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Ikea May Be Working On HomeKit-Enabled Smart Blinds

By | September 8th, 2018

Swedish furniture outlet Ikea already has its own line of smart lighting that continues to do a very good job under the Tradfri branding and now it looks like the same company is getting ready to launch its own line in HomeKit-compatible smart blinds.

The news comes after a new FCC listing was spotted that includes three images of a device that looks like it could be used to remotely control blinds. The device, called the “E1766 Tradfri” on an illustration, looks set to carry the same branding as the company’s smart lights.

The device itself is described as an Open/Close Remote,” making it the perfect switch for motorized blinds. Such things already exist from competing companies but pricing is steep, to say the least, and while it’s possible these are just remote controlled blinds, the Tradfri name would suggest HomeKit compatibility given the status of the lighting that carries the same name.

There are understandably few details beyond the images found, but we already know that Ikea is said to be looking to expand its growing smart home product line, with smart plugs also said to be in the works. Smart blinds are the kind of things we would expect Ikea to begin offering and the appearance of this FCC filing is almost too coincidental to not take seriously. Whether Ikea could offer the devices at a price that would undercut expensive competing products remains to be seen, but its pricing on smart lighting is very competitive indeed.

If you’re the proud owner of a HomeKit home, you’ll no doubt have fingers crossed that Ikea can offer something nobody else appears capable of – a reasonably priced HomeKit-enabled blind system.

(Source: Dave Zatz [Twitter])

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Get Started With Apple HomeKit With Epic Deals On Koogeek Smart RGB Bulbs, Plugs And Switches

By | August 9th, 2018

Ready to dive into the world of Apple HomeKit and home automation? Get started with epic discounts on Koogeek smart RGB bulbs, smart plugs and switches today.

Do you have some hard-earned money burning a hole in your pocket as well as an overwhelming desire to introduce some home automation technology into your life? Well, we can definitely help with that with an array of deals all complete with wonderful price discounts.

If you have been looking to approach home automation for a while but have never gotten around to it, then this is where you can start. Koogeek is offering a seriously impressive set of discounts on some of its hardware. Check out the deals and get saving, right now!

Koogeek LED Wi-Fi Smart Night Light Bulb E26 ($ 28.99, usually $ 39.99)

Those who need to inject a little bit of intelligent color into their lives will definitely need to be looking at this deal. This color-enabled Wi-Fi smart bulb offers integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and is Apple HomeKit-compatible, meaning that it will work seamlessly with other HomeKit hardware and Siri. A great product with a great price reduction.

Buy: Koogeek LED Wi-Fi Smart Night Light Bulb E26 from Amazon: $ 28.99 with code ISH9HCK4 | Original price $ 39.99

Koogeek Smart Plug Wi-Fi Socket Outlet ($ 19.99, usually $ 29.99)

Koogeek is one of the best companies from a home automation perspective as it looks to support all major platforms and protocols. This smart plug with Wi-Fi capabilities is no different. It offers a compact design, compatibility with Alexa, HomeKit, and Assistant, and will give an insight into how much energy is being used for a particular appliance. Definitely worth having in your life at this cost.

Buy: Koogeek Smart Plug Wi-Fi Socket Outlet from Amazon: $ 19.99 with code HXNMJ2VB | Original price $ 29.99

Koogeek Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Two Gang for Apple HomeKit ($ 29.99, usually $ 39.99)

To complete the trio of purchases, here is your Koogeek WiFi light switch offering Alexa, Assistant, and HomeKit compatibility. With this, you can create scenes in order to control multiple lights simultaneously. You can monitor power consumption to get a greater insight into what you use. You really get your home automation setup up and running extremely easily all for just $ 29.99.

Buy: Koogeek Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Two Gang for Apple HomeKit from Amazon: $ 29.99 with code FVW24OG3 | Original price: $ 39.99

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Mega Tech Deals: $10 LIFX Smart Bulb, $6 AUKEY Car Charger, iPhone Glass Screen Protectors & More

By | August 9th, 2018

Looking for a $ 10 smart bulb? How about a super cheap car charger for just $ 6? We have it all in today’s mega tech deals list.

Price reductions on products only have any real value if the product is desirable in the first place. A financial reduction on something that nobody wants isn’t exactly a wonderful marketing initiative. Thankfully, we have curated a collection of large, small, and medium-sized products and accessories which all have a value from a functionality perspective but which also all now come with wonderful discounts.

