Taiwan Day 1: Taichung – Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市2018

Taiwan Day 1: Taichung – Fengjia Night Market 2018

We headed to Taichung city directly after touched down at Taipei TaoYuan Airport, it was the start of our 5 days trip and unfortunately coincided with the local Ching Ming festive, the high speed train was jam packed with the folks returning to the hometown for the festive. All reserved seats were sold out and the free sitting / standing cabins were filled passengers and luggage, a nightmare train ride but luckily it was only an hour plus journey.

When we finally settled down at the hotel near to the Fengjia night market, it was already past 8pm, so we headed to the FengJia night market for the dinner directly. Strictly speaking, it was the snacks along the streets that filled the stomachs than a proper sit down dining place for our dinner.

This was our second visit to Fengjia night market – the biggest night market Taichung city.

Besides to sample once again the few popular stalls eg. 大腸包小腸, 明倫蛋餅 etc, we decided to explore some of the new additions that we have not yet experienced. You can refer our previous visit here.

Non-battered and “massaged” Fried Chicken 爆漿碳烤按摩雞排(逢甲總店)

One of the longest queues you can expect at the night market, claimed to be the only non-battered and “massaged” deep fried chicken in Taiwan, how the massage was done is up to the guess but the chicken was tender and flavourful but not something you will die for it. Overall a good snack on the go.



H: Mon to Thurs 5pm to midnight, Fri to Sun 4pm to 12.30am


The steak and drink stall specialised in grilled pork and beef cubes, the meat was served in a paper bowl fitted into the cup of drink, so you have a bowl of meat on top and drink right below through a straw for easy handling.

The meat was very tender, juicy and well marinated, top with mayonnaise to give the tantalising meat a good flavourful boost.

A: No.12, Lane 20, Fengjia Road, Xitun District 西屯區逢甲路20巷12號

We did try some other stalls but nothing worth to mention, since our stomachs will likely be subjected to some high stress test the next few days, it is better be more prudent and go easy the first night, we did not finish the touring of the whole night market and decided to head back the hotel to have a good rest and ready for the next day exploration –  Lu Kang Xian Zhun 鹿港小镇.

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