted so it is super crisp on the outside and pillowy light on the inside, then buttered and drizzled with condensed milk.  It is amazing that something so simple should be the main reason to visit Tsui Wah.  4.5/5

I would also recommend the Pork Chop Bun ($ 7.50++).  The same bread used for the Crispy Bun is also used here to sandwich a juicy and flavourful piece of fried pork loin. 4/5

Kagoshima-style Pork Cartilage with Tossed Instant Noodles ($ 9.50++)

There are no Japanese flavours in this Kagoshima-Style Pork Cartilage dish.  The pork cartilage is also served with Fish Soup and Mixian  ($ 8.50++)  which is my favourite savoury dish.  Both the creamy fish soup and tender pork cartilage had to go through long hours of cooking to get it to the right texture.   It’s called “Kagoshima” because chef learnt the recipe from another chef from Kagoshima. 4/5

Pork Chop Bun ($ 7.50++)  and  King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodles ($ 11++)

The XO sauce served with the King Prawns in XO sauce ($ 11++) Noodles is specially created for the Singapore outlet.  I felt it would have been better if the sauce was already mixed in.  They use specially sourced sea prawns which are good quality but  I would have preferred the prawns grilled or sauteed instead of simply blanched. 3/5

Lamb Chop Curry with Steamed Rice ($ 29++)

The Lamb Chop Curry with Steamed Rice ($ 29++) we were told,  is priced at a “loss” because the boss loves lamb chops and opted to use quality NZ lamb chops to entice more people to experience it.   I thought the specially formulated curry of 30 spices was quite good.  It has the pungent kick of our local curry and the smooth/shiny texture of a Japanese curry.   Nonetheless, I still prefer my lamb chops just grilled and may try a different dish from the curry series next time. 4/5

Luncheon Meat and Egg on White Rice ($ 9++)

The Luncheon Meat and Egg on white rice is a conundrum.  We feel $ 9++ is too much to pay for “simple comfort food.”  The chef explained that the luncheon meat they use can only be sourced by commercial buyers in China and the egg is  cooked in way that is not browned and the yolk just a little runny.  The accompanying soy sauce is also a specially selected premium soy sauce that goes well with the dish.  I mused that purpose of this dish was to make the other dishes look a lot better in value.  Chef was not amused.  I think fans of this dish love it more for its nostalgia than value.   You be the judge. 3.5/5

The Borscht soup with Thick Toast ($ 5.50++) was good again, not something I would specially go to the cafe to eat.   However, I might order this classic Russian beef and vegetable soup on a rainy day. 3/5

Savoury French Toast Bites served with Vanilla Ice Cream ($ 9.50++)

If you still have the stomach and want to continue enjoying the bright cheery ambiance of this 140-seater cafe, you may want to order the Savoury French Toast Bites with Vanilla Ice Cream ($ 9.50++) to share.  The bread is freshly cut and fried upon ordering. 3.5/5

What to drink

Milk Tea Hot ($ $ 3.50++) Cold ($ 4++)

Their signature Hot Milk Tea ($ 3.50++) served in a cute smiley cup comes unsweetened and is best consumed with their Crispy Bun.  The texture is quite smooth and I had mine “Kosong” (without sugar).  You can have fun picking out one of the sugar packs printed with their own themed characters.  4/5

All the cold beverages are pre-sweetened and constructed with precision.  The Ice Lemon Tea ($ 5++) has precisely 5 (~5mm ) slices of lemon.  Chef Ren explained that 5 slices will slightly tip the balance towards a more lemony taste which is their intent. For someone who has learnt to drink Kopi-C-Kosong, the sweetness was just right, not bad! 4/5

I am not an Yuan Yeung (Coffee and Tea) drinker but I was unexpectedly won over by their Yuen Yeung (Cold) ($ 4++) that has a good balance of coffee and tea, with neither overpowering the other.    I am glad to have succumbed to the Marketing and PR persons’ persuasion to try one for myself. 4.25/5

The same magic did not happen with the Almond Milk with Egg White (Hot) ($ 7++)  though.  I can however imagine that fans of this type of drink would like this freshly grounded Almond version that is a little frothy, milky and not too strong. 3.5/5


I confess that I am no “Cha Chaan Teng”  expert.  Nonetheless, Tsui Wah has brought Hong Kong Cafe food quality in Singapore to the next level but prices are relatively higher too.  Big question is will I return with my family and friends to stand in the queue?  Well, yes, if I am around the vicinity and looking for a cafe with quality food.  I would certainly be back again if they decide to start serving baked items like Egg Tart and Polo Bun.