AUKEY Car Charger With Dual USB Ports ($ 6.00, usually $ 12.99)

This flush fit car charger with dual USB ports is not only an attractive proposition from a feature perspective but also from a cost and savings standpoint. The more than 50% discount using code AUKEYCR2 is definitely something you want to take seriously.

Buy: AUKEY Car Charger with Dual USB Ports from Amazon: $ 6.00 | Original price: $ 12.99

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini by TP-Link ($ 10.00, usually $ 26.99)

This could definitely be the smart plug and intelligent hardware that you need in your home. If you plug this in, get your accessories connected, and give it an internet connection, you have a wonderful piece of intelligent hardware which you can grab for an astounding price of just $ 10 using code SMART10.

Buy: Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini by TP-Link from Amazon: $ 10 | Original price: $ 26.99

LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb ($ 10.00, usually $ 24.99)

How about owning a Wi-Fi smart LED white light bulb to give that instant home automation feel to your property? Some home-owners consider Hue or the IKEA TRADFRI range but it’s extremely hard to discount LIFX when you consider you can snap this bulb up for a minuscule $ 10.00 with code SMART10. And oh, it does not require a hub to function at all.

Buy: LIFX Mini White (A19) Smart Bulb from Amazon: $ 10 | Original price $ 24.99

JETech Screen Protectors for 4.7-Inch and 5.5-Inch iPhones (Just $ 6.79)

A huge investment in Apple hardware means that you likely want to protect it from damage. Where iPhone 6/6Plus, 6s/6s Plus, 7/7Plus and 8/8 Plus devices are concerned, you will also want to protect the display from being cracked or scratched, which is where these wonderful JETech screen protectors hold their own.

Buy: JETech Screen Protectors for 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones from Amazon: $ 6.79 | Original price: $ 9.99

Fire TV Cube + Cloud Cam Security Camera ($ 199.98, usually $ 239.98)

Some people own a Fire TV Cube. Some people purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam for security purposes. Now, with a combined price of just $ 199.98, the sensible people take the opportunity to buy them both together as a single bundle.

Buy: Fire TV Cube + Cloud Cam Security Camera Bundle from Amazon: $ 199.98 | Original price $ 239.98

Etekcity 2-Pack Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini Outlet with Energy Monitoring ($ 19.98, usually $ 29.98)

You may have been caught up in the wonderful world of home automation recently. If not, then this is an extremely easy and cost-effective way of getting involved. These smart Wi-Fi plugs give you total control over energy usage and you can introduce a 2-pack into your life for just $ 19.98.

Buy: Etekcity 2-Pack Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini Outlet with Energy Monitoring from Amazon: $ 19.98 | Original price $ 29.98

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Turn Any Power Outlet In Your Home Smart With This Alexa And Google Assistant WiFi Plug And By Using This Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer

By | July 22nd, 2018

The world of home automation continues to expand, especially thanks to the arrival of affordable pieces of the puzzle such as Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, and inexpensive smart plugs such as this one that can turn just about anything into a smart appliance.

While there are other smart plugs out there, we think this offer is just too good to ignore. What if we told you that you could buy two smart plugs and get another for free? What if we told you that you could buy three and get two free?!

That’s exactly the case right now. You can use offer code WSOA335 to buy two smart plugs and get one free or if you need more, use code WSOA545 to buy three and get two absolutely gratis from here. That’s five smart plugs for the price of three!

No matter how many you pick up you will be getting a smart plug that can work in the US, EU, UK and more as well as being compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. These attributes make this particular smart plug one of the most versatile around and at a price that will not break the bank.

Just pick which country you want to use the plug in when ordering and away you go.

  • Rated to work at: 100-240V 50/60HZ (UK/UK/EU/Asia – depending on the model you pick)
  • Max power: 2000W
  • Available in white color only.

If you’d rather not use a digital assistant to control your smart plugs then you can also download the iOS or Android app and activate/deactivate the plug from your smartphone remotely from anywhere, too.

We think we’re going to buy one for everything in the house!

