Peranakan Khek – Premium quality kueh with a premium price tag

Peranakan Khek – Premium quality kueh with a premium price tag

It is not easy to spot the Nyonya kueh kuek shop with it plain façade, we noted the shop through the stream of customers flowing in and out of the shop and yeah…that is the Peranakan Khek shop we are looking for.

The quality of the kueh has earned Peranakan Khek lots of the accolades from the public. Most of the kuek kuek shops are inconsistent in the quality with the kueh offered, if you are lucky enough, may be you can appreciate one or two out of the array of kuek on display, but finding one that can please the palates consistently with almost all the kueh offered is exceptionally rare, and we are glad to say that Peranakan Khek at Caven Road is able to make it to be one of the top lists, it is definitely one of the gems around with its curated Nyonya kuek that made of quality ingredients, fine bakery skills and superior flavour.

Quality comes with the price, each piece of the kueh has a retail price tag of not less than $ 2 a piece, definitely a premium price above the mass market for the similar products. However, it has not deterred those that willing to pay for the quality and taste judging from the stream of customers flowing in and out of the shop.

Peranakan Khek knows the art of the authentic good Nyonya kueh, each assortment of the kueh has given the full attention and precision to showcase the professional bakery skills.

Kueh Salat $ 2 per piece

The classic Nyonya kueh will put a real test to the mastery of the Peranakan kueh, we have to agree the pandan egg custard has the right firmness and fragrance to bring up the best of the custard, not too sweet and not cloying, it went very well with the bottom part of the Glutinous rice, not mushy or hard, nice texture with hints of coconut fragrance that make you carving for more.

Ang Ku Kueh $ 2.2

Good Ang Ku Kueh must have thin but chewy skin with fine and fragrant mung bean, Peranakan Khek has fulfilled both the requirements.

Kueh Bingka Ubi $ 2

You will be able to appreciate the fragrant of the tapioca

Kueh Putugal $ 2

Bananas are wrapped in a layer of steamed tapioca, coated with grated coconut, the subtle sweetness and fragrance of the tapioca made a wonder pair with the banana.

Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake $ 15 for a 9″ cake

Fine texture and not too sweet Gula Melaka chiffon cake, fragrant and nice, we ordered one slice but ended up with one full cake for our next day breakfast.

Kueh Dadar $ 2 per piece

The pandan-flavoured crepes encasing the Gula Melaka infused grated coconut, not too bad but compared to the signature Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry Kueh Dadar, Peranakan khek is obviously has some gaps to close especially the coconut filling that is less fragrant with the taste.

Kueh Kosui

The steamed rice kueh has a fudge-like texture and is characterised and made distinct by the aroma of the Gula Melaka, the wobbling pillowy kueh undoubtedly is one of the highlight here.

Our verdicts

Peranakan Khek may be seem as a small and not noticeable pastry shop along the Caven road, however, the quality and flavour of the kueh and cakes are good enough to make them a big name for one of the best Nyonya Kueh around.

Price may be at the high end but if you are looking for real good Nyonya Kueh, Peranakan Khek is certainly a clear choice.

Note: best to pre-order online to avoid disappointment as only limited supply available daily for retail.

Peranakan Khek

A: 11 Cavan Road, #01-03 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848

H: Wed to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 5pm, closed Mon & Tue

T: 65 64431213

Peranakan Khek

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