Tech Support With A Difference!

I woke up early that day and decided to go to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast. The cafeteria was quite empty and one could barely see a student or two. I quickly finished my breakfast and went back to my room. I switched on my laptop and started to browse through the Internet to look for a game that I wanted to download.

I went to the website where I usually download games. However, I was quite taken aback when another website opened. I thought I might have typed in the wrong web address, so I typed in again, this time very carefully, but it directed me to some other website. I couldnt understand what was going on and how every time some other website would open even when I typed in the right web address. This kept on happening repetitively and it was getting on my nerves. It was almost impossible to work on anything, forget about even downloading a game!

It had nearly been half an hour ever since I was fiddling around with my laptop to workaround the issue. Just then, I noticed a slip pinned to the soft-board above my desk. I remembered my roommate, Anthony, relating to me once about a tech support company for his laptop. He had written down the name or the company and its number on the slip and had suggested me to call them up whenever I had any problems with my laptop. I sure thought this was the day when I would actually use it. I got up from my bed and took out the slip, it read iYogi and the number was written below.

I thought a call wouldnt be of any harm and rather, optimistically, it might do me some good. So I picked up my cell phone and punched in the number that was written on the slip. The call was answered almost immediately. Soon, I was speaking to a lady on the other end. She asked me for my name and contact details, which I gave instantly. Then, she asked me about the problem I was facing with my system. I narrated the whole incident to her and told her how I kept on getting redirected to another website whenever I typed in the web address I wanted to visit. She listened to me very attentively and then posed some questions with regard to the functionality of my laptop. I answered them clearly, leaving no room for any sort of confusion. She then told me that she had entered all the details related to my problem and that I would be receiving a call back shortly. I did and when I answered the phone, the technician gave me some steps that I had to perform on my laptop to fix the problem. She assisted me in quickly running through these steps on my laptop and also helped me to boost up the security of my laptop, so that the chances of such an ugly incident could be averted in the near future. The call lasted for almost an hour and by the end of it, my laptop was working perfectly. I thanked her for fixing my laptop and got back to work quite contended with the services that I had paid for.

Johny Smith is a student, staying away from home in California. He is the captain of the basket ball team at college, heads the Math club and works part-time as a DJ in a club. He is passionate about reading, archery, photography and is also a part-time blogger. In his free time, he loves to travel and capture beautiful moments with his camera.

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