'SNL' has a new queen of comedy in Cecily Strong

SNL's Cecily Strong: Weekend Update Co-Anchor with Seth Meyers! Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong has just been announced as the new co-anchor for the famous weekly Weekend Update sketch alongside 

Saturday Night Live Cecily Strong Weekend Update The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party will now be driving the pop culture conversation, as a co-anchor of Saturday Night Live's Weekend 

Breakout Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong (a.k.a. The Girl You Wish You Hadnt Started A Conversation With At A Party) will be co-hosting Weekend Update with Seth Meyers on the shows upcoming season, 

The sophomore cast member will join Seth Meyers at first, but transition into a solo role.

Michaels told the Times the plan has Strong initially sharing the "Update" desk with Meyers, then going solo when he begins hosting "Late Night" in February. An alternative option might find Meyers remaining as "Update" co-anchor even after starting

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