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Android Head Of Security Claims The Platform Is “Now As Safe As The Competition”

By | March 18th, 2018

Google’s 2017 Android Security report is out, and alongside it, the company’s head of Android security David Kleidermacher has claimed that “Android is now as safe as the competition” despite high profile security issues that have dogged the platform for years, including the past 12 months.

Kleidermacher’s claim comes during a tour of the media relating to the release of Google’s latest security review and as many around the internet are keen to point out, it’s not entirely accurate.

For starters, a huge number of Android devices do not support Full Disk Encryption, something that is standard on iOS devices and has been for a number of years, too.

As the folks over at AppleInsider note, Google appears to be pinning its hat on Google Play Protect, a mechanism by which the company checks apps that are uploaded to the Play Store in an attempt to weed out those that are up to no good. The good news is that it’s removing massive numbers of apps, but that’s also bad news in itself. The fact they were there in the first place is surely a concern for all working in Google’s Android Security team.

Google noted that it removed 39 million bad titles automatically, so another ten million filtered out on the device means Google Play Protect managed to strain 49 million sewer downloads out of what it was actively delivering to users on Google Play.

Google also points out that “devices that downloaded apps exclusively from Google Play were nine times less likely” to be compromised, something that backs up Apple’s belief that the idea of allowing the side-loading of apps is a recipe for disaster.

While the App Store is not immune to having bad apps slip through the net, it’s fair to say the numbers are minuscule compared to those causing chaos on Android devices the world over.

The real issue Google faces is the way Android updates are handled or, rather, not handled. Devices fall out of support far too soon after their release and some simply never receive major software updates. Security updates are more free flowing, but even they cease being released alarmingly quickly, something Google continues to try and address with limited success. Ultimately, until Google finds a way of forcing Android updates into devices quicker, and for longer, it will always be playing security catch-up.

2018 Security update availability report by Security Lab

(Via: AppleInsider)

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Buffet review : Ellenborough Market Café at Swissotel Merchant Court

Buffet review : Ellenborough Market Café at Swissotel Merchant Court

Ellenborough Market Café at Swissotel Merchant Court is popular for its modern Peranakan cuisine and the famous Durian Pengat. 

The buffet has a wide spread of choices, from seafood on ice, sushi, local / international dishes to salad, desserts and pastries with a section specially catered for their signature Peranakan cuisine.

The day of visit happened to be within the Lunar New Year celebration period and special Chinese new year LoHei and desserts were prepared for the occasion. Of course, we never missed the opportunity to have another round of Lohei. 

In general, food at Ellenborough Market Café were fairly good, we cannot single out a dish that we had tried was unsatisfactory.

At Ellenborough Market Café, the highlights was their signature Paranakan cuisine, one of the quintessential dishes has to be the Ayam Buan Keluak, a dish embedded with the essence of the Baba’s cooking traditional and flavour. Other dishes were equally good like the Achar – the preserved mixed vegetable pickles or Ayam Pongteh – a savoury / sweet enthralling meatball soup, DIY Kueh Pie Tie etc were commendable and worth to try, we truly enjoyed the authenticity of the Panarakan flavour here.

Burp…burp…..l! No matter how stretched of the stomach with full capacity, do not miss out the  dessert counter, from the delectable Chinese Cheng Tng, Ah Balling to the famous Durian Pengat, it complemented perfectly well to the main course.

One item worth to mention was the fried Nian Gao, a special Chinese dessert that ususally available during the Lunar New Year period, the Nian Gao was sandwiched in between the sweet potatoes and deep fried with flour for a perfect crisp coating and balanced sweetness, one of best Nian Gao we have tasted so far.

 Our verdict 

Ellenborough Market Café at Swissotel Merchant Courtis definitely a place good for the buffet goers based on the food standard and the price. Do reserve some space for their Peranakan cuisine which is their signature dishes of the café during your visit.  


Price: S$ 52 per person for lunch as of Feb 18, on weekends and eve of, and on public holidays.

* Prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.

