CHAR Restaurant @ Jalan Besar – sinfully good char siew

CHAR Restaurant @ Jalan Besar – sinfully good char siew

Love to eat Char Siew? CHAR Restaurant is highly raved about for this well caramelised and tender meat.

Located along Jalan Besar, the restaurant has the right recipe and technique to make the delectable dish; you wouldn’t be surprised to see the signature dish emerging on every table; in the eyes of the customers, CHAR Restaurant has apparently closely equated with this char siew dish.

Started by two brothers from the UK drew upon more than three decades of culinary skills in Chinese restaurants there, the duo has mastered in mixing of Asian with various western cooking techniques to offer a tantalising taste to the traditional char siew and roasted meat.

Triple roast $ 32

When come to good Char Siew, you can’t really neglect Char Restaurant for its signature caramelised roasted pork. The char siew was heavily marinated with herbs, spices and seasoning sauces, the whole piece of meat was completely enveloped by the thick and rich beautifully caramelized sauce, the pork belly was tender and saturated with high portion of fat than lean meat, sinful but ultimately delicious.

By comparison, the siao rou can’t really hold the candle to the char siew, it was above the average but not something that will leave you with a deep impression, it is the same fate for the duck, it just missing the wow factor.

Charcoal Beancurd with Spinach and Wild Fungi $ 14.8


The usually white Tofu was given the blacken look with the additional charcoal powder added, seriously, we hardly can taste the difference in the flavour compared to those without the charcoal, however, we have to agree the homemade tofu was silkily smooth and fine, cooked with mushroom and spinach with sauce doused over it to make it a lovable dish that we all enjoyed.

Double boiled chicken soup $ 10

The collagen-rich broth was tasty but a little too heavy with its thick and high concentrated broth, it can make you feel cloying after few sips.

Special XO Sambal Fried rice $ 13.8


Strong char flavour from the wok but everything else in the fried rice eg, fish cake and veggies and the sambal taste was not distinct and seasoning just not good enough to call it a good fried rice, it was fairly ordinary in the standard and taste.

Hong Kong Style fried Mian Xian $ 11.8


We expect good standard for this fried noodle but unfortunately Char restaurant unable to make a kill for this dish, everything went into the fried noodle from seasoning to texture were just ordinary and can’t make our taste buds excited.

Three Treasures $ 14


The salted egg, ordinary egg and century egg were well balanced in taste in this soupy vegetable dish, above average in standard and highly recommended.

Golden Trio of mushroom $ 11

Different mushroom deep fried with powder to achieve a light but crispy and additive snack, we don’t really need the Japanese sesame dipping sauce at all, it already tasted great on its own.

Salted egg Pork $ 14


Tender cubes of pork nicely coated with the flavourful salted egg powder, worth the try.

Our verdict

CHAR Restaurant should be proud of making one of the best char siew around that can make you dream of it all the time, a must order dish that we highly recommend. The charcoal beancurd, Golden Trio of Mushroom, Three treasures and the salted egg pork are the other few dishes that we had tried and worth the order as well.

If you are the fan of real good Char Siew, CHAR Restaurant is definitely has to be one of your top choices.

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CHAR Restaurant

A: 363 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208994


11:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Last order at 2pm)

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Last order at 9.30pm)

Closed on MONDAY

T: +65 6842 7759


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