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Beware: Do Not Fall For This iMessage / SMS iPhone Scam

By | August 17th, 2017

iPhone user? Beware! There’s a new iMessage / SMS phishing scam targeting iPhone owners with the claim that their Apple ID has expired, and invites them on how to proceed to fix it.

Email spam and phishing attacks are something that we are all very familiar with, and while anti-spam solutions have improved beyond measure over the years, scammers have now turned their attentions to other mediums. One of those is the SMS and iMessage system that iPhone owners are familiar with, and scammers are now targeting those users in an attempt to phish them.

The scam itself is actually simply in its execution. Targeted users receive an SMS which appears to be sent by someone with the name “iMessage” which would normally set the alarm bells ringing for readers of sites like this, but it is an unfortunate fact that the mass populous is not as savvy as us, so when they then see a message suggesting that their services and apps are at risk if they do not click or tap a URL, they are very likely to do that. It is at this point where things obviously go somewhat south.

Your iPhoneID is due to expire today. Tap to update and prevent loss of services and apps.

If you receive a message like that then the best thing you can do is report it to Apple by sending a screenshot to While the message itself is sent via SMS, and in some cases even iMessage, we are sure Apple will be interested in seeing it regardless. Beyond that, customers of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint or Bell can report spam texts to their carrier directly by forwarding the original message to 7726 (SPAM), free of charge.

As always we would remind everyone to be on the lookout for scams like this and remember to be skeptical of messages of this ilk. Scammers are everywhere. Oh and don’t forget to share this with your loved family and friends who have iPhones so that they are aware of this as well.

(Source: Reddit)

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Redmond Pie

Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak – Affordable Nasi Lemak with Awesome Sambal!

The concept of infusing elements of traditional national dishes into modern cuisine has been trending.  Even McDonalds has jumped onto the bandwagon with their Nasi Lemak burger. Forget trends, for I have here with me a hidden gem that sells delicious Chinese Style Nasi Lemak! Opened in 2002, Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak had its name derived from the Hindu goddess of wealth, health, fortune and prosperity, Lakshmi. On behalf of Carol, older son Jonathan explained that the family-run Nasi lemak hawker stall was inspired by the belief that people should have access to delicious food at affordable prices.


“We do remember faces and try to engage with returning customers by remembering their likes and dislikes. It’s pretty personal in that sense, where customers actually turn into friends.”

With a friendly demeanour, Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak welcomes patrons with an array of scrumptious ingredients, including stir-fried brinjal, grilled otah and crispy fried chicken wing.


If it’s your first time here, be prepared to brave the queue that would have already formed even before the store opens. All good things must wait right! While waiting, you can decide if you want to get set A, B or C, or build your own dish. I love to customise my Nasi Lemak, so I chose to pair my rice with stir-fried cabbage, grilled otah, crispy chicken wing, egg, and tahu goreng with long beans ($ 5).


Remember to ask for their sambal chilli, which is to die for. Every mouthful of sambal is delicious. You can definitely almost taste a subtle wok hei in the chilli. The family adds tamarind paste to the chilli, which gives it its sweetness! And the best part? The chilli pairs excellently with every ingredient, adding a sweet and spicy note to each. “The sambal chilli is also a huge favourite of our customers. More often than not, our customers tend to tell us to give them more,” said Jonathan.



The cabbage is light, yet crunchy and sweet, and isn’t too oily.


They make a delicious tahu goreng with long beans. Though I’m not usually a fan of fried tofu, the tau goreng, which is fried to perfection, had me at hello. Add a dose of their chilli and be amazed by the combustion of flavours. This ingredient alone made all the difference for me.


The fresh and soft otah has a strong char and is definitely something you must try! The chicken wing is slightly on the drier side, but the skin is still nicely crisp and the meat well marinated.


This is definitely one good nasi lemak that will put all other nasi lemak-inspired dishes to shame. The family also runs the minced meat noodles stall (#01-69) and the economical rice stall (#01-67), which are opposite the nasi lemak stall. Now that’s hawkerpreneurship. Jonathan and his younger brother, who are working full time at the stalls, have also shared with us their dreams of taking over the stalls in the future. We wish Carol and her family all the best in their upcoming ventures!