A: 20 Merchant Road, Singapore 058281

T: 62391847/1848



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Apple Website Gets New “Families” Section Focusing On iOS, macOS Parental Controls

By | March 17th, 2018

Parental controls in software and importantly, mobile operating systems, is something that has been a growing concern for many ever since smartphones and tablets grew to the popularity that they enjoy today.

Both Apple and Google have taken great strides in trying to find ways to make sure parents and guardians have control over what children are doing with their technology, and with Apple under pressure from shareholders and customers alike, it has now published a new “Families” page to its website ( in which it outlines what parents can do to help protect children during the use of its devices.

While Apple is said to have new parental controls on the way as part of future iOS updates, this new page does not mention those but instead focuses on what features and capabilities are offered by the versions of iOS and macOS that are currently available.

You want to do what’s best for your family. So do we.

iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. They’re some of the most powerful tools ever made for learning, exploring, and staying in touch. Parents love them. Kids love them. And we’re continually designing new features to help make sure kids use them in the ways you want.

Earlier in 2018, a group of investors released an open letter to Apple entitled “Think Differently About Kids,” which was aimed at ensuring Apple focuses on adding better parental control mechanisms to iPhones and iPads.

Apple later said that it was keen to ensure that kids were protected during the use of those devices, confirming that it has new features in the pipeline that will be “even more robust” than those that are currently offered.

Those robust features are expected to debut in iOS 12, which itself will be announced during the WWDC 2018 event on June 4th.

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Ri Ji Porridge: Steamed cooked congee

I have been blogging for twelve years now and I thought I had seen it all.

In the early days, a lot of hawkers were highly suspicious whenever I try to interview them, but as blogging and social media marketing got more popular, many hawkers have become media savvy and it has been easier to talk to them.

There are, of course, those who still shy away from the media spotlight.  These stalls are usually already very popular and don’t wish to have the extra publicity for fear of bigger crowds.  Song Kee Fishball noodles and Kuthurar briyani were two of my most recent encounters.  I usually don’t get too flustered.  After all, they are just trying to do their business and it is really none of my business to get in the way.  I do get frustrated of course, because when I discover a stall worth recommending, I’d want to be able to say a little more than just “Oh, the food here is awesome!”.

But, this stall really took it to the next level! The lady at the counter was friendly enough at first, but refused to answer any of my questions, and kept insisting that she didn’t know anything, even basic things like opening and closing times and when the boss will come to the stall!  Her colleagues were even worse and would not even respond to a friendly greeting!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant.  I am still recommending that you go try the food at the stall.  As a customer, you would probably won’t feel any difference in the service.   I am just relating a rather interesting experience I had.  In fact, I had a good laugh with my lunch kaki when I got back to the table.  It’s one thing to be told to get lost but quite another to get completely ignored!

Fortunately, I did manage to talk to the owner who had responded to my Instagram post.  The owner, Eric Wong, 34 was extremely apologetic and helpful.  He had taken over the stall from his father, Mr Wong Ah Kit, 2 years ago when the latter had suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire.  Mr Wong had started the stall in 1979 along Waterloo street before moving to its present premises in 1984 and Eric felt that it was his duty to keep his father’s legacy alive.

The young entrepreneur actually owns other businesses which is why he is not at the stall full time. He would come in at 3pm to cook the porridge and marinate the meats for the next day.

Since taking over the business, Eric has been looking for new ways to improve on the consistency and quality of the food.  He introduced a new porridge cooker 8 mths ago which uses steam to cook the porridge.  The process starts with the addition of rice to a stock and then steam is bubbled through the rice overnight to produce a smooth congee.   In the old days, the porridge had to be constantly stirred with a wooden paddle and the texture is highly  dependent on who is doing the cooking.

