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Dress Up Your iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Or 2018 iPad Pro In A New Case From ESR, Deals From Just $5.49

By | December 18th, 2018

ESR, as a company, has managed to bag itself a glowing reputation for providing an array of different cases and protective covers for premium smartphones. Now, with these deals, you can introduce quality into your life without actually having to pay the full recommended price.

The multiple different ESR cases offered via Amazon have managed to collect a multitude of extremely positive reviews and 4/5 star ratings, which is no small task considering how many people actually purchase cases for smartphones and how many of these units have flown off the shelves. To command such a good rating over a prolonged period of time is a testament to the quality of the product that’s on offer.

And, speaking of the product on offer, let’s actually jump in and take a look at what deals are available to you. Keep in mind that each discount is applied via an associated discount code, which is highlighted next to the product in question. Make sure to use it to lock in the maximum discount.

As is generally the case with these deals, make sure to act quickly to lock in the maximum discount but to also ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of getting the delivery before the big day.

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Qualcomm Now Trying To Have iPhone XS, XR Banned In China As Well

By | December 14th, 2018

Chip maker Qualcomm caught everyone’s attention earlier this week when it obtained an injunction that would prevent the import and sale of iPhones in China. That victory was somewhat hollow, though, with the ban only affecting iPhones that ran older versions of iOS and in reality, nothing changed. Qualcomm is now emboldened, however, and it’s keen to push on. According to a new report by Reuters, Qualcomm is now trying to ban the sale of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in the country, too.

The new lawsuit relates to patents for resizing images and the use of navigation apps, something that would presumably impact all iPhones sold. However, Apple says that none of the supposedly infringing code is in iOS 12.

Qualcomm is asking courts in China to ban sales of Apple’s latest iPhone models XS and XR after winning a preliminary injunction against older models, the Financial Times reported on Thursday […]

“We plan to use the same patents to file suit against the three new iPhone models,” Jiang Hongyi, a lawyer at Lexfield Law Offices who is representing Qualcomm in its patent suits, told the FT.

It’s thought that it is unlikely Qualcomm will win this one, although there are complications given the fact China may want to push back on a US company at a time where President Trump is speaking about imposing tariffs on China.

The spat between Qualcomm and Apple is showing signs of becoming the new Apple Vs Samsung – a falling out that kept lawyers busy for many years. We’ll keep our eyes on this moving forward. Who knows how it will end up.

(Source: Reuters)

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This Case Adds A Second Color Screen To The Back Of iPhone And Turns It Into A Working Game Boy Color With 36 Built-In Classic Games

By | December 9th, 2018

The Game Boy was and still is one of the best portable gaming consoles ever created, and I was a huge fan of the little green-screened machine back when I was a kid.

Not too long ago, we told you about an iPhone case that not only offered protection but also doubled as a playable Game Boy, and now we’re back with an improved version in the form of Game Boy Color case for the iPhone.

When we say improved, we really mean it. This new case not only offers plenty of games to enjoy, but it also has a color screen to play them on – something not even the original Game Boy could manage.

There are 36 Game Boy classics to enjoy on this case, and thanks to its TPU material you should also be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your iPhone is being kept safe and sound, too.

Available for any iPhone from the iPhone 6 and all the way to the iPhone XS Max, this case is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to keep their phone safe, but also wants to get their Game Boy nostalgia fix at the same time.


  • High-quality colorful display for next-level gaming.
  • Tactile buttons for comfortable gaming sessions every single time.
  • Has its own battery which means it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery while you enjoy all those classic games.
  • Case protects iPhone from all corners including the display and rear camera module.
  • Made with high-quality TPU materials.
  • Total of 36 Game Boy classics for non-stop on the go entertainment.

Right now you can get all of this from here with a cool 15% discount if you apply code GBCIRP15OFF at check out. What is there not to like? Whether you want to play Tetris, Super Mario Brothers, or any of the other 34 games that you can choose from on a second screen on the back of your iPhone, it’s probably one of the best gifts you can buy for yourself or a Game Boy lover in your life.

