Dumpling Darlings – A New Cafe in Amoy Street that Serves Amazing Mandu!



Chefs everywhere are shaking things up and deviating from the original dumpling —a pork-filled dough parcel. From the creators of Lola’s cafe, Dumpling Darlings is the new babe in town. They are sending out unorthodox renditions of dumplings which will wow you, and prove that the whole dumpling craze isn’t going to die down anytime soon!

I must say, the alliteration on the letter ‘D’ was a smart move because now it will always be on the back of my mind whenever I crave dumpling… darlings. Dang! Decked out in darker colours, and armed with an eye-catching neon sign, the chic eatery will spoil you silly with their array of dumplings. If you’re thinking of heading over for lunch, you’re in luck! Their lunch set option, which includes a drink, dumplings, and a bowl of noodles, is priced fairly at just $ 16.



We ordered the Miso Mushroom Noodles($ 5) which features handmade noodles topped with braised mushroom, Japanese soft boiled egg, fried shallots, sesame and spring onion. The noodles were very springy, and hints of miso accompany every bite. Altogether, the dish was on the sweeter side.




Can’t get enough of dumplings? Get their Dumpling Platter of 15($ 20). It features five different flavours(The Original, Veggie Mandu, Momo Curry, Fried Pierogi, and Smoked Duck) so you can be on dumpling overload mode. . Although you won’t get to pick the Spicy Sichuan in your combo, you can order the Spicy Sichuan with the set option AND get the dumpling platter so you can try everything!

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You can never go wrong with The Original; it’s a classic. Minced pork collar mashed with Napa cabbage is enveloped in a silky jacket that’s lightly glazed with black vinaigrette. Dip the dumplings in the traditional ginger soy sauce, if you like.


I was delighted to find a vegetarian option in the store. The conventional meat filling in the Veggie Mandu is replaced with a mash-up of Spinach, Tofu, Shiitake and Korean pickles. What surprised me was that it didn’t taste like vegetables at all. It only hit me on the second piece that this was a vegetarian alternative. I polished off the whole plate within seconds!


Does Smoked Duck Dumpling sound appetising to you? Well, it sure does to me. Smoked duck and shiitake mushroom are wrapped neatly in a thin dough, pan-fried to perfection, and served with a generous dollop of Hoisin mustard which lends a little sweetness to the savoury treat. The skin was chewy and had a nice crisp.


Sprinkled with curry powder and curry leaves, Momo Curry features minced pork collar mixed with curry spice and charred cauliflower. This creation is perfect for those who are more adventurous, and will like to try something more unique, or spicy. Not to worry, the spice is manageable.


Ah, the Fried Pierogi. In case you were wondering, a Pierogi is a European version of a dumpling. Dumpling Darlings’ rendition gives you smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onion, cheddar and sriracha cream. The truffle fragrance was gentle, and the smoked bacon and caramelised onion gave the dish a nice crunch. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular dish here. You won’t want to miss this!

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Similar to wonton in chilli oil that many have grown to love, the Spicy Sichuan is here to satiate all your mala cravings. The spicy Sichuan vinaigrette elevates the dish to a whole new level, and is sweet, sour, and spicy. Have a drink ready in hand to tackle the spiciness!

This new space will surely be the talk of the town real soon. Better get your reservations in or you’ll be joining the rest at the back of the queue. Remember to check their opening hours before popping by. If you’re big on dumplings, bring your darlings to Dumpling Darlings for some Mandu Madness!

Address: 44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870

Phone: 8223 9249

Area: Telok Ayer

Opening Hours: 11:30AM–3PM, 6–10:30PM Monday – Friday, 6–10:30PM Saturday, Closed Sunday

Cuisine: Chinese

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dumplingdarlingsg/

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