Nikon D7200, D9000 and D4x Rumors

Nikon D7200, D9000 and D4x Rumors

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Nikon D7200 and D9000 Rumors

Alongside the Canon 70D and 7D Mark II rumors, a Japanese magazine published its take on upcoming Nikon DSLRs for 2013. The Nikon D7200 (presumably following the Nikon D7000) is rated at a 90% probability with rumored specs that contain a 24MP APS-C sensor, 39-point AF and ISO 25,600 sensitivity.

Another interesting rumor is the Nikon D9000, which is rumored to sport a 16MP APS-C sensor, eight-10fps frame rate and a 51-point AF program. Presumably this would be a step closer to the Canon 7D or what might otherwise be identified as the Nikon D400 (oddly though, that model name does not appear on the rumor sheet). The magazine assigns the Nikon D9000 a 35% probability for 2013 release.

Nikon D4x and 1 V3 Rumors

Rounding out the rumor mill is the Nikon 1 V3 as the subsequent prosumer mirrorless model with a 75% probability. And, of program, the Nikon D4x with a 36MP complete frame sensor captures a 30% probability for a 2013 release.

[via Northlight Photos]

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