I found the porridge to be quite satisfying.  It had a thick and smooth consistency and the meats were well marinated and seasoned.  The only thing that was a let down were the quality of the you tiao which were thick and doughy.  I had the pork and century egg version whiles my friend had the cuttlefish and both were very good.  4.25/5

What I found was really special was their chee cheong fun!  Their version comes with a scoop of crunchy topping made from shallots and hae bee (dried shrimps) which really brought the umami level up a few notches. Eric tells me that their sweet sauce is also made in-house from a recipe handed down by his mother.  It really is one of the tastiest things you can buy in Singapore for $ 2!  4/5/5


Great place for a satisfying bowl of congee and the crispy hae bee topping really makes their chee cheong fun stand out from the crowd.

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Samsung To Finally Have iPhone X-Like Face ID 3D Facial Recognition Tech In Time For Next Year’s Galaxy S10

By | March 16th, 2018

Apple may have been the first to really get facial recognition on a smartphone right with its Face ID system, but it would be very shortsighted to not expect every other smartphone maker on the planet to also be working on facial authentication software that works just as well.

According to Korean news outlet The Bell, Samsung is set to offer a Face ID-like feature on next year’s Galaxy S10.

The Israeli startup Mantis Vision said to be working with camera module company Namuga in an attempt to develop 3D sensing camera capabilities similar to that of Face ID.

If this rumor is true, then the two companies may be able to give Samsung the camera technology required to offer something akin to the iPhone X‘s Face ID in its own smartphones.

The recently announced Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ both use Iris and 2D facial recognition in order to offer some sort of face-based authentication mechanism. However, this is known to be less accurate, less secure, and slower to function than Face ID. This is the reason why Samsung’s current facial tech doesn’t allow for things like payments or app purchases like Apple’s Face ID does, so it would very much stand to reason that Samsung would be looking at an alternative solution for next year’s flagship devices.

Copying Face ID will not be an easy task, however. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that it will take Android smartphone companies up to two and a half years to be able to compete with Face ID, and with the iPhone X less than six months old right now, the likes of Samsung may still have a wait ahead of them before they can say their own systems are as secure, or even just as slick as Apple’s Face ID.

(Source: The Investor)

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House of Li Xiang – Fancy Some Affordable Mee Rebus for Lunch?

The owner owns not one, but three stalls under the name “House of Li Xiang”.  We were here to visit the stall which sells ONLY mee rebus and mee siam. We hear it’s really cheap!

noods and meat-3

noods and meat-8

My favourite of the two dishes is the Mee Rebus (small $ 2.50, large $ 3). For starters, the gravy was seasoned adequately.  The lovely sweet and savoury notes won me over. There’s something about yellow noodles soaked in a viscous and lumpy gravy that makes me drool. Don’t expect the sauce to be out of this world though. 

noods and meat-9

noods and meat-7

The dish felt complete. I loved that there was a good amount of thinly sliced tau kwa, and not too much bean sprouts. Remember to sweeten the boiled egg with a drizzle of sweet dark sauce. If I were to state one complaint, it would be that the chilli paste could have been made spicier. For $ 2.50, I’ll say that the mee rebus was pretty good.

noods and meat-4

The Mee Siam (small $ 2.50, large $ 3), on the other hand, leaves much to be desired. My team found the dish satisfying, while I didn’t think too highly of it. The smooth gravy had a good sweetness and tanginess, but it lacked that oomph factor.

noods and meat-5

Perhaps, what was missing was that prominent sourness and spiciness that you get with good mee siam. Nevertheless, the flavour of the gravy paired nicely with the cut up white vermicelli. Sadly, the mee siam became jelak after a couple of mouthfuls.

noods and meat-6

If you’re a fan of hae bee hiam, you’ll probably swoon over this bowl of mee siam because the fragrance of  dried shrimp is very distinct.

noods and meat

It’s cheap and it’s tasty, so what’s not to like? House of Li Xiang is an excellent place to grab lunch, especially if you’re craving for good and unpretentious hawker fare. Come prepared with a huge appetite and empty stomach as the portions are huge. You can patronize their beverage stall for some soya bean too.

Address: 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, #01-17 Mayflower Food Centre, Singapore 560162

Opening Hours: 8am to 2pm daily. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to House of Li Xiang. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

Sean Ng

Battling perpetual food coma while indulging in a menu that fills both the stomach and soul.