Address: 90 Whampoa Drive #01-24 Singapore 320090

Phone: 9830 1929 (Carol) or 8328 3144 (Jonathan)

Opening Hours: 11.15am to 9pm daily. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

Sean Ng

Battling perpetual food coma while indulging in a menu that fills both the stomach and soul.

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Miss Tam Chiak


Designers: Endless Client Revisions Got You Down? 260+ Pre-built Websites Are The Solution

(This branded content is brought to you by Be Theme)

When you think your client is finally satisfied, here comes another revision request. This time, it’s because he’s just come across a font he believes better fits in with the company brand.

That would be acceptable, except it’s the third time it’s happened! You find yourself stuck with the same project for a few more days, instead of moving on to the next one.

There are a couple of things you can do about it:

  1. You can use a tool that gives your client exactly what he wants early on;
  2. Use the tool that allows you to make changes easily.

Here’s one that does both.

Be Theme delivers what your clients need – the first time.

Be Theme offers a selection of more than 260 pre-built websites. Thus, it’s not hard to find one that’s a perfect match for your client’s needs or niche.

These pre-built websites are completely customizable. Moreover, you have a wealth of design options to work with. So, it’s easy to a make a change in the unlikely event of needed revision.

Even better, you can respond to your client’s request for a website in as little as 4 hours.

See how easy you can install Be Theme by watching this cool 40-second video.

10 Be Theme template examples that can get the job done.

  1. Be eLearning

    For clients who sell online courses.

    This attractive pre-built website provides a great starting point to build a website for a client with online courses to sell, or is creating an eLearning platform. Although plenty of white space is used its design, Be eLearning supports a large amount of content.

  2. Be Craftbeer

    For small business owners

    A client who is selling handcrafted products will want a website that features attention-getting images, like this one in Be Craftbeer. Its structured, well-balanced design, cool JavaScript effects, and clever display of buttons should please even the pickiest client.

  3. Be Tiles

    For interior designers and architects

    Be Tiles lays the groundwork for a client wishing to showcase visual effects; the type of website often associated with architectural firms and interior design agencies.

    Give the client a few examples of stunning portfolio styles, and you’re not likely to be bothered by revision requests.

  4. Be Artist

    For clients working in creative industries

    Be Artist

    A client who has high standards and exquisite tastes, can be difficult to satisfy, as he or she will expect the same in the website you deliver. Be Artist will put your fears to rest.

    Parallax scrolling and neat JavaScript portfolio filtering effects allow you to display the client’s creative talent in exceptional ways.

  5. Be Burger

    For clients working in the catering industry

    Be Burger

    Here’s your chance to design a website for a client in a catering or food service business that stands out from the crowd in this highly competitive niche.

    Mouth-watering images, easy-to-order forms, and a simple menu structure should satisfy any food service client.

  6. Be Sports club

    For clients in the fitness & wellness industry

    Be Sports club

    This dynamic and interactive pre-built website is a perfect match for the niche it represents. Clients owning or representing a sports club, fitness center, or health and wellness center, will like this modern design, with its clean lines, clever parallax effects and attention-getting animations.

  7. Be Hotel2

    For clients in the travel and lodging industry

    Be Hotel2

    Be Hotel2 illustrates how large cover images, and well-designed galleries showing spacious hotel rooms and other amenities for guests, can trigger a desire on the part of a visitor to pick up the phone and book a room.

    You can build a complex website like this in 4 hours.

  8. Be Restaurant

    For restaurant or bistro owners

    Be Restaurant

    You don’t see many websites for restaurants as charming as this one. Be Restaurant2 was designed from scratch to meet a variety of needs.

    It will serve equally well as a basis for an upscale restaurant’s website, or for a client who owns a small, neighborhood bistro.

  9. Be VPN

    For your IT clients

    Be VPN

    This website is modern, clean, and well-structured, which is what an IT team or company will expect from you. Be VPN’s corporate look isn’t hurt one bit by providing a friendly, human touch. The juice glass looks like it belongs where it’s been placed.

  10. Be Car

    For clients who sell luxury products

    Be Car

    This pre-built website has elegant and tasteful details coupled with intuitive design. It offers everything a client selling luxury items might expect in a website.

    A hero image surrounded by plenty of white space is an excellent way to shine a spotlight on a luxury product.


How does Be Theme eliminate those bothersome client revisions?