Buy: Game Boy Color Case For iPhone With Color Screen Display + 36 Built-In Games: $ 34.95 with code GBCIRP15OFF at check out | Original price: $ 49.95

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How To Dress Your Memoji Up In A Santa Hat On iPhone, iPad

By | December 8th, 2018

Christmas is upon us, which means everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit. That invariably means changing avatars to look like Santa for some reason, and if you’re using an iPhone or iPad with Face ID, you can customise your own Memoji to make it look just like the big man in the red hat.

The process of doing exactly that isn’t complicated, but if you don’t know how to do it, we can imagine it tripping a few people up. All you’ll need is a compatible device and a minute of your time, which seems like a decent proposal for something that will kick your Christmas preparations into top gear.

In order to get started, you’ll need an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or 2018 iPad Pro of either size. Assuming you do, creating a new Memoji is super-simple and we have our own guide on doing exactly that, so be sure to follow that if you’re struggling. Once you have your Memoji, it can be customized to suit your needs, and the Santa hat is in the headwear category, which should be at the very bottom of the list.

Once in there, the Santa hat itself is again right at the bottom of the list, although you may need to edit it to give it a bright red color just like the man himself. Unfortunately, that isn’t one of the preset colors, but tapping the multicolor option will allow you to select a different color, including the iconic red.

And that’s it – your Memoji now has a nice Santa hat, perfect for taking screenshots and then using wherever you like, including Twitter, if you really must!

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Download iOS 12.1.1 Final IPSW Links And OTA Update For iPhone And iPad

By | December 6th, 2018

You can now download iOS 12.1.1 final IPSW links and over-the-air OTA update. Once again, after a period of internal and external testing, Apple has found itself in a position whereby it’s ready to share the next version of iOS with the general public.

And that’s what this release is all about.

As the versioning of this release suggests, iOS 12.1.1 is predominantly about bug fixes, streamlining the performance of the platform on all compatible hardware, and ensuring that any known security issues are fixed. With that said, this release does also unlock some minor features that give iPhone and iPad owners something to sink their teeth into.

For iPhone XR owners, iOS 12.1.1 introduces expanded Haptic Touch and allows it to be used to expand notifications on the lock screen. This is clearly being exposed in the absence of 3D Touch on the iPhone XR’s Liquid Retina LCD panel. Apple has also used this latest release to make some ever-so-slight UI changes to the Apple News app on iPad when it is being used in landscape orientation, as well as some tweaks relating to the new eSIM functionality that allows a device owner to have more than one number in operation on their modern iPhone device.

Finally, Apple has also made a few amends to FaceTime within iOS 12.1.1, including re-introducing the functionality that allows a Live Photo to be captured during a FaceTime instance as well as making some visual changes to the bottom bar and how certain features and buttons are accessed. This is definitely an answer to the disgruntled calls from users who thought that Apple’s recent iOS 12 changes to FaceTime were a usability nightmare.

It’s good to see that the Cupertino-based company has taken that on board and made some amends with a quick turnaround. It’s especially important considering FaceTime now supports up to 32 people in a single call and will likely have more people using it and interacting with it on a daily basis.

If you are the owner of a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then you can grab the latest update as an over-the-air update via Settings > General > Software Update. Alternatively, you can grab the IPSW download for your device from the links below:

iOS 12.1.1 Download Final IPSW Links

Update x1: For detailed look at what’s new in iOS 12.1.1, check out: iOS 12.1.1 Final Changes, Release Notes And Features: Here’s What Is New.

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How To Unlock Any iPhone (Including The Latest XS, XS Max, XR) On iOS 12 Using This R-SIM And ICCID Trick

By | December 2nd, 2018

Buying an unlocked iPhone can be a costly business, and unlocking them isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. There is a solution for those who have a locked device and need to use a SIM card that isn’t from the carrier the iPhone is locked to, and’s available right now.

That Metroid is to use the latest R-SIM ICCID trick which is basically a SIM card that, once installed, unlocks the device by taking advantage of a flaw in Apple’s iOS. That means that this SIM can be installed, a few steps taken, and then any carrier’s SIM can be swapped back in to get it working as any other unlocked iPhone without any issues, regardless of which carrier it belongs to.