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Miss Tam Chiak


What To Expect From WWDC 2018

By | March 15th, 2018

We now know that WWDC 2018 will kick off on June 4th following Apple’s big announcement yesterday, and as is always the case with Apple’s developer conference, we know that we are going to be shown new versions of Apple’s software at the very least.

There’s also the possibility that we may see some new hardware this time around as well, but for now, we do not really know for sure what Tim Cook and his team will be announcing. What we do know, is that it has the potential to be a big few days for Apple, let alone all the developers in attendance.

With interest in WWDC 2018 as high as ever, we got to thinking about what we may or may not see announced this year. There are some absolute givens, such as iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, but what will they entail? Let’s have a think, shall we?

iOS 12

If the rumors turn out to be accurate, then this year’s big iOS release will focus more on stability and performance improvements than adding new features, but that does not mean that there is nothing to look forward to. Improved parental control of devices is expected to arrive, as is the integration of Emoji 11.0. Beyond that, though, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we will really see. We did have the potential for a redesigned Home screen layout, before Apple decided to work on getting all of its ducks in a row, rather than simply adding more and more ducks to the equation. For more on this, read: iOS 12 Beta Download, Rumors, Features, Release Date [Everything We Know So Far].

macOS 10.14

Without doubt, the biggest potential change in macOS 10.14 is the addition of a new app model. Right now, developers create an iOS app and a macOS app, both of which are fundamentally different and have homes in completely different stores. Development is different for both, too, but if Bloomberg‘s claims are true, then Apple is working on unifying the Mac and iPhone/iPad development systems to allow developers to create universal apps in the same way they can now for the iPhone and iPad. Adding macOS apps to the mix will help developers and, potentially, breathe new life into the Mac App Store.

watchOS 5

Currently, there aren’t any credible rumors for watchOS 5 floating around. That might change as we edge ever nearer to June 4th, though. We will update the post in case we hear anything about watchOS 5 but expect Apple to announce the next major software update for Apple Watch at WWDC this year.

tvOS 12

Just like watchOS 5, tvOS 12 has yet to really pop up on the usual rumor merry-go-round. The Apple TV remains Apple’s “hobby,” no matter how much it protests, and we don’t expect huge changes this year.

“HomePodOS” 12

The HomePod is Apple’s latest baby, and as such, we expect it to receive a few fairly major software additions during WWDC, at least in beta form. These include an improved SiriKit as well as HomeKit capabilities but it’s the inclusion of stereo pairing and, importantly, multi-user profiles that could make the biggest difference to most people’s use of the HomePod. We’re hoping Apple pulls a rabbit out of the bag here, so fingers crossed for a surprise or two.

Hardware Updates

Bezel-less iPad Pro concept by Benjamin Geskin

Hardware is not traditionally a big thing during WWDC, but we do know that there are plenty of rumors right now suggesting that at least one new iPad Pro, possibly in 11-inch size, and even a new MacBook Air with a Retina Display could be set to be announced during the event. The languishing iPhone SE is very much ready for a refresh, with claims of a WWDC announcement having been made before now.

Last but not the least, we might finally hear some details on modular Mac Pro that Apple confirmed last year that it was coming sometime in 2018.

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10 Heartland Nail Salons For Affordable Mani-Pedis In Singapore Without Crazy Waiting Lists

Cheap manicures at neighbourhood nail salons in Singapore

cheap nail salons in singapore

Image credit: Shugar Spa

We all need a little pampering once in a while, and what better way to go about it than getting the princess treatment with a manicure. But with popular nail salons in town having their schedule packed for months to come, it’s pretty impossible booking a last-minute appointment. Besides, dressing up your digits comes at a price.

As an alternative, here are some nail salons in the heartlands where you can walk in to get a last minute fix, all at reasonably affordable prices. Some may even just be a stone’s throw away from your block!

