Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant 菩提林素食料理餐厅 – Comforting vegetarian food

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant 菩提林素食料理餐厅 – Comforting vegetarian food

The palates were craving for some meatless meal and we decided to head for Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant, the restaurant has been around in the same area since the past few decades serving traditional Chinese vegetarian dishes and seemingly popular among the vegetarian fans.

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant has relatively big sitting capacity, one side of the restaurant is designated for big events eg, wedding with big round tables and another section mainly for casual dining.

The menu is quite extensive featuring traditional Chinese vegetarian dishes and the new menu serving the Thai vegetarian dishes.

Claypot Mushroom $ 8.0

Shitake is one of the most commonly used mushrooms food in the vegetarian dishes, the claypot mushroom was cooked with the cabbage in the claypot, the shiitake mushroom was fragrant and absorbed the flavours from the gravy, a simple dish but delivered the flavour. (3.5/5)

Stir Fried Monkey Head $ 10.0

Monkey head mushroom or Lion Mane is one of the delicacies in the world of mushroom, cooked with capsicum, carrot and button mushroom, the clump of spines can create a wonder if cooked correctly and the chef has the dish nicely executed thanks to the flavourful seasoning. (3.5/5)

Crispy Mushroom $ 10.0

It is always a welcoming snack as long as produced with the right coating in the boiling pot of oil. Various fresh mushroom deep fried for a good munch and a dish hardly can go wrong. (3.5/5)

Tom Yum Clear Soap $ 7.0

We were introduced to try the new Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant new Thai menu. When we inquired about the spiciness of the clear Tom Yam soup, the waitress replied confidently that the soup has no chili added and not spicy at all unlike the red one which is spicy. “What?” First time came across Tom Yam without chili, sure or not? She checked and came back with a blushed face about her mistake.

Mainly made up of mushroom, mocked prawns, veggies and tofu, however, without the seafood to lift up the flavour, the vegetarian clear Tom Yam soup has to rely heavily on the seasoning to reassemble the spicy and sour Tom Yam taste, the two distinct Tom Yam flavours were not too balanced, the sourness was overwhelming but some of us just like it for the flavour. (3.0/5)

Phad Thai $ 6.0

The thin kway teow was fried with bean spouts, veggies with light seasoning, flavour was  ordinary and nothing to short about (2.5/5)

Our verdict

There is no modern fusion twist with the dishes or expect wow factor when you dine here, Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant is targeting the mass vegetarian market with the traditional vegetarian dishes that are simple and comforting, a strategy worked well for the past and perhaps will continue to do so in the near future.

7% GST included in the price
No Service charge

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant 菩提林素食料理餐厅

A: 789 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534659

H: Daily 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm

T: (65) 6385 7477

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