We’ve written about these SIM swap methods before, but that was using R-SIM 12. The R-SIM is now updated to v13 to support the latest iPhone XR and iPhone XS / XS Max, which is notable as the older one had trouble working on Apple’s newer iPhones due to change in phone’s SIM card tray design. The update also brings with it a faster process and improved standby time, which is all good news.

The process for unlocking a locked iPhone using the R-SIM is as follows:

  1. First up, you will obviously need to get the latest version of R-SIM for your iPhone, which you can do so from here.
  2. Insert the R-SIM into your locked iPhone.
  3. Next, open Emergency Call screen and then enter the following code *5005*7672*00# in the dialer and then tap on phone calling button.
  4. On the Input ICCID screen, enter the following code 8901-4104-2792-0258-7523 and then tap Send.
  5. Reboot your iPhone and follow the regular iOS setup process for activation.
  6. Once done, you can just remove the R-SIM from your iPhone and insert your network’s regular nano SIM card back and start using your phone as a regular unlocked iPhone.

Those steps will work on anything from an iPhone 5 all the way up to an iPhone XS Max, with iOS 11 and iOS 12 confirmed as working just fine.

This process may be less than ideal, especially if it needs to be done again in case your iPhone hard reboots or is restored via iTunes, but it’s absolutely better than nothing and well worth checking out. Just be aware Apple might patch this flaw at some point in future iOS update although it’s working fine since iOS 11 days.

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Apple’s New Limited-Time Offer Gets You Extra Trade-In Credit For iPhone XS, XR Upgrades

By | November 29th, 2018

Apple isn’t known for offering deals on its products, so if you missed out on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals that were floating around over the past week, you may think you’re out of luck. That may not be the case, though, with Apple updating its official trade-in website to push some new promotions.

The promotions in question seem to pertain to increased trade-in credit for some devices, so long as you’re trading them in against the iPhone XS or iPhone XR. In fact, if you’re really lucky, you might get as much as an additional $ 100 towards a new iPhone.

As an example, let’s take an iPhone 6 trade-in. That normally gets you just $ 75, which is pretty poor, but right now, you will get $ 150 against a new iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Have an iPhone 6 Plus? That’s doubled its normal $ 100 trade-in price, with buyers now getting $ 200 towards a new device.

Trade in your eligible device for an Apple Store Gift Card or a refund on your purchase.1 If your device isn’t eligible for credit, we’ll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet.

Unfortunately, these increased trade-in prices only apply to the iPhone XR or iPhone XS, so anyone looking to pick up an older iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 is unfortunately going to have to take the lower trade-in price instead.

If you’re considering trading your old device in, it needs to be able to turn on and not have any major damage. The display also has to work, which is fairly standard fare for these kinds of trade-in offers.

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This Qi Charging Power Bank Seamlessly Attaches On The Back Of iPhone To Power It Wirelessly On The Go

By | November 25th, 2018

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, someone comes up with something new. We’ve seen plenty of cases that have battery packs built in, and we’ve seen a huge number of wireless chargers, too.

We’ve even seen a combination of the two, but today we’re going to share a new 10,000mAh battery power bank that can effortlessly charge your phone wirelessly while on the go, all thanks to suction cups.

Available to order right now from here with additional 20% discount applied to its normal price using code PBWISUC10OFF at check out, this Qi-compatible battery pack does include a USB-C connector for charging, but when it comes to getting power out and into a phone, wireless is where it’s at.

With a plethora of suction cups on its face, this charger attaches itself to the back of whatever it is charging, making the pair mobile. Think of it as a leach of sorts, but one that’s giving back rather than taking. We know it sounds strange, but it sounds pretty amazing, too.

Features include:

Massive 10,000mAh battery capacity for several recharges on the go.

Powerful suction cups allow you to stick the power bank on the back of the phone so that you can start charging the phone wirelessly untethered.

LED indicator lights display how much charge is left in the power bank.

2 USB-A ports to charge devices using a wired connection.

Wirelessly charge your compatible iPhone or Android at 5W speed.

Charge up to three devices at once – two wired, one wireless.

Wired USB charging supports up to 12W of power output.

Built-in high-density LiPo battery.

Charge up the power bank using Micro USB or USB Type-C cable.