Disclaimer: This was a media tasting.  That means that the food was provided but no fees were charged for writing the blog post.

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Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles – Authentic Teochew Fare

The most common hawker food in Singapore is, perhaps, a bowl of comforting fishball noodles. You’ll easily find 2 or 3 stalls selling fishball noodles in every hawker center, and at least 1 stall in a coffeeshop. Call it basic, but I like basic. To me, it’s a classic that I’ll never get sick of. Bouncy fishballs sitting atop a messy pile of mee pok (sorry mee kia) really screams comfort food to me, especially if it costs 3 bucks or less. It’s easy to do fishball noodles but the difficult part is doing a great bowl of it.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7831-1

Started by 60-year-old Ah Hua, Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles features authentic Teochew fishball noodles prepared with handmade ingredients. Uncle Ah Hua started his business from scratch, where he tweaked his father’s recipe for handmade fish dumplings and homemade traditional fishball noodles. He took it one step further and even came up with his own handmade yong tau foo. The business took off and he was managing 5 stalls island-wide, and a central factory. Owing to the economic downturn, the success was short-lived as he had to sell his assets to make ends meet.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7870-1

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7868-1

Now, Uncle Ah Hua continues to run the only stall he has left whilst still maintaining the same level of standards as before here at Pandan Gardens. Seeing that her dad was struggling to keep his passion and business alive, 29-year-old Jean quit her full-time job to run the stall together with her dad, in hopes of bringing the business back to its former glory.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7862-1

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7861-1

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7864-1

Besides a fishball noodle stall, Ah Hua Eating House also houses a small zhap cai png stall and a drink stall. Uncle Ah Hua and Jean told me that they have to close the stall at 3pm daily in order to make all the ingredients by hand so that they will be in time for sale the next day. From fish dumplings to fish cakes to fish balls, Uncle Ah Hua creates everything from scratch. Even his chili paste is homemade so you won’t be able to taste this anywhere else!

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7838-1

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7858-1

We ordered a bowl of their signature Fishball Noodles ($ 3) and a bowl of their Yong Tau Foo noodles ($ 4). The star of the meal was definitely the fishballs. Bouncy, yet firm, the fishballs are handmade the night before with yellowtail fish. I especially liked the ratio of fish to flour and how it did not have a strong fishy smell. The soup, which is boiled daily, offered a very clean taste save for a distinctive chye poh (preserved radish) taste, which was pretty unusual.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7846-1

The Yong Tau Foo set sees a bowl filled with handmade yong tau foo goodies swimming in the same clear soup. The items were pretty fresh. For $ 4, I think it was pretty good value for money. If, however, you’re looking to quell your yong tau foo craving, you might be disappointed since the variety of yong tau foo here is pretty limited.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles DSC_7852-1

Both sets are served with your choice of noodles.  Overall, it was delicious, albeit a tad too oily, but I enjoyed it. My mee pok was al dente, and had a good bite. Coated with their handmade chili paste, the noodles boasted a fiery finish. I think a touch more vinegar would have cut through the oiliness of the noodles.

We were there around 10am, and wanted to try their homemade fried fishcakes but they were sold out! Jean told me that it usually sells out because people tend to buy them in bulk. They have other treats such as fish dumplings and meatballs too. I hear you can call in (check out their Facebook and Instagram) to reserve your share.

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

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Howard Wong

An avid home cook who wishes to inspire others with the sheer amount of food that he can eat.

