Superfudo – Exciting Grain Bowl Concept in Holland Village

Many eateries that specialise in healthy grain bowls are sprouting up around Singapore. Although I don’t mind an occasional clean meal, I really dislike the limited choices I have when it comes to proteins – shops usually offer either chicken breast or roast beef. On top of that, the proteins are usually tough and dry. I want to enjoy my meal, and not put up with stringy meats.


Superfudo is a relatively new café that specialises in grain bowls. However, what piqued my interest is the variety of proteins that they offer!

The café does have the usual offerings of beef and chicken, but they also have other proteins, such as lamb, turkey, prawns and even swordfish! That’s something I don’t see regularly.

The menu is relatively simple and easy to understand. There are 4 ‘main’ choices – the Veg Lite ($ 11), Super Balanced ($ 15), Carb Full ($ 17) and Protein Rich ($ 21). Diners can mix and match different varieties and quantities of meats, vegetables, toppings and carbohydrates.



What I thought was worth mentioning was the swordfish, which was coated in a Pescador spice marinade. The fish was cooked sous vide, so it was tender and flaky. The sauce was tart and savoury, which accentuated the natural saltiness of the swordfish.


The multigrain rice was nothing much to shout about, but I would choose it over the artisan sourdough, which was a little too tough for my liking. I thought it would’ve been better if the bread was toasted prior to serving so that it would be warm . Who doesn’t like a warm, toasty loaf of bread?


The café also has an interesting variety of vegetables, such as kimchi and ratatouille, and toppings such as meat floss, garlic chips and bacon bits. 


Superfudo gives off very good vibes. It could be because of the bright natural light that flooded the space, or the hanging plants that give the café a serenity, or the friendly service staff at the counter. Or perhaps, all of them. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.


An avid fan of the local food scene in Singapore, Justyn loves to recreate hearty hawker meals during his free time at home.

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Miss Tam Chiak