1. Twenty Nails – Toa Payoh

best cheap and good nail salons in toa payoh

Image credit: Vaniday

Get all your twenty nails done at Twenty Nails. Boasting a chic interior design and curtains at each station for privacy, you will feel completely at ease thanks to both the ambience and price. Get an express manicure and pedicure at $ 15 each, and an express gelish manicure and pedicure at $ 35 each.

cute unicorn nail designs manicure singapore

Image credit: yelp

Address: 450 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 – #01-02, Hersing Centre Toa Payoh,  Singapore 319394
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sat: 11AM – 9PM Sun: 11AM – 8PM
Telephone: 6258 1861
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh (5 min walk) 

2. Fancy Nails Paradise – Tampines

fancy nails paradise best nail salons in tampines

Image credit: Vaniday

Fancy Nails Paradise’s plush oversized armchairs and girly pastels are reminiscent of the kind of decor you’d find in a Barbie dollhouse. Enjoy an express manicure for $ 10, express pedicure for $ 15 and their express gelish manicure for just $ 25

sakura nail designs singapore nail salon

Image credit: @fancynailsparadise

Address: 139 Tampines Street 11 #01-56 Singapore 521139
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sun: 10AM – 8PM 
Telephone: 9778 5712
Nearest MRT: Tampines West (12 min walk)

3. Nourish Naturally – Marymount

nail salons that use natural ingredients singapore

Image credit: Yelp

All nail treatments at Nourish Naturally are highly personalised, and natural ingredients are used in their manicure and pedicure treatments. There are non-toxic nail polishes available as well, so your little princess can join you in dolling up. With an earthy toned-interior, this relaxing Thomson Road salon will have you seemingly transported to a resort spa in Bali. Manicures start from $ 12, and pedicures from $ 15

Address: 215 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349
Opening Hours:  Mon – Wed: 1PM – 9PM Fri: 11AM – 9PM (Note: Thursdays are reserved for appointments only) | Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 10AM – 7PM 
Telephone: 6458 3286
Nearest MRT: Marymount (10 min walk)

4. iNails Culture – Ang Mo Kio  

best and most affordable nail salons in singapore

Image credit: Vaniday

While this no-frills salon is not the closest to the MRT, it’s probably got the best deals on our list. Their services come at no frills prices as well – express manicures at $ 8, express pedicures at $ 12 and both at just $ 15! Say what? Their gelish manicures go for $ 18 and gelish pedicures, $ 28. Totally worth the distance.

iNails salon cheapest nail salon in ang mo kio

Image credit: @inailsculture

Address: 108, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 – #01-82, Singapore 560108
Opening Hours:  Mon – Wed, Fri: 11AM – 8PM Thur: Closed | Sat – Sun: 10PM – 7PM
Telephone: 9232 5509
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio (19 min walk, or 4 bus stops with service 265)

5. Beauty Lady – Tanjong Pagar

affordable nail salons in central singapore

Image credit: Vaniday

You barely need to lift a finger with Beauty Lady located right at the doorstep of Tanjong Pagar MRT. While they’ve got friendly staff, your experience here will be made even more pleasant with their affordable prices. 

beauty lady nail salon manicure sample

Image credit: Beauty Lady

Get an express manicure and pedicure at $ 10 and $ 12 respectively, and an express gelish manicure and pedicure at $ 25 and $ 30

Address: 10 Anson Rd – #02-23, International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar, 079903, Singapore
Opening Hours:  Mon – Fri: 11AM – 6.30PM | Sat: 11AM – 7PM Sun: Closed
Telephone: 9232 7637
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (2min walk)

6. Beautiful Art Nail Indulgence Loi’s Studio – Woodlands

halloween nail inspiration singapore

Image credit: Beautiful Art Nail Indulgence Loi’s Studio

Those in the far North, this one’s for you. Beautiful Art Nail Indulgence Loi’s Studio offers a variety of cute designs at just $ 8 for an express manicure, $ 10 for an express pedicure, and $ 35 for an express gelish manicure.