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Miss Tam Chiak

Moist Diane's New Shampoo That Sold 1 Million Bottles In 10 Days Is Now In Singapore

Moist Diane – silicone-free Japanese shampoo

Free Moist Diane shampoo and conditioner samples

Brushing your hair 100 times isn’t good enough these days. Even our countless shelves of hair products – everything from hair masks to conditioning sprays – nup, not good enough. But with Moist Diane’s new shampoo, we can take a breather from our intensive haircare routine.

Through July 2018, Moist Diane will be holding pop-up booths around Singapore to help fix all your hair concerns. Whether it’s dry, frizzy hair or weak strands prone to breakage, they’ve got a silicone-free and sulfate-free formula to fix it all. Besides getting free samples, here’s what you can expect:

Discovery Zone: Learn about your hair type and condition

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty - Discovery Zone

If you’re anything like me, the condition of your hair is a mystery. On good days, it’s neat and malleable but on most other days, it looks like I just got out of bed – and not in a fashionable, bedhead-esque way. At Moist Diane’s Discovery Zone, take the chance to learn more about your hair and the condition its in.

Moist Diane - Perfect Beauty shampoo

Although Diane Perfect Beauty’s shampoo formula is already specially formulated for Asian women, each shampoo still has a different purpose. Moist Diane has an entire series with 6 different shampoos to help with your hair concerns:

  • Extra Damage Repair – for severely damaged hair
  • Extra Moist & Shine – for dry and dull hair
  • Extra Fresh & Hydrate – for an oily scalp
  • Extra Volume & Scalp – for flat hair and a sensitive scalp
  • Extra Smooth & Straight – for frizzy and coarse hair
  • Extra Vital – for weak hair prone to breakage

Since Singapore often feels like a sauna, use a shampoo like Extra Fresh & Hydrate – it’s been specially formulated for hot and humid Asian climate and even been clinically tested to keep your scalp fresh for up to 48 hours. Their Extra Moist & Shine also works well on an everyday basis for normal to dry hair, and you’ll be walking around with glossy, healthy hair.

All shampoos come in new, shiny packaging in a range of vibrant colours to help zhng your bathroom.

Voting Station: See which hair concerns are most common

Moist Diane - Solve hair concerns

You’re not alone in this: almost every woman in Singapore will be fretting about the condition of their hair. Thanks to our overwhelming humidity, many are troubled by their oily scalps but there are plenty of others who also face all sorts of concerns, from lacklustre hair to brittle strands.

Moist Diane - vote for your hair concern

See which hair concern plagues us most in Singapore at the Voting Station – all you have to do is insert a voting token to redeem empty bottles, so you can collect your free samples!

Shampoo Wall: Collect free shampoo samples

Moist Diane - collect free shampoo sample

Head over to the Shampoo Wall where there are 6 different dispensers for each shampoo. You’ll get to turn on the faucet to fill up a bottle with your shampoo of choice.

Moist Diane - shampoo dispenser

Samples (15ml) come in a clear test tube.

Photo Booth: Take photos with a bathtub ball pit to redeem matching conditioner

Moist Diane - photo booth with bathtub

You won’t miss this: a scented bathtub ball pit where you can IG all you like. The tub’s paired with a rose gold, vintage faucet – all in all, the entire setup looks like it comes straight from a home decor magazine. After you take a photo with the hashtags #SheisDiane and #MoistDianeSG, remember to redeem your matching conditioner!

Moist Diane - redeem matching conditioner

Redeem your matching conditioner at the pink counter near the photo booth.

Sales Area: Buy discounted full-sized shampoos and conditioners

Moist Diane - 6 different shampoos

Although you already have free shampoo and conditioner samples, there’s also a Sales Area where you can buy full-sized Moist Diane products. 1 bottle is priced at $ 15 (U.P. $ 16.90) and 2 bottles are $ 25 (U.P. $ 33.80). If you spend $ 50 or more, you’ll also get an exclusive limited edition travel set.

Moist Diane - limited edition travel set

The set comes with travel-sized bottles (50ml) of shampoo and conditioner.