  • You have the largest number of pre-built websites on the market. This makes it a no-brainer to find one to match your client’s needs.
  • With Be Theme, it’s possible to deliver a complex website with text, images, and the works. It will take as little as 4 hours of your time.
  • The fact that Be Theme is a Top 5 ThemeForest best seller speaks for itself. This theme ensures the quality your clients will see in your deliverables. Thousands of designers and developers agree with this fact.
  • The pre-built websites are customizable and easy to work with. This makes them easily adaptable to any client’s needs.
  • The designs are beautiful, intuitive and come with well-structured content. The functionality is embedded in each pre-built website along with other features.


No more time wasted working on revisions that tend to pile up in your inbox. All that’s required of you is to meet your client’s needs the first time around.

This will not be hard to do when you have 260+ themes and the Be Theme 1-click installer to work with.

You may still get a request for a revision now and then, but you’ll never again see them in the double digits. Besides, with Be Theme, you can make the most demanding clients happy with your initial works.

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Istimewa Kitchen – Affordable Nasi Padang in Bedok Industrial Park


A good friend of mine does wedding styling in Singapore. I met up with her over lunch recently and she was telling me one of her clients owns a nasi padang stall in Bedok industrial estate. “This bride-to-be is very chio, I can’t believe she wakes up early every morning to pack rice at the stall,” she said.

A chio bu selling nasi padang? This is something. So we met for lunch (again) the following week, at Bedok Industrial Park. I arrived before lunch and there was already a short queue in front of Istimewa Kitchen. Started 3 years ago by Sara and her fiancé Kenneth, they wanted to venture into F&B and thought nasi padang was a “niche market”. Roping in a family friend who is a chef, Sara then left her job as a underwriter and set up Istimewa Kitchen.


27-year-old Sara stood behind the counter to take orders. The wide array of food displayed behind the glass counter is enough to whet one’s appetite. Their signature mutton rendang, being a favourite among many, goes easy on your palates as it is moderately spicy with coconut, and spices helped to bring out its aroma. The lean pieces of mutton has been braised for at least 2 hours to ensure that it deliciously melts in your mouth. Indeed, the meat was tender and had no gamey taste at all, making it a pleasure to savour.

Another hot favourite is the assam fish which has been infused with tamarind sauce and red chilli, served with a variety of vegetables such as lady fingers, tomatoes and brinjal. It was almost sold out during my visit, so I only managed to try a small piece. But it’s good enough to know that the sauce has a perfect balance of tanginess and spiciness.

I was craving for fried chicken wings that day hence I just had to order them. The batter was ordinary but I paired it with their sambal belacan imbued with tangy limau kasturi and an assortment of chilies. Ahhh… all these food talk is making me hungry.

A complete Nasi Padang meal usually includes a balance of vegetables and variety of meat. Check out the curry vegetables, a yellow creamy dish. The spices are finely blended before cooking. Coconut milk is slowly added to ensure a creamy texture.

So happy to find a decent nasi padang stall in an industrial estate (not because Sara is chio of course). They may be moving out soon so be sure to check their Facebook page before heading down!


Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, she started this website in 2007 to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share her love of travel and food with the world. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling.

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Miss Tam Chiak

This Site Knows If Your Online Accounts Have Been Hacked

Over the years, many websites and services have been hacked by groups of black hat hackers. Stemming from these hacks are lists containing compromised emails and their accompanying passwords, all of which are frequently used by these groups as bargaining chips to extort their victims for money.

Due to the amount of data that is stolen from these hacks, it could be a tedious affair to sift through the information to find out if your email and password could be compromised.

To make this process easier, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security Troy Hunt has used his own spare time to develop a website called “Have I Been Pwned?” that can help users find out if their login credentials are at risk.

The way this website work is relatively straightforward: the user inputs either their email address and password into the provided dialog box and click on the “pwned?” button. After a few seconds, the website would spit out information regarding the safety of their login credentials.

If the login credentials in question are safe, the website would display a green label that informs the user that their login credentials do not appear in the database, making them safe as of the time of checking.

green label

However, if the login credentials were to appear in the database of known hacks and passwords, the website would throw up a red-colored warning that informs the user that their credentials may be compromised.

