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This iPhone X Case Enables Underwater Photography At 40m/130ft Depth While Still Allowing Touchscreen Use

By | June 17th, 2018

You might remember us telling you a week or so ago about an iPhone that was found at the bottom of a river yet somehow managed to work just fine after it was left to dry out properly. While it is obviously true that stories like that crop up here and there, they are definitely the exception rather than the rule and that means you’re probably not going to want to go dropping your iPhone in water, no matter whether that is a river or something more clean like a swimming pool.

That is, unless it’s in a waterproof case.

That brings us to this iPhone X Waterproof Diving Case. If you’re someone who wants to be able to play with your iPhone around water without having to worry about any mishaps, or want to be able to take photos underwater at depths of up to 40m/130ft, then this case is most definitely for you.

iPhone X is officially rated as IP67 water-resistant, which means it can withstand a few splash of water here and there but nothing too drastic. It can certainly not be used for underwater photography or videos, something which this diving case can enable you to do using the built-in camera in iPhone X!

Underwater photography is difficult at the best of times but worrying about your gear just makes things even more complicated. This case should see you right and it’s perfect for use when surfing, skiing or doing just about anything else around moisture.

It’s also rugged enough to withstand the rough and tumble lives we all lead, and right now you can get it from here with an additional 10% off of an already more than reasonable asking price by entering the code iXDEEP10 at checkout.

You really cannot say fairer than that!

Buy: iPhone X Waterproof Diving Case: $ 64.95 with promo code | Original price: $ 89.95

Check out sample footage shot underwater using this iPhone case below:

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Redmond Pie

7 Old-School Cobblers In Singapore Who Can Repair Your Shoes For Way Cheaper Than Chain Outlets

Cheap shoe-fixing services in Singapore

old school cobblers singapore

Image adapted from: @dyinginthefranxx

Just because many of us take pleasure in buying new shoes, it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to give up our worn-out kicks. And that’s where cobblers come in.

Instead of visiting chain outlets, many actually look for roadside cobblers to fix their shoes. These uncles (and aunties) are masters of their craft, and they bring an extra personal touch to the job done. So before you blow your cash on an expensive repair job, check out these 7 old-school cobblers in Singapore that can help you fix your shoes for cheap

1. Mr Yamaguchi Taro at Yishun Bus interchange – from $ 2

Mr Yamaguchi Taro Yishun cobbler

Image credit: This Is Yishun

No stranger to the media, Mr Yamaguchi Taro is pretty much a mini-celeb when it comes to shoe repair. Based in Yishun, Mr Yamaguchi charges as low as $ 2 for a simple shoe mending job. 

Mr Yamaguchi is quite the character – he speaks about 4 languages, makes his own clogs, and has passed on the skill of cobbling to his daughter, who has her own stall too! He also enjoys chatting with his customers and uses a solar panel to power his fluorescent light. 

He doesn’t exactly have a physical store but uses a DIY storage unit which he can easily transport. You can find him at Yishun Bus interchange. Though it’s a difficult job, Mr Yamaguchi believes that such a job is rewarding and doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.

Address: Yishun Bus Interchange
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 1.30PM-11PM

2. Yee Ah Seng Shoe Repair – from $ 5

Simei cobbler

Longtime residents of Simei would know that Mr Yee’s shoe repair services are more affordable compared to the ones in the nearby EastPoint mall. The business is run by Mr Yee and wife, and they take turns manning the store throughout the day. They’ve also been in the same spot for 18 years,  just outside Simei MRT. Simple repairs cost around $ 5 but more tedious jobs that require stitching are charged at around $ 25.

Address: Blk 248 Simei Street 3 Singapore 520248
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 1130AM-730PM | Sat-Sun: 930AM-530PM | PH: 930AM-530PM
Telephone: 9010 5126

3. Uncle Tan the Sengkang Cobbler – from $ 5

Uncle Tan Sengkang

Image credit: Uncle Tan the Sengkang Cobbler

If you’re looking to fix your busted 6-inch stiletto heels after a rough night of partying, Uncle Tan can help you with that for just $ 5. One look at his weathered hands and large collection of tools will tell you that he’s more than qualified when it comes to bringing shoes back to life.

Uncle Tan SengkangHis trusty trolley holds all he needs to run his business. 

Image credit: Uncle Tan the Sengkang Cobbler

Uncle Tan may be in his golden years, but he keeps up with the times and posts updates on his Facebook page so before going down, check his posts to see if he’s working that day. Alternatively, you can also Whatsapp him to see if he’s available.