Moist Diane shampoo in Singapore

Moist Diane - Somerset@313, Bugis Junction, Chevron House

Selling 1 million shampoo bottles in 10 days is a feat to be applauded, but when it’s Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo, we completely understand why. Even though keratin’s usually an expensive, salon-only product, Moist Diane’s formula made up of 6 different keratin proteins that’ll strengthen your hair and treat specific hair concerns.

It’s also made up of Ecocert-certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – that means no pesticides.

And the formula sure works. We explored walking trails all around Singapore, and Moist Diane’s shampoo was the only thing that rescued our sweat-ridden heads. Besides being silicone-free, it’s also sulphate-free and paraben-free, and safe to use with coloured hair – no need to worry about your dyed locks changing into an icky green after a few washes.

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo

Long gone are the days when you’ll be sharing shampoo with your entire family: you’ll want your own shampoo to directly address all your hair concerns from dry ends to an oily scalp. You might even cave in to temptation and get 2 different shampoos: one for the top half of your head and the other for the dry ends.

Head down to learn how to thoroughly care for your hair with a Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo. Remember, visit the photo booth where there’ll be a bathtub ball pit ready for all your Instagram shots, with hashtags #SheisDiane and #MoistDianeSG.

Whether you’re worried about an oily scalp or dry hair, there’s a specific Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo out there for you that you’ll be heaving a sigh of relief over.

Moist Diane Events:

Somerset 313 Level 1 Atrium (outside Cotton On)
Event hours: 13 to 14 July, 11AM – 10PM and 15 July, 11AM – 8PM 

Bugis Junction Hylam Street (next to pushcarts outside McDonalds)
Event hours: 16 to 22 July, 10AM – 10PM 

Chevron House Atrium
Event hours: 26 to 27 July, 11AM – 3PM

Find out more about Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo here!

This post was brought to you by Moist Diane.

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Som Tam, Orchard Central: Waiter! There is Durian in my Curry!

Named after the popular Thai dish, green papaya salad, Som Tam at Orchard Central is a modern Thai fusion restaurant helmed by Ralph Liou (formerly from the Minor Group with restaurants like Thai Express and Basil Thai Kitchen under their belt) who rose through the ranks to become a chef in his own right. For the décor, some minimalist mind has been hard at work creating this oasis within Orchard Central mall; closer inspection reveals the designer’s penchant for geometrical shapes.

Among the four new drinks, the most refreshing is the blue cha with coconut ($ 6.80). With coconut juice as your base, you really can’t go wrong here. The blue comes from the butterfly pea ice cubes that hypnotically melt into the drink (#HipsterMuch).

The other three new drinks include avocado shake ($ 7.80, creamy but not too heavy, with a hint of chocolate);  rainbow Perrier ice ($ 6.80); and purple rain ($ 6.80, butterfly pea with syrup, too sweet).

For the new food menu, the Thai-style grilled squid with mentaiko (2 pcs, $ 18.80) has a great chewy, not rubbery, texture, a smokiness, and an excitement of the “spicy” mentaiko (the quotation marks because my eating partner admits he is highly sensitive to spice. I on the other hand have to do a triple take before I realise there’s any spice at all).

There is little to fault the Massaman curry with roti ($ 23.80). Tender chicken? Check. Nutty flavour? Check. Fluffy roti? Check. Zesty side salad that refreshes the palate? Check. Size-wise, it feeds 2, possibly 3-4 if you order rice or more roti. As a heat seeker, I think the spice level is set low, but then again massaman curries aren’t meant to make you sweat, so that’s fine. The only thing that stands out, ironically, is how it doesn’t ‘stand out’ from other Thai fare. Still, I’m partial to curries, so this one gets a pass from me.

The piece de resistance is certainly the “SPECIAL DISH MUST TRY” (as the menu screams out to us) black chicken curry with Musan King durian ($ 26.80)! Essentially to the Massaman curry with roti, what Chef Liou has done is to add squid ink (to create the colour and savouriness) and a hearty dollop of Mao Shan Wang durian (for that characteristic sweetness and pungency that durian lovers all know). While my dining partner finds it strange, I cannot stop myself from having spoon after spoon of it! What is truly amazing is how the potatoes take on the flavour of the curry, and crumble away in your mouth to release the flavours in a single burst.

