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Seth Rogen, Zoe Saldana And A lot more To Present At Film Awards

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Although the reality Rebel Wilson is hosting the 2013 MTV Film Awards this year is enough to get us tuning in, the list of presenters that was announced right now is a great added bonus. Every person from Zach Efron to the cast of “Star Trek Into Darkness” will be handing out Golden Popcorns, so it’s time to start off receiving excited. Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto will be representing J.J. Abrams’ upcoming “Star Trek” sequel at the Movie Awards, while “This Is The End’s” Seth Rogen and Danny McBride will also be stopping by. The comedy will not quit with that duo, as each Chris Rock and Adam Sandler will appear from “Grown Ups 2.” Hopefully at least one of these two pairs will be involved in presenting Will Ferrell the very first-ever Comedic Genius Award. The individual actors presenting are just as thrilling as the group ones. In addition to Efron, viewers will see appearances by Steve Carell, Melissa McCarthy, Kerry Washington and Amanda Seyfried. Though the winners for the Movie Awards aren’t recognized however, we can at least confirm that “Perks of Becoming a Wallflower” star Emma Watson will be in attendance to accept the Trailblazer Award and Selena Gomez will perform her new single “Come & Get It” during the show. The MTV Film Awards take location on April 14 at 9 p.m. ET. Vote now to determine who will win awards like Film of the Year, Ideal Scared-As-S**t Performance, Ideal Fight and Greatest WTF Moment. Will Jennifer Lawrence get her silver lining in the type of a Golden Popcorn? Which beefcake will sizzle in our brand-new Best Shirtless Overall performance category? It’s up to you to determine the winners of the 2013 MTV Film Awards! Vote now, and tune in Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET, as star Rebel Wilson takes the stage at the Sony Photographs Studios lot in Culver City, California.

‘This Is The End’ Red-Band Trailer: Seth Rogen And James Franco Curse The Apocalypse

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by Hannah Soo Park Neglect “World War Z” and the slew of other fashionable zombie-ridden films slated for subsequent year, due to the fact Seth Rogen and firm are busting out with their personal post-apocalyptic adventure, and this 1 promises what the other folks don’t — tons of laughs and genuinely random celebrity cameos. For their directorial debut, “This is the Finish,” Rogen and Evan Goldberg — both of whom have had a hand in writing and/or generating a string of cult comedies, like “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express” — rounded up a handful of close friends (of the funny, famous, actor range, of program) to capture their would-be struggle for survival throughout the finish of all days. Verify out a red-band first look at “This is the End” beneath! (Warning: not secure for perform.) Of course, a Seth Rogen movie would not be a Seth Rogen movie without having the raunch, this time delivered by the likes of Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson — all of whom are playing themselves. “Pineapple Express” crew and Baruchel aside, count on to see appearances by other really funny, talented folks, such as Paul Rudd, Aziz Ansari, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna (yes, you read that accurately) and a lot more.

Barbra Streisand Requires Seth Rogen On A ‘Guilt Trip’

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Immediately after a number of teases, the 1st trailer for “The Guilt Trip,” a road film starring the inspired pair of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, has debuted over at Yahoo! Films. The preview has everything you’d count on from a film starring Streisand and Rogen as a mother and son duo, who head out on the road to sell his brand new invention. Check out the trailer and an official synopsis immediately after the jump! Official synopsis: Andy Brewster is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, and who much better to accompany him than his overbearing mother Joyce. Right after deciding to start off his adventure with a rapid visit at mom’s, Andy is guilted into bringing her along for the ride. Across 3,000 miles of ever-modifying landscape, he is consistently aggravated by her antics, but more than time he comes to comprehend that their lives have a lot more in frequent than he originally thought. His mother’s guidance might end up getting exactly what he demands. “The Guilt Trip” opens on December 25. What did you believe of the trailer? Let us know in the comments beneath and on Twitter!

Seth Rogen Dishes On Most significant ‘This Is The End’ Surprise Cameo

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The trailers for “This Is The Finish” do not genuinely downplay the truth that a lot of celebrities show up on screen as skewed versions of themselves. But the trailers do not show you each celebrity that shows up to hang out with Seth, James, Jonah, Danny, and Jay. Co-writer/co-diector Seth Rogen stopped by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz’s office to talk about one of the largest surprises of his apocalypse comedy, “This Is The End.” You should know that the video discusses SPOILERS pretty much exclusively, so you must not watch the interview unless you’ve seen “This Is The Finish,” which is anything you need to absolutely do. “This Is The End” is now in theaters.

Paul Rudd And Seth Rogen Kick Off ‘El Plato Supreme’ Early

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Super Bowl XLVII is days away, but already the super-sized advertisements are coming. This Samsung spot featuring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk discussing what they can in fact say about the Super Bowl with no obtaining sued. It turns out you cannot say a great deal. Check out the complete ad beneath! We predicted what will come about for the duration of the Super Bowl movie ads.