Buy: WiFi Smart Plug With Alexa & Assistant Support: $ 34.95 for 1, $ 69.95 for 3 using promo code WSOA335, $ 99.95 for 5 using promo code WSOA545 | Original price: $ 49.95 for 1

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Tech Deals: $11.95 iPhone & Android Wireless Charger, $50 Off iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, $65 Snapchat Spectacles, More

By | July 5th, 2018

If there is a deal to be had, and that deal involves technology, then you can be sure that we will have it featured at one point of time or another. So, if you are in the mood to welcome some new technology into your life, and don’t want to spend all of that hard-earned money in the process, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Starting off, we are looking at a wireless charging pad for the iPhone X / 8 and Android smartphones, for only $ 11.95 each if you purchase a pair.

How about the Snapchat Spectacles for almost half the price of its original price tag? We have got you covered! There’s also the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard with a $ 50 discount applied. Last but not the least is the ROAV dashcam for cars for only $ 43. More where that came from, so peruse the deals, find something that takes your breath away, and complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone & Android ($ 11.95 each when buying 2, usually $ 29.95 for 1)

As the title suggests, this is a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad which is going to act as a wireless power accessory for any of your Qi-compatible smartphones. If that’s an iPhone X or iPhone 8, or even a cutting-edge Android device, then you are going to be able to get power pumped into it using this pad without having to be tethered to a power outlet.

As part of Independence Day in the U.S., you can get 20% additional discount and bring the price down to just $ 11.95 each if you add two of these to your basket and use 4JULY20 promo code during the check out process. This deal is valid till end of day on July 5.

Buy: Qi Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone & Android: $ 11.95 each when buying 2 | Original price: $ 30 for 1

Snapchat Spectacles 1st-Gen ($ 64.99, usually $ 120)

Remember Snapchat Spectacles? Those funky glasses which connect to your Snapchat account to create content and then post it to all of your followers? Well, if you missed the action the first time around you now have the chance to get in on that action for a fraction of the cost. Yes, it’s the first-gen model and not the second-gen but are still worth taking a look at if you are a hardcore Snapchat user. If you are a creator with a decent Snapchat following, then you really need these in your life.

Buy: Snapchat Spectacles 1st-Gen: $ 64.99 | Original price: $ 120

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch Model ($ 119.99, usually $ 169.99)

First thing’s first, this particular accessory is only going to work if you have one of Apple’s wonderful 12-inch iPad Pro tablets. This is a full-size keyboard which uses the Smart Connector on iPad Pro to connect seamlessly for full text-based input and control. It may seem quite extensive but this is one of Apple’s official and premium keyboard accessories.

Buy: Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard for 12-inch Model: $ 119.99 | Original price: $ 169.99

Roav Dashcam for Cars by Anker ($ 42.99 using promo code, $ 74.59)

More and more vehicle owners are starting to integrate a dash camera into their cars in order to protect themselves and have video-based evidence of any accidents or thefts that happen. If you are looking for a dash cam, then this is one of the best that you can purchase at this type of price range.

Get it for $ 42.99 using following promo code at check out: A1BDDEAL

Buy: Roav Dashcam for Cars by Anker: $ 42.99 | Original price: $ 75

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Hokkaido-Ya, Vivocity: A New “Smart” Japanese Casual Eatery by Sushi Tei Serving One-Bowl Meals

Local Japanese restaurant chain, Sushi Tei, has recently launched a casual dining concept, Hokkaido-Ya (translated to “Hokkaido-shop”) at Vivocity. As the name suggests, the restaurant offers diners one-bowl meals such as rice bowls (donburi), curry rice, and ramen originating from the northern island in Japan. The restaurant uses Niigata rice and sources most of their ingredients, including ramen noodles, directly from Hokkaido. For salmon, they import chilled, not frozen, fish from Norway.

Exemplifying the Japanese method of kaizen for a fast and efficient food ordering process, Hokkaido-Ya uses “smart” self-ordering kiosks with artificial intelligence technology. Based on facial recognition and/or mobile number of the guest, the “smart” system is enabled to identify the guest’s dining preferences and gives customised meal recommendations when the guest makes a return visit to the restaurant.

For appetisers, there are the usual options of chawanmushi ($ 3), edamame ($ 3.50), and ebi cream croquette ($ 3.50/pc). A healthy and visually-pleasing bowl of bara chirashi Salad ($ 14.90) is accompanied by side servings of the restaurant’s in-house produced soy dressing or Japanese sesame sauce. The freshness of the scallops, tuna, prawns, whelk clams, salmon roe, flying fish roe and salmon is evident here. There is also sweet homemade tamago (egg) to balance the flavours.