The Thai souffle steamed egg ($ 10.80) is intriguing. It is fluffy, with a hint of sweetness that hides playfully among the saltiness. But perhaps because of the intense flavour of the Mao Shan Wang durian in the previous dish, the egg souffle is now very salty. The souffle is cooked in Tom Yum broth but there isn’t the sourness that Tom Yum is known for.

In all, I give a thumbs up for creativity, even if not all the dishes land well. My dining partner likes the squid the best, while I would go back for the black curry and the blue cha, and because they have an extensive menu that looks very promising.

New Menu

Som Tam
Orchard Central #08-13, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
M-Th 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm; F-Sun 11.30pm-10pm
tel: +65 6238 6872

Food: 6.25
Ambience/decor: 6.25
Price/Value: 6.25

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Yhingthai Palace, Purvis Street: Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Awardee, Best Thai Food in Singapore? 
Trunk at Bay, The Punggol Settlement: From Sleazy Jetty to Surprising Good Thai Food at the End of Singapore

Written by Tan Ken Jin. True to the name of this website, KJ is closely associated with rubbish, organising litter-picking activities that culminate in a makan session (because #Singaporean). That, and he once tried marinating salmon in blueberry juice and orange juice. He survived. 


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Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon – Messy but Absolutely Delicious!

If you ask Singaporeans what their favourite local dishes are, you’re probably going to get responses like laksa, chicken rice or even chilli crab. In my opinion, satay bee hoon, though not as pretty as other hawker dishes, simply doesn’t get enough love. One of my favourite dishes, satay bee hoon features thin rice vermicelli that’s smothered in a fragrant chilli-based peanut sauce. If you’re itching to get a taste of this Teochew dish, there’s no better place to visit than Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon!

Located in Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, you’ll definitely have heard of Sin Chew if you live in the area. If you’re unfamiliar with the stall, it’s not hard to find — just look for the long, snaking queue. Be warned though, not only does the stall open at 5pm on weekdays, it’s also closed on Monday, Tuesday and Friday! I arrived at 6pm on a Thursday and was met with a 30-minute queue. But trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Satay Bee Hoon (Top Down)

Their Satay Bee Hoon ($ 4/$ 5/$ 6) is my favourite thing to eat when I’m at Bukit Timah Food Centre. It looks like a mess, but the luscious satay sauce is to die for. I ordered the smallest $ 4 portion and still received a sizeable plate of rice vermicelli. Not that you can see it though, it’s practically drowning in the satay sauce, as it should be! There’s also a generous amount of ingredients which includes tau pok, pork slices and cuttlefish. The vermicelli came with just one prawn, which made the dish seem a little sad.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Satay Bee Hoon (Mixed)

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Satay Bee Hoon (Held)

The combination of the bee hoon and the satay sauce was a match made in heaven. Prepare for a tantalising bite from the springy, al dente bee hoon, which was thoroughly coated with the creamy satay gravy. Leaning more towards sweet than spicy, the satay sauce was also smoother and more refined than other versions I’ve had. It wasn’t too rich, so I managed to gobble down the entire plate with ease. The nutty aroma was pronounced and appetite whetting. This dish is hearty, satisfying, and so incredibly addictive.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Pork Slice

The slices of pork weren’t super’ tender, but they added a much-needed meaty element to the dish. The tau pok had also soaked up the sauce, and provided a burst of nutty-goodness. The springy, yet tender, pieces of cuttlefish added a light, refreshing touch to the dish.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Cuttlefish Kang Kong (Top Down)

Sin Chew serves up one other dish — Cuttlefish Kang Kong ($ 4/$ 5/$ 6). Honestly, I had never heard of this dish before I patronised this stall. You can choose to have it with or without bee hoon.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Cuttlefish Kang Kong (Held)

This was my first time ordering the dish, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The vibrant dish comprises kang kong, cuttlefish, beansprouts, and cucumber doused in a sweet and sour red sauce that brilliantly complemented the freshness of the crunchy vegetables. Mixing in their house-made sambal is a must, as it adds a robust flavour and a touch of heat. This dish is a lovely, and refreshing contrast to the satay bee hoon!