Address: 848 Woodlands Street 82, #12-193, Singapore 730848 
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sun: 10AM – 11PM 
Telephone: 9620 0002
Nearest MRT: Woodlands (13 min walk)

7. The Nailworks – Jurong

affordable nail salons in the west

Image credit: Vaniday

Nestled in an obscure part of JCube is The Nailworks, with its small but cosy interior. Unlike other nail salons found in shopping malls, The Nailworks manages to keep its prices low. An express manicure and pedicure would cost just $ 12 each, and an express gel manicure and pedicure for $ 30 each

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube #02-40, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sat: 11AM – 9PM Sun: 11AM – 7PM
Telephone: 6909 0333
Nearest MRT: Jurong East (2 min walk)

 8. Saigon Star – Yishun

cheap gelish manicures singapore

Image credit: Saigon Star

This salon is your one-stop beauty go-to in Yishun. Enjoy a gelish manicure at $ 23 and gelish pedicure at $ 25. Do check out their other beauty services such as eyelash extensions and facial threading at super affordable prices. 

Address: 291 Yishun Street 22, #01-353, Singapore 760291
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sun: 10AM – 9PM 
Telephone: 8524 7664
Nearest MRT: Yishun (14 min walk, or 2 bus stops with service 804)

9. Shugar Spa – Punggol

chic and affordable nail salons in singapore

Image credit: Shugar Spa

Take your mind off the stresses of school or work at Shugar Spa. Get treated like a queen with their express manicure ($ 10) or glitter tone gelish ($ 10) as you bask in the regalness of it all – chandeliers, ambient lighting, and a cream coloured interior. You’ll get a 10/10 luxe experience at an extremely affordable price. 

christmas nail inspiration singapore shugar spa

Image credit: @bel2410

Address: 83 Punggol Central #01-36, Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM – 9.30PM | Sat – Sun: 10AM – 9PM
Telephone: 6385 7644
Nearest MRT: Punggol MRT (5 mins walk)

10. Honey Clover Nail Salon – Kallang

marble nail design singapore

Image credit: Honey Clover Nail Salon 

Thank you lucky clovers for Honey Clover Nail Salon! This humble and quaint salon offers an express manicure for $ 10 and an express pedicure for $ 15. If you prefer gelish, an express gel manicure would be an affordable $ 20, and an express gel pedicure would cost $ 25

best neighborhood nail salons in singapore

Image credit: Honey Clover Nail Salon 

Address: Blk 18 Upper Boon Keng #01-1127, Singapore 380018
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sun: 9.30AM – 7PM 
Telephone: 8823 8312
Nearest MRT: Kallang (8 min walk)

Affordable neighbourhood nail salons in Singapore

No need to think twice about splurging on a little makeover with these nail salons in the heartlands. They’ll definitely do the trick with their friendly staff and quality service. Plus, you save on the trip all the way to town. 

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11-Inch iPad Pro, No New iPhones To Be Revealed At WWDC 2018

By | March 14th, 2018

Talk of new iPad releases has really begun to intensify of late, with Apple’s notebook lineup also expected to receive a refresh this year.

According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, we can expect at least one new iPad Pro to arrive fairly soon, with a display measuring around 11-inches in size.

We have, of course, already heard multiple rumors that suggested Apple will launch a new iPad Pro in 10.5-inch form later this year, complete with slimmer bezels all around and no Home button to speak of. With that on the cards, it is entirely possible that Apple could increase the size of the display to something nearer the 11-inches that this new rumor claims, all without increasing the overall size of the device itself.

According to the report, we can expect the new 11-inch iPad Pro to debut alongside an updated 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro during Apple’s annual developer conference, now confirmed to take place on June 4th.

Both new iPads are expected to include Face ID and new A11X processors, although whether the devices will need to include notches in their displays a la the iPhone X remains to be seen. With more space to play with, we would surely expect the iPad to remain notch-free, but if Apple does truly intend on making a feature out of it, then all bets are off.

Bezel-less iPad Pro concept by Benjamin Geskin

The same report, citing an unnamed source, claims that Apple has no new iPhones planned for the first half of 2018.

