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SIM-Free Unlocked iPhone X Model Now Available In The U.S., Here’s What You Need To Know

By | December 5th, 2017

Finally. Just ahead of the Christmas holidays, Apple has launched SIM-free unlocked iPhone X model in the U.S.

The SIM-free model of iPhone X has arrived in the U.S. market almost a month after the company initially launched the handset in the U.S. and other markets.

While the iPhone X sold from Apple Stores in the U.S. comes unlocked when bought outright for full price no matter which carrier variant you buy it, the SIM-free model is the “truly” unlocked model with support for more wider range of bands not only nationally, but internationally as well. Unlike the carrier specific models, as the name suggests, the SIM-free model doesn’t come with any carrier SIM as well.

Apple’s official explanation of SIM-free iPhone model is as follows:

“SIM-free” means your iPhone doesn’t ship with a carrier SIM card. The SIM-free iPhone sold on and at the Apple Store is unlocked. That means you’re free to use a SIM card from any carrier that provides service for iPhone.

While internationally, Apple has always launched SIM-free model of iPhones (including iPhone X) on day 1, but because of the carrier situation in the U.S., SIM-free model in the States almost always arrives a month or two after the initial launch.

If you head over to the’s iPhone section, when buying the iPhone X, you will now be presented with a fifth SIM-free “Buy without a carrier” option alongside the usual AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint models.

If bought today, the SIM-free version of iPhone X will ship in a week time from now, just like all other variants of iPhone X.

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Unlocked / SIM-Free iPhone X Price In USA, UK, India, China And More

By | September 15th, 2017

Here is factory unlocked SIM-free iPhone X price in the USA, UK, India, China, Canada, France, Germany, and other countries.

Apple’s highly anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone has now been officially announced in the form of iPhone X. Apple has already unveiled the specification details of the device as well as its features and how it will function, and now, here we have is factory-unlocked prices for iPhone X in a number of countries.

The launch of iPhone X is a funny little release for Apple. Not only does it actually entirely miss out iPhone 9, but it also sits alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are both highly performant and highly exciting devices in their own right. For some consumers, it puts them in a strange position of not knowing if iPhone 8 is actually the right route forward for them as an upgrade from iPhone 7 or earlier, or if the all-singing, all-dancing iPhone X is the device that they need in their lives. Sometimes it can literally come down to affordability and whether or not the cost can be justified by the return.

Most objective individuals would probably argue that iPhone X is worthy of its associated price tag, largely due to the fact that it packs in so much technology and breaks the design mould for iPhone that we’ve seen over the years. There’s also no real previous iPhone to compare the costs against as this hardware is more expensive than previous Apple smartphone releases and, as mentioned earlier, sits in a class of its own as far as features and design is concerned. Yes it’s more expensive, but is that expense worth it to you?

If you have already made your mind up about purchasing iPhone X regardless of price or release date, then checking out the embedded graphic below is nothing more than a courteous action for you. We fully understand that some people need to be on the cutting-edge of technology and will, therefore, be purchasing the device regardless.

However, for others, a purchase of this magnitude requires careful consideration and taking multiple characteristics of the device into the equation, the most important of which is likely the price. With that in mind, you can find out everything you need to know regarding price in your country above.

Apple will start taking pre-orders of iPhone X on October 27th, and will start shipping it on November 3rd.

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