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon Storefront

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon is adored by Bukit Timah residents. You can tell by the perpetually long queue. In fact, business is so good that they can afford to be open for just four days a week! Do take note of their sporadic opening hours to avoid disappointment.

Address: 51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #02-162 Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Singapore 588215

Mobile: 9826 0782

Opening Hours: Wednesday & Thursday: 5pm to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 2:30pm & 5pm to 10pm. Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

MissTamChiak.com made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our official YouTube channel! You may also want to check out our article on Ang Mo Kio 453 Wanton Noodle for some delicious, value-for-money Wanton Mee!

Howard Wong

An avid home cook who wishes to inspire others with the sheer amount of food that he can eat.

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Miss Tam Chiak


The Perfect Wedding Cake In Singapore – Lady M Singapore

wedding cake in singapore

wedding cake in singapore

The most unique and memorable wedding cake in Singapore, envision Lady M® New York’s Signature Mille Crepes luxuriously stacked in multiple tiers and sizes to create the ultimate crepe cake, a show stopper.

Decidedly elegant with a clean finish, the 3-tier Wedding Mille Crepes cake features handmade mille crepes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden.

The cake is large enough for about 45 guests and requires advance order of 7 days via the Lady M New York official website: www.ladym.com.sg

Lady M® New York Story

Lady M New York brings New York substance and style to the world of fine confectionery. Known for the sophisticated French elegance and Japanese precision of its Mille Crepes, the Lady M New York experience is evocative of comfortable luxury, an urban escape where you can spend hours enjoying the freshest cakes and coffee, conversing with friends or enjoying an introspective moment. Found in the little black books of everyone from celebrities to supermodels, Lady M New York is marked by its signature pairing of a white design aesthetic and minimalist décor, an intentional counterbalance to the pops of colour found in its cakes and in the florals found at the counter or cake cutting area, and are an integral part of the Lady M New York design story.

Created and launched in New York in 2001, Lady M New York was introduced to Singapore in 2013 by Caerus Holding Group, and has been a destination dessert patisserie ever since. Its world-famous Signature Mille Crêpes features no less than 20 whisper-thin handmade crêpes with light and fluffy pastry cream layered in between. It has continued to adhere to top-drawer culinary standards while progressively expanding its flavor profile with creations like the Green Gateau aux Marrons, Strawberry Shortcake, and Checkers, as well as seasonal specialties like the Green Tea Checkers and Yuzu Cheesecake.

About Caerus Holding Group

Caerus Holding Group was founded in Singapore in 2008 as a wine distribution company, with distribution to India, the Maldives and Malaysia. In 2009, the group diversified into the food business in Singapore and Malaysia, with plans to expand its restaurants to Thailand, Indonesia and India. Presently, the Group’s F&B portfolio in Singapore includes Lady M® New York from New York and is currently headed by Vijay Pillai, whose multiple degrees in accounting, management and commercial law have equipped him to continue the Lady M New York  tradition.

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I Eat And Eat

First Street Teochew Fish Soup – The Best I’ve Ever Had

When it comes to fish soup, I’ve always preferred the fried fish version. I’ve never been a fan of fresh fish soup but I think I have changed my mind after my sweet encounter with First Street Teochew Fish Soup. Run by a team of a father and his 2 sons, First Street Teochew Fish Soup is a popular old-school fish soup stall that is still hugely popular today. Despite the snaking queues, First Street Teochew Fish Soup is THE ONE to try, especially if you prefer the fried fish version like me.

first street teochew fish soup-1

Started in the 1980s, First Street Teochew Fish Soup first opened its shutters at First Centre. Now at Upper Serangoon, First Street gets their fish fresh from the market daily, and starts slicing the fish from as early as 4am! It’s hard work but I’d say it pays off. Throughout its years of operation, First Street has garnered a large number of fervent fans. The queues are long, and diners can expect to wait for up to 45 minutes!