In the event that the user is looking up their email address or usernames, the website would also highlight the hacks that may have compromised their credentials.

you've been pwned

The information that is used to create Have I Been Pwned? has been sourced from lists from Anti Public data dump and As such, the website has a certain degree of accuracy when it comes to identifying whether or not a password has been compromised.

While the list is reliable, Hunt has mentioned that the website is by no means perfect, and that users should still be vigilant about their account’s security.

Most importantly of all, Hunt explicitly reminds those who are looking to use the website to never input a password that they are currently using for their accounts. While the website does not log passwords, Hunt believes that inputting a password into any random third-party service isn’t exactly a wise move.

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Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup Review

The freshness of the fish and the flavourful deep-fried fish able to uplift overall taste in this dish, quality of the fish will further substantiated by the succulent soup, the result is a bowl of quality fish soup.

Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup

Zion Road Blk 91 Seafood Soup 1

We were at the coffeeshop for the Don’s Signature Crabs, two stalls away was Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup, the long queue caught our attention and led to our return two weeks later.

From the signboard ones probably can tell the original birth place of the stall. Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup seems to have some diehard fans after shifted to the new location.

Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup offers fish slice and fish head soup with various combinations.

Sliced Fish Soup $ 4.5 / $ 5.5

Zion Road Blk 91 Seafood Soup 2

We opted the fish slice combination, the Batang fish was as fresh as right after harvesting from the ocean, texture was right on the spot. Fried fish slices were served in a separate bowl to keep its crispiness and allow you to enjoy the fragrance of the well-seasoned batter. Fish meat was not compromised and able to retain the tenderness and moistness.

Zion Road Blk 91 Seafood Soup 3

The soul of the fish soup lies with the preparation of the broth, the slightly milky soup has a hint of natural sweetness from the simmering process.

Zion Road Blk 91 Seafood Soup 4

Our verdict on Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup

The freshness of the fish and the flavourful deep-fried fish able to uplift the overall taste in this dish, quality of the fish will further substantiated by the succulent soup, the result is a a bowl of quality fish soup.

Zion Road Blk91 Ann Shun Seafood Soup

A: 206 Toa Payoh North, #01-1197, Bee Chow Hng Eating House Singapore 310206

H: Daily 10am to 7pm, Closed on Sundays

FB:Zion Road Blk 91 Seafood Soup – Singapore – Seafood restaurant | Facebook

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I Eat And Eat

How to Drive Recurring E-Commerce Sales in 2017

I often see businesses more concerned about getting new customers instead of retaining the existing ones. But, do you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one!

Considering how important it is to retain your old e-commerce customers to drive repeated sales, I have written this article touching all the key points. I will discuss different tips to help you in creating a better e-commerce experience for your customers so they keep coming back to your site for more.

Identify the reasons why customers leave

Firstly, you need to identify all the possible reasons of customers leaving your site. These can be any of the following:

  • The customer has left the market.
  • Your competitor has persuaded the customer to join their service.
  • Dissatisfied with your service.
  • Customer believes you do not care for them.

Once you pinpoint the reason why your existing customer has decided to take a u-turn, it automatically becomes easy for you to work on that particular segment of your e-commerce business.

Calculate CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

In order to assess the value of net profit an existing customer (if retained) may provide to your business, we calculate the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). It is a predictive analytics technique that can help you forecast the entire future relationship of the customer with your enterprise.

The easiest way to calculate CLV is by using the below formula:


  • CLV = Customer Lifetime Value
  • CV = Customer Value
  • t = Store’s Average Lifespan



  • AOV = Average Order Value
  • f = Purchase Frequency

AOV can be calculated by the formula:

And f can be calculated by the formula:


t (stores lifespan) is usually 1 to 3 years.

This is a basic calculation that shows as how many months or years the customer stays with the company before going dormant.


Strategies to retain customers

It is critical for an e-commerce business to drive more online revenue by generating repeated e-commerce sales. Here are some of the ways to enable customers to spend more without becoming dormant:

1. Simplify the checkout process

Customers are more likely to purchase repeatedly at your website if the checkout process is simple and convenient. Do not make the customer fill the details every time they purchase, rather provide auto-filling of the fields that remain same like the name, address, and card details. Your focus should be to save your customer’s time and add convenience to the process.