Rice Bowls

The aburi mentai bara chirashi don ($ 14.90) is similar to the bara chirashi salad, except with a staple of carbohydrates instead of vegetables for a more tummy-filling meal. Another difference lies in the addition of the mentaiko sauce. The slightly charred finishing on the seafood after it has been torched adds a nice smokiness to the sweet and creamy mentaiko sauce. However, the rice seems to clump together.

At $ 10.90, the aromatic truffle salmon don is great value-for-money. Setting itself apart from the aburi mentai bara chirashi Don are tempura batter crisps (tanuki) added in this truffle salmon don to create some texture in an otherwise plain rice bowl. Interesting touch. With the truffle oil, a common dish easily available in other Japanese eateries now stands out in this restaurant.

Curry Rice & Udon

Inspired by snow-capped mountains in Hokkaido during winter, the restaurant offers white curry-based mains such as shirobuta pork katsu Hokkaido white curry rice ($ 12.90) and fried ebi Hokkaido white curry udon ($ 12.90). White curry appears to be a creamy stew and is cooked using Hokkaido milk and a mix of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, onion and garlic powder. It is only mildly spicy, and not as fragrant as compared to its more popular brown-coloured cousin. Unfortunately, the pork katsu falls a little flat on expectation as it is dry and bland.

The prawns in the fried ebi Hokkaido white curry rice ($ 11.90) are well-battered and firm to the bite. Much better than the pork katsu. The fried ebi white curry udon ($ 12.90) is served with the same white curry but oddly, it is slightly more savoury (added spice?). On the whole, I find the curry dishes not as appetizing as the donburis.


Hokkaido-Ya’s menu offers three choices of ramen (chashu, hotate or beef) with three types of soup base to choose from – paitan (white, pork-based broth), miso or spicy miso. We tried the Hokkaido butter corn hotate ramen ($ 12.90) and Hokkaido beef ramen ($ 15.90), both served with soft-centred eggs and beansprouts. The former has a small slab of butter added into the pantai broth, inducing it to be thicker and creamier. Sweet corn is also added for crunch. When this ramen was served to us, the noodles had absorbed most of the broth so you can barely see the broth from the photos. Taste-wise, there is nothing to shout about although the scallops are fresh and chewy, and the corn works a little magic by injecting some sweetness into the soup base.

The Hokkaido beef ramen gives a different story. The beef is thinly-sliced and pan-fried to medium-rare before being added into the noodles with miso broth base. The beef is tender and sits very well in the stronger, richer broth. This version of the ramen definitely has more character and flavour than the previous bowl of noodles, and could well be the reason for it being the most expensive item on the entire menu. I will highly recommend this if anyone is up for noodles.

As a side, I tested the spicy miso broth and did not quite understand if it is intended to be sweet or spicy as it is feels like it is sitting on the fence – sweet with a hint of chilli powder. It is probably a better idea to stick to the miso broth.

In most ramens, eggs have a brown exterior as they have been marinated in soy sauce, whereas in Hokkaido-Ya, the exterior remains white like normal soft-boiled eggs. The egg yolks are nevertheless runny although I cannot help but wonder if having them marinated will add more flavour into the noodles, especially in the broth base of paitan.

The restaurant does not make its own desserts but they have brought in 4 flavours of monaka to please sweet tooths – Hokkaido milk monaka ($ 3.90), chocolate monaka ($ 3.50), Yawamochi matcha monaka ($ 3.50) and Yawamochi red bean milk monaka ($ 3.50). Each of these has a base of full-cream Hokkaido milk ice cream sandwiched between soft, wafer shells, with the exception of the Yawamochi matcha monaka that comes with creamy green tea ice cream and sweet red bean (the most popular choice).

Most dishes are above average, not bad but not memorable . Like restaurants in Japan, the space is rather cramp with 60 seats seemingly built for the more petite or slender sized. This restaurant is best for small groups of friends who are happy with one-dish.


VivoCity #02-153, 1 Harbour Front Walk, Singapore 098585
tel: +65 6376 8387 (no reservations)
11.30am-10pm daily

Food: 6.5/10
Décor/Ambience: 6/10
Service: NA (self-service)
Value/Price: 7/10

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Written by Clancie Ng. Clancie is curious about the gastronomic world and will try almost anything at least once. She believes in the yin and the yang of striking a balance between being a glutton and working off the calories.