We arrived at 930am and there was already a short queue of 6 people! We waited for around 10 minutes to get our orders in, and another 5 minutes before the fish soups arrived at our tables. Unlike many other mediocre fish soup stalls, First Street Fish Soup prices their soups at a premium but for good reason. We got their signature Red Garoupa Fish Soup ($ 9) and added a mere 50 cents for porridge.

first street teochew fish soup-1

The unassuming dish comes with about 12 thick slices of fresh red garoupa, tang oh, and thin slices of ginger swimming in a pool of deeply-coloured soup. The soup boasted a beautiful colour but its clean and light taste is what won us over. It didn’t reek of fish like some other fish soups but instead offered a full-bodied sweetness that is hard to find today. I really hate it when I pay for fish that isn’t fresh but I’m glad to report that this isn’t the case for First Street Teochew Fish Soup. The red garoupa slices were generous, fresh, and devoid of any fishy smell. I’ll definitely return for seconds or even thirds.

first street teochew fish soup-1

first street teochew fish soup-1

We also ordered the Pomfret Fish Soup ($ 11) which is also a popular choice with the older folks. Pomfret is often considered a superior fish and is only savoured at special events owing to its higher price tag. Having said that, I think I enjoyed the garoupa fish soup better than the pomfret version because of its sweeter notes. I must admit that 11 bucks for a bowl of fish soup is pretty steep, but if you’re a fan of fish, then this is a must try. One thing that I noted was the lack of the fishy smell which usually turns me off before I get my first bite. Similar to the garoupa fish soup, the pomfret fish soup sees about 12 slices (yes I counted) of fresh pomfret amidst a sea of tang oh, spring onions and ginger. The soup seemed a tad less sweet than the garoupa version but retains a full-bodied flavor. I heard that you can add bar chor for another 50 cents. Overall, I don’t think you will be disappointed either way.

Rain or shine, a bowl of fish soup is comfort food for many. Yet, it’s difficult to find a consistently good bowl of fish soup which checks all the boxes. For me, this is the best fish soup I’ve ever had. Period. For fans of this stall, I can see why you would queue 30 minutes for a bowl of their fish soup. If you haven’t tried, I strongly urge you to give this a shot.

Address: 1014 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534752

Opening Hours: 8am to 3pm daily. Closed on Mondays.

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to First Street Teochew Fish Soup. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our official YouTube channel! You may wish to check out our article on Street Submarine, a new halal eatery at Haji Lane!

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Nathanael Chan

Loves carbs and cams

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Miss Tam Chiak


House of MU, Mohamed Sultan: A New Gem Serving Fine-Dining Modern European Cuisine at Affordable Prices

Without much fanfare, House of MU, Singapore’s first restaurant fully furnished with Burmese teak wood furniture (hence the “木” mù in its name) has opened along Mohamed Sultan Road.The restaurant not only doubles up as a bar with its well-curated collection of wines and spirits (for gin-lovers, there is a solid collection of rare and award-winning gins here), it is also a retail space with every piece of its wood furniture available for purchase.

Helmed by Chef Tyrell Joon, who brings with him an impressive resume from working in Michelin-starred kitchens under Les Amis and Justin Quek of defunct Sky on 57, the restaurant’s menu boasts of affordable modern European cuisine with a touch of French elegance and Italian influence. Joon uses Josper grill with apple wood so that meats retain their natural moisture and flavours.

For starters, the soup of the day ($ 9), cream of mushroom with Spanish Cristal bread, is light and aromatic, bearing components of shitake and button mushrooms, milk, cream and butter. It resembles a “mushroom cappuccino” with foamy top, reminding me of the mushroom tea at Jaan and Odette. It has all the makings of a delightful bowl of soup, except it lacks texture; The soup is all liquid (and air) and will be more satisfying if there are actual bits of mushrooms added. The Cristal bread, although paired with the soup, is good to have on its own as it is thin and crusty, and especially appetising when it is fresh out of the oven and spread with a dollop of butter. For more of the in-house baked bread sticks and rolls, you can order the fresh bread basket ($ 6).