Here are some ways to simplify the checkout process:

  • Use AJAX to dynamically update the page without the need to refresh it.
  • Remove distractions (like the main menu) and keep only the essential fields (payment details and delivery details) in the checkout page. Tools like Usersnap can help you track bugs on your site easily.
  • If there is an error on the customer’s part then highlight the error by using a message popup and instruct the customer what to do next.
  • Once the order is placed, clearly state the date and time of the delivery.
  • Send emails and messages confirming the order placement.
  • Ensure, the checkout works smoothly on all devices.

Have a look at the below one-step checkout process for Magento:

2. Reward your customers

Customers love to be rewarded. It can be in the form of inviting your loyal customers to company events or sending them customized messages or gifts on their birthdays or anniversaries. Tools like LoyaltyBox are a great help in automating the process of rewarding your customers.

Here are some more ways you can apply to reward your customers:

  • Give cashback or loyalty points to the customers once they complete their first purchase which can be redeemed at their next purchase.
  • Charge upfront fee and provide VIP benefits. A great example is of Amazon Prime which charges $ 99 annually and the users get free shipping with no minimum purchase.
  • Partner with other companies to provide the customers with all inclusive offers. For example, you can tie up with a spa company and offer free spa services to customers when they reach a particular level.
3. Ask for constructive feedback

Customers look for a platform where they can share their voice. Feedback is an important medium to optimize the customer purchase journey. You can ask for user feedback through the following ways:

  • Send emails to customers after they make a purchase asking them about their experience like “Did you find the checkout process easy?” OR “What would you like to change in the checkout process in order to make it easier?”
  • Similarly, you can ask them about their experience with the particular product that they purchased.
  • You can also provide pro-active live chat support to gather real time feedback and minimize the friction to the purchase.
  • Gather data using customer surveys. Move forward with a shorter, “slider” survey that appears onscreen as a customer browses your site.
4. Offer regular discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? Rewarding your loyal customers by sending them discount coupons is a great way to enhance customer retention.

Shopify is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to generating extra online sales. You can take advantage of Shopify’s coupon and discount feature. Create coupons and assign discount codes to generate more business.

You can create discounts on the basis of:

  • Percentage – 10% off on your overall purchase.
  • Shipping costs – offer customers free shipping.
5. Provide efficient customer service

You should always be supportive towards your customers and help them with whatever issues they might be facing. A bad and inefficient customer service is often one of the common reasons why customers fail to repeat purchase. Here are some tips for providing better customer service:

  • The customer service executives should be courteous and respectful.
  • They must listen to what the customer is saying. A good support agent has to be a good listener.
  • Response should be given in real time and all the queries should be fixed at the earliest. Support agents often try to neglect the customer queries and do not provide an immediate solution.
  • Consistently check with your customers whether they are happy with the products and services. Proper feedback is crucial for the success of the business. You can check out the customer service feedback templates provided by SurveyMonkey.
6. “Open a Relationship” instead of “Closing a Sale”

The growth of an e-commerce business is dependant on sales, however, the sales are eventually generated by customers. Therefore, if you try to close sales instead of opening relationship with the customers, it will only benefit you in short-term.

Instead, it is important to open up a relationship with your customer and focus on long-term benefits for your e-commerce business.

In conclusion

It is important for you to maintain the right attitude with your customers at each point during the customer lifecycle. You must exceed the expectations of the customers and always remain available. Remember that a happy customer is a loyal customer.

How do you keep the customers happy? Do let me know in the comments below.

5 Ways Customer Service Can Yield Better Search Results

5 Ways Customer Service Can Yield Better Search Results

Nowadays search engine optimization is more focused towards search experience optimization – also known as “the other SEO”…Read more

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AM Bakery – AMazing Artisanal Bread & Pastry!


Armed with years of experience in F&B, Andrew aims to bring European artisanal breads to the heartlands of Singapore. “Artisanal breads are usually available only in town, so we want to make it more accessible to people in the neighbourhood,” Andrew said.



Interestingly, the A in AM Bakery was derived from the first alphabet of the names of both owners – Andrew and Anson. The M was derived from both their zodiac signs – Monkey and Mouse. AM also reflects their desire to start customers’ mornings with fresh bakes and warm smiles.



Opened on 23 July 2017, the bakery embraces a takeaway concept. French influences can be detected in their bakes – from the ingredients to the fermentation process. “The flour that we use is a type of flour commonly applied in French bakery. For the butter, we use AOP butter. It is really well received in France,” Andrew explains.