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This Smart Lightning-Based Mini IR Blaster Turns iPhone Into A Universal Remote Control For Everything

By | June 24th, 2018

If you’re old enough to remember when smartphones shipped with IR blasters built-in (some like Samsung’s Galaxy S series still do!), then you probably remember how handy they came in some situations.

We are, of course, talking about doing things like controlling TVs, set-top boxes and anything else that has an IR receiver attached. Unfortunately IR blasters in smartphones appears to be a thing of the past, but if you own an iPhone and want to rectify that, you’re in luck.

Right now, you can have a great little smart mini IR blaster from here which connects to an iPhone via the device’s Lightning connector. Once attached, the little blaster gives users the ability to control all manner of things from their smartphone that would normally not be possible.

On top of all this, the fact that this is Lightning port-enabled means that it is capable of talking to apps, something less exciting 3.5mm headphone jack alternatives cannot do. Oh, and that’s before you start factoring in the fact that Apple’s most recent iPhones do not have headphone jacks anyway.

This is not just any regular and dumb 3.5mm headphone jack-based IR blaster for iPhone. This mini IR blaster is instead smart as it’s Lightning port-based and app-enabled which makes it compatible to not only work with latest-generation iPhone models such as iPhone X, 8 and 7, but also allows full customization and control over appliances thanks to the companion app it works with.

It essentially turns your iPhone into a universal remote control for all IR-based devices!

As if this wasn’t cool enough, the whole thing can be attached to your keychain to make sure you’ll never lose it. How cool is that?!

If all this sounds right up your street, and it really should, then you can get an additional 10% discount with promo code SMARTIR10, so there has never been a better time to take the plunge.

Buy: Lightning-Based & App-Enabled Smart Mini IR Blaster For iPhone: $ 53.95 with promo code | Original price: $ 79.95

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Tech Saturday Has Smart Mirrors And Anti-Stress Machines For Everyday Life In The Digital Age

Tech Saturday 2018

IMDA Tech Saturday

Things were drastically different ten years ago – when was the last time you listened to music with an iPod touch or held a convo on MSN? Tech moves so quickly that the next big tech down the road is anybody’s guess. But with IMDA’s Tech Saturday (Upsized!), a tech event at Suntec Convention Hall, we can make a stab in the dark to see how our lives will play out.

There’ll be six different zones to explore: Live, Work, Learn, Play, Inspire, and Invent. There’ll also be speakers to share more on gaming, digital natives, and content creation – expect the likes of Wah! Banana and Women in Tech. Here are some of the new gadgets and inventions we tinkered around with:

Zone 1: Live – smart beauty mirrors & anti-stress machines

IMDA Tech Saturday - Allure, beauty mirror

Take a selfie with Smart mirror ‘Allure’ by Fred Technologies.

Those who take care of their skin will adore using Allure, a smart beauty mirror with lighting that closely resembles natural sunlight.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Beauty Mirror Allure

With high-def glass, your pores, freckles, and scars will be out in full display so you can easily identify any problem areas. There’s also an in-built speaker so you can listen to your favourite songs during your nighttime skincare routine.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Galini by Neeuro

Anti-stress machine ‘Galini’ by Neeuro.

Another gadget to look at is the Galini – it’s like meditation but at a whole ‘nother level. It comes with SenzeBand – a brainwave sensor that’ll help measure and manage stress – that’ll bring you into a relaxed state of mind, where you can monitor how long you stay chill for.

IMDA Tech Saturday - SafeToSleep ST200

This zone also has Pebby – a pet toy with a camera that you can remotely control to play with your pets when out and SafetoSleep-ST200 – a baby mat that’ll monitor a child’s breathing patterns.

Find out more about Zone 1: Live.

Zone 2: Work – VR security training & holographic headsets

IMDA Tech Saturday - VR Response Trainer

‘VR Response Trainer’ by ST Engineering.

If you ever have any doubts about Singapore’s security, then the VR Response Trainer is sure to put your mind at ease. This virtual reality simulator puts the reflexes of security officers to the test with action-packed scenarios, testing the quickness of their response and judgement.

IMDA Tech Saturday - HoloLens

Holographic headset ‘HoloLens’ by Microsoft.