Pan-seared scallops ($ 19) with cauliflower puree and julienned fresh apples: Chef Joon sous vides the French scallops in order to retain its juiciness. There is a play on flavours, with slight acidity drawn from the apples, however, the puree is rather tasteless and does not have an impact on the dish as a whole. Perhaps it is the Chef’s intention not to have any flavour on the same plate that might overpower the natural sweetness of the scallops?

One of the highlights on the menu is the MUnster platter for 2 pax to share ($ 78). This meat platter consists of Josper oven grilled lamb, roasted chicken topped with mushroom cream sauce, US pork tenderloin, smoked cheese sausage, roasted vegetables and baby potatoes, served with black pepper sauce. There is also an option of topping up $ 32 for 300 grams of US Black Angus ribeye steak, accompanied by bearnaise sauce.

The platter is divine. The lamb is notably more outstanding as it is not gamey or too tough to chew, as many lamb dishes tend to turn out. The beef is slightly charred on the outside and cooked to a perfect medium-rare doneness. Even the pork tenderloin has managed to retain a thorough tenderness with a pinkish centre. If you have a party of 3 to 5 pax, you can also request for a larger portion of this MUnster Platter at $ 138.

The restaurant allows their guests to create their own risotto or pasta ($ 14) (you can choose either the linguine or spaghetti). First, you select a base sauce of either Tomato, Aglio Olio, Squid Ink (+ $ 6) or Truffle Cream (+ $ 6). Next, you can opt to add on either the Veg Lover (+ $ 5), Chicken Breast (+ $ 5), Vongole (+ $ 5), Crayfish (+ $ 6) or Bacon (+ $ 6). Premium choices of Duck Breast (+ $ 8), Scallops (+ $ 12) and Uni (+ $ 12) are also available.

Recommended by the Chef himself, we had the risotto with truffle cream base and crayfish ($ 26). The risotto, neither too runny nor mushy, is made with careful measurements. Each mouthful of the risotto is flavourful and has a decent bite of each grain of pearl rice. The crayfish is whole (not shredded) and succulent, only mildly absorbing the flavours of the truffle cream. Like the soup, this main dish was also served with milk “foam” and makes me wonder if this is necessary to par the dishes in this restaurant to those served in fine-dining restaurants. Regardless, Chef Joon’s years of experience in top-notch restaurants is definitely displayed here with this delightful combination.

The dessert platter ($ 48) comes with a creative plating on a massive wooden board. There is an assortment of bite-sized oreo cakes with hazelnut cream, green tea macarons, ramekins of crème brulee, caramelized bananas, bittersweet dark chocolate ice cream quenelles and peanut butter “Magnum” popsicles ‘standing’ amidst beds of raspberry granita which add a balancing contrast of sourness to the sweets. Every morsel of these desserts is heaven for the sweet-toothed.

House of MU is classy and cosy, and is located in an area saturated with Japanese cuisine so the modern European cuisine it offers has much potential for growth. Not only can this restaurant appeal to couples who fancy fine cuisine without paying the hefty price tags, it also caters to groups of friends who like to connect over large sharing plates. Although Chef Joon threads carefully with his style of cooking, keeping his dishes safe and not too complex in flavours, he somehow manages to incorporate his roots from working in fine-dining restaurants into every item we tried.

House of Mu
11 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239010
Tel: +65 6732 1011
t-th 12pm-11pm, F&Sat 12pm-12am, Sun 12pm-10pm

Food: 6.5/10
Décor/Ambience: 7/10
Service: NA
Value/Price: 6.5/10

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Written by Clancie Ng. Clancie is curious about the gastronomic world and will try almost anything at least once. She believes in the yin and the yang of striking a balance between being a glutton and working off the calories.


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