We couldn’t help but grab their bestselling Almond Croissant ($ 2.50) – a straight form croissant laminated with AOP butter. A sugary white almond paste and crunchy almond flakes coat the flaky and crispy croissant. The croissant boasts an ethereal interior, with alternating layers that are moist and light. It’s classic counterpart, the Croissant ($ 2.30), is as flaky and crispy. Unlike the almond croissant, the buttery fragrance is more distinct. I enjoyed the almond croissant more since there is more going on in terms of texture and taste.


Unlike commercially-produced bread, where yeast is directly added into the bread recipe to streamline the process, the bread here is made using French Levian aka Mother dough, which is a pre-ferment or sourdough starter. “Subjecting the pre-ferment under longer fermentation gives the bread more taste.” The natural fermentation stretches the bread out, creating a thick exterior while helping the inside remain soft and moist.



Andrew recommended the Banana and Pecan Nut Bread ($ 3.80), which is a whole round bread. The aroma of banana and roasted pecans will strike you immediately when you bite into it.



One of AM Bakery’s special items to celebrate National Day was their SG52 Banana Cake ($ 5.20). It was absolutely delicious! The exterior is crumbly and crisp while the inside is moist and aromatic. The whole cake is so huge, so it definitely is worth every penny. 


For a savoury option, you could try the Cheese Twist ($ 1.80) – a bread stick filled with cheese filling. I would have liked it better if there was more cheese. Remember to toast it before eating.


Unfortunately, the tasty banana cake is not available anymore. I hope it does make a comeback because it is really yummy! AM Bakery recommends all breads to be consumed within 3 days from the day of purchase. The breads are good for 5 days if they are kept in the refrigerator. It is best to consume the pastries by the next day. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to AM Bakery. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

Sean Ng

Battling perpetual food coma while indulging in a menu that fills both the stomach and soul.

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Miss Tam Chiak


New iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: BlinkBadge, Atmos, Backspace+, Bio Locker, More

By | August 13th, 2017

When it comes to finding just the right new iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks, it is very fair to say that the Cydia jailbreak store can be a bit of a minefield.

The sheer number of tweaks available makes it almost impossible to browse, and if you are anything like us, then you are probably crippled by the fear that you may be missing out on something truly awesome.

That’s no way to live, and we don’t want you to miss out on a thing. That’s why each week we share a handful of newly released tweaks that we think you’ll love. This week is no different. Below you will find ten new or updated iOS 10 – 10.2 jailbreak tweaks that we think will interest just about everyone. Within those ten tweaks, we are confident there will be something for each and everyone of you. With the introduction out of the way, let’s just jump right into it.

Bio Locker (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

Add some much needed protection to your apps, folders, notifications, toggles and settings with the help of Touch ID or a passcode.

SlideToUnlockX (BigBoss, $ 0.99)

The decision to remove the Slide to Unlock feature in iOS 10 was a travesty. Right that wrong with this tweak.

Atmos (BigBoss, $ 1.50)

Apple seems incapable of properly handling notification organization. Give this tweak a try instead of relying on Apple.

BlinkBadge (BigBoss, Free)

Super-simple, BlinkBadge makes app notification badges blink!

Backspace+ (BigBoss, Free)

Backspace+ enables single character deletion when deleting text. This will rid you of the annoyance of deleting a group of text or a whole paragraph at once accidentally.

LSScreenshotLimit (BigBoss, Free)

Have a need to limit the number of screenshots that can be taken on the lock screen? This is for you.

Hera (BigBoss, $ 1.00)

Tapping icons in the status bar to launch the corresponding app or toggle settings is something we should all be able to do. With this tweak, you can. More on the tweak here: Hera For iOS 10 Lets You Use Status Bar Icons As Shortcuts To Settings Like On Android.

CallPlus (BigBoss, $ 1.50)

Ever wanted to be able to make calls right from the lock screen? This tweak makes that possible, and more. More on it here: CallPlus For iOS 10 Adds Lock Screen Dialer, Touch ID Call Protection, More To iPhone.

Musessions (BigBoss, $ 3.00)

A whole new way to enjoy media on iOS, including bringing all of your media under one roof no matter the provider. More on the app here: Musessions For iOS 10 Tracks Music From All Apps, Makes Them Available In One Place.