He loves having conversations with his customers, so stay a little and have a chat with him!

Fun fact: Uncle Tan has a black belt in Taekwondo. 

Address: 257C Compassvale Road, Singapore 541260
Opening hours: Tues, Wed, Fri 2PM-7PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-4PM | PH: 9AM-4PM
Telephone: 8433 7965


4. Alice Wong at Tiong Bahru- from $ 10

 Alice wong Tiong Bahru

Image credit: Joyclickes4thesoul

 Miss Alice Wong has been mending shoes for about 50 years. She learned to cobble on her own at 16 years old and has never looked back since. Unlike most cobblers that set up a pushcart, she runs her business from the comfort of her home. 

“Some people find a $ 10 shoe repair too expensive, it’s cheaper to buy than to repair”, she quips. “This mentality is why cobbler culture is losing its place.” According to Miss Wong, scrimping on shoes is bad for one’s health, so you might want to think twice before making that $ 6 purchase from Taobao.

Miss Wong believes that while being a cobbler is tough, one can get by if one knows how to save money. Apart from shoes, she also fixes and dyes handbags.

Note: Quotes have been modified for clarity

Address: 78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore 162078

5. Uncle Lee at Woodlands Drive – from $ 10

Affectionately known as Uncle Lee, this friendly uncle has been a familiar face to the residents of Woodlands Drive. Setting up his small area by simply laying out his tools, he sits there daily and charges around $ 10 to mend shoes. 

Address: Blk 640 Woodlands Drive 63 
Opening hours:  Tues-Sun: 9AM – 5PM
Telephone: 9152 7328

6. Mr Paul Street Cobbler And Shoe Repair at Clementi – from $ 6

MR Paul street cobbler clementi

Image adapted from: Yelp  

Cobblers under the block are getting rarer these days as people opt for more well-known establishments to get their kicks restored. Mr Paul Street Cobbler is one of the few cobblers left where you can get a heel fixed for a mere $ 6-$ 7.

His makeshift pushcart is stationed beside Ma Kuang TCM.  Mr Paul and his wife take turns to run their little pushcart and they enjoy chatting with their customers. 

Address: Blk 447 Clementi Central, Singapore 120447
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-2PM, 4PM-8PM 
Telephone: 9841 8837

7. Mr Lee tai Chin at Waterloo Street – from $ 2

waterloo street cobbler mr lee tai chin

Image credit:

Charging only $ 2 to replace a stiletto tip is Mr Lee Tai Chin, who, surprisingly, only started his business at the ripe old age of 60. He picked up cobbling from his shifu as a child, but it was only after the 2002 recession that he set up shop along Waterloo street. 

Sometimes, if the job is really simple, Mr Lee won’t charge his customers at all, but typically, a glue job costs $ 8 and stitching $ 18.

The resourceful Mr Lee managed to fashion a machine powered by an old air-conditioner machine that helps him with polishing shoes and sanding down rubber soles. 

Address: Opposite Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple

Bonus: Cobbler Square

Cobbler Square

Image credit: ghettosingapore

Outside People’s Park Complex lies a small community of cobblers – elderly men hunched over in their makeshift stores, waiting for customers, having a chat with their fellow cobblers. This area where they gather is known as Cobbler Square.

Prices vary from cobbler to cobbler, but it sure is cheaper than getting your shoes fixed from stores located in shopping malls. 

Address: Outside People’s Park Complex (Chinatown), Near Exit C
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-10PM

Cobbler uncles and aunties of Singapore who can fix your worn-out shoes

With so many years of experience, these street cobblers are skilled masters of their craft. In fact, they may even be able to do a better job at half the price. Instead of conveniently dropping your shoes off at chain outlets, try visiting an old-school cobbler, and have a conversation with them while you’re at it – who knows, you might gain a new perspective on life when you hear about their experiences. 

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iOS 11.3.1 Might Get A Safari-Based Jailbreak In The Form Of JailbreakMe 5.0

By | June 16th, 2018

A relatively well-known developer and security researcher – Niklas Baumstark – has taken to Twitter to confirm that a bug released into the community is exploitable via Safari, information which could theoretically lead to the creation of a new JailbreakMe jailbreak experience for iOS 11.3.1 devices.

Niklas’ tweet confirms that he has “just exploited @i41nbeer’s bug via Safari RCE,” which suggests that someone with the relevant interest and skill set could take this knowledge and process further to build a web-based solution and release it into the community as JailbreakMe 5.0.