There’s also a holographic headset HoloLens that’s created by Microsoft, so you know it’s legit and made with all the latest tech discoveries. See how a holographic headset could be used in real-life industries, like urban planning and medical training.

Find out more about Zone 2: Work

Zone 3: Learn – IMDA Lab on Wheels

IMDA Tech Saturday - Lab on Wheels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t sound like the easiest topic to understand but it’s a whole lot simpler when you’re experiencing it IRL. Zone 3’s Lab on Wheels is a setup of two buses where you can try the latest tech in fun ways. In the first bus, put on VR, AR or Mixed Reality (MR) headsets, and in the second bus, challenge yourself with an AI-themed Escape Room.

IMDA Tech Saturday - HoloLens

Find out more about Zone 3: Learn.

Zone 4: Play – drone obstacle course, digital graffiti wall & Star Wars Jedi challenge

IMDA Tech Saturday - Drone obstacle course

Pilot a drone through obstacles.

There’s more fun and games at Zone 4, especially when there’ll be high-tech carnival games like a Drone Obstacle Course.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Drone Obstacle Course

There’ll also be various Made in Singapore Games by schools like ITE College Central and SUTD – think combat games that are based on a dystopian world as far-fetched as The Hunger Games.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Digital Graffiti Wall

Spray digital paint onto the Digital Graffiti Wall.

A Digital Graffiti Wall will also make an appearance, where you’ll be using a 3D printed spray can. It doesn’t actually have any paint fumes although the spray can certainly feel and sound like a real one.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Jedi Challenge

Those who have always wanted to play Jedi can grab a lightsaber and make their way to Lenovo’s Star Wars Jedi Challenge. A headset will fully immerse you into an AR experience where you’ll be bravely fending off Darth Vader.

Find out more about Zone 4: Play.

Zone 5: Inspire – AI goalkeeper

IMDA Tech Saturday - AI Goalkeeper

Students from Temasek Poly have made their very own goalie – an AI goalkeeper robot that blocks all goals. The more you play, the better it gets since the robot will be learning how to track the ball’s movement with a camera. All soccer fans, see if a robot can best your striking skills.

If you’ve got time, ITE and NUS jointly made a VR game called Season Traveller where you’ll be rocking it out in a hot air balloon ride. There’s a lot going on: golems will be throwing rocks, the wind will be blowing by, and you’ll breathe in the scent of fresh air. All because you’re wearing a Head Mounted System that simulates real-life senses.

Find out more about Zone 5: Inspire.

Zone 6: Invent – mood lamp workshop & robo-pet

IMDA Tech Saturday - kid activities

If all that isn’t enough for you, then Zone 6 has plenty of workshops and activities going on. Learn how to make your own mood lamp, where you can choose the colours and speed of colour transition. For kids, they can learn how to make and programme their own Robo-Pet or even design their own GPS map app.

IMDA Tech Saturday - robopets

Tech event in Singapore

IMDA Tech Saturday

Tech Saturday with Minister for Communications and Information, Mr Iswaran. 

All the gadgets on display at IMDA’s Tech Saturday are so high-tech that we can’t quite wrap our minds around them – it’s a lot like stepping into a real-life episode of Black Mirror. As the fourth installment in IMDA’s series of tech carnivals, Tech Saturday is part of Smart Nation Innovations Week where Singapore shows off their tech-savviness.

Maybe you’re after a smart mirror that mimics natural sunlight or you’re up for a VR game that’ll bring you into another world, but whatever it is – Tech Saturday’s got the latest and greatest in tech.

IMDA Tech Saturday - free hot dogs

There’ll also be a food truck where you can nom on different foods like Nachos, Mac & Cheese, and Chocolate Fudge Cake – all foods are FREE so simply keep a lookout for when the booths are open! 

When: 2 – 3 June 2018, 11AM – 7PM
Where: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 404-405, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore, 039593.
Admission: Free

Find out more about Tech Saturday here!

This post was brought to you by IMDA.

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iOS 12 Concept Delves Into AR Possibilities, Dark Mode, Smart Notifications, Much More

By | May 30th, 2018

With WWDC 2018 just around the corner and what will likely be our first glimpse of iOS 12 in the offing, there is no shortage of people looking to the next big release and wondering what it will entail.

At this point, it would appear to be increasingly likely that Apple will opt to focus on stability and performance improvements this time, though, leaving iOS 12 to be something of a maintenance release.

