Old Amoy Chendol – The Best Chendol I’ve Ever Had

I am more of a hot dessert kind of person. So when I try a cold dessert, it has to be (very) good for me to like it. I don’t fancy chendol, but somehow, Old Amoy Chendol made me a convert.

You Ning, the owner, shared with me that when he returned to Singapore from China last year, he was craving for chendol, but couldn’t find good ones around. It then struck him to set up a chendol stall that serves authentic chendol. He then learnt the ropes from his already-retired grandfather, who sold chendol on a pushcart along Amoy Street back in the 1950s. And, that’s how Old Amoy Chendol got its name!

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Don’t expect to see other desserts here. Old Amoy Chendol serves only chendol. The chendol is built with shaved ice, red beans, pandan worm-like jelly, coconut milk and gula melaka. Old Amoy Chendol apart uses only good quality ingredients, and everything is made from scratch daily. You Ning claimed that it’s really hard work, but such dedication is crucial in the creation of a great bowl of chendol.

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You Ning travels to Sarawak often to source for gula melaka, and he hand-carries them back. You can rest assured that you’re getting only the best. There are absolutely no additives in the gula melaka, and the coconut milk is 100% cold-pressed. Even the red beans are cooked fresh daily.

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I wasn’t sure how good chendol can get, but Old Amoy Chendol sure showed me how great this dessert can actually be. I polished off the entire bowl, and it didn’t feel too heavy.  The coconut taste was strong, but not overpowering. The gula melaka was especially fragrant, rich, and smoky. The red beans were soft, and not cloyingly sweet. Every ingredient was like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle — ordinary on its own, but beautiful altogether.

“Some people ask why don’t I add more ingredients like durian or attap seeds to my chendol. You don’t need a lot to draw a crowd. Simple is best,” You Ning expressed. I totally agree.

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They don’t compromise on the ingredients and taste, so $ 2 for a bowl is a real steal, in my opinion. It is no doubt the best chendol I’ve ever tasted. Drop by Chinatown Complex Food Centre for a taste of traditional and authentic chendol! The friendly aunty will ask about your desired level of sweetness for your chendol, so you don’t have to worry about it being insufficiently or overly sweet. The food centre is huge and you may get lost, so take note that the stall is located in the light-yellow zone.

MissTamChiak.com made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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