Five Oars Coffee Roasters – A Beautiful New Café at Tanjong Pagar!

Opened just a week ago, Five Oars Coffee Roasters comes across as a jack of all trades. Visit Five Oars in the morning and treat yourself to their extensive brunch menu and freshly brewed coffees. Drop by for dinner and be wowed by their substantial dinner menu and craft beers on tap!

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Outdoor Area

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Interior 2

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Interior 1

Five Oars’ beautiful décor sets itself apart from its competition. The café has both indoor and outing seating. The outdoor area is definitely the more instagrammable of the two. I’d describe it as modern industrial matched with lush greenery. I would have loved to enjoy my meal there, but the late afternoon sun forced me to retreat into the air-conditioned, albeit less vibrant, indoor area.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Crab Nicoise

I had just missed the timing for Five Oars’ popular day menu, which is only available from 8:30am to 4:30pm. I’m not complaining though, as their night menu boasts a pretty extensive selection. To start, I had their Crab Nicoise ($ 17.50). This salad is chock full of mouth-watering ingredients — crab meat, green beans, ebiko, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, and a free range egg. All the components of the salad were thoroughly coated with a honey mustard sauce.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Salad on Fork

I’m not typically a fan of salads and greens, but I was addicted from the first mouthful to the last. The use of crab instead of anchovies/tuna is a brilliant twist on the traditional recipe. The sweet delicate flavour of the fresh crab meat went hand-in-hand with the crunchy leafy greens. The ebiko was also a nice touch as it added a subtle burst of umami. Sure, $ 17.50 is a pretty penny for a salad. But, I felt that it was worth every cent!

Mushroom Risotto (Side)

I absolutely adore mushroom risotto. However, it’s definitely a tricky dish to prepare. All too often, I’ve had mushy risotto rice that’s not only too creamy, but also lacking in mushroom flavour! Therefore, I’m glad to report that Five Oars’ Wild Mushroom Risotto ($ 21) is one of the best that I’ve had in Singapore. The dish features arborio rice paired with wild mushrooms, parmesan, and shaved truffle.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Rice on Spoon

The chefs didn’t cheat by using chicken stock to cook the rice! Instead, they make their own broth using porcini mushrooms. This extra bit of effort paid off as the risotto was packed full of flavour. The risotto wasn’t overly rich or creamy, so the flavour of the earthy mushroom broth could really come through. The al dente arborio rice was cooked to perfection, and together with the plump and juicy mushrooms, was utterly satisfying. I can’t recommend this dish enough. Five Oars’ Wild Mushroom Risotto is a MUST-TRY.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Steak Frites

When I saw steak on Five Oars’ menu, I knew I had to give it a taste. Upon first impression, I was rather underwhelmed by their Steak Frites ($ 28). The presentation wasn’t as inviting or as appealing as that of the other two dishes. I might have been expecting too much of a good ol’ steak and fries dish though. This 250g ribeye steak comes paired with a house-made sauce that’s made with chicken liver!

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Pouring Sauce on Steak

I got the rosy pink, medium-rare that I requested for. Now, the steak wasn’t horribly dry, but it was slightly chewy in a rather unpalatable way. I also felt that it was under-seasoned, even though the sprinkling of coarse sea salt on top did help a little. The saving grace of the dish was the chicken liver sauce. It was delectably creamy and fatty, while adding a lovely flavour to the steak. I appreciated their use of thin-cut fries (I violently object the very existence of thick-cut fries). Golden-brown and crispy, the fries were a great accompaniment to the steak.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Mocha

I didn’t want to drink on the job, so I opted for their 7oz Mocha ($ 6) instead of the craft beer. I’m no coffee expert so I can’t comment much on the quality. The coffee art was on point though! They’ve got loads of non-coffee options, including Hot Chocolate ($ 6), various teas ($ 6.50 per pot), juice ($ 5.50) and even craft soda ($ 6.50)!

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Storefront

Whether you’re a café-hopping aficionado, or you’re just looking for a beautiful dining spot, Five Oars Coffee Roasters is a pretty decent option. That being said, their prices are rather steep. I’ll definitely return for their Wild Mushroom Risotto though! made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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