‘Ghosbusters’ Reside Read: Rogen, Black, and Wilson Cross Streams

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As somebody who observes the film sector from a journalistic standpoint far more so than a fan these days, it really is simple to get jaded and cynical about all of Hollywood, full of overpaid actors with as well-fragile egos, studios churning out quantity more than high quality, creating films to win awards, award season, and so on. Fortunately there are approaches to drown out that noise with tiny reminders of why movies and a lot of the individuals who make them are wonderful. Case in point, Oscar-nominated director Jason Reitman’s modern and wholly entertaining project Live Read, which brings with each other a group of identified and operating actors to read reside a script from a beloved or classic film in front of an audience. Thursday night’s overall performance was a read of the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters,” directed by Reitman’s father Ivan and the featured players were: Seth Rogen as Peter Venkman, the function originated by Bill Muray Jack Black as Ray Stantz, initially played by co-writer /actor Dan Aykroyd Rainn Wilson as Egon Spengler, originated by co-writer/actor Harold Ramis Phill Lamarr (“Pulp Fiction”) as Winston Zeddmore Kristen Bell as Dana Barrett originated by Sigourney Weaver Kevin Pollak as mayor of New York City and EPA operative Walter Peck Mae Whitman (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) as Janine Melnitz, originated by Annie Potts and Paul Rust (“Inglourious Basterds”) as Louis Tully, originated by Rick Moranis. Here are the top 10 things we loved most about this hilarious and unique event: -There are no rehearsals for live reads. Reitman prepares the scripts for the actors and hands them out accordingly. For “Ghostbusters,” he had to go back and appear at a transcription from the film in order to add in all the popular 1-liners that Murray improvised. -Just before getting began with the read, Reitman delighted the crowd with the news that his father was in the audience to watch. The younger Reitman promised his dad that he was going to “try and not eff up” or “ruin his inheritance.” -Young Reitman was seven years-old when the movie came out, and on the following Halloween, when everyone dressed as Ghostbusters, he was the only kid who had a genuine Ghostbusters gun as part of his costume. -Seth Rogen does an exceptional Peter Venkman! He was not channeling Bill Murray, but place his own stamp on the quirky, unpredictable ladies man, including the delivery of traditional Murray improvs like “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass” and “I really feel so funky.” -If you ask Jack Black what his preferred motion pictures are, there is a powerful chance “Ghostbusters” is among them. Black looked like a kid in a candy store all through the reading. It was obvious that he was completely thrilled to be playing Ray and he nailed the part, especially for the duration of the scenes when Ray has to explain certain scientific terms to Venkman and gets all worked up about them or when he slides down the fireman’s pole for the first time. Black’s charisma and sometimes breathless exclamation was a best match for that character. -Speaking of perfect fits, Rainn Wilson’s take on Egon was excellent in that he nailed Ramis’ very dry manner of speaking. But he also added a fine layer of the Rainn Wilson/Dwight Schrute brand of know-it-all-ness to lines like, “Don’t cross the streams” and “I really feel like the floor of a taxi cab.” -The original script had a dream sequence experienced in which Ray dreams he’s visited by a female ghost who unbuttons his pants and leaves him in a state of “pleasure overload,” which had the younger Reitman, who served as the narrator, stopping after that specific descriptor to acknowledge the awkwardness of reading that line in front of his father. -”THERE IS NO DANA! THERE IS ONLY ZOOL!” continues to be this writer’s favored line in the movie, along with that entire scene between possessed Dana and Venkman, and Kristen Bell’s dreamy, zoned-out and hyper sexualized-but-forceful delivery of the line only reemphasized that fact. -Mae Whitman and Kevin Pollak can turn a single word of dialogue into an complete stolen scene/moment. Each actors played several distinct roles during the read and received the most enthusiastic applause for their efforts. Whitman’s standout moment was in the delivery of Janine’s lengthy and speedy-fire questioning of Ghostbuster wannabe Winston’s paranormal beliefs, while Pollak killed it as the scary voice in Dana’s fridge who yelled “Zoooooool!!” and with his Casey Kasem and Larry King impressions. -Original “Ghostbusters” helmer Ivan Reitman got the final shout-out of the night and received a standing ovation from the cast and audience. The only downside of Reitman’s brilliant event is that it is not yet accessible to wide audiences. The Live Read program is element of Film Independent at LACMA’s series and headquartered in Los Angeles and the modest group of fortunate attendees are prohibited from taking images or recording the performances in any way, so you have to rely on comprehensive recaps from the west coast.

‘Take This Waltz’ Exclusive Clip: Seth Rogen Babies Michelle Williams

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Romance movies seldom supply a appear behind closed doors. They’ll show the couple on a pond ice skating in the winter or walking along the beach engaged in a conversation to define their relationship. But in this exclusive “Take This Waltz” clip, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen mirror a married couple’s daily tasks as they have a little bout, following a scene of intimacy. Williams plays Margot, a 28 year old freelance writer happily married to her husband Lou (Rogen). Their interaction in this clip sets up their visible really like for each and every other. He looks affectionately at her saying, “I am glad you happen to be here.” She treads over and wraps her arms about him as he’s cooking breakfast. They end up in a giggly, playful embrace on the floor before things commence to go south. Their flirtatious banter comes to a halt when Margot asks him not to kiss her and call her child at the very same time. Frustrated, Lou gets up and continues creating breakfast as Margot sips her coffee apologizing. And there lies the crack in her life that Daniel (Luke Kirby) could be in a position to fill. When Margot meets her neighbor Daniel, an artist and rickshaw driver, she speedily begins falling for him. Soon she gives into her want to be close to him and begins exploring this new relationship—despite her reservations telling her to keep away. “Take This Waltz” hits theaters on June 29. What did you consider of this exclusive ‘Take This Waltz’ clip? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!