This would fly in the face of previous hopes that an iPhone SE refresh could be around the corner, although it is still possible we will see this arrive alongside higher-end iPhones towards September time.

(Source: Economic Daily News [Google Translate])

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Good Thyme Bistro, AMK: We Don’t Even Have to Try/ It’s Always a

Ok, so maybe Good Thyme Bistro at Ang Mo Kio isn’t inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s song. Actually, I’m positive it isn’t because the cafe isn’t that hip. In fact, the cafe at the heartland is very far from hip, very far from the usual hipster cafe. BUT they value substance over style; the food is marvellous, and so is the service, and that’s all we care about.

The decor of the cafe isn’t the ubiquitous industrial chic, cement floor, white walls look; on the contrary, there isn’t much decor to speak of, but they make it personal and cosy by displaying photos. And the cafe is cleaner than most cafes.

The menu’s offerings consist of the usual suspects other cafes, such as truffles fries ($ 8), pastas (starting from $ 7.90), and beer battered fish and chips ($ 14.90 sole fish, $ 17.90 haddock). There is an interesting Southern French starter alligot ($ 5) that is mashed potatoes with cheese. The friendly and non-intrusive waiter also recommended the homemade mushroom soup ($ 4), cod fish fingers ($ 6), laksa pasta ($ 13 chicken, $ 16 tiger prawns), and aloha golden chicken cutlet ($ 12.90) topped with pineapple and cheese.

Although we had to wait some time, one thing we love is how the food came hot, showing they were preparing in the kitchen. We started with Korean chicken chunks ($ 4) which the waiter also recommended. The chunks are drizzled with their homemade Korean styled soy sauce, which is like a thick, concentrated version with a hint of sugar. When it arrived, we were disappointed because there were few pieces. Mr Fitness said, “It’s hard to open a cafe. When the price is affordable, customers complain the portion is small. But when they give enough, people will complain the food is expensive.” He’s right, but tastewise, this is just ok for us.

Although there are few pieces of chicken, the salted egg chicken spaghetti ($ 13) is very good. The salted egg sauce is intense and deep and, unlike other places, their version is more savoury and less sweet; this tastes like real salted egg. There is also a hint of chilli; my guess is they use chilli oil? which makes the dish a little jerlat and oily. I would suggest using chilli padi to toss with the spaghetti. The dish is also slightly one-dimensional and may be livened up with a little zest? or lemongrass? But on the whole, the pasta is delicious and head and shoulders above the inferior salted egg pastas out there.

The cutlet ($ 11.90) is perfection because it is, like the salted egg pasta, different and unique. Usually, elsewhere, cutlets tend to be salty, but here, they marinate it with musky, earthy spices (a dry rub?). The cutlet is also crispy and not at all greasy.

There is a choice of dips for the cutlet, and the waiter recommended their homemade garlic aioli dip which is nicely creamy. Their homemade coleslaw is also fabulous: freshly crunchy and light. I know their fries are probably the kind you can buy from supermarket, but they fry it well and I guess they fry it together with the chicken, so it has an extra chicken-fat flavour.

For dessert, the churros waffle ($ 8.90) is wonderful too. It’s just normal waffle topped with cinnamon sugar and seasalt caramel ice cream, but the waffle is done perfectly: crispy outside, fluffy inside. It’s also not overly sweet; really, it’s so good that one person can finish it.

Good Thyme Bistro is a fantastic, fine find. The food is scrumptious at a great price and the service is considerate. We paid $ 41.30 for two persons and ate until our pants split. Just being hyperbolic, but we were quite full. We highly recommend this cafe. Good Thyme Bistro lives up to its name; it’s always a good time.


Good Thyme Bistro
Blk 505, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2674 Singapore 560505
tel: +65 6452 9741
T-Th 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-9pm, F 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm, Sat 9.30am-10pm, Sun 9.30am-9pm, closed Mon

Price/ value: 7.5/10
Ambience/decor: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.


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