Further tweets from the security researcher then go on to mention the bug by its reference – CVE-2018-4233 – which is extremely interesting as Apple references that number as a WebKit bug raised by Samuel Groß of Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, and not Ian Beer of Project Zero.

As clarified to me by Niklas himself, it seems that the process involves the exploiting of two bugs back-to-back, one by the aforementioned Samuel Groß and then the Ian Beer bug.

Regardless, it seems that there is a bug which is attributable to iOS 11.3.1 which, due to its nature, can be exploited via Safari, meaning that it could be possible for a very easy-to-use jailbreak to be released which doesn’t actually require an individual to sideload an IPA to their device or re-sign the app every seven days. Out of all of the jailbreaks ever released into the community, the original Safari-based JailbreakMe solution has most definitely been the most popular and easiest to use. In fact, it’s simplicity made it probably one of the most beautiful pieces of work and software architecture ever released into the jailbreak community.

Currently, other than a tweet and a few follow-up tweets, little is known about the intentions of Niklas and whether or not it will actually go any further. He is a well-known individual in security research circles having been present and highly successful at multiple Pwn2Own competitions. However, to the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t been credited or actively involved in any recent jailbreak activity. Maybe this is the time that someone else puts their head above the parapet and pushes something miraculous out into the jailbreak community.

Stay tuned for more on this one, as or if it develops.

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Redmond Pie

Earlybird Café – Sublime Fried Chicken & Pancakes!

Cafe-hopping continues to be immensely popular among youths in Singapore (yes, I’m looking at all you hipsters out there). Whether you’re planning for a gastronomic adventure, or if you’re just looking to add some aesthetic food shots to your Instagram feed, Singapore’s ever-growing café scene will have you spoilt for choice. If you’re looking for a new café to add to your to-visit list this weekend, allow me to introduce the new kid on the block — Earlybird Café!

earlybird café Interior Shot 1

earlybird café Interior Shot

Located just a stone’s throw away from Bugis MRT, Earlybird Café is a ‘bird-themed’ café that is still in its soft launch phase. I also found out that the café is opened by the same people behind the ever-popular Revelry Cafe in Upper Bukit Timah! I walked in on a quiet Wednesday afternoon and instantly fell in love with Earlybird’s simple, yet elegant, decor. Looking at its open dining area and artistic bird nest installations hanging from the high ceilings, I immediately felt relaxed.

earlybird café Chicken and Pancake Sideview

earlybird café Piece of Chicken

Earlybird Café is still in the midst of tweaking and refining their menu. However, their menu already features a few substantial options. Their Chicken & Pancakes ($ 19) had me salivating with its description — fried chicken on house-made buttermilk pancakes served with chilli maple sauce. I stared in awe as the plate was set down before me. The dish was beautifully plated! Sat atop the thick pancakes were three thoughtfully placed deep-fried chicken thighs. In addition to the sweet maple syrup and chilli flakes drizzled around the plate, there was a light sprinkling of powdered sugar and paprika on the chicken. Of course, there was a gratuitous leaf of parsley to add a touch of green to the dish.

earlybird café Chicken and Pancake on Fork

This dish was absolutely sublime. The chicken thighs were incredibly juicy and tender. The thin layer of golden-brown batter encasing the moist piece of chicken added a delightful crispy texture. The touch of hot paprika and powdered sugar just elevated the flavours of the dish to the next level. The chicken went amazingly with the fluffy, yet dense, pancakes, which absorbed the sweet and decadent maple syrup. This was quite a massive plate of food, and even I had to admit defeat as I was starting to feel jelak as I was working my way through it. Unless you’re feeling absolutely famished, I would highly recommend sharing this dish with a friend!

In much need of a late afternoon pick-me-up, I ordered the caffeine-filled Coco Espresso ($ 18). This dessert features a house-made hotcake that is served with coconut ice cream, coffee jelly, toasted coconut shavings and gula melaka (palm sugar). I was told that there would be a 20-minute waiting time for this dish as the hotcakes are made fresh upon order, sure enough, the hotcake came straight out of the kitchen, piping hot.

earlybird café Coco Espresso

earlybird café Spoonful of Coco Espresso

The plating of the Coco Espresso was definitely not the most elegant that I’ve seen. The scoop of coconut ice cream sat on the middle of the pancake, while the accompanying ingredients seemed to be strewn all over the plate without much care. However, it’s the flavour of the dish that matters most. The warm and dense hotcake went exquisitely with the refreshing coconut ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream was perfectly balanced by the robust and aromatic coffee jelly. I did feel that the dish needed a tad more coconut ice cream for the amount of coffee jelly it had. The toasted coconut was definitely a nice touch, as it really added a much-needed chew and crunch. If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll absolutely love the Coco Espresso!