Available in two finishes: black or white.

Built-in safeties that prevent overcharging and overheating.

As that list mentioned, if the need takes you it is indeed possible to charge three devices at once using this battery pack, which is pretty impressive. That’s thanks to its included USB-A ports alongside that USB-C port that is used solely for getting power into the battery pack itself.

This might be the best use for suction cups we’ve ever come across. and if you agree be sure to get your order in soon – stock is limited, and so is the discount being offered.

Buy: Qi Wireless Power Bank With Suction Cups + USB-C For iPhone & Other Devices: $ 49.95 with code PBWISUC10OFF at check out | Original price: $ 79.95

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How To Disable Or Enable Smart HDR On iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

By | November 25th, 2018

The all-new Smart HDR functionality for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR with iOS 12 has proven to be a smash hit with device owners thus far. It’s generally been one of the most accepted features for photography fans and one that people will continue to. However, if you want more control and want to be able to turn it off, we’re going to show you exactly how.

The feature has been introduced to allow the iOS system to use the HDR computational photography technique as and when it pleases to capture the best images by snapping a succession of images one after the other automatically. This of course, is enabled by default.

This allows the resulting image to better detail and better accuracy by creating a single image from the multiple versions taken. However, not everyone wants that all of the time so let’s take a look at how to manually use HDR.

Disabling Smart HDR

Step 1: Launch Settings on the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR and select the Camera option.

Step 2: Inside Camera, you will find an option for Smart HDR. Make sure that the toggle is switched into the Off position.

Step 3: It really is as simple as that! Now, with Smart HDR functionality turned off, you will be able to use HDR as a manual invocation when you are capturing photographs in the native Camera app.

Using HDR manually when capturing photographs in the native Camera app will give you access to three options via the yellow HDR button that appears on the Camera app interface:

  1. On: HDR is active and will be active when an image is captured
  2. Off: HDR is entirely turned off and the resulting image will be captured with no HDR enhancements
  3. Auto: The system will determine whether or not to use HDR but will not re-enable the Smart HDR feature that you turned off.

For a lot of users, the Smart HDR feature is always going to be useful when it’s activated. Some users simply want to quickly use the Camera app to capture impromptu photographs and don’t want control over settings or how that image is captured. However, others who are a little more experienced and understand the technology will want total control over all of the settings that determine how photographs are captured and will therefore want to use HDR manually and under conditions of their choosing.

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Today Marks 10 Years Of Emoji On iPhone, Here’s What The Original Set Looked Like

By | November 22nd, 2018

With Emoji now so ingrained in the way we communicate, it’s impossible to remember a time before we could send each other little smiley faces and whatnot. Amazingly, November 21st, 2008 was the day that Apple released iPhone OS 2.2 to users of the iPhone in Japan, bringing with it an emoji keyboard and emoji characters for the first time. The phone Apple was selling back then was the iPhone 3G, just to put all of this into perspective.

With the tenth anniversary of emoji on iPhone now here, the folks at Emojipedia have taken an in-depth look at the first emojis to find their way into what became iOS, as well as Apple’s decision to only launch in Japan.

Interestingly, that iPhone OS 2.2 release actually predates the arrival of the Unicode Standard, something that now makes emoji universally interchangeable across different devices and ecosystems.

Apple’s 2008 emoji implementation was based on the set used by Japanese carrier Softbank, and the influence on many of these designs is clear.

Even moreso—much the the chagrin of some—Apple’s emoji font has gone on to dominate public expectation of what an emoji should look like.

While Apple does not dictate which emojis are approved by Unicode, it is reasonable to wonder that without Apple’s strong color emoji support in these earlier years, whether we would see it as the cultural phenomenon it has become today.

It wasn’t until 2011 and iOS 5 that Apple brought emoji to the rest of the world, allowing anyone to tap into something that Japan and other select regions had been enjoying for years. The rest, as they say, is history and today some people are able to have entire conversations in emoji alone. That’s thanks in part to the fact that the number of emoji has increased from 471 back in 2008 to a massive 2776 today, something that has been brought about by the inclusion of multiple genders and skin tones across the collection.

A set from the original iPhone emoji

(Source: Emojipedia)

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