DockXI (BigBoss, Free)

We love simple jailbreaks like this. Want the iOS 11 Dock on your iOS 10 device? Look no further. More on the tweak here: DockXI Brings iOS 11 Style Dock To iOS 10.

You may also like to check out:

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Redmond Pie


Hua Yu Wee 华友园海鲜 – Cheap and Reasonably Good

Hua Yu Wee 华友园海鲜 – Cheap and Reasonably Good

Hua Yu Wee occupies a big colonial style bungalow along East Coast Road. The Chinese restaurant has been in operation for the last few decades with its cheap and good accolades received from many of the loyal diners.

Hua Yu Wee has a huge dining area with both in-door air-conditioned and outdoor settings.

When we were there over the weekend, it was a full house and we were limited to 2 hours to complete the dinner to give way for subsequent reservations. The overwhelming business reflects well its popularity.

We ordered the set menu $ 268 + GST 20.16 ++ on top of the few more add-on dishes from the menu.

Platter:Prawn roll, BBQ Pork, Baby Squids

Hua Yu Wee 3

Amongst the three, the roasted pork was reasonable good with well marinated flavour and juicy texture, the rest were just tasted ordinary.

Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup

Hua Yu Wee 2

Starchy gravy with little crab meat but generous with the fish maw and serving size. Taste wise was ordinary and nothing to short about.

Poached Prawns with Hua Diao Wine

Hua Yu Wee 7

Prawns were sweet and fresh with a hint of Hua Diao flavor, not overdone and steamed to the perfect texture.

Duck Meat with Seafood Paste wrapped in Crepe

Hua Yu Wee 1

The duck meat was mashed with the seafood paste, wrapped in crepe and deep-fried, you can’t ready figure out the duck and the seafood in the end, generally acceptable but don’t leave you with too much of the impression.

Feng Sha Chicken

 Hua Yu Wee 4

A popular Cantonese originated dish famous with it crisp skin, tender meat and flavourful seasoning, usually taste better than the roasted chicken. Overall we have to agree the dish meet the minimum expectation of a good Feng Sha Chicken.

Stir Fried Green

Hua Yu Wee 5

We have fried Kai Lan and a well-executed dish with right crunchiness and flavor.

Braised Pork with Bun

 Hua Yu Wee 8

This is probably the least favorite dish on the set menu, the meat was missing the needed spices to elevate the flavour of a good braised pork. Texture of the buns was not refined and overall a big disappointment.

Butter Crayfish

Hua Yu Wee 11

There is no fresh fish or fried fish on the set menu but instead butter crayfish was served, something different and we did enjoy the nice buttery coating with its tender meat.

 Silver Fish Fried Rice

Hua Yu Wee 10

There was charred flavour from the wok frying but nothing too exciting that worth to mention about this dish.

Crab Ketchup with Chilli $ 7.28/100g

Hua Yu Wee 13

The gravy was spicier than most of the chili crab we have tried elsewhere, not so much of eggs went into the gravy and purely relied on the Chili and Ketchup with garlic to whip up the taste. Some likes the tangy chili flavour but the opposite expressed less enthusiastic about the dish for its meagerness of the right fragrance.

Yi Fu Noodles $ 10.7 / 16.1 / 21.4

Hua Yu Wee 12

We must agree the texture of the Yi Fu Noodle was superior, smooth and slithered through the month. Definitely one of the better Yi Fu noodle around.

Sambal KangKong $ 10.7 / 12.84 / 17.12

Hua Yu Wee 6

Need to give the chef the credit for the right sambal chili, as well as the culinary skills to retain the natural green with the right texture of the veggies.

Lala White Bee Hoon $ 16.1 / 21.4 / 26.8

Hua Yu Wee 9

The Lala white bee hoon is the recommendation from a friend who has tried the dish here. The white bee hoon was permeated with the sweetness of the seafood and the generous plump and juicy lala made the overall a satisficing dish.

Our verdict

Hua Yu Wee Seafood attraction lies with its reasonable price, generous serving size, comforting food though some duds in a few dishes. However, for the price we paid, we can’t really complaint too much about it.

A: 462 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 466508

H: 4pm – 11.30pm daily

T: 6241 1709 after 11am

T: 6442 9313 after 4pm


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