earlybird café Tea

Feeling parched from all that eating? Earlybird Café has an extensive menu of coffees, teas, cold pressed juices, smoothies, and even milkshakes! Their ‘Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea’ selection caught my eye. I decided to order the Lychee Rose Green Tea ($ 6.50), which came highly recommended. Note that this is, in fact, a bottled drink that is not made in-house. The drink wasn’t overly fizzy and tasted mostly of green tea (as the name implies). The flavours of lychee and rose were pretty subtle. Given its hefty price tag, it’s not a drink that I’ll recommend. I’ll love to try their other drinks next time!

earlybird café Storefront

Address: 17 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199149

Phone: 9788 6856

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm, Friday: 10am to 11pm, Saturday: 9am to 11pm, Sunday: 9am to 10pm. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to Earlybird Café. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our Official Youtube Channel! You may also want to check out our articles on Avorush also located at Downtown or Crepe Cafe, a hidden Thai crepe hangout in Golden Mile Complex!

Howard Wong

An avid home cook who wishes to inspire others with the sheer amount of food that he can eat.

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Miss Tam Chiak


Watch: Apple Posts ‘Behind The Mac’ Video Series

By | June 16th, 2018

Apple has published three new videos to its ever growing YouTube presence, all called Behind the Mac and featuring people who use Apple’s computers to create things daily.

Three of the four videos focus on one creative person and highlights how they use a Mac in order to do their work.

Recording artist Grimes is interviewed, with the artist explaining how she uses a MacBook to create her music. Peter Kariuki explains how he created an app specifically to monitor driver safety in Africa, while Bruce Hall, a photographer who also happens to be legally blind, explains how he uses his Mac to process his work.

There’s also a fourth video which is a montage of clips from all three creators explaining their process with other creators also thrown in for good measures.

Interestingly, while you might expect that the videos solely focus on hardware that is currently being offered for sale via the Apple Store, some of the computers shown are older models. Mac laptops ranging from the poly-carbonate MacBook all the way up to the most current MacBook Pros are highlighted, with each of the four videos closing out with the line ‘Make something wonderful.’

The new collection of videos comes as Apple is again focusing on the Mac in a world where it has long been accused of ignoring its computer lineup to focus on the iPhone and the iPad.

macOS Mojave announced at WWDC this month is a major update to macOS in many years, and while the iMac Pro is the only Mac device to have been updated in the last twelve months, a new Mac Pro is expected at some point in the future and rumors continue to swirl regarding updated MacBook Pros too.

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One Bowl Man – One ‘Atas’ Bowl of XO Truffle Wanton Mee!

It seems that Truffle Wanton Mee is all the rage nowadays. I’m sure that we’ve all heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, many eateries have been breaking the mould by coming up with their own elevated versions of traditional Wanton Mee. This begs the question — is the ‘atas’ Truffle Wanton Mee tastier than a good old authentic one? I decided to visit One Bowl Man in Downtown to find out!

One Bowl Man Storefront (Sign)truffle wanton mee

One Bowl Man BYOB truffle wanton mee

I arrived at Downtown MRT early one morning and was greeted with the hustle and bustle of overly-stressed office workers. One Bowl Man definitely caters to an upscale clientele. It sits smack in the middle of the Marina Bay Financial Centre! The eatery prominently displays its signature dish at its storefront — the Truffle Wanton Mee with XO Sauce ($ 9.80). It’s definitely interesting to note that they have a BYO (bring your own) drinks policy. You can bring your favourite morning coffee or tea with you! I proceeded to fill out the order chit before heading to the cashier to make payment.

One Bowl Man Bowl of Noodles truffle wanton mee

Unlike other truffle oil-flavoured Wanton Mees out there, One Bowl Man’s version uses actual pieces of truffle in their fried wantons. The use of XO sauce is also one of their unique selling points. The sauce contains a variety of ingredients, including dried shrimps, dried scallops, jin hua ham and chilli peppers. Given its price, I was slightly disappointed that they used disposable bowls and utensils. However, this small gripe of mine was quickly forgotten as my empty stomach was calling out for breakfast. I hungrily and hurriedly mixed the XO sauce with the noodles and took my first bite.

One Bowl Man Noodles

One Bowl Man Char Siew

The XO sauce was sweet and had a strong taste and aroma of dried shrimps. However, I felt that it didn’t quite have enough ‘oomph’ to carry the flavour of the noodles which were decent, but not quite as springy as I would have liked. The XO sauce was on the drier side, so it couldn’t quite coat the noodles completely. Their char siew was also quite different from what you typically get in Wanton Mee. I liked that they were cut into thicker fatty chunks but they lacked a sweet roasted finish.