That’s great to some extent, and we all know iOS could do with some TLC more than it needs 100 new features most people won’t use, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to imagine what Apple could do if it completely redesigned the iOS look and feel. That’s what Michael Calcada, a fourth-year student in the York & Sheridan graphic design program did and he’s shared his work with us all.

Dubbed iOS AR, this concept is another in a long line of ideas as to what Apple could do if the reins were taken off. There is the now-obligatory Dark Mode here, but there is so much more to enjoy. If, like us, you are dismayed by how Apple continues to ruin the notification experience in iOS, then this concept is for you, bringing smart notifications as well as app-based grouping to the fore.

Ultimately adding augmented reality to the home screen, redesigning the notification experience, adding customization and improving control center, fixing continuity throughout iOS, introducing dark mode, improving gestures and redesigning apps to be more user friendly are the areas I chose to address. I wanted to address the usability problems with the current version of iOS by adding much needed features, both to boost functionality as well as add new features that create a new and more personal experience between a user and their iPhone.

Unfortunately, we can be pretty sure that none of this will make an appearance during WWDC in a couple of weeks, but hey, we can dream, can’t we?

Check out the full video for what Michael has put together – it’s well worth your time!

(Source: Michael Calcada)

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Tech Deals: $40 Off Truly Wireless Earphones, $50 Off HomeKit Smart Lock, Forza Horizon 2 For Xbox One, More

By | May 3rd, 2018

It’s probably fair to suggest that a fairly high percentage of our readership is interested in getting some wonderful technology or gadgetry without having to pay full price to the retailer. If, as we think it is, that is the case, then you are in for a treat as we are once again offering another installment of our technology deals with each deal designed to instantly save you money.

Starting off, we are looking at the wonderful Forza Horizon 2 game for the Xbox One, coming in for only $ 24.99.

Next up, we have truly wireless earphones from Anker for under $ 110, as well as a HomeKit compatible combination door lock. There’s more where that came from, so check out each offering, see if there is an associated coupon or discount code for even more savings, and get it into your basket quickly!

Anker ZOLO Liberty+ Truly Wireless Earphones ($ 109 using promo code, usually $ 149.99)

Apple may not have actually invented or pioneered the idea of truly wireless headphones but it definitely made them popular with the release of the gorgeous, sleek, and easy-to-use AirPods. Many have tried to follow that simplicity but these Anker offerings are one of the few creations which come close to being nearly as good as what Apple has going on with AirPods. If you are after a set of lightweight and truly wireless headphones which aren’t Apple-branded, then these could be your best options.

Best of all, you can use the following promo code at check out to grab the earphones for only $ 109: LIBERTYZ.

Buy: Anker ZOLO Liberty+ Truly Wireless Earphones from Amazon: $ 109 | Original price: $ 149.99

Yale – Assure HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock ($ 169.99, usually $ 219.99)

Smart locks can be a confusing business. Most people have no idea what type of lock they have on their front doors, and therefore can’t work out if a particular smart lock offers compatibility or not. This particular offering comes from a leading security and home expert in Yale, offers a stunning design finished in Satin Nickle and offers Apple HomeKit compatibility.

Buy: Yale – Assure HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock from eBay: $ 169.99 | Original price: $ 220

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One ($ 24.99, usually $ 29.99)

This is one of those cutting-edge action-packed games that is going to keep you on the edge of your seat as far as adrenaline is concerned. It lets you live out the vehicular fantasy that you may have by jumping into your dream car and attaching the asphalt. Oh, and let’s not forget the massive open world that you can explore.

Buy: Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One from Amazon: $ 24.49 | Original price: $ 29.99

Roav VIVA by Anker, 2-Port USB Car Charger With Alexa ($ 37.99 using promo code, usually $ 49.99)

Sometimes, when you’re driving, you just need to charge multiple devices at the same time. This accessory comes from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business and is guaranteed to do exactly what it says on the tin without giving you any fuss or hassle. Yes, it brings Alexa to your car as well! Total value for money, especially at this price.

Simply use the following promo code at check out to grab the charger for a mere $ 38: AKAMVIVA.

Buy: Roav VIVA by Anker, 2-Port USB Car Charger from Amazon: $ 37.99 | Original price: $ 49.99

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Let’s block ads! (Why?)

Redmond Pie