One Bowl Man Truffle Wanton Mee

The other main draw of their Wanton Mee is definitely their Truffle Wantons. These were a completely different story, as they were absolutely scrumptious! These deep-fried delights are handmade by the chefs at One Bowl Man. They are filled with a mixture of actual truffle, truffle oil, mushrooms and minced pork. My mouth began to water as I gaped at the beautiful golden-brown wantons.

One Bowl Man Inside of Truffle Wanton

The skins of these intricately made wantons were rolled to just the right thickness. This meant that they had a tantalising and addictive crunch that had me reaching for more. The filling contains a subtle hint of truffle oil, without being too in-your-face. It also did not overpower the flavour of the mushrooms and minced meat. Soon, my bowl ran out of wantons and I knew that I had to order more.

One Bowl Man Bowl of Truffle Wanton

For a rather hefty price tag of $ 10, I got another 10 of these delectable parcels (that’s $ 1 per wanton). The image on the menu showed that the wantons are sprinkled with slices of black truffle but this wasn’t the case(I know the pictures are for illustration but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed). However, I must say that the use of real truffles, which are expensive, in the wantons is commendable. 

The XO Truffle Wanton Mee can definitely use a little work. Other popular options include Dang Gui Braised Beef Mee ($ 8.50) and Fishball Mee with XO Sauce ($ 5.80). I can foresee myself returning just for the Truffle Wantons!

One Bowl Man Storefront

One Bowl Man Interior

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-67 Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984

Phone: 6509 8493

Area: Downtown

Opening Hours: 8am to 4:30pm daily, closed on weekends.

Facebook: made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

Let’s build a food community that helps to update the food news in Singapore! Simply comment below if there’s any changes or additional info to One Bowl Man. We will verify and update from our side. Thanks in advance!

For more food videos, check out our official YouTube channel! You may also want to check out our articles on Ang Mo Kio 453 Wanton Noodle which sells affordable Wanton Mee or Hao Kee Seafood Deluxe located at Toa Payoh North!

Howard Wong

An avid home cook who wishes to inspire others with the sheer amount of food that he can eat.

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Getting Grayed Out Speaker Buttons On iPhone 7 Call Screen? Here’s What’s Going On

By | June 15th, 2018

If you own an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus and notice that some of your audio-related buttons are grayed out, you might want to look at getting your device to Apple or an Apple authorized repair center, following reports that there is an inherent problems impacting those particular devices.

Reports coming out of multiple sources, including Motherboard, suggest that owners of Apple’s 2016 iPhones may noticed that buttons such as the speaker button or Voice Memos icon have become grayed out, preventing them from being tapped during a call.

In more serious cases, an iPhone could also find itself stuck at the Apple logo during startup, often after users also noticed the grayed out icons as well. This apparently happens to aging iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 handsets and as time ticks on, more and more devices are falling foul of what one repair shop owner calls “loop disease.”

As it turns out, the whole issue appears to be caused by connectors failing. Specifically, connectors which are attached to the audio chip. These connectors fail, causing the audio-based issues people see with grayed out buttons and then ultimately preventing the iPhone from carrying out boot-up checks when powering on. This in turn causes the boot loop issues some users experience.

The fix? Unless you’re pretty keen to get the soldering iron out yourself, the only fix is to take your iPhone in for repair. The chances are that your warranty will have expired by the time this issue crops up, but we’re told that you can expect to hand over up to $ 150 to get the required work done.

While that’s less than ideal, it’s better than having to buy a new phone outright, so if you’re experiencing these issues get yourself into a repair shop and see if loop disease is your problem.

(Source: Motherboard)

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8 Themed Hotels In Bangkok Under $100 That Are More Than A Shopping Drop Off Point

Themed hotels in Bangkok

Themed bangkok hotels - sheep hotel

Image credit: Expedia

Ah, Bangkok – the millennial Singaporean’s home away from home. But with all the repeated trips packed full with food and shopping, we might yearn for something a little more the next time we pop by.

And that’s where these 8 themed hotels come in. From Shakespeare-themed rooms to jail cells, these hotels look nothing like your average accommodation and are more than just a place for nua-ing or dropping off your buys. Plus, all of them cost less than $ 100, so you’ve far more to spend on your Pratunam Market loot. 

1. The Secret Service Bed and Breakfast – $ 34/night

Live out your spy fantasies

The Secret Service Bed and Breakfast - room

Image credit: Expedia

The Secret Service Bed and Breakfast looks like the spy headquarters from a 90s Bond movie. From doors hidden behind mirrors, to antique props and toy weapons on the walls, this place will make you feel like you’re on an espionage mission instead of a vacation.

“Secret” computers in the lobby for the hotel guests to use
Image credit: The Secret Service Bed and Breakfast

Of course, even the best spies need fuel for their tummies. That’s why this hotel also has an open-air rooftop cafe, where you can conduct surveillance on the surrounding streets whilst tucking into Thai-fusion food.

Address: 13/1 Tani, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 002 0711
Rates: $ 34/night
Book here

2. Sook Station – from $ 35/night

Sleep in jail cells

Sook Station - mugshot

Get your mugshot done in your very own prison PJs before going into the rooms

You might not have seen the inside of a jail cell, much less slept in one. But get prepared to go all Orange Is The New Black when you check into prison-themed Sook Station.

The experience behind bars here is pretty legit, because you’ll be literally sleeping behind bars. The bathrooms here are shared too, and everything is splashed in dreary colours with a healthy dash of “rust” to invoke the bleak atmosphere of an actual prison.

Sook Station - hotel room

But of course, you won’t actually have to live like a prisoner. Despite appearances, the rooms and bathrooms here are actually pretty clean and comfortable, and you’ll find power sockets as well as a nightlight beside your bed.

Sook Station - hotel lobby

You won’t have to thrive on prison grub either, because the hotel lobby is also home to a minimalist cafe that serves a range of Thai and Western fare.

Sook Station
Address: 45-49 Soi Sukhumvit 101/2, Sukhumvit Road, Bangna, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 (100m walk from Udom Suk BTS station)
Telephone: +66 95 854 5959/+66 86 332 0555
Rates: From $ 35/night
Book here

3. PlayHaus Thonglor – from $ 55/night

For fans of theatre

PlayHaus Thonglor - hotel lobby

The lobby of PlayHaus Thonglor
Image credit: @dailypumpkinpie 

Posh, antique-y decor set the scene at the PlayHaus Thonglor – perfect for the old school romantics out there. Each floor here is themed after a play, and your “ticket” to the rooms will be hidden in a hardcover book when you check in.

PlayHaus Thonglor - mary poppins themed room

Mary Poppins themed room
Image credit: @caymun_

If thou art looking for a place to imbibe, then make your way to the speakeasy bar in the hotel. The bar looks like the a backstage dressing room, with its velvet curtains and well-lit mirrors – which also make it a convenient place to touch up that makeup.

PlayHaus Thonglor - bar backstage mirror

Image credit: @kwangkrittaya

Playhaus Thonglor
Address: 205/22-23 Sukhumvit soi 55 (Thonglor), Bangkok, BM 10110, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 712 5747
Rates: From $ 55/night
Book here

4. Praya Palazzo – from $ 95/night

Restored 90-year-old neocolonial mansion

Praya Palazzo - mansion hotel

Image credit: @c_mo18

It’s holiday season. Your feed is filling up with pictures of other couples’ holidays to Europe and bae is getting jealous, but your bank account and leave balance is looking as empty as ever. What do you do?

Praya Palazzo - hotel room

Image credit: Praya Palazzo

You book a stay at the Praya Palazzo, that’s what. This elegant hotel is a textbook iteration of the classic countryside mansions found in Europe, except it’s located just a few hours away from our sunny shores – perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Praya Palazzo - Chao Phraya River

Image credit: @nunn 

The hotel is actually a 19th-century mansion that’s been painstakingly restored, and to get to it, you’ll have to take a charming water taxi ride across the Chao Phraya River. The transfer service is available 24/7, so you can stay in the city as long as you want, or come back early to enjoy an evening dip in the hotel pool.

Praya Palazzo - pool

Image credit: @beatricesays

Praya Palazzo
Address: 757/1 Somdej Prapinklao Soi 2, Bangyeekhan, Bangkok, 10700, Thailand
Telephone:  +66 2 883 2998
Rates: From $ 95/night
Book here

5. Nandha Hotel – from $ 49/night


Nandha Hotel - bicycle-themed hotel entrance

Image credit: @chalayut

Despite being tucked away on a quiet side street, the suspended bicycle over its entrance makes it easy to locate Nanda Hotel.

Nandha Hotel - bicycles and bicycle parts

Image credit: @nandhahotel

The hotel is inspired by the owners’ love for riding and photography, and you’ll find plenty of bicycles and bicycle parts decorating the place, as well as pictures taken from the owners’ own travels.

nandha hotel - beds

Comfortable beds for the weary and tyre-d
Image credit: Nanda Hotels 

The rooms themselves are chic and cosy, and come with cute bicycle tables. And while you can’t actually ride any of the bicycles out to explore the city, the hotel is located within walking distance of the Sky Train and Asok BTS Station.

Nandha Hotel
Address: 14/11-14 Sukhumvit 33, Khlong Tan Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 662 3395
Rates: From $ 49/night
Book here

6. Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel – from $ 88/night

Throwback to the 60s

Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel - room

Image credit: Phranakorn Nornlen

If The Little Nyonya was a hotel instead of a TV drama, it’d probably look like the Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel. The rooms at this hotel are decorated with old-timey furniture, and the walls are painted with domestic scenes from the kampong days.

Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel - indoor restaurant

Indoor restaurant, which is located on the ground floor
Image credit: @denallersurestemand

Despite their retro look, the rooms are homely and comfortable. Each one also comes with its own functional CD player, and you can either check out their specially curated old-school playlist, or connect to it with Bluetooth and jam along to your own tunes.

Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel - lounge area

Lounging area near garden
Image adapted from: @natkritta_c

Of course, there’s plenty to do outside the rooms too. The hotel has both an indoor and rooftop restaurant, as well as cooking classes and Thai massages. If you’ve got a soft spot for furry pets, be sure to spend some time with the bunnies in the hotel garden!

Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel
Address: 46 Thewet Soi 1 Krung Kaseam Road, Bangkhunphrom, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 628 8188
Rates: From $ 88/night
Book here

7. The House Of Phraya Jasaen – from $ 46/night

Different themes in every room

The House Of Phraya Jasaen - themed room

Image credit: @phrayajasaen

You’d expect a hotel to stick to one theme, but luckily for us, the owner of The House of Phraya Jasaen didn’t get that memo. 

The House Of Phraya Jasaen - couple themed rooms

Image credit: The House of Phraya Jasaen

The rooms here come with widely different designs, from single person bunks and colourful couple rooms, to hanging circular beds and suites that look like something out of an IKEA magazine.

The House Of Phraya Jasaen - restaurant

Basement restaurant
Image credit @chanakaant

There’s plenty of street food nearby, but if you feel like eating in, the hotel has both an airy ground floor cafe as well as a chic industrial basement serving Thai and Italian food. And in case you’ve had a long trip from the airport, the hotel also offers a complimentary Thai massage when you check in.

The House of Phraya Jasaen
Address: 168 Charoen Krung RD, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok, 10120
Telephone: +66 94 482 0085
Rates: From $ 46/night
Book here

8. Kokotel Bangkok Surawong – from $ 40/night

Sheep hotel

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong - sheep hotel lobby

Image credit: Expedia

Two giant, cuddly sheep await you as you step into the lobby of Kokotel Bangkok Surawong – but they aren’t the only ones. From themed toiletries to the miniature origami on your bed when you check in, these furry animals can be found throughout the hotel in all sheeps and sizes.

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong - paper sheeps

Who wool-dn’t like these adorable paper animals?
Image credit: @ferdashny

The cutesy decor of the hotel doesn’t take away from its functionality. There’s plenty of USB ports throughout the rooms, so you won’t have to bring an adapter just for your mobile devices.

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong - playroom

To keep the little ones occupied, the hotel also has a playroom that’s connected to the lobby with a swirling slide.

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong
Address:  181/5 Surawong Rd Suriyawong, Bang Rak Bangkok, 6818 5635
Telephone: +66 2 026 3218
Rates: From $ 40/night
Book here

Save on your next trip to Bangkok with Expedia

Hotels can offer more than just a place to crash at. The next time you make a pit stop in Bangkok, book yourself a stay at one of these themed hotels for an entirely different accommodation experience with Expedia.

If you’re familiar with Expedia, you’d know that it lands you great deals on flights, hotels, cars and attraction tickets. But from now till 30th June, you’ll get an even bigger discount on your hotel bookings if you do it through the Expedia App.

expedia coupon promo

To make the booking, just use the app to search for the hotel of your choice, and enter the coupon code “APP15” on the payment page. That’ll get you a 15% discount off any valid hotel booking, up to $ 50

Even if you’re not intending to travel anytime soon, the booking can be made for any travel period until 31st December 2018. It might be a good idea to start making those end of year plans early!

For more details on the coupon, check this out here.

Find out more about the Expedia app here!

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Waze, Sygic Confirm iOS 12 CarPlay Apps In Work After Apple Opened The Platforms To Third-Party Navigation Apps

By | June 14th, 2018

Along with the announcement of iOS 12 during Apple’s WWDC 2018 opening keynote, the company also confirmed that it was opening its updated CarPlay release up to developers to allow them to have their own navigation apps work on in-car touch screens.

Currently only Apple Maps is available to drivers who are lucky enough to have CarPlay-compatible cars but when iOS 12 ships later this year, everything will change. Now we have two confirmations that new apps will support CarPlay with iOS 12 – Waze and Sygic.

Starting out with Waze, the ever popular Google-owned navigation app, we have confirmation via Twitter that work to upgrade the app to support Apple CarPlay is underway. While concrete details will apparently not arrive for a while, said to be “in the coming months,” the sheer fact that it is in the works at all will be great news to fans of the app that many regard as a must-have for anyone wanting to avoid traffic when out on the road.

Moving on we have Sygic Car Navigation whose developer confirmed to our very own Taimur Asad via Twitter that iOS 12’s move to allow third-party navigation apps will see the app aim to have its own CarPlay-compatible update ready, too. Sygic assumes that iOS 12 will arrive in September and will apparently aim to have an update ready in time to be there on launch day.

Apple’s move to allow third-party navigation apps in the CarPlay ecosystem is one which is arguably coming much later than it should, but the fact it is finally arriving as part of iOS 12 is still one to be celebrated. If you’re a Waze or Sygic fan then you should be a happy bunny tonight and we cannot wait to see which other apps follow suit.

We’re looking at you, Google Maps.

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Redmond Pie

What If Bak Zhang Is Made Using BROWN RICE?

brown rice dumpling DSCF2245-1

The annual Dragon Boat Festival approaches, and it’s time to chiak sio bak zhang! My family makes our own glutinous rice dumplings every year. I love it but just eating one is enough to make me bloated and full for the entire day. BURPPPP…

brown rice dumpling DSCF2269-6
brown rice dumpling DSCF2250-3

This year, gave us a challenge! That is, to do a blind taste test between the usual Nyonya Rice Dumpling, Hokkien Rice Dumpling and a special Brown Jasmine Rice Hokkien Dumpling.

Dong Yuan’s Brown Jasmine Rice Hokkien Dumpling has tender pork cubes marinated with five spices, plus chestnuts and mushrooms. Now, this is interesting because I have never tried a brown rice dumpling before!

Most of us know that eating brown rice is good for our health. It reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and certain coronary heart diseases. But, how will it taste when wrapped into a dumpling?

brown rice dumpling DSCF2284-9
brown rice dumpling DSCF2320-13

Time to let our taste buds decide in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!

Our team of 6 tried the dumplings together and judged them based on taste, texture, and fragrance.

Safe to say, all three ba zhangs did not disappoint! In terms of fragrance and taste, the Nonya Rice Dumplings and Hokkien Rice Dumplings came out tops . Especially the Hokkien Rice Dumplings, which carried a distinct five-spice aroma that which many of us loved.

However, when it came to texture, we preferred the brown rice dumpling which was delightfully chewy. The rice adds more bite to the savoury dumpling and it is neither too mushy nor too sticky. In addition, the dark brownish-red colour is so appetising!

brown rice dumpling DSCF2300-11
brown rice dumpling DSCF2313-12

Like any new food, brown rice dumplings just need some getting used to BUT it is a great option to satisfy your cravings because it is less gluey and gelat compared to regular rice dumplings.

Now, I must get my Ah Gong to try using brown rice in his dumpling recipe too instead of the usual glutinous rice, as it is healthier and keeps us full longer.

In fact, don’t just stop at rice dumplings; incorporate brown rice into your daily diet and make healthy living a part of your lifestyle! I have already switched to brown rice since last year but if you can’t get used to the taste at first, try replacing a quarter of your normal rice intake with brown rice. Together with regular exercise, you will be on your way to healthy eating and living in no time!

brown rice dumpling DSCF2292-10

P.S. Are you a fellow bak zhang lover? There will be a free sampling of rice dumplings from Dong Yuan Bak Zhang (300 Balestier Road, Singapore 329737) on 15 June, from 9am to 9pm. Redeem by mentioning the code “Miss Tam Chiak I love Brown Rice”. While stocks last! Remember to sample the brown rice dumpling!

Click to watch the video:

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Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, she started this website in 2007 to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share her love of travel and food with the world. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling.

